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Tim Staump: Harmonizing Music & Community in Santee Welcome to Santee: Deano's Pub East
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Since we opened our first Corner shop in 2009, it has been a joy to serve our wonderful friends in Santee!

Thank you for supporting countless Fundraisers, Mission Trips, Rides for Veterans, Military and Local Families & Great Community Events!

Celebrate with us! Follow us for party date & deals in July @santeecoffeecorner
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Hello Santee A message from Santee Chamber CEO, Kristen Dare Chair’s Message 7 A note from the desk of 2024 Santee Chamber Board Chair, Susie Parks Cover Story 8 C ONTENT S V olum e 13 // Iss ue 2 Get to know Santee Chamber Board Director, Tim Staump who owns local music studio and helps produce the Santee Street Fair Feature Story 14 Raising up a Generation of Students Who Value Community at Expressions Dance & Movement Center Shop Santee 17 Get introduced to some of the newest members of the Santee Chamber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Calendar 35 Take a peek at what’s on deck for some fun around town Community Resource Guide 36 Get connected with what you need for your home or business in Santee On The Cover Tim Staump, owner of Staump Music School Socializing Santee 32 A look back at Santee Chamber’s Santee Heroes Celebration honoring our 2023 Heroes Milestones for Local Businesses 31 Celebrate alongside the Omelette Factory and the Coffee Corner as they have milestone anniversaries this year 5 Ways to Celebrate 25 Five ways to celebrate at the Santee Street Fair this month My Hometown 21 Meet longtime resident and newest Santee pub owner, Dean Velasco The Santee Scoop 27 Get the inside scoop on new construction in town from local real estate agent and resident, John Olsen 3 TSM |

2024 Chamber Officers

Susie Parks, Chair of the Board Coffee Corner – 619.368.5525

Daniel Buksa, Chair Elect Mission Realty Group – 619.368.8371

Curtis Anderson, 1st Vice Chair

Superior Asphalt San Diego


Darcy Fagerwold, 2nd Vice Chair Expressions Dance & Movement Center 619.490.7000

Mike Aiken, Secretary Carlton Oaks Golf – 619.540.3295

Richard Hatcher, Treasurer California Coast Credit Union 619.889.5981

Melissa Dombo, Past Chair Raceway Electric & Solar – 619.596.1918

2024 Office Staff

Kristen Dare, ACE CEO

Jennae Gonzalez Operations Manager

Caitlyn Young Membership Coordinator

Bethany Cook Bookkeeper

2024 Chamber Directors

Karl Burris Live Life Physiotherapy – 619.800.8173

Greg Gagnon The UPS Store – 619.249.6657

Bryan Koci Whissel Realty – 619.244.0339

Rocky Qualin Padre Dam Municipal Water District 619.920.3089

Barbara Ryan Santee School District – 619.258.2300

James Sly East County Economic Development Council 619.729.1413

Tim Staump Staump Music School – 619.888.7445

Pam White City of Santee – 619.258.4100 x223

Sarah Wood Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning 619.244.4584

Stephanie Wooding Best Day Ever Weddings + Events 858.522.0504

Tina Firestone Retention Specialist @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber

9625 Mission Gorge Road, Suite B2-315 Santee, CA 92071 619.449.1515
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Year after year, summertime in Santee is known for many things: sweltering heats outdoors or ACs cranking inside (thank you, Allegiance Heating & Air), school campuses being on break or modified schedules, the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club providing a more robust offering of programs, the parks, Sportsplex USA and Santee Lakes being incredibly active… you name it. But often these activities relate directly back to families and the youth in our community. As my often-wise and always relevant friend Chris Romer recently said, “The importance of community simply cannot be overstated.” He doesn’t live here. In fact, he doesn’t even live nearby. But, he will be making a trip out to San Diego soon for his daughter to tour SDSU, and when he reached out to me to inquire about how they could get to know the area better while here. It made me sad to say, there wasn’t much off-campus to sing about by State unless he went into other neighboring cities.


