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real wedding

Tess + Kade

megan robinson

salt lake city

Tess and Kade met through both of their best friends who were dating each other. Their best friends were convinced that Tess and Kade would be the perfect match. However, neither of them ever acted on it - until New Year’s Eve, where Tess and Kade felt a spark and ended the night with their first kiss at midnight! After that night, they just came together, effortlessly and instantly in love. After dating for a while, Tess and her family took a humanitarian trip to Nepal for two weeks. The day she got back home, Kade was waiting for her. Although Tess was exhausted from her travels, she agreed to go out to dinner with Kade. For dessert, the couple stopped at one of Tess’ favorite bakeries, Sweet Tooth Fairy. As they got to the front counter, Kade asked if they had any sprinkle cupcakes in the back. Tess doubted it as it’s her number one sweet, and she has mapped out every sprinkle cupcake in the Western U.S. To her surprise, the woman pulled out a whole box! Kade opened up the box to reveal the cupcakes that spelled out, “Marry Me?” He got down on one knee and asked Tess to be his wife. The pair planned a floral-inspired celebration on August 5th in Salt Lake City with all of their loved ones.


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