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Canada’s Voice for the Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags and Accessories Industry Fall 2010 • Vol. 2 Number 2

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Positioning for the Next Upswing 30 Things to Get Moving on Now!

Creating a Strategic Retail Plan for Success Leathergoods: Nostalgia and Value Industry Forecast Report: Accessories Lead the Way LLHA Trends: Classic is the New Black

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April 10-12, 2011

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6 Product Feature: Leathergoods Nostalgia and Value Reign Supreme 10 Cover Story: Positioning Your Store for the Next Upswing: 30 Things You Need to Get Moving on Now!

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16 Fashion Trends: Designs and Winter 2010-11 Classic is the New Black 19 Industry Forecast Report: Accessories Lead the Way

DEPARTMENTS 4 A Word Before 14 LLHA News 20 Business Centre: Creating a Strategic Retail Plan for Success 22 Industry News & Views



Fall 2010 3

e ee A Word Before


Welcoming our new Editor, and the New Year to come!

Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

Volume 2 Number 2 • Fall 2010

What a great time to join the TGF&A team. With the holiday season in full swing and LLHA's annual show just around the bend, my first run as editor has been far from uneventful. I’m excited to connect with our industry retailers and suppliers who receive TGF&A and to hear your stories – the inspiring ones that are driving you forward and the less inspiring issues that can drive you nuts! I also look forward to getting to know the LLHA Show’s loyal exhibitors including those on our Editorial Advisory Board. Your feedback and suggestions will help us to continue to grow TGF&A and deliver the best publication possible. In this issue, we've done our best to capture the energy of this very busy season. In our cover story, “Positioning your store for the next upswing”, retail expert Kevin Graff breaks down the top 30 things that every store needs to do today in order to stay successful tomorrow. In our Business Centre, Rena Granofsky complements Graff's advice with step by step instructions for, “Creating a strategic retail plan for success”. With a focus on your financial plan, merchandise plan and your store plan, she offers advice on some great planning software applications that can help you analyze your performance and build a solid foundation for success. If you don’t yet have a retail plan, this is the place to start! As in every issue, we take an insightful look at some of the biggest trends coming down the line. In our Leathergoods Feature, fashion writer Lisa Charleyboy discusses how ongoing economic stresses and travel-concerns have shifted consumer appetites to products that are simpler in style and made to last. This 'return to classics' theme is explored further in Lisa's Trends Feature, in which she highlights some of the many new styles that have taken their inspiration from the past. You'll also want to read the latest batch of LLHA News with information on the opportunities available to LLHA members, such as a special CPSA membership rate now being offered, or the LLHA’s early bird membership renewal contest. We also pay tribute to the late Ted Forma, a familiar face to many in the industry who's talents and good nature will be missed by all. Want to catch up on what your suppliers are up to? Check out all their latest announcements in our Industry News and Views section. Thanks to TGF&A's publisher, Richard Swayze, and the ongoing support from the LLHA community, these last couple of months have given me an incredible opportunity to learn more about the industry and the people that drive it. It is my sincere hope that you'll find that knowledge, passion and insight in the pages to come, and in future issues. Please always feel free to let me know how we’re doing by dropping me a line anytime.

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April 10-12, 2011

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e ee Product Feature: Leathergoods

Nostalgia and Value Reign Supreme Leather has always felt luxurious, but lately the dark economic cloud has nudged this garment staple into adjusting its position on the fashion landscape. While the economy has changed the context of the leathergoods industry, it’s nowhere near making it extinct. The change has simply urged manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to rethink how they’re making, selling, and buying leather products. By Lisa Charleyboy

What's Old is New When considering handbags of yesteryear, we think big, bold colours and a whole lot of external studs and grommets. According to B e n Fa r b e r, P re s i d e n t of B e n c h m a d e Leatherworks, that is a thing of the past. “Simpler is now better,” he says. “The reason is that the consumer is tired of the bling and fashion has become more classic.”

Since 1929, the Chanel chain strap has been making its impact in the handbags industry and it continues today on this Benchmade purse.

This Cabrelli & Co. Accessories offering is a classic and functional natural leather briefcase featuring 2 short handles and a long shoulder strap.

6 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

“The latest movement in leathergoods right now is textured and embossed pieces, as they follow the current fashion trends,” offers Emilie Desruisseaux, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Cabrelli. This is certainly showing up in markets all over the world. Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2010 runway showcased many handbags made of ostrich, crocodile and alligator, and featured a mixing of various materials and techniques. This revisiting of nostalgic moments in our fashion history has also resurfaced in another area according to Allana Davey, Fashion Stylist and Trend Reporter for Toronto Life Magazine. “With the rising trend of repurposing vintage leather, I am seeing new accessories take inspiration from this,” she says. “Leather luggage is getting much softer in structure and worn looking, but still strong. For example a carry-on with rollers, which was once firm and impossible to stow under the seat in front of you, is now made of soft thick leather. It’s still on wheels, but will conform to the space you put it in,” Davey says. “They almost have a vintage or old world look to them. This is happening bec ause of the green movement, which means less flights, more people crowded on a plane, and thus less room. The end result is more flexible luggage.”

The return of classic shapes and styles certainly popped up all over runways this season. At Gucci, the purses returned to streamlined minimalism in a way that evoked both 70’s luxury and 90’s austerity, at the same time. Their ostrich duffle style purse in somber gray was a stand out piece that captured this essence.

Classic crocodile embossing is one trend in the leathergoods category that is really making it's mark. This Paulina Dome Tote example is from Jack George's Firenze Collection.

Product Feature: Leathergoods e ee

Soft, tumble-milled leather, and nickel hardware accents define this Uptown Collection East West Handbag from Jack Georges.