Santee Chamber of Commerce


Now back to our city: Home Sweet Home, Santee. If someone were asking how to get to know this area better, I could fill this entire magazine. Actually, I do… quarterly. That’s because Santee has a truly defined sense of community and I often think that is largely in part due to our businesses. Businesses that directly or indirectly, serve our youth. These businesses range from manufacturers (QCMI, RCP Block & Brick), to mom-and-pop shops (Coffee Corner, Al’s Sport Shop), big box stores (come on, Trader Joe’s - we are ready!), national retail chains (Macy’s, DSW, Walmart, Target), franchise restaurants (Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Sonic, Jack in the Box in three different corners), family owned eateries (Jimmy’s Family Restaurant, Omelette Factory, Janet’s Cafe, The Broken Yolk), service solutions of all kinds (Furology Pet Spaw, The UPS Store, TCB Embroidery), contracting providers (Raceway Electric & Solar, Alison Construction, Steve’s Plumbing), financial institutions (CalCoast, Mission Fed, SDCCU) and beyond. We consistently promote the idea to SHOP LOCAL and continue to allow these businesses to be the economic drivers that keep our city prosperous.

So now, back to activities and businesses often being connected by youth. My kids. Your kids. OUR kids. These children rely on us to give them the best life possible and set their future up to be better than the generation before. The Chamber values the importance of our kids and will be actively seeking more ways to connect via workforce development. We proudly offer scholarships to the highest academic achiever in the Santee School District, have created scholarships as incentives to Santana and West Hills graduates seeking trade school opportunities versus college, and will be hosting our Youth Business Fair in partnership with Momentum Tutoring and the Kiwanis Club this August. There’s so much more we want to dig our heels into because we know the future is bright - not just because it’s “Sunny Santee” but because our babies are beaming.

Kristen Dare

Graphic Design

Nick Ossey

Committee Members

Kristen Dare

Jennae Gonzalez

Susie Parks

Caitlyn Young

Contributing Writers

Kristen Dare

Darcy Fagerwold

Jennae Gonzalez

John Olsen

Kristy Parcells

Susie Parks

Dean Velasco

Contributing Photographers

John Olsen

Lynda Marrokal


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Hello Santee Friends!


One of my favorite Chamber of Commerce events is our annual Heroes Celebration. This spring we gathered to honor local individuals and organizations for their unwavering commitment to keeping the Santee community safe, healthy and thriving. Stephanie Wooding, Committee Chair & Kristen Dare, along with Chamber staff and many volunteers created a beautiful and festive backdrop for this evening of recognition.

Each honoree was surrounded by not only family and friends, but those serving alongside them in their field. A wonderful camaraderie and support spread through the crowd and grew as the night progressed. Often this group of individuals are described as the “unsung” heroes. Here in Santee, I would argue the opposite. Our community has a tremendous regard for law enforcement, first responders, healthcare professionals, educators, service organizations, and military personnel and goes out of its way to support them at every opportunity.

Santee was recently recognized as the 2nd safest city in the region and the 11th safest in the state according to the 10th Annual Safest Cities Report by SafeWise? This accomplishment is a testament to the tireless efforts of our law enforcement officers, fire service personnel and first responders who work tirelessly to maintain peace and order.

Santee’s teachers, parents, coaches, service organizations & many others also play a significant role in fostering a safe and flourishing city by dedicating themselves to nurture exemplary children. Daniel Buksa, took time to thank some of these individuals whose investment and guidance were instrumental in helping him become the 2024 Person of the Year.

As we express our gratitude to these local heroes and champions, let us also reaffirm our commitment to supporting and uplifting one another. Together we can continue to build a community where safety, compassion and resilience ensure a bright future for the next generation of Santee Heroes.

We hope to see you all at the next Chamber of Commerce event on May 25th at the Santee Street Fair! Join us for the Ultimate Block Party with food, live entertainment, kid-zone and much more!

