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Contents The Importance of Giving Back WHILE there’s no denying that business is tough in Ireland at the minute, it’s even harder for those who are out of work or whose circumstances have changed due to illness or some unforeseen event. Established in 1981, the Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund has been helping those in the grocery and FMCG sector who have fallen on hard times for three decades now. With payments exceeding donations in 2010, and demand for help from the Fund growing all the time, it is more important than ever that firms and individuals give something back to our sector. This year’s President of Appeals, Jim Barry, MD of Barry Group, talks us through his tenure, including the inaugural Irish Business Teamwork Awards, which he hopes will prove an annual fixture on the FMCG calendar, as well as discussing the advent of Corporate Social Responsibility, Ireland’s impressive give-back ethic, and how you can help the IGBF (Page 18). Meanwhile, details of the IGBF Christmas Lunch, one of the social highlights of the year, are available on Page 43. Also inside this issue, we report from the ADM Londis (Page 20) and Costcutter (Page 44) annual conferences; we talk to Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Manager, Aideen Murphy about the brand’s ongoing association with The Apprentice (Page 32), while in his third and final Special Report, Damian O’Reilly, Lecturer in Management, DIT School of Retail Management, explains consumers’ postpurchase behaviour/evaluation and how it can be addressed through consistent customer service (Page 46).







Blas na hEireann Awards

Banks and SME’s Argue Over Access to Credit.

38 SuperValu’s own

brand swept the board at the 2011 Blas na hEireann Awards.

Competition Authority Approves Superquinn Sale to Musgrave; SHOP 2011 a Success. New Rent Legislation on the Way; Food Exports Rise; Last Orders for Cheap Alcohol? Musgrave Scoops Top Repak Recycling Award; New Chairperson for the Competition Authority.

16 Shop Profile

16 Liam Mullen’s MACE store in Drogheda town centre is bucking the recessionary trend by perfectly meeting the shopping needs of its catchment area.

14 ‘Taking Care of

Business’ is a new service from the HSA which helps small retail businesses in dealing with health and safety in their workplaces.

18 There’s more to helping the Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund than simply making a contribution, stresses Jim Barry, IGBF President of Appeals.

ADM Londis Conference

20 ADM Londis’ Annual Conference, under the theme ‘Better Together’, saw the Group celebrating the sense of partnership that has helped Londis and its retailers to weather the economic storm.

Insight NACS Award

15 Topaz’ service

Kathleen Belton Editorial & Marketing Director

station at Cashel, Co. Tipperary, has been crowned International Convenience Retailer of the Year 2011 at the Insight NACS Awards.


32 Aideen Murphy, Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Ireland, discusses the brand’s high profile association with The Apprentice.

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Annual Conference proved an upbeat affair, with the news that the group has outperformed the convenience market.


Special Report

46 Consistent quality customer service can allow retailers to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, writes Damian O’Reilly, DIT School of Retail Management.

Cash & Carry Focus

48 Value Centre,

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, has seen a dramatic transformation that has helped it to compete in a challenging market.

On The Vine

52 South Africa’s wine industry has come of age, writes Jean Smullen.

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44 The recent Costcutter

Retail News Interview

Grocery Market Declines; Mars and Fairtrade Announce Collaboration; Heineken Ireland Sustainability Report.

Health & Safety

Costcutter Annual Conference

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Banks and SME’s Argue Over Access to Credit SMALL businesses and banks are at loggerheads. Retailer groups claim financial institutions are rejecting loan requests, while banks say there is a lack of demand. Lending to SME’s has fallen by 10% in the 12 months to June, according to new figures from the Central Bank. A recent Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) survey revealed that 58% of companies were refused funding: an increase from 54% from the previous quarter. A further 64% of small businesses said it has become increasingly difficult to access overdraft facilities or loans. According to a Business and Banking Confidence survey - undertaken by the County and City Enterprise Boards, covering 1,700 sole traders and small business owners - a third of small businesses believe the availability of credit has deteriorated since early 2011. These statistics do not

surprise Mark Fielding, ISME Chief Executive. “We know the banks are not lending,” he told Retail News. “They’re shoring up their balance sheets, left, right and centre. The larger corporate companies are askance when I say it’s difficult to get money. They’re telling me they have no difficulty. It stands to reason. A small business is a risk.” However, financial institutions claim there is a small demand for credit at present. In his fifth quarterly report, John Trethowan, from the Credit Review Office (CRO), said the state-supported banks, AIB and Bank of Ireland, are unlikely to meet their €3bn lending targets because “both banks are experiencing a continuing slowing demand for credit from SMEs”. Retail News spoke to numerous financial institutions who agreed with this assertion. A Rabobank spokesperson told us: “Rabobank in Ireland is interested in banking quality participants in the Food and Agri sectors, consistent with the Rabobank international strategy. Our interest is across the entire food chain, from farm to fork. We assess each case on its own merit and decide to lend or not on this basis. We are not experiencing a high level of demand for lending at Mark Fielding, ISME Chief Executive. present, and

hence do not have a high refusal rate.” Michael Lauhoff, Head of Small Business and Agriculture at Bank of Ireland, said: “Our approval rate at the moment is in excess of 80%. At the moment, the demand is muted. The level of applications, which we’re processing on a weekly basis, is significantly down on this time last year. Businesses are not approaching us for credit. Ultimately, the way we make money is by lending money, so it’s a key challenge for us.” Simon Fullam, Media Relations Advisor at National Irish Bank, noted, “We continue to see pressure on SMEs, due to the current economic environment. While I don’t have specific details, we are approving a high percentage of applications, but we’re not getting very many applications. Demand for credit is still very weak. Our focus is on supporting our existing customers and on working with them through the current crisis.” ISME’s Fielding was not buying it. “As every dog in the street knows, the banks are not lending,” he said. “The banks are saying eight out of 10 loans are being granted: they continue to trot out this lie. It’s eight out of ten fully completed formal applications. If I have done a fully completed formal application, it means I have met all the criteria. I’ve been able to tick all the boxes. We have hundreds of businesses ringing us on a regular basis who were on to their bank manager, and the manager said, ‘Don’t come near me at the moment’.” How does Bank of Ireland respond to the assertion that small businesses can not make

it past their bank manager’s door? “We work very closely with our own branch network and they are not at all turning applications away from the branches,” argued Lauhoff. “They have a conversation with customers explaining what is required to support a loan request: basic financial information, in terms of the historical accounts, and a cash flow projection.” Small business groups are also suspicious about CRO announcements. “We wouldn’t put much store in what the CRO are saying because [Trethowan] has gone back to being a banker,” said Fielding. “He’s not on the side of the small business. He’s patronising, wagging the finger, telling the SME sector the quality of their proposals isn’t up to scratch. He’s talking [about slowing demand for credit] after looking at 57 cases in 15 months. We have 57 cases on our books in one week at ISME. The CRO is manned by bankers, funded by the banking industry. From that point of view, we know where he’s coming from.” Rescue might be on the way in the form of governmental SME loan guarantee schemes, which Richard Bruton TD, Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, announced as part of the Job’s Initiative in May. A partial loan guarantee scheme is expected to be operational over the next few weeks. A micro finance fund, to provide small loans (within the €10,000|October 2011|Retail News|5

News SHOP 2011 a Success

to €20,000 region) to start-ups, is expected to be introduced before Christmas. However, Fielding does not expect this will change the outlook for small businesses. “Absolutely not,” he said. “The micro-finance fund will help. The partial loan guarantee scheme is certainly not a silver bullet. It will pull some of the marginal cases across the line. That’s what we found [in similar schemes] in the UK and Northern Ireland. The businesses that availed of it were on the brink of getting loans, but were finding it difficult to come up with the full collateral for the banks. It won’t affect the vast rump of SME lending.” A loss of banking expertise in banks is hampering progress, said Fielding: “In the majority of cases, they don’t understand how to assess the risk of a small business”. The ISME boss claimed he has encountered bank staff who do not understand “the difference between gross and net”. Some commentators believe banks are hamstrung in their abilities to lend to small business, due to the Central Bank’s insistence that banks are ultra risk adverse. Bank of Ireland refute the accusation. “That’s not a valid comment,” said Lauhoff. “We should be lending to viable businesses with a capacity to repay, but there’s no dictate coming from the Central Bank that banks have to be ultrarisk averse. It’s about prudent

lending, but lending is not black and white. It’s a case of trying to understand what the business is, so we can see the viability of the proposal. We have no restrictions on our lending capacity. There are no issues of being hamstrung for any quarters for lending.” How does Lauhoff respond to claims that Ireland does not have a functioning banking system? “I can’t speak for the wider banking system; I can only speak for Bank of Ireland, and can categorically confirm that we don’t have any restrictions at all on our lending capacity. We are open for business; we want to lend money. That’s the only way we’re going to make money: by lending and supporting businesses. The only way we’re going to grow as a bank is by supporting the small and micro businesses in this country, to get the economy moving again. Ultimately, if we get the economy working - we have a key role to play in that and we’re committed to playing that role - the country will recover on the back of that.” Despite Bank of Ireland’s confidence, retailers remain sceptical. As part of the County and City Enterprise Boards survey, 48% of respondents felt their business was being curtailed by bank restrictions: an increase from 44% in July 2010. Facing such a stalemate, it is difficult to see how the economy will recover, or small businesses prosper, any time soon.

