Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014

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Discover Benelux |  Luxuries |  Gaby’s Fling

Los Angeles, 2014

Very  much  a  champion  of  the  phrase ‘less is more’; to look at Fling’s work is to dive  into  an  evergreen  world  of  decadence  and  beauty.  Close-ups  of  fabric, covered faces, bare shoulders and tender skin all allow the onlooker to create their own story to accompany the image. Capturing a glimpse of beauty on a hot summer’s day, with the sun’s glare obscuring your full view, these images let your mind wander,  meaning  that  even  after  the briefest glance the image stays with you. These  mesmerising  images  have  captured something of the people and products shot. To look at Fling’s work is to feel like you have been let into the most intimate moments of the people she shoots.

Left: Mona Lisa, 2013. Right: Mistress, 2013

Rich, opulent, sexy and a real celebration of strong, beautiful women, Fling’s work will be included at the upcoming Masters of LXRY Fair in Amsterdam this December. Fling elaborates: “I will be including two  photos  in  the  fair,  Monte Carlo and Los Angeles,  both  of  which  I  am  very proud of.” One, an iconic portrait in black and  white  with  palm  trees  reflected  in the  model’s  shades  and  the  other,  in colour,  with  an  American  flag  and  two girls  –  both  of  these  images  have  the iconic style of Fling written across them. We dare any of our readers not to be entranced  by  their  simple,  yet  powerful compositions that just beg for your mind to wonder about the story behind each.

Jimmyz, 2011

Mesmerising,  intimate,  balanced  and evergreen, producing photos full of true feeling is what Fling has mastered. With standards  that  far  exceed  typical  photography, her unique and non-traditional route to shooting has given her a different  eye  for  images  and  also  a  different way  of  working  with  her  clients.  Fling humbly concludes: “The relationship that I  build  with  all  my  clients  is  something special.  Shooting  in  the  way  I  do  they have to let me in. I create an image that allows the people looking at it room for their own imagination to work, because each  photo  has  a  fresh  perspective. That,  for  me,  is  such  a  thrill  and  why  I love what I do.”

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