Travel Conscious Hannah Nguyen, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Jack Georges, agrees with Davey’s observations, noting: “The airline industry’s regulations have indirectly affected the leather goods industry. With their recent strict restrictions on weight and quantity of baggage, consumers are more conscious about the weight of their luggage.” Truly, flexibility is a must-have feature for consumers seeking hassle-free travel. “Briefcases that can be 'quickscanned' through airport security have a lot of people excited,” says Jimmey Iszler, President and ceo of LAND Leather Goods, which has recently partnered with Colombian Leather House to distribute LAND exclusively for Canada.

“The return of classic shapes and styles certainly popped up all over runways this season. At Gucci, the purses returned to streamlined minimalism in a way that evoked both 70’s luxury and 90’s austerity…”

Messenger bags are a classic shape and style that will carry us through these times of economic uncertainty. Bag and wallet by LAND bags.

Softer shapes and super textures are evident in this PVC Cabrelli purse.

L AND’s Brugges collection distributed by Colombian Leather House, features classic lines with soft leather that is perfect for travel today. Airline regulations have af fe c te d th e l e ath e r g o o ds industr y in another way as well. “We see that the popularity of leather goods has shifted somewhat towards other nonleather products such as nylon, c a n v a s , P V C , e t c . ,” s a y s N gu ye n, ex plaining: “N y lo n a n d c a nva s p ro d u c ts h ave been strong due to the shifts in consumer lifest yle, which creates a demand for lighter and more casual products.”

This leather Nevada duffel bag by Jack Georges is a great example of both textured pebble grain and soft leather, making it a perfect carry-on companion. Fall 2010 7

e ee Product Feature: Leathergoods There has definitely been a move from the stiff leathers of the past to products that are more likely to be viewed as familiar, much like an old pair of jeans. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It seems that everyone is looking for soft when it comes to leather. They like the feel of being slouchy and nice to the touch,â&#x20AC;? says Ben Farber. Value Over Vuitton While itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always useful to be on top of current fashion trends, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s equally important to take a macro perspective on the industry to better understand consumer behaviour. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spending trends vary with the season. The current economy has a direct impact on where consumers spend their dollars,â&#x20AC;? says Anastasia Tsotroudis, International Sales Manager for CBM. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Consumers are much more price-conscious and are hesitant to give their dollars away to high priced brand products; therefore theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking at lesser known brands that offer similar quality and value.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe people are caring less about labels these days, yet they are This leather iPad bag from Cabrelli & Co. Accessories has an adjustable and still searching for the designer level comfortable strap, many organizational of quality at a lower price-point,â&#x20AC;? compartments and a padded iPad pouch. says Allana Davey. This is great news for more recent manufacturers and brands if theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re able to gain a strong understanding of consumer wants, and in turn, to establish how to market themselves effectively. Retailers can take a chance on some lesser-known brands that they know are offering the right products for their customer needs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;People are embracing more of an individualistic sense of style based on quality, price and availability,â&#x20AC;? says Davey. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When it comes to leather goods products, consumers are looking for value,â&#x20AC;? adds Hannah Nguyen. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They want long lasting, quality products that enhance the appearance of their status.â&#x20AC;? While it's true that today's consumers are seeking a return to the classics, the nature of the leathergoods industry is one that is in constant evolution. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Techniques in leather goods are always evolving,â&#x20AC;? says Jimmey Iszler. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Italians with great designs lead the way. Printed leather, whether animal prints or embossed designs, are still around.â&#x20AC;? Reflecting on the recent economic challenges, Hannah Nguyen is also confident that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s light at the end of the tunnel, noting: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Although the leathergoods industry has been hurt by the recent economic recession, we still see healthy growth for this category due to strong demand in travel goods in emerging markets.â&#x20AC;? e

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Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags and Accessories Association of Canada

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e ee Cover Story

10 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

Cover Story e ee

Positioning Your Store For The Next Upswing: 30 Things You Need to Get Moving on Now! By Kevin Graff

That said, we don’t get better results just because we think we should. With competition rising from every corner, and customers b e c o m in g m o re k n o w l e d g e a b l e a n d demanding, you need to change the way you run your business. Let’s look at 30 things you need to do to get the better results you’re seeking...

free) tools that can help, and they will be happy to share them with you.

without staying on top of your cash? A cash flow forecast provides you with the means to keep your business decisionm a k i n g o n t ra c k a n d yo u r i nve n to r y purchasing under control. It also serves as an early warning indicator as to when your expenditures are running out of line and when you'll be in a cash crunch. If you’re not doing a monthly cash flow forecast, stop reading right now and get started immediately. Your bank has some great (and

• Traffic: how many people came into your store (you’ll need a traffic counter for this) • Conversion Rate: the percentage of people that came into the store that made a purchase • Average Sale: the average amount of money spent per transaction • Items per Sale: the average number of items each customer purchased Know these numbers and - more importantly develop a plan on how you can improve upon each one.