See you around Santee,

- Susie Parks

Santee Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Board

“True heroes are not defined by their physical strength, but by the strength of their character.” - The Everyday Hero Manifesto

Thank You to our Strategic Partners

Community Catalysts Community Conveners
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Community Champions




In the heart of Santee, California, a city known for its small-town friendliness, vibrant community, and active local engagement, stands a figure who has woven his life’s passion for music with an unyielding commitment to his hometown. Tim Staump, founder of Staump Music School and Chairman of the Santee Street Fair, embodies the spirit of community involvement and the profound impact it can have on a local scale.

Early Roots in Santee

Tim's musical journey and community engagement originated during his early school-age years at Lakeview Elementary School. Here, he had his first encounter with the exhilaration of playing in a band. This initial experience ignited a passion that would steadfastly accompany him throughout his education journey. As he progressed to Tierra Del Sol Middle School, he diligently cultivated his musical talents. Eventually, his journey led him to Santee, where he attended Cajon Park School, consistently nurturing his enthusiasm for music and community engagement.Tim's transition to West Hills High School marked a significant period in his life, where he not only graduated in 2000 but also expanded his involvement in the arts by participating in both band and choir. These formative years at West Hills High School deepened his connection to Santee, laying the foundation for what would become a lifelong promise to enrich his community. Tim reflects with great pride and a sense of belonging, “Growing up in Santee, this community is home to me."

A Symphony of Education and Community

In 2008, Tim transformed his love for music into a concrete reality by establishing Staump Music School. At the end of every Staump Music School concert, he fondly shares with the audience the story of the school’s humble beginnings. He recounts that it all began in his grandmother’s living room in Lakeside and eventually transitioned to a commercial establishment in Santee. His dream was to offer accessible, affordable, and high-quality music education to the local community. Tim explains his desire to create an accessible and inclusive music school by stating, “there was a lack of opportunities to learn to play, perform and record music locally. I wanted to build an environment that could provide these chances for the next generation of budding musicians.” Staump Music School adopts a holistic and personalized approach to music education. It focuses on the individuality and creative potential of each student. Their teaching philosophy extends beyond mere technical skills. Each music educator at Staump emphasizes the importance of personal expression and the joy of music-making. Staump Music School ensures that learning music is an enriching and transformative experience by fostering an environment where students can thrive both musically and personally.

This venture did more than just bridge a void in local arts education - it became a vital hub for community engagement. As Tim's stature within the Santee community rose, so did his participation in community projects, especially with the Santee Chamber of Commerce. His active involvement as a board member for the past six years and his contributions to the executive committee have been noteworthy.

9 TSM |

Leading the Santee Street Fair

Tim’s commitment to Santee took on a more visible role when he became the Chair of the Santee Street Fair in 2017. Having been mentored by Pat Chambers, a founding member of the fair, Tim took the helm with a vision to transform the event into a showcase of local talent and business. Under his leadership, the fair has flourished, becoming a key event in the city’s calendar that celebrates the community spirit and entrepreneurial zest of Santee. “Our students and families look forward to the Street Fair every year for a chance to perform in the heart of their community,” Tim shares, underscoring the fair’s significance as more than just an event - it’s a vibrant celebration of local culture and talent. Tim’s unique dual role in music education and community leadership allows him to incorporate a distinctive perspective into his responsibilities. He often intertwines these roles, crafting a more enriching and inclusive experience for all who participate.

Philosophy of Community Engagement

For Tim, the importance of community transcends the mere act of gathering. It is about building a support system that fosters mutual growth and enrichment. Drawing parallels between musical harmony and communal cooperation, Tim elaborates that “ultimately, community is the heartbeat of society. Similar to the musical world, in our local community we learn the art of collaboration which allows us to realize that diverse perspectives can enrich our collective wisdom.” This philosophy is evident in every aspect of Tim’s work, from teaching young musicians to spearheading community events. His efforts extend beyond the confines of the music school, impacting broader community initiatives. Tim's role in the Chamber and activities like the Santee Street Fair have reciprocated benefits, enhancing both his business and the local business ecosystem.