THE Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, officially opened SHOP 2011 at the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin at the end of September, Simon Coveney TD, Minister for describing it as an Agriculture, Food and the Marine, excellent exhibition is pictured with Matt Benyon, MD, which is a significant easyFairs, event organisers, at the opportunity for those official opening of SHOP 2011. in the food, drink, and retail service sectors. The Minister applauded SHOP 2011 for their international orientation: “It is important that we engage with each other at a time when opportunities are presenting themselves to the industry. Events such as these provide invaluable networking opportunities for food producers and food purchasers”. The Minister said that “our international visitors can experience firsthand the wealth of local artisan produce, skilled entrepreneurs and innovation that is being generated in the food and drink sector in Ireland today.” See next month’s Retail News for a full review of SHOP 2011.

Competition Authority Approves Superquinn Sale to Musgrave SUPERQUINN has joined a retail stable that includes SuperValu, Centra and Daybreak, after the Competition Authority approved the supermarket’s sale to Musgrave. The acquisition was delayed, while the Authority explored competition issues that might emerge from the sale. Musgrave Group CEO, Chris Martin, welcomed the decision. “The purchase of Superquinn supports our growth agenda and will sustain our competitiveness,” he said. “We will apply our considerable expertise to help stabilise a business that has been greatly challenged by the changes in the marketplace in recent years. In a declining market where consumers are spending less and continuously looking for value, Superquinn has struggled to retain market share. Working with the Superquinn team, we will tackle these considerable challenges to stabilise the business and develop it for the future.” Superquinn suppliers, left in the lurch after the supermarket went into receivership, can now avail of a €10m Musgrave fund.

6|Retail News|October 2011|


New Rent Legislation on the Way NEW legislation, allowing tenants to renegotiate upwardonly rent reviews, is due to be published in the coming weeks. Currently, only landlords can review rental clauses. The Bill allows tenants to renegotiate rents to a market level. Under the legislation, the tenant and landlord must try and come to a consensus within 28 days. If negotiations are not settled during this time frame, a mediator gets involved for a further 28 days. After this period, if the mediator can not find a solution, the tenant may apply to the Circuit Court. Once a retailer proves that their existing rent is higher than the market rent, that their company is vulnerable, and that a market rent will increase their chances of survival, the Court will apply the market rent in their favour. This legislative decision lasts for a five-year period, after which the terms of the original lease are

implemented. David Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer of Retail Excellence Ireland (REI), welcomes the legislation. “The legislation is structured for landlords to see sense prior to any application being made to the court,” he told Retail News. “It’s in the landlord’s best interest to sit down with the tenant, agree a market rent, plus maybe a premium, get it done, and move on. The last thing in the world the landlord will want is an application being made by the tenant to the Circuit Court. Not only will they have to suffer a market rent, there is also the potential for the tenant to have arrears written off, should they exist.” Fitzsimons called for the legislation to apply on a leaseby-lease basis. “Retailers and tenants who are marginally profitable, and can’t be defined as vulnerable, can’t enjoy the legislation. We believe it’s

unfair to guys who have been a bit more prudent in the management of their business. The fairest way to implement the legislation is on a leaseby-lease, and store-by-store basis. It allows everyone to seek a market rent for untenable leases, whether the tenants are marginally profitable, or loss making.” How the legislation will affect the commercial property market remains to be seen. Estate agents Lisney claim the government intervention could add to ongoing uncertainty in the investment market. Fitzsimons agreed there is uncertainty but said there is little activity in the property market anyway. “I don’t perceive there will be much over the next while, until the market bottoms out,” he said. “There’s been very few deals over the last seven or eight years in the commercial property market. But it’s

incumbent on the Government to act decisively and swiftly in introducing this legislation, rather than letting it drag out, so landlord, tenant, and the investment community, know exactly where they stand.”

David Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer of Retail Excellence Ireland

Last Orders for Cheap Alcohol?

Róisín Shortall TD, Minister for State at the Department of Health.

ONE of Ireland’s prominent TDs, Róisín Shortall, Minister for State at the Department of Health, is calling for a ban on the below cost selling of alcohol. The Minister has taken umbrage with recent promotions, such as Lidl’s selling two bottles

of wine for €5, and also wants to tackle distance selling, which she believes is allowing underage drinkers to access alcohol. Shortall was quoted in the Irish Times as being “disappointed” with the Lidl promotion. “It is irresponsible to be selling

alcohol so cheaply and it is clearly a loss-leader,” she said. “My concern is that we’ve reached a point where alcohol is viewed like any other product but it is not – it is a potentially dangerous one and is not like milk or bread.”

Food Exports Rise DESPITE economic woes, Ireland is set to export record-setting levels of food and drink in 2011. According to a Bord Bia survey, exports are expected to reach a new high of €8.9bn in 2011, an increase of more than 12%, or almost €1bn, on 2010 levels. This follows growth of €700m in 2010, leaving Ireland’s food exports in 2011 some 25% ahead of 2009 levels. All major categories are expected to show growth this year, led by dairy and meat, which combined account for more than 60% of total food and drink exports. Strong global prices and increased volumes are driving export growth. “As world supplies struggle to keep pace with the growth in global demand, the outlook for food exporters for the remainder of the year and into 2012 remains positive,” according to Aidan Cotter, Chief Executive, Bord Bia.|October 2011|Retail News |7


Musgraves Scoops Top Repak Recycling Award MUSGRAVE Group has won the Best Member Award at this year’s Repak Recycling Awards. Musgrave Group was recognised overall for its excellent waste management record, with 100% of their packaging waste being recycled. For example, Musgrave’s light-weighting initiatives, such as their 20% packaging reduction of their 5L plastic water bottle, have helped to reduce their packaging placed on the market. The Repak Recycling Awards took place as part of Repak Recycling Week, which focused on recycling in the workplace, and saw 12 companies rewarded for their

recycling initiatives, including McInerney’s SuperValu in Loughrea, Co. Galway, which took the Repak Best Practice Award for Independent Retailers. “This year’s Repak Awards shows the increasing innovation and efficiency of Irish business when it comes to preventing packaging waste,” commented Dr. Andrew Hetherington, CEO, Repak. “The partnership approach has not only helped steadily improve our packaging recycling rates and prevent packaging waste arising in the first place. What is clear is that all organisations can make a real impact but this needs

commitment and a structured approach, which Repak is able to provide to its members. This developing support for recycling and for removing excess packaging will have a lasting and profound effect on Ireland’s environment.” Meanwhile, Repak have launched an iPhone application that uses GPS locator on iPhones to allow people to find their nearest recycling facility. Created by Repak in conjunction with all the 34 local authorities, the application lists 99% of the 2,000 recycling centres, bottle banks and bring recycling facilities nationally in the 32 counties.

Planning Ahead TESCO shows no sign of slowing down, as the multiple opens more of its Tesco Express convenience-style stores across the country. In 2011, the supermarket operator has opened Tesco Express stores in Dublin locations such as Temple Bar, Celbridge, Mulhuddart, Finglas and Kilcock. Tesco are also set to launch a further three large stores in Dublin and Kildare.

New Chairperson for the Competition Authority

Payzone and InComm Join Forces PAYZONE has announced a strategic agreement with InComm, a leading international provider of stored-value gift and prepaid products. The agreement will see both companies collaborate in the distribution and operation of a wide Pictured announcing Payzone’s agreement with InComm to range of branded prepaid launch a range of branded prepaid gift card products for the gift card products and digital Payzone retail network are (l-r): Jim Deignan, Managing Director, content. This new consumer Payzone Ireland, and Simon Osgood, European Product and retail offering will soon be Marketing Director at InComm. available for the very first time to retailers via Payzone’s countrywide retail network and is being timed to coincide with anticipated consumer demand in the lead-up to Christmas. Some of the branded prepaid giftcards that are already signed up for distribution and stocking in the Irish market include: i-Tunes, Jagex Runescape, Playfish, Moshi Monsters, Nintendo Ireland, Zynga, Sony Online, IMVU, Sony Playstation, Hotel Voucher Shop, Argos, Debenhams, Arcadia Group and Ticketmaster. As part of the joint marketing efforts between Payzone and InComm, Payzone agents will be provided with specially designed gift card racks on which to display the cards and in-store merchandising Point of Sale to promote the cards available.