3. Use an Open to Buy budget If you’re reading this, e An Open to Buy budget (OTB) is your single most important budget. This will tell you how you’ve survived the much you can spend on inventory and when you economic downturn can spend it. It doesn’t tell you what to buy; however, it is critical to controlling your inventory and are now back to Besides, how can you go ‘shopping’ for 1. Stop giving away gross margin e How much extra work are you putting in to levels. inventory without knowing how much you need, running a successful make your money each month? Take the and how much you can spend? Setting up and running an OTB budget can be example of a store aiming to generate business (or, you’ve a little unnerving at first. Check online for some $400,000 in Gross Margin dollars: • If the GM% is 50%, it would need to sell great (and, again, free) OTB software tools. borrowed this $800,000 • If the GM% is 45%, it would need to sell IMPLEMENT A MARKDOWN STRATEGY magazine from a e 4.If you $888,889 want an inventory turnover of 4.0, the friendly retailer!). The • If the store's GM% is 40%, it would need to average item must sell in no more than 90 sell $1,000,000 (that’s a lot more orders, days. Assuming a fast sell through on 20% of truth is that retail sales shipments, paperwork, staff, customers your inventory, no items should be allowed to and work than selling only $800,000!) ‘rust’ on your floor for longer than 120 days. have been rebounding As you've likely already recognized, it’s This in mind, your markdowns need to begin not easy to earn a higher margin. You need no later than the 90 day mark. The key is to now for quite some to buy better, negotiate harder and, most have a policy and live with it. The funny thing i m p o r t a n t l y, s t o p t h e u n n e c e s s a r y is, when you plan for markdowns, you actually time, and while we're discounting that goes on. end up generating a higher margin at the end not back to the high Look at how much more you have to sell when of the year. drop your margin. Assuming your gross Be proactive, not reactive. roller days of a couple you margin is 45%, if you take a 10% discount, you would need to generate 16% more in sales in MANAGE your SALES METRICS e 5.One of years ago, there is order to make the same amount of money. of your key challenges is to Likewise, if you take a 25% discount, you would understand your numbers, key metrics and every reason to believe need to generate an additional 69% in sales to statistics, and how every decision you bring home the same gross margin dollars as if make has an impact on your store's that you should not you hadn't taken a discount. productivity and profitability. Do you really think a 25% discount is getting As business owners, you are constantly only be doing better you a 70% lift in sales? Point being, we know you driving results through your numbers. The numnow, but looking need to take markdowns (see point #4), but start bers you look at and work with on a daily, weekly, holding the line on pricing more often. monthly and quarterly basis are meaningless forward to more and unless you know how to improve them. how well do you know your numbers? Do 2. Start managing cash flow e I t ’s s h o c k i n g t o s e e h o w m a n y youSoknow even better things in how to improve them? Some of the key numbers you’ll want to independent retailers don’t do cash flow the months ahead. forecasts. How can you run a business track and manage include:

Fall 2010 11

e ee Cover Story Accept personal accountability e 6.Everything begins and ends with

management, and your store is no different. An effective manager is the one who gets results. This means one must: • Look for performance, not excuses • Be a fixer, not a finger pointer • Admit your mistakes and move on

e Who

7. Develop your people

is minding your store today? The manager? The staff? That could be a problem if you have employees who haven’t really been trained properly. If you haven’t trained your manager on how to manage, or your sales people on how to sell, you’ve got a big problem. Invest in the training you know you will need to be successful. yourself e 8.TheDevelop sad truth is that too

many retail ow ners don’t keep up with the everincreasing demands of running a successful business. You not only have to wear a lot of different hats, but you must also learn to juggle all of your responsibilities all at once. 'Homework' should be a part of your weekly routine. Get out of your store and look at the greater world of retail. Read. Take a course. Go visit another big city and learn from the best retailers there. Raise your standards e 9.Standards represent your

minimum expected level of performance in all

12 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

a re a s of yo u r s to re; m e rc h a n d i s i n g, housekeeping, dress code, service, selling - everything. In the absence of standards, chaos reigns. Decide the right way to run your store (you have the right to run it the right way), and draw your line in the sand. Retailers who flourish always get compliance on standards. Retailers that struggle never do.

Refocus on the customer e 10. Competition has never been tougher -

and not just from other stores; it’s the changing attitudes, mindsets and values of your customers. Lose sight of what they want and think, and you’re lost. There’s a lot of talk about providing great service, but very little action. Recommit your store to providing a great shopping experience for your customers. Make everyone smile. Treat them with respect. Warm up, laugh more, move faster and be more human.

e Set and track hourly, daily and weekly 11. SET GOALS AND STAY FOCUSED

goals. Then, get to work making sure your teams have an unrelenting focus on achieving them.

HAVE SHIFT STARTER MEETINGS e 12. Evaluate each associate’s performance

results for 'sales average sale', 'items per sale' and other key metrics, then take time to coach them daily on how to improve.

HAVE SHIFT STARTER MEETINGS e 13. Spend 2-5 minutes at the beginning of

every shift communicating with your staff. It’s the most important time you’ll ever spend with them all day. Talk about yesterday’s results, set goals for that day, provide a bit of training and a lot of encouragement. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE TRAINING e 14. Have a product of the day that you and

your staff learn about every day. Make it not just about the technical details, but - more importantly - how to sell it to your customers. Conduct 1-minute sales training e 15. Sales training needs to be a daily event in

your store. Use your 'shift starter meetings' to have a sales tip or quiz of the day. Continual reinforcement always gets results. Organize daily contests e 16. Create friendly competition amongst

your team by organizing daily contests that drive performance. Keep contests short and simple. The best contests are typically one shift long.

Offer a product of the day e 17. Every week, select a different product to

feature at your cash desk and promote it to your customers. Make sure it’s an impulse item that costs under five dollars. Position it near the cash desk, then suggest it to every customer. It’s the easiest sale you’ll make.

Cover Story e ee Drop the ‘duds’ e 18. Give your best hours

to your best p e r fo r m e r s, a n d re d u c e ( b et te r still, eliminate) the hours you’re giving to those people on your schedule that just aren’t producing. Stop tolerating poor performance. Get organized e 19. Walk into your back room or office right

now and ask yourself if you’d be proud to show it off to a customer. If you’re not organized, you’re wasting time and money.

e No sale should ever be final. Sell your 20. GIVE ‘NO HASSLE’ REFUNDS

open-ended return policy to customers. Make buying in your stores easy and stressfree. Remember: poor policy = poor sales.

e It’s


the perfect gift…with no returns. Merchandise them throughout the store and mention them to every customer. Sell them at the cash register.

e Pay attention to what’s happening on 22. Get on the sales floor

the sales floor (and what’s not!), who’s buying, who’s not and why. Evaluate what products customers are looking for that you don’t have and what type of conversations are taking place on the floor. You can only manage so much from the back room; the sales floor is where the action is.

