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BEIC Message from the Chair The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC) was founded in 2016 by a group of Corporate leaders representing a variety of business sectors. This is an industry-driven initiative established to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies, including energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that will transform the built environment, while developing world-class cleantech companies, creating jobs, and enabling economic prosperity in a future low carbon era. The relevance of the BEIC has never been greater, given the pivotal role the real estate sector can play in Canada's COVID economic recovery. The BEIC is encouraging all levels of Government to recognize this opportunity by creating "Green Building" stimulus funding and incentive programs. Canadians would benefit in the following four ways from this support: 1. Building energy retrofit stimulus project funding would incentivize building owners to prioritize capital for energy retrofits across their real estate portfolios. This would reduce their operating costs, reduce their carbon footprint enhancing their brand and image, and enhance the resiliency of their building operations through upgrading to more reliable and efficient mechanical and electrical equipment and building systems, ultimately enhancing their tenant and occupant experience. These investments contribute to making Canadian businesses more competitive and contributing to their growth. 2. Job creation would result from the energy retrofit investments due to the labour intensity of this kind of work. It is estimated that there are tens of billions of dollars of energy efficiency retrofit opportunities in Canada over the next five years, which would create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Further, for every $1 of investment in energy retrofits, there is an estimated $4 to $5 of GDP growth. 3. Creating demand for Canadian clean technologies by providing an opportunity to develop and implement these innovative energy conservation and renewable solutions, and establish referral projects and business cases to support the expansion of these companies in Canada and globally. Becoming a leader in this industry will position these Canadian Clean Techs to effectively compete in what will likely become a multi-trillion-dollar global market over the next ten years. 4. Reducing our carbon footprint will be made possible through encouraging and accelerating investment in this sector. Buildings generate 35% of the GHG emissions, making them one of the largest contributors to global warming and climate change. Further, by reducing energy consumption in the building sector, additional capacity will be freed up on the existing electricity grids enabling the transformation of the transportation sector to Electric Vehicles. This will result in even greater emission reductions and create opportunities for infrastructure investment that will create more jobs and further support our economic recovery. The BEIC is committed to moving this agenda forward and building an economically prosperous and environmentally sustainable future for all Canadians. I hope you will consider joining the BEIC so your business can take advantage of its access to knowledgeable leaders, supportive marketing capabilities, and BEIC's ability to amplify your voice as a member of a growing reputable body within the real estate and building clean technology sectors. Gordon Hicks | BEIC Chair & CEO of BGIS

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Championing Clean Building Technologies

The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC) was conceived with a singular ambition: accelerating the development and adoption of clean building technologies across Canada. And since its foundation by Brookfield Integrated Global Services (BGIS) CEO Gordon Hicks in 2016, the Council has united real estate leaders, energy innovators, industry specialists, and partners from around the world to make good on this founding mission.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of BEIC’s vision. Alongside its members, the Council provides input to the utility sector and government partners on the incentives and initiatives needed to drive the adoption of low-carbon technologies and spark building energy retrofits throughout Canada’s built environment. Moreover, the Council works with local and global organizations (e.g., the TIR

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BEIC has been tremendous in enabling Red Deer College (soon to be a University) to advance its green energy master plan. Through partnerships developed with BEIC members, RDC has showcased the latest solar and biomass technologies to small and medium enterprises in central Alberta. With over 3600 solar panels installed, RDC has the largest solar array of any institution in Canada and has reduced its heat and power costs by 40%. This would not have been possible without the networking provided by being a member of BEIC.

Joel Ward, President & CEO of Red Deer College (RDC)

BEIC Membership has helped open new Strategic Partnership doors for Eco-Growth's new waste-derived biomass energy systems. We have been introduced to leading companies and institutions that are likeminded and have a genuine desire to make a difference when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The exposure BEIC Membership has brought has been instrumental in Eco-Growth expanding from a regional to a national “Green Technology” Company. I highly recommend BEIC Membership to any company wishing to become a voice for growth in the rapidly expanding “Green Economy.

Kim Caron, CEO of Eco-Growth Environmental

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Consulting Group, USGBC, CaGBC) to share best practices and champion energy efficiency programs. BEIC’s strategy also includes supporting and promoting clean building innovations among its members. This is achieved by providing a forum through which BEIC partners and members can share their energy technologies and programs, and access opportunities for piloting and expediting commercialization. Beyond these aims, BEIC endeavours to support the adoption of clean building technologies by generating awareness for its members’ innovations, both in the

private and public realm. Furthermore, it seeks opportunities to partner with financial services companies and manufacturers to develop innovative funding solutions for building owners that enable the broadscale implementation of energy efficiency retrofits and renewable power and storage solutions. Every component of BEIC’s multi-pronged strategy is critical to its progress. And moving ahead, its success is dependent on a growing roster of members representing the real estate, suppliers association, government, academia, and beyond. Learn more about BEIC at

Since we joined, membership has been an invaluable platform to connect, collaborate, and develop new relationships and solutions that nationally drive highperformance building value.

