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RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging


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Cover image. ©Teva Cosic

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Introduction The images displayed here are compelling, beautiful and disturbing. They prompt us to see significance in a moment and allow us to interpret time captured, as we filter the photographer’s intent through our own perceptions. For the graduating students, this exhibition is the result of two years’ hard work and is testament to the strength of their vision, technique and creativity. For our teachers, each year’s exhibition builds on the legacy of the one before, cementing the reputation of Photo Imaging as an exciting and dynamic program and RMIT as the place to train as a professional photographer. It has been a particularly exciting year for Photo Imaging. Our studios have been rebuilt and these new facilities are supporting a growing number of collaborative projects that span programs, schools and sectors. These projects, involving students and staff, reflect the shifting and permeable nature of employment in the creative industries and our new online studio classes allow students to develop the skills needed to work collaboratively anywhere in the world. The distinctive nature of VE supports the development and delivery of one and two-year qualifications with a concentration on technical skills that allows students to develop a level of excellence in a comparatively short space of time. This excellence is clearly evident in this exhibition. The Photo Imaging programs epitomise the ethos of vocational education – a tight three-way relationship between students, industry and teachers, creating a community of practice, that leads students directly into the professional networks that are essential to the success of anyone working in the creative industries. This exhibition will spark debate, challenge accepted points of view and linger in people’s memories. I would like to congratulate the 2015 Photo Imaging graduates, acknowledge their teachers and thank the industry that has supported them. CLARE RENNER DEPUTY DEAN VE, SCHOOL OF MEDIA & COMMUNICATION RMIT UNIVERSITY

Han (Jessica) Cao is a Melbourne-based photographer from China. She completed a masters degree in Japan, then worked in a major Japanese trading company as a sales representative for four years. While traveling around Japan and later, traveling more extensively abroad, she realised her passion for photography. She moved to Melbourne to undertake the Diploma of Photo Imaging at RMIT University. During the diploma she discovered a real interest in fashion and beauty photography. After graduating she would like to gain as much experience as possible to assist established photographers and work within other creative fields.


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Brett Clarke, a former concreter, is forging a new career in an industry that utilises his creative and artistic flair. While traveling overseas, he discovered his desire to pursue a life as a fashion photographer. Brett’s final folio, Twisted Dreams, is based on capturing the ‘dream state’ of 10 models that have been influenced by consuming the cactus peyote. The images are weirdly warped following the effects of the hallucinogen mescaline. In 2016 Brett intends to gain skills working as a photographic assistant – initially in Melbourne and in-time overseas.

Brett Clarke +61 400 341 201 INSTAGRAM.COM/BANANACLARKE

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Ruth Clifford has always been a creative person, but did not seriously pursue her interest in photography until she joined a photography club while completing her Bachelor of Arts. Old botanical books inspired her final folio, A Study of Flowers. Ruth has drawn on her love of nature, floral art, colour and design to create a visual study of flowers. She has also referenced her previous studies of anthropology and sociology by researching the historical context of the flowers. In 2016 Ruth hopes to assist with other projects and to work on her own projects.


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Teva Cosic has always held a strong passion for all things creative with a keen interest in the art of photography, especially the analogue process. Her final body of work is a personal reflection dealing with the effects of an altered state of mind as a result of epilepsy and epileptic dĂŠjĂ vu. Within the series she explores and experiments with the destruction and manipulation of images, both physically and digitally, to help convey a sense of fragility and brokenness. In 2016 Teva plans to pursue fine art portraiture and documentary style projects with the intention of living and working abroad.


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David ‘ded’ Edney is an emerging creative talent from Melbourne, Australia, specialising in unique still imagery. Inspired by geometry and form within both natural and man-made environments, David’s still-life series Unfold explores the concept of evolution through handcrafted cardboard sculptures. Upon completion of his studies, David plans to continue pushing creative boundaries and producing work that is both innovative and engaging.


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Anna Fiedler is a Melbourne-based photographer who aims to develop her interests towards the creative elements of the medium. Her work often moves seamlessly between documentary and fine art photography. Anna also shoots various projects for bands and artists, and these photos have been exhibited in a wide range of music publications, websites and social media.

Anna’s work documents the barriers we experience between our realities and illusions on each side of a window. Anna is fascinated by this recurring theme in her photographic series, as windows are often overlooked objects. Windows create a barrier that provides us with a safe space yet are still open to the world. Anna believes there are many interesting stories that can be found on either side of the actual, and metaphorical, window.

Keegan Gay is a Melbourne-based photographer. Spending his teenage years in the Middle East’s Abu Dhabi gave him a strange upbringing. The experience pushed him creatively and he found a need to document everything. Years later you’ll still find him with a point-and-shoot camera. For Keegan, photography is personal, shooting things that he finds interesting. This style can be seen in his final folio.


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Eliza Grostate has had a strong appreciation for design and colour from a young age. She has a background in Interior Design and employs elements of design and structure in her photographs. During the last few years her love for people and the human form led her down the path of photography. While studying at RMIT, Eliza has pushed herself to explore new genres and found a love of fashion portraiture along the way. Her final folio explores editorial fashion portraits on location. Each location is one that she has a deep love and appreciation for. ‘I was influenced by landscapes that we used to go to as children.’ In 2016 Eliza plans to take on assisting work to gain further knowledge of the industry, applying for internships and pursuing personal projects.


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Rhiannon Hampson-Froud is a Melbourne-based photographer who found her passion for photography through her experiences living in Europe, Asia and Australia. She realised that she needed to document the places and cultures that she has seen, and found a way to do this through architectural, facade and landscape photography. Rhiannon is interested in finding the forgotten beauty in everyday spaces

by working with shadows, geometry and people to capture moments in time that most are unaware of. Her work focuses on uniform nature and the interaction between human and structural environments. After completing the Diploma of Photo Imaging, Rhiannon aims to start with assisting work to further her skills and knowledge and continue building up her own personal work.

