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Publisher’s Letter

Our San Diego


What are your tips for quarantining at home with the kids?

“Hunkering Down” in April What an interesting time—normally we are

making big plans for Easter, but instead parents are scrambling to navigate school closures and coronavirus. For the first time in the history of Family Magazine, we have no calendar of events this month, in light of the CDC’s recommendation to limit exposure to others. Our advertisers are getting creative about how to serve the public. Be sure to check individual websites for updated information. Support as many local businesses as possible. As you’re spending time at home with the kids, take time to think about summer camp planning. Look over the camp/ summer program advertisers in this issue and be sure to “visit” our Virtual Camp Fair together, launching April 15. Look on page 26 for ideas to keep our earth healthy. One of the ideas is composting. I “vermicompost” with a worm garden. I started several years ago to prevent throwing away fruit and vegetable scraps. I placed dirt in two plastic bins with lids, along with red worms, which eat the scraps and produce worm castings. I freeze scraps in a bag, which I defrost weekly to feed the worms. They don’t eat citrus, but love banana peels. It is a beneficial fertilizer for our garden and helps the landfill. Visit www.sandiegofamily.com for fun, practical ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Have a happy Easter! Find great ideas to celebrate on April 12 (crafts, recipes and more) at www.sandiegofamily.com.


Main Office: 1475 Sixth Avenue, Fifth Floor, San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: 619-685-6970 Fax: 619-685-6978 E-mail: family@SanDiegoFamily.com Mission Statement To enhance the quality of life for San Diego County families by providing information and resources that support the importance and pleasure of parenting.

12 • SanDiegofamily.com • April 2020

Anne Malinoski, contributing writer We’re taking a virtual tour of the British Museum at https:// britishmuseum .withgoogle.com. My kids love ancient Egypt, so we’re focusing on artifacts related to mummies and pharaohs. Each item in the collection is featured with a photograph, audio explanation and links to related objects. Lisa Gipson, managing editor My older kids are only spending time with a couple of friends; and visitors have to wash hands upon entering the house. We’re encouraging them to look for ways to help members of our community in need. Cherie Gough, freelance writer Take care of yourself, Moms. The app “Breathe” has lots of free mediations to help remain calm, even if you only have a minute—and even if mediatation isn’t your thing.

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San Diego Family April Spring Issue 2020