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RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging


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Cover image. © Courtney Blythe

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Introduction It is with enormous pleasure that I write the opening words for this End of Year Exhibition catalogue for our students in the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. RMIT has a long and wonderfully rich history of providing and pioneering photography education. Indeed, photography training at RMIT is as old as the institution itself. As is now widely known, it was offered as one of the very first courses in 1887, the year the Working Men’s College actually opened. This means that RMIT offers the oldest photography program at the post-secondary level anywhere in the world. What is so enriching and always so thrilling about any event or exhibition by our Diploma students is the way they grasp the present and look to the future. Much has changed in photography over the past 30 years, let alone 130, but the visual skills involved in composition, in design, in challenging the limits of the technologies, and in capturing unique moments, are as essential today as when our students first set up their tripods in the late 19th century. I relish the prospect of an event run by the students and staff of Photo Imaging; it’s always so full of pictorial ideas, full of fresh ways of seeing the world, of noticing the marginal and the unseen, but also staging elaborate tableaux of still-lifes, figure compositions, and fabulous flights of fancy. Photography and photo imaging can so easily become little more than technical trickery, an obsession with gadgets and plug-ins, but as you will see in our students’ work, there are deep emotions that drive much of the work: a commitment to social justice, an environmental agenda that is pressing and urgent, and above all a fascination with people and place and a personal commitment to the power of the pictorial. ‘Photography’, wrote one well-known practitioner, ‘is not just about looking, it’s about feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures’. This is so true of the remarkable work produced by so many of our Photo Imaging students here at RMIT: not only do they create images that are immediately arresting to the eye, but they produce photographs that are moving and leave a resounding impact. I commend this exhibition to you; it will inspire and astonish you, maybe even shock and surprise, but I know the creativity of all our students, under the guidance of our outstanding teachers and technicians, will deeply impress you. PROFESSOR PAUL GOUGH PRO VICE-CHANCELLOR AND VICE-PRESIDENT COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND SOCIAL CONTEXT RMIT UNIVERSITY

After working for over 20 years as a cook in Canberra, Guy picked up his first camera just before getting ready for a holiday to Europe. From this trip he fell in love with photography and realised that this was his true calling in life. Taking a chance, Guy quit his job and took up an internship with a media outlet based in Europe. As much as he found satisfaction in creating for television, it was still images that he mostly enjoyed making. Returning to Australia, he enrolled in the Photo Imaging program at RMIT. Initially drawn to street and landscape photography, Guy discovered his true passion working in the studio. Collaborating with philanthropist and fashion designer Andy Troung, Guy’s final folio captures high-end fashion and evening wear. On graduation, he plans to open his own photographic studio.


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Damon found his passion for photography after taking it as an elective in high school. Over the past two years he has progressed his photographic skills, and hopes to combine his passion for photography and snowboarding to pursue a career in snow-based sports photography. His final folio is an exploration of Mt Hotham and the Victorian snowfields.


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Growing up, Courtney was always considered a creative soul. Reconnecting with her love for visual arts on a six-month backpacking trip, she was in an internet cafe in the middle of India when she decided to apply for the RMIT Photo Imaging program with images from her travels. Beginning the two-year course not knowing a shutter speed from an aperture, Courtney has grown both technically and creatively as a photographer and wishes to continue exploring the exciting direction that image making will lead her. Courtney developed her interest in photo documentary after completing her book project on local surf culture. Courtney is also drawn to portraiture, landscape, and lifestyle photography, with a strong focus on social and cultural influence. Her final folio of portraits explores the concept that every individual holds a unique balance of both feminine and masculine energies within them.


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Danielle is an emerging photographer based in Melbourne with a passion for all disciplines of photography. Formerly an award-winning tennis coach and sports scientist, Danielle is utilising her artistic flair to forge a new career. While taking a break, she discovered her passion to pursue a career in all genres of photography, which naturally led her to study at RMIT.

Moving forward in her career, Danielle intends to continue the Instafame project and work as a photographic assistant and freelance photographer, with the long-term goal of becoming an internationally renowned fine art photographer.

Danielle’s final folio, Instafame, investigates the intense pressure our quest for trophy images has on our landscapes, ecosystems and local communities, and the ways in which geo-tagging intensifies this. The interactive documentary combines video, landscape and environmental portraiture, as well as statistics and interviews. Instafame invites us to question: what responsibilities do photographers have to the places they shoot, and what’s really being produced in copycat Instagram images?


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Jinke is a freelance photographer who is interested in all aspects of photography. It was in 2003 that Jinke encountered photography for the first time, moving to Australia to study photography at RMIT. Initially, he gained experience documenting athletes, which provided the opportunity to capture portraits, landscapes and commercial products. In order to get a foothold in the commercial field, Jinke has further developed his skills by creating a commercial folio of cars, incorporating still images and video. After graduating, Jinke plans to start his own portrait studio while he continues to develop his creative practice in the Bachelor of Arts (Photography).

Jinke Chen +61 452 390 117 +86 137 358 017 73 896059854@QQ.COM

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Shanice’s interest in photography began in high school in 2015, where she first studied Studio Arts (Photography) and fell in love with the darkroom process. Her interest became a passion, so she set out to continue learning, further developing and refining her skills at RMIT. With a love for documentary portraiture, Shanice has produced black-and-white portraits of immigrants and international students along with the single object they most miss or connect to from their home country. Upon completing the Diploma, Shanice plans to continue learning and refining her skills through personal projects and photographic assisting.


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Jordan is a published photographer, retoucher and compositor based in Melbourne. He began developing an interest in photography and retouching through studying art, media and design in high school. This year Jordan discovered his passion for studio photography, and has decided to create a folio based on studio portraiture. He has combined this with his love for digital manipulation and created a series of surreal, animated beauty portraits. On finishing his studies at RMIT, Jordan plans on working as a freelance retoucher with aspirations to open his own studio.


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Rodney’s interest in photography is mainly based around portraiture and designing obscure concepts to shoot. Bold, moody, abstract, bizarre and sexy are all elements he likes to flirt with. He’d like to be known for his daring work. Rodney’s photography experience lies in events, entertainment, music, sport and fashion. After finishing the Diploma, he plans to keep shooting freelance, as well as further his art studies by taking on the Bachelor of Art (Photography). The day he gets flown into Burning Man in the Nevada desert by chopper to work a shoot is the day he’ll safely say he’s made it. Watch this space.


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Sam’s subject matter is the natural landscape. More specifically, he explores a need to seek out stillness and seclusion – spontaneously capturing these moments in time and the feelings they evoke. The light and textures hidden in plain sight tell a different story to the world around him. Raised in rural northern New South Wales, Sam was weary of the harsh Australian landscapes he was exposed to. Now he looks for them.