Bill MacGowan, Director, Smart Connected Real Estate, Cisco Systems Canada

Taking Energy Savings into Account sustainable technologies and strategies that will have the greatest impact on energysavings and occupant experience. “And it’s not all about reducing energy costs,” DeBenedictis adds. “Sure, that’s a plus for the organization and our stakeholders, but the larger goal is to create more comfortable, adaptable, and cleaner environments for our staff and their customers, which creates a stronger overall facility management experience for everyone.”

Bright ideas

Energy-saving initiatives are taking shape across TD’s network. One highlight includes a complete LED lighting retrofit of all interior and exterior lighting at the bank’s managed locations. The initiative launched in 2017 and has seen over 800 of TD’s managed locations upgraded with high-efficiency LED lighting. Next, the team aims to upgrade the remaining branches by the end of 2020.

It has been a decade since TD Bank Group (TD) achieved carbon neutrality across its global operations. And today, as part of its longstanding commitment to supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, the Bank recently announced a bold and ambitious climate action plan which includes a target to achieve net-zero emissions associated with its operating and financing activities by 2050.

This commitment builds on TD’s 2018 pledge to target CAD $100 billion in low-carbon lending, financing, asset management and other programs by 2030. In recent years, the bank has also taken a focus on blending smart tech and energy innovations to bolster its ecostewardship. This is all part of its global corporate citizenship approach, the TD Ready Commitment, with the aspiration to help build an inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

“We’ve been a carbon-neutral organization for many years; it’s in our DNA and informs everything we do,” says John DeBenedictis, Canadian Facilities Director at TD. Its strategy is multifaceted. In addition to buying carbon offsets, the financial institution continually pursues solutions to reduce the carbon footprints of all its owned and leased locations. That includes working with energy innovators and building technology specialists to embed

“We’re seeing a lot of benefits in terms of cost savings; but in addition to that, we’re observing more consistency in lighting, longer-lasting lights, and a reduction in overall maintenance and repair costs too," reports DeBenedictis. “We’ve made a sizable impact with a relatively simple initiative,” he adds. Smart retail controls have also been key to TD’s sustainability strategy. In 2017, the bank launched a pilot program to install smart retail controls at several branches that now enable the bank to remotely access and monitor their respective HVAC systems. As a result, TD can now right-size heating and cooling schedules according to each location’s operating hours and unique circumstances (e.g., market conditions, seasonal temperatures, local events, etc.). In addition to saving energy, this reduces the time and costs associated with relying on in-person HVAC technician visits.

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Another benefit of smart controls is their ability to optimize HVAC system operations and leverage the synergies between them. By enabling two pieces of equipment to communicate the bank can prevent simultaneous heating and cooling, which goes a long way towards increasing equipment efficiencies and lifespans, and avoiding energy wastes. By the end of 2020, the bank hopes to equip half of its retail network in Canada and the US with smart controls.

Remote control

TD’s staff and customers are reaping the benefits of the bank’s energy innovations. The combination of smart controls and remote operability has enabled TD and its technology integration partners at BGIS to respond faster to on-site occupant requests. “Because we are plugged into this platform, we’re able to make adjustments and operational changes remotely,” notes Blair Astle, North American Director of Energy and Sustainability with BGIS. "Now, when a staff member at one of the TD branches calls, they can tell us if they’re too hot or too cold and we can make the appropriate adjustments in near real-time. Then, since we’re able to monitor conditions remotely, we can call back in a half-hour to make sure they’re comfortable and go from there.”

No doubt, faster feedback times are an advantage for branch occupants, as is the benefit of avoiding timely and costly visits from technicians. And with the ability to give branch occupants temporary control over their heating and cooling systems, TD is better equipped to balance its branch occupants’ needs against its zerocarbon goals. “Now, not only does TD have more robust controls on its end, but we’re actively engaging occupants in their respective environments,” DeBenedictis adds. “It’s a win-win.”

