Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015

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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Cycling

Asia’s  unmatched  manufacturing  efficiency. “We’ve been Europe’s sole Dahon service centre for many years,” explains Konijn, “and few know their products as well as we do. We perform all the Europebased repairs here in Almere and have a huge range of bikes in stock.” Folding  bikes,  the  preferred  mode  of transport for a growing proportion of the population and ideal for cities like Amsterdam, Luxembourg City and Brussels, have  witnessed  a  huge  rise  in  demand over recent years and no more so than for the Taiwanese brand of Dahon. Despite the competition on the market, Dahon folding bikes are applauded for their comfort, rideability and forward-thinking designs, making them one of the world’s most coveted folding bike brands. Dating  back  25  years,  the  Dahon  product range spans all sizes (16, 20, 24 and 26 inches), all prices and all purposes, with folding  commuter  bikes,  folding  mountain bikes and folding e-bikes too.

Benelux’s top folder TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE  |  PHOTOS: BUzAGLO

Held up as a beacon within the world of two wheels, it is the country’s overwhelmingly warm attitude to cycling and its benefits along with its infrastructure and manufacturing, that have rendered the Netherlands a veritable treasure trove of bicycle-related products – and one which continues to grow thanks to Almere-based Buzaglo. The importer of choice for Benelux’s cycling distributors,  for  Buzaglo  the  sport’s  rise  in popularity  couldn’t  have  come  at  a  better time.  Director  Frank  Konijn  explains  how Buzaglo’s own steady growth has been mirrored  by  that  of  cycling’s.  Since  it  began, Buzaglo has held exclusive import rights for many rising Asian brands, including Dahon folding  bikes,  Tektro  brakes,  Velo  saddles and Minoura’s home trainers to name a few.

46 |  Issue 13 |  January 2015

Almost exclusive access to the ever-improving Asian manufacturing market has been  greatly  beneficial  to  the  Buzaglo team,  who  have  spent  the  past  few decades  contributing  their  own  knowledge  of  the  industry  and  fusing  it  with

Not  content  just  importing  their  passion, the  Buzaglo  team  impart  it  as  well  with their own brands, creating highly soughtafter and much needed parts and accessories. Nigh on every single item required by a cyclist is catered for in their broad and popular  ranges  with  IKzI  lights  providing the  necessary  illuminations,  Nietverkeerd (it’s not bad) panniers, and their children’s line of bike accessories, PeXKids, to make cycling that bit safer and that bit more fun.

ABOVE LEFT: The Ciao was the Bike of the Year 2006 in the Netherlands – the highest prize a bicycle can get – and now also available as an electric bike.