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Monte Carlo, 2014

G A B Y   F L I N G

Seeing is believing, a mesmerising perspective TEXT: PHIL GALE  |  PHOTOS: GABY’S FLING

Few industries are as competitive as fashion photography; documenting beauty, styling fashionably and capturing moments. We can all be harsh critics, but when faced with stunningly well-shot images, we stop in awe. A fleeting glimpse of skin, a small piece of lace, a longing look, these are intimate moments, moments of beauty, that need to be captured and few do it as well as photographer Gaby Fling, as she waits for the perfect moment in each shoot. Capturing a moment in time with a simple click of the shutter is something that we are starting to take for granted, but within the  swamp  of  snaps,  there  are  some great images that really pique our interest, brimming  with  originality  and  a  certain unique essence. Amsterdam-based Fling is  one  of  these  treasured  few,  shooting with  the  insight  of  how  to  capture  true feeling,  catching  intimate  moments  in  a

32 |  Issue 12 |  December 2014

split second without tricks. Her images are not only causing a stir, but bringing across a new perspective, allowing you to  look  through  her  eyes,  seeing  what she  sees.  Fling  takes  you  with  her  into her world of seeing and believing. “It  is  all  about  the  right  moment,  a  gut feeling!  I  frame  the  image,  sometimes cropping  in  on  something  really  small and intimate, a rustle in the fabric or the model’s  body,”  explains  Fling.  “I  think that  it  is  down  to  my  roots  as  a  stylist and how I started shooting with feeling, that makes my style what it is.” Fling  started  out  as  a  stylist  for  ELLE magazine before heading out on her own as  a  freelancer.  Tough  times  in  2004 prompted the dive into photography, she explains.  “I  was  working  on  a  new  collection and decided to use myself as the model.” Duly holding the camera at arm’s length and shooting close-up, soon to be

dubbed ‘selfies’, Fling found that by taking  these  images  of  herself,  she  was “creating  something  very  intimate”,  rediscovering herself and “creating a Fling moment” capturing her gut feeling. Ten  years  on  and  Fling  has  carved  a name  for  herself  in  swimwear  and  lingerie  photography,  working  with  everyone  from  top  fashion  brands,  private clients and also on personal projects providing  limited  edition  prints  and  a  stunning  limited  edition  book  entitled  Truly. Her  style  has  been  the  key  to  her  success.  Fling  explains:  “My  clients  come to me because they love my style, they are taken in by the images that I produce because my work has space for the person  looking  at  it  to  have  their  own thoughts.  It  is  also  humbling  when  a client tells me just to shoot as I normally do,  they  trust  my  eye  and  are  thrilled when I produce images of them that are strong and beautiful, Fling moments.”

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.