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24K Gold

Genetic: Kosher Kush x Tangie. Indoor flowering time: 9 Weeks. Harvest per m2: 450-550 gr/m2. Outdoor harvest month: Early October. Outdoor harvest per plant: We have seen her give 4-8 kg outdoors in NorCal when veged correctly. Taste / Aroma: Subtle hints of Tangie with a creamy Kosher finish. You will find 2 distinct phenotypes, one with more Tangie flavour and Kosher bud structure and the other Kosher dominant with citrus undertones. Effect: 24K Gold is the best of both worlds! The Tangie lends its psyco-stimulative effects to the mix while the Kosher in it will stun you and keep you stoned.




Genetic: Afghan, Neville Haze.

Indoor flowering time: ± 10 weeks.

Harvest per m2: ± 650 gr/m².

Outdoor harvest month: Late October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: Variable.

Taste / Aroma: Fruity flavour.

Effect: Very strong with a state of enthusiastic euphoria.



AutoBlackberry Kush®

Genetic: AutoBlackberryKush is an automatic cross between Dutch Passion original Blueberry and a dark coloured resinous Kush hash-plant selected from our gene bank. Indoor flowering time: AutoBlackberry Kush is ready to harvest around 10 weeks after germination when grown on a 20/4 light cycle. Harvest per m2: AutoBlackberry Kush will appeal to growers wanting premium quality genetics capable of delivering extra sticky XL harvests. Outdoor harvest month: This 100% Autoflowering variety can be sown at most locations between late March and mid July. It is ready to harvest 10 weeks after germination. Outdoor harvest per plant: When AutoBlackberry Kush is being gown in the sunniest months of the summer, and has plenty of root space, nutrients and water it can be very productive. Sometimes up to 300 grams per plant. Taste / Aroma: The Blueberry may slightly, but not always, dominate the Kush characteristics giving a sweeter and fruity influence together with the strong earthy indica contribution from the Kush. Effect: Very strong body stone.




Genetic: AutoEuforia combines genetics from our original photoperiod Euforia with a carefully selected Automatic Skunk. Euforia herself is an original 1990’s photoperiod Skunk selection chosen for the unique euphoric high which many people experience. Indoor flowering time: AutoEuforia is ready to harvest about 10-11 weeks after germination when grown on a 20/4 light cycle. Harvest per m2: AutoEuforia is a productive variety of both buds and resin, yielding well above average and reaching around 1 metre tall. Outdoor harvest month: Typically this variety is harvested 10-11 weeks after germination. This means it can be started until the middle of the summer in most climates. Outdoor harvest per plant: AutoEuforia produces generous yields outdoors, even when being grown by less experienced auto growers. Taste / Aroma: Skunky taste and sweet aroma. Effect: AutoEuforia produces top strength cannabis with an energising and happy high, which is at the same time both refreshing and numbing.



Black Dream

Genetic: Jamaican Dream x Black Domina.

Indoor flowering time: 45-52 days.

Harvest per m2: 600 g.

Outdoor harvest month: Early October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: About 1 kg.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet taste and intense and sticky aroma.

Effect: Very powerful with indica predominance.



Blue Dream

Genetic: Blueberry x Haze.

Indoor flowering time: 70 days.

Harvest per m2: 650 gr.

Outdoor harvest month: Late October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 1100 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet blueberry with touches of Haze.

Effect: Strong, forceful and long-lasting.



Bubba Kush Autoflowering Genetic: Bubba Kush x Critical Kush XL Autoflowering.

Indoor flowering time: 5-7 weeks.

Harvest per m2: 300-350 gr.

Outdoor harvest month: 8-9 weeks after germination.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 120-170 gr. per (dried) plant.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet, spicy and berries.

Effect: Stoned, cheerful and relaxing.



Chocolate Haze

Genetic: OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze.

Indoor flowering time: 9-10 weeks.

Harvest per m2: 475-525 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Late October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 450-500 gr/plant.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet intense chocolate taste.

Effect: Very high.



Cream Mandarine XL Auto®

Genetic: SWS55 100% auto-flowering, high-size, highyielding strain. A 4th generation auto-flowering cross-breed from selected plants of our SWS29 (Cream Mandarine Auto®) and an elite clone of Super Tai ’98. Harvest per m2: 450-650 gr/m2. Outdoor harvest month: 9 weeks after germination. Outdoor harvest per plant: 50-300 gr/plant. Taste / Aroma: Aromatic with notes of spices, wood and dried fruit, sweet and fresh with hints of citrus fruit, tangerine mainly. Effect: Balanced, exciting and creative.



