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RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging


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Introduction It is fitting that the 2017 end of year exhibition for the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging is offered in Building 94. This is the focus of the program where students have honed their skills over the last two years. The photo studios have been a site for collaboration, evident in the works you see displayed in this exhibition along with other creative collaborations including the photo styling and photobook projects. From a broader perspective, this space encompasses the creative and collaborative nature of everything Vocational Education (VE) achieves, hosting events like Write it! Shoot it! Show it! where students across six VE disciplines came together to showcase and celebrate the work created within this active RMIT environment. 2017 has certainly been a stellar year for Photography and Photo Imaging. The impact of the program has been showcased in high profile activities, including publication of images produced by students in the New Academic Street Chronicle, a culmination of a three-year Work Integrated Learning project. This exhibition is a testament to the creativity and technical expertise of our graduates. The quality of the work is also a reflection of the strong commitment of teachers who have nurtured students through to successful completion of the program. Congratulations to you all! JUDY MCGANNON DIRECTOR PLANNING & RESOURCES COLLEGE OF DESIGN & SOCIAL CONTEXT RMIT UNIVERSITY

Sophie was born in Korea and moved to Australia when she was 16 years old. Her interest in photography has been influenced by her life as an immigrant. Adapting to such a different culture and language has been an enormous and ongoing challenge. That difficulty was something of a catalyst for her interest in photography. With images, Sophie found that she could tell stories and illustrate a wide variety of emotional situations without any spoken or written explanation. Volunteering as a photographer at the Salt and Light mission has influenced her documentary practice and provided an opportunity to share her work within the community. After completing her studies, Sophie plans to pursue work as a documentary photographer while she continues working on her own personal projects.


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Catherine is an emerging photographer who was born and raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. She became interested in film photography during high school, which naturally led her to study photography at RMIT. As she doesn’t hold herself to one specialisation, Catherine loves exploring her personal interests and learning new skills to improve her photo taking and editing abilities. Her folio, Change in Thought, was created to encourage viewers to reflect on current-day local and international issues. Inspired by Tandberg and other political comics using digital imagery, she hopes to raise awareness of critical social issues through her work. After completing her studies, Catherine will continue working in the photography industry as a commercial assistant and developing personal projects.


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Caitlyn Beer + 61 413 072 967 CAITLYNBEER97@GMAIL.COM

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Growing up on her family’s farm, Caitlyn soon found a passion for animals and the people behind the scenes of the different rural industries. This has led to her interest in documentary photography and creating environmental portraits. Caitlyn has always had an attraction to photography; however, it was not until later in high school that she finally got her first camera. Her passion for documentary photography

has resulted in the creation of a new book project documenting trucks and the working lives of truck drivers. Since commencing her studies with RMIT, Caitlyn has also developed an interest in fashion and food photography. In 2018 Caitlyn hopes to launch her own freelance business.

Born and raised in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, Madison’s passion for the craft first became apparent while studying film and darkroom at the Centre of Creative Photography during his final year of high school; however, he thought of it as extracurricular and focused on his sport. After some time away from behind the lens, Madison journeyed to the US in pursuit of a career as an athlete. During this time, on a trip to New York, Madison was headhunted by a fashion editorial magazine with interest in his documentary photos of the city. This reignited his passion for photography and presented a new career pathway as a fashion photographer. Advised to return to Australia to obtain his qualifications through RMIT VE, Madison promptly moved to Melbourne in 2015, where he has focussed on assisting and strengthening his skills in the field. Madison’s work is very stylised, taking heavy influence from cult cinema, anthropology and 70s/80s youth culture.


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Growing up as the child of adventurous parents, Scott spent many hours quietly observing the ins and outs of sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing and white-water kayaking. Scott listened to the stories of extreme effort, of weariness, and the euphoria of overcoming personal challenges. These early experiences are reflected in his fascination for capturing these activities and pervade his final folio on human-powered sports. In the future, Scott plans to further develop his skills and document other sports and people to build on his current folio. At the same time, he intends to move into the industry as an assistant and work with established photographers in the field.


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Michael is a portrait, travel, wildlife and culture photographer, who doesn’t call anywhere home just yet. Michael’s earliest memories of his love of photography are of his old family albums. Hundreds of black and white photos and the sentiment of memory were enough to plant the seed. Years later this seed would manifest itself in a compulsion to become a photographer through the medium of adventure.

Upon graduation, Michael intends to spend the next few years travelling within Australia and abroad, photographing his experiences. He will build his folio of images and body of work with the ultimate goal of settling somewhere and establishing himself as a photographer with integrity.

Fed up with the corporate life, Michael quit his job as an engineer and travelled the world photographing the people, places and animals he saw before finally settling back in Melbourne to study photography. At RMIT, he has experimented with a range of lighting techniques and made connections with people that have seen him gain valuable industry experience while working as a photography assistant.


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Ethan is a Melbourne-based photographer with a passion for portrait photography. Ethan has a diverse background in psychology and fine arts, using the medium of pencil for his photorealist drawings. His previous studies in human behaviour at Monash University provided a source of inspiration for his final folio, Masquerade. Ethan’s attention to detail and fascination with the human persona is expressed in his surrealist images. Upon completing the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging, Ethan aims to specialise in portraiture and pursue a career in studio photography.


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Jasper discovered a real interest in photography while he was studying his Arts Degree and as that interest continued to grow he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer. During his studies at RMIT, Jasper experimented with different genres of photography, finally falling in love with fashion and studio photography. Moving forward in his career, Jasper intends to continue working as a photographic assistant with a plan of developing a long-term career in the commercial and advertising industry. He has a commitment to taking on all the creative challenges he can with his passion for photography.


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Rebecca Chan is an underwater photographer based in Melbourne. She fell in love with the ocean at a young age and decided to do a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Marine Biology at the University of Melbourne. Not long after graduating, she pursued a career as a scuba-diving instructor and a marine science educator. After hundreds of dives she got her first underwater camera and fell in love with underwater photography. She left the Great Barrier Reef to travel and decided to broaden her knowledge in photography by doing the Diploma at RMIT. Since doing the course, she has developed an interest in documentary, abstract photography and compositing. Her folio work focuses on creating awareness about marine pollution and climate change, incorporating her underwater photography and compositing. She is currently working as a retoucher for a photography studio and is looking forward to continuing her underwater photography after finishing the course.