ISOLDE Goggin (pictured) has been named as the new Chairperson of the Competition Authority. Goggin will also act as ChairpersonDesignate of the proposed Consumer and Competition Authority, which will result from the amalgamation of the Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency. Isolde Goggin is a former Chairperson and Commissioner of the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) (2002-2006) and former member of the Competition Authority (19962002). She also worked in the Directorate for the Information Society in the EU Commission.

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Grocery Market Declines THE latest grocery market figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, for the 12 weeks ending September 4, 2011, show the market in value decline for the first time since August 2010. The latest data shows that the grocery market has fallen in value by 0.5% when compared to the same period last year. “One of the most notable trends emerging this month is a clear gap between the performance of the multiple retailers and the convenience & specialist channels,” explained David Berry, Commercial Director at Kantar Worldpanel. “Each of the major retailers have placed further emphasis on the value they offer in store and this, combined with a ‘Back To School’ push, has succeeded in switching sales away from smaller outlets.” Tesco continues to cement its position as market leader, growing ahead of the market and maintaining a five share point lead over Dunnes Stores. Aldi & Lidl persist in making significant inroads into the market with growth of 25% and 7% respectively. David Berry continued: “Aldi’s strong growth derives from being the only retailer to perform positively in all areas – it has more customers and these customers are shopping more often and spending more each visit. Aldi recently announced its intention to open six new outlets before the end of the year, meaning that this trend is likely to continue, as more shoppers come within reach of an Aldi store.” Grocery inflation is at 2.5% for the 12 week period, ending September 4, 2011, down from 4.4% in the previous period. For further information, see

Mars and Fairtrade Announce Collaboration MARS Chocolate and Fairtrade International have announced a new agreement to introduce the first Fairtrade labelled Mars product and to work together to enable farmers to Betty Quigley Chocolate Category Director, Mars have sustainable Ireland, and Peter Gaynor, Executive Director, livelihoods Fairtrade Ireland, pictured at the announcement. through and substantially increased productivity. The first Mars product to carry the Fairtrade Mark will be Maltesers, to appear in stores in 2012 in Ireland and the UK, a move that will contribute more than US$1 million annually in Fairtrade Premium funds for cocoa farmers to invest in their farms, business organisations and communities.

Heineken Ireland Sustainability Report HEINEKEN Ireland has published its new Sustainablity Report for 2010, taking its theme from the corporate Heineken NV integrated approach to sustainability, which was launched in April 2010. The 10 year Sustainability agenda and goals, formally titled ‘Brewing a Better Future’, marks the company’s new approach to sustainability and is characterised by an integrated green vision for all aspects of the business. “As one of the leading brewers in Ireland, we believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and be clear on what others can expect from us,” said Declan Farmer, Declan Farmer, Corporate Relations Corporate Relations Manager, Heineken Ireland. Manager, Heineken Ireland. “Delivering on the sustainability targets we have set ourselves will ultimately impact the way in which we bring our brands to market, improve our environment performance and contribute to the communities in which we operate.” Heineken Ireland now has in place a three year sustainability plan with clear deliverables, targets, budget, roles and responsibilities. A sustainability committee has also been established that is responsible for the development and roll-out of the local sustainability agenda. The focus on its Energy Savings Programme has resulted in Heineken Ireland reducing its energy consumption levels by 10% over the past three years. Heineken Ireland is also one of the most water efficient breweries in the Heineken Group worldwide and in 2010 saved enough water to fill nine Olympic sized swimming pools. In 2010, Heineken Ireland was among the first brewers in Ireland to introduce eco friendly, energy saving coolers into the marketplace, while the new Heineken 33cl bottle, introduced in 2010, is 15% lighter in weight than its predecessor, with no change in capacity. “I strongly believe that doing good for society is also good for business, in the context that lower CO2 emissions means lower costs,” summed up Declan Farmer. “Making bottles lighter means they are cheaper to transport and better for the environment. Sourcing our malt locally represents a €4m injection into the local agricultural economy, whilst at the same time decreasing transport and import costs. Ultimately, to realise our vision of a more sustainable society, we are committed to making a positive and long term investments in people, communities and the environment, to deliver on our promise of ’Brewing a Better Future ‘ for everyone.”

Two Superser Heaters To Be Won From The exclusive distributor of Superser heaters in Ireland!

Flogas is delighted to offer two Retail News readers the chance to win a Flogas Superser heater to stay cosy this Autumn and Winter. Retailers looking to stock up before the cold weather hits can source them exclusively from Flogas on 041-9831041 or For instant, controllable heat that’s both stylish and cost-effective, Flogas supplies the Superser Radiant and Superser Catalytic heaters. The Superser Catalytic burns without a flame and has lower touch temperatures. Both models are fitted with easy glide castors for trouble-free moving from room to room.

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CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 16th November Terms and conditions apply. Judges decision is final and no cash alternatives given.

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Industry News XL’s Snappy Promotion

XL is running a fantastic nationwide photography competition, which will see one lucky photographer picking up a brand new Cannon SLR camera, accessories pack and half day training course with renowned photographer Podge Kelly. The competition is looking for the most creative photo of the XL name, highlighting the fact that XL is one of the fastest growing names in local communities all over Ireland, and is supported by in-store POS, radio, social media and online marketing. Not only is there one super overall prize, but the best entry in every XL store will win a touch-screen multimedia player. The overall winner will be judged by Podge Kelly and announced later in October. For more information or to submit an entry, see www.

Musgrave MarketPlace Relaunches in Limerick MUSGRAVE has relaunched its MarketPlace Cash and Carry outlet in Limerick, following an investment of €1m as part of a wider redevelopment programme. The 60,000 square feet outlet, the largest cash & carry in the south west of Ireland, has been transformed with an innovative, customerfriendly layout that has seen the introduction of exciting new product ranges, with a particular emphasis on chilled and frozen products, reflective of trends within the industry. Musgrave MarketPlace Limerick now stocks 12,500 products, including over 500 own brand products and over 200 best-selling branded lines at everyday low prices. The outlet was officially opened recently by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, who is pictured with (l-r): Michael Stafford, MarketPlace Director; Garrett Barry, General Manager, MarketPlace Limerick; Chef Marlon Medina; rugby player Alan Quinlan; and Noel Keeley, MD, Musgrave Wholesale Partners,

SuperValu Signs New Deal with Dunhill Cuisine SUPERVALU has signed a new agreement with Waterford supplier Dunhill Cuisine, to supply a new range of superior products, worth €1.5m. Based in Co. Waterford, Dunhill Cuisine is one of Ireland’s leading producers of fresh ready meals to the retail and catering sectors. This new contract sees Dunhill Cuisine supplying SuperValu stores nationwide with a new range of Supreme Meals, including Pork Fillet with Caramelised Apple, Steak Diane, Chicken and Pesto and Haddock Mornay. It will also provide a new range of Supreme side dishes, including Creamy Mash, Ratatouille, Mixed Green Vegetables, Potato Gratin and Roast Root Vegetables. Pictured are Edward Spelman, Managing Director, Dunhill Cuisine, and Fergal O’Gara, Category Manager, SuperValu.

Down Syndrome Ireland Boyne Valley Honey Days Campaign DOWN Syndrome Ireland has launched its annual Boyne Valley Honey Days campaign. Running throughout the month of October, mini Boyne Valley Honey pots will be on sale for €2 from volunteers nationwide. Consumers can also support the campaign online by purchasing a virtual Honey pot at or text Honey to 57252. All monies raised will go directly to support vital local and national services, including a new nationwide literacy programme for adults with Down Syndrome that is launching this autumn. Pictured at the launch are David Wallace, Munster and Ireland rugby player, with Amy Purcell, Kildare, and David O’Brien, Dublin.

Moy Park Back on TV MOY Park is back on TV with a new recipe commercial, featuring a ginger chicken stir-fry. May of this year saw Moy Park launching a new range of branded chicken products, including a selection of breaded and fresh chicken and ready-to-cook meals in stores across Ireland. As Moy Park continues to target the independent sector in Ireland, both North and South, the next phase of the campaign will aim to secure new business with Irish retailers and relaunch the Moy Park website, which includes a new recipe forum with online coupons offering consumers greater value for money: see for more information.|October 2011|Retail News |11

Industry News Irish Cheese Awards Presented at SHOP MINISTER of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Shane McEntee TD presented the Irish Cheese Awards at the recent SHOP exhibition in the RDS in Dublin, with Killeen Goat Mature Cheese from Killeen Farmhouse, Co. Galway, named Supreme Champion 2011. The Irish Cheese Awards were co-ordinated by SHOP 2011, in association with Sheridan’s, and were judged by independent panel of acknowledged industry experts. Pictured are (l-r): Kevin Sheridan, Sheridan’s Cheesemongers; Shane McEntee TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine; and Marion Roeleveld from Killeen Farmhouse, Co. Galway, Supreme Champion for Killeen Goat Mature Cheese.

