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over 5 years the number 1 professional high speed trimmer off Europe in both quality and speed

• lifetime warranty • trim wet or dry with the same machine • best price / quality ratio, cheapest in its class • now also fully covered machines available, made in accordance with CE protocol and GMP standards / (+31)6 17 19 15 25


INTRODUCTION Dear friends, It is with great pride that we once again present this year’s catalogue to you, the Special Product 2021, a brochure for specialists that will give you an overview of products on offer in the year that is drawing to a close…, a year when we have gone through difficult moments, but also opportunities for growth and several occasions to reflect on our past experience. As our dear readers know, we work hard every day to teach you every little secret you need so as to take care of your plants and, in so doing, take care of yourself. Our goal is to provide you with quality information that will help you keep abreast of new trends and botanical techniques - as a ‘toolkit’ to help your plants grow healthy and lush. Soft Secrets strives to ensure that every citizen of this planet learns how to grow cannabis and that every cannabis consumer uses this substance responsibly and with self-respect. A plant is a living being that depends on another living being, you. Allowing it to grow requires your time and attention as you are its main custodian. Thus, a special interaction arises between two living beings, the human and the plant, which stimulates and enriches each other on a daily basis. Growing a plant promotes health or, better said, is phytotherapeutic, whatever the intended use of it is at harvest time. In the case of marijuana, it goes without saying that this plant, which has been an ally of mankind for thousands of years, offers its admirers countless spiritual, but also purely physical and mental pleasures. The search for pleasure is an indistinguishable trait of the human being. Through the consumption of this plant, modern society seeks pleasure in terms of well-being and, in a broader sense, health. In the Special issue in your hands, we bring you news about anything that our industry has been able to produce for European growers to push their limits and explore new boundaries. The basis for a good harvest is the observation of your own plants, and with it must come the care and management of their lifecycle, which is always full of mysterious and sometimes unexpected events. On the other hand, once they have been cut, dried and cured, the most demanding palates have every right to want to taste the fruits of their labour. For growers and consumers alike, we have collected the most interesting products from a world that has embraced a healthy lifestyle, despite the storm that the pandemic brought with it. It is a thriving industry based on growers who, for their own consumption, choose to be at the forefront of building a greener, fairer and more nature-friendly future, which has always been yearned for. So, read this Special through and you will find interesting products for growing, fertilising, lighting and automatically controlling your grow boxes, and anything needed to control water temperature, process your harvest, extract active ingredients from them, vape their fragrant buds or analyse their terpene and cannabinoid content. Be humble and attentive and remember that nature is on the side of the most curious. Happy reading! Fabrizio Dentini Soft Secrets Italy


FRIDGE GROW Stealth Microgrowing. The Fridge Grow Set turns any functioning refrigerator into a fully automated grow cabinet without air circulator fan (ACF). Via a closed system, CO2, humidity, temperature and light can be precisely controlled. In this case, irrigation will only be required every couple of weeks. Maximum yield without effort, from seed to drying, is assured. Your fridge will be odourproof, inconspicuous, quiet and insulated. It will be possible to dry plants gently at 15 degrees even when the room temperature is 30 degrees. 24/7 monitoring, CO2 fertilisation for extra yield, ‘climate’ programmes and alarms are integrated. The app will work in offline (no-cloud) mode to ensure data security. The unit is controlled by wireless communication via smart sockets and no wiring or special technical adjustments are required. A conversion set is included, from radio-dimmed LEDs to a connector strip. Set climate parameters for unique terpenes or simply let the system work on its own. The system has been widely tried and tested by customers in over 10 countries, who are already successfully using Fridge Grow.

It is also possible to monitor and automate cabinets modularly through controllers and sockets. Simply plug a device (e.g., humidifier) into a socket and it will be integrated into the monitoring system and switched on/off in the desired area. Partner distributors are still being sought worldwide. Fridge Grow Austria For further info and app demos: 4


Discover MZ12X, a high-quality organic solvent specifically designed for making extracts. MZ12X is not a petroleum by-product. It is made by dehydrating methane, a gas naturally found underground.

tion of medicinal compounds from your favourite plants.