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Nathan is a photographer from Melbourne interested primarily in music and documentary photography. Nathan developed a passion for music at a very young age and has always sought to intertwine this passion into every aspect of his life, including into his photography. Not content with simply photographing musicians on stage, he wishes to document all facets of the lives of musicians, from rehearsing, playing live and recording to all the other little bits in between. In 2016, Nathan documented Melbourne band Crusch as they recorded their debut 7� record, as part of RMIT’s photobook project. In 2017, he followed on from this by starting Undercurrents, a self-published photo-zine documenting and celebrating emerging artists in the Melbourne music scene. In the future Nathan hopes to expand the zine to include not just musicians but also other types of art and culture that adhere to the same DIY values as the musicians that he follows.


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Nguyen graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2014. Without a distinct career plan in mind, he decided to pursue his true passion by enrolling in the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging—he has never looked back. Through his experiences at RMIT, Nguyen grew to love the studio and the diverse complexities of lighting set-ups. Combining his skills of street and still-life photography, Nguyen has a keen eye for all things obscure, geometrical and colourful. In the previous year, his part-time studies allowed him to experience the creative industry by working consistently as a freelance photographic assistant. RMIT study tours to both Shanghai and Vietnam were integral to his personal and professional development, encouraging him to further expand his photographic knowledge and skills. Upon graduating, Nguyen intends to continue his work as a photographic assistant and retoucher, while steadily building his name as a successful commercial photographer.


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On commencing the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging, Marie had a keen interest in documentary and street photography. From her past experience in food, hospitality and, more recently, in fashion, she has now developed a great creative attraction to still-life and food photography, as well as styling. Marie often draws inspiration from various art forms including paintings, music and textiles. Inspired by the composition of classic artists, she has a naturalistic approach to her work, which she combines with the quirky and clean aesthetic of contemporary influences. Moving forward, Marie hopes to work alongside those in the industry to gain greater experience as well as further develop the skills in photography and styling she has gained throughout the course.


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Matthew (Matt) is a portrait and events photographer. Based in Melbourne he works throughout Victoria to capture individuals and document events with creative flair and diversity. In addition to completing his Diploma at RMIT, Matt has developed a professional portfolio of commercial, editorial, sports and documentary photography clients. For his final folio, working closely with a chef and a variety of farmers, he has begun documenting food and farms for a cookbook titled The Social Food Project —From Farmer To Table to be published after Matt completes the course. Outside his professional work he finds inspiration in the people that surround him, travel and culture.


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Tegan got her start in photography when she took it up as a subject in Year 10. With an interest in visual arts, she made the decision to pursue a career in photography. Her final folio is a series of her own recreations of famous horror movie posters. Tegan has been in love with the horror film genre for as long as she can remember, and wanted to express that love through her photographic work. Her folio is inspired by the work of film director James Wan, photographer Gregory Crewdson and various horror films. In 2018 and beyond, Tegan will pursue work in a photographic studio and continue expanding her final folio as a complete photographic series featuring more horror films.


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Trent is a photo documentary and lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne. Introduced to analogue photography by his father, Trent obtained a film camera which has changed his perspective on the art form completely.

His interest in sharing stories, spaces and the people that inhabit them has led to the creation of a photographic series entitled Unknown Spaces, which documents the studio life and practice of artists within Melbourne.

During his time at RMIT, Trent has been exposed to a broad range of photographic briefs, finding his interest in documentary photography after completing the book project which explored the life of Callum Henderson, a creative artist and skater.

Upon graduating the Diploma, Trent will pursue work as a documentary and editorial photographer, and continue creating long-form photo series.

Through his career as a journalist for specialist magazines, Robert learned to take images that enhanced his stories. He then decided to focus on developing a more thorough understanding of the craft of photography. At RMIT he’s developed his passion for shooting sports and action, where he focuses as much on behind-the-scenes events as those on the playing arena. He’s interested in a wide range of subjects, but the documentary style fits most neatly with his journalistic background. He wants to tell people’s stories, and he believes photography is a great creative medium in which to do so.


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Thomas engages in all styles of photography, but having grown up in a rural village in South Korea, the wilderness holds a special appeal.

In 2014 Thomas decided to pursue photography in a professional capacity. He moved to Melbourne with his family to formally study photography at RMIT.

In his twenties, Thomas moved from Korea to Sydney to study tourism. At this time, he worked in the tourism industry and pursued photography as a hobby. Returning to Seoul in his early thirties, he continued working in tourism while maintaining his passion for photography during that time.

Today, Thomas works as a fixer for media, tour operators and professional photographers. His photography captures the essence of nature and people. His aim is to raise money selling fine art images and photo books of the Tasmanian landscape, donating funds to preserve the wilderness. His ultimate aim is to be a great fine art nature photographer.

Thomas returned to Australia in 2007 and settled in Tasmania where he once again worked in tourism. Having observed the untouched beauty of Tasmania, he was inspired to preserve the ancient forests, alpine ranges, pristine coastline and serene lakes in his photographs. Through his work he seeks to share and protect the images of the pure, natural environment.


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Patrick first had an interest in photography at an early age when his parents took him on holidays all around Australia. It wasn’t until his later years in high school that he realised that this was where his true passion lay. Over the last few years, Patrick has immersed himself in various fields of photography such as sports, lifestyle, landscape and architectural. His distinct sense of observation influenced him to create his folio on objects found in the everyday household with a twist of colour. Shooting, styling and editing his images, Patrick strives to challenge himself in both the creative and professional process. After finishing the Diploma, Patrick aims to pick up more assisting work, eventually securing work as a lifestyle and travel photographer.


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Ask anyone and they will agree that pets just don’t live long enough. Chelsea wants to preserve those memories and quirky personalities so they will live on through her images. Plus, she believes there is no one better to spend your day with than those with wet noses, sloppy kisses and wagging tails. Growing up in regional Victoria, Chelsea moved to Melbourne to study photography at RMIT. During her studies, Chelsea’s love for retouching has also grown and although her main passion is studio photography, she has also developed a keen interest in documentary photography. Alongside her studies she volunteers her skills photographing rescue animals that need a little extra help finding a home. In 2018, Chelsea plans to pursue a business specialising in pet photography, while continuing to work on her book, Those Who Lend a Helping Paw, with the hopes of self-publishing in the near future.


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James is an aspiring fashion and product photographer currently based in Melbourne. Born and raised in country Victoria, James didn’t discover his love for photography until Year 11, when a high school teacher encouraged the development of his photographic skills. James has always had a love for fashion, but it wasn’t until he started studying at RMIT that he combined his interests and began developing a fashion portfolio.