Appointments at Kellogg’s KELLOGG Company, the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereals, has announced the appointment of two senior positions within its European Headquarters in Swords, Co. Dublin.

SuperValu Irish Food Cobh Store Wins Producers Awards Top Award

KEATING’S Londis PLUS in Cobh, Co. Cork, has been named Business of the Year by the Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce. Ray and Maura Keating were granted the title for exhibiting excellence in business, and for their ability to “survive through thick and thin”, said Mary Smith, Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce. Keatings were particularly recognised for their excellence in customer care and general contribution to the local community, as an employer and giver of charitable donations. Pictured are (l-r): Neil O’Carroll, ConocoPhillips; Maura and Ray Keating, owners of Londis PLUS, Cobh, and John Sweeney, Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce.

THE SuperValu 2011 Irish Food Producers Awards are open for entries. Now in their second year, the awards recognise superior quality and excellence amongst food and beverage producers in Ireland. With the Irish Food Producers Awards, SuperValu, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, has set out to highlight innovation and creativity in one of Ireland’s most important sectors. Producers are invited to submit entries at under the following categories, within each of which a winning company will be selected: Quality Commitment; Innovation; Local Producers; Best Newcomer; Best Fresh Produce. The overall winner will be awarded the title of the SuperValu Irish Food Producer of the Year. Pictured launching the Awards are (l-r): Dr Jennifer Melia, Manager of Research and Technology Programmes at Enterprise Ireland; Denise O’Callaghan, Founder of Delicious Gluten Free Foods, last year’s ‘Best Newcomer’; and Martin Kelleher, Managing Director, SuperValu.

BWG Expands Cheese Partnership BWG Foods is expanding its partnership with local Irish supplier, Traditional Cheese Company, which will see the value of the arrangement increase to €2.5m by 2012. Traditional Cheese Company currently sources and supplies 26 own-brand cheese products and a further 60 branded cheese products for BWG Foods’ retail and wholesale brands, the majority of which are produced in Ireland. Under the expanded arrangement, Traditional Cheese Company will supply a further 15 products, such as soup, garlic bread and Bord Bia quality approved meats. The products will include both own-brand and branded goods and ingredients will be sourced from local Irish suppliers and producers. Pictured announcing the expanded partnership are Willie O’Byrne, Managing Director, BWG Foods, and Eugene Carr, Managing Director, Traditional Cheese Company.

Ted Linehan (above) has been appointed Vice President, European Marketing and Innovation for Kellogg Europe, where he will be responsible for defining and implementing the company’s European Marketing and Innovation strategy. Carlos Mejia (below) has been appointed Regional Vice President of Kellogg Continental Europe, where he will be responsible for key continental markets for Kellogg in Europe, including France, Spain, Italy as well as the Nordic and Germanic regions.

12|Retail News||October 2011|

Industry News An Post Help to Grow Your Business AN Post can help you to grow your business for free, thanks to This easy-to-use, effective service from An Post is about growing your business - increasing turnover, working with existing customers and attracting new ones - giving you the tools to succeed. It helps you keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis. allows you to: get 24/7 access to easy-to-absorb business tutorials; hear from real Irish businesses that have done it; see what results others have achieved; see proven direct marketing solutions; get oneto-one access to marketing experts. “It’s not surprising that the most successful businesses in Ireland are using Direct Mail. Threequarters of Irish businesses that significantly increased their revenues all use direct mail,” says Amie Peters, Head of the Mail Media Unit in An Post. Register at

Londis Unlocks the Potential of e-Retailing ADM Londis’ €5m, five-year strategy to shift to ‘e-Retailing’ has reached an exciting climax. The Group has invested in iPads for every retailer, which will enable them to access Londis’ unique software capabilities and cloud-based infrastructure through one portable device. The move will dramatically transform the operation and management of shops across the country, putting the entire store operation at the retailer’s fingertips, seven days a week, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. “Today is a landmark in Irish retailing; e-Retailing is the key to future retail growth and we are very proud at ADM Londis to be pioneering this development,” noted Stephen O’Riordan, CEO of ADM Londis plc. “This is not simply another IT investment; it is the key to drive greater efficiencies in retail management.”

Centra Supports Action Breast Cancer CENTRA is running two great initiatives to raise funds for Action Breast Cancer this month. Using their nationwide network of 464 stores, Centra is encouraging women all over the country to ‘Get the Girls ‘Round’ and host a night at home by registering at www.facebook. com/Centraireland, where they will receive a registration pack containing a booklet with hints and tips for a great girls’ night in and vouchers for Centra goodies which can be redeemed in any Centra store nationwide. Meanwhile, Ireland’s top female presenters joined forces with Centra to launch its pink beanie hats for Action Breast Cancer. The country’s high profile media personalities are encouraging women all over Ireland to purchase a pink beanie hat from Centra stores nationwide for only €5, with all proceeds from the sale of the hats going to Action Breast Cancer. Pictured with the stylish pink beanies are (l-r): Orla Barry (Newstalk 106-108); Sinead Desmond (TV3); Debbie Allen (Q102); and Ruth Scott (RTE 2FM).

Kilkenny Cheese Producer Wins Top Award A KILKENNY cheese producer has scooped the top award at the prestigious British Cheese Awards, the ‘Oscars’ of the dairy world. Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese, from Stoneyford, was declared the best of almost 1,000 cheeses and crowned Supreme Champion at the Awards for its Kilree Cheese, a semi-soft, rind washed goat’s cheese, which also won the Best Semi-soft Cheese and Best Irish Cheese categories for Kilree. Knockdrinna beat off competition from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales to get the top honour. Cheesemaker Helen Finnegan of Knockdrinna Cheese is pictured with her husband Robert, accepting the Supreme Champion Award at the British Cheese Awards.

First Ever Dublin Food Forum 200 guests from the food and agri-food sectors across the capital attended the inaugural meeting of the Dublin Food Forum, hosted by Country Crest at their headquarters in Lusk, Co. Dublin, recently. The event was organised by the Fingal County Enterprise Board and the Dublin Food Chain to mark Fingal Enterprise Week and featured presentations from Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly TD; William Linnane from Tesco; Michael Hoey, founder of Country Crest and Conor Hyde from the Dublin Food Chain. Pictured at the event are (l-r): Michael Lauhoff from Bank of Ireland, William Linnane from Tesco, Oisin Geoghegan from Fingal County Enterprise Board, Gabriel Hoey from Country Crest and Joe Harford from Fingal County Enterprise Board.

‘Since I joined Daybreak my store has gone from strength to strength. The support I receive from the Musgrave team is second to none.’ Stephen Clayton, Daybreak Kilcullen

‘Open up to better profits’ Are you looking to improve the profitability of your store? If so, then Daybreak is the smart choice. Here are five good reasons to choose Daybreak: Real Value for Money As part of the Musgrave Group, we will enhance your sales and your margins with our competitive pricing and deep cut promotions. A fresh look at ‘Food to go’ Our new food solutions will drive your profitability.

Saving you money Our development costs are much more competitive than other symbols. Our team An experienced and responsive team are always at your disposal.

Our vibrant new image We’ve invested substantially to create a fresh new look.

For more information call us on

086 771 4666

14|Retail News|October 2011|

Health & Safety

Be Business


‘Taking Care of Business’ is an innovative and exciting new service from the Health and Safety Authority which helps small retail businesses in dealing with health and safety in their workplaces in a way that is quicker, easier and cheaper. Health and safety legislation applies to all businesses regardless of size, but the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) recognises that small business owners/managers face quite a different set of issues compared to their larger counterparts. In a typical small business, the owner/manager often has responsibility for a whole range of functions, such as finance, HR, sales & marketing, etc. with the result that health and safety may or may not feature on the list. The key objective of the HSA is to make sure it does feature! All workplaces are obliged to ensure their workers and anyone else who could be affected by workplace activity are protected from risk arising from the hazards associated with those activities. There is a solid business case supporting the effective management of workplace health and safety in small businesses. A workplace accident can have a disproportionate impact on small businesses compared to larger organisations. Small businesses often rely on one or two key employees and the impact following the loss of a key employee due to prolonged absence after a workplace accident can be devastating. This is on top of potential

additional costs in the form of higher insurance premiums or compensation payments. In 2010, the Occupational Injuries Broad reported that sales assistants and checkout operators represented the second highest profession in regards to receipt of compensation for work related injuries, with 651 individual claims.