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Nathan was first introduced to the camera scene when he was 10 and has never looked back. Whether it was a school excursion or a function with his family, Nathan would be there with a camera in his hand. For his final folio, Nathan wanted to combine his love for the outdoors with his determination to enhance his blackand-white editing skills, and has created a series of illustrative images that reflect a theme of isolation. After completing the Diploma, Nathan intends to travel across the nation to document an extensive photographic collection of wildlife and the outdoors. He dreams of becoming a successful freelancer in the travel industry.


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Curtis’s formative years in a culturally eclectic eco-village instilled a deep appreciation of environmental diversity and an aptitude for creative solutions. A background in graphic design led Curtis into the skateboarding industry, where an interest in skate photography turned into a fascination with light in general. Curtis’s passion for photography lives in the space between authenticity and the surreal. By altering perspective and available light, he seeks to document varied subcultures with a unique perspective. In 2019, Curtis will continue to self-publish limited editions of his annual magazine on skate culture, and take on as much photographic and assisting work as possible to expand his craft while contributing to the industry.


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Gabrielle Jarell is an emerging photographer based in Coburg, Victoria. Originally from Adelaide in South Australia, she fostered her passion for photography in the outdoors. Gabrielle is enthusiastic about nature, travelling and collaborating with other creatives. Gabrielle utilises both analogue and digital photography to document destinations, animals, memories and people. Through the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging she has been able to cultivate a passion for portraiture. At the conclusion of her studies at RMIT, she will pursue a career in photojournalism.


/  25

Tiantian is an international student from China. She enjoys creating portraits of prominent characters. With a love of her country’s traditional culture, Tiantian decided to promote the traditional beauty of China through her final folio. Tiantian has also studied the techniques of makeup and styling to create illustrative images of her own creation. After graduating from the Diploma, Tiantian plans to start a small, traditional Chinese costume studio in Melbourne that will offer styling and photography services. She will also continue to build her folio of illustrative images of traditional Chinese costumes.

Tiantian Jiang +61 452 606 216 TIANTIAN90621@ICLOUD.COM

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Senmao has a business background, initially completing two years of a finance degree before deciding to become a photographer. Senmao is drawn to street photography, specifically classic blackand-white street photography, and his dream is to become a world-recognised street photographer. When he shoots, Senmao keeps in mind his teacher’s advice that street photography is the purest form of photography. Senmao seeks to capture people found within the shadow and light on the street. This is the challenge he enjoys the most.

Senmao Lin +61 415 530 267 SIMON77777LIN@GMAIL.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/1743L

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Dongchi is an international student from China who moved to Australia to study photography at RMIT. With an interest in architectural photography, he has created a folio that reflects the contrasting styles and details found in architecture in Australia and China. Following the Diploma, Dongchi will undertake the Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with the ultimate aim of a career in photojournalism and geo-architectural magazine work.

Dongchi Liu +61 451 840 612 JEREMYLIU135@GMAIL.COM

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Haoke was born in the ancient city of Zhuji, near Shanghai, which has a 4000-year-old history. Moving to Australia when he was 18 years old, Haoke enjoys creating portraits that are informed by elements of different cultures. Outside of photography, Haoke is a dog breeder. He has a passion for animals that makes him sensitive to observation and perception. This unique perspective has helped Haoke to hone his street photography skills. His contact with animals helps him understand the behaviour and movement of people within the environment. In the future, Haoke will use his photography skills to continue developing his style while also working with dogs and other animals.

Haoke Lou +61 426 688 956 YANNI.2008@QQ.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/HAOKE_LOU

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James is an emerging photographer born and raised in the inner city of Melbourne. Throughout James’s time at RMIT he has been exposed to a variety of photography styles. Over the past year, he has developed an interest in capturing environmental portraits of creatives. James’s folio documents ceramic artists in their studios around Melbourne. This project has given him the opportunity to capture the essence and personality of each individual and the passion drawn from their creative field. James will continue his folio project after completing his studies at RMIT. He has aspirations to publish a photobook of Melbourne-based ceramicists. He will also continue working as a photographic assistant to further develop and expand his skills.


/  35

Leah is an aspiring travel and landscape photographer based in Melbourne. Born and raised in Victoria, Leah found her love for photography in Year 11, when her high school teacher encouraged her to develop her photographic skills. In Leah’s final folio, she has returned to the landscape to capture unique details from locations around Victoria, including Point Lonsdale, Aireys Inlet and Queenscliff. Seeking abstract details found in the natural environment, Leah has created a blackand-white series drawing emotional influences from the natural environment.


/  37

Bianca is an emerging photographer based in Melbourne. Developing an interest for photography in high school, she has become passionate about fashion, beauty and illustrative photography. Her final folio allows her to use and develop her passion for colour, creativity and fashion. She has created a series that captures futuristic rave-party fashion and visions of technological advancements, with vivid sci-fi fantasy-inspired imagery. After study, Bianca will work as a photographic assistant in Melbourne and overseas, to gain valuable knowledge and skills to work as a professional commercial and fashion photographer in the future.


/  39

Billie Osadczuk is an emerging photographer who first developed her love for photography when she picked up her father’s camera at age six. Holding on to that passion and completing Studio Arts (Photography) in high school, she knew this was something she wanted to pursue. In her final year of Photo Imaging at RMIT, Billie has collaborated with a team of makeup artists and stylists to create a folio of illustrative portraits – an array of various looks that will stop people, prompting them to attempt to interpret the images. Upon graduating, Billie hopes to utilise her skills and excel even further by assisting photographers.


/  41

Born and raised in Melbourne, Ruby has a passion for photography that began in primary school, when she was introduced to film photography and darkroom processing. Through her studies at RMIT she has developed a passion for beauty, fashion and portrait photography. As a result of substantial collaborations with a dynamic team of professional makeup artists, assistants and models, Ruby has realised a particular vision for her final folio that incorporates her own sense of colour and style. On graduating, Ruby will use her photographic and beauty retouching skills to assist and work in the commercial industry.


/  43

Hendy is an Indonesian wedding and documentary photographer. At age 14, Hendy was given his first digital SLR camera as a birthday present from his parents, which sparked his passion for photography. After graduating from high school, Hendy and a friend started a wedding photography business in his home town. After finishing his studies at RMIT, Hendy plans to stay in Melbourne for a year to work as a photographic assistant before returning to Indonesia to run his wedding photography business and travel around Indonesia, creating personal documentary projects that capture the richness of Indonesian culture and heritage.