Building momentum

With several short and long-term sustainability initiatives projects under its belt, TD is eager to expand its scope. Fortunately, the open-ended nature of its new “smart” systems allows the team to ‘bolt-on’ additional technologies and value as it progresses. TD aims to leverage this adaptability by incorporating sensors within its owned locations to obtain even greater real-time insights into individual branch activity. The idea is to help the bank right-size

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its janitorial requirements, create more effective synergies between systems, finetune its HVAC system scheduling, and establish benchmarks that can be used to improve operations throughout its portfolio. With the ability to combine and analyze operational data from across TD’s portfolio comes the potential to identify future opportunities. Herein, the bank also plans to leverage its smart technologies to better understand how their respective systems heat, cool, and condition their environments, and use that insight to create a more efficient operating strategy. In the meantime, TD’s ongoing objective is to equip its branches with the energy innovations it needs to boost occupant comfort and take its net-zero ambitions to the next stage. “For us, the key has been to start small, test these technologies in live scenarios, and take time to understand the benefits and value that we’re adding,” says DeBenedictis. “Now that we’ve seen these technologies make a tangible impact, we’re looking forward to embracing them on a larger scale throughout our network.”

Inspiring Innovations at PSPC

“PSPC’s commitments and actions help advance Government of Canada greening priorities and provide significant longterm socio-economic value for the health and wellbeing of our employees, our communities and the environment,” says a spokesperson with PSPC. PSPC’s affinity for cleaner, more efficient asset operations is evident in initiatives throughout its portfolio. Among the more recent is the creation of an Innovation Hub initiative at the C.D. Howe Building in Ottawa. Here, PSPC is collaborating with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to, “ascertain the feasibility of emerging Canadian technologies within Canadian public sector environment, and to evaluate their positive impact, as well as derive performance-based specifications for future competitive large scale implementation within this sector.” It’s an ambitious plan, to say the least. Highlights of the program include introducing advanced waste management programs, creating a zero-waste food court, implementing central recycling station AI technology, and establishing “smarter” sustainability reporting within its assets – all made possible with the implementation of home-grown Canadian technologies.

Canada’s public sector plays a critical role in driving sustainable asset management. Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is among the departments taking this mandate to heart by leading eco-forward initiatives throughout the buildings it oversees.

“Waste materials can have harmful impacts on communities worldwide by contributing to landfills, contaminating water, air and soil, increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and by creating increased demands for

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resources,” notes PSPC. “Responsibly managing the materials that enter, circulate and leave our buildings and construction sites is fundamental to limiting our impact on the environment and requires a net-zero, circular economy mindset considering lifecycle assessment principles.” Ultimately, the aim of the Innovation Hub is to leverage CD Howe as a launching pad for energy innovations that will help PSPC meet its nation-wide goal of reducing GHG emissions within public-owned buildings by 40% by 2030, as well as diverting 75% of waste from landfills by 2030 and using 100% clean energy by 2025.

Expanding the scope

PSPC’s sustainability goals extend beyond the CD Howe Building. In 2015, the department piloted leak control technologies at NRCan’s complex on Booth Street, Ottawa. Their search led the team to the Canadian tech firm Alert Labs and its suite of smart building sensors for water and HVAC systems. They include Flowie, a leakdetecting sensor that attaches to existing water meters and tracks consumption, identifies abnormal trends and potential leaks and reports potential issues to connected devices. Added to this are Alert Lab’s flood-detection sensor, Floodie, and Shuttie, a shut-off valve that can be installed to automatically shut off the water when the Flowie or Floodie water sensors alert to a high volume of water flow. “To date, three major floods and two minor water losses have been averted due to this early detection system, resulting in savings of nearly $175k in only three months,” reports Lisa Jerome, Portfolio Manager, NCR5. “Moreover, the property team no longer has to hire a commissionaire guard to patrol the buildings at night looking for leaks, who then had to call the Ops Centre which, in turn, called the on-call tech who cannot turn off the water until he is onsite.” Indeed, the leak and flood-mitigation technologies among NRCan’s buildings

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have spoken for themselves. Moreover, the pilot projects have lent strength to PSPC’s technology integration approach, with the Flowie project demonstrating the value of taking a potential innovation, testing it on a small scale, and using those tangible results to expand further initiatives. PSPC has experienced similar successes across the country. These include supporting the implementation of sustainable technology elements during a rebuilding project at Lester B Pearson airport, working with the University of Manitoba to improve energy efficiencies at The Freshwater Institute, optimizing building automation systems at several assets, and exploring energy innovations throughout its portfolio.

