Rocky Mountain Bride Volume V

Page 154

Ashley + Mitch jackson, wyoming

After two and a half years of dating, Mitch knew he wanted to make Ashley his wife. On a trip to his hometown of Orange, Australia, Mitch mentioned needing to do a little farm work before heading to a winery for sunset drinks. While Ashley wasn’t too excited about the prospect of doing manual labor in a sundress and white sneakers, she was still happy to help! After tagging old logs and other things at the farm, Mitch said they could be done if Ashley tagged just one more log. Ashley sprinted down to tag the log and ran back, but Mitch insisted she re-tag it in the middle. Begrudgingly she went back to the log, and that is when she spotted the words “Marry me, Ash?” etched into the log. As she turned around, Mitch was down on one knee asking her to be his wife, and Ashley of course said, “Yes!” The pair planned a Western glam wedding for July 6th.

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