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How the World Sees SAP


What’s Your Higher Purpose?

There are three words everyone likes to hear:

We Want You.

We are excited to get to know you better and published this book to help you get to know us better. You’ll learn who we are, what we do, and how you can be part of it. We hope you like what you see.


History SAP was built on differences.

Five friends from IBM wanted to do something different. They wanted to do it within IBM, but they couldn’t make their idea work there.

Because they believed in their idea, they founded their own company. In 1972, SAP began with a handful of employees, a small budget, and one client. The team innovated. They worked nights and weekends. They worked side by side with their clients, sharing office space and computing power. They changed enterprise software forever.


Today Over 40 years later, SAP is still changing enterprise software.

Co-founder Hasso Plattner says that success depends on more than the right product. Timing is everything. You have to watch and listen and be ready to “catch the right wave� when it comes.



SAP helps customers Run Simple. In preparing for that next wave, SAP offers the latest software applications that improve customers’ businesses, cutting through the noise and confusion of modern enterprise software. SAP helps customers Run Simple. How?

By integrating our major solutions on SAP HANAÂŽ, our market-leading platform for real-time computing available on site and in the cloud. By packaging solutions to cover all businesscritical processes. By providing customers with innovative solutions for sourcing and procuring through our Business Network companies.


Fast Facts SAP serves 310,000 customers in 190 countries. 25 industries and 11 lines-of-business use SAP solutions. Small to midsized enterprises make up 80% of SAP customers. 3,200 startups use the SAP HANA platform. We have 7,200 trained SAP S/4 HANA partners. Ariba, an SAP company, connects 2.1 million businesses. 40 million travelers use SAP software Concur.



Culture SAP has the creativity and agility of a startup and the backbone of a world market leader in business software.

We employ over 78,000 people, but we don’t feel like a conglomerate. We maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. We support diversity. Creativity. Flexibility. Growth.

Our size lets us do all these things. We have the resources to do what small companies can’t. And we’re passionate about developing deep and lasting relationships with our employees.





Workspace Hans-Dieter Scheuermann remembers working in customers’ offices in the 1970s, sharing customers’ computing power. Customers often saw SAP staffers as guinea pigs, he recalls. Today, SAP has offices around the world, but we haven’t lost that spirit of innovation. Take AppHaus in Dublin, Ireland. Referred to as “next-generation office space,” AppHaus features flexible spaces that employees can change as their needs change. They draw on the walls to capture inspiration and move their desks at will to sit with other employees working on the same project. The atmosphere is modern, playful, and homey, all designed to encourage the creative thinking needed for app development. AppHaus is just the first permanent workspace like this. SAP ranks number one in application space, creating workspaces that allow employees to take charge of their work processes, and we’re not resting on our awards.

Space can be a great enabler. If you’re put in a good environment, I think you will start talking to each other. And that is what is happening here [at AppHaus]. Ravi Marwaha Group VP of analytics




Working from Home Some people work best in a room a few feet away from their beds or in their local coffee shop. SAP understands this. Fifteen percent of our employees telecommute, and FlexJobs has ranked SAP as one of 100 companies to watch for remote jobs for the last three years. “Work-from-home flexibility is a win for me and for SAP,” says Caroleigh Deneen, UX designer, information architect, and gamification consultant. As the mother of young children, Deneen can better balance her work career with her family life by working from home and going into the office as needed. SAP benefits from the skills Deneen has learned working a flexible schedule, such as prioritizing tasks and working in the flow to work more efficiently. Making the shift to working at home can be a challenge, though, especially if you’re accustomed to working a certain way. Says Colleen Hebbert, independent application security consultant, SAP Australian User Group, “At first I thought I can’t do 100% remote – a lot of my job requires some faceto-face time. Now I find myself in this situation, I realize you just have to adjust the ways in which you work and [you] can be more productive.” Teams that have remote members can find collaborating a challenge, especially with whiteboarding processes, says Audrey Stevenson, community reputation and gamification lead at SAP. SAP has a solution: SAP Connect & Skype for Business (Lync). Lync can connect employees (and contractors) from wherever they are, with conference-call and screen-sharing features to make virtual meetings more effective.

Fast Facts Where do you want to work? SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, but we have offices in 130 countries and 15% of our employees work from home. Worldwide, we operate: 14 development centers. 100 development locations. 13 co-innovation and Living Labs. 21 research locations.