A place to thrive

There’s no simple guide for spearheading energy innovations. And for PSPC, the journey has relied on partnering with energy innovators, trailblazers, and implementation specialists throughout the country. Moreover, it’s meant working in close collaboration with

its asset tenants to ensure their technology investments aren’t only driving energy savings and eco-benefits, but enhancing their occupants’ quality of life. “PSPC recognizes that innovative technology is successful in achieving occupant wellbeing, when there is collaboration between asset owners, facility management service providers and tenants,” adds the agency’s spokesperson. From zero-carbon upgrades to floodprevention tools, and sustainable materials to BAS advancements, PSPC’s affinity for sustainable operations can be seen throughout its portfolio. And with success stories mounting, the agency is playing a pivotal role in shaping Canada’s zerocarbon goals. Says PSPC, “[We] are committed to greening its operations and achieving a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2050, notably by implementing technology innovations and using cleaner sources of energy to power, heat, and cool its buildings.”

The Well: Toronto's Building Innovation Showpiece

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, The Well is on track to becoming the most ambitious mixeduse development in Canada. A showcase for construction and innovation, the project is already drawing praise for its ambitious design and unparalleled occupant experience, delivered through the use of the latest technology.

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“With approximately 11,000 people who will live and work at The Well, we wanted to ensure that we provided them with a worldclass connected experience. Additionally, as we integrate new technologies aimed at helping us deliver our ESG strategy, we needed to ensure that we developed a robust network infrastructure to support these technologies.” says George Ho, Vice President, Information Technology of RioCan. Rogers is working with the team to weave in numerous technologies and systems that will make life safer, more comfortable, and more productive for the people living, working, and shopping at The Well. “A lot of these technologies will run behind the scenes and be less noticeable, but they’re going to play a huge role in making this project stand out,” adds Stephan Foster, Director of Information Communication Technology with Rogers Communications.

A connected experience

A host of cutting-edge systems and communications tools are slated for The Well. For one, Rogers has been entrusted with installing top-performance Wi-Fi reception throughout its retail, office, and condo spaces; while also making the buildings future-ready for 5G advancements. “From day one, the whole complex will be ready to accommodate 5G service so that when these capabilities come down the pipe over the next few years, there’s not going to be a need for any upgrades or service disruptions,” says Foster, adding, “It’s just going to work.” That said, occupants and guests won’t need to wait years for industry-leading Wi-Fi when they first arrive. Rogers is augmenting its Wi-Fi technologies with distributed antenna systems (DAS) that will ensure uninterrupted online connectivity within every corridor, corner, and sub-level location in The Well.

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“Typically, when you walk into a building and your device doesn’t connect, it’s because the signal can’t get in from the outside due to building materials or the density of the concrete. What DAS does is takes that external signal and distributes it throughout the indoor environment so that occupants receive the same quality of service as they would if they’re outside,” Foster explains. Enhanced connectivity has ample applications. With DAS systems installed in typical “problem spots” throughout The Well (e.g., parking garages, elevators, basements, etc.), individuals will have access to reliable cellular service in cases of emergency. And in addition to greater security and peace of mind, enhanced connectivity will do away with everyday annoyances and business slow-downs such as dropped calls and Wi-Fi outages. “These days, you need that kind of connectivity wherever you are. It should be an expected way to do business now and into the future,” adds Foster.

IP upgrades

Rogers isn’t alone in bringing enhanced connectivity to The Well. The communications firm has partnered with Symtech Innovations Ltd. to carry out all electrical work on the tower (e.g., power distribution, fire alarms, security systems, lightning protection, mechanical wiring, etc.). This includes embedding an integrated building network system comprised of fiber-optic cables, ethernet switches, and a host of active components that link all building systems to a centralized platform. “Essentially, this system centralizes everything from security monitoring, lighting controls, building management, and other critical functions,” says Mario Herce, Director of Construction for Symtech. “What that means is building managers and operators will have one point of contact from which they can see how certain equipment is running, control or schedule lighting, and monitor building performance.”

Symtech is overseeing the implementation of Enwave’s thermal storage facility underneath the development to provide district heating and cooling. The cuttingedge system includes a 150-foot, temperature-controlled tank that can hold up to 7.6 million liters of water provided by Enwave’s deep lake water cooling (DLWC system). The system will provide heating and cooling to The Well and “feed” other buildings in its proximity. Moreover, the system acts as a “thermal battery” that can store energy during off-peak periods (e.g., night) for energy savings. Symtech is also responsible for implementing a tech-savvy snow melting system for the purposes of enhancing occupant safety and protecting key building assets. “The owners are very conscious of the risks of falling ice and snow, so they asked us to develop an intricate snow melting system,” says Herce, explaining, “It is made up of decorative cubes on the north and south elevations which are heat traced, so that they actually melt the snow and avoid it accumulating.”