Staump Music School has been an integral part of the Santee community for over 16 years. In recognition of their significant contributions and as a testament to their excellence and commitment to the community, Staump Music School was honored as the Santee Business of the Year in 2021. Furthermore, Tim recently received the prestigious 2023 Santee Chamber Chairman Award. This accolade was presented by the outgoing Chamber president, Melissa Dombo of Raceway Electric and Solar, highlighting his outstanding leadership and continuous efforts to enhance the cultural landscape of Santee.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

Tim’s journey is not just about his own achievements but also about how he can leverage his success for community benefit. Before the pandemic, Staump Music School provided a free Choir program for nine years. This program played a crucial role in making music education accessible to children throughout San Diego County, regardless of their financial limitations. When the pandemic began, Staump Music School had paused their free Choir Program, as it was not feasible to have many students joining a virtual choir lesson at the time. Four years later, Tim still stands by his commitment to make music accessible to all. As the current CFO of the Elev8 Arts Foundation, which was cofounded alongside Darcy Fagerwold - who is the owner of Expressions Dance and Movement Center - Tim is leading the initiative to revive the free choir program through the foundation. This initiative will ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop their musical talents without barriers. Ultimately, all kids deserve the chance to feel seen or be recognized for their talents that sometimes a regular school education doesn’t necessarily capture. For the three minutes that a student is on stage performing, they feel like a rockstar and that feeling will hopefully follow them regardless of whether or not they choose to pursue a career in music when they are older.

Looking ahead, Tim remains dedicated to his dual role as an educator and community leader. His involvement with the non-profit Elev8 the Arts speaks to his broader goals of making arts accessible to all, ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities to learn and grow within their communities. Tim Staump’s story is a testament to the power of combining one’s passions with a commitment to community service. It illustrates how personal interests, when aligned with the collective good, can lead to meaningful change and lasting impact. As Tim aptly puts it, “Santee has given so much to me; I just want to give back in every way I can.”

To discover more about Tim's initiatives and opportunities at Staump Music School, or to see his students perform at the upcoming Santee Street Fair on May 25th and The City of Santee’s Friday Night’s Live on May 31st, visit

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In the window of every one of our studios you can see what we refer to as our “Culture Poster”, it lists the core values that the studio was built on. There along with building self-confidence, encouraging creativity, and age appropriateness, you will see the words, “Give Back to our Community”. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted community involvement to be part of what we taught at Expressions.

Children today are growing up in a world that is more digitally connected than ever before- but also less emotionally and socially connected than ever before. Living isolated and disconnected lives goes against our nature as human beings. We long for connection with each other and a sense of belonging. Strong communities have the power to bring people together.

A community can also help us to develop a sense of identity. This can help us feel we have a place in the world, and that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Actively participating in community events can give us opportunities to connect with people around us and learn to appreciate and understand people who are different from us. As we learn to interact confidently in our community we feel more safe, secure, and grounded. This can give us the boost we need to go out into the world and follow our dreams.

Students at Expressions Dance & Movement Center have many opportunities to give back. Many choose to become classroom assistants and help younger dancers grow and excel. Some also join our chapters of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, where they plan and participate in several

| TSM 14

service projects each year. Other students volunteer as buddies to help students with special needs in our Elev8 Arts classes. But perhaps their favorite way to give back to the community is by sharing their love of dance through community performances – and on the top of that list is definitely the Santee Street Fair! Performing at the Street Fair has become an annual tradition at Expressions, with hundreds of kids taking the stage each year. This event is special, because it brings together all the people who live and work right where the kids live and go to school. Students dancing at the Street Fair are also part of an event with a purpose - honoring our local veterans and celebrating the small businesses that serve our community.

We love having a booth at the Street Fair each year because this is where we meet our people! It gives us the opportunity to talk with parents, answer their questions, and hear about their hopes and dreams for their children. After over a decade of attending the Street Fair, it feels like a reunion, a place where we’re sure to meet up with people we know from school, church, and other community events.