Diversity and Inclusion Moya Watson, Innovation project manager, says, “Everyone’s got something that makes them different, and everyone understands feeling different. And the challenge is to turn that thing about you that feels wrong and different into your biggest strengths.” Another word for different is diverse – and we love our diverse workforce. A diverse workforce better represents the market and, as a result, better understands customer needs. But diversity gets you nowhere without inclusion. Inclusion improves employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Together, diversity and inclusion keep us competitive because inclusive environments strengthen our ability to innovate. SAP’s Diversity and Inclusion program brings our staff together as one team, no matter what our individual backgrounds or interests or where we’re from. In several countries, including Germany, India, Czech Republic, and the United States, SAP offers the Autism at Work program. People on the autism spectrum are able to find qualified jobs after a specially designed interview format, which best allows these candidates to reveal their capabilities. “A pilot program showed that excellent memory skill, exceptional logical thinking, and attention to detail opens almost any position to these people,” says Andrea Hepnerová, managing director, SAP BSCE, Prague.

Fast Facts At SAP, inclusion goes beyond a corporate program. Our employees drive inclusion, too. Innovation project manager Moya Watson, for example, describes herself as an “agent for human rights and anti-bullying.” She has been involved in SAP LGBT group Pride@SAP North America and was the lead on It Gets Better: SAP Employees, a film about anti-bullying. We’re proud of the work our employees do out in the world. It motivates us to help employees even more to feel comfortable in the workplace and build on each person’s individual strengths.

Millennials make up 38% of our workforce. At our Walldorf, Germany, headquarters, our employees represent nearly 80 nationalities. Worldwide, our employees represent 141 nationalities. Women hold 23% of our leadership positions.





Women and Leadership at SAP Over 32% of our employees are women, and we offer many programs to help women to succeed in the software industry. Our Women at SAP program is the third-largest internal group at SAP, with over 10,000 members. Members attend events and webinars, share articles, and lead discussions about women at work. Some more of our women-focused programs include:

SAP Business Women’s Network. The network includes 33 chapters with over 8,000 members. Chapters run networking events to give talented women access to senior management and hear from outside speakers. Women’s Professional Growth Series. Through regular meetings, women discuss relevant career topics, such as personal branding and enablement programs. Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP). This year-long program teaches women to recognize their leadership style and to successfully use it.

Fast Facts SAP was listed as a top-five company for gender diversity by Trendence Institute. 23.5% women at SAP are in management roles. 300 women graduate from LEAP every year.





Employee Development SAP values supporting our employees in their jobs. We believe in working with our employees to develop their talents and passions into new opportunities that advance their careers. With the resources of a worldwide market leader, we realize that value in tangible ways. Our career framework and tools guide you through your career journey, helping you to discover who you are, identify where you want to grow, and develop an action plan to get there.

Fast Facts In 2015, SAP won more than 45 bestemployer awards. SAP has a 90% employee-retention rate. SAP employees are still customer guinea pigs: they use SAP software in their training.

Talent + Passion + Opportunities = A Best-Run Career at SAP We’ve identified three main paths for career development:

Subject matter expert Project manager People manager

How will you get there?

70% of your growth comes from on-the-job experiences. 20% comes from mentoring and coaching from and networking with other SAP employees. 10% comes formal training opportunities offered at SAP.





The Support to Transform Yourself

At SAP we focus on the whole person, not just the job you do. Take software developer Preeti Singh. Singh loves developing software, but she wanted to be more than a developer. She wanted to be a strong woman, able to handle whatever comes her way. She started taking kickboxing classes through SAP to strengthen her body.

An internal volunteer group offers mentoring to coworkers. Offer your time to mentor someone, or sign up to work on your career aspirations. Over 300 employees act as mentors to other SAP employees. Our offices also host Career Success Centers, where you can get one-on-one support for building your personal brand, such as updating your resumé and building your LinkedIn profile. These are just some examples. At SAP we are building a company for the long term by investing in our employees and welcoming new talent. We offer a lot of networking resources and onboarding tools to ensure that each employee is set up for a strong future.

Fast Facts A few of the wholeperson benefits SAP offers: Competitive salaries. Stock options. Free/subsidized lunches. Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE). Fitness classes. Corporate electric cars. Childcare. Parent-child offices. SAP Social Sabbatical.


described as having the tenacity “to play, strive, and stay strong.” But in 2010, Shafiq collapsed after a volleyball game and was rushed to the hospital. After two weeks in a coma, she awoke to discover she had blood poisoning. After a lot of discussions and consultations with doctors, she decided to have both legs amputated.