Marcus Hart has had a passion for skateboarding and photography since he was a very young teen. He loves nothing more than to capture skateboarding the way he sees it – as a lifestyle. The folio presented by Marcus is a skateboard documentary-based folio, highlighting skateboarders and their skills – whether cruising through a park or jumping down a flight of stairs. The aim of the portfolio is to depict portraits of individual skateboarders and the natural moments in their days, in and around the great city of Melbourne.


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Cassandra Hoy-Graham is a creative thinker who has found the one field that keeps her captivated: photography and imaging. She aspires to work in a studio – whether it be as an assistant, a photographer or a retoucher. She is certain that a career in this field will not only be rewarding through connecting with other creatives and like-minded people, but also rewarding within herself. The intelligence of technology keeps Cassandra keen to learn more, as she can then expand the knowledge that she exhibits in her own works. The ability to construct an image that can communicate anything you wish is something she likes to explore continually through use of compositing and retouching. Moving on from the Diploma year, she is planning to find people she can assist and learn from before establishing herself within the industry.


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Gabrielle (Gabi) Hughes has always had an artistic preference from a young age and turned to photography in her early teens. Through studying at RMIT, Gabi has felt at home in a studio environment, working on producing the perfect shot for product and still-life assignments. Gabi has enjoyed pushing the boundaries by manipulating her images in Photoshop. This is showcased in her final folio, which has led to an interest in retouching. In the coming years Gabi is hoping to gain more experience working as a retoucher and photographic assistant.


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Alice Hutchison’s unique approach to image making stems from her training in graphic design in combination with her practice as a fine artist. Drawing upon her extensive understanding of visual codes and signifiers, Alice’s latest portrait series Poster Boy, is an example of her ability to combine a complex conceptual framework with an eye for detail and execution. This series explores contemporary notions of masculinity and the role of the photographic medium itself in shaping culture. Alongside her art practice, Alice’s commercial freelance work continues to evolve, with a growing body of architectural photography including forthcoming publication of her work in Architecture Australia.


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Yaowalak (April) Jarmcharoen was raised on an island in southern Thailand and is currently settling in Melbourne. With the love she has for cameras, you can say creating photographs – from high-end fashion and beauty portraits to selfies – is one of her favourite things. April’s final folio presents a series of women’s beauty portraits inspired by Greek mythology in a dark dreamy-fantasy style. In 2016 April will continue to study photography in the Bachelor of Arts, and hopefully turn what she loves into a living.

Yaowalak (April) Jarmcharoen +61 411 691 433 PINAPRIL10@GMAIL.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/PINAPRIL

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A dreamer. A vintage soul. A hopeless romantic. Red lipstick advocate. (Wish)list maker. Yearning to return to Paris. Inspired by an ever-present sense of whimsy, riddled with nostalgia, and an inexplicable draw to bygone eras, Zahra Jaye’s final folio explores her adoration of mid-century fashion and culture. With particular attention to detail and styling, Zahra has strived to shoot this series as authentically as possible, using medium format film and era-appropriate props and posing, to enchant the viewer and transport them into a world of yesteryear and wonder. Her dreams for life after study include: traveling; living and working in Paris; and wearing original vintage dresses all day, every day.


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Born and raised in Melbourne, Jayden Knoblock is an emerging motor sports photographer. From a young age Jayden has had a passion for cars and motor sport, and grew up with both family and close friends racing. Although he has been surrounded by cars and motor sport from a young age, it was only recently he decided to combine this with his other hobby, photography, and pursue a career in the field.

When Jayden is not out on track shooting, he is creating commercial-style automotive work. Jayden hopes to eventually shoot for V8 Supercars or travel to the USA to shoot Formula Drift.

As a graphic designer, Eleanor Landford enjoys giving her art a practical commercial application. Her final folio series is a collection of high-end beauty and fashion advertising images inspired by the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her images show a diverse range of editorial styles and skills in both studio and location settings. Eleanor’s trademark of sophistication and elegance is consistent throughout her work. In 2016 Eleanor hopes to gain experience in studio, continuing to develop her personal and editorial folio. She hopes to one day become a valuable asset to the Australian creative industry.


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Nathan Lang is an emerging photographer with an interest in fashion, beauty and portraiture. From an early age he had a keen interest in visual arts and in late 2012 he began taking pictures. His discovery of photography has propelled him to pursue it as a career. Nathan’s final folio explores men’s fashion with subtle feminine undertones and dark influences. During 2015, Nathan has split his time between study and working as a studio and photographic assistant. Next year, Nathan will continue to build his portfolio while further developing as an assistant.

Nathan Lang +61 434 580 440 NATHANRYANLANG@HOTMAIL.COM

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Genevieve (Gen) Lucchesi was born and raised in Melbourne. After finishing high school and taking a year off, she decided to pursue photography and study at RMIT University. Gen always had a love for fashion photography and growing up in Melbourne inspired her. Gen’s final folio consists of a minimal, simple, clean fashion style, which was all shot in studio. In 2016 Gen hopes to continue her passion for fashion photography by shooting and collaborating with others in the industry, but also hopes to gain more knowledge by assisting.


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Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in the hope that you will. There’s a Hole in Reality through Which “We Can Look if We Wish” is Craig Martin’s latest jaunt in engaging the hearts and thoughts of an unsuspecting public. Hockney once said that photography was good ‘if you don’t mind looking at the world from the point of view of a paralyzed Cyclops – for a split second.’ Craig says, ‘Screw Hockney’ and implores you to keep your mind’s eye peeled.

Ordinarily a street photographer, Craig has spent the better part of 2015 experimenting with optical illusions and testing the limitations of the twodimensional image. He hopes you enjoy yourself.