Taking Care of Business

‘Taking Care of Business’ is an innovative and exciting new service from the Health and Safety Authority for small retail businesses. ‘Taking Care of Business’ will support and assist small retail businesses in dealing with health and safety in their workplaces in a way that is quicker, easier and cheaper. The benefits of using this service are manifold and can help to: • Reduce Accidents & Incidents in the Workplace; • Reduce the Administrative Burden; • Provide Guidance & Support; • Increase Compliance; • Simplify Management of Health & Safety; • Improve Staff Morale & Motivation; • Reduce Absenteeism; • Reduce Costs. The ‘Taking Care of Business’ initiative also encourages employee participation in creating safer workplaces.


At the core of the Taking Care of Business service has been the development and launch of BeSMART. BeSMART is a free, easy-to-use online tool that enables small businesses to generate risk assessments and a Safety Statement specific to their business.

Risk assessment is the foundation of any effective health and safety management system. Without carrying out this first step of identifying where the risk of workplace accidents lie, it’s impossible to manage that risk in any sort of effective way. This tool, available 24/7 and at no cost to the business, can help identify the risk in the workplace and, most importantly, help the small business owner/manager put in place precautions to make sure the level of risk is minimised. Feedback from registered BeSMART users to date indicates a minimum 90% reduction in cost and 80% reduction in time involved in undertaking risk assessments and preparing a safety statement for their workplace. Log onto and register as a new user, using your name, email address and a password of your choice. You will receive a validation email by return and once activated, you’re good to go. Take a minute to click on the short animated video, which will give you a brief overview of what is involved in using this tool. Now start your risk assessments by selecting your business type ‘e.g. grocery shop’ and you will be presented with a selection of hazards that may be applicable to your workplace. Once you have worked through these, consult with your employees and use the blank template in the ‘Learn More’ section to risk assess any hazards specific to your workplace that have not been identified in BeSMART. Once complete, you can download, edit and print your safety statement and risk assessments.|October 2011|Retail News|15

Insight NACS Award Topaz Cashel was crowned International Convenience Retailer of the Year 2011 recently.

Topaz Lifts Top International Award TOPAZ’ state-of-the-art service station in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, beat off competition from some of the world’s latest and most innovative convenience store formats to win the Insight NACS International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award 2011. The Cashel site, at Junction 8 on the M8, was only opened by Topaz four months ago, and yet took the top award at the gala ceremony in London, which was attended by delegates from 20 countries. This win for Topaz is seen as particularly significant because of the quality of those competing and the fact it is voted on by suppliers and industry peers. Topaz beat off stiff competition from a short-list which included Morrisons M-local from the UK, LS travel retail from France and Shell/7Eleven from Norway.

Top Class Services

Topaz’ Cashel site is the first of up to 15 motorway sites which the company plans to build close to Ireland’s motorway network. Services on offer at the site include a hot food buffet and café, children’s play area, wi-fi internet access, toilets and showers. The site also has a McDonald’s restaurant, which is also a first motorway location for that company. On the forecourt, it provides a modern, spacious design with pay-atpump at every pump; electric vehicle charging; energy efficient lighting; water collection; a smart driving service area and HGV parking and service area. The in-store offer includes a fast zone of high impulse lines; a local selection of fresh food and groceries; in-car entertainment for travellers; and souvenirs for tourists. The Topaz fresh food-to-go offer is extensive, with a full menu including hot meals, locally sourced fresh produce, healthy options, freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Eddie O’Brien, Chief Executive of Topaz, said the award was a huge boost for the company generally and Cashel in particular. “This is an acknowledgement by our industry peers from across Europe that the range of services on offer at Cashel transform the customer experience,” he said. “This site is our template for future sites close to the motorway network and it is extremely encouraging that our ‘first-born’ has won such a prestigious award. Our aim is to provide five star rest and refueling stops for motorists and winning this award re-enforces our belief that we are on the right track. The judges were impressed with our commitment to our customers, our staff and the community as a whole and that was especially pleasing.”

Innovation Leader

One of the judges, Joe Bona, President - Retail Division at CBX, a New York based strategic branding company, said: “Through the integration and use of technology across multiple platforms, from pay-at-pump to social media and smart phone apps, Topaz appears to be an innovation leader for the convenience channel.” The other judges included Stephanie Rice, founder, Rice Retail Marketing, and Don Longo, Editor in Chief at Convenience Store News, who shortlisted five retailers for the 2011 Award, which was sponsored for the third year running by Imperial Tobacco. “The new motorway design was very dynamic and well executed,” said the panel. “We were impressed with the wide range of products and fresh meal solutions, making this a destination for immediate consumption needs and top-up occasions.” Dan Munford, Managing Director of Insight, noted how “the calibre of the

Pictured at the presentation of the Insight NACS 2011 International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award are (l-r): Mike Laney, Head of Convenience for Imperial Tobacco, award sponsors; Dan Munford, MD, Insight Research; Hank Armour, President of NACS; Eddie O’Brien, CEO, Topaz; Paul Candon, Marketing and Corporate Services Director, Topaz; and Frank Gleeson, Retail Director, Topaz.

entries in this year’s contest was first class, with innovations at every turn.” Once the judges had delivered their short-list, voting was handed over to readers of Global Convenience Store Focus, with a record number of online votes recorded. “Topaz Cashel, one of the newest stores in this year’s contest, shone through; exciting both expert judges and its international peers - an inspirational winner of the 2011 Award,” stated Munford, while Mike Laney, Head of UK Convenience at award sponsor, Imperial Tobacco, noted how “The Award provides a valuable opportunity to share and recognise international best practice in convenience retailing. Congratulations to Topaz, on a deserved award win.” The award-winning format was presented to a large retailer and supplier audience at the NACS show in Chicago recently by Frank Gleeson, Retail Director, Topaz. The award-winning format was presented to a large retailer and supplier audience at the NACS show in Chicago recently by Frank Gleeson, Topaz Retail Director.

Pictured at the official opening of the site in June with Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, are Shane Flynn, Retail Business Development Manager, Topaz (left) and John Atherton, MD of McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland.

16|Retail News|October 2011|

Shop Profile

Liam Mullen’s MACE store in Drogheda town centre is bucking the recessionary trend by perfectly meeting the shopping needs of its catchment area. Store owner Liam Mullen, pictured outside JoJo’s MACE, West Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth.



Sales in Drogheda

The area around West Street and Shop Street in Drogheda is the traditional centre for shopping in the town. A stroll down the street is a somewhat sobering experience at the moment, as you pass empty retail units and see how few people there are in the town centre. Economic uncertainty and job losses have seriously affected consumer spending in Drogheda, but there are dedicated retailers like Liam Mullen opening new premises and creating jobs, despite the difficult times. Liam has worked in a number of professions, including grocery retail. He has run a small fully independent shop in Drogheda for three years. His latest enterprise is Jo Jo’s MACE on West Street. Named for his daughter Joanne, the shop is proving a real success, because Liam identified a genuine need in the locality and created a business that met that need head-on. Liam took over the lease of the

premises on West Street because, “I love a challenge and I love to make things work. I knew West Street well and I knew it needed somewhere for people to get food and refreshments, with somewhere to sit and relax while they were shopping in the town.” While Liam was in the planning stage of the project, the MACE Group approached him about getting involved with the project. “MACE had a very attractive package,” Liam explains. “The focus on Food-to-Go exactly suited the plan that I had for the shop and the people I met, such as John Tully and Barry Flynn, were very enthusiastic about the project and they have worked every bit as hard as myself to make this happen.”

Focused Business Plan

JoJo’s MACE demonstrates that even during a recession, a focused business plan can deliver the expected returns. The shop has a limited ambient grocery

offering, because the shop focuses very heavily on fresh Food-to-Go. The branded Perk sit-down area at the front of the shop is the linchpin of its success. The combination of the high quality finish in the sit-down area, top quality tea, coffee and fresh|October 2011|Retail News|17

Shop Profile

food, allied to a very strong value for money offering, has made the Perk in JoJo’s MACE a success within months of opening. The fresh food offering and deli are trading strongly alongside the Perk offering. “This shop has to be an amenity for the community,” stresses Liam. “There is no point doing work in this shop for myself: everything I do has to keep the needs of my customers in mind. This street needed somewhere for people to sit down and grab a bite to eat or drink while they are in the town. My customers love the look of the shop, they love the fact that they can get great food and most of all, they love the value for money that I offer.”