/  45

Nicole Squelch is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Melbourne. Nicole’s portfolio is inspired by photography that combines high-end fashion with soft, feminine touches, creating an alluring harmony between the gentleness of classic femininity and the drama of modern fashion. Through collaborating with creatives in the industry, Nicole has discovered her passion for working with driven and intuitive like-minded people, and developing strong working relationships with those who have similar creative visions. After graduation, Nicole will work as a freelance photographer and assistant while continuing to develop a strong Australian and international network. She will also work towards achieving her dream of curating her own fashion magazine.


/  47

Wynona is an emerging photographer based in Melbourne. She has always felt a strong adoration for photography and for the strong-willed, free-minded person that it takes to create such work. It was this thought that drove her to enrol in the Photo Imaging program at RMIT. Beauty and fashion are the two areas that Wynona most enjoys photographing, as it gives her the chance to collaborate with other like-minded creatives. As she gained more interest in beauty photography, Wynona has been able to develop her skills in the studio and as a retoucher. Wynona’s folio reflects her strengths: shooting in studio, photographing people and bringing together a creative team to construct what she envisions. She would like to combine her love of photography and books to create more photobooks in the future. While establishing her own photography practice, Wynona will continue to assist other photographers in the industry.


/  49

Matt is a cinematographer and photographer based in Melbourne, with a passion for storytelling and a particular eye for effective marketing and advertising. Since the young age of 15, Matt knew that the world of cinema and photography would change his life forever. After completing work experience at The Age newspaper in Year 10, he found himself studying at RMIT doing the only thing he could imagine: photography. While studying at RMIT, Matt has felt at home and gone on to learn about the moving image.

Moving on from the Diploma, Matt plans to continue to assist in the industry, working on as many film and commercial sets as possible to further his knowledge and contribute to the creative industry. Matt will assist throughout Australia for the short term before venturing overseas to see what opportunities may present themselves for the future.

Matt enjoys pushing himself across all media platforms. This is showcased in his final folio, which consists of three advertising campaigns ranging from video commercials and photographic advertisements to social media content.


/  51

Dafina is a emerging Melbourne-based commercial photographer. She has loved taking photos for as long as she can remember, but discovered her real passion for photography when she bought her first digital SLR at 15 years old. Since then, she has not been able to put her camera down. Dafina specialises in beauty, fashion and lifestyle photography. Dafina’s final folio is a series of commercial beauty images exploring the colour palettes of the seasons. During this creative process she collaborated with a team of models and hair and makeup artists to help realise her vision. After graduating, Dafina will continue to build her folio working with other creatives. She plans to extend her skills by assisting commercial photographers, gaining experience while contributing to the industry.

Dafina Trifunoski +61 421 227 999 INSTAGRAM.COM/DAFINA_JPEGS

/  53

Ellie is a Melbourne-based photographer who has a passion for fashion and beauty. An international student from China, she moved to Melbourne when she was 17 and her photographic journey began when her father gave her a digital SLR camera, her first. From taking street shots to experimenting with more advanced portrait images, Ellie started to improve her skills in photography, piece by piece, which led her to study the Photography and Photo Imaging program at RMIT. Having the opportunity to collaborate with stylists, makeup artists, designers and professional models set her on the path of fashion and beauty photography. After graduating, Ellie would like to continue to build her portfolio by actively collaborating with creative teams. She will also seek to gain experience within the industry by assisting other fashion photographers.

Meng (Ellie) Wang +61 412 388 094 WANGMOUREN5300@GMAIL.COM

/  55

Shuran is a freelance photographer whose interest in photography was sparked when she migrated to Australia. She likes to travel to new places and experience and document different cultures. Experiencing the confusion and contrast of cultural differences between Australia and China first hand led Shuran to develop her final folio. Her folio of still-life images creates humorous juxtapositions of cultural icons and items as a form of comparison between Australia and China. This project also represents herself, an Asian girl living in Australia. Moving forward, Shuran plans to continue her studies to further develop her photography skills.


/  57

Jack is a photographer who specialises primarily in theatre and performance, creating promotional images for shows as well as documentary images of rehearsals and performances. Jack collaborates with clients to create imagery that represents their shows with the aim to grab people’s attention. His documentary work is always direct and the images sit in line with the aesthetic of the performance. In his personal creative practice, two major artistic influences on Jack are painter John Brack and filmmaker David Lynch. He has used these artists as inspiration for his folio of images inspired by Australian suburbia and surrealism.

Jack Zapsalis +61 422 994 958 JACKZAPSALIS@GMAIL.COM

/  59

Karmen is an emerging fashion photographer currently based in Melbourne. After graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in 2013, she discovered her true passion for photography. Karmen bought her first camera and decided to develop her skills through the RMIT program. Throughout her time at RMIT, Karmen has developed a passion for beauty and fashion photography. Her final folio is an illustrative fashion series that compares 1920s and 2020s Chinese fashion. During the creation of her folio, Karmen has collaborated with a team of professional models and hair and makeup artists. After graduating Karmen will continue to build her folio, and pursue work in a photographic studio to gain more industry experience and expand her skills.


/  61

62  \

The Collide Project The Collide project is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) collaboration between a number of RMIT VE programs, working together to produce a media and entertainment industry event that is both a music concert and a television program. Students and staff from the School of Media and Communication and School of Art work together on a series of six events over six production days. The event is conducted in an industrystandard facility, and includes involvement from a number of industry professionals. These professionals liaise with the students throughout the production, guiding, instructing and giving real-time feedback using current production standards. This showcases the students’ abilities to work in an industry environment. In the last three years of production, numerous students have made industry contacts through this project that have led to direct placement with facilities such as ABC Television and Bakehouse Studios. The VE courses involved in the production are: – Music Industry (Sound Production) – Live Production and Technical Services – Photography and Photo Imaging – Screen and Media – Interactive Digital Media – Professional Writing and Editing

‘The Collide project allows us to observe our students at work as they interact with industry professionals, and allows us to supervise and assess their performance in their allocated role. This is work-integrated learning at its best.’ ELENA POPA RMIT SOUND PRODUCTION TEACHER The media and events training project was developed by Elena Popa, who teaches in the RMIT Sound Production program. For the past three years, the Collide project has been run in the Bakehouse Studios facility in Abbotsford, and called the Bakehouse Project. The end product was called The Gift. In 2017, the project won the ACEN Local Hero Award for Work Integrated Learning, as an ideal example of WIL training in action. In 2018, the teams relocated production to RMIT’s New Academic Street media precinct television studios. These broadcast-standard facilities provided an ideal venue for the six events, and allowed the production to showcase the university’s new facility in the context of a nationally recognised project. As a result, the project was renamed Collide to celebrate a new era in this benchmark production.