Sandra Mateus initially studied Finance and was working within the music industry in the United Kingdom before arriving in Melbourne. Having always had an interest in art, she completed a Certificate III in Visual Art. This was the catalyst for a career change and her application to RMIT to study Photography. She enjoys showcasing the ordinary in an unusual way, sometimes with a humorous twist. Inspiration comes from the world around her and everything is considered. Upon completing the Diploma, Sandra intends to undertake further study. She plans to continue to develop her personal artistic projects whilst pursuing assisting work. At the present time she is interested in all avenues of photography and retouching.


/  43

Storm Moore was born in South Africa, raised in Perth and, after extensive traveling, decided to move to Melbourne to study at RMIT. Her travels have helped her see the world in a unique way and have sparked a fascination in learning about other people’s stories. This is where she drew her inspiration to create a magazine filled with women’s experiences in life. Storm aims to create a platform where people can share their stories, and that allows everyone to be more informed about the variety of journeys life presents us. Storm hopes her magazine will help create awareness and possibly help someone.


/  45

After leaving her marketing career in 2012, Emma Murray turned to photography as a way to explore her interest in human behaviour. In 2015 her documentary series Rebuilding Jay Knight was published in The Big Issue. This year Emma also spent two weeks abroad for RMIT documenting Optical Dispensing students working in Vietnam. Emma’s final folio, Human Family, is a book of environmental portraits exploring the lives of fourteen people within the theme of diversity. In 2016 Emma plans to pursue documentary projects, while continuing to assist photographers in Melbourne.


/  47

Paige Murrell grew up in a small country town near the Grampians and started her photographic journey shooting landscapes, the only thing there was to shoot. Eventually, though, she found her passion in photographing people. Inspired by personal interests, Paige began photographing burlesque performers, deciding to base her folio on them. This has led to her becoming a well-known and sought-after burlesque photographer in Melbourne. After completing the Diploma, Paige will continue at RMIT studying the Bachelor of Art (Photography), exploring new areas of portrait photography and retouching.


/  49


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Josh Pang is a photographer who was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Shanghai, and is now studying and practising photography in Melbourne, Australia. Throughout his life he has always been focused on business, and in his first two years of university he studied marketing and international business. This business background has shaped him in a very different way from other photography students.

To understand the industry, Josh started a photography business documenting weddings and other events. After two years of studying different fields of photography, Josh has decided to focus his final folio on still-life commercial photography.


/  53

Madeline Park has always had an interest in taking photos but never thought about doing it professionally. It is only in recent years she realised that this is something she wanted to do. Before completing her Diploma at RMIT she had never studied photography. Madeline’s final folio Men in Their Sheds is an environmental portrait series that shows a range of different men and the sheds they work in.

Originally from Sydney, Riccardo Raiti is an emerging fashion and beauty photographer. Prior to studying photography he worked as a graphic designer for 10 years in Australia and the United Kingdom. This experience has a strong influence on his photographic practice – communicating a message for a specific audience through in-depth conceptual development paired with contemporary design principles. Having a keen interest in people and fashion, along with his personal style and approach, Riccardo offers great commercial appeal. After graduating from RMIT Riccardo will continue being an assistant to gain further industry experience, before moving abroad to develop a more international understanding of the photographic industry.


/  55

Brian Rouxelin was born in Sydney, Australia, and after working in the architecture industry for over 10 years on commercial, retail and residential projects, his passion for architectural photography led him to photographic studies at RMIT University. Brian’s folio Urban Design in the Country compares a number of modern buildings located in Melbourne’s CBD and the vineyards in Yarra Glen designed for different environments by the same architect: for example, ACCA in Melbourne and Port Phillip Estate in Yarra Glen, designed by Wood Marsh. Brian’s images capture the essence of the buildings in Melbourne, along with the beauty of the buildings in the natural landscape of the Yarra Valley.


/  57

Tess Saunders has always appreciated colour in the ever-changing modern world, from boldly coloured fast food chains to the brightly coloured car washes on sides of highways. Although these spaces don’t feel particularly glamorous, Tess is able to see the beauty in them. In her final folio, Tess has photographed editorial fashion portraits in these places. She is fascinated with the beauty of the model and the clothes, in contrast to the every-day environment. Each location was chosen for its colour and uniqueness. In 2016 Tess plans to take on more assisting work to gain further knowledge of the industry, while also pursuing personal projects.

Tess Saunders +61 431 818 020 TESS-ROSE@LIVE.COM.AU INSTAGRAM.COM/_TARP__

/  59

Adam Savickas first started taking photographs at 15 in his hometown of Geelong, with a strong interest in skateboarding and landscape photography. Since beginning his studies at RMIT, his principal interests have been in studio portraiture, fashion and working as an assistant. Adam believes the hardest and most important aspect of photography is lighting. For him, the process of controlling lights in the studio creates not only an image but also a massive amount of personal joy. After graduating he will continue his work as a studio assistant with the goal of becoming an international commercial studio photographer.


/  61

Morgan Stoneham’s series titled Existence Is Suffering depicts the downfalls of mental illness in an extremely theatrical way. He has been inspired by Renaissance sculpture and Romanticism in painting. Morgan has also drawn inspiration from experiences he has witnessed firsthand, with the downward spiral of his brother’s mental state before he was incarcerated. This pain and helplessness is expressed and symbolised throughout this body of work. Morgan’s style is a dark take on fine art portraiture. In 2016 Morgan plans to become a photographer’s assistant, eventually opening his own studio specialising in fine art portraiture.


/  63

Joshua (Josh) Thame is an emerging Melbourne-based photographer with a background in writing. Whilst traveling throughout Europe, Josh realised his obsession with creating images that personally resonated with him. This obsession has been further enhanced at RMIT, as he has discovered a personal fascination with different lighting techniques, as well as portrait and documentary photography with a surreal twist. After RMIT, Josh plans to look for assisting opportunities and will travel abroad with a medium format camera in his hands.