Working with Suppliers

Value for money is becoming ever more important for the grocery retail sector, and Liam has found his suppliers have been working very hard to offer him better value. “I can only charge what people are willing to pay, so I have to price my products accordingly,” he notes. “I have to say that MACE and BWG, alongside other elements such as Perk and Cuisine de France, have been working extremely hard to cut prices so that I can stay competitive. That is the type of support that I need as a retailer, so that I can pass those savings on to my customers to maintain trade in the shop.” Liam also pays tribute to his staff, whom he describes as a “crucial element” in the store’s success. “I have a very hands-on attitude in the shop and I know all my staff very well,” he summarises. “Some of the staff I retained from the shop that had been trading on this site. Every single member of staff is an ambassador for the shop; they are the face that people meet, and it has to be a friendly, welcoming face every time. As good as the shop looks or the product on

the shelves is, if staff are unhelpful, my customers will stop coming back. I wouldn’t go back somewhere if I got bad service.”

Local Heroes

Indeed, Liam is involved in working with and promoting the RTE Local Heroes initiative, where people and entrepreneurs around the town are invited to make suggestions as to how to improve life in the town in these challenging times. Further economic uncertainty overseas has shown that Ireland cannot rely on exports alone to lift this country out of recession. The nation must also foster and support the indigenous entrepreneurial spirit of people like Liam in order to work its way out of the economic doldrums. With the support, advice and expertise of professional partners such as the MACE Group, that spirit of enterprise is off to a strong start, even in hard times. There is no doubt that it is the hard work and dedication of Liam, his staff and his partners in MACE that has allowed Liam to realise his idea for a new business on West Street.

Fact File Owner:

Liam Mullen


West Street, Drogheda, Co Louth


21,800 square feet

Number of Staff: 8, full time & part time

18|Retail News|October 2011|

Retail News Interview

Retail News talks to IGBF President of Appeals Jim Barry about the increasing importance of the Fund, the inaugural Irish Business Teamwork Awards and how helping the IGBF isn’t just about making a financial contribution.

Lending a

Helping Hand ASKING people to put their hands in their pockets for charity can be a thankless job at the best of times, but when you’re trying to fund-raise in the midst of the biggest recession in decades, the challenge takes on a whole new level. But that’s the task that Jim Barry, Barry Group MD, took on earlier this year when he became President of Appeals for the Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund. “To be honest, no time is a good time to take on a role like this, in that there’s never a good time to go to companies looking for money, but when it’s for a cause like this, I find it very worthwhile and very motivating,” Jim smiles.

He’s been amazed by the response by companies and individuals to the Fund over the period of his tenure to date. “People realise that when somebody finds themselves in hard times, they need a bit of help and a leg-up. There are a number of companies who go way beyond the call of duty and way beyond what you might expect, especially given the current environment. I’ve been blown away by the level of generosity. It’s very heartening to see. Often, we see the rough and tumble of business, but there is a human side as well, and the ‘give back’ ethic of the trade in general is fantastic.” Each successive President of Appeals serves for a one-year term,

and Jim feels that his tenure has been all about being innovative, trying to create new ways of fundraising. “We are looking for new ideas for how to create money, because I’m expecting demands for the Fund to increase this year and next year. In 2010, more money was given out by the Fund than was collected in donations etc, and obviously, that is not a trend that can continue,” Jim warns. “The traditional methods of fundraising will not be able to raise enough money long-term to meet the needs of the Fund, so we are trying to organise events that provide value for money, to give something back to companies.”|October 2011|Retail News|19

Retail News Interview Irish Business Teamwork Awards

The most obvious innovation was the inaugural Irish Business Teamwork Awards, which saw almost 40 teams from around the country compete in a unique team-building event in the glorious surroundings of Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, in late August. The one-day event involved a series of tough outdoor challenges coordinated by outdoor-activity experts,, as well as a number of fun indoor challenges set by Ernst and Young. “The Irish Business Teamwork Awards are essentially performing two tasks. Firstly, they are promoting the principle of teamwork within companies, and secondly, they are helping the Fund. The thinking behind it is that there will probably be less people working in companies in the future, and yet there will be higher expectations on them, so better teamworking will be critical in companies, going forward. I’m a passionate believer in the importance of nurturing and developing a culture of teamwork and team spirit in business.” Indeed, the President of Appeals sees the Awards “as much a HR investment as a charity donation”, particularly for small and medium sized companies who don’t have large HR budgets to bring in specialists for team-building days.

Positive Response

Indeed, the response from those who took part in this year’s event was exclusively positive, which bodes well for its future on the IGBF calendar. “The feedback we received from the inaugural event is that we provided great value for money, while also generating money for the Fund. I’m passionate about the teamwork mind-set, so this is probably one of my hobby horses that we’ve brought to life, promoting the principle of teamwork amongst Irish business and raising much-needed money for the IGBF. Our view is that this is a viable proposition going forward. Indeed, we hope to have between 80 and 100 teams next year, which would generate a lot of money for the Fund, which is tremendous, as demand for the Fund continues to increase.” The Irish Business Teamwork Awards weren’t Jim’s only contribution as President of Appeals. He already has another project ear-marked for next year (“we were just a little late time-

There are almost 300 families currently benefiting from the Fund, and I think that will be a growing number, because more and more people are finding things difficult. wise to get it off-the-ground this year, but it has the potential to be huge”) and has taken a very “hands-on approach” to organising this year’s “spectacular” IGBF Annual Ball in Dublin’s Burlington Hotel on October 15. Founded in 1981, the IGBF is a registered charity whose aim is to provide financial relief for persons in need, who have been involved in the FMCG trade. According to Jim, the organisation “doesn’t boast about what it does: it works in a very private way, which is appropriate”. While being a supporter of the Fund for many years through the Barry Group, Jim admits that it was only when he took on the mantle of President of Appeals that he really became aware of the extent of its work. “There are almost 300 families currently benefiting from the Fund, and I think that will be a growing number, because more and more people are finding things difficult. It works on a series of grants, none of which are worth huge money, but even a small amount can make an awful lot of difference. It can make a situation manageable, as opposed to hardship.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

The IGBF, along with other charities, has benefited from improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in recent years, and Jim feels that this has been a fundamental change in mind-set by companies. “CSR has improved hugely and is now a ‘must’ for companies,” he notes. “I think companies develop – everyone is on a journey – and in the last three or four years, people would have become much more astute. There have been terrible disasters throughout the world, which helps to put things in perspective and we realise how lucky we are to have things good for ourselves. “Unfortunately, the sobering fact is that you have to make money

before you can give money back, so unless a company is profitable, it can’t give money back. But I think there is a very good ethic of ‘give back’ in Ireland, which you see in times of disaster when the Irish people and Irish companies are often the most generous worldwide, even when things are very difficult. Ireland has seen hard days in the past and I think people haven’t forgotten that, and when it goes well, Irish people are happy to try to help those less fortunate.”

Supporting the Fund

While acknowledging the time pressure of steering the fortunes of the successful Barry Group while also serving as President of Appeals, Jim is quick to acknowledge the level of support he receives, both within the IGBF and within his own company. He pays particular tribute to IFBG Executive Secretary, Jim O’Connor, as well as the national and local committees who give tirelessly to the events. However, there is always room for more volunteers to help in the organisation of events throughout the country. “While all financial contributions are extremely welcome, that’s not the only commitment that people can make to the IGBF: it could be a case of giving some time,” he notes. “What I would like is for people to get in some way involved in the local committees around the country and help out. That would be hugely beneficial. There are a lot of great people who give a huge amount of time to the IGBF and it would be nice if the local committees could get more local support, rather than large companies being expected to give everything. I would like over the next year or two for more people to get involved, whether they are local supermarkets or small local suppliers. This is about helping people in our trade.”

20|Retail News|October 2011|

ADM Londis Conference

Londis Celebrates Togetherness

ADM Londis’ Annual Conference, under the theme ‘Better Together’, saw the Group celebrating the sense of partnership that has helped Londis and its retailers to weather the economic storm. Enda McNulty, the former Armagh football star and current MD of Motiv8, addresses the conference.