Throughout this time and during her recovery, SAP supported Shafiq. Her Singh gave herself a year to work on manager, Merry Ware, visited her and this new skill. After that year, she says, assured Shafiq that her job would be “I had completely transformed myself there when she returned. … internally and externally.” “She was the glue for a lot of people,” Says Singh, “SAP gives you that says Andy Cobbold, head of global freedom to do what you really desire, support center, North America. “When to do what you really want. … When she got sick, everybody was pulling for you are given that freedom, you also her. It really was like [worrying over] a start being responsible with that time, member of the family.” with that space, with that flexibility that you get. It’s up to you to decide Recovery took three years, but once what you want to do with it.” Shafiq came back, it was like she never left. The Support to Jump Personal Hurdles “Felicia is definitely one of my biggest SAP supports employees when times inspirations,” says Ware. “When she came back, she threw herself into work.” get hard, too. “It’s one thing to say we’re part of the SAP family,” says Work wasn’t enough, though. Shafiq Felicia Shafiq, support engineer, SAP got herself back on the volleyball court Labs Vancouver, “but I lived it. And SAP was there for me and truly is part by trying and making Canada’s sitting volleyball team. “Our goal was to of my extended family.” beat Cuba [in the Parapan American Games] and to get the bronze and Shafiq joined SAP in 2005, almost immediately joining the SAP volleyball to qualify for the Paralympics,” says Shafiq. “We’re very proud to say we team and working out during her lunchtime to become better. Shafiq is did do that and we did it well.”

Sees the World How SAP

SAP has a vision. Part of that vision is to help the world run better with our software. Businesses can become the best at what they do when they become Live Businesses, and we help them do that. A Live Business has the power to collect data and analyze it in real time. It can make decisions faster and respond to customer needs quicker – sometimes before their customers even know their needs!

Sports apparel company Under Armour (UA) aims to do more than just sell apparel. It wants to help make all athletes better. “Technology is a critical differentiator,” says CEO Kevin Plank, which is why UA offers its customers four apps to help improve performance, with support from SAP.



Those apps do more than help athletes improve, though. UA uses the data “to make better decisions to meet the consumer where they are,” says Plank. Running as a Live Business, UA can “anticipate the issues and needs you’re going to have using live data to really understand the needs of the athlete.” Another SAP client, the McLaren Group, is known for winning Formula 1 races. 182 of them, in fact. Winning in any industry requires having a competitive edge. In F1, that means being able to shave 1 second off a 100-second lap time – a 1% change. To do it, McLaren leverages Big Data to make increasingly finer improvements. It applies that same dedication to precision to its many other lines of business. And it uses SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite to help find that competitive edge and win all its races. McLaren was “especially attracted to SAP’s own innovative vision that promises to amplify the value of enterprise business applications via the cloud, in-memory technology, and mobile devices,” says Stuart Birell, CIO, McLaren Group. “Across the entire organization, business data supported by cloud solutions is helping McLaren Group run even better than before.”


Fast Facts More than 160 million people use Under Armour’s apps. 130,000 people download one of UA’s apps every day. McLaren Group has won over over 180 Grand Prix races since 1968. They also built Lizzy Yarnold’s bobsled for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Across the entire organization, business data supported by cloud solutions is helping McLaren Group run even better than before. Stuart Birell CIO, McLaren Group





Software That Improves People’s Lives SAP’s vision is also to improve people’s lives with our software. SAP’s customers produce 78% of the world’s food and 82% of the world’s medical devices. But that’s just the beginning. The Medical Research Insights project, developed by the German National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) and SAP, is an oncology clinical data platform used in medical research. Medical Research Insights integrates clinical data in real time and presents the data in a way that assists researches in analyzing it, eliminating the need to manually consolidate information. As a result, research speeds up and oncologists step closer to moreeffective personalized treatments. “We are now able to extract and analyze data from various sources and present it to physicians and researchers in a way that enables surprising new insights,” said Professor Dr. Christof von Kalle, director of translational oncology,

NCT. “In the future, we would like to use the SAP HANA platform for every diagnostic and therapeutic step, because every cancer is different and can vary immensely from one patient to the next.” CancerLinQ LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Society for Clinical Oncology, uses SAP HANA to develop its health information technology of the same name. The technology leverages Big Data to increase the quality of care for patients with cancer. “We’re focused on improving people’s lives with simple solutions to complex problems, and we recognize that the most universally relevant challenges are in healthcare,” said Martin Kopp, vice president and head of the global healthcare industry unit, SAP. “Coinnovating with partners of all sizes on our technology platforms, we’re working across the board to improve health and make a rapid, direct impact on quality of life.”