Bringing it all together

The days of disparate systems and siloed operations are numbered. Today, the road to peak building efficiencies and occupant comfort is being paved with interconnected systems that can “read” their environments, assess occupant demands, and adjust their operations in real-time. To that end, Rogers is embedding base building networks within The Well with the intent to link key systems such as lighting, security, audio/visual, and metering together onto one responsive network. “Instead of having all these systems operating individually, we’re putting all the buildings onto the same virtual network, or VLAN,” says Foster. “The beauty of doing this is that we’ll be enabling the systems to talk to each other and operate in unison.”

One way this technology can be used is by embedding “people counters” within the system that can count occupants arriving and departing a room and right-size lighting or HVAC requirements accordingly. Sensors can also be linked to the VLAN that will allow the buildings to be more efficient in their usage of heating and cooling, thereby driving energy savings and efficiencies. “And then there’s the security benefit again,” adds Foster. “With base building networks, you can set it up so that when a button is pushed at a duress station, the lights that were previously being dimmed to save energy pop on, the right people are automatically notified, and the security cameras are instantly repositioned to capture what’s going on.” The ability to assess and respond to building activities in real-time will also drive day-to-day maintenance. Assessing the volume of foot traffic during a muddy day, for example, will help teams mobilize additional cleaners; whereas floors with larger crowds than usual can be prioritized for extra attention.

“You unlock a lot of efficiencies and functionality when you bring systems onto the same network, and for us, the driving factor is that we can use that to best serve our clients and visitors,” adds Foster. Speaking to the IT strategy as a whole, Ho notes: “With the connected technologies, The Well will also utilize a number of leading cybersecurity measures. Protecting the cybersecurity of our technologies and the connected experience they deliver is of utmost importance to all of us on the project.”

Leading the way

Working on The Well has been a source of pride for all involved. As progress continues at the corner of Front and Spadina in downtown Toronto, it’s clear their combined efforts will contribute to a one-of-a-kind downtown experience. “For a lot of contractors on site, it’s probably one of the largest projects we’ve been involved in, and definitely one the most innovative in terms of energyefficiency, metering, building controls, and communications technologies,” adds

Herce. “Every team member, whether it’s a consultant, owner, contractor, has put their ‘A-team’ on this project. Everybody is very competent, experienced, and committed to getting the job done efficiently, which actually makes this a bit easier than in a smaller job.” “We have great promise for this project,” adds Foster. “Breaking new ground is never easy, but we’ve had great communication and cooperation from client stakeholders, consultants, and contractors who share the same vision.” Reflecting on Rogers’ role in bringing The Well’s cutting-edge vision to life, he adds, “What we’re trying to do is bring together the best of breed people and best of breed solutions on one common infrastructure to provide our clients with the best value.” Anticipations are building as The Well takes shape. While the outward construction is drawing attention, the systems and technologies taking shape within its walls will be an important part of building an experience that makes The Well a premier landmark among Toronto’s skyline.

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BEIC Member Roster

AINSWORTH Steve Horwood, Vice President Business Development 416-799-9768 |

ALEC SMARTLIGHTING (BY TRIANGLE RESEARCH INT'L, INC.) Shaun Derrick, Applications Engrg Manager 877-874-7527 |

ALPINE BUILDING MAINTENANCE Alexander Kennard, Marketing Manager 604-821-1541 |

AMERESCO Joe Valente, Vice President, Business Development 647-788-6037 |

ARMSTRONG FLUID TECHNOLOGY Paul Scarafile, Director, Canada Sales 647-794-4058 | pscarafile@

BEE-CLEAN BUILDING MAINTENANCE Philippe D. Mack, Canadian Sr. Vice President, Customer Experience 204-668-4420 |

BELL Brian Ferris, Director Real Estate Operations 416-819-4574 |

BGIS Gord Hicks, CEO 905-415-3248 | BGIS is a leading provider of real estate management services, including facilities management, project delivery services, energy and sustainability solutions, building performance

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management, workplace advisory and management, and real estate services. With a combined team of over 7,000 team members globally, BGIS inspires better business performance across its client’s real estate portfolios by developing and implementing real estate and facilities management strategies. Globally, BGIS manages over 300 million square feet of client portfolios across 30,000+ locations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia. BGIS is a subsidiary of Brookfield Business Partners, a business services and industrial company focused on owning and operating high-quality businesses that benefit from barriers to entry and/or low cost production. Brookfield Business Partners is listed on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges (NYSE:BBU) (TSX:BBU.UN).

