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Secondary School Newsletter Behind the Scenes: The Start Before the Start Welcome back to our Students, Parents and Teachers. I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and are eager to get back into your routines. Over the coming year I aim to show you some of the things that happen behind the scenes that keep our school running smoothly and highlight some of our exceptional moments.

Kathryn Simms Head of Secondary

The school year got off to an excellent start in early August when the Taaleem Heads of School and Principals meet for our annual convention. Meanwhile back at Raha new plumbing was installed, the interlock replaced and 3 new classrooms added.

Thankfully, there is now no evidence that this even happened and students are enjoying their new learning environments!

The Senior Management Team welcomed our new staff in August. 8 airport pick-ups in 36 hours from the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK. It is my pleasure to introduce them to you.

Following a frantic week of getting medicals done, endless trips to Ikea and getting used to our school systems our new staff were ready to welcome back our returning staff. The week before school is always busy with teachers setting up classrooms in between focused Professional Development on our goals for the year ahead. Vaughan Kitson began his new role as MYP Coordinator – Assistant Head Curriculum and lead sessions targeting ATL skills.

‘After completing my studies at the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1998, I spent two years teaching at a private boys’ school in Pretoria. I then moved to the UK where I taught in a few different locations over a period of six years. During this time I fell in love with travel, and that led me to Norway one summer where I met my (English) wife! We moved to Doha in September 2006 where I took the position of Head of Maths at an IB school. In 2009 I took on the role of Teacher Advisor for GEMS School Improvement Partnership in the UAE, whilst completing my MA(Ed) in Leadership and Management.

Vaughan Kitson Assistant Head of Secondary - MYP Coordinator

I joined Raha in 2012 and have been the Head of Maths for the past six years. My two children also attend Raha and are thriving here! I am delighted to be the MYP Coordinator at this wonderfully vibrant, forward-looking school.’

Also returning to join me on the Secondary School Leadership Team are:

Paul Ede Deputy Head of Secondary

Andy Tomlinson Assistant Head of Secondary DP Coordinator

Naomi Clancy Assistant Head of Secondary Student Wellbeing

I am pleased to introduce you to our Head of Grade Team for the year:

Blair Hoover Co Head of Grade 6

Walter Clarke Co Head of Grade 6

Luke Clarke Head of Grade 7

Christine Armstrong Head of Grade 8

Matt Steel Head of Grade 9

Jen Leather Head of Grade 10

George Scorgie Head of Grade 11

James Jones Head of Grade 12

It seems impossible that we are now at the end of the second week. Our teachers have commented how much they enjoy being back with the students. The classrooms are now buzzing and speaking with the students last week they are all pretty tired but very happy!

Grade 11 beginning their DP Journey I look forward to meeting with you at our Parent Information session on the 18th of September at 6PM when I will introduce you to our faculty teams.

Secondary School Meet and Greet This a reminder that our Secondary School Meet and Greet will be held on Tuesday 18th of September at 6:00pm in the Auditorium. We look forward to introducing our Secondary Teaching Staff to you at this Meet and Greet. At 6:00pm, the Senior Leadership Team will introduce themselves to all parents and introductions of our teaching staff will follow. After introductions, parents will be split into year groups with the Heads of Grade and Advisory Teachers: Grade 6: Grade 7: Grade 8: Grade 9: Grade 10:

Led by Blair Hoover and Walter Clarke in the Auditorium Led by Luke Clarke in Ellen Williams’ room G05 (DR02) Led by Christine Armstrong in Caitlin Rose’s room G04 (DR01) Led by Matt Steel in Carlos Noguera’s room G02 (AR02) Led by Jennifer Leather in the Black Box Theatre 7:00pm - Personal Project Introduction with Vaughan Kitson 7:15pm - Introduction to DP with Andrew Tomlinson

(All these rooms are located on the first floor of the Arts Centre – building G) Grade 11: Grade 12:

6:30pm - Introduction to DP with Andrew Tomlinson and George Scorgie Located in the DP Study Lounge, back mezzanine of the Arts Centre (Building G) 7:45pm - The final countdown with Andrew Tomlinson and James Jones Located in the DP Study Lounge, back mezzanine of the Arts Centre (Building G) (Grade 12 parents are welcome to arrive at 7:45pm and go straight to the DP Study Lounge if you do not wish to attend the introductions in the Auditorium at 6:00pm)

Secondary School Newsletter - September 2018  
Secondary School Newsletter - September 2018