Fast Facts Over 7,100 healthcare providers in 88 countries run SAP. 7 out of the 10 best hospitals worldwide run SAP. SAP HANA helps Charite Berline Hospital run tumor analysis 1,000 times faster.





Employees Use Work Skills to Help Others And we go even further, offering employees paid volunteer time and opportunities to participate in volunteer efforts. The SAP Social Sabbatical programs gathers employees from different departments and locations to work on challenges from social enterprises and NGOs on site. A trio of SAP employees – Renan Correa, senior SAP FI and NFe consultant, Brazil; Rebecca Hamilton, enterprise support delivery manager, United States; and Bettina Zleditz, senior solution manager, Germany – traveled to the Philippines to help expand a successful education program for underprivileged children.

NGO Silid Aralan (which means “classroom” in Tagalog) helps underprivileged children who struggle in school. The NGO creates networks of people committed to inspiring and motivating children to learn. When it wanted to expand its program within the Philippines to help even more children, it turned to SAP. Correa, Hamilton, and Zleditz worked with Silid Aralan to document its processes and identify which should be duplicated in other regions to successfully expand the program. Thanks to these efforts, more Filipino children will find confidence and receive the necessary tools to successfully complete their schooling.

We are committed to finding creative ways to use the talent of our employees as a resource that can enhance the effectiveness of organizations around the world. Alicia Lenze Global VP of Corporate Social Responsibility





Employees Use Personal Skills to Help Others SAP supports other volunteer efforts, as well. Erin McGee reignited a passion for helping people in thirdworld countries with her rediscovery of Builders Beyond Borders (B3). “I am fortunate enough to have a manager here at SAP, Bill Robb, who understands the value and importance of doing things for others. I am able to take our one allotted day for community service and use it toward the total of five days that I need to take off to participate in these trips,� says McGee. Recently, McGee and six other adults took 30 teenagers to El Tambo, Ecuador, to help build a school for area children. Within a week, McGee and the rest of the team completed the foundation and the walls for the first floor of the four-story school.

Fast Facts 120 employees in 10 locations worldwide participate in SAP Social Sabbatical. Employees have taken their sabbaticals in Ghana, Tanzania, Panama, Peru, and Vietnam. SAP sponsors Africa Code Week, during which 20,000 children participate in software coding workshops across 11 African countries. SAP aims to train an additional 10,000 qualified SAP consultants for Africa Code Week by 2020.


Sees SAP How the World

We think SAP is a pretty special place, full of innovative, creative, and socially conscious people. We like to think that our software and our employees make the world a better place. But what does the world think of what we do?





Company & People SAP is recognized around the world for being a great place to work. Here are just a few of our more recent awards:

SAP HANA Healthcare Platform Special recognition for contributing to the Human Genome Project, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 2013

Patient Data Explorer Strategy & Research Professional Notable, Core77 Design Awards, 2014

Medical Research Insights Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience, The German Design Award 2015

Bill McDermott, CEO, one of Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs by employees in Germany, United States, and Canada

Top Employer for Young People, Canada, by Mediacorp Canada Scored 100% for its support of LGBT employees by Human Rights Campaign

Best Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Strategy by The FIRM Awards, Asia Recruitment Awards, and Employer Brand Management Awards

Best Social Media for Online Talent Communication, Europe, A Top 100 Company by Potentialpark for Remote Jobs by FlexJobs Best Employer, China, by Dajie Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Certification for SAP A Best Multinational North America by EDGE Workplace in Asia by Certified Foundation Great Places to Work

We’re proud to be recognized for our strong culture and values!


Higher Purpose? What's Your

Do you dream of making an impact with your career? Something bigger and more fulfilling than just a “job”?

Work for a company that helps countries, private companies, public sector organizations, and everyday citizens drive meaningful changes that touch billions of people. Imagine tackling some of the world’s biggest problems and playing a role in solving them. At SAP, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat and we’ll help you navigate. We strive to make complex things simple. Our technology helps the most progressive, complex organizations transform into Live Businesses – businesses that run in the moment. Our people collaborate to make an immediate impact on innovations that are changing the world. We value grit, passion, and human interactions in our work and in society. At SAP you can give your best while giving back to the community. You’ll be valued for who you are and supported to become even better. Does this sound like a company you want to work with? If so, then you could be one of us. We look forward to interviewing with you and hope you’ll become a member of the SAP team.

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