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Discover Benelux |  Mini Theme |  Boats

others, she boasts unmistakable sophistication, luxury and craftsmanship. Furthermore,  the  Optio  has  been  resolutely  designed  for  high  performance,  given  her progressive chine hull and sleek deck; the standard model includes full racing equipment. A joy to the senses! 

A work of art While  it  is  extremely  important  for  the craftsmen at Wauquiez to be at the high end of technical and technological developments, this shouldn't come at the cost of comfort and elegance. This is why the interiors  are  treated  with  the  same  care and  attention  to  detail  as  the  rest  of  the boat along the creation line. No concessions  are  made  on  the  materials  purchased and every creation is treated as a work of art. When  most  Wauquiez  debutantes  walk into  a  boat  the  first  thing  that  comes  to them is the delicate smell of the bees wax. It is purchased from a nearby abbey with hundreds of years of tradition and used for

the wooden elements of the space. This is only one of the many details that are given special care and love. The interior just shows how much pride a Wauquiez  craftsman  takes  in  a  job  well done. Bulkheads and cabinetwork are fitted  and  varnished  with  the  most  precise attention, which make the work as pleasing to the eye as to the touch... Everything is done in the most classic and traditional way of sailing construction, with all pieces assembled manually, for greater precision and aesthetics.

of high-tech and tradition, with the aim to keep ‘surprising’ new and old customers and stay relevant in the elite world of yacht craftsmanship. Never out-dated, never out of  fashion,  you  are  invited  to  join  the Wauquiez  experience  and  find  out  more online (available in French and English). www.wauquiez.com

A winning combination Nominated  for  the  prize  of  the  European Yacht of the Year in the luxury category and close to what could be called ‘the Oscars of watersports’, Wauquiez is in tough competition with the crême de la crême of boat makers,  which  already  says  a  lot  about the standard it has already achieved.  Eventually what will always make the luxury brand stand out is its winning combination

Issue 13 |  January 2015 |  39

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Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.