/  63

© Shanice Chen

© Darren Lee

Reflecting on the production theme, the new name represents the meeting and collaboration between the students in the various courses involved. The collision extends into the production itself, where two of Melbourne’s premiere artistic groups are brought together in a television concert production. Each group performs, and then comes together in a fusion of talents, ending the program with a unique recorded collaboration of Australia’s leading artists.

‘Incorporating the Collide project within the Diploma (Produce Media Photo Images) unit is a great opportunity for photography students to collaboratively work with and document the progressive scheduling of live production performances in an industry environment. As a WIL project, students are assessed on their ability to shoot, record and submit the required images.’

At the completion of each shoot, Diploma students completed the audio and video post production, and worked with Professional Writing and Editing and Interactive Digital Media students to showcase the production to the world. Photo documentation of production was undertaken by students in the Photography and Photo Imaging program.


© Shanice Chen

64  \

Martin Parr on His Career, Legacy and the Gift of Selfie Sticks In the middle of January, as a part of a small Melbourne tour with only two public talks, RMIT University, Melbourne Polytechnic and Swinburne University photography programs together were able to present a lecture with none other than the master of social commentary himself, Martin Parr. Coming into 2018, Martin has a busy year ahead of him with six ongoing projects, and having just opened a new building for his foundation in Bristol last year, he took to the podium to speak about his practices. The acclaimed British documentary photographer and former president

Š James Maher

of Magnum Photos opened by showing some of his older work and revealing how it came to be, through a genuine interest of what is in front of him, a smidge of humour, some amateur film and a ring flash. Having started his career with the series that gained him notoriety, exploring seaside resorts in the north-west of England, he moved on to document the middle classes down south, maintaining a comical juxtaposition of quintessential British society. Martin briefly mentioned some of his ongoing projects, including looking at beaches through telephoto lenses,

/  65

the Brexit process and his ongoing Autoportrait series. He spoke about the Martin Parr Foundation, established not only to ensure the preservation of his own work but also to promote documentary work on the British Isles. Speaking of his recent ident short film commissions for the BBC, and his main reason for being in Melbourne – to shoot audience members at the Australian Open – Parr acknowledged his privilege of having huge creative freedom within his commercial practice, citing such work as vital funding for the foundation. As the talk concluded, a Q&A session was facilitated where Parr admitted to having ‘P’ as his go-to setting on his camera, being unaware of which program his RAW images are processed in, and not going more than two days without interacting with a camera. To him, the first two are formalities that aren’t as important as the latter, which, combined with being acquainted with a subject, is what will define a photographer. The audience was also interested to find out who Parr’s favourite Australian photographer is, but reluctant to answer he stuck with claiming his Magnum colleague, Trent Parke. Before the end of the night, a penultimate question turned Parr’s practices against himself when a woman asked for a selfie with him, which was met with laughter from the audience and smiles from Parr himself.

© James Maher

With a sold-out venue and over 300 people in attendance, on what was one of the hottest days of the year so far, the talk cannot be seen as anything but a success, and RMIT would like to thank Martin again for passing on his knowledge to current and future generations of industry professionals. IGOR HILL, DIPLOMA STUDENT

66  \

Capturing The Capitol Theatre Refurbishment RMIT’s vision to restore the Capitol Theatre and transform it for future generations, by creating and rejuvenating the facilities to bring the arts back to students, is one of the most exciting projects our VE Photography and Photo Imaging students have ever been a part of. Since the renovation started in June 2018, students have been given access to document the demolition and construction and will continue to do so until its completion in February 2019.

© Danielle Borle

I’ve walked past the Capitol Theatre for years and not really known anything about it. I was very fortunate to be asked and given access to document the demolition and the resurrection of the site. I remember the first time I walked into the theatre: I was completely mesmerised by the size, architecture and history of the building. I sat in the main theatre space for over an hour, completely in awe of this incredibly beautiful and forgotten piece of Melbourne history. I’ve had the privilege to learn so much about the building and its history, exploring every inch of the space, crawling through the walls and the roof to discover it had a retractable roof. Igor (Hill) and I were the first to discover a signature, high in the stage space, signed ‘Fred Taylor and JK 1926’. The excitement of this project is that our images will be used as part of the history of the building that future generations will be able to look back on. DANIELLE (BORLE) WATSON

© Danielle Borle

/  67

World Education Congress and VE Photo Imaging Collaboration In October 2018, TAFE Directors Australia, and the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics came together in Melbourne for the World Congress. This three-day event focused on exploring current challenges in vocational and professional education and training – identifying issues arising from advances in technologies and automation, and the impact on work, societies and peoples who may be displaced due to changing economic and global circumstances. Hosted by Australian TAFEs, the congress brought together community colleges and polytechnics from around the world and experts in professional and vocational education and training. They explored the theme of ‘Preparing for the Skills Future, Now’ with the collective aim to create action-based solutions to make a difference to millions of vocational and professional students world wide.

‘The RMIT Photography and Photoimaging team have been nothing short of fantastic. The Congress has had a number of moving parts, important guests and last-minute changes, and even with all of this, we only had to turn our heads to find a photographer to take the right shot (or the photographer would already have taken the right shot without us noticing). The team was polite, responsive and also a bit of fun.

© Billie Osadczuk

© Mark Basmadgi

The quality of images has also been fantastic, and we have been able to access much-needed VIP shots shortly after they have been taken.’ JEN BAHEN DIRECTOR FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FOR TAFE DIRECTORS AUSTRALIA

68  \

World Education Congress and VE Photo Imaging Collaboration

© Gianluca Carretta

© Shuran Yang

RMIT Photography and Photo Imaging students were invited to capture the event. A combined team of 26 Certificate IV and Diploma students, led by Diploma students Danielle (Borle) Watson and Igor Hill, were collectively responsible for documenting, editing and distributing images, at times in real-time turn around, for the congress, stakeholders, local and international media.

‘Volunteering for the three days of the World Congress at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre with the RMIT Diploma and Certificate IV Photography students has been an amazing experience. I have learnt many things working alongside the students and have gained confidence taking photos in front of people. Personally, I also learnt about the fast-paced requirements of event photography thanks to the Diploma students who were teaching me on the job. Seeing how much organising goes into documenting a large event has been inspiring. Dani has been just great organising the photography and editing staff. I really admire the editing students who worked long hours in front of screens selecting and editing thousands of photos in real time.’ GIANLUCA CARRETTA CERTIFICATE IV STUDENT

/  69

Capturing New Academic Street, A Year On The New Academic Street (NAS) project saw RMIT Photography and Photo Imaging students document the threeyear transformation of the heart of the city campus. To promote the creation and launch of new facilities in 2018, in collaboration with RMIT Marketing, the Diploma students once again set out to visit the spaces and document students experiencing the new facilities.