Critical+ 2.0

Genetic: Critical x Critical.

Indoor flowering time: 50 days.

Harvest per m2: 625 gr.

Outdoor harvest month: 1st October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 900 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet and very intense, Skunk aroma.

Effect: Strong and relaxing.




Genetic: Mainly indica (Northern Lights) and autoflowering.

Indoor flowering time: Yield in 70-73 days.

Harvest per m2: 250- 400 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Auto-flowering.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 120-200 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Classic sweet and penetrating taste.

Effect: Ideal for relaxing, introspection and therapeutic uses.




Genetic: 30% Indica-70% Sativa.

Indoor flowering time: 63 days.

Harvest per m2: 500 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Early November.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 1000 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Mango, Citrus, Haze.

Effect: Creeping, clear and active.



Forest Dream®

Genetic: Outdoor Sativa from the Dutch Passion genetic pool. Indoor flowering time: The average flower period is only 8 weeks, which is very short for a Sativa strain. Harvest per m2: Heavy yields, above average. Outdoor harvest month: Late September/early October. Outdoor harvest per plant: Great outdoor yields. Up to 1.5 kilo dry weight is not exceptional. Taste / Aroma: The sweet taste is extremely smooth and enjoyable. It’s uncommon that all members of the DP smokers test team love the quality, the taste, the high and therefore Forest Dream is rated as top quality cannabis. Effect: The Sativa high is uplifting, quite subtle and with a clear mind so that you’re able to stay active.



Frisian Duck® Genetic: Frisian Dew x DucksFoot. Indoor flowering time: Frisian Duck has a short flower time. It is usually ready for harvest after around 8 weeks of flowering. Harvest per m2: Frisian Duck is a medium to large yielding variety with a unique leaf shape. She brings you new possibilities for outdoor, greenhouse and even indoor growing. Outdoor harvest month: Outdoors Frisian Duck is ready around the beginning of October. Outdoor harvest per plant: Outdoor yields are very large when it gets a lot of root space, sun, and enough nutrients. In tougher conditions Frisian Duck still provides generous outdoor yields. Taste / Aroma: Frisian Duck produces compact buds with spicy aromas of pine, citrus and fresh forest. Effect: A good quality high and a refreshing sativa head-buzz.



Gordo Master Kush Genetic: Kush x Bubba Kush.

Indoor flowering time: 50-55 days.

Harvest per m2: 300 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Early October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 350 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Earthy, berries.

Effect: Narcotic, relaxing.



Ice Cream

Genetic: 60% Indica-40% Sativa.

Indoor flowering time: 55-60 days.

Harvest per m2: 500 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Early October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 700 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Vanilla, Skunk, Pineapple.

Effect: Trippy, equal head and body.




Genetic: Jawar is the impactful result of the crossing of some among our best genetics (Jack Herer x Warlock x Northern Lights). This crossbreed has quite a dominant Warlock taste. (3 cannabis cup). Indoor flowering time: 58-60 days. Harvest per m2: 500-550 gr/m2. Outdoor harvest month: Early October. Outdoor harvest per plant: If grown in soil, more than 1.5 kg. Taste / Aroma: Sweet and incensed. Effect: Mainly relaxing and cerebral.



Killer Kush Auto

Genetic: SWS56 100% auto-flowering, 4th-generation variety. An auto-flowering version of Ocean Grow Kush better known as OG Kush, one of the most famous genetics of the US west coast, created around 1994 in Sunset Beach, South California. Harvest per m2: 400-550 gr/ m2. Outdoor harvest month: 8 weeks after germination. Outdoor harvest per plant: 60-200 gr/plant. Taste / Aroma: The aroma of this variety is sweet, citric and acid with exotic nuances calling to mind the typical scents of the Chem Dawg – Diesel family. Effect: Clear and relaxing, which is typical of predominantly indica genetics.



Kong 47

Genetic: King Kong “ Brutal cut “ ( Dr. Underground ) x Ak 47 ( Serious Seeds ). Indoor flowering time: 7-8 weeks. Harvest per m2: Very high, up to 1200 gr/m2 depending on the growing method. Outdoor harvest month: Early and mid-September. Outdoor harvest per plant: Very high, up to 1500 gr depending on soil quantity (litres). Taste / Aroma: Fruity taste with an extremely strong old skunk background persisting well after drying. Caution if grown outdoors. Effect: Relaxing and clean at the start with a devastating finale, you will even see and touch the stars. Great for smoking in the evening until late at night.




Genetic: Extremely powerful hybrid from indica varieties.

Indoor flowering time: 58-63 days.

Harvest per m2: 500 gr/m2 up.

Outdoor harvest month: Late September.

