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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Cycling

Sport is emotion Sportune is a quirky and successful Belgian company that specialises in the development of innovative custom clothing concepts.“We create sportswear which helps and supports the athlete, but also keep in mind that our customer wants to strengthen its brand,” says Stefan van Ouytsel, co-founder of Sportune. TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK  |  PHOTOS: SPORTUNE

Sportune can safely say that they are the absolute best in their field in the Benelux. Their  customers  are  leading  companies such as Brussels Airlines, Duvel Moortgat and  the  Kellogg  Company.  Sportune  is brilliant in concept and product development  and  offers  accompanying  services for businesses. According to Van Ouytsel it is because Sportune knows and understands the athlete, as well as the companies and brands. “We do not only speak their language, we understand what it is the customer wants and needs. We work closely  with  top  athletes  to  develop  the best  products.  We  know  that  our  customer  is  not  always  directly  the  athlete, but sometimes a company or brand.” Sportune differentiates itself from other creative agencies by making sportswear their  core  business.  They  develop  new products like clothing, but also provide great services. Van Ouytsel: “The clothes we  deliver  breathe  the  brand  in  detail;

50 |  Issue 13 |  January 2015

the  product  type,  the  properties  of  the product,  the  printing  of  the  products, the 'woven labels', hangtags and packaging. It is not about us, but about maximising the brand and brand experience for the final user of the products.”

Branded sportswear Research and statistics show that if companies support their employees with, inter  alia,  sport  activities  or  products,  the employees  develop  a  better  a  relationship with the company. By providing employees  the  tools  to  go  out  and  enjoy sports,  results  not  only  in  a  better  relationship, but also results in more productive, positive and healthy employees. For this exact reason, the leading Belgian airline Brussels Airlines promotes an active lifestyle among its employees worldwide. Sportune  suggested  working  together with the airline to create a range of running, walking and cycling gear. Sportune handled  the  design,  development,  pro-

duction and distribution of the products for the employees of Brussels Airlines.  Many people love (to do) sports, so it is not strange that sports sponsorship is the world’s most active branch of advertising. Sportune responds  to  this  with  ingenuity.  “We  create sportswear  which  helps  and  supports  the athlete, but also keep in mind that our customer  wants  to  strengthen  its  brand.  We reach people in their spare time while they pursue their passion,” says Van Ouytsel: “Sport is emotion. That is what we respond to, to increase the customers’ or employees’ loyalty.”

Love for a brand An individual can almost be in love with a brand or company. “Two great examples are  Herbalife  and  Vedett.  Both  brands have true fans who want to have all their products. For Herbalife we have created a  collection  of  products  for  endurance athletes;  we  aimed  at  amateur  runners, gym enthusiasts and athletes,” says Van