‘The purpose of this task was to develop students’ skills in constructing a brief visual narrative and developing those skills through careful selection of images and negotiations with clients.’ ROB LAWLER DIPLOMA TEACHER

Like most aspects of photo imaging, a worthwhile photographic record requires careful planning to make a visual story work effectively, as well as the photographic ability to create appropriate images that meet the brief requirements. For this assignment, Diploma students documented images throughout the NAS precinct for RMIT marketing, publicity and promotional purposes.

© Nathan Harmer

© David Thai

70  \

The Photobook Project For the past four years, students have produced photojournalism books in RMIT’s Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging in collaboration with students from the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing (PWE). This gives students an exciting opportunity to work as a crossdisciplinary team. Each photography student creates a narrative photo essay in the style of the 1950s Life Magazine. Taking on the roles of traditional photojournalists, students follow their subjects, making images as unbiased observers and creating a story from what they documented. Across a three-month period, the students produced a selfpublished book. This included seeking out their subject and following the story,

developing the narrative storyline as it unfolded, and making relevant image selections to best convey that story. They also designed their books, along with drafting a written introduction and related captions. Bringing everything together, they prepared print-ready files for testing, through to their final book. The PWE editors helped to refine the project in various ways, assisting photographers with narrative development and writing as required and undertaking copyediting and proofreading.

© Rodney Favola Dylan Alcott and Arnold Schwarzenegger play wheelchair tennis on a court which set up by Tennis Australia at the annual Arnold Sports Festival.

/  71

© Curtis Hay Years of harsh chemicals left arsenic in the soil of this old leather tannery. It was abandoned back in the 70s until local skateboarders saw the opportunity to create a private playground.

‘The collaborative experience for the photography students gives them insight into both the methodology and the approach taken by writers and editors. This complements and refines the learning that takes place within the construction and development of longform narrative projects. This project provides the real-world experience of self publishing.’ JESSIE DIBLASI + ROBERT GALE DIPLOMA OF PHOTOGRAPHY + PHOTO IMAGING TEACHERS

‘Working not only collaboratively but across disciplines provides complex challenges for the editing students involved. Creativity, flexibility and patience are crucial. In responding to and supporting each photographer’s vision, the editors deepen their knowledge and understanding of the publishing process and diverse editorial roles.’ STEPHANIE HOLT + LIZ STEELE ADVANCED EDITING TEACHERS

72  \

The Photobook Project

© Anneliese Henjak Vanessa and Mat, the founders of Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, are part of a global movement of urban beekeeping, with a focus on sustainability, innovation and education to protect the future of bee populations for the benefit of all.

PWE student Laura Cavallo shared her experience of working with Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging student Anneliese Henjak. ‘Bees are skilled collaborators. Worker bees sent to scout for pollen-rich areas will return to the hive and perform a “waggle dance” for other bees. In this dance, they give flight directions to a food source by waggling their bodies and jumping in place. If other workers perform the same dance, verifying the food source and safety of the area, the hive will seek it out. The common goal and communication of a hive is the ideal in teamwork, and I was fortunate to learn more about these amazing creatures in my collaboration on the photobook, Pollination.

I worked with Anneliese Henjak, a skilled photojournalist whose curiosity and enthusiasm for the project made us a complementary team. Though we had a shared interest in the subject, the balance we quickly established is what made our collaboration work. I found that I couldn’t indulge restrictive perfectionist habits over specific details in wording or phrases, because her creative output was so prolific and always moving forward. Anneliese’s tendency towards longer sentences was balanced by my belief in “less is more”. But neither of us completely strayed from our habits, and the result was better for it. We had a common goal and communicated well, and that’s half the work in successful collaboration. The experience has shaped my entire approach to editing.’

/  73

Write it! Shoot it! Show it! Now in its third year, Write it! Shoot it! Show it! (WiSiSi) is an annual RMIT exhibition of collaborative, crossdisciplinary student work where students from Art, Media and Communication and Architecture and Urban Design celebrate their exceptional accomplishments. Showcasing the creative achievements of students from DSC’s vocational education schools, WiSiSi exhibits diverse projects ranging from photojournalism to animation, and combines innovative, conceptual thinking with sophisticated technical execution. The departments involved in these collaborations included: – Professional Writing and Editing – Photography and Photo Imaging – Visual Merchandising – Live Production and Technical Services – Screen and Media (TV Production) – Interactive Media

© Shuran Yang

VM + PI Collab For over a decade, RMIT’s Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging students have been teaming up with Visual Merchandising students to create stunning fashion photography of a professional standard. Visual Merchandising students plan and execute styling, while Photo Imaging students take care of the photography, lighting and post production.

Photobook Project

© Rob Gale

Students from RMIT’s Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging have joined forces with students from the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing to create the Photobook Project, a fantastic work of crossdisciplinary photojournalism. Taking inspiration from the golden age of Life Magazine, students created a series of

74  \

Write it! Shoot it! Show it!

© Manxue Liu

Image supplied

narrative photo-essays as unbiased observers, closely following their subject and weaving a story together through images.

Media). Post-it Note gives students the chance to learn the basic principles of animation, creating traditional frameby-frame animation. Shop Window sees students combining 2D characters with 3D backgrounds. Collaborative industry projects Loop de Loop and the Creation Album music clip provide students the opportunity to work collaboratively for an external client.

Triple Threat Games The Triple Threat Games project by students of the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive Media) brings together three areas of study: interactivity, game design and sound design. Working in teams, students spend several weeks developing concepts, then realising and testing their games. The focus is not only on game play and visual appeal but also sound design and critical analysis.

Animated Shorts Screening Enjoy the best of animated shorts by students of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive

The Cafe The Cafe is a project created by students of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting and shot in RMIT’s state-of-the-art media precinct by students of the Certificate IV in Screen and Media. The series explores the shared public spaces of cafes and restaurants where customers’ private lives are laid bare, serving up captivating stories that range from the everyday to the surreal.