/  65


/  67

Timothy Treasure picked up a camera in high school to pursue photography after discovering photography as a form of self-expression and a potential career. He found that what he knew, and the people he knew, were the key components of the direction he wanted for his work. Timothy discovered that he loved to photograph people – mainly in fashion, portraits, and as part of social and music events. This shaped Timothy as both a photographer and a young adult.

During his time at RMIT, Timothy has developed significant skills that are practical in his field.

Raised in inner-west Melbourne Felix Trinh used photography to explore personal concepts from an early age. Born with a mind for observation Felix captures human interactions in candid environmental narratives. With a developing interest in documentary photography, his series encompasses the diverse human collective of those who call Melbourne home. These environmental portraits capture individuals in their urban environment and are contextualised with accompanying stories. In 2016 he will pursue his documentary interests in Australia and the rest of the world.


/  69

Always an avid dreamer, Natasha (Tasha) Tylee photographs with a surrealist’s eye. Raised on a picturesque farm in New Zealand, her imagination roamed wild. Through study at The New Zealand Film and Television School Tasha became involved in the fashion industry working for FashionOne TV, The TrendSpotter and the ABC. In her two years at RMIT, Tasha has been published with the likes of her favourite photographers in 14 magazines worldwide. Her body of work Decimate explores her negative views towards the shift to fast fashion. Through the use of various destructive techniques, Tasha represents her love/hate relationship with the industry.


/  71

Xin (Bonnie) Yuan +61 452 371 717 BONNIEX1992@GMAIL.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/BONNIE_XYUAN

/  73

Xin (Bonnie) Yuan is a Chinese student photographer now studying at RMIT. Growing up in an artistic family, Bonnie fell in love with art at an early age. She studied different art forms for years, such as choreography, painting and drawing, but now focuses on photography. Throughout the two years of study at RMIT Bonnie has developed an interest in portrait, fashion and lifestyle photography. However, her main passion is street

documentary photography. Capturing life in a foreign country, different faces and unique lifestyles become special moments in Bonnie’s eye, which are reflected in her work. With a unique cultural background and broad understanding of art, Bonnie is a distinctive photographer.

Dan Zhou started photography in 2001. She was fortunate to be guided by her mentor, Luo Yongjin, in the art of photography. In 2013, at the age of 50, she was offered a place at RMIT to study Photo Imaging. Dan is a silent observer who captures the moments that touch her heart. She is able to see the subtle things in daily life that others may ignore. Through photography she expresses her innermost thoughts and she enjoys the process. Black-and-white documentary photography is her speciality. She loves using natural light to capture portraits, architecture and the constructed environment.


/  75

76  \

2014 Vietnam Study Tour At the completion of the course in November 2014, I was selected to be the official documentary photographer for an Environmental Science study tour. The two-week project was based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with 17 students from Engineering and Science Bachelor degrees. It was interesting to be so involved in a field of work that I otherwise wouldn’t have blinked an eye at. To see the student engagement in the subject matter throughout the trip made me feel just as connected to it. The students were split into three teams to conduct ground level research after much planning in Melbourne. They investigated municipal solid waste management in Ho Chi Minh City, shrimp aquaculture in the Mekong Delta and the environmental impacts of craft villages in Vietnam.

For two weeks I was taken in as one of the students, being able to adapt and slip into the character when required and approach more sensitive places, which I think, is an important part of being a documentary photographer. This involved going to meetings with government officials to day trip excursions at wastemanagement facilities. This was as much of a learning opportunity for myself as it was for the students. There were days where I felt the pressure and that’s when my training and knowledge from the course really kicked in.

Students gather information during their group aquaculture excursion to a Shrimp farm in Cần Giờ

/  77

Morning commuters – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Trusting the process and knowing that some days would be more visually interesting for subject matter than others, but being ready and able to capture those split-second moments in time. For me, the tour was an invaluable experience and a fantastic opportunity to put my knowledge and skills into a real-world professional context. It was the perfect reassurance to follow my ambitions to become a documentary photographer and an incredible way to graduate the Photo Imaging course. YVETTE JEWELL

78  \

2015 Shanghai Study Tour MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER – FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER

Successful AsiaBound 2015 Application, Department of Education – submitted by RMIT University TAFE/VE. Ten students applied for the AsiaBound Grant of $2,000 each. Apartment towers standing sentry against a murky sky. Unexpected pastel accents – peach and aqua, creamy yellow and soft green. The blistering paint on the wall of a repurposed eighty-year-old factory. A startling spray of graffiti. This is Shanghai, seen through the eyes of RMIT’s visiting photographers. Shanghai: where life is lived on, in, the streets. Tear your eyes from the buildings and discover small vignettes at every turn. A handful of brilliant green vegetables

© Eddie Javier

nested in a strainer in a concrete sink, just visible through an open doorway. A scooter rider paused momentarily in traffic as you cross the road. A glowering stallholder isolated behind his mysterious stock as you wend through a market. On the one hand, the 2015 Photo Imaging Shanghai Study Tour seemed to come down to a lot of time trying to fit a dozen people on a narrow footpath, weaving without mishap through cyclists, street stalls and pedestrians; or lounging around dumpling shop tables trying to decipher menus while mastering the art of pouring a Tsingtao on a spinning Lazy Susan; or painstakingly following the colour-coded arrows through a bustling Metro station. On the other hand, there were rapt hours in galleries, museums, studios and camera shops.