Shop the competition e 23. Find out what your competition is doing well

and what they’re messing up on. Then, go back to your store and find a way to do it better.


• Evaluate. Constantly monitor inventory performance at the SKU level. If you don’t have a POS system, you need one. No more excuses. • Eliminate. Be ruthless. If it isn’t selling, even with a strong margin, get rid of it. • Emphasize. Put your best foot forward; show, in a big way, your best sellers. What you show in strength sells best. Nail down your best sellers e 25. Never get caught with a best seller off your

sales floor…no excuses! Stop ‘dabbling’ so much with experimental products and commit to what you know works.

money. Get involved with issues that are important to you, your staff and your customers. You can never do too much 'good'. There’s $ in ‘green’ e 28. You can be environmental

to save the planet, but you can also do it to make some money. For instance, did you know that changing your light bulbs could save you up to 90% on electricity? Find ways to be green and save some green at the same time. Clamp down on shrinkage e 29. Losses due to theft by customers and

employees can drain you of your hard earned money. Investigate the dozens of easy things you can do to cut down on these senseless losses.

Make work fun e isn’t fun, who wants to be there?

eliminate, the further ahead you will be. Consider this: if you saved $200/month in expenses, that would be $2,400/year. If you work on a bottom line of 5% of sales, that savings is the same as increasing sales by $48,000.

No one! Make an extra effort to ensure that your store is a place where laughter is heard in every aisle. The economy is improving, but unless you’re a better retailer today than you were last year you probably won’t see much if any improvement in your results. The good news is that there are so many things you can do now to improve performance. With a lot of confidence in yourself, and even more hard work, you can and will have a great year of sales and profits. e

‘good’. The reality is that your customers expect you to be about more than just making

Kevin Graff is President of Graff Retail Inc. Visit

e The more expenses you can reduce or 26. Challenge every expense

Community based marketing e 27. There’s good business to be had by doing

Executive Lite

Samboro Luggage (Canada) Corp./Delsey Luggage 341 Steelcase Road West, Markham, ON L3R 3W1 Tel: 905-305-1888 Fax: 905-305-0128 Fall 2010 13

e ee LLHA News

President's Message Another year is close to being in the books, and what a year it has been. Beginning on a positive note, we have seen the recession fade into the past and, thankfully, Canada did not drop into the depths of despair that our friends to the south experienced. We have seen a major rebound in our industry, and most answered the bell and remain standing! Closer to home, our 2010 version of the LLHA Show was also a huge hit and success. There are still challenges to face (aren’t there always) as we look towards 2011. Traveling through airports is once again in the news in a negative way as the general public struggles with being scanned or patted down, leading to delays and disruptions. We can only hope that this does not interrupt the recovery in the travel industry. China is again in the news as their economy continues to explode; causing problems for the rest of the world as we feel the impact of fluctuating currencies and costing (that appears to be as out of control as a bullet train with no brakes!) That being said, we Canadians are a resilient bunch and we will do what we always do…find a way to adapt and be successful. As this year comes to a close, we are hard at work preparing for the April 10-12, 2011 LLHA Show. Our aim is to again deliver a premier national buying show that brings together suppliers and retailers from across Canada and North America under one roof. We work hard to ensure that we have done all we can for success, however we can’t do it without YOU - the suppliers - displaying your wares and YOU - the retailers - attending the show and giving the suppliers a reason to exist. Be sure to make your plans now; the show will be here sooner than you think. On a personal note I hope that this past year has been good not only for your business but for you. May 2011 continue to see you happy, healthy and living life to its fullest. Best of the Holiday Season to all!

Paul Hanley, LLHA President

Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags and Accessories Association of Canada (866) 872-2420 Fax: (519) 624-6408 •

Remembering Ted Forma

The Canadian fashion industry lost an innovator, and the LLHA lost a long time friend, with the recent passing of Ted Forma. For over 40 years, Forma was a key figure in the Canadian fashion industry, lending his skills and talents to a number of companies as well as the LLHA. His work in the industry included his early years at A.V Roe, representing High Fashion and the Duval line, and owning and operating National Leather in Toronto from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. “Ted was an old-style sales rep,” recalls Ken Maxwell, a former LLHA board member and owner of Maxwell Enterprises, adding: “He knew everybody in the industry, from the one store retailer to the large department stores.” Ted's enthusiasm for the industry was matched only by his passion for golf. Ted played a key role in organizing LLHA's yearly golf tournament and spent many of the days before and after honing his game. Recalls Maxwell: “Ted was a guy who loved his golf, and weather permitting, would sooner meet a customer on the golf green than in a board room”. Over and above his extensive contributions to the industry and LLHA, Ted is fondly remembered by everyone as the kind of man to offer his time and expertise to any and all who crossed his path. “I always thought that he was a very very kind and giving person,” remembers Ivan Lam of Samboro Luggage Canada Corp. “Even though I didn't really work with him on a daily basis, every time I'd run into him at the luggage shows, he'd always be asking what he can do to help.” Ted passed away at 90 years old and is survived by his three children, six grand children and a wealth of extended family.

14 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

CPSA exclusive membership for LLHA members, now subsidized by the LLHA

Back by popular demand, the LLHA will pay half of one CPSA membership for each member! To receive this special offer at our corporate rate, contact Catherine Genge at to be sent the CSPA application, and fax it back directly to Florence Fillion at 416-408-2684. Please note that LLHA membership dues must be paid prior to being eligible for the CSPA special membership rate. If you wish to purchase more than one CPSA membership, it will be extended to each of your employees at the special corporate rate of $105.00. CPSA membership is built on powerful partner programs that give its members access to exclusive discounts on business, automotive, travel and insurance services. On average, the CPSA rates (which are negotiated with over 1,000 hotels across Canada and the US), beat Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz by 16%. Members saved over $1,361 last year alone on expenses such as hotels, flights, car rentals, gas and parking. Even if you only travel a few times a year, the membership pays for itself. But, CPSA Membership goes beyond your bottom line, providing you with access to timely training, sales assessment tools, and tactical market insights to give you the selling edge. Become a CPSA member today! Visit or call 1.888.267. CPSA(2772).