/  75

Student + Alumni Awards Current Students Danielle (Borle) Watson 2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Student category)

2018 International Landscape Photographer of the Year (Winner) 2017 Epson International Pano Awards (Bronze)

Rodney Favola

Dylan Alcott 2018 Australian Photography Awards – Student category (Finalist)

76  \

Student + Alumni Awards

Current Students Philip Cerbu

2018 Australian Photography Awards – Student category – Portrait category – Documentary category (Honourable Mention)

Dongchi (Jeremy) Liu

2018 Australian Photography Awards – Student category (Honourable Mention)

/  77


Rosemary Rossi

The Barber 2017 Australian Photographer of the Year (Winner – Pro Photo of the Year)

Michael Borzillo

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Winner – Student category) (Overall runner-up – Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2018)

Will Rampling-Bauer Naomi Sykes

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Student category)

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Student category)

78  \

Student + Alumni Awards


Sam McElwee Nguyen Dang

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Art category)

2018 British Journal of Photography – Portrait of Britain Award (Winner)

Sarah Talaj

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Portrait category)

Chloe Stathopoulos

2018 Capture Magazine Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Finalist – Student category)

/  79

Graduate Profiles Nura Sheidaee (GRADUATED 2017)

As a mid-year student, I had a six-month gap between the Certificate IV and the Diploma course, and during that time I was fortunate to land an assisting job at Rufus & Cooper (R&C), a small e-commerce studio tucked away in heart of Richmond. What started off as a once-a-week gig quickly consumed my calendar. I juggled full-time work with a full-time course, something I couldn’t have managed without the support of all the teachers and R&C. Since my time at RMIT, I have now been named Senior Photographer at R&C as the studio expands and moves to a larger space in Hawthorn.

In my spare time, I try to find other projects that stimulate me and help me to grow and expand my portfolio. This year I worked at Melbourne Fashion Week, shot portraits of various musicians for LNWY magazine, and I also photographed the occasional wedding. I plan to start an independent project with the idea to use portraits to give back to my community. I was inspired in this by the subjects of the book that I created while at RMIT – these were people who led extremely busy lives, but always found time to give back. INSTAGRAM.COM/MELBOURNEMOUSE JOONDOCS.COM

80  \

Graduate Profiles

Brett Clarke (GRADUATED 2015)

Brett graduated in 2015, then in 2016 was part of the Graduate in Residence program at RMIT while photo assisting, until April 2018 when he moved to London to take the next step in his career in fashion and portrait photography. This has been the hardest and the best time of his life.

The most important part of being a student at RMIT for Brett was realising the importance of having a family within the industry, and that’s what this course gave him. Each step he’s taken since moving forward, he has always been part of a family that looks out for each other and moves forward together. Because of this, his progress has skyrocketed since moving to the UK. Within five months he was assisting some of the top fashion photographers in the world, while at the same time being able to shoot for magazines himself. Brett plans to continue on this path, always pushing boundaries and staying out of his comfort zone, because only then will you get what you haven’t had before. INSTAGRAM.COM/BANANAS_CLARKE

/  81

Cameron Cooke (GRADUATED 2014)

After graduating at the end of 2014 and exhibiting with the rest of the graduates, Cameron started working regularly at a photographic studio based in Cremorne, where for three years he was the first assistant to one of the studio owners. Cameron met that photographer through connections with other students that he made while studying at RMIT. Since the studio, he has been working as a first assistant and digital operator for many photographers based in Melbourne and Sydney. He also started his own location van and equipment rental business called Camvan that photographers can hire for large productions.

Cameron is most interested in and inspired by fashion photography, although he works for photographers in many other genres to try and utilise the different skill sets and leverage them into photographing fashion. His experience at RMIT overall was really positive; he had a great relationship with the lecturers and still speaks with them about his ideas and ambitions, four years after graduating. INSTAGRAM.COM/CAMVAN INSTAGRAM.COM/CAMCOOKE CAMCOOKE.COM

82  \

Graduate Profiles

Jenna Moore (GRADUATED 2013)

From a big city called Melbourne to a bigger city called Los Angeles, Jenna Moore is a professional creative. Since graduating from RMIT back in 2013, she now works as a Sound Engineer/Mixer/ Utility in the film and TV industry in Australia and around the US. She has worked on several big-budget shows including The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Logies, WWE and Jersey Shore. Learning the skills at RMIT allowed her to better handle: interactions with clients and talent, understanding light and shadow, handling equipment, and overall having proper professional etiquette on set.

Although photography is not currently her main focus, Jenna specialises in portraits and street photography, having most recently shot several comedians in the LA area. JENNAMOOREPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

/  83

Sam McElwee (GRADUATED 2012)

Sam’s interest in photography is purely focused on commercial advertising and portrait work – which (thankfully) are the areas he is currently working in. Sam decided that the RMIT Photo Imaging program was a perfect fit for him, as it was commercially focused and, more importantly, focused on getting students into the industry. He was fortunate enough in the first two weeks of the course to start assisting one of Melbourne’s top entertainment and advertising photographers, which led to other photographers in the studio hiring him. The combined workload of assisting during his studies was enormous; however, dealing with the pressures of industry work and completing the curriculum definitely helped with the expected demands of the industry today.

Sam acknowledges the support from the teachers at RMIT is second to none, where teachers really nurture talent among the students, and understand the demands of the course as well as working in the industry. Having access to the highest level industry equipment was also an incredible help to his development as an assistant, ensuring he was familiar with the gear and knew how to work in a professional manner. After graduating, Sam continued assisting top Melbourne advertising photographers before moving to London in mid-2014, where he has worked alongside world-class advertising and portrait photographers ever since. This year he was also honoured to be awarded by the British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain Award. Sam is currently based in East London, shooting commercially and trying to find time to work on many personal projects. SAM@SAMUELMCELWEE.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/SAM_MCELWEE SAMUELMCELWEE.COM

84  \

Photo Imaging/ Stylist Collaboration ‘What started as a joint student project between Eddie Javier from Photo Imaging and Justin Compton from Visual Merchandising has become a year-long collaboration involving hundreds of students that has been in place for over 10 years. Coordinated by teaching staff in both programs, this project continues to produce fantastic results. It provides real-world experience of how to work in a creative team. I think that once roles are clearly delineated then a greater result

can be achieved, and Justin’s good work in separating this out in the brief has built that winning foundation. Much of this work has become folio work or built creative networks and friendships that have extended well beyond the end of the course and into the students’ careers.’ GUY LITTLE PHOTOGRAPHY + PHOTO IMAGING TEACHER

‘Collaborating with the Visual Merchandising students was one of my favourite assignments this year in the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. I am so glad that I had the chance to be teamed up with other creatives. Having Matilda Holmberg on set was so much fun, and working together we created many interesting ideas. Not only did we both gain a lot from the experience, it also led me to find my real passion for fashion photography.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: KARMEN ZHU STYLIST: MATILDA HOLMBERG

/  85

‘One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in the Photo Imaging VE program is the strong focus on preparing us students for industry training. Through that focus we were paired with students from the Visual Merchandising department to answer a brief mimicking industry requirements. It was through one of these assignments that I was paired with VM student Clare Burgess, and together we created the image you are now viewing. Through our partnership I gained knowledge of what to expect from the real working world of photography.