I hope you’ll join us at the Santee Street Fair on May 25th! There’s sure to be an endless array of good things to eat, good conversations to be had, and great entertainment(if I do say so myself!). I’ll be there all day- either at the stage, or in our booth. Come by and say hello, I’d love to meet you and hear about what our community means to you!

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Welcome to the Santee Chamber! Be sure to Shop Santee and support some of our newest Santee Chamber members.

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Goodwill San Diego

9575 Mission Gorge Road

Explore their retail store to find amazing products at affordable prices. Every purchase you make helps provide employment, training, and contributes to supporting local programs and services. When you visit our retail stores or outlet centers, you will find a clean, well-organized, friendly shopping environment for the entire family.

Supreme Lending

Everyone has a unique financial situation and different goals, and when you work with Supreme Lending, you’ll come away with home financing that fits your financial situation. Reach out to Mike today to schedule an appointment!


School District

We teach our students that anything is possible. For over 130 years Santee School District has been encouraging young minds to dream big. Launch into a world of possibilities that start right here, in Santee. Registration for the 2024-25 school year is open! Learn more about our award-winning district at

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In the heart of Santee resides a man whose journey epitomizes the spirit of dedication and entrepreneurial flair. Meet Dean Velasco (commonly known by friends as just “Deano”), a devoted member of Santee's social and business landscape, whose story encapsulates the essence of commitment to both family and community. Dean's tale begins with a quest familiar to many: the search for the perfect place to raise a family. In 2002, Dean and his family chose Santee as their home.

Fuelled by a desire to be actively involved in his newfound community, Dean wasted no time immersing himself in various initiatives. From coaching youth soccer in AYSO to guiding aspiring softball players in the ASA league, Dean's presence became synonymous with dedication and passion for nurturing young talent. And despite enjoying a successful corporate career spanning over two decades in the tech industry, he hungered for more. In 2017, seizing an opportunity to cultivate his entrepreneurial spirit, Dean embarked on a new chapter by opening the renowned Riverwalk Grill in Santee's Town Center Community Park. With its resounding success, Dean's culinary venture burgeoned into a beloved fixture within the community.

In pursuit of new horizons, he ventured beyond Santee's borders, seeking opportunities to leave an indelible mark elsewhere. In 2021, he breathed new life into a struggling establishment in La Mesa, founding Deano's Pub—a testament to his tenacity and unwavering commitment to his craft. Yet, Dean's heart remained firmly rooted in Santee. Despite his ventures elsewhere, he continued to champion local causes and remained actively involved in community affairs. Serving as Chairperson of the Santee Parks and Recreation Committee (SPARC) and contributing to the Santee City Council Salary Setting Committee, Dean epitomizes the essence of civic duty and leadership.

In early 2024, Dean's unwavering dedication bore fruit as he realized a longcherished dream: the inception of Deano's Pub East in Santee. Transforming the former Hi-C-Era establishment on Woodside Avenue into a vibrant social hub, Dean once again proved his knack for revitalizing spaces and fostering a sense of belonging within the community. Today, Dean's legacy resonates throughout Santee and beyond. His journey—from corporate success to community leadership—serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and community advocates alike. As Dean continues to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of Santee's identity, his story stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication.

Santee parks & recreation

Your Kids • Their Summer • Our Camps


Days: Monday-Friday

Times: 7:00am-6:00pm

6/13 & 14

Partial Week (no field trip) $90 week

1 6/17-6/21 Santee Lakes $225 week

2 6/24-6/28 Padres Game $250 week

3 7/1-7/3

Partial Week (no field trip) $135 week

4 7/8-7/12 Sesame Place $250 week

5 7/15-7/19 Mission Beach $225 week

6 7/22-7/26 Reuben H. Fleet Science Center $225 week

7 7/29-8/2 La Jolla Shores $225 week

8 8/5-8/9 Rockin’ Jump $250 week

9 8/12-8/16 Back to School Bash (no field trip) $225 week 8/19 & 20

Partial Week (no field trip) $90 week

*Non Santee resident’s fee is an additional $15 per weekly rate Santee Day Camp- Youth entering 1-5 grades X-Factor Camp- Youth entering 6-9 grades

Instructional Classes

The City of Santee offers enriching instructional classes for all ages! Classes include tennis classes for all ages, dog training, babysitting, and more! Register today, availability is limited.