Dimethyl ether (DME) is 99.996% purified and contains no heavy metal residues or CFCs.

Take advantage of the broad extraction spectrum of MZ12X to increase the yield of your extractions.

Each bottle of MZ12X contains 520 ml of extremely easy-to-use organic solvent.

MZ12X ensures a safe and healthy concentraAvailable in specialised stores such as GROWshop, Head shop, smokeshop and CBD shop. 5


The Smart Grow Controller is your personal linux-server that creates a fully automated indoor growing systems. Here to help grow rooms flurish as growers relax.

Easily accessible from anywhere and at any time. No matter how paranoid you are, with the secured connection at home you won’t risk spreading information. Personalize all your grow devices to do exactly what you’d like them to do. Too complicated? Ask SGC for help and get free profesional assistance. 6

ABOUT hortiONE hortiONE368 368x LEDS 130W 330µmol/s 2.7µmol/J

hortiONE592 592x LEDs 190W 500µmol/s 2.7µmol/J Extra long panel

hortiONE GmbH is an Austrian based LED grow light manufacturer focusing on creating high quality and efficient horticultural lighting solutions for a low price with a sustainable value chain, which does not only help the environment, it also guarantees a high-quality standard.

than 10,000 patents and offer a wide range of technologies. Soul’s 3030C LED Series has one of the highest industry standards in photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) with a near to full-spectrum (neutral white Colour, CRI80). The longevity and resistance against heat, humidity and chemical resistance are unique in the market and above all truly relevant in horticultural applications.

hortiONE uses only high quality and durable components like the MID-Power LED Series 3030C from Seoul Semiconductor (SSC). As is the second-largest LED manufacturer globally excluding the captive market, they hold more

Regardless of whether you want an ecological and energy-saving or high-intensity setup to increase yield and production, with the 2 models hortiONE368 and hortiONE592, this can be accomplished in all common growing areas.


All models can be used for the full cycle and all growing phases. The 45° Angled Panel supports diffuse lighting for increased uniformity and depth penetration. hortiONE592 is an extra-long LED panel for homogenous light distribution in large cultivation areas. 7

TAKE THE ADVANTAGE OF GROWING PLANTS IN NPB POTS! Ercole, Super-Ercole and Super-Ercole square pot which considerably reduce the plant growing time. Thanks to the special air-system on the wall and the bottom of the pots, the roots grow stronger, healthier and do not spiralize. The holes guarantee a better oxygenation, an excellent drainage and a higher productivity of the plant. Vega and square pots The most natural habitat to grow your plants. The shape of the pots allows the correct rooting of the plants. The numerous holes guarantee a correct exchange of air and water. The cultivation pot, which contains the plant with the root system and substrate, allows, through the holes, an appropriate hydric and nutritional exchange. THAT’S WHY TO CHOOSE THE POTS BY NUOVA PASQUINI & BINI Nuova Pasquini e Bini S.p.A. Loc. Tei – Zona Industriale La Galeotta 55011 Altopascio (LU) – ITALY Tel. 0039 0583/264656 Fax 0039 0583/269115 8

TECOPONIC HYDROPONICS CHILLERS TECO Srl is an Italian family business established in 1988. The company is specialised in the design and construction of high-performance coolers used in different applications (commercial sector with OEM plug-in units, aquarium chillers, chillers for offset applications). TECO first products were designed for commercial sector and then for the aquarium field. In 2016, TECO develops a product dedicated to the emerging hydroponics sector, where there is a need to keep the water temperature controlled. HYDROPONICS is an agricultural practice that consists of cultivating plants without soil, using nutrient-rich solutions dissolved in water. In most hydroponic systems, the ideal water temperature should be between 18 °C and 22 °C to ensure maximum efficiency and protection from pathogens.

that allows efficiency improvement and therefore low consumption.

TECO HY models: HY150- HY500 – HY1000 and HY2000 are designed and manufactured in Italy. Top quality materials and components have been selected.