In the future, James plans to work for a photography studio or a fashion magazine where he can illustrate his creativity through his images. He will also continue collaborating with Melbourne designers to build his folio in 2018 and beyond.

In James’s final body of work, he has captured garments created by three Melbourne designers. With each garment, he has conceptualised and styled the complete image, ranging from the set design, the head to toe look, and backgrounds unique to each outfit. James wants to create a body of work that challenges the industry’s perception of editorial fashion by incorporating fine art elements.


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Whilst living and working overseas as a chef Will found his love of photography after buying an old 35mm SLR—he was immediately hooked. Upon returning to Australia, he quickly made plans to begin studying photography at RMIT. For his final folio, Will has taken inspiration from various alcohol bottle designs as the basis for a campaign of advertising images. Will has always enjoyed building things with his hands and it is no surprise that his images are captured in sets that he spent many hours constructing. For this project, each set has been designed and built in the studio and on location to create the perfect illustrative images. Moving forward, Will plans to continue assisting whilst absorbing and applying as much knowledge as he can to his own work. He would one day like to work in high end advertising both locally and abroad.


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Radost migrated to Australia as an IT specialist in the early 90s. In 2014, following her everlasting passion for photography, she made a careerchanging decision to leave the field of technology and enter the fascinating world of art. Undertaking the Photo Imaging course at RMIT made Radost discover a new learning potential and opportunities for creative growth with no limits.

Radost is enthusiastic, passionate and committed to the process of imaging, and sees collaboration with others as an empowering tool for excellence. She is determined to continue developing her photography and artistic skills and will seek out work in the creative industry as an assistant or digital operator. Ultimately, Radost would like to become a freelance photographer who can create and publish photo books on travel and lifestyle.

Radost’s main photographic interests are in documenting people, culture and landscapes. Her final folio, The Bulgarians of Melbourne, celebrates the city’s cultural diversity through environmental portraits of its people and their life stories.

Radost speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian.


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Rosemary’s interest in photography has been inspired by her experiences gained travelling the world. She is drawn to embracing different cultures, learning about people’s stories and their way of life. Together with her camera she is interested in expressing the soul in an image and simply capturing life. Her final folio, What Awakens your Soul, captures fifteen individuals expressing their personal passion. This collection celebrates human diversity—embracing and acknowledging differences. After completing the Diploma, Rosemary will continue to assist photographers in Melbourne to gain further industry experience and studio skills, while carrying on with her humanitarian project Live in Love—using documentary photography to raise funds to assist rural Cambodian communities with basic living necessities and the development of clean water filtration systems.


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Growing up, shy and the youngest of four, Nura took a long time to find her voice. As a child she would sit on the sidelines observing people around her. Unbeknownst to her, this inquisitive nature would form the foundation of her photography. Through an internship with a children’s television show in Ethiopia, Nura’s drive to explore the stories of others intensified, becoming more compelled than ever to capture the magic she experiences with every person she meets. Nura’s photographic passion remains focused on real people, believing that everyone’s story is one worth telling.

This philosophy is explored throughout her latest series. Nura’s folio sees people from various cultures and backgrounds who have found success in their respective fields transported back to their humble beginnings. Juxtaposing the ‘now’ with the ‘then’, Nura demonstrates that everyone’s journey is exceptional. Now, Nura finds herself working for an established commercial photography company whilst engaging in freelance photographic work and other projects.


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Nathaniel is a Melbourne-based photographer and filmmaker; his main body of work includes live music, music videos, documentary, studio and portrait photography. Nathaniel was raised in a creative family of musicians and entertainers; this has meant that music and storytelling has developed into a prominent passion within his life. In his final folio, Nathaniel has explored a new creative territory to further improve his skills in documentary filmmaking. His final works will showcase a variety of different individuals from entirely different professions, all of whom have shared their creative pursuits and their stories of success that follow. These works will consist of video-based interview profiles and portraits. Upon completion of the Diploma, Nathaniel will continue telling stories, further developing his filmmaking and photography skills.

Nathaniel Smith + 61 488 552 025 INSTAGRAM.COM/NETSMOTH

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Chloe is an emerging photographer based in Melbourne. After completing a documentary book about her family and their love of food, she was inspired to combine her heritage and unique creative style into a major body of work. For her final folio, Chloe has created a series of still-life images that explore her abstract interpretation of food and its resemblance to human characteristics. By experimenting with this newfound passion, Chloe shows how closely our roots are connected to nature. In 2018, she plans to pursue assisting work to continue building her knowledge and skills working in a studio environment, whilst also continuing her personal projects.


/  53

Naomi discovered photography when she was 16. Her mum encouraged her to attend a local community photography course, where she fell in love with the medium and hasn’t looked back. While she considers herself a documentary photographer at heart, Naomi decided for her final folio to push and expand her knowledge of photographic post-production skills, creating a series of composited images related to past dreams titled, Memini Noctis (Remember the Night). Over the next couple of years, Naomi is looking forward to learning about the industry through photographic assisting, retouching and digital operating. She will also be developing and working on personal projects with a view to travel and to document remote communities and cultures around the world.


/  55

Sarah’s photographic interests lie in people and fine art. Her time spent studying at RMIT has made her aware of the infinite possibilities of photography and how not to be afraid to try something new. From a young age she was inspired by the works of many great artists and developed an appreciation for seeking out the beauty in all things. This year her documentary book, Simon’s Story, made her realise the incredible strength and courage people face in their lives, and she followed this theme through her final folio. Sarah has created a series of black and white portraits capturing women’s empowerment. She took the greatest leap of all by approaching women on the street, bringing them into the studio and photographing them, capturing them in a moment where they reflect on a time where they felt most vulnerable. In 2018, Sarah will pursue assisting work with commercial photographers to further develop her skills with plans of becoming a successful freelance photographer.


/  57

As a child, Rachael was fascinated with images, from the influence of story books to her theatrical imagination, she knew that her path in life would take an artistic form. Rachael is inspired by the ability of storytelling through photography and observing how each person interprets an image. She also enjoys observing people and how they interact with their environment. Aware of her usual photo documentary style, Rachael chose in her latest series to step away and challenge her own way of shooting. Tomorrow’s Front Page is a series of eight composited images using surrealism and exaggerated perspective to express a critical view of social issues. These range from deforestation of the lungs of the earth to mindless

consumerism and the reality of the profound impact of human life. To Rachael, conveying her work to the viewer and provoking questions is the ultimate satisfaction. Moving forward, Rachael will continue her love of travel documentary and lifestyle photography, while working to raise awareness of environmental issues through fine art projects.