‘Students work together on the planning of the shoots, with Visual Merchandising students taking care of all the styling aspects while the Photo Imaging students manage the photography, lighting and post production of the images. This joint venture has enabled the Visual Merchandising students to obtain an exceptional image for their folios. It also enables the students in each of the programs to focus on their own discipline, while learning about the other through observation and conversation.’ JUSTIN COMPTON VISUAL MERCHANDISING TEACHER

Clare and I have fostered a good working relationship, and she is someone I will be able to contact in the future when I’m in need of a competent stylist. That is something that would not have happened if it weren’t for my studies at RMIT.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: IGOR HILL STYLIST: CLARE BURGESS

86  \

Study Photography + Photo Imaging at RMIT VE (Vocational Education) The Certificate IV and Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging are one year, full-time programs. This is a hands-on practical and contemporary program with a strong commercial and industry focus, where you can build a career in professional photography. The program is widely regarded by the industry as producing some of the highest quality photography graduates in Australia. You will work with professional and committed staff, students and industry professionals to produce a series of folios covering a wide range of disciplines. Graduates from the program are industry ready, and our current students and alumni work in many sectors of the photographic industry as freelance photographers, photographic assistants and digital retouchers, both nationally and internationally. Our teaching staff, alumni and students are continually recognised as finalists and winners of Australia’s leading photographic awards, including the Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers Award, the Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture, the Bowness Photography Prize, the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, the Iris Award, Head On Photographic Prize, Aussie Street competition, the National Photographic Portrait Prize, British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain Award, and the MAMA Photographic Prize.

What will I be studying here in the VE photography program? During the course of your study you will work in varied styles and genres of photography, expanding your ideas, creative vision and technical skills to a very high level. You will develop skills in areas of photography such as advertising, architecture, industrial, portrait, documentary, video, design, business practices, compositing, digital retouching, photojournalism, illustrative, fashion and commercial photography.

Your journey starts in Certificate IV This intensive year of study is designed around hands-on practical skills that build the foundations of a professional photographic practice. These will include image capture (studio and location), digital design and image manipulation, video, high-end print output, and business and photo theory.

/  87

Diploma – the next stage You will continue your studies in the Diploma, where you’ll build on your technical studies in the studio and on location, while producing collaborative long-form projects that include a selfpublished book and a professional folio of work, culminating with a group exhibition. You will graduate with a readiness to join the professional industry in your chosen field.

Learn from professional photographers You will learn directly from teaching staff who are professional photographers and work in a variety of roles within the industry, such as commercial, industrial and advertising photography. You’ll gain insight and first-hand information from people who are immersed in the world of photography.

Industry connections and real-world collaboration Our program works with creative programs within RMIT, both Vocational and Higher Education, and major industry players through established collaborative projects and work experience opportunities. Throughout your studies, you will work on industry-based

collaborative briefs, establish professional networks and develop connections within the local and international creative community.

Study tour Students will have the opportunity to participate in a two-week study tour to Southeast Asia, where they will observe and work collaboratively with undergraduate and master design students alongside one of the largest commercial studios in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pathways Graduates can articulate to the Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with advanced standing of one year. Our Certificate IV and Diploma programs are also accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). For further information:

Program Manager Eddie Javier +61 3 9925 4774

88  \

Short Courses in Photography at RMIT Learn the art of photography, further develop your photographic skills and build a standout portfolio by enrolling in one of our short courses in 2019. Introduction to Photography Level 1: Technical & Aesthetic Introduction to Photography Level 2: Technical & Aesthetic People and Portrait Lightroom for Beginners (Classic CC) Contemporary Travel Photography Food Photography Photojournalism Photoshop for Photography – Introduction Photoshop for Photography – Advanced Courses are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Keep an eye on our website for new photography courses in 2019. For further information and enrolments please call + 61 3 9925 8111 or visit


With a photography career spanning wedding photography to horse racing to publishing best-selling books to landscape photography to teaching, Bryce Dunkley is a walking encyclopaedia of photography knowledge and tips. This year Bryce retired from teaching photography at RMIT after a career of over 20 years. Over this time, he taught photography to students in Photostyling, Foundation Studies and Photo Imaging (Certificate IV and Diploma), as well as several short courses. Bryce has been my mentor, my colleague and my best friend since we met at a photography exhibition in 2010. I started teaching short courses with him soon after and he has continued to encourage me with my teaching ever since. It’s no exaggeration to say that I owe my teaching career to him. RMIT will feel the loss of Bryce’s professionalism and years of experience. He’s a quiet man with a cheeky sense of humour, a calm presence and a warm smile, and the place just isn’t the same without him around to share a caramel slice and a chat with in the cafe. DEBORAH DORMAN

/  89

Short Course Student Work

Jarrod Fogarty (Introduction to Photography, Level 2)

Irene Tan (Introduction to Photography, Level 2)

Jeremy Wong (People and Portrait)

Peggy Chow (People and Portrait)

Sally Paterson (Introduction to Photography, Level 1)

Raphael Owen (Introduction to Photography, Level 1)

90  \

Thank You The graduating students would like to offer their thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance of many different people, both throughout the two years of our studies and during the last months in making this exhibition possible.


Grace Lauren Sam Battenally Lauren Elizabeth Rainsford Grace Lauren Analyce Thomas Tara Free Mela Hrini Erin La Volpe Caitlyn Murdock Dana Monkman Isabelle Feng Heather Cullen Jennifer Petropoulos Laurie Boring Rebecca Gauci Eileen Yan Zagoršćak Ally Jenkins Nhi Pham Samantha Page Lien Leigh Beatrix Edwards Alexandra Anna Di Mauro Serra Pagliaro

Models + Agencies

Sophia Barrett Sunny Brearley Hana Schlesinger Amy Pollock Agot Dell Toni Doderico Alison McNamara Ariel Russel Mietta Nicholson Bella Brown Alix Gardner Katherine Knight Emmellie McCosh Amelie Zohar Jessica Tulic Shanae ‘Sheezy’ Collins Mitchell ‘Mashy’ Howse Jack Anderson Duncan Ewington Elan ‘Trouty’ Christian Nixen Osborne Trent Riley Nick Law Madison Quail Monika Makacoska Montana Jordan