BLACK & MCDONALD Erica Brabon, Director, Energy & Sustainability 647-497-8295 |

CAGBC Thomas Mueller, President & CEO 604-282-7811 | CaGBC is the leading national organization dedicated to advancing green building, building retrofit, and sustainable community development practices. As the voice of green building in Canada, CaGBC works with industry and all levels of government to make every building greener. CaGBC focuses on reducing carbon emissions and the overall environmental impacts of buildings while improving occupant health and contributing to a vibrant low-carbon economy. To accomplish this, CaGBC sets and verifies advanced green building standards, conducts government advocacy and market research, and provides education and training that has reached over 45,000 Canadian professionals since 2002. In 2004, CaGBC established the LEED® green building rating system in Canada and developed the first Zero Carbon Building Standard in 2017. CaGBC is a member of the World Green Building Council, supporting international efforts to reduce environmental impacts and enhance global health in buildings and communities. For more information, visit

CARLETON UNIVERSITY Liam O'Brien, Associate Professor in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering 613-520-2600 |

CARMICHAEL ENGINEERING LTD. Daniel Gardiman, Carmichael Engineering – National Accounts Director 416-717-2808 |

CARRIER ENTERPRISE Mike Gonsalves, President 905-405-3238 | Carrier Enterprise is the one stop location for the best HVACR equipment brands, aftermarket parts & supplies, service, expertise and technology in the industry. CE is part of the largest HVACR Distribution network in North America.Our network of highlytrained HVACR experts are focused on providing technical proficiency, exceptional customer satisfaction and efficient solutions to meet all needs. CE is dedicated to providing Comfort Excellence to the HVACR industry.In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner, and Carrier has been the premier brand of HVAC equipment ever since. From residential replacement & new construction to high end commercial, CE provides superior availability, competitive pricing, marketing and post-sale consumer support to our valued authorized partners.CE is the premier Aftermarket distributor in the continent. With many locations to serve you coast to coast, we are where you need us. Our sales centers are stocked with the industry’s top brands of parts, supplies, installation accessories and tools.

Making Energy Visible. Making Energy Manageable.

CIRCUITMETER Paul Mertes, President & CEO 647-494-9730 |

CISCO SYSTEMS CANADA CO William MacGowan, P.Eng., CEM Director, Digital Buildings 647-205-5307 | Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. At Cisco, customers come first, and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception. Husband and wife Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, both working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other from their respective offices located in different buildings but were unable to due to technological shortcomings. A technology had to be invented to deal with disparate local area protocols; and as a result of solving their challenge – the multiprotocol router was born.Since then Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners and has become the worldwide leader in networking – transforming how people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

CLEAN ENERGY CANADA Sarah Petrevan, Policy Director 647-999-2992 |

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F. TROTTIER CONSTRUCTION LTD. Valerie Gougeon, Controller 613-745-8688 |

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CONTINENTAL AUTOMATED BUILDINGS ASSOCIATION (CABA) Sashien Godakandae, Business Development Officer 613-686-1814 x229 |

CORPORATE KNIGHTS Toby Heaps, CEO & Co-Founder 416-203-0066 |

DAIKIN APPLIED CANADA INC. Colin Berry, District Manager 613-277-0346 |


EFFICIENCY CANADA Corey Diamond, Executive Director 647-882-7924 |

ELECTRO FEDERATION CANADA Carol McGlogan, President & CEO 416-230-0914 |

ELEVEN-X INC. Dan Mathers, President & CEO 226-887-0011 |

ENTOUCH Melissa Parsons, Director of Marketing 214-497-4482 |

ENWAVE John Peri, President & CEO 416-392-6838 | Enwave Energy Corporation is a fully integrated, sustainable energy services provider with operations in Toronto and Windsor. With over thirty years of experience operating one of North America’s largest district energy systems and dealing with a variety of energy needs, Enwave has developed the capabilities to deliver a broad array of services. These include plant operations and management, engineering design and optimization, project management, consulting and peer review. Enwave offers an alternative to conventional, energy-intensive air conditioning with Deep Lake Water Cooling. Clean, well-priced and highly efficient Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling is the world’s largest lakesource cooling system.

ESAC (ENERGY SERVICES ASSOCIATION OF CANADA) Stuart Galloway, CEO 416-357-1198 | stuartgalloway@

EVRIPOS JANITORIAL SERVICES LTD. Dimitri Sigounas, Director of Development and Strategic Operations 613-232-9069 |

EXECUTIVE MAT SERVICE LTD. Kim Caron, President 403-371-1691 |

FIRSTONSITE RESTORATION Krista Lachelt, Director, Sales Operations 416-806-2340 |

GOODMANS Richard Corley, Partner 416-597-4197 | Goodmans LLP is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s pre-eminent law firms. Goodmans is a leader in the technology and outsourcing industry, providing comprehensive legal services and strategic advice to our Canadian and international clients. Goodmans works with clients in the technology sector including public and private companies which supply and rely upon technology products (from start-ups to late stage), investors such as angel, venture capital, private equity and institutional, entrepreneurs and technology professionals, lenders and governmental agencies.Goodmans offers clients our expertise in technology licensing, outsourcing, commercial agreements, IP, media, financing, privacy, litigation, telecommunications, tax, human resources, restructuring and administrative law. We also help clients enforce their rights with regard to technology issues and other business disputes.Goodmans is a founder of The SingularityU Canada Summit, sharing the world’s breakthrough technology and inspiring Canadian businesses to lead in the transformation and growth of a globally competitive, clean economy through exponential technologies.

GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Leonid Oukrainski, Executive Director, Property Management at Government of Alberta 780 422-4606 |

IESO Robert Edwards Business Manager, Private Sector | Policy, Engagement and Innovation 416-625-3332 |

IFMA Jeffrey Johnson, Director of Government Relations 713-623-4362 |

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BEIC Member Roster

J+A CLEANING SOLUTIONS LTD. Dimitri Kourkoutis, Vice President 416-242-4151 |

MARS Sasha Sud, Director, Smart Cities 416-673-8100 | MaRS helps innovators change the world. Occupying 1.5 million square feet in downtown Toronto, MaRS is North America’s largest urban innovation hub. We support more than 1,200 fast-growing science and technology ventures across Canada, offering them expert advice and mentorship, as well as vital connections to the talent, customers and capital they need in order to scale globally. The companies we support work in four high-impact sectors, each vital to Canada’s future prosperity: health, cleantech, fintech and enterprise software. They create technologies that meaningfully improve lives both in Canada and in markets around the world. MaRS-supported ventures have raised more than $4.8 billion in capital, generated over $3.1 billion in revenue and directly employ more than 12,000 people

MEDIAEDGE Chuck Nervick, SVP 416-512-8186 | For more than 20 years, MediaEdge has been at the forefront of communication solutions for membership-driven organizations within a variety of business sectors. We are a leading provider of nondues revenues for associations offering exceptional no-cost member benefits through a number of innovative products and services. With dedication, commitment and team spirit, we continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything we do. We deliver quality products that complement each other and work together, much the same way that association members do within their industry. Many of our products, such as the magazines we have launched and produced, continue to be recognized as the leading source of engaging, industry-specific content.

METERGY SOLUTIONS Craig Thornton, Chief Revenue Officer 877-513-5133 As one of North America’s most experienced submetering providers, Metergy Solutions brought turnkey solutions to our clients for over 15 years. Across all building types, retrofit or new construction, we have the knowledge, equipment and staff to deliver all your submetering needs. Our call centre, sales, engineering, commissioning, and billing are all under one roof – we have you covered from design, to implementation to billing.

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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Dermot McMorrow, Vice President & GM, HVAC Division 905-475-3197 | Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., established in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, is an industry leader in offering an extensive range of high efficiency HVAC products including; Mr. SLIM mini-splits; CITYMULTI variable refrigerant flow systems; Climaveneta air-water heat pump technology and a complete portfolio of energy recovery ventilation product solutions. Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada HVAC Division continues to be at the forefront of implementing sustainable heating and cooling solutions, engineered specifically for Canadian climates for application across a range of building types. With 100 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and construction. No matter what you do, or where you live, work or play, chances are a Mitsubishi Electric product touches your life.

MORGAN SOLAR Mike Andrade, CEO 416-203-1655 | To make solar energy the most widely used and affordable power source in the world. Our Vision: To develop and take to market new high concentration solar photovoltaic technologies that achieve unprecedented price and performance levels.

NERGICA Cédric Arbez, Manager, Research and Innovation 418-368-6162 |

OPTIV Shawn Palmer, Client Director 416-570-9609 |

PACE SOLUTIONS CORPORATION Will Wilson, Development and Sustainability Manager 604-349-2178 |

PEAK POWER Phil Raffi, Sr Director, Sustainability and Business Solutions 647-287-7554 |

Peak Power transforms older properties into healthy, sustainable, and efficient Smart Buildings. Our Insight solution puts building performance on one simple dashboard. Building Managers get visibility, prescriptions, and reports on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Insight provides tailored recommendations and alerts to optimize building performance and tenant comfort. Peak Power empowers any building to improve air quality, sustainability, and energy use. Peak Power is a cleantech company that is revolutionizing how buildings interact with the electricity grid. Started in 2015, our team brings together expertise in energy, buildings, and software. We provide out-of-the box building optimization as well as innovative integrations with building and electric vehicle batteries. Our vision is to advance the smart cities of the future.