/  59

Tina’s fixation with constructing artistic scenes started from a young age. She would often attempt to draw out her visions but felt limited within that medium. She began taking candid portraits of friends and has since developed a passion, where she feels she has greater control and execution of her visions (lighting, styling, directing) and appreciation of the intricacies of the field. Being raised within a multicultural family (Fijian-Indian and Greek), Tina is fascinated by, and connected to exploring diversity within society— particularly youth subcultures and race. This continues to excite her as she finds muses in her travels, styles and expressions around her. Distinct characteristics of her images are her unique locations and use of colour. She constructs scenes that are youthful, yet refined. Tina is working toward establishing herself globally with magazines, where she can work with other inspired artists, musicians and models.


/  61

When it comes to photography, Bernard doesn’t believe in playing by the rules. While commercial photography is his roots, he has a deep appreciation for conceptual/fine art works, and aspires to marry both to create his own unique style of photography. Bernard discovered his passion for photography when he was serving his National Service in Singapore. His initial four years were spent assisting various commercial photographers in Singapore, after which he was given the opportunity to shoot for a myriad of brands like Sony, Carl’s Junior, Singtel, Four Seasons Hotel and the Singapore Armed Forces etc. Bernard has also worked with various advertising agencies such as BBDO/ Proximity Singapore, Ogilvy & Mather and DDB World Wide Singapore, just to name a few.

To date, Bernard has accumulated 12 years of shooting experience and in 2010, took part in Singapore’s Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Photography Competition, finishing in the top 10. His commercial work was also featured in in 2012. Looking forward, Bernard hopes to be more experimental in his work by incorporating video and film elements. He believes in keeping up with the trends of commercial photography and has found great interest in cinematography.


/  63

Justin is a portrait, travel and landscape photographer based in Melbourne. He was always considered the artistic type growing up, but finally found the creative outlet he was searching for, discovering his passion for photography while on an overseas trip. Being exposed to different cultures and exploring the unknown, while documenting his travels online, sparked an interest in travel and photography, that has grown through traveling to multiple countries around world as well as around Australia. This inspired him to further his skills going on to study at RMIT, where he was exposed to new photographic techniques and found interests in other styles of photography.

Justin’s final folio explores new realms of photography made with new, cutting edge technology. Capturing abstract aerial shots from a drone, his series juxtaposes images from different landscapes that correlate in similar patterns and shapes. In the coming years, Justin will go on to gain further experience as a travel photographer while developing his skills abroad and assisting professional photographers in the industry.


/  65

From the age of 15, Annabel has had a passion to explore Melbourne—from street art to fashion to the individuality of Melbourne and its suburbs. Annabel’s folio extends this idea by exploring Melbourne and creating images that shine a new light on classic Melbourne scenes. Showcasing the city’s character through the creation of semi-abstract images, Annabel is finding renewed inspiration in the detail of Melbourne’s architecture.


/  67

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The Bakehouse Project The Bakehouse Project has been building for over five years and involves five vocational education programs, more than 120 RMIT students and a number of high-profile music industry professionals. In 2016, the initiative received an Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) Local Hero award. The ACEN Local Hero award is given to a small-medium enterprise partner that is contributing to work-integrated learning beyond the expectations of the size of their organisation. Students from the School of Media and Communication and School of Art work together on an event that is part television broadcast program and part live music concert over six production days. The media and events training project was developed by Elena Popa, who teaches in the RMIT Sound Production program, in collaboration with Bakehouse Studios owner Quincy McLean to give students a more active role in learning in an industry environment while still studying. It is an ideal format for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) within Vocational Education across the photojournalism, media and entertainment industries. Requiring a diverse mix of students to implement their skills and knowledge in a workplace environment, the Bakehouse collaboration brings together these collective abilities to complete one major production in real time, working with

© Hendy Saputra

industry professionals (directors, camera operators, sound engineers) throughout. ‘The Bakehouse Project allows us to observe our students at work, interacting with industry professionals, and allows us to supervise and assess their performance in their job allocated role. This is work-integrated learning at its best,’ Popa said. During the project, students in the Live Production and Technical Services program look after multi-camera operations, lighting and lighting control and live vision mixing while sound production students were responsible for the front-of-house sound reinforcement, stage monitor foldback and studio recording. Photo documentation of production was undertaken by students in the Photography and Photo Imaging program.

/  69

Production interviews were facilitated by Screen and Media students while promotional media copy was provided by students in the Professional Writing and Editing program. Liam Freeman, Deputy Dean (Vocational Education) in the school said the Bakehouse Project presented an exciting and powerful learning and industry experience opportunity for students. The students had to film, record, live mix, light, photograph and interview a number of emerging Melbourne music artists over six nights at the Bakehouse Studios in Richmond.

‘Incorporating The Bakehouse Project within the Diploma (Produce Media Photo Images) unit is a great opportunity for photographic students to collaboratively work with and document the progressive scheduling of live production performances in an industry environment. As a WIL project, students are assessed on their ability to shoot, record and submit the required images.’ ROB LAWLER PHOTO IMAGING SCHOOL OF ART TEACHER

‘The most exciting and energising things about the project for students is that its success depends on collaborative effort, a high level of technical know-how, and the creative application of skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines in a ‘live’ setting,’ Freeman said. Industry practitioners involved in the production of the events were Peter Bain-Hogg from ABC TV (Rockwiz) Aaron Cuthbert (Commoner films), Paul Drane (ABC TV; ex Countdown), Adam Russ (DOP), Quincy Mclean and Helen Marcoe (Bakehouse Studios), Milo Fischer (Bakehouse audio engineer and RMIT alumnus) and Steve Ward (4ward Productions, Melbourne City Events).

© Robert Keeley

© Justin Westwood

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Capturing New Academic Street The New Academic Street (NAS) project has been transforming the heart of the city campus for the last few years, creating new facilities to improve the student experience at RMIT University.

Since construction began in 2015, this three-year partnership has seen over 80 students involved, covering all stages of the project from demolition and construction through to finished spaces.

In order for students to get the most out of their time at RMIT while construction was underway, the NAS team used the project as an opportunity to create student experience initiatives and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs.

We relied on this bank of talented photographers as they brought an eagerness and unique perspective to capturing the transformation of their very own campus.

One of our longest running main WIL initiatives was tasking the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging students with capturing the development of the NAS project.

© Nura Sheidaee

Their images have starred in The Age, been broadcast on RMIT’s social media channels, used throughout brochures, on the NAS website, and featured in print at CelebrateRMIT and in the NAS Chronicle – the magazine detailing the entirety of the project.