Locations and rates vary.

Jun 17-21

Jun 24-28

Jul 8-12

Jul 15-19

July 22-26

Jul 29Aug 2

Aug 5-9

Aug 12-16

Tumbling/ Gymnastics Camp 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-12

Minecraft Engineering using LEGO® Materials 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-8

Kids Baking Camp 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-12

Adventures in STEM using LEGO® Materials 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-8

Swiftie Dance Camp 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-12

Preschool Tumbling, Play & Fun Camp 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 3-5

Learn Coding using LEGO® Materials

9:00am-12:00pm Ages 7-11

Tumbling/ Gymnastics Camp 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-12

**Must bring own equipment

Minecraft Engineering using LEGO® Materials 1:00-4:00pm Ages 7-12

Skate/BMX/ Scooter Camp ** (M-Th) 9:00–10:30am Ages 5-13

Science Experiment Camp 1:00-4:00pm Ages 5-12

STEM Exploration using LEGO® Materials 1:00-4:00pm Ages 7-12

Musical Theater & Dance Camp: Wonka 1:00-4:00pm Ages 5-12

Cheerleading, Dance & Tumble Camp 1:00-4:00pm Ages 5-12

Master Coding using LEGO® Materials 1:00-4:00pm Ages 12-16

Skate/BMX/ Scooter Camp ** (M-Th) 9:00-10:30am Ages 5-13

For more information and to register for summer programs, visit us at

Polynesian Dance Camp 1:00-4:00pm Ages 5-12

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Week Date Field Trip Fees*
Still have questions? Contact Community Services at (619) 258-4100 ext. 222 or go online at
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The City of Santee’s Hometown Heroes Banner Program recognizes and honors Santee residents (current or past) and/or their family members and Santee business owners/ operators, who have served, are serving, or have given their lives in service in the United States Armed Forces. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Honor a HERO today!

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The Santee Street Fair is an annual highlight for both locals and visitors alike, offering a plethora of activities that cater to every age and interest. This year, the fair promises to be even more spectacular with a range of new attractions and fan favorites making a comeback. Here are five ways you can celebrate and make the most out of your visit to the 2024 Santee Street Fair:

1. Enjoy Live Performance

Kick off your fair experience with live performances from local talents. Staump Music School and Expressions Dance & Movement Center students will be taking stage to showcase their impressive skills. These performances are a perfect way to support local artists and get energized for the day ahead.

2. Savor the Unique Flavors of the Food Court

As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, there’s nothing quite like indulging in a scoop of delicious ice cream to cool off and savor the sweetness of spring.

3. Indulge in a Craft Beer at the DOG FRIENDLY Beer Garden

Outdoor markets and festivals are the perfect places to celebrate the season’s bountiful offerings. From artisanal crafts and handmade goods to fresh produce and gourmet treats, these lively events showcase the best that local communities have to offer.

4. Take the Kids to the Carnival for Fun Rides

If you’re attending with family, the carnival section of the fair is the perfect place to let the kids loose. With a variety of rides suitable for all ages, the carnival is a wonderland for young fairgoers. Don’t forget to purchase a wristband for unlimited rides, ensuring that the kids can enjoy as many turns on all the exciting attractions as they like.

5. Honor Our Fallen and Join the Opening Ceremonies

The fair also provides a moment to reflect and pay tribute with its opening ceremonies. This solemn part of the event honors our fallen heroes, and brings out a special Gold Star Family, as a poignant reminder of the community’s spirit and resilience. Participating in the ceremony is a meaningful way to start your day at the fair, setting a tone of gratitude and community pride.

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Hi, I’m John Olsen, a longtime resident and business advocate of Santee. As an active member of the Santee Chamber I often showcase upcoming development projects and events around town.