PRODIGY GROUP Rian Johnson Senior Manager, Business Development 416-675-1591 ext.242 |

PUROLATOR Christopher Simons Senior Director - Head of Real Estate, Facilities and Procurement at Purolator Inc. 905-712-1084 |

QEA TECH Peyvand Melati, CEO 905-947-1114 |

QMC SUBMETERING SOLUTIONS Mike Easton, VP of Eastern Sales 877-358-5155 | medium=partner_website

RED DEER COLLEGE Jim Brinkhurst, VP of College Services 403-342-3233 | For over 50 years RDC has been proudly serving our learners and our communities. RDC offers more than 100 different programs (including full degrees, certificates, diplomas and skilled trades programs) to 7,500 full- and part-time credit students and more than 36,000 youth and adult learners in the School of Continuing Education each year. Named by Alberta Venture magazine as one of Alberta’s most innovative organizations for the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing,

RDC is a key location for applied and industry-led research. Our main campus is strategically situated on 290 acres of Alberta’s natural landscape along Queen Elizabeth II Highway. We have also expanded our learning and performing arts space into the heart of downtown Red Deer through our Welikoklad Event Centre and the Donald School of Business.

ROGERS Mark Bertschmann, Director, Corporate Sales at Rogers Communications 416-637-9267 |

Smart Tech. Smarter.

RYCOM CORPORATION Casey J Witkowicz, President & CEO 905-264-4801 |

SAIT Brad Boser, Director, Facilities Management 403-210-4004 |

SDTC Zoë Kolbuc, VP Partnerships and Ecosystem, SDTC 613-234-6313 |

SIGNIFY Martin Stephenson, President & CEO 289-928-3761 At Signify, our purpose is to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. Our energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services enable our customers to enjoy a superior quality of light and make people’s lives safer and comfortable, businesses more productive and cities more livable. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Similar to BEIC’s mandate to “accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies across Canada”, Signify has set ambitious targets for its own sustainable revenues and operations. We achieved Carbon Neutrality across our Canadian operations in 2018 and for our operations across the world in 2020. Signify uses 100% renewable electricity, and has outperformed its 2020 targets around zero waste to landfill, supplier sustainability and safety, among others

design and certifications, health and wellbeing consulting and certifications, and corporate ESG reporting. Our Carbon Impact Team continues to lead the professional services field in both consulting services and corporate responsibility related to sustainability. Stantec was recently named the fifth most sustainable company in the world and first in North America by Corporate Knights, which released its 2021 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations rankings. Companies in the Global 100 represent the top one percent of companies in the world on sustainability performance.

TELUS Julio Villalta, Senior Product Manager – Internet of Things (IoT) 647-654-2678 |

TORONTO HYDRO Kaitlyn Woods, Marketing Consultant 416-542-8000 |

TRANE Guy Bourbonniere, VP and General Manager 416-847-2808 | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC CANADA Hugo Lafontaine, VP of Digital Energy 613-552-7724 | Schneider Electric provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is a leader in Power Management. They combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. Schneider believes access to energy and digital is a basic human right and empowers all to do more with less, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. They believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company, and is committed to unleash the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community.

SCOTT BUILDERS Murray Cunningham, President & CEO 403-391-1166 |

SPECIFIED ROOFING Todd Gouett, President 905-727-0079 | UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Paul Parker, Professor and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Environment 519-888-4567 | STANTEC Graham Twyford-Miles, Principal, Carbon Impact Team 778-558-4886 | We’re designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. Through our Carbon Impact practice, we help clients and communities move toward a carbon neutral, resilient future. Our cross-disciplinary team of specialists applies building science and design solutions to rapidly reduce the generation of carbon emissions in the built environment, increase resilience against climate risks, and have a positive impact on the socio-ecological health of our communities. The Carbon Impact Team comprises experts in climate risk and resiliency, building performance modeling and engineering, energy management and building condition assessments, sustainable

VIEW Guthrie Cox, President, Canada 604-897-6702 | View is a technology company and the market leader in smart windows. View Smart Windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun and increase access to natural light, to improve people’s health and experience in buildings, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption to mitigate the effects of climate change. Every View installation also includes a smart building platform that consists of power, network, and communication infrastructure. For more information, please visit:

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The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC) was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of Real Estate and Corporate leaders. Our industry driven council was established to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies including energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that will transform the built environment, while developing world class clean tech companies, creating jobs and enabling economic prosperity in a future low carbon era.

The BEIC is Welcoming New Members, Join TODAY!

To receive additional information on the BEIC or details on how your organization can become a member, please contact: Brad Moore, BEIC National Manager / 647-467-7708

We look forward to welcoming you and your organization to the BEIC family!

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