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The ultimate choice for bike enthusiasts, SWS's well-balanced, hand-built wheels will outperform and outlast any other wheel. This is never more visible than when they finish at the top of a podium.

Performing strict quality controls which larger companies feasibly cannot undertake, enables me to produce consistent wheels  every  time.  A  well-balanced hand-built  wheel  will  outperform  and outlast  any  machine-built  wheel.  It  will feel  more  responsive  and  will  stay  true for thousands and thousands of miles.”

Expert experience Wheel building as a handicraft has been slowly dying out, but there is a core of dedicated  professionals  who  are  doing their utmost to keep it alive. In true Belgian style, Seminck grew up surrounded by bicycles and living next to the Flemish Ardennes means that his childhood was characterised by cobblestones and the annual Belgian Classic races. Experience in repairing wheels and problem solving across the whole spectrum of  bicycle  brands  for  years  has  taught Seminck valuable lessons, meaning that SWS wheels have been specifically designed to avoid these issues he has previously  encountered.  One  substantial benefit to SWS’s small-scale production is  its  very  close  technical  relationship

with  his  suppliers,  each  hand-selected based on the technology and quality of their  components.  Using  only  those parts that work – and will keep working for years to come – he guarantees that his wheels will be fully serviceable. Too  often,  mass-produced  wheels  are discontinued  after  a  few  months  or years,  leaving  the  customer  no  choice but to buy a brand new set. It is  Sem inck’s goal to support his clients to the maximum so if they need a repair years down the line, he will definitely be able to fix  it,  providing  outstanding  service through unparalleled durability.   As the only official DT Swiss Service Centre for wheels in Belgium and Luxembourg, Seminck has been servicing the renowned brand's wheels for years, thereby boosting his own wheel building skills even further.

Proven by performance The ultimate choice for bike enthusiasts, SWS's wheels have been proved to perform  well,  and  this  is  never  more  visible than  when  they  stand  at  the  top  of  a podium. The decision to support several

teams and individual athletes has always been an inspired one. Currently at the top of the world standings for the 2014/2015 season,  performances  by  the  Dutch  cyclocross  rider  Sophie  de  Boer  and  the Belgian  paracyclist  Diederick  Schelfhout have definitely been helped by the durability  and  handling  of  their  SWS  wheels.  Based on Seminck’s expertise and passion,  anyone  riding  SWS  custom-built wheels gets that extra-added push, enabling  them  to  ride  harder,  faster  and more  comfortably.  Akin  to  tailor-made suits  or  custom-made  shoes,  these wheels  have  enhanced  properties  that are  designed  and  built  solely  for  the client and intended to last. www.sws-cycling.com

This year, SWS is launching a brand new ‘exclusive and high-end’ wheel  series at Vélofollies in Kortrijk, Belgium on 16-18 January. Be there!  See page 40 for more information.

Issue 13 |  January 2015 |  49

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Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.