/  79

© Xin (Bonnie) Yuan

The chance to shift constantly between commerce and art, between things observed in reality and then captured, processed, as photographs, was – pardon a hackneyed but apt expression – an eye-opener. For many of the touring photographers, this became a chance to reconnect deeply with the passion that first drew them to photography, and to surprise themselves with where rekindled enthusiasms could lead. And all this was accompanied by constant talk. It wasn’t just about photography, though an awful lot of it was. There were also impressions and observations to swap, understandings drawn out through conversation and comparison. Those things that were different to home were noted, considered carefully, rethought as we grew more familiar with this fascinating place, its challenging weather, its sounds and smells, and its distinctive daily rhythms. Shanghai’s tangled history of East-meetsWest created constant talking points, and we were lucky to have one-time Shanghai residents with us, in Dan and Josh, and

to be able to spend time with recent graduate David, now returned to Shanghai to live. Crucial to this experience was a collaboration with design students from East China Normal University. Teams of Australian and Chinese students working together – across language barriers and disciplinary boundaries – to create beautiful magazine covers for niche fashion magazines. Shared apprehension gave way to shared excitement, then shared confusion. But understanding emerged, enough to work together and solve the problems that arose (Missing equipment? No-show models? Vague briefs? All sorted). As a teacher, it was thrilling to see so much diverse learning within this intensive, immersive ten days. I came away astonished at the skill and commitment of the students, impressed by their ability to work hard and fast, but also by their discipline to watch and wander. To wonder and to wait. STEPHANIE HOLT

80  \

Capturing New Academic Street The New Academic Street will transform the heart of the city campus by creating new facilities that will enable RMIT to deliver better services to students. As a Work Integrated Learning project, the Diploma of Photo Imaging students were set the task of capturing this transformation by taking photos of the buildings before construction commenced, during the works as well as photographing the completed areas. This year, the New Academic Street project delivered RMIT Connect, which is the new home for student administration and student support in Building 8. In Semester 1, 2016, a new student and social space will open in Building 10. The old lecture stack from levels 9 to 13 will be transformed into modern, light-filled student spaces with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Bowen Street.

© Luke Donegan

A carefully planned construction program (completion scheduled for 2017) will upgrade facilities that really matter to students – the Swanston library, collaboration spaces and food options – to improve life on campus. The New Academic Street project provides a strong foundation for delivering an ever-improving student experience at RMIT’s flagship City campus. THE NEW ACADEMIC STREET TEAM

/  81

RMIT Photo Imaging 2014–2015 Graduate In Residence Exhibition The RMIT Photo Imaging Graduate in Residence program is the result of a successful partnership between RMIT and the photography industry, providing the opportunity for a 12-month residency to graduates of the Diploma of Photo Imaging. Applications for the residency are assessed by industry on the quality of concept, design and the potential for application in learning and teaching. Successful applicants are given access to facilities, support from teachers and mentoring from industry. In return, they demonstrate their work, give lectures and share their practice with current students. At the conclusion of the residence, graduates hold a sponsored exhibition, celebrating the success of this program and the work of the recipients. The 2014–2015 Graduates in Residence were Mike Read and Kayzar Bhathawalla. Further to this, at the 2014 End of Year Exhibition, with generous support from

Fitzroy Stretches, 2014 graduate Adrian Grasso, was awarded a prize for printing and framing of a new project. This work was presented alongside our residence exhibition. We sincerely thank the 2014–2015 selection panel; John Gollings, Zoe Watts, Bryan Gracey, Patrick Redmond and Saville Coble for offering their time and expertise in considering last year’s proposals and selecting the recipients of this award. This exhibition would not exist without the generous support of our industry sponsors. We acknowledge and offer sincere thanks to Fitzroy Stretches, CPL Digital and RMIT for their dedication and support. Finally, we congratulate Lucy Aulich and Lillie Thompson, the 2015-2016 Graduate in Residence recipients.

(Front Row L–R) Clare Renner, Jessie DiBlasi, David Johns, Bryan Gracey (Back Row L–R) Mike Read, Kayzar Bhathawalla, Michael Falkland, Rob Gale and Adrian Grasso. © Emma Murray

82  \

RMIT Photo Imaging 2014–2015 Graduate In Residence Exhibition

Mike Read Boundless Plains 2014 For many asylum seekers and refugees Cisarua, a mountain town two hours outside of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is a temporary stopping point as they await the smugglers call, that a boat is ready to take them to Australia. With the boats stopped however, a layover of a few weeks or months becomes a stay of many years. Away from family and friends, unable to work and with limited money, boredom and loneliness become pervasive as their lives are put on hold. For some, the green of the tropical landscape of Cisarua acts as a sign of renewal and new beginnings; however, for others from more arid climates, it is a permanent reminder of their displacement and just how far they are from home.

Artist Bio

Mike Read is a photographer with an interest in migration stories, currently working on a series about the real-life impact of the Abbott Government’s ‘Stop The Boats’ policy on asylum seekers in Indonesia. Read has exhibited his work throughout Australia, including a solo show at Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, as well as collecting a number of awards including the Pool Grant and the editorial category of Capture Magazine’s Emerging Photographer of the Year, along with being a finalist in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. MIKEREADPHOTOGRAPHY.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/MIKE_READ_

/  83

Kayzar Bhathawalla

Artist Bio

‘3 children’s stories // 9 brilliant characters // 200g of imagination // a dash of crazy’.

Entertainment & fashion photographer, retoucher, graphic designer and part-time superhero.*

Childhood is filled with wonder and amazement. An influx of sensory stimuli and experiences help the brain build new pathways, fuelling the imagination, pushing towards the exciting and the extraordinary.