These models are designed for TECOnnect Wi-Fi device! You can control remotely the temperature and receive alarms notifications. Visit our website / and on Facebook and Instagram: TECOponic

HY500-HY1000 and HY2000 contain R290 gas, the best environmentally friendly alternatives without direct effects on global warming, 9


The team at Royal Queen Seeds are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to growing healthy plants. The company offers a range of growing supplies to help cultivators raise seedlings into highly productive mature specimens. Their autoflowering and feminized starter kits contain everything young plants need to get established, and their range of organic nutrients fulfils nutritional demands through the different stages of the growing cycle.

rhizobacter and mycorrhizal fungi products help to build soil microbe populations, enabling plants to reach their full potential, while their bat guano introduces organic matter and high levels of phosphorus into the growing medium. You’ll also find a selection of geotextile fabric pots. Unlike plastic alternatives, these containers provide sufficient aeration and drainage to keep root systems healthy and free of fungal diseases. You can also keep your plants under control with their LST plant training clips and ScrOG netting.

RQS advocates for organic cultivation methods, and their natural supplement range helps growers achieve this. Their

RQS also stocks valuable items required at harvest time, from curing jars and herb dryers to ergonomic curved trimming scissors and mini pruning shears. 10


Emerald Harvest® has set a clear mandate to build, develop and manufacture a superlative product line.

An example of these “super-formulas” is Honey Chome®. Honey Chome® is our gold-standard aroma and resin enricher. It is designed to increase the market value of your crops by boosting terpene and flavonoid production for better fragrance, flavor, potency and color, the qualities most desired by growers. In addition, it provides different sources of carbohydrates that boost your yields by fueling growth and flowering, feeding the beneficial microbial life that build up roots. With Honey Chome® you get vibrant crops with big roots that soak up more nutrients.

Plant lovers want simple, ease success growing their valuable plants. While working with hundreds of growers, store owners and professionals over many years, we listened to their concerns. The message was clear: The industry wants and needs a compact line of nutrients that combines the very best of science and nature in a simple, easy-to-use program that gives professional results. Our solution was to simplify without sacrificing quality by putting as many nutrients and additives as we could into every formulation. 11

Feed your plants with the nutrients they deserve Since the beginning of the 1990’s Bionova is worldwide well known as the manufacturer of premium fertilizers, stimulators and substrates. For small cultivators and commercial operations worldwide. The experience behind their premium products comes from years of studies and research, combined with practical experience which brings reliable products where you and your plants can rely on. From small cultivators to commercial operations worldwide Bionova is available all around the world with a certified product range. They provide extremely concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, from small cultivators to commercial operations worldwide with their dedicated service and knowledge. Better environment and better harvest Bionova cares about the environment and future of our planet by being completely CO² neutral. It’s an innovative company, improving their products constantly and developing new products like VEGANICS, the organic vegan fertilizer free of animal ingredients. Their minerals are food-grade Do you want the highest yield? Silution is highly concentrated 1:5000

or natural and organic. So it’s 100% pure, premium quality, made in ­Holland. Certified and registered, meeting medical demands. Most cost-effective fertilizers in the world? Main goal of Bionova is to provide the most cost-effective fertilizer in the world. They supply maximum concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, as no cultivator benefits from low concentrated fertilizers because these are high in costs. Curious to see which quantities you need for your ­operation, and which costs will be involved? Send an e-mail to call +31(0)416 65 00 82 or visit their webshop Do you want XL flowers? X-cel is highly concentrated 1:1000 bionovanutrients bionovanutrients




t able and plan The most st ld! or w e th in a available silic

The only bio-stabilized silicic acid enriched with world class fulv ic acid! pH the as id Guaranteed ac a silicate is below 1,0, it’s NOT Highly effici ent in usage, because of a high conc IN SI DE entration

Mono silicic acid  Crops have higher resistance against stress. • Stronger cell walls. • Better defence against plant infections and pests. • Thicker trunks and branches with more and shorter internodes. • Plants are more able to support weight on their branches. • Higher dry weight content of the end product.

