Färgkarta Grått

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grey DK: Af tryktekniske årsager kan nuance­ afvigelser forekomme.

NO: Av tryktekniske årsaker kan fargeavvik forekomme.

Akzo Nobel Deco A/S Holmbladsgade 70 2300 København S

Akzo Nobel Coatings AS Fløisbonnveien 6 Postboks 565, 1411 Kolbotn

Tel. 32 69 80 00 www.sadolin.dk

Tel. 66 81 94 00 www.sadolin.no

SE: Av trycktekniska skäl kan färgavvikelser förekomma.

FI: Värit tässä esitteessä ovat painettuja, joten värieroja saattaa esiintyä.

Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings AB 205 17 Malmö

Akzo Nobel Coatings Oy Valimotie 22 01510 Vantaa

Tel. 040-35 50 00 www.sadolin.se

P. 0108 419 500 www.sadolin.fi


SAP nr. 6083277

7 391306 170096

Winter Bird SA1017

Casual Grace SA1018

Touch Of Grey SA1019

Neutral Light SA1020

Silver Tree SA1021

Fog Grey SA1022

Silverlawn SA1023

Grey Loop SA1024

Vibrant Grey SA1025

Sensual Wind SA1026

Great Grey SA1027

Stormy Sound SA1028

Smokey SA1029

Shade SA1030

Solid Secret SA1031

Midnight Hour SA1032

grey Grey transcends fashion and trends, and is synonymous with timeless elegance, effortless beauty and quiet confidence. It is the bricks and mortar of the colour chart, as solid and cool as concrete and a shade that has no need to scream or shout about its brilliance. It just is, and it’s here to stay. Soft yet defined, grey can bring a whisper of authentic style to a space without overwhelming it. Its neutrality affords it the flexibility to be combined with practically any other colour, and even balance the use of a gregarious orange, vibrant green or zesty yellow with ease. Beyond its endless mix-andmatch potential, grey also has the capacity to make us feel calm, stable and extremely happy.