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Sunday 12 January Prayer Wheels, Printing and Sacred Manuscripts

An illustrated talk by Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones describing how digital technology is being used to reassemble Tibet’s sha�ered past. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 3pm Tickets £6 on the door

Sunday 19 January A Selection of Musical Remedies

Jazz composi�ons by Andrew Morris inspired by the Bach Flower Remedies. Performed by Theo Jobst (saxophones) Sam Powell (bass) & Andrew Morris (piano) Assembly Rooms Presteigne 3pm Tickets £10 on the door

Saturday 8 February The Brass Funkeys

Club Night with cabaret seating & space to dance The Brass Funkeys are based on a New Orleans style marching band. Boas�ng a set up of sousaphone, trombones, trumpets, saxophone and percussion they play a range of music including funk, jazz, reggae, metal, and of course Dixie. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 8pm Tickets £8 from No. 46 Wine Bar, Presteigne & www.wego�

Friday 21 February Huntley Archive Film : World War 1

2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. This was the first war where the public demanded to know what was happening to the men and film was one way the story came home. The difficulty for the film historian is sor�ng the fact from the fic�on, a blurred line that didn’t trouble people so much then, but now we want to know the truth. Amanda Huntley, using Herefordshire based Huntley Archive film, looks at the evidence. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 8pm Tickets £6 on the door

Sunday 2 March

Friday 4 April

John Hymas and Jeremy Fisher

Curtis Ellers American Circus

John Hymas (violin and viola) and Jeremy Fisher (piano) play a programme which includes Brahms, Bri�en and César Frank. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 3pm Tickets £10 on the door, includes tea & cake

Club Night with cabaret seating & space to dance

Saturday 15 March Northanger Abbey by Box Tale Soup

This version of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey has been created and adapted en�rely by the company. With the appearance of beau�ful paper puppets and handmade costumes and props, this produc�on stretches the imagina�on and brings out every last drop of Austen’s wit, playfulness and humour. You could have heard a pin drop: the audience was hanging on every word and character, and the strange thing about the puppets is how completely real they become -Joanna Lumley Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 8pm Tickets £8 from No. 46 Wine Bar, Presteigne and on the door

Friday 21 March Memorials of a Quiet Life

A dual portrait of the painters, Ann and Graham Arnold by Barrie Gavin (2013)

40 years ago the Arnolds decided to abandon the metropolitan world and move to a remote countryside, where they could work uninterrupted by the pursuit of fashion and success. In this film they reminisce about their first encounters with art, the discovery of like-minded ar�sts and the independent world they have created for themselves. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 8pm Dona�ons to MBA on the door, thanks to Barrie Gavin & the Arnolds

An excellent and highly intriguing banjo-playing singer/songwriter, based in New York City, Cur�s Eller has successfully brought a variety of influences to his unorthodox folk-rock vision. His work has an old�me feel, drawing on influences from the ‘20s, ‘30s, and ‘40s plus a modern perspec�ve and a healthy dose of rock & roll energy. Many of the lyrics deal with American poli�cs. Assembly Rooms,Presteigne 8pm Tickets £10 No. 46 Wine Bar, Presteigne & www.wego�

Sunday 13 April The Land where Lemons Grow

a new book by Helena Attlee In an a�ernoon lecture devised especially for MBA Helena will explore the curious story of citrus in Italy. Through a combina�on of travel, history, recipes, hor�culture and art, she will lead us on a unique and rich journey through li�le-known aspects of Italy’s cultural, moral and poli�cal past. There will be signed books for sale and citrus recipes to taste. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 3pm £6 on the door

Sunday 27 April Composers’s Concert

Local composers John Hymas, Camilla Saunders and Nicholas Benda present an a�ernoon of their own new and original music. They will be joined by other local musicians in what promises to be an interes�ng and varied concert. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 3pm £8 on the door

MBA spring 2014 programme English  

Events at the Assembly Rooms Presteigne spring 2014

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