Boron  ensures the right cell division and formation of new plant’s organs. Zinc  precursor in the auxins production. Auxins are plant natural growth hormones and the lack of this limits the development of shoots, roots flowers and fruits. Fulvic acid  We use the best quality fulvic acid in the world in our Silution to make this Silica nutrient the best plant available silica in the world!


eld quantity increases yi Significantly d crop te of any trea and quality

Hormone household of the crop is actively stimulated by the combination of am

INPUT: Organic EU


ino acids

More dry weight of the end-product


NPK 1-0-0


Organic extr acts stimulat e the metab in particular olism, the photosyn thesis and consequent ly the formin g of carboh ydrates

Various vitamins and amino acids  hormone household is actively stimulated.

oxygen, quickens the root and

Natural organic plant based extracts  increases the crop’s physiological activity being quickly mineralized and absorbed by plants.

Bacteria  to increase and unlock more available nutrients.

Kelp and humic acids  increases the chlorophyll development and more root-hair development, improving the absorption of

cell development and the transport of ions.

Natural trace elements  function as additional feeding source. Enzymes  speed up any chemical reaction.

THE ARIZE® FACTOR ML900: LIGHTING A SUSTAINABLE PATH TO PROFIT With 130+ years of lighting innovation under its belt, GE Current, a Daintree company introduces the Arize® Factor ML900, a new high-intensity, high-efficiency LED fixture designed specifically to help cannabis growers maximise productivity and optimise cost of ownership. The Factor ML900 is available in a 2-bar array, with a PPF output of up to 1741µmol/s and a choice of five tailored lighting spectra, with 0-10V dimming to support optimal plant growth at every stage. The Factor portfolio also offers market-leading efficacy of up to 2.8µmol/J promoting higher yields with lower energy bills to maximise the profits from every harvest. Thanks to Current’s patented 140-degree angle of light dispersion, fewer fixtures are needed to cover a wider growing area, reducing up-front installation costs and ongoing energy consumption across the operation. Or find us on Social:

For complete peace of mind, Current backs the Factor ML900’s 50,000 hour lifespan to L90, with a market-leading five-year warranty, letting growers focus on their crops, not their equipment. For more information on the new Arize Factor ML900 as well as Current’s complete range of horticultural lighting solutions, from HPS to LED, please visit



Terra Aquatica’s flagship product AquaFarm has changed its name and is now solar powered.

The CultiMate® range of products are ideal for all plants whatever their size is. Solar version!

The famous AquaFarm/WaterFarm hydroponic system is now marketed as CultiMate®.

This stand-alone solar system allows you to grow plants hydroponically wherever you wish, i.e., on balconies with no external power supply or in a remote area of your garden.

Its over 30-year success story is tied to its performance, reliability and ease of use. Still made in France from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic (lifetime guarantee), this extremely strong and long-lasting unit contains an anti-UV barrier for root protection.

Equipped with a high-performance solar panel, it works even in weak sunlight. Find more information about the CultiMate® versions S (WaterFarm) • L( AquaFarm) • Aero (AeroFarm) • Solar on 15

MR. HIDE EXTRACTS® ROSIN PRESS Introducing the new Mr. Hide extracts® Rosin extraction press, a device entirely designed and developed in Europe, and manufactured according to the quality and safety standards required by the European Union. It comes in two versions with working pressures of 10 and 20 metric tonnes exerted by means of an independent hydraulic pump, with a lightweight yet compact and robust design capable of withstanding these pressures. Its 16 x 12 cm thermal plates allow two meshes to be processed at the same time, thus reducing working time.

easily, the Mr. Hide Extracts® Rosin press is also safe, as this system does not require flammable solvents that may cause injuries and are also hazardous to the environment. In just a few minutes the product is ready to be stored and/ or consumed without requiring a subsequent purging process.

It has a very low power consumption of 700W per plate with a maximum temperature of 300ºC.

Its great versatility allows excellent results to be obtained with different types of material to be processed, such as fresh or dried flowers, dry extracts, bubble hash... Each material will require a specific type of mesh, pressure time and temperature.

