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LOCATION Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam DATES 27 - 30 December 2014 OPENING HOURS 11am – 7pm daily TICKETS €10, (Free for children) - 150 artists - 20 up-and-coming galleries - 3 stages for music, dance, theatre and performance

This piece by artist Albert Geertjes is entitled ‘A wheel as expected and to be foreseen... after Jan Fabre’.

The festival offers a special opportunity to meet the exhibiting artists in person and attracts a diverse audience: experienced and novice  art  collectors  and  enthusiastic  art lovers of every age. Thiejson enecourages families  to  visit  and  discover  new  art  together: “It’s for everybody, even children, because  we  also  have  installations  and performances of literature, poems and music. One of our aims is to make it profitable for artists so all the art is for sale: prices vary from a few hundred euro to thousands so there is something for everyone.” BARBARA BROEKMAN (above left) has been  developing  her  distinctive,  monumental works since 1982. After specialising  in  textiles  at  the  Amsterdam  Gerrit  Rietveld Academy, she completed a Mas-

ter  of  Arts  programme  at  the  California College  of  the  Arts  in  Berkeley,  USA.  In her work, Broekman pursues a direct confrontation with the human senses through large-scale  pieces;  she  explores  the  full spectrum of human experience addressing topics such as love, death, birth, loss, relationships and cultural diversity. As one of the most renowned artists to exhibit at Art in Redlight, Broekman recognises its importance for artists at different stages in their  careers:  “It  is  a  really  sympathetic initiative  from  within  the  Amsterdam  art scene.  As  an  independent  exhibition,  it offers  both  the  more  experienced  artist, and those less so, the opportunity to represent  their  art  without  the  need  of  a gallery and to broaden their network.” LISETTE FRIMANNSLUND (above middle) graduated from the Fine Arts department  at  the  KABK  in  The  Hague  with  a degree in painting in 2014. Frimmanslund was thrilled to be invited to exhibit following  the  success  of  her  graduate  show: “It’s a great opportunity for me as a starting artist to exhibit alongside much more experienced artists whom I admire.” Art in

Redlight will feature selected works from In Transition,  a  collection  inspired  by  a solitary bicycle journey during the summer of 2013 that lasted 26 days. They are reflections  on  how  solitude  changes  the way you think, remember and focus. The title of each work is taken from the exact moment each photograph was captured.  DAAN DEN HOUTER is a distinguished multidisciplinary  artist  who  lives  and works  in  Rotterdam.  Studying  artificial intelligence  in  advance  of  attending  art school  awarded  him  the  foundation  for his  artistic  work:  our  subjectivity,  consciousness  and  role  of  the  subconscious.  Using  humour  and  cynicism  he aims  to  create  another  perspective  on art and challenge people’s assumptions about daily life. The exhibition will show his new Splat works. These pieces show us just the back of the canvas with the original  painting  splattered  against  the wall. Den Houter is excited about the art fair, “I’m going to make a great show; it’s a perfect opportunity to buy some of my works for a good price!”

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.