/  71

© Justin Westwood

© Jessie Corcoran

© Sarah Talaj

72  \

Capturing New Academic Street

They’ve produced some truly phenomenal photographs admired by people within and outside of the university, especially since featuring in the ‘Open House Melbourne’ program. Their enthusiastic participation in this initiative has given them access to real world experience in a combination of areas including event, construction and architectural photography as well as building their profile and making useful industry contacts for future clients. As the NAS project comes to a close, we thank and congratulate all students and graduates involved in capturing NAS over the past three years, and look forward to seeing where their photography careers take them. THE NEW ACADEMIC STREET TEAM TO READ THE NAS CHRONICLE VISIT ISSUU.COM/RMITPHOTOIMAGING

© Matt Houston

© Rebecca Chan

© Justin Westwood

/  73

The Photobook Project For the past three years, photojournalism books have been produced in RMIT’s Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging in collaboration with students from the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing (PWE). This gives students an exciting opportunity to work as a cross-disciplinary team. Each photography student created a narrative photo-essay in the style of the 1950s Life Magazine. Taking on the roles of traditional photojournalists, students followed their subjects, making images as unbiased observers and creating a story from what they documented.

Across a three-month period, students produced a self-published book. This included seeking out their subject and following the story, developing the narrative storyline as it unfolded, and making relevant image selections to best convey that story. They also designed their books, along with drafting a written introduction and related captions. Bringing everything together, they then prepared print-ready files for testing, through to their final book. Editors helped refine the project in various ways, assisting photographers with narrative development and writing as required, and undertaking copyediting and proofreading.

© Robert Keeley The Collingwood Football Club was one of eight, which entered a team into the inaugural AFL Women’s competition in season 2017. Pre-season training involved plenty of one-on-one contests; no quarter was asked or given.

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The Photobook Project

‘The collaborative experience for the photography students gives them insight into both the methodology and approach taken by writers and editors. This complements and refines the learning that takes place within the construction and development of long-form narrative projects. This project provides the real-world experience of self-publishing.’

‘Working not only collaboratively, but across disciplines provides complex challenges for the editing students involved. Creativity, flexibility and patience are crucial. In responding to and supporting each photographer’s vision the editors deepen their knowledge and understanding of the publishing process and diverse editorial roles.’



© William Rampling-Bauer Every athlete has their own method for preparing themselves to go on stage. Some use resistance bands, others use dumbbells.

/  75

© Chelsea Pickard Nameless and abandoned, the great dane waits in his enclosure for a fate he is not sure of.

To get a sense of the collaboration, PWE student Naomi Johnson shared her experience of working with a Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging student. ‘In late March, I was assigned as the editor for RMIT Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging student Chelsea Pickard. I worked with Chelsea to produce a 68-page photobook, ‘Abandoned to Adopted’. The editing experience was unlike any other I’d taken part in, and so was the relationship that formed from it. Each conversation ended on a positive note, there was an equal amount of respect felt between Chelsea and me, and an equal amount of dedication was put into the project. One reason why the collaboration worked so well was that Chelsea and I were pushed out of our comfort zones – her written work had never undergone

editing, and my editing had never extended to photographs. We knew that we both wanted the best outcome for the photobook, and understood that we were both trained in different areas to achieve it. I respected all of Chelsea’s photo-editing and design choices, and she respected all my written feedback and mark-ups. It was a nice break to work with someone who didn’t question every editorial decision; rephrasing, grammar and punctuation changes weren’t contested as I’ve known writers to do. Positive writer-editor bonds were felt and shared at RMIT’s Write it! Shoot it! Show it! event. The event showcased all 33 photobooks produced between Professional Writing and Editing and Photography and Photo Imaging students. It was an enjoyable tribute to our efforts.’

76  \

Write it! Shoot it! Show it! This is an event that celebrated and showcased projects created by the students from RMIT Vocational Education courses that collaborate across diverse digital media disciplines. The departments involved in these collaborations included: – Professional Writing and Editing – Photography and Photo Imaging – Visual Merchandising – Live Production and Technical Services – Screen and Media (TV Production) – Interactive Media

The Photobook Project This project involves the production of a book in a Photojournalistic style with a collaboration between students from the Diploma of Photography & Photo Imaging supported by Advanced Editing students from the Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing. Together they produced photographic narrative publications.

© Danielle Borle

© Danielle Borle

Come’n Clean web series Come’n Clean is an original RMIT University web series set in a laundromat waiting area, and explores what happens when sharing the space with strangers or someone you know. It’s a time that things get discussed, secrets are revealed, and confessions made… it’s where you come clean. Made up of 18 three-minute episodes, Come’n Clean was written by students of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting and shot in a real TV studio by the students of the Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Television Production). The production design was handled by students of the Diploma of Visual Merchandising.

/  77

© Danielle Borle

© Danielle Borle

Mediation web series

Triple Threat Games

Mediation (2016) is a web series featuring over 20 episodes. It takes a playful look at the subject of neighbourhood dispute resolution. Written by Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting students and produced by Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Television Production) students.

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive Media) showcased games, created across the three disciplines of Design, Interactivity and Sound, live demonstrations invited audience participants to play the games.

Animated shorts screening Animated shorts created by the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive Media).

Live Production and Technical Services One of the real features of the Write it! Shoot it! Show it! event was the excellent technical support and event lighting design provided by the departments students and staff who created an inviting atmosphere on the night. This was the final and all important collaboration with the exhibiting departments.

78  \

Student + Alumni Awards Current Students

Sarah Talaj

Simon 2017 Olive Cotton Photographic Portrait Prize (Finalist)

Thomas Lee

Dawn #1 2016 Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize (KAAFP) (Finalist)

Danielle Borle

Untitled VAS Photography Competition (Winner – Best Overall Print, Amateur Photography category)

/  79

Naomi Sykes

Untitled 2016 Australian Photography Awards – Student category (Winner 8th place)

Matthew Houston

2017 Teds/Canon Photography Workshop – Macro category (Winner) 2017 Viewbug Photography Awards – I love my food category (Finalist)

Julia Sheedy

Untitled 2017 Australian Photography Awards – Student category (Finalist)

80  \

Student + Alumni Awards


Janelle Low

Untitled II (from the family archives) from the series Disintegrate courtesy of the artist and THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery (Melbourne) 2017 Bowness Prize (Finalist)

Jessie DiBlasi

The long goodbye 2017 Maggie Diaz Photography Prize For Women (Finalist)

/  81

Ebony Dennis

Untitled 2017 Iris Award (Finalist)

Kate Pattern

Perception 2016 Australian Photography Awards – Student category (Finalist) 2017 Capture Magazine Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Runner up – Art category)

Zoe Kimpton

Ennis 2017 Capture Magazine Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Winner – Student category) (Top 10 – Art category)

82  \

Graduate Profiles Terry Broadbent (GRADUATED 2013)

I graduated from RMIT’s Vocational Education Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2013. While I was at RMIT I was able to take full advantage of the high quality facilities that are available to all students. Along with the great access to industry-quality photographic and lighting equipment that the course provides training in, I was also able to take advantage of the many contacts that RMIT VE have with the commercial Australian photographic industry. This made it easy for me to start assisting even while studying.