Two digital displays allow users to control the temperature and heating time of both plates, which makes extraction easier and ensures maximum performance. In addition to extracting resins quickly and

In order to obtain a higher extraction yield, the press can be fitted with the Mr. Hide Extracts® pre-pressing mould to compact the meshes and allow uniform pressure and heat over their entire surface, as well as to avoid mesh breakage. For more information on this and other products, please visit our website 16
















INFO@DELTA9ANALYTICS.NL +31 (0) 85 06 054 58



The Must-Have THC & CBD Tester for Breeders, Growers and Shops! The Purpl PRO allows you to conduct limitless THC and CBD tests accurately and super fast!⁣ The compact device uses the same technology used in the pharmaceutical industry, where accuracy is of prime importance! ⁣ The Purpl PRO connects easily to a user’s smartphone and instantly creates a robust potency testing system , with lab-accurate results in under 10 seconds! Contact us to learn more about this game changing testing device or go to our Cannalytic webshop to claim your discount! (limited supply)


The Mineral and Bio StarterKit contains everything you need to grow a great crop on 1 square meter. It’s the perfect combination of products for a grower who wants to try out the Green House Feeding Mineral or Bio Line. Scan this QR code for more information. 18


The PAX 3 Complete Kit vaporizer, with 10 years warranty, uses the latest vaporization technology designed for use of dry herbs and concentrates, whatever your preference is. It heats up gently without burning the contents, releasing active ingredients as a smokeless vapour. The insulated air circuit offers a very smooth vaporization for a greater flavour, either dry herb or concentrate. You’re guaranteed sleek design, great performance, and a suite of new and classic features. You’ve got a wide assortment of new colours to choose from.

combustion point for a smooth and flavourful experience every time. With intuitive gesture control and lip sensing technology to manage and optimize heat and vapour production, your PAX 3 vaporizer heats up when senses your lips and cools down when it separates. It will serve to provide the best vaping experience, optimizing material consumption. Equipped with haptic feedback, gentle vibrations notify you when your PAX vaporizer has reached the desired vaporizing temperature, along with a custom LED interface that communicates real-time settings to you 4 temperature pre-sets for varying flavour and vapour combinations will able you to customize your PAX experience. Through the app, you can control the temperature according to your needs, tailoring the vape experience to your tastes. The free PAX® app offers a wide range of settings and features to control various vaporizer settings.

PAX vaporizers use conduction heating offering high performance in as little as 22 seconds, producing a fast-vaporizing experience thanks to a long battery life. It preserves the materials and keeps them below the 19

GREENGO KING SIZE SLIM you to have an environment-friendly and green smoke: 100% unbleached, 100% Chemical-Free and the packaging is made of FSC-approved paper. The adhesive lickand-stick edge is made of 100% Arabic gum and you will find the trademark Greengo embossing in the paper as well. Specifications 100% Unbleached 100% Chemical Free 100% Arabic Gum Dimensions of rolling papers: 110 x 44 mm Thickness of rolling papers: 14 gr/m2 Number of packs per display: 50 Number of papers per pack: 33 Awards: Highlife European Product Awards 2011

Greengo King Size Slim Greengo was created for those who want to have an environment-friendly and ‘’green’’ joint. The brand has created a line of unbleached and sustainable papers. The Greengo King Size Slim is the most popular rolling paper in their line-up. It was the first Greengo rolling paper to hit the market.

Dutch Leaf

In 2011, just one year after releasing the rolling papers, the Greengo King Size Slim won the High Life European Product Award. Ten years later, the Greengo King Size Slim is a true classic that has endured the change of times.

Valkenjachtstraat 17-19, 5042 WH Tilburg The Netherlands T: +31 (0) 13 57 22 959 @greengoproducts

The Greengo King Size Slim is a good example of a sustainable product. The papers allow 20

C-RESULT C-Result is a natural booster, accelerator, amplifier and problem solver for plants. C-Result searches all fertilisers elements in your substrate (soil, mapito, cocos, aquaand hydro systems etc.) and transport them to the roots of your plants (fertiliser courier). Your plants will not be short of anything what results in: * More yield and shorten the flowering phase by 1 week. * Works as a growth accelerator for cuttings / seedlings and vitalizes mother plants. * Prevents problems and solves problems (yellow plants turn green again, repairs bad flowers / fruits, vitalizes plants after insect and fungal pests). C-Result only needs to be given once a month. Healthy Plants: first week of veg and fourth week of Flower (when the first flowers appear). In case of stress, leaf problems and after insect pest: apply immediately. Mother plants: add once a month.