ATTENTION BUYERS! COMPLETE OUR ON-LINE SURVEY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN $500! It only takes five minutes to tell us what you think, and we will enter you into a draw for the chance to win $500 in show bucks to spend at the 2011 LLHA Show! The LLHA has developed a series of questions regarding the LLHA Show, that will enable us to continue to improve this annual event for you. To complete the survey, just visit and click on “Buyer Survey” at top right on our home page. We thank you for your thoughts and feedback. And, as

always, if you have something to say, we want to hear about it. Please email Catherine Genge at LLHA MEMBERS: Have you checked your on-line member listing? Please check your FREE listing on the LLHA website. Go to, click on the “Search Members” or “Search Brands” link and email any changes to

Does your company have a position to fill? Did you know that you can post job openings for FREE as an LLHA member? If you are looking for agents, reps or employees, email and include the position, description and contact info.

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e ee Fashion Trends: Designs and Winter 2010-11

Fashion Trends: Classic is the new black By Lisa Charleyboy

Fashion runways, couture houses, and luggage companies have been creating handbags, accessories, and luggage that reflect a return to the past. Whether it be the 1950’s prim handbag, or luggage inspired from the trunk suitcases of the late 18th century, there’s no doubt that classic style has reasserted itself in the trend reports.

Derek Alexander's handbag is a great example of the classic envelope style purse that has continued to be a mainstay on the handbag market.

Function Over Fashion The return to the classic isn’t really so surprising when one considers the economic impact on current trends. According to Gail Grant, Eastern Canada Sales Manager for Derek Alexander Group: “With fashion, what’s old always becomes what’s new again, and in economic times such as these, consumers always tend to go back to classic, quality styles.” “The fact that people are spending their money more diligently than at other times, creates a different mindset,” adds Amy Jakubaitis, Public Relations Coordinator for RIMOWA North America. “They would rather spend more money once, rather than less money many times. People want classic, long-lasting pieces.” “Consumers nowadays have less disposable earnings to spend on trendy pieces. What’s important is having staple, classic pieces that will pass the test of time, no matter how the styles may change,” observes Jakubaitis. “People are more willing to spend some money on items that not only look good no matter what, but that are stronger and sturdier and will last forever, versus something that will not last past one season.”

The desire to invest in quality over quantity has also changed the consumer’s behaviour in their approach to shopping. “Today they save more, look for deals on the Internet, wait for a sale, and typically don’t buy the new product the first day it hits the shelf,” says Bhaskar Basu, Designer and President of Anuschka Handbags. This awareness of the economy and focus on the pocketbook affects how they’re actually buying their pocketbooks. As Gail Grant notes: “Consumers are very aware of their financial position and as a result they’re looking for quality and classic styles that will last from season to season.” The desire for different kinds of products has driven the industry to tailor its offerings to consumer demands. “The economic downturn has forced most businesses to go back to the drawing board and reinvent themselves…a process that has highlighted the importance of focusing on the very basic qualities that keep consumers loyal to a brand,” says Bhaskar Basu. “Quality and value are the two most important things that determine the life of a product or a brand in the market place.” “When inventory levels go up and sales go down, everyone takes notice. The economy has definitely left a lasting change behind. Companies are treading with more caution. Having a controlled mix of classic designs in the collection allows them to feel safe about what will always sell and what will give them the fashion edge,” says Basu. “It’s kind of like what your portfolio manager would suggest if you wanted to be more cautious with your investments.” This is precisely why Sandra Cassivi, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sac O Grande believes that, “after a few rough years economically, people may want to go back to basics. A classic vintage style will often fulfill that need.”

Chanel inspired Bebe purses from Fashion Import show a return to more classic roots.

Taking a cue from the canvas beach bag, this other Bebe handbag from Fashion Import takes Chanel's classic style to the beach, and is perfect for a spring or summer casual day. 16 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

Fashion Trends: Designs and Winter 2010-11 e ee

A Trip Down Memory Lane Vintage styles of both classic and modern pedigree took center stage in handbag trends this season. At Marc Jacobs, the Camille bag was a 50’s style with a 70’s vibe, as the flapover style with padlock detailing was made in a worn-in brown leather with a slight slouch. Structured day handbags are a piece of real nostalgia for the North American consumer, as they harken to days when ladylike chic was at its height. “Sometimes consumers will look for a classic style, or a style that brings back feelings of comfort,” says Sandra Cassivi. “Often a vintage look item will do all of the above.”

Sac O Grande's caramel quilted vintage-look handbag offers 5 compartments with 2 zippers, giving a modern twist to the classic "granny bag".

RIMOWA was founded in the late 1800s in Germany and created a classic trunk shape that would be transformed in 1950, when they were the first company to create the suitcase in structural aluminum. They have recreated this iconic model in their Vintage Series 1950 line and released it in a limited edition quantity of, but of course, 1950 pieces. “People always love classic styling. Trends come and go, however classic looks and traditional shapes are always in,” says Amy Jakubaitis. Luggage pieces, like this Vintage Series 1950 line from Rimowa, are inspired from the original trunk cases in the late 18th century which evoke strong images of early Americana, when the future was nothing but bright.