Kayzar was born in rural NSW and spent most of his childhood there. When Kayzar was a teenager he moved to The Big Smoke (Melbourne). Here he did all the usual teenage things; went to school; did some performing arts (music and theatre); studied some creative stuff at RMIT (Diploma of Photo Imaging); and now he does creative stuff for a living. Kayzar put his passion for the performing arts and his desire to create images into a blender, and poured out an illustrative and narrative style (with bonus outbursts of song, complete with jazz hands). *not actually a superhero

Curiouser & Curiouser, Pure Imagination & To Infinity and Beyond are triptychs of the characters from three amazing stories that have fascinated and sparked the imagination of children (and more than a few adults) for generations.


84  \

RMIT Photo Imaging 2014–2015 Graduate In Residence Exhibition

Adrian Grasso

Artist Bio

Workstation is a collection of staged images, taking a look into some environments of particular professions.

Adrian Grasso is a Melbourne based photographer and assistant. Having recently completed the Diploma of Photo Imaging at RMIT, Adrian is just beginning to find his way into the industry.

Props and colours have been selected to create a character and mood for each image. Ideas and inspiration have been gathered from TV and film, fellow artists and people-watching. The tongue in cheek and meticulous nature of these images reflect Adrian more so than the character.

Freedom, fun and imagination. These are the reasons Adrian creates images. Gathering inspiration from fellow artists, television, film and people-watching, Adrian tells stories of characters that reflect him more so than the subject. ADRIANGRASSO.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/ADRIAN_GRASSO

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Study Photo Imaging at RMIT VE (Vocational Education) The Certificate IV in Photo Imaging and the Diploma of Photo Imaging are one year, full-time programs.

Why study photography at RMIT VE Photo Imaging? This is a hands on, practical and contemporary program with a strong commercial and industry focus, where you can build a career in professional photography. The program is widely regarded by industry as producing some of the highest quality photography graduates in Australia. You will work with professional, committed staff and students to produce a series of folios covering a wide range of disciplines. Graduates from the program are industry ready and able to work in the many sectors of the photographic industry as emerging photographers, photographic assistants and digital retouchers. Our alumni and students have won multiple photographic awards including a few shortlisted in the Moran Photographic Prize, a recent winner of a national $10,000 ‘Pool’ grant for documentary photography and the 2013 National Portrait Prize winner. RMIT VE has also proved to be a successful pathway to the RMIT Bachelor Degree program.

What will I be studying here in the VE program? During the course of your study you will work in varied styles and genres of photography, expanding your ideas, your creative vision and your technical skills to a very high level. These will include image capture (studio and location), digital manipulation, high-end output and photo theory. You will also produce documentary videos, study graphic and online design and publish your own book. The disciplines of photography that are covered during your course of study include commercial, fashion, photojournalism, architecture, advertising, industrial and fine art photography. For further information:

Selection Officer or Program Administrator Tel. 03 9925 4815 Email:

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Student + Alumni Awards Current Students

Matt Houston

Party Like You’re 45! TEDS 45th Birthday comp (Winner)

Adam Savickas

Untitled 2015 Fremantle International Portrait Prize (Longlist-finalist)

Luke Donegan

Shannon 2015 Top Designs, Melbourne Museum Media Photography Folio

Nguyen Dang

Depraved Tears Canon Light Awards (June) – Student Division (3rd Place)

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Valentina Perez

Kerry Pryor

The Justice-Karekare Family 2015 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize (Semi-finalist)

Janelle Low

Self portrait – from the series Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed Nothing- 2015 Head On Portrait Prize (Finalist)

Folio prize Guy Vinciguerra Fellowship (Huston Foto Festival Folio review) 2015 recipient

Janelle Low

Sez & Sarah – from the series Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed Nothing- 2015 Lens Culture Portrait Award (Finalist)

Cecilia Baker

Frida 2015 Head Portrait Prize 2015 (Semi-finalist)

Mike Read

2015 Perth Centre for Photography - Iris Award (for new and outstanding portraiture) (Winner) 2015 Moonee Valley City Council - Incinerator Art Award (art for social change) (Finalist)

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Graduate Profiles Deanna Neuzerling (GRADUATED 2011)

Relocating from Perth to Melbourne, I joined the Photo Imaging program as a mature age student in 2010. I had an affinity for Photoshop and was looking for formal instruction and a qualification that included photo retouching. RMIT’s Photo Imaging Diploma stood out from other photography courses, with a strong commercial and technical focus, real industry connections and a nurturing class environment.

Photographer: Sam Penninger Retouching: Deanna Neuzerling

After building a folio of composited images, I won the best Illustrative and Commercial categories at our grad show in 2011. In the year after graduating I was able to use the connections I had built during the course to find freelance retouching work. Since then I’ve held a regular position in a Melbourne studio as their senior retoucher. I collaborate with excellent fashion photographers and am looking to branch out into advertising projects in the future. DEE@DEANNANEUZERLING.COM

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Chris Bagot (GRADUATED, 2012)

The RMIT Photo Imaging program was the best thing that could have happened to me. Sounds like a cliched way to start but it’s the only way I can describe my time at RMIT. I finished school, deferred my tertiary courses and went surfing around my home on the Mornington Peninsula. Realising my friends were amazing talents in the water (and much better than me), I purchased a Canon 40D and and underwater housing to document our times. That led to various published print imagery nationwide, and when I walked into my interview with Rob Gale and Guy Little with a stack of magazines with sticky notes on the pages I was featured, I knew this was the right place for me. The environment provided by the lecturers and staff propels you into creative thought and practical ideas.