Also check out our newest product: C-Result A&B. All-in-one fertiliser with the 12 essential elements including Silicic Acid, Root Stimulator, Enzymes, PK, Sugar Booster, CalMag, Irrigation Cleaner and C-Result (Patented Nutrient Transporter). C.Result Holland BV Tolhuisweg 12 6071RG Swalmen The Netherlands 0031649794270 21

TABLE OF CONTENTS Company Page Addi pure


G-systems ( smart Grow)


Bio Nova


hortiONE 7

C result


Hortitec 23

Delta9 17

Mr Hide

Dutch Leaf

MZ12X 5

Dutch Trimming Companie


Pasquini e bini




Emerald 11

Pax 19

Fridge Grow


RQS 10

Gecurrent 14

Tecoponic 9

GHSC Trading

Terra Aquatica




Editions: Discover Publisher BV Address: Galvaniweg 11, 5482 TN Schijndel, The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 (0)73 5498112 Website: E-mail: No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher or the copyright owners of the material. The pu-blisher declines all responsibility for the contents and opinions contoained in the advertisments. The publisher does not accept any responsibility for contents that do not originate from the editorial office. 22

GALAXY PRO LED 1000W SYSTEM uniform footprint of light over the plant canopy. Different PPFD output levels can be selected for accurate dynamic control of PPFD at every stage of cultivation. Whether you are growing cannabis plants, food plants or plants for ornamental purposes, the Solux Galaxy Pro LED System allows you to optimise your growing space and obtain the highest yield from your crops while maximising quality.

Galaxy Pro LED System is a high-performance, full-cycle lighting solution for professional horticulture, which adapts light intensity to the changing needs of your plants during their growth and flowering cycles.

Features • Efficiency: 2.7 µM/j • PPFD: 2560 µM/s • Light distribution: 120º • Input voltage: 100-277V,347V • Different rack mounting options • Suitable for lighting all types of vertical grow racks and grow tables • Precise and uniform footprint of light over the plant canopy • An indoor lighting solution for all growers wishing to improve the efficiency of their lighting system and maximise the quantity and quality of their crops

The Solux Galaxy Pro LED System has an actuator that can be mounted on a side frame or wall to avoid direct contact with the lighting system. The advantage of having a separate actuator is that the system does not heat up and retains its full efficiency. In addition, the light fitting is much lighter. It was designed as the lightest LED system on the market for professional growers to apply advanced growing practices with high Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) together with sophisticated CO2 supplementation. It also uses premium quality Samsung LED chips.

Company Details Hortitec – Leaders in distribution C/ Aiguaders, 4 (Pol. Ind. de Cotes) 46680 Algemesí (Valencia) [+34] 96 242 63 70

The Galaxy LED system can illuminate all types of vertical grow racks and grow tables through a range of mounting options, with a precise, 23

ADDIPURE is a complete product line for the extraction of plant materials to produce ultra-pure essential oils. Swiss quality since 2014.

Swiss Quality







9.9 9 % P U










We are committed to designing and producing Europe’s best equipment for plant-material extraction to gain pure essential oil extracts. The ADDIPURE PEO extraction line is designed to efficiently and easily obtain the pure extract.

9 .3 9 % P U


Three layer PEO filter system guarantees highest purity In order to obtain a very pure extract, ADDITEQ has developed the innovative Three layer PEO filter system. The patented white PEO extraction filter is embedded between a coarse-mesh and fine-mesh stainless steel filter. The white PEO extraction filter must be replaced after one to two extractions.

Become an ADDIPURE reseller and get more info. Please visit our website

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