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Looking your best during the holiday season TEXT: JANINE STERENBORG  |  PHOTOS: KAZEM

The biggest dilemma in December: how to enjoy all Christmas gatherings, banquets and fun parties and stay tight and slim in your favourite party dress at the same time. During this time of the year, there is no time for some extra exercise and a diet is hard to maintain. It is no surprise that plastic surgeon Dr. Farid Kazem is very busy in the last months of the year: the number one thing on Christmas wish lists is a slim figure without stubborn bulges. Luckily, Dr. Kazem has good news for everyone who would like to be freed from their bulges forever. “Losing weight through a diet or working out, hardly changes a thing about the bulges on spe-

cific places like the arms, legs and belly. And once you stop the diet, the bulges are back immediately, because the fat cells will shrink, but not disappear. CoolSculpting® however destroys the fat cells, so they won’t be back. And the best thing is: CoolSculpting® can make fat disappear from exactly the places where it is needed: from the waist, the belly, the inside of the legs or the hips. The difference can be a whole size, but more important is that clothing fits much better. No more muffin tops above your jeans, or a bulging belly in your favourite dress.

appear forever thanks to selective cooling. After cooling, the fat cells fall apart and leave the body gradually. This process lasts a few weeks, but the main advantage is that the skin adjusts itself to the more slender contour of the body and stays tight. CoolSculpting® does not involve surgery or injections and no diet or special workout is required. This supports a perfect start for 2015, because with CoolSculpting®, it is easy to stick to your New Year’s resolution to have a slender body, which is of course ideal for when it is time for bikinis again in six months!

CoolSculpting® uses the unique Cryolipolyse® technique that makes fat cells dis-

Dr. Kazem does warn you about fake fat cell treatments though: “Only CoolSculpting® can and may use the Cryolipolyse® technique. After years of independent and scientific studies, the FDA [the American Food and Drug Administration] gave only CoolSculpting® an approval for the safe and effective removal of fat cells.”

Plastic surgeon Farid Kazem is well known for his extensive experience and high-quality results in skin rejuvenation with surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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