The amount of time and effort they individually placed in my learning and development I am still thankful for. Graduating in 2012, I began assisting during my coursework and I managed to find a great balance between completing all my tasks at RMIT and maintaining an industry presence in Melbourne, allowing me not to have part-time jobs or lag time between graduation and work outside RMIT. I assisted through 2013-2014 around Australia and abroad, and shot various lifestyle and commercial jobs. I now live in Venice Beach, California, shooting more than ever for various Australian and American clients. I wouldn’t be in the USA working if it wasn’t for RMIT. I can’t thank the lecturers and RMIT enough for all they have taught me in my time, and am proud to tell people on set that I graduated out of this program. CHRISBAGOT.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/BAGOC

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Graduate Profiles Prue Aja Steedman (GRADUATED, 2013)

Previous to studying at RMIT I worked in the fashion industry as an editorial and advertising fashion stylist in Sydney and London for nearly a decade. I applied to RMIT for its reputation and high standards of practical and creative lecturers, and moved interstate to attend. During my studies I assisted in a variety of areas with a keen focus on architectural photography. Towards the end of my studies I found my strength and deep passion to lie in fashion and portraiture. I found the lecturers all have their individual strengths in different areas that gave me the opportunity to develop a variety of skills in production through to post-editing, retouching and printing. The peers and friends I made from RMIT have become lifelong friends whom I share and refer work and are invaluable in my career. Since graduating I now focus my attention on working with entrepreneurial and leading women in business, adapting my fashion background with my portrait photography to create stylish empowering portraits for women. I’m also passionate about working with heart-centered businesses that make and create locally, or sustainably and ethically, to develop their online marketing and sales visual content.

My achievements have been published in entrepreneurial magazines and online publications such as Renegade Collective, I Am Woman, Engaging Women, Extraordinary Routines, Cool People Cool Things and Frankie Magazine. PRUEAJA.COM

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Michelle Jarni (GRADUATED 2010)

After graduating in 2010, through connections I had made at RMIT (ahem, Rob), I was offered a position at CPL Digital, a professional photographic lab. This opportunity led to many others and I was lucky to be part of a great team and work in an environment that allowed me to network with other photographers. Later, this led me to work as a sessional teacher for the Process to Print unit within the Photo Imaging course. Though teaching only takes up a small part of my week, I feel privileged to be able to return the mentorship that was offered to me during my time at RMIT. Outside of teaching, I run my own business with a focus on food, lifestyle and event photography. Most of my work is published online and I’m a regular contributor to The Urban List, and Curium magazine.

Apart from photography, another part of my business involves film making. This was a passion introduced to me by the Photo Imaging course. The video class changed the way I approached making images and inspired me to add another element to my story telling. Last year, after a successful crowd funding campaign, I found myself traveling to India to shoot a documentary about Indian families. This project was a collaboration between myself and another alumnus from the course. To make this dream a reality, many of the supporters were my colleagues and fellow classmates from RMIT. The friendships that I formed there are long lasting, deeply supportive and are important in an industry that is fiercely competitive. MICHELLEJARNI.COM

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Short Courses in Photography at RMIT School of Media and Communication Learn the art of photography, further develop your photographic skills and build a standout portfolio by enrolling in one of our short courses in 2016. Introduction to Photography Technical and Aesthetic – Level 1 Introduction to Photography Technical and Aesthetic – Level 2


People and Portrait Photography

Bryce Dunkley has operated a professional photography studio for more than 25 years with extensive experience in portrait, wedding and commercial photography. He has photographed and published three top-selling books about Victoria’s picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Bryce is engaged as an official photographer for the Victoria Racing Club that includes a detailed brief for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Bryce is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), has won awards for his photography and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.

Contemporary Travel Photography with Cam Cope Photojournalism Food Photography Photoshop Introduction The Fundamental Elements for Digital Photography Photoshop Advanced Specialist Techniques for Digital Photography Courses are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Also keep an eye on our website for new photography courses in 2016. For further information and enrolments please call +61 3 9925 8111 or visit

Introduction to Photography

Bryce is also a highly qualified teacher. He has established and taught numerous short courses in photography at RMIT. His latest coffee table book, The Great Ocean Road, Sea Breeze and Surf has just been released. BRYCEDUNKLEY.COM IDESPUBLISHING.COM

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Short Course Student Work

Michael Borzillo (Intro to Photography, Level 1)

Tiffany Garvie (People and Portrait)

Jamie Dale (People and Portrait)

Philip Boorman (Intro to Photography, Level 2)

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Thank You The graduating students would like to offer their thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance of many different people, both throughout the two years of our studies and during the last months in making this exhibition possible.


Alianna Morada Anita Zuscak Bek Stephens Belinda King Cindy Yu Eevie La Volpe Geogia Batty Heidi Muller Holly Harnwell Hong To Julia Van Der Laan Kelly Thrum Kirsty MacLachlan Liana Milne Liv Zak Mei Zhang Rachel Mclean Sophie Lang Vanessa Barney Wanda Waller Winnie Wu


Adelaide Everheart Ainslie Adams Alex Batir Alice Tanzer-Wilde Amber Maree Amy Brown Andrew Lutomski Angelique Toy Annamarie Hope

Badra Hariadi Beau Stump Bella DeJac Bella Vioulgaris Bella Webb Blake Van Leeuwen Brett Clarke Carmelle Clara Cupcakes Corey Leso David Galea Dean Oughtred Domino De Jour Eevie La Volpe Eleanor Landford Elijah Bik Ella Cosic Elloise Mae Foster Eloise W Emily Benck Emma Burnside Eqxelle Evans Erin Higham Erin Wood Eva Las Vegas Evelyn Ounsworth Felicity Rozic Gab Grech Garrett (London) Gen Lucchesi Georgia Grace Honey B. Goode Indiah Makeham

Irene Wang James Taylor Jess Thame Jojo (London) Josh Hodge June Sanders Junior Pene Kane Takos Karina Watts Kelly Ryan Lachlan Hall Lance Pattison Laney Callaghan Laura Andric Liana Milne Louise Russell Lucky Dip Ludivine Grosjean Luis Herrera Maddy Edmond Matthew Grundy Matthew Zukowski Mia McgorlickAppelman Michelle Kenrick Mikaela Jade Schreuder Mikey Barber Monique Stal Nicole Chin Nussy Pink Minx Polina Liu