After graduating at the end of 2013, I went into assisting and shooting full time, mostly fashion and advertising photography in both Melbourne and Sydney. This was a great way of continuing to develop my skills and establish myself in the world of professional photography. At the start of 2016, I took the opportunity to move to London and further my career; using contacts and friends made through RMIT made this transition smooth. I now work with some of the world’s most currently renowned fashion photographers, including Craig McDean, Gregory Harris, Camilla Åkrans and Greg Kadel. I’m also getting to work with the biggest brands and magazines in the industry, such as Nike, Zara, Apple, Burberry, Vogue UK, Harrods and Numero. I made some of my best friends and connections through RMIT and still catch up with them regularly. UK +44 7960 117 319 TERRYBROADBENT.COM

/  83

Daniel Hassett (GRADUATED 2014)

I started the Photo Imaging program at RMIT the year after completing VCE. While I knew that I enjoyed taking photos, I had absolutely no idea about the technical side of photography. RMIT’s Photo Imaging course gave me the confidence and technical knowledge that I needed to build towards a career in the industry. After completing the Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2014, I was approached by a couple of photographers based on positive referrals from RMIT lecturers, and they asked me to assist them.

That was three years ago, and I now work full-time as an assistant within the industry. The opportunities that RMIT has given me, in particular the lecturers and alumni, is second to none. I work with many commercial photographers who say that the best assistants are the ones that come out of the Photo Imaging program. To this day I still get plenty of work from other assistants that are members of the Photo Imaging alumni. +61 421 065 656 DANIELHASSETT.COM.AU

84  \

Graduate Profiles

Emma Murray (GRADUATED 2015)

Two years after completing my Diploma I find myself living in Alice Springs, where I work as a full-time photojournalist for News Corp. Before my time at RMIT, making a living from photography seemed like an unrealistic dream. But thanks to the generous support and guidance of my lecturers, my skills, knowledge, and self-belief grew enough that I felt confident calling myself a photographer at the end of the two years. I also made a lot of great friends, some of whom I still cling to as we navigate our exciting new careers.

Since graduating I’ve had exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney, have been a finalist in the IRIS Award, and a semi-finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize. My photos are published in papers across the Northern Territory and around Australia, and on various online news sites. None of this would have been possible had I not set foot in the VE Photography & Photo Imaging department at RMIT. EMMALOUISEMURRAY.COM.AU

/  85

Stephanie Rooney (GRADUATED 2013)

I just about boarded a plane to London wearing my graduation gown and cap in 2013. After finishing the Diploma I worked in London assisting many incredible photographers and working in major fashion and commercial studios for two years. I was able to explore all avenues of image making and realised that I enjoyed most the process of capturing a space.

Since returning to Melbourne in 2015, I have continued to focus on architecture and interior photography, shooting for builders, interior designers, lighting designers, local retailers and makers. This year I have had images published in Inside Out and Home Beautiful as well as work featured on the Design Files. RMIT enabled me to be skilled and confident enough to work internationally and the network I built throughout the course helped me to return successfully to work in Melbourne. INSTAGRAM.COM/STEPHANIE_ROONEY STEPHANIEROONEY.COM

86  \

Graduate Profiles

Chidchanok Senanunsakul (Film) (GRADUATED 2010)

I was born in Chonburi, Thailand, on October 26, 1984, growing up with my father as a photographer. Living in a household filled with artistic photographs and the photography equipment that my father repaired fascinated me. I saw different things looking through camera lenses; it kindled my passion to visually express myself and turned my focus to being a photographer. In 2009 I moved to Melbourne to study photography at RMIT (Photo Imaging) I really enjoyed my two years there, making a number of friends and experiencing faculty and a teaching approach that gave the most outstanding value. The lecturers were interesting and helpful for my future career as a working photographer. It has surely been the wisest choice I’ve made for equipping myself with high quality education and great networking opportunities, as well as unforgettable memories. I now work in Thailand for commercial, wedding and fashion clients. I also lecture in digital photography in the faculty of Communication Arts at Bangkok University. Since returning home, I have been an ambassador and guest speaker

for Canon, Thailand (Canon M5), Profoto Ambassador, Thailand (selected as a representative on behalf of my country by Profoto Stockholm), a guest speaker for Fujifilm, Thailand and won The Canon Special Prize by the UNEP International Photographic Competition on the Environment, in Japan. My current project, The Mystique, is a photographic exhibition of sculptures made by renowned Bangkok artist and conservationist Childchanok Senanunsakul, at the Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok. Part of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated to The Greater Cut project, which produces wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. +66 099 989 5463 CHIDCHANOKPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM FACEBOOK.COM/ CHIDCHANOKSENANUNSAKUL

/  87

Photo Imaging/ Stylist Collaboration ‘What started as a joint student project between Eddie Javier from Photo Imaging and Justin Compton from Visual Merchandising has now become a 10-year-long collaboration over both semesters involving hundreds of students, many teachers and producing fantastic results. It provides real world experience of how to work in a creative team. I think once roles are clearly delineated then a greater result can be achieved and Justin’s good work in separating this out in the brief has built that winning

foundation. Much of this work has become folio work or built creative teamworks and friendships that have extended well beyond the end of the course and into the students’ careers. My eternal thanks to Justin for all his hard work over the years on being the continuity that has helped make such a difference on this project.’ GUY LITTLE PHOTOGRAPHY + PHOTO IMAGING TEACHER

‘RMIT has had some great assignments. One of the most memorable and fun shoots I did was working with a stylist from Visual Merchandising. I got paired up with a great stylist Libby Matson. I found that the collaboration tested and pushed me more than other assignments. Having a great model, hair stylist, makeup artist and stylist put extra pressure on myself to make something we could all be proud of.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: MATT HOUSTON STYLIST: LIBBY MATSON

