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Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Luxuries

Launching backwards into the future BY EMMIE COLLINGE | PHOTOS: BASED ON ROOTS

Set up by avid globetrotters Conny Bouwman and Bernadette van Beek, Based on Roots was created as a reaction to the high standard of design that they saw emerging from Japan, which – in Bouwman’s words – “just needed to be available in the Benelux.” Working mainly across paper, ceramics and woodwork, the pair began a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with the celebrated Japanese industrial designer Takumi Shimamura, whose aGarey project that links small-scale artisan producers in the Japanese province of Yamagata with his internationally appealing designs, has found a permanent home – and sales outlet – with Nijmegen’s Based on Roots. Reflecting the pair’s deep interest in traditional craftsmanship, Bouwman explains how their excitement for the contemporary lifestyle products emerging from Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina (where close links between crafters and contemporaneous designers impressed the pair) prompted them to set up the company. Finely

crafted bowls, containers, wooden bags and placemats sit alongside stylish iPad cases, made using the Japanese paper-based washi-suki technique, which dates back centuries. Warm wood, bold patterns and unerring functionality and simplicity mean that the designs never stray far from the zeitgeist, but, as sticklers for traditional methods of craft, the pair are looking backwards to go forwards. With lifestyle objects inspired by ancient techniques at the core of their collection, textiles from Mauritanian designers are set to wrap the firm up warmly for winter. Now bringing the best of the globe to the Benelux – with Mauritania’s burgeoning textiles and artisanal Benelux designers on the horizon too – Based on Roots are honing the trend for global designs, celebrating multiculturalism and breaking down borders. www.basedonroots.nl

TOP: Delightfully simple espresso cups by Chanto, designed by Takumi Shimamura (€72). BELOW LEFT: Monacca bag, made from ecologically responsible Japanese cedar wood, fits a 17inch laptop and A4 documents (€445). RIGHT: Behind the simplicity of these Chanto containers hides complicated craftsmanship (€70).

Luxurious outdoor events where the only limit is your imagination BY CAROLE EDRICH | PHOTOS: TERRAPAVILION

You have to be very special to take an exceptional idea from scratch to its full business potential within a self-imposed twoyear deadline, and even more special maintain the level of focus and flexible project management required while bringing up two small children and even more to display it at the annual Millionaire’s Fair. It bodes well that Femke Terra, creator and intellectual property owner of Terrapavilion, is ready to reveal its full glory at the Masters of LXRY Expo this December.

the logical progression of research.” Built on a trailer for ease of use, its uniqueness lies not just in the flexibility of its location (forest, beach, home or abroad, the only limit being your imagination) but in the numbers it can cater to (from 60 seated to a 180-person reception using the optional tented extensions), the in-built climate control and genuine fireplace, optional hydraulic elevation and consequent stunning views from the huge glass frontage and roof terrace above. Service options range from delivery and set-up

(which takes just two hours) all the way to personalising the interior or planning and managing the entire event. Working to her strengths, Femke is justifiably proud of her product’s quality, confident of its top-tier exclusivity and excited to take her business to the next level. www.terrapavilion.com

Like all outstandingly good ideas, the basic premise of Femke’s is simple: to provide a large and luxurious, top-of-the-range 100m2 mobile location for events of all kinds. The idea grew from something smaller and has been thoroughly researched. She explains: “My head boils with ideas. This one proved the best, and was

Issue 10 | October 2014 | 25

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Discover Benelux | Issue 10 | October 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 10 | October 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.