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2009 MediaKit

The multi-unit residential market in Canada is filled with opportunity, as well as constant change. That’s why Canadian Apartment Magazine (CAM) is designed to give property owners and managers the information and tools needed to understand the relevant issues and to capitalize on their investments. With our unprecedented focus on industry leaders, enhancing cash flow, reducing operating costs and maximizing marketing efforts, CAM is providing the articles that our readers have told us they want to read. Our efforts include assisting our audience to navigate legal issues by highlighting the initiatives of landlord advocacy groups and keeping on top of regulatory updates. Much of the content of CAM comes directly from the pens and minds of industry professionals and experts, who bring an understanding of the dayto-day challenges of the multi-unit sector. These range from the overarching trends and statistics to the nuts and bolts of administering a facility, covering the many aspects of this diverse industry.


Feature Columns

Editor’s Note


Industry News

Market Overview

Feature Building/Owner/Manager

Regulatory Updates






2009 Forecast

Who’s Who

Movers and Shakers

Issue Focus

Issue Focus

Issue Focus

Building Envelope

Finance and Insurance

Energy Management

Walls, roofing, windows, perimeter, lobby

Rates, coverage, policies

HVAC systems, lighting, elevators






Issue Focus

Issue Focus

Retrofits & Building Envelope

Marketing and Sales

Software and Technology

Plumbing, balconies, parking, lobbies, interiors

Occupancy techniques, training, leasing tools, events

Telecom, building technologies, competition, leasing, laundry, parking, elevators

Tenant Retention Issue Focus

Our mission is to produce market leading, superior quality magazine, conference and trade show brands that provide distinctive and effective ways to deliver client information to key industry players. MediaEDGE Primary Goal Our primary goal is to be a customer-focused, results-driven organization that strives to deliver the highest level of service in a sincere, earnest and professional manner. We will continue to explore our clients' needs and seek to learn how to better deliver our promise.

CAM Readership Results Canadian Apartment Magazine is pleased to announce the following results from its readership study. The results will be used to shape the future focus and direction of the publication, allowing us to create more relevant and appealing articles and special features. We are grateful to all who participated and contributed to the success of this survey.

The percentage of Canadian Apartment Magazine readers who are Senior Executives, including owners, presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, senior operations, senior property managers and directors

30% Managed

Percentage of Portfolio Owned and Managed

25% 70%



Senior Executives




The average number of buildings per portfolio




(A) The average dollars spent annually for maintenance and operations (B) The average dollars spent annually for modernization/ retrofit work


The average number of units per portfolio



MediaEDGE History For more than 20 years MediaEDGE has launched, managed and produced market-leading, well-recognized, publishing, conference and trade show products within a variety of industry-specific sectors, positioning MediaEDGE among the most respected organizations in this field. MediaEDGE Today With a current client list of more than 50 associations and having produced a portfolio well in excess of 100 industry-specific products, our experienced team of professionals is well poised to deliver timely, content-rich information to sector constituents while providing front line customers direct access to senior decision makers – a vital element to their success. With offices in the United States, Canada and Australia, our vast network of print and electronic graphic designers, event planners, editors, writers, publishers and account managers are focused from concept to planning and execution – thus ensuring the successful achievement of all elements of client communication goals.

Mechanical Specifications MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS

Type page: 7.125" x 9.625" • Trim size: 8.1258" x 10.875" • Bleed size: 8.375" x 11.125" Halftone screen: 133 line maximum • Printed offset, saddle stitch bound. DIGITAL FILES:

Preferred format is InDesign CS3, QuarkXPress 6.5, Adobe Illustrator or PDF. Please include all image files and all fonts used in the document and a laser copy for reference. No Microsoft Office or Corel Draw files will be accepted. GENERIC PDF FILES:

Generic PDF files, created with Adobe Acrobat Distiller using high resolution CMYK (no colour profiles), with all the fonts embedded. “Save-as” PDF files (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop) and native application files (QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word) are not acceptable for digital ad submissions. These files are not final material and can create problems with reproduction. WHEN SENDING MATERIAL:

1. Submit files on a Macintosh formatted CD-ROM. 2. Include a Magazines Canada standards colour proof, for accurate reproduction. All colour files must be accompanied by a colour proof or a separated laser proof. Publisher assumes no responsibility for accuracy where no proof is provided. 3. Upload files to the FTP site. Host: Username: me_cam_ad Password: artwork 4. Digital materials, Film, artwork, etc. to be sent to: Production Manager, 5255 Yonge Street, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario M2N 6P4 GUARANTEED POSITIONS Guaranteed advertising positions are available at a 15% premium.

INSETS Supplied: 1 page, overleaf available to publisher – b&w page rate plus 25%. 1 page, overleaf blank – rates on request. Maximum weight 100lbs. Allow 2-1/2" binding lip and 1/4" head trim. Reader Reply Cards: must be accompanied by minimum 1 page adjacent advertisement. Standard size 5.75" x 4.375"; allow 2.50" binding lip and .25" head trim. Charged at 1/3 page rate plus $20.00 per thousand for stitching. Published by

5255 Yonge St., Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario M2N 6P4 Tel: 416-512-8186 Fax: 416-512-8344 Toll Free: 866-216-0860

2009 Rates Advertising Rates & Opportunities Full Page

1x $2,250

3x $2,150

6x $2,025

2/3 Page 1/2 Page Island 1/2 Page Horizontal 1/3 Page 1/4 Page

$1,810 $1,765 $1,605 $1,500 $1,370

$1,690 $1,710 $1,555 $1,440 $1,340

$1,590 $1,512 $1,375 $1,265 $1,170

Cover Costs (includes four colour charge) OBC $3,225 $3,135 IFC $3,085 $2,995 IBC $2,975 $2,885

$3,075 $2,935 $2,825

Colour Costs (includes four colour charge) Four Colour Process $950 Standard Colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Blue) $360 Matched Colours (out of process) $560 Special Colours (Pantone,Metallic) Rates on request Guaranteed Position Charge 15% Agency Commission 15% Inserts Rates on request Advertising Page Dimensions Ad Size Width Full Trim Page 8.125" 2/3 Vertical 4.5625" 1/2 Vertical 3.375" 1/2 Horizontal 7.125" 1/2 Island 4.5265" 1/3 Vertical 2.25" 1/3 Square 4.5625" 1/4 Vertical 3.375"

Depth 10.875" 9.5265" 9.5625" 4.75" 7.375" 9.5625" 4.75" 4.75"

Publishing Schedule Issue

Ad Closing

Material Deadline

Publish Date


Jan 16

Jan 23

Feb 6


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Canadian Apartment Magazine Media Kit  

2009 MediaKit

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