Be sure to follow me for more on

The real estate market has gone through a lot of turmoil over the past several months: home values hitting record highs, historically low affordability for new buyers brought on by interest rate increases, and low housing inventory. Unfortunately, throughout all of the craziness, the one consistent source of new inventory is found in the need to sell a home when someone passes away. I realize that this is a very sensitive subject, and maybe not a great topic for a community magazine article, but it seems like I’m seeing more and more families having to deal with parents passing away and not having a Family Trust or Will in place, leaving a grieving family member to sort through the hassles of probate, bill collectors and a house full of memories that usually needs to be liquidated.

Until recently, my experience as a real estate agent navigating the estate management process for clients had been as a professional at arms length. Last summer, I had the opportunity to support my mom as she was entrusted as executor for the estate of a family member. This experience has given me a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of one's role when managing the estate of a passed loved one. It has also shown me ways to lessen the burden of responsibility and stress that can be overwhelming in this situation.

John Olsen Real Estate Team has systems in place to guide affected family through the confusion and uncertainty; we’re committed to help executors run estate sales and manage any home repairs needed to get a home ready to sell. If you or someone you know is managing an estate, we’re here to support you in every way possible. You and your family will have the opportunity to grieve, and to make sure your loved one’s final wishes are fulfilled.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Family Trust or a Will, I recommend my friend, and new Chamber of Commerce member, Sam McGovern at the McGovern Law Group.

Interested in learning more about buying or selling a house in today's market?

I’m always happy to help. Give me a call: 619.855.1151

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Miss Santee has been a tradition in the city for more than 50 years, is rich with tradition, and an outstanding community service and leadership opportunity for young women. Contestants are scored in an “INTERVIEW ONLY” format in the following categories: Interview – 6-8 mins in Length (30% of total score), One Minute Informative Speech (20% of total score), Academic Achievement (15% of total score), Essay (15% of total score) and Poise, Personality and Overall Impression (20% of total score). The committee is made up of community members and former titleholders who believe in the benefits of participating in such a unique program. It is all volunteer based from the Program Committee to our Titleholders.

Junior Miss Santee 2023, Dakota Hurtado is finishing her 7th grade year and has given so much time to her role this year. At school she has achieved Honor Roll and received both the Dream Award & Curiosity Award. When she's not an ambassador of the community, she spends time crafting with resin, drawing, and loves to ride her quad at the desert. Her family has been extremely supportive in her role and often accompanied her to many of her appearances and events.


Miss Teen Santee 2023, Autumn Sly will be entering her senior year, and has done a fabulous job of balancing school, sports, volunteering and her role as a community Ambassador. Her ambitious schedule is filled with school work, soccer, helping with her 6 younger brothers and sisters, and volunteering with Saddles of Joy. Autumn aspires to become a prosecuting attorney and there is no doubt she will achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Miss Santee 2023, Samantha Harper is a force to be reckoned with. She competed in the program multiple years until she took home the title in 2023. She is ambitious with her time, working for Pacific Rim Mechanical during the day, and on evenings or weekends can be found coaching Volleyball for Summit Volleyball Club or focusing on her true talent photography and owner of Harper Visuals Photography. We would like to thank each of these courageous young ladies for participating in the program and successfully completing their year Miss Santee, Miss Teen Santee and Junior Miss Santee. Seeing you blossom from the time of taking your titles, to introducing bands at the Santee Summer Concert Series, making the introduction at Santee Salutes, lighting the Tree at Santee Trolley Square and greeting the community members and their furry friends at FIDO Fest, is truly awe inspiring. The Committee and community thank you for the countless hours of effort and time you devoted this year and cannot wait to see what the future holds for each of you.

– Lauren Bachmann, Program Director & the Miss Santee Committee


Longevity is crucial for small business success. I mean, obviously… Right? Although it may be a straightforward thought, we can forget how important it is to keep these family owned operations front-of-mind when doing things like grabbing our daily coffee, getting outside our personal kitchen to grab a meal, shopping for a gift when special occasions arise, or getting a car repaired after an unexpected accident. Why is this valuable? Customer Trust and Loyalty. Economic Contribution. Experience and Expertise. Community Impact… just to name a few.