Rachelle Xuereb Rebecca Bentley Ricka Juliana Ruby Hatfeild Ruby Mackenzie Sasha Nassrallah Scott English Seyi Olorunnife Shannon Burke Teva Cosic Thea Adamson Theo Jaspers Thomas Foley Tyler Curry Xander Woollard Xavier Fennell Yaowalak (April) Jarmcharoen


Aaron Rizzatti Ada Heng Alex Stevens Bess Smith Bethani Ridley Brett Clarke Campbell Walker Carryn Bertram Daniel Hassett Dave Parsons David Edney Deshia Yulian Eleanor Landford

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Eliza Grostate Emily Guy Emma Murray Emma Versteegan Felix Trinh James Hill Jesse Penpraze Jonny Squires Joshua Pang Kate Satori Kayla Nagy Madeline Park Marie Eon Michael Riddick Miss Jane Doe Morgan Stoneham Nguyen Dang Nick Deheer Nick Taylor Riccardo Raiti Romy Lawson Rosemary Rossi Sam Glen-Smith Scott English SD Sunthang Sebastion Roper Teva Cosic Tim Carrucan Tom Versteegan Trevor Berridge Xavier Fennell Yaowalak (April) Jarmcharoen


Madeleine Askew J’aime Cardillo Angel Corso Genevieve Byers Nalini Haynes Simon McInerney Chontelle Morrison Tess Neugebauer Marissa Paine Prarthana Sharma Jennifer Ireland

Meg Dunley Sonja Moore

Industry Thanks

CANON Paul Stewart Michelle Tuddenham Tony Steele Alan Brightman SUNSTUDIOS Andrew Miller Rod Shaw David Leyshon Erika Kelly BRONCOLOR Michel Caillet Urs Recher EPSON Bruce Williams KAYELL Robert Gatto Scott Squires CPL DIGITAL Bryan Gracey Darren Rokkor FITZROY STRETCHES Michael Falkland Jill Falkland David Johns PALMARIUM Peter Mornement Stefanie Boadle MICHAELS Peter Michael Cameron Levett Matt Gee Tom Kinkel Tony Menz IRWIN & MCLAREN Andrew Nunns

BLUE TREE STUDIOS Joseph Feil Saville Coble


TED’S Steve Mills

Sally Brownbill David Amos Rob Walker Sally Davey Dr Michael Coyne Rob Imhoff Jacqueline DiBlasi Stephen Dupont Matthew Cox Kerry Pryor Deanna Neuzerling Haley O’Connor Miriam Butcher Yvette Jewel Lillie Thompson Andrew Paranavitana Jack Thomson James Tan Alex Reinders Betty Pikoulas Chien-Yu Fang Chris Zerafa Adrian Grasso Emily Delphine Daniel Hassett Kenny Pittock Prue Aja Steedman Jaimi Chisholm Pollyanna Gibson Silvi Glattauer Tim Ainsworth Lucy Aulich Katie Crandon

NULAB Michael Warshall AIPP Randal Armstrong ACMP Brian Katzen BORGE’S IMAGING Borge Anderson Frances Sergi Borge Anderson Dan Colombo Kim Langdon HEARTFELT Gavin Blue Adrienne Gilligan SPECULAR Rory Shinners IMPACT DIGITAL Stuart Smith Heath Nankervis L1 STUDIOS Christian Blanchard Dean Drieberg NIKON Julie Kimpton Melissa O’Brien WAREHOUSE 100 STUDIO Jack Salzke Sean Hastings C.R. KENNEDY & COMPANY Damon Rulach


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Acknowledgements The 2015 RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging End of Year Exhibition celebrates the passion and creative endeavours of the students. The staff acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each student across their chosen discipline. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to the photo imaging teaching staff for their hard work and continued support: Eddie Javier, Rob Gale, Naomi Herzog, Guy Little, Bryce Dunkley, Jessie DiBlasi, James Maher and Johnathon Iliopoulos. The staff and students would also like to give thanks to our sessional team: Bill Burrows, Andrew Gash, Deborah Dorman, Rob Lawler, Janelle Low, Michelle Jarni, Alex Joseski, Todd Riddiford, Emma Woods, Arrayah Loynd and Peter McDonald. We thank them for their great support across the year. Sincere thanks for the valued contributions of our Professional Advisory Committee and to all the guest speakers and industry practitioners who generously gave their time and shared their stories and experiences with our students. We also extend thanks to the organisations and sponsors that foster and support the students throughout their studies and beyond. For the continued support and encouragement of collaborative projects within Photo Imaging, we would like to thank Sam Falanga from Visual Communication, Stephanie Holt, from Professional Writing and Editing, Swee Mak and the Design for Impact team and Kelly Bosman from the New Academic Street Project. Finally, the staff and students thank RMIT Management, in particular – Professor Dr. Martyn Hook, Clare Renner, Stephen Skok, Stephen Joyce and Laetitia Shand. We also thank the RMIT Administration team – Maya Khoury, Dalida Elias, Josiane Mueller, Adam Lovell, Raffaella Parlato and special thanks to Kim Wright for all of their support.


COPY EDITORS Samantha Kodila Chontelle Morrison Venita Munir Claire Sullivan

Sponsors Principal Sponsors

Exhibition Sponsors

RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging 2015 End of Year Exhibition RMIT Design Hub Building 100, Levels 8-9 Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets Carlton VIC 3053 November 24th – December 7th 2015 OPENING NIGHT Thursday 26th November 2015, 6pm – 9pm OPENING HOURS Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm Sat – Sun, 11am – 4pm


RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging – 2015 End of Year Exhibition  
RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging – 2015 End of Year Exhibition