AS ADM Londis’ annual conference approached this year, attendees were abuzz with an exciting rumour about a certain highly desirable gadget and the possibility of its appearance (en masse) this year in the Malton Hotel, Killarney. Despite the whispers, the Group was tight-lipped about what major announcement was on the cards at this year’s gathering. A goodhumoured Stephen O’Riordan, CEO of ADM Londis, gave little away in his welcoming address. In fact, one might

have concluded they were doing their best to throw attendees off the scent with the distinctly sobering opening that followed. ‘Better Together’ was the theme of Londis’ 2011 conference, the upbeat slogan a salve for the not-soglad tidings delivered by two of its speakers. Both Ivan Yates and Alan Dukes served up cold doses of reality, the former with the “ungarnished” story of his troubled business, Celtic Bookmakers, the latter with

Team Spirit STEPHEN O’Riordan, CEO of ADM Londis, explained the conference theme, ‘Better Together’, in his opening address: “It is the collective talent of each and every one of our retailers and the team at Group Support Office which, we believe, is the reason why the Group and our retailers continue to weather the difficult trading conditions we face. Together, we have developed an offering, led by exceptional value, which is sustaining each of your businesses through these difficult times. Many of our suppliers have also played their part, working with the Group to evolve our offering into one of the most competitive in the market.”

a ruthlessly honest appraisal of the macro situation in Ireland for the next three years. Dukes left audience members in no doubt as to his reservations about the misplaced optimism in the Government’s four year plan and accompanying projections. He painted a starker picture of the economy, stating that it is unlikely GDP will reach forecast levels of 3.25% in 2012 and 3% in 2013. Growth is likely to be slower while “debt reduction, mortgage pressures and a propensity to save in the face of uncertainty about employment and income prospects” continue to stymie consumption levels. Unemployment will also remain high, which in turn impacts negatively on consumption. Against this realism, though, were learnings and a pragmatically optimistic outlook. As Dukes pointed out: “We’ve been here before, we actually know how to do fiscal adjustments – very few countries have ever done such adjustments without major emergency packages,” which attests to the resilience of the Irish economy and the businesses that power it.|October 2011|Retail News|21

ADM Londis Conference Dukes also pointed to the fact that the urgency of the economic situation has brought about some positive developments for businesses. Namely, a number of local authorities have “finally become sensitive to the effects of their charges on business,” the recent decision on JLC wage rates, and the opening up of talks about upwardonly rent clauses.

The Backbone of the Economy

These subjects and others were raised by the third and more rousing speaker, Tara Buckley, Director General of RGDATA, who outlined the issues she and her organisation are aggressively tackling on behalf of retailers. After the “doom and gloom,” Buckley resolved to instil confidence in the assembled business-owners that the challenges are manageable and that small local retailers remain the “backbone of the economy”. In addition to those successes already mentioned by Alan Dukes, Buckley told the Londis audience they could expect to hear “good news over

Londis retailer Cormac Flanagan explained the massive revamp of his Londis PLUS store in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

the next 12 months” regarding the stream-lining of regulation in a bid to reduce the burden of red tape. RGDATA is also sustaining a rigorous campaign against the proposed removal of the cap on retail floor space within the Retail Planning Guidelines, as well as an ongoing battle against planning approvals for large retail outlets in breach of the RPGs. The organisation makes on average 100 objections per year against unsuitable proposed retail outlets.

Effective Category Management

The next speaker, retailer Cormac Flanagan, talked through the revamp and development of his Londis Plus store in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, with revealing images Tommy Murphy, Store Manager, and John Burke of Burke’s of how the old Londis PLUS Kinvara, are pictured accepting a Gold Award and shop had originally their Londis Store of The Year award from Stephen O’Riordan, looked – considerably CEO of ADM Londis (left) and event MC, Marty Whelan. cluttered, with little functions of retailing through the iPad: evidence of category hence, you get i-Retailing (as opposed management. Thanks to a recent €200k to mere e-Retailing). investment, however, the store now The cleverness of this lies in Londis’ meets modern consumers’ expectations, unique vision of the iPad as an integral which have “moved on” along with the business tool with the ability to bring market in the last 10 years. together all of their highly advanced Flanagan underlined the vital capabilities and revolutionise the importance of effective category business of retailing. Essentially, the management as a fundamental iPad is an intelligent, intuitive device component of profitable retailing. Since that enables retailers to access Londis’ revamping his business, he has seen intelligent, intuitive online systems, sales increase by 43%, with improved such as LEADER and ISIS, from results across the store, especially anywhere and at any time. You could his unique fresh meat offering which log into ISIS and see an up-to-date includes Londis’ cycle promotions, his planogram, in colour, on-screen, while more focused off-licence department, standing in front of that department in and private label ranges. Part of your store. You could order anything the success, said Flanagan, is his missing from your shelves, you could increasingly strong relationship view available new promotions and with the Londis support office and download the relevant POS materials, online resources, such as ISIS and and even post it to your Facebook page, LEADER. Indeed, Flanagan summed all with a few flicks of your finger. up his presentation by extolling the The thought ‘why has nobody else benefits of working hand-in-hand thought of this?’ couldn’t be avoided. If with Londis – a marriage of the local retailing was a game of rugby, Londis’ retailer with local knowledge and the iPad announcement was the equivalent Londis support office providing broader of monumental try over the favourite’s market knowledge and expertise. line. And then Donnelly announced that there was an iPad for every retailer in From e-Retailing to the room, rounding off his presentation i-Retailing to the sound of uproarious applause. The piece de resistance, Chris Young and old, every retailer bar none Donnelly, Head of IT at Londis, was excited about the forthcoming finally arrived just before noon, new era of retail management in their instantly dashing hopes of a free business. One even declared: “In all my iPad for everyone in the audience by years in retail, I’ve never had something announcing there were instead just like this to look forward to.” two, to be given as spot-prizes. The The iPad extravaganza was table quiz element added some humour followed by a motivational session with to the technical presentation, although former Armagh footballing champion, the content was captivating enough Enda McNulty, now Managing by itself. Donnelly explained how Director of Motiv8 and motivator to the components of retailing – Epos the who’s who of sport and corporate systems, marketing, consumer loyalty, business in Ireland. Many delegates category management, ordering, later reported McNulty’s session to be business management, security and the highlight of the whole conference compliance – could be integrated which, considering Dukes and Yates’ and made simple in one streamlined, grim deliveries, would suggest Londis intelligent, interactive system. This, pitched the day just right. of course, means managing all the

22|Retail News|October 2011|

ADM Londis Conference Celebrating Excellence

After a good day’s business done at the trade show – where more than a few Londis retailers reported doing some particularly good deals with suppliers – it was on to the Londis Retailing Excellence Bronze and Silver awards presentations, before the well-deserved champagne reception. The main event of the night, the Retailing Excellence Awards dinner, opened in terrific style. Londis’ hospitality and the super service of the Malton Hotel had the room in flying form as Marty Whelan announced the Gold Awards and Category Winners with his usual aplomb. Some familiar names made their way to the stage – several times in some cases – as well as some receiving the Londis Retailing Excellence accolade for the first time. Finally, the dinner was closed out with the announcement of the ADM Londis Store of the Year: Burke’s Londis PLUS in Kinvara, Co. Galway. The owner of this massive 10,000 square feet store, John Burke, is a Kinvara native and with the group since 1983. Burke converted to the Londis PLUS brand in 2009 with a major revamp, and evidently hasn’t looked back since. Commenting on Burke’s win, Stephen O’Riordan said: “John Burke and his enthusiastic team deserve immense credit for winning this award. All stores were independently audited, with a key focus on store presentation, fresh food offering, store hygiene, operational standards and crucially, customer care. The team in Londis PLUS, Kinvara, have proven, without doubt, that they are entirely focused on ensuring the best possible shopping experience for the local Kinvara community. I offer my utmost congratulations to John and Tommy for this great achievement.” The CEO noted how “Londis retailers are succeeding in a very difficult market. Through their passion for retail and their unerring

Special Category Winners

Stephen O’Riordan, CEO of ADM Londis, (left) and event MC, Marty Whelan, present Ray and Maura Keating from Keating’s Londis PLUS Cobh with the award for Best Off-Licence of the Year

David Bridgette, Griffins Londis Fonthill, accepts award for Best Deli and Hot Food from Stephen O’Riordan and Marty Whelan.

Ray and Eileen Sheehan from Sheehan’s Londis Parkgate St receive the Food Safety of the Year Award from Stephen O’Riordan and Marty Whelan.

Jonathan Gillan, Londis PLUS Summerhill, accepts the award for Best Fruit & Veg from Marty Whelan and Stephen O’Riordan. Jonathan Gillan also won the News and Magazines of the Year award for Gillan’s Londis Castleknock.

commitment to their customers, Londis store owners and managers are bringing exceptional value and second-to-none customer service to communities across Ireland. These awards recognise the immense efforts by our retailers in ensuring a high

quality shopping experience for their customers. I would like to congratulate all of our winning stores for their continued hard work and dedication. Each year the bar is raised, as more and more stores excel in areas of customer service and best practice.”