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e ee Fashion Trends: Designs and Winter 2010-11

“The past often reminds us of fond memories, and if it was a classic look, we usually welcome it with open arms.” - Sandra Cassivi, Sac O Grande

Boomers Versus Millennials “Fashion always has a way of repeating itself; the mini skirt is an example that springs to mind, so why not certain styles for handbags and luggage?” says Sandra Cassivi. “The past often reminds us of fond memories, and if it was a classic look, we usually welcome it with open arms.” But what if you’re a younger consumer and don’t remember those classic styles? “Some younger consumers may be influenced by latest trends. These trends are often what their favorite celebrities are wearing, what they see on television, and what their favourite fashion magazine is talking about,” says Cassivi. While the millennial generation may not understand the nostalgia attached to the item, they will still be influenced by the trends, as will their parents. “We believe that the mature consumer will lean more towards a high quality, classic handbag where the younger consumer will tend to follow this same direction, but will buy it from their favourite brand,” says Gail Grant. Classics with a Twist “Fashion trends will come and go, however it is my strong belief that designers will keep their eye on the basics while incorporating n e w te c h n o l o g y a n d m o d e r n d e s i g n elements into their product. This will allow consumers to enjoy the old classics with some modern benefits,” says Bhaskar Basu. “All in all, we are creating something better and that’s what the consumer is looking for.” e 18 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

Industry Forecast Report e ee

Accessories Lead the Way By Marshal Cohen, The NPD Group

What were some of the important categories in the accessories market this year? When looking at the latest data f ro m N PD’s C a n adia n Accessories Consumer Tracking Service, it’s clear that travel accessories are more important than several other categories in the total accessories market. While jewellery represents the largest segment in Canada with dollar sales of 29% of total accessories, travel related accessories come in second w i t h 16 % , fo l l o w e d b y s u n g l a s s e s a t 10 % a n d watc h es at 9%. It is also important to note that total bags is 26%, but some of that number includes travel products. A closer inspection of this data reveals what is really i m p o r t a n t to c o n s u m e r s. Specific all y, 6 2 % of total accessories were planned p u rc h a s e s, w h i c h m e a n s consumers have shifted their buying habits from impulse purchases to calculated buys. This is an important factor to consider when planning a merchandise mix. Calculated p u rc h a s e s a re w h e n t h e consumer has to think about making a purchase, rather than grabbing an item on impulse. This new attitude is a direct result of the recent recession which taught consumers to use better financial restraint and correct their reckless prerecession budgeting behaviors. Today, consumers are asking themselves more responsible questions such as: “Can I buy this somewhere else for less?”, “Should wait for it to go on sale?” or even “Is this the best time to buy?”. Not only are they taking time to qualify their purchases, they are also doing their homework (aka ‘pre search’). In shor t: today’s consumers abide by much smarter and more calculated shopping methods. The current numbers also reveal that consumers are

ex pecting sales on some categories to be greater and more frequent than others. In total accessories, 38% of all Canadian accessories are sold on sale, while 47% are sold at full price. That is great news for the accessories category as opposed to apparel, where 57% of all apparel is sold on sale. This is one more reason the accessories business is more profitable than apparel, and why it continues to drive sales growth. Not only are consumers expecting sales as often, but they are a deciding factor for their reason to purchase. That being said, not all accessories are treated equally. Watches are one item that are expected to be on sale by the consumer, and the data shows that consumers are responding to those sales. For instance, 52% of watch sales in Canada are a result of sale merchandise, with jewelery following at 35% sold on sale. We know that impulse plays a huge role in selling jewelery over watches, and now we can see that price also makes a difference when it comes to moving product. As for other items in the top four categories that are sold on sale, sunglasses are 27%, and bags come in at 45%. Much of that I believe is based on the frequency of style changes and t h e c o n s u m e r s’ l e v e l o f ‘wardrobing’ bags as they stock-up their collections. There are two major lessons to be learned from NPD’s Canadian data. One is to make sure you don't underestimate the importance of the travel business; luggage of all kinds is taking on a whole life of its own. Further, as more manufacturers realize that innovation and technology will drive sales for the travel business, we will see that factor into consumers’ purchases. Don't get stuck in

that conservative thinking that the recession drove retailers to demand only more basics. Beat the competition by introducing new and innovative product.Give the consumer a reason to purchase beyond just waiting for their current travel products to breakdown. Give them new and innovative products that make their travel more pleasurable and more convenient. Another lesson is that one shouldn't put product on sale merely for the sake of having a sale. Consumers that buy on impulse don't always require the deepest discounts. Sometimes no sale is needed, just a smaller discount that will create the incentive the consumer is looking for to pull the trigger. Overall, accessories continue to out perform the rest of the fashion industry. Knowing what and when to promote is therefore

the key to getting even more "mileage" out of the travel goods business. These highlights are from NPD’s Canadian Accessories Consumer Tracking Service, launched in Canada in October 2009. It provides insights into market size, channels, brands, retailers, product features, usage, consumer profiles and other data. For more information, contact Sandy Silva at sandy. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group Inc., has been a nationally known expert on consumer behaviour and the retail industry for over thirty years. NPD is the leading global provider of consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Visit www. or follow them at http:// Fall 2010 19

e ee Business Centre

Creating a Strategic Retail Plan for Success By Rena Granofsky You begin each day by checking your sales by department. Were you successful yesterday, this week, this month, this year? Compared to what? Are sales higher or lower than yesterday, or last week, or last year? If they are lower, is that terrible? Maybe not! And if sales are higher in a department, does that mean that all classifications in that department are doing well? Maybe not, but how can you tell? Without a retail plan, unfortunately, any road will do… There are three main components to analyzing your performance and building your success: planned sales, actual sales, and historical sales (trends, last year, 2 years ago, etc.), and it all starts with a solid retail financial plan. Getting started The main component of any financial objective is sales, therefore you will need to start with a sales forecast. This is no easy task. As Jim Dion, President of Chicago-based Dionco aptly states: “Forecasting is like driving a car blindfolded, while somebody is sitting in the back seat looking out the rear window, giving you directions!” A sales forecast is based on both external and internal factors. You will have little or no control over external factors (i.e. the economy, competition, geography, customer demographics, product life cycle, price elasticity, inflation, etc.), but these factors will help determine whether to forecast a sales increase or decrease, and by how much. You will, however, have more control with internal factors. For example, you can plan for factors like increased frontline training to increase sales, more sales staff, better store tools for customers and employees, a new marketing thrust, new stores or renovations, new pricing strategies or credit policies, new product lines, and more. These factors will help determine whether to forecast a sales increase or decrease, and by how much. Planning for three When starting the retail planning process, one must understand that there are three plans, and three functional groups that need to be involved, including: 20 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine

1. The financial plan: typically built by the CFO and President. 2. The merchandise plan: set up by the buying team. 3. The store plan: set up by the operations team. Why do you need three plans? First, the financial plan represents the company’s strategic objectives, and sets the stage for the performance of the entire company, as well as ensuring that there is enough cash available to support the plan. You will need cash to buy the inventory and pay all expenses. Timing is key, and that is why any plan is best broken down into months or - even better - weeks. The merchandise plan ensures that there is enough inventory to sell, and states sales objectives to the lowest level at which you control purchases - typically the classification - again with the timing broken down into months or weeks. Finally, the store plan sets objectives by store; typically by department. Ideally, daily goals are set to keep everyone on track and motivated. What happens if the three plans don’t match? How can you achieve your goals as a company if everyone is working on different goals? The three plans must match! So how can you ensure they are the same? Using the right planning tools Existing planning software can be cumbersome and anything but userfriendly. However, there are a slew of planning applications emerging that are for all sizes of retailers, and they are available at many different price points. They offer all sorts of features to build matching plans across the company. First, plans can be built “top down”, setting corporate objectives based on factors like economic conditions, market and sales potential, projected share of market, and internal factors like increased frontline training, new product lines and new stores. The application automatically breaks down the objectives into planned sales by store, month and/or week, and by merchandise department or class. Plans can be also be built “bottom up”, with sales entered by buyers then summarized automatically into a total corporate forecast.

Business Centre e ee

Many applications allow multiple versions of the plan at a time (i.e. “what if” versions of the plan) to project a variety of outcomes and help you select the one that is right for you. And many elements can be planned, and even calculated, from other elements automatically: sales, inventory, markdowns, turnover, margins, receipts and others. Channel and store plan applications have also come a long way. Some applications allow you to dynamically cluster stores into groups. You might also plan by store attributes that you define, or by store volumes by classification.

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It’s all in the details Now that you have your merchandise plan set up, how do you plan the inventory to fill your shelves? Assortment Planning applications are now available for every size of retailer and budget, with even the less sophisticated versions offering a tremendous number of features and benefits. What can you expect? Many Assortment Planning applications offer the ability to build the assortment from the bottom up, with key item planning for edited assortments. You can build the assortment based on attributes that you define, cluster stores together to simplify the process, and build, store and organize your offerings while the financial plan is being assembled. If you understand things better visually, some applications will even show you product images by store, allowing you to adjust the plan by moving the images around. Most importantly, many of these applications are fully integrated with the planning application, so there is one version of the truth, and one set of goals for everyone in the company.

Fulton Umbrellas (Canada) Ltd. 416-661-3493


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Meeting the plan: Inside and outside the company Assuming you now have a plan for ever yone within your organization (that is, the financial, store operations, distribution centre and logistics, buyers and merchandisers and marketing), how can you be sure that the product will be available when you want and need it to meet your plan? Consider this: it is seldom what you don’t have that puts you out of business, but what you have too much of! You need to control your purchases to achieve your plan. An integrated Open to Buy application will analyze actual and planned sales by classification, along with available and required inventory, purchase orders and projected markdowns. It will then tell you how much at retail you can spend on that class in any month to achieve the plan. It is infinitely better to know early if you are overbought in one class, and unable to buy what you need in another. Then you can decide how to fix the problem! Full integration offers great benefits! Imagine that you plan your assortment and then need to create the purchase order to fill the plan. If the Assortment Planning and Purchase Order applications are fully integrated, then you can automatically set up the purchase order, eliminating costly errors and your valuable time. There are typically varying levels of integration offered, from none to full, so be sure to check before you buy! You also need to consider your external partners. Product Sourcing is the next related application, and again, is available for retailers of all sizes and budgets. You can now communicate with manufacturers and distributors to manage the product design, attributes, product flow and pricing, all based on your assortment plan.

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Planning for success A solid retail plan provides the foundation for success. It definitely requires valuable resources: time to plan properly, and money to purchase the right set of applications to support you. Is it worth it? Only if you want success! e Rena Granofsky is President of RIT Experts, an international consulting firm specializing in retail technology strategies and roadmaps, best practice research, and solution search and implementation. The company is based in Toronto. Please refer to for more information. Fall 2010 21