Gabrielė Kunevičiūtė Tavi Matavee Jeena Ghensi Brooke Zuijdwijk, Ashley Samantha Jane Butt Sophie Lee Sam Ritchie Tessa Bud Natalie Naidu Müller Erin Higham Chloé Laura Caitlin Jane Fisher Samantha Page Giant Management


Chloe Stathopolous Nguyen Dang Igor Hill Roberto Pettinau Sharon Leisk Samantha Stuart Renee Coster Rodney Favola Mark Anton Ennis Rowland Courtney Blythe


Thom Mitchell Felicity Sutton Hrissoula Stavrou Duncan Strachan


Mia Bell Bailee Wells Mimi Rose Cummins Coco Walsh Lindsay Bouvier Luisa Leauanae Chloe Barnard Hailey Harper Moroney Madeline Bourke Nikki Briggs Liv Madison Cirra-Sue Tebbutt Andy Truong Koreigh Conduit Lucy Wallace Critchton

/  91

Industry Thanks SUNSTUDIOS Andrew Miller Michelle Tuddenham Rob Goldie BRONCOLOR Michel Caillet Urs Recher CANON Paul Stewart Mia McKenzie Alessia Calvi Kim Noakes Nada Naim ADEAL Peter Iorlano Matthew Harper KAYELL Robert Gatto Scott Squires Michael Marlborough EPSON Bruce Williams CPL DIGITAL Bryan Gracey Darren Rokkor BLUE TREE STUDIOS Joseph Feil Saville Coble HELL STUDIOS RUFUS & COOPER WELLCOM WORLDWIDE MANIFOLD ATLAS Kim Wright John McKenzie

MICHAELS Peter Michael Cameron Levett Matt Gee Tom Kinkel Tony Menz TED’S Teresa Marino NULAB Michael Warshall IRWIN & MCLAREN Andrew Nunns BORGE’S IMAGING Borge Anderson Frances Sergi THE BROWNBILL EFFECT Sally Brownbill NIKON Julie Kimpton Tony Steele Melissa O’Brien FUJI Kevin Cooper IMPACT DIGITAL Heath Nankervis Stuart Smith SPECULAR Rory Shinners Michael Griffiths PHASE ONE DENMARK Peter Marshall PROFOTO SWEDEN AIPP Randal Armstrong HIROYOSHI NAGAMI CAMERA REPAIRS

MONSTER + BEAR STUDIOS Kayzar Bhathawalla OURS CREATIVE STUDIO AND SPACE Sean Hastings C.R KENNEDY & COMPANY Damon Rulach HEARTFELT Gavin Blue Adrienne Gilligan BALLARAT INTERNATIONAL FOTO BIENNALE Fiona Sweet THE FOX DARKROOMS Tom Goldner Leni Fohringer Tobias Titz Brian Cassey Martin Parr Mike Bannenberg Silvi Glattauer Ilona Savcenko Alice Hutchison Emma Murray Ian Lloyd Maria Sordi Campos Baker Craig Wetjen Rachael Van Keulen Rodney Schaffer Ken Duncan Jason Futrill Kieran Stone

Merryl Kemp Andy Hutchinson Andrew Code (NiSi Australia) Flavio Spedalieri Denis Smith Christian Blanchard Dean Drieberg Will Rampling-Bauer Sarah Talaj Trenton Johnson-Boe Nguyen Dang Pauline Anastasiou Nicole McKinnon Rebekha Naim Rowan Humphrey Stephanie Holt Kieran Doolan Penny Johnson Lliam Freeman Nura Sheidaee Brett Clarke Sam McElwee Cameron Cooke Jenna Moore Jesse Marlow Samantha Everton Tony Knight David Amos Emma Woods Dr Michael Coyne Rob Imhoff Sheran Azmi David Johns Greg Desiatov Jacqueline DiBlasi

92  \

Acknowledgements The 2018 RMIT Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging End of Year Exhibition celebrates the passion and creative endeavours of the students. The staff acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each student across their chosen discipline. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to the Photo Imaging teaching staff for their hard work and continued support: Jessie DiBlasi, Rob Gale, Eddie Javier and Guy Little. The staff and students would also like to give thanks to our sessional team: Keren Dobia, Deborah Dorman, Rob Lawler, Arrayah Loynd, Peter McDonald, Lisetta Moscardo, Martin Reftel, Nuwan Rohitha, Tim Turner, Kate Inabinet, Krystal Seigerman, Kristy Mcafee, Craig Wetjen and Michelle Williams. We thank them for their great support across both years. This year we also acknowledge two outgoing members of the RMIT staff: Bryce Dunkley, who has retired, and Naomi Herzog, who has taken on a new role with RMIT Studios. We thank them for their work and great service to the Photo Imaging department. Sincere thanks for the valued contributions of our Professional Advisory Committee and to all the guest speakers, industry practitioners and alumni who generously gave their time and shared their stories and experiences with our students. We also extend thanks to the organisations and sponsors that foster and support the students throughout their studies and beyond. For the continued support and encouragement of the collaborative projects within Photography and Photo Imaging, we would like to thank Sam Falanga, Justin Compton (Visual Merchandising), Associate Dean in the School of Media and Communication, Lliam Freeman, Penny Johnson and Liz Steele (Professional Writing and Editing), John Phillips (Sound Production), Simon Embury and Rowan Humphrey. We also thank the Capitol Theatre refurbishment team, including Romy Biddle, Kelly Ford and Alison Leach along with Chaminda Ranasinghe, Lynda Cavalera and the RMIT Marketing team. For the great ongoing support and assistance we offer our sincerest thanks to DSC Management, Judy McGannon, Paul Gough, Louise Robinson and Dean Brooks. From School of Art management Jason Wade, Malik Malik and Gabriel Tongue. We also make a special mention to the Photography and Photo Imaging technicians – James Maher, Pablo Vasconcelos Becerra, Jessica Curry, Olivia Tran and Felix Trinh – thanks. To the RMIT Administration and Support team from the School of Art we thank Jennifer Cabraja and Irvin Lee. Finally, the staff and students thank the RMIT School of Art Management, in particular Professor Julian Goddard and Matthew Watts.


COPY EDITORS Duncan Strachan Felicity Sutton

Sponsors Principal Sponsors

Exhibition Sponsors

RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2018 End of Year Exhibition RMIT VE Photography Studios Building 94, Level 4 23-27 Cardigan St Carlton VIC 3053 15 November – 30 November 2018 OPENING NIGHT Thursday 15 November 2018, 6pm – 8pm OPENING HOURS Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm Sat 11am – 4pm


Profile for RMIT Photo Imaging

RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2018 Catalogue  

RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2018 Catalogue