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Christa Melnyk Hines

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the Quarantine Blues

Transitioning from the anticipation of carefree, springtime days to a quarantined family routine is challenging for everyone, but necessary for the health of our community. Use this time to be intentional and unite your family! Here are some ideas. Hold a family cooking competition.

Team up and challenge each other to make an impressive dinner or lunch item. Stipulate what foods have to be included in the creation. The winning team gets to choose dessert. Find fun seasonal recipes at www.sandiegofamily .com/things-to-do/dining-and-recipes.


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Have a hot chocolate party. Create a DIY hot chocolate station featuring marshmallows, candy sprinkles and whipped cream. Cozy up with a kidfriendly movie and enjoy!

Start a project. Start a project that kids can look forward to working on a little bit each day, such as a jigsaw puzzle, model airplane or craft project.

Reminisce. Gather photos everyone took during a recent vacation or event, and help the kids create a digital slideshow or photo book to share with family and friends. Or print copies of the photos and let kids make their own scrapbook. Reflect on the best parts of your family’s time together. Send good cheer. Encourage kids to

write letters to loved ones about favorite activities or draw a picture that depicts something they like doing. Then help them mail it.

Craft an art party. Have a colorful

art party with the family. Gather art supplies like paint, textured paper,

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