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Tracy Real

15-Minute STEAM

Photo by Dale Stokes


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Now that everyone has more time at home with the kids than they know what to do with, engage in STEAM! Short, easy activities entertain kids while they make unique discoveries. With a few low-cost supplies and minimal directions, young scientists are engaged and challenged with these fun ideas.

Science Float or Sink Game Gather several small items such as balls, toothpicks, small toys, pinecones, rocks and leaves. Make predictions about which items will float and which will sink. Fill a large bowl with water so kids can compare two items at a time and record their findings.

Leaf Rubbing

tubes. Set tubes at different angles to observe varying speeds. As an added challenge, connect tubes to make the tunnels longer.

Toothpick Engineering Add a toothpick to the center of gumdrop candies (or mini marshmallows) and connect them to each other to create threedimensional edible structures that span in all directions.

Paper Airplanes Kids become young engineers when they make and fly paper airplanes. Alter nose shape, design and add paperclip weights, then compete to see which ones fly the farthest.


Paper Jewelry

Have young scientists gather crayons, markers, paper and leaves in various sizes (that are already on the ground). Place leaves under paper and lightly color in the same direction over the surface. Kids will be surprised to see leaf skeletons appear. Make vegetation creatures by drawing facial features and body parts.

Create wearable art using scissors, string, yarn, glue, and colored recycled papers such as old greeting cards and magazine pages. Make beads by cutting paper into long narrow strips, rolling them tightly and securing with glue. String beads into a unique bracelet or necklace.


Card games teach kids addition, subtraction and multiplication. War is a popular game, but there are many other fun, challenging games to play with a regular deck of cards. Find great ideas at www.weareteachers.com/mathcard-games. v

Photos and Videos Take photos and film a short video (try slow-motion and time-relapse) and have fun editing them in different ways. Take photos while doing activities listed here and add them to a science journal.

Engineering Paper Towel Tunnels Collect paper clips, marbles and small toy cars and compete to see which items roll fastest through paper towel


Card Games

Tracy Real is a credentialed school counselor who teaches daily STEAM activities to local elementary students. Find more great DIY science projects at www.sandiegofamily.com/for-thekids/family-science.

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