88  \

Photo Imaging/ Stylist Collaboration

‘Students work together on the planning of the shoots with Visual Merchandising students taking care of all the styling aspects for the shoot while the Photo Imaging students take care of the photography, lighting and post production of the images. This joint venture has enabled the Visual Merchandising students to obtain an exceptional image for their folios. It also enables the students in each of the programs to focus on their discipline, while learning about the other through observation and conversation.’ JUSTIN COMPTON VISUAL MERCHANDISING TEACHER

‘During my time studying the Certificate IV and the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging I was given the opportunity to collaborate on an assignment with a student from Visual Merchandising. The process was a great learning exercise with positive outcomes for myself and Taylah Faulkner, which culminated in a series of fashion photographs based around our chosen concept.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: WILL RAMPLING-BAUER STYLIST: TAYLAH FAULKNER

/  89

‘This year in Photography and Photo Imaging students teamed up with stylists from Visual Merchandising. For many of us this was our first time working with creatives. We learnt about organisation, teamwork and collaborating on ideas. It was a great experience; travelling out on location, working with models and also embarking on something new. We have gained so much from this experience and the friendships we have made with our stylists will continue to evolve even after we graduate.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: SARAH TALAJ STYLIST: GEENA MIRABILE

‘Collaborating with students from the Visual Merchandising course has been a great experience. Having Miriam Chang to work with and practise styling is a lot of fun when exploring different areas of photography.’ PHOTOGRAPHER: CATHERINE BAKKER STYLIST: MIRIAM CHANG

90  \

Study Photography + Photo Imaging at RMIT VE (Vocational Education) The Certificate IV and Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging are one year, full-time programs. This is a hands on, practical and contemporary program with a strong commercial and industry focus, where you can build a career in professional photography. The program is widely regarded by industry as producing some of the highest quality photography graduates in Australia. You will work with professional committed staff, students and industry professionals to produce a series of folios covering a wide range of disciplines. Graduates from the program are industry ready and our current students and alumni work in many sectors of the photographic industry, as freelance photographers, photographic assistants and digital retouchers. Our teaching staff, alumni and students are continually recognised as finalists and winners of Australia’s leading photographic awards, including the Australian Professional Photographer Awards, the Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture, the Bowness Photography Prize, the Moran Contemporary Photographic prize, the Iris Award, Head On Photographic Prize and the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

What will I be studying here in the VE Photography Program? During the course of your study you will work in varied style and genres of photography, expanding your ideas, your creative vision and your technical skills to a very high level. You will develop skills in the areas of photography including advertising, architecture, industrial, portrait, documentary, video, design, business practices, compositing, digital retouching, photojournalism, illustrative, fashion and wedding photography.

Your journey starts in Certificate IV This intensive year of study is designed around hands-on practical skills that build the foundations of a professional photographic practice. These will include image capture (studio and location), digital design and image manipulation, video, high-end print output, and both business and photo theory.

Diploma – The next stage You will continue your studies in the Diploma, where you’ll build on your technical studies in studio and on location, while producing collaborative, long-form projects that include a selfpublished book and a professional

/  91

folio of work – culminating with a group exhibition. Combined with further business development, you will graduate with a readiness to join the professional industry in your chosen field.

Learn from professional photographers You will learn directly from teaching staff who are professional photographers and work in a variety of roles within the industry from commercial, industrial and fine-art photography. The teaching staff work as freelance photographers or have their own photographic practice. You’ll gain insight and first-hand information from people who are immersed in the world of photography.

Industry connections and real world collaboration Our program works with creative programs within RMIT, both VE and Higher Education, and major industry players through established collaborative projects and opportunities for work experience. Throughout your studies, you will work on industry based collaborative briefs, establish professional networks and develop connections within the local and international creative community.

Study tour Diploma students have the opportunity to participate in a two-week study tour to Shanghai, China, where students will observe and work collaboratively with Chinese undergraduate and masters design students alongside one of the largest commercial studios in the AsiaPacific region.

Pathways Graduate pathways include articulation to the Bachelor of Arts (Photography). This program is also accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). For further information:

Selection Officer or Program Administrator Tel. +61 3 9925 4472 Email:

92  \

Short Courses in Photography at RMIT Learn the art of photography, further develop your photographic skills and build a standout portfolio by enrolling in one of our short courses in 2018. Introduction to Photography Level 1: Technical and Aesthetic Introduction to Photography Level 2: Technical and Aesthetic People and Portrait Contemporary Travel Photography Food Photography Photojournalism Adobe Photoshop Introduction The Fundamental Elements for Digital Photography Adobe Photoshop Advanced Specialist Techniques for Digital Photography Courses are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Also keep an eye on our website for new photography courses in 2018. For further information and enrolments please call + 61 3 9925 8111 or visit


Introduction to Photography

Deborah Dorman is a qualified professional photographer with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. She loves sharing the joy of photography with others and has a skill for explaining the complex in easy to understand ways. Deborah established Wild Honey Photography, a successful portrait, wedding and event photography business, in Queensland in 1998. She moved to Melbourne in 2010 and commenced teaching photography at RMIT. You’ll find Deborah teaching the Introduction to Photography, Level 1 and 2 as well as the People and Portrait short courses. Deborah also runs photography travel tours and regularly exhibits her fine art photography, with images in both public and private collections. WILDHONEYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.AU

/  93

Short Course Student Work

Jarrod Fogarty (Introduction to Photography, Level 2)

Irene Tan (Introduction to Photography, Level 2)

Jeremy Wong (People and Portrait)

Peggy Chow (People and Portrait)

Sally Paterson (Introduction to Photography, Level 1)

Raphael Owen (Introduction to Photography, Level 1)

94  \

Thank You The graduating students would like to offer their thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance of many different people, both throughout the two years of our studies and during the last months in making this exhibition possible.