e ee Industry News & Views

. Impor ts s Award as rceAim Busines Aim Imports, h r fo OutSou d te e a rc u in o e m th tS No r of f Ou Owner epreneu ow n e r o g c's “Entr Cassivi, e aintainin b ra m e d u d n n a Q a r S g fo in d h te c un hile mina ork in la iness. W been no for her w b ag b us d rd ore n a m a w h a 's e e Year” its sh n onlin m a d , a e i d iv n s n ra ote tial , Cas S ac O G r other p minated fo o n o d e b e other ld u ncourag happy to ut what this co e to is bo s also ant th excited a ting: “I w ac O Grande ha ta s , g rs u ne s.” S for Sprin , entrepre busines n d b ag s a a rts rt h o a ta p s m Im to eAim e of Em rc n wo m e n u li o w tS e u n for O ed a O Heys Acquires Di announc a is an entr y line t quality as Sac sney License a m re m g E e . Synonymous with tra sam 2011 vel since 1986, Heys ature the oints. nd will fe at lower price p International offers a high quality, innovati t u b , ve, stylish and feature-rich lug Grande gage and accessori es at affordable pricing. Heys is currently ple ased to announce that it ha s acquired a new lic ense for the popular lines of MANCIN Disney soft-side ba I Launch ckpacks & luggage. These excit es New Mancini Website ing and reasonably invites e priced veryone new additions to the website to visit it featuring lineup will complem s brand ent Heys all of its current collection of more. T new inte latest co he new signature higher-end ractive lle ctions an s ma ite will fe offerings, such as rket categorie d much, their hard-side lugga a s , tu a re n intuitive p much c le ge carrya ons with specially pr Dealer P rl y d roduct se ortal sec inted Disney creati arch featu efined product ve. With this tion rese business new acquisition, He re ,a rved exc ys can now produc partners lusively fo nd a MANCINI e its unique , and equ The site and creative desig r use by ip ns at a more afford p w e ill d w it include able price promotio point for retailers an pages re ith convenient on s retail ns, d consumers alike, by and repa news and events lating to ongoin line tools. diverting the major ity of creative resou g MANC ir issues ; all of w , customer servic rces to the MANCIN development of un e and wa INI hich are I brand a ique materials and rranty d e tex n s tures for d ig Visit the n its Disney soft-side ew site a stimulate busines ned to promote products. Contact t the He s w ys a today to pre- order this un cinileathe mongst its retaile ique collection: sales rs. or call 1-877-4 88 -4 397 Meade R ay Introd uces Roo M ead e R ts 'Kanata ay a n n o u ' Collecti nces the 'Kanata' on arrival of collection the new R for Holid edition lin oots ay 2010. e combin T he limit es sm o o sup ple s ed th calf lea uede an ther with d feature silver zip s o s ft, p g c o ntrasti ers. Avail omin ng g old able in tw large clu tor e or t bec u b p l o ib o il r Im tc tr s w ty h n is les – the and the por t ac D Fashio th e K a n c ompact muc h ac Spor ts h io n Im S p o r ts a c s e a L a c F ta e e , s iv s 1 li n e fe a orized wri 1 Le sy n o ny m E xclus tu re s a ll uar y 2 0 s u to r of le d ous with o f th e q tlet – in g J a n n d is tr ib p ri g h ts, w h e e ia d th a e a B e g in n n n u a li ti e s R a d u n o C f o fu o o ts e n y t c iv b rr ti is s rand: qu onality. T lu ca ons ality, clas he Roots available th e exc d o th e r n e w il l c d s now for a Kanata c a c k s a n n t p r in ts a n e. T h e li p g k a c g a ollection g li b m p lu ra it ri d e t c ib d e le n v s e e ti m ra e rr f is h e n u o g c in w in t , ir s n g e s e from $ 4 5 lect store o r tm e d u ff le r y to th s with to $ 6 0. om an ass c a te g o ags fr b l b a g s in y w il l a d d th is a u n s io a h c s e a h d F T n s o li d s. ags a d d e d to i trave l handb li n e s a m f u w o T e n x y i r b m th e ch e lu g g a g ts a c. O y in c lu d e T-Te LeSpor c k 2 Yo u a to r B n , e s v g in s dba Im p o r t' ebe han o ri e s, B o k i lu g g a g e. s s e c c a id a n d To k lo c a to r Adapter niversal U s e s a le on the go s Re novation y powered ta s to ga r ie Pronto In eas r. Featurin making it al adapte rs e iv n Pronto is u d n s a lease of it charger, with the re power outlet, USB ws llo a r te C p A da s universal tion, the a electronic rge protec of mobile e nt lin e ll m built-in su rt fu a n asso to power nes and a o h p rt customers a m laptops, s . including eir travels while on th ts e g d a g f o LAND partners with Colombian Leather House Jimmey Iszler, President and CEO of LAND leather goods, and Javier and Maritza Rincon, owners of Colombian Leather Goldco gets Grap hic Couture House, are proud to announce that they have partnered in Go ldc o Im po rts & Ex po rts ha s revea led its ne w distributing LAND leather products exclusively for Canada. lin e of Gr ap hic Co ut ur e pr od uc ts With a history of over 40 years in the leather industry, LAND: aim ed at ca pt ur ing the att en tio n of tod ay 's fic kle yo uth The Leather Collection is known for its quality, durability, top ma rke t. Wo rki ng dir ec tly wi th ar tis ts, Gr ap hic grain leathers, brass hardware and water proof, washable Co utu re de liver s cre ati on s tha t are bo th sty lis h linings. The first official Canadian exhibit of LAND goods will be an d en viron me nta lly frie nd ly, su ch as its Ec oS tyl e at the LLHA Show in Toronto, April 10-12, 2011. ba gs th at ar e cr ea te d wi th 10 0% re cy cla bl e "I am extremely happy to have Javier and Maritza in the ma ter ial. Th e lin e wi ll lau nc h in wi nte LAND team!" says Mr Iszler. "They are very professional and r an d be rea dy for sto res an d sa les in Sp rin g 20 11. Fo r an serious, and I just could not be more satisfied to have them as ad va nc ed loo k, co nta ct Jo an ne Le un g, Go ldc o's our partners for the Canadian market". Adds Marco Quintero, direc tor of op era tio ns at joa nn e.l eu ng @ go ldc o. vice president of LAND: “We are excited about the possibility ca or ca ll 416-29 324 88 . Ea rly de ve lop me of our product being accessible to Canada, after years of nts ca n als o be fou nd on lin e at 22 Travel Goods, Fashion & Accessories Magazine ww w.go ldc o.c a. requests by loyal LAND customers.”

Anything less just doesn’t fly.

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