When thinking of community impact and longevity, there are several businesses that come to mind. One, is the Coffee Corner. 20 years ago, before there was a national chain on every corner, someone had a vision for a neighborhood coffee house in Santee. When Duane and Susie Parks moved their family into the community, they fell in love with the idea and bought the shop, providing a place for their children to learn work ethic, customer service and community investment. 15 years later, they are still here because they agreed to uphold their original focus - making the most positive impact possible in their circle of influence. Susie Parks says, “Our regular customers supported us and our staff in such kind and super generous ways.” Another well known favorite, the Omelette Factory, now in its second location, celebrates 30 years on May 23rd. “Credit to our 30 years of success goes out to this amazing community and our wonderful customers that continue to support us.” says co-owner Pete Giforos. It’s an amazing feat to have longtime staff and still be owned and operated by the same family that opened it back in 1994. It’s very common to come into the restaurant and see regulars, families and even the Mayor.. One of my favorite things about their menu is that some of the dishes served include sauce recipes from Pete’s mom who used to cook at the restaurant. When thinking about family owned businesses who are a Santee cornerstone, they are at the top of the list.

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The Santee Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the award winners from the 2024 Santee Heroes Celebration. This annual event, held on Thursday April 25th, honored outstanding individuals from various sectors who have exemplified dedication and service within the community from the previous year.

The 2023 honorees include:

• Community Hero for the Santee-Lakeside Rotary: Bill Pommering

• Community Hero for the Santee Kiwanis Club: Paul Stevens

• Education Hero for the Santee School District: Michelle Corderman

• Healthcare Hero for Sharp Rees-Stealy: Marie Maula

• Healthcare Hero for Sharp Grossmont Hospital: John Tastad

• First Responder for the Santee Fire Department: Engineer Jesse Fournier

• Law Enforcement Hero for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Santee Station: Deputy Zeid Nassir

• Military Hero for the American Legion Post 364: Robyn Nolin

• Military Hero for the VFW Post 9327: Bill Marshall

• Person of the Year for the Santee Chamber of Commerce: Daniel Buksa

The event was beautifully hosted by the Carlton Oaks Golf Course, providing a perfect backdrop for an evening of celebration. Jimmy’s graciously hosted our patio networking hour, providing an array of appetizers, setting a welcome tone for the event. Special acknowledgement is due to Best Day Ever Wedding + Events, led by Stephanie Wooding, for their assistance in planning and coordination of the evening as Chair of the event.

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The Chamber also extends its gratitude to the elected officials who attended, supporting our community leaders and sharing in the celebration of their achievements. Such honored guests included Congressman Darrell Issa, who presented Chamber President/CEO, Kristen Dare, with an American flag which was flown over the US Capitol. Among other distinguished elected officials were Santee Mayor John Minto, Vice Mayor Dustin Trotter, Council Member Koval, Council Member McNelis, Santee School District Board Members Dustin Burns, Elana Levens-Craig and Barbara Ryan, Padre Dam Municipal Water District Board Members Bill Pommering and Rocky Qualin, and neighboring Lakeside Union School District Trustee Andrew Hayes. Certificates for the winners were provided from the offices of the Santee Chamber of Commerce, Mayor John Minto at the City of Santee, Supervisor Joel Anderson (District 2) at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Assemblywoman Marie Waldron (District 75) at the California State Assembly, Senator Brian W. Jones (District 40) at the California State Senate, and Congressman Darrell Issa (California District 48) at the United States House of Representatives

The Santee Chamber of Commerce thanks all sponsors, volunteers, participants and supporters who helped make the event a remarkable success, reflecting the strong spirit of community and collaboration in Santee.

Kristen Dare, ACE Santee Chamber of Commerce

BUSINESS FAIR BUSINESS FAIR Youth Youth SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 10 AM - 1 PM | West Hills High School Gym 10 AM - 1 PM | West Hills High School Gym


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