Färgkarta Brunt

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brown DK: Af tryktekniske årsager kan nuance­ afvigelser forekomme.

NO: Av tryktekniske årsaker kan fargeavvik forekomme.

Akzo Nobel Deco A/S Holmbladsgade 70 2300 København S

Akzo Nobel Coatings AS Fløisbonnveien 6 Postboks 565, 1411 Kolbotn

Tel. 32 69 80 00 www.sadolin.dk

Tel. 66 81 94 00 www.sadolin.no

SE: Av trycktekniska skäl kan färgavvikelser förekomma.

FI: Värit tässä esitteessä ovat painettuja, joten värieroja saattaa esiintyä.

Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings AB 205 17 Malmö

Akzo Nobel Coatings Oy Valimotie 22 01510 Vantaa

Tel. 040-35 50 00 www.sadolin.se

P. 0108 419 500 www.sadolin.fi


SAP nr. 6083276

7 391306 170102

Adorable Shell SA1033

Tingling Sand SA1034

Driftstone SA1035

Country Beige SA1036

Coastline SA1037

Gently Beige SA1038

Calm Brown SA1039

Earthy Brown SA1040

Nutria SA1041

Brown Arrow SA1042

Faithful tree SA1043

Grounding Brown SA1044

Slate Brown SA1045

Brown Crush SA1046

brown Brown has come a long way since its original heyday in the 1970s. With tones of warm yellow and red, it is a colour that perfectly expresses our passion, respect and regard for nature and the environment in the 21st Century. As enigmatic as a sunset over the Grand Canyon, as commanding as the colourful cliffs that stand guard along rolling coastlines and as strong as ancient trees that stand tall and proud in forests across the world, brown is earthy, rich and grounding. From subdued hues right through to the more dominant tones, brown can add a sense of comfort, intimacy and luxury to a room. Gently authoritative, it also boasts the ability to make us feel secure, comfortable and as cosy as any colour can.

Rich Brown SA1047

Silhouette SA1048