Outdoor harvest per plant: About 1.5 kg.

Taste / Aroma: Fresh, almost minty taste.

Effect: Devastatingly strong, pervasive and long-lasting mental high.



Kritikal Bilbo

Genetic: Famous for its spectacular aroma and its intense fruity and sweet taste, an award winner countrywide.

Indoor flowering time: 45-50 days.

Harvest per m2: 400-450 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: September.

Outdoor harvest per plant: About 800 gr per plant.

Taste / Aroma: Very sweet taste and mainly fruity aroma.

Effect: Strong narcotic effect.




Genetic: Auto-flowering three-way hybrid.

Indoor flowering time: 75 days.

Harvest per m2: 550-600 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: Auto-flowering.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 80-250 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Aromas and tastes of this strain are fresh and spicy.

Effect: Powerful effect with uncontrollable laughter.




Genetic: “High on CBD secret Strain” x Critical Bilbao.

Indoor flowering time: 50-55 days.

Harvest per m2: 400-600 gr/m2.

Outdoor harvest month: October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 350-1900 gr/plant.

Taste / Aroma: Fruity taste with citrus hint.

Effect: Physical.

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Midnight Express Genetic: This is a very unusual and stunningly beautiful feminised autoflowerer. Midnight Express is covered in glistening trichromes, sparkling like stars in the night sky against the deep purple hues of her flowers and leaves. The genetics being mostly indica and including Citral Kush, Blueberry and a dash of White strain for the star dust. Indoor flowering time: This autoflowering strain is ready for harvest approximately 55-60 days after germination. Harvest per m2: 550 gr/m². Outdoor harvest month: Autoflowering. Outdoor harvest per plant: Up to 150 gr. Taste / Aroma: Full and very pleasant, sweet with earthy undertones. Effect: A surprisingly well balanced mental high from such a predominantly indica strain. Long lasting and satisfying.



OG Kush

Genetic: Lemon Thai/Pakistani x Chemdog.

Indoor flowering time: 55 days.

Harvest per m2: 550 gr.

Outdoor harvest month: 10th October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 800 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Lemon with hints of gasoline.

Effect: Potent and cerebral.



Original Amnesia

Genetic: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia.

Indoor flowering time: 65 days.

Harvest per m2: 600 gr.

Outdoor harvest month: Late October.

Outdoor harvest per plant: 1000 gr.

Taste / Aroma: Sweet with touches of Haze.

Effect: Strong and forceful. Not suitable for beginners.



White Widow x Bubble Automatic

Genetic: White Widow x Bubble Gum. Indoor flowering time: 9 weeks. From germination till harvest. Harvest per m2: 325-375 gr/m2. Outdoor harvest month: After germination ± 2 weeks. Outdoor harvest per plant: Medium harvest. Taste / Aroma: Real earthy/ woody pleasant/sugar/bubblegum. Effect: Indica 70% Sativa 30%. Real (body) stoned, couch lock! Pain relieve, enjoyable creative high, increases appetite, but (don’t do groceries while stoned...) on this...LoL.



DUTCH PASSION Presents Frisian Duck®

)ULVLDQ 'XFN JURZV ZLWK XQXVXDOO\ VKDSHG OHDYHV PDNLQJ LW GLI¿FXOW to identify as traditional cannabis and ideal for outdoor and greenhouse growing in populated areas. The name refers to the distinctive leaf shape which looks like a ducks footprint especially during WKH ¿UVW WZR WKLUGV RI KHU OLIH 'XULQJ EORRP VRPH XSSHU OHDYHV PD\ show the more traditional cannabis shape. Frisian Duck comes from crossing Frisian Dew with DucksFoot. This unique, robust, stealthy variety is ready to harvest at the start of October (start of April in Southern Hemisphere). She can show beautiful purple colours during ÀRZHULQJ DQG JURZV OLNH D FKULVWPDV WUHH RXWGRRUV XS WR PHWHUV LQGRRUV XS WR PHWHUV Frisian Duck produces compact buds with spicy aromas of pine, citrus and fresh forest. The taste is similar with a good quality high and a refreshing Sativa head- buzz with average yields. She was created for outdoor growing but also does well indoors. Frisian Duck is a unique cannabis plant in disguise; tough and easy to grow, perfect for less experienced growers. Frisian Duck grows without being recognisable as cannabis for large parts of its life. Anyone that has a quiet sunny corner in their garden, greenhouse or the countryside ZLOO QRZ ¿QG LW HDVLHU WKDQ HYHU WR JURZ WKHLU RZQ FDQQDELV

Indica / Sativa

8 weeks / September


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