Nina Murphy Shaylee Bartholomeusz Lucie Stauff Ollie Savage Sharna Wallace Kristen Lee Deb Fabris Sharni Chandler Hannah Cheng Immogen Courtney Anna Elizabeth Gabby Webb


Brittney Colclough Lisa Carlton Brittney Krauer Tyler Mahoney Liam Patrick Agot Emmison Vernon-Skewes Llewelyn Vernon-Skewes Mikaela Lauren Sheree Sam Frew

Micah Rosero Cassidy McGill Ebony Elizabeth Alexandra Sumo Cribb Iris Fitzgerald Shan Kerr Tshala Magala Lucas Jolley Indra Kumar Mary Latek Adinda Cresheilla Rachel Biazzo Sophie Fawcett Victoria Wang Alicia Patzer Viktoria Abraham Elizabeth Anne Greta Maggs Jessica Bakker Ian Bakker Eliane Coller Tanisya Winarto Eranga Ruwandeniya Rosslyn Bakker


Junhan Foong Karmen Zhu Matt Olding Jeffrey Pan Zoe Kimpton Igor Hill Julia Sheedy Renee Coster Koreigh Conduit Syed Anwar Stephanie Davies Roberto Pettinau Jesse Corcoran Damien Hinds Rafieh Kashfi David Thai Cassandra Hogan Jasper Chan Rodney Favola Scott Blamey Catherine Bakker Nura Sheidaee Madison Blair Bernard Wee Cee Jay Chong Emily Dang


Venita Munir Vanya Dyulgerova Amy Stephens Kiloran Hiscock Karina Smith Kirby Fenwick Jennifer Norris Neil Norris Hayley Maron Emma Brill Donald Finlayson

Stylists/Designers Jason Gretch William Thi Stephane Henley Jessica Philpot Brett Bowen Jessica Downey Amira Maguire Gemma Smith Marie Eon Tarsha Ryan Tan Trieu Lydia Foord Rachel Louey Charlotte Ng Josh Nien Samantha Clark Irunika Anjalee Jen Xu

/  95

Industry Thanks SUNSTUDIOS Andrew Miller Michelle Tuddenham Rob Goldie Rod Shaw Erika Kelly David Leyshon Andrew Els BRONCOLOR Jacques Bron Michel Caillet Jessica Keller Urs Recher CANON Paul Stewart Tony Steele Kim Noakes Nada Naim ADEAL Peter Lorlano Matthew Harper KAYELL Robert Gatto Scott Squires Michael Marlborough EPSON Bruce Williams CPL DIGITAL Bryan Gracey Darren Rokkor BLUE TREE STUDIOS Joseph Feil Saville Coble HELL STUDIOS RUFUS & COOPER WELLCOM WORLDWIDE

MICHAELS Peter Michael Cameron Levett Matt Gee Tom Kinkel Tony Menz


TED’S Teresa Marino

MONSTER + BEAR STUDIOS Kayzar Bhathawalla

NULAB Michael Warshall


IRWIN & MCLAREN Andrew Nunns BORGE’S IMAGING Borge Anderson Frances Sergi SALLY BROWNBILL Sally Brownbill NIKON Julie Kimpton Melissa O’Brien FUJI Kevin Cooper IMPACT DIGITAL Heath Nankervis Stuart Smith SPECULAR Rory Shinners Michael Griffiths PHASE ONE DENMARK Peter Marshall PROFOTO SWEDEN AIPP Randal Armstrong FITZROY STRETCHES Michael Falkland Jill Falkland

C.R KENNEDY & COMPANY Damon Rulach HEARTFELT Gavin Blue Adrienne Gilligan THE SOCIAL FOOD PROJECT Ben McMenanin MANIFOLD ATLAS Kim Wright John McKenzie BEAUTIFUL ISLE Cynthea Anna Semmens David Greville Feldheim GIANT MANAGEMENT ASIA PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE Daniel Boetker Smith

Silvi Glattauer Emma Murray Prue Aja Jasper Chan Catherine Bakker Will Rampling-Bauer Scott Blamey Mike Bannenberg Andrew Wuttke Pauline Anastasiou Quinn Rooney Nicole McKinnon Rebekha Naim Rowan Humphrey Stephanie Holt Kieran Doolan Lliam Freeman Penny Johnson Eric Hua Nonny Bulle Kate Bowman Ennis Rowland-Wood Jesse Corcoran David Amos Emma Woods Jacqueline DiBlasi Rob Walker Sally Davey Dr Michael Coyne Rob Imhoff Sheran Azmi David Johns Greg Desiatov

96  \

Acknowledgements The 2017 RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging End of Year Exhibition celebrates the passion and creative endeavours of the students. The staff acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each student across their chosen discipline. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to the photo imaging teaching staff for their hard work and continued support: Eddie Javier, Rob Gale, Guy Little, Bryce Dunkley, Jessie DiBlasi, James Maher and Adam Savickas. The staff and students would also like to give thanks to our sessional team: Keren Dobia, Deborah Dorman, Andrew Gash, Alex Joseski, Rob Lawler, Arrayah Loynd, Peter McDonald, Martin Reftel, Nuwan Rohitha, Tim Turner and Michelle Williams. We thank them for their great support across the year. Sincere thanks for the valued contributions of our Professional Advisory Committee and to all the guest speakers and industry practitioners who generously gave their time and shared their stories and experiences with our students. We also extend thanks to the organisations and sponsors that foster and support the students throughout their studies and beyond. For the continued support and encouragement of collaborative projects within Photography and Photo Imaging, we would like to thank Justin Compton from Visual Communication, Stephanie Holt from Professional Writing and Editing, John Phillips (Program Manager) Sound Production and Kelly Bosman, Janeene Payne and team from the New Academic Street Project. For their great support and assistance in transforming the photography studios in Building 94 for this exhibition and future events, we offer our sincerest thanks to DSC Management, Judy McGannon and Dean Brooks. From School of Art management Jason Wade, Malik Malik and Photo Imaging technicians James Maher and Adam Savickas. From Short Course Management we thank Stephen Joyce and Laetitia Shand. To the RMIT Administration and Support team from the School of Art we thank Jennifer Cabraja and Irvin Lee. From the School of Media and Communication we thank Maya Khoury, Dalida Elias and Raffaella Parlato. With special thanks to Kim Wright for all of her continued collaboration and support. Finally, the staff and students thank RMIT School of Art Management, in particular – Professor Julian Goddard, Belinda Wilson, Matthew Watts and Deborah Williams.


COPY EDITORS Maria Atwell Emma Brill Craig Carey Harriet Empey

Donald Finlayson Sally Holdsworth Claire Kelly Alison Rowe

Sponsors Principal Sponsors

Exhibition Sponsors

RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2017 End of Year Exhibition RMIT VE Photography Studios Building 94, Level 4 23-27 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053 November 16th – December 1st 2017 OPENING NIGHT Thursday 16th November 2017, 6pm – 8pm OPENING HOURS Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm Sat, 11am – 4pm


RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2017 Catalogue  
RMIT Diploma of Photography + Photo Imaging 2017 Catalogue