Gold Award Winners Waters’ Londis Athenry Kennedy’s Londis PLUS Ballyconnell Doyle’s Londis Carnew Gillan’s Londis PLUS Summerhill Parson’s Londis Tuam Road Gillan’s Londis Castleknock Hughes’ Londis PLUS Mountbellew Londis Texoil Tulsk Hynes’ Londis Miltown Malbay Londis Kilcolgan

Londis Texoil Monaghan Byrne’s Londis Aughrim Londis Newcastle Road Keating’s Londis PLUS Cobh Canavan’s Londis Inch Hanrahan’s Londis The Faythe O’Shea’s Londis Campile Griffin’s Londis St Stephen’s Green Grace’s Londis PLUS Loughrea Donegan’s Londis Kilbeggan

Shiel’s Londis PLUS Malahide Dillon’s Londis Fethard-on-Sea Meehan’s Londis PLUS Glenamaddy Roche’s Londis Doneraile Mulhall’s Londis PLUS Portlaoise Martin’s Londis Enniscorthy Cunningham’s Londis PLUS Ballyhaunis Hanrahan’s Londis Piercetown Timothy’s Londis PLUS Abbeytown Griffin’s Londis Fonthill|October 2011|Retail News|23

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Figures: Correction IN the September 2011 issue of Retail News, there was a table for estimated newspaper July sales (Sunday and Daily titles) included in error. This table showed estimated figures for Republic of Ireland paid newspapers and should not have been included as ABC figures. It was not my intention to cause any difficulty or confusion for readers of Retail News or to the publishers of those titles. The July 2011 ABC figures for the ROI sales/ROI editions of UK National Newspapers were correctly shown. I apologise sincerely for any inconvenience or damage this might have caused to readers of Retail News or to the publishers of any or all of the newspaper titles listed. I would like to share the latest ABC figures - for January to June 2011 for the Republic of Ireland paid newspapers and for August 2011 for the titles that report monthly under ABC rules – these are the Republic of Ireland circulations that should have been included in the previous article. The newspapers’ total circulations are available from the ABC website If there are any further queries regarding the information on the Newspaper Industry in Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 086 6027711. Karen Meenan

Irish Times


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Aug 2011

Irish Daily Mail


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Average Sunday Newspaper Sales (ROI only) Jan-June 2011 Sunday Business Post


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Aug 2011

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ALWAYS A CLEAR FAVOURITE Moy Park’s unmissable new advertising campaign is back on TV this Autumn and running a new ginger chicken stir-fry recipe, guaranteeing massive awareness with:

• A significant annual spend of over £750,000!! • Fully integrated, high profile, media campaign including TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print and Online • Relaunch of the Moy Park website which includes online coupons, new recipe forum with exciting new recipes and a competition to win a holiday break

• Over 95%+ of consumers in Ireland will see the campaign at least once THE HOME OF IRISH CHICKEN

So make sure you’re riding on the back of its success!

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Frozen Food Frozen food is one of the few market segments that has grown during the economic downturn, as consumers seek out value and convenience, while cutting down on wastage.


Big Freeze FOLLOWING a relatively poor performance in 2009, frozen processed food picked up in 2010 to record growth of 3% in current value sales and 2% in volume sales, according to the latest report into the sector from Euromonitor International. So why have frozen food sales increased in the current economic climate when other categories are struggling? Precisely because of the recession, according to Euromonitor, who maintain that this value and volume growth is “a direct result of the economic downturn�. Frozen processed food products are well positioned to benefit from growing consumer demand for cheaper alternatives that can be stored at home for long periods and therefore carry a lower risk of wastage. Provided they are correctly stored (i.e. in the freezer), frozen processed food products are unlikely to go off before they are used. This makes frozen processed food products (particularly multi-buy deals) an attractive proposition for Irish consumers who have become increasingly value conscious in the wake of the global economic downturn.

the boom years only started buying Euromonitor predict that frozen frozen packaged food products for processed food will show a positive if the first time when the downturn unremarkable performance between hit. Manufacturers are expected to now and 2015, with retail volume focus on expanding and improving the sales expected to grow at a CAGR quality of their frozen processed food of 1% and constant value sales at a ranges to ensure these consumers do CAGR of 2%. Volume growth will be not immediately switch back to chilled strongest during the first half of the processed food if Ireland’s economic forecast period due to the unfavourable outlook brightens. economic outlook, which will continue to encourage many Irish consumers to opt for frozen processed food products McCain Foods instead of more expensive fresh and With its huge 66% value share of the chilled alternatives. Manufacturers frozen oven chip market and a 33% will seek to capitalise on this trend by value share of the prepared potato offering regular price discounts and multi-buy deals. Indeed, according to Euromonitor, the key question is whether manufacturers will be able to retain consumers gained during the recession if economic conditions improve towards 2015. Many young Potato Fingers and Lightly Spiced Wedges, two of the stars of Irish professionals the McCain potato portfolio. reared during

Even more tasty sales with Ireland’s No.1 * chip brand

• NEW McCain fully integrated campaign going live this October. • We’re putting a massive €1m behind the brand to drive category growth. • Look out for our TV, Radio, Outdoor, Press and Instore campaigns running throughout the year, reassuring your customers of the love and care McCain put into making the perfect chip. • So stock up now and be ready for even bigger sales!

It’s all good. *Source: AC Nielsen Scantrack MAT 07/08/2011

26|Retail News|October 2011|

Frozen Food market, McCain’s pre-eminence in the frozen potato category continues (Source: ACNielsen, Scantrack, July 10, 2011). Holding firmly to the number one position amongst Irish consumers, McCain HomeChips, formerly known as McCain HomeFries, is a real family favourite and a must-stock product for any retailer. Consumers’ on-going interest in healthier options in frozen has also seen a healthy growth in McCain Rustic Chips due to their ‘only 3% fat’ and ‘gluten-free’ proposition. To build on the success of the McCain brand this year, McCain has launched an eye-catching new pack design with a distinctive new brand identity and ranging structure across its entire frozen potato range. This will be supported with a new heavyweight TV, radio and outdoor advertising campaign throughout the year. Continuing to drive innovation in the category and maximise growing food trends, McCain has also recently launched new limited-edition Mexican Wedges, adding further growth to the wedges category. This category is currently experiencing +10% yearon-year volume growth, driven by a broader range of flavours and an expansion

With its huge 66% value share of the frozen oven chip market and a 33% value share of the prepared potato market, McCain’s pre-eminence in the frozen potato category continues.

Donegal Catch

Donegal Catch, the most popular frozen fish brand in Ireland with 53% market share (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, July 10, 2011), is getting a refreshing new look and feel this autumn. This new look retains all the key Donegal Catch characteristics that make it recognisable to consumers: naturalness and quality. These brand credentials are heightened on pack to ensure the brand delivers a sense of place, heritage and fishing expertise to the consumer. The redesign improves brand blocking on-shelf and will help consumers to navigate both the fixture and the Donegal Catch range more effectively. To bring this fresh new look to life, Donegal Catch launches its biggest ever marketing campaign this month, with an extensive communication plan comprising of TV, outdoor, in-store, and a comprehensive trade and consumer programme. The Donegal Catch Fishermen are back on TV since October 10 in a new series of ads, which have been produced and filmed in Ireland. The new ads are lighthearted and use the tried and tested Donegal Catch Fishermen to bring to life what Donegal Catch is all about: fresh, natural Atlantic fillets. The 30 second TV executions are focused on specific

Donegal Catch, the most popular frozen fish brand in Ireland, is getting a refreshing new look and feel this autumn.

Donegal Catch Hake with Tomato and Basil, part of the brand’s hugely popular Special Recipe range.

products within the range: Chunky Cod and Haddock 450g, Hake with Tomato and Basil, and Yellowfin Sole with Lemon & Parsley from the Special Recipe range. A heavyweight outdoor and in-store campaign runs in conjunction with TV, delivering key brand messages and enabling consumers and shoppers to ‘Take a Fresh Look’ and convert awareness to purchase and drive frozen fish category growth. Donegal Catch are also launching a new range of insight focused NPD which will drive incremental value and recruit new consumers to the category, with a new range of Takeaway products

from side-ofplate to snacking occasions including parties and barbeques. No surprise then that McCain is such a big name Donegal Catch have launched a new range of Takeaway products: Donegal Catch 2 in so many freezers – and such a popular one on so many Jumbo Battered Cod Fillets 360g; Donegal Catch 2 Jumbo Salt & Vinegar Battered Cod Fillets 360g; Donegal Catch 1 Jumbo Battered Cod & Chips 380g. plates!

Biggest Marketing Investment ever on

Donegal Catch Brand TV Donegal Catch Fishermen back in October with New ad campaign

Outdoor Focus on Chunky Cod & Cod & Haddock Bags: Citylights Bravo Malls Purchase Points

New Packaging


Impactful New Design with Stronger Branding making it easier to shop in the category

POS and customer media Investment at point of purchase

28|Retail News|October 2011|

Frozen Food to complement the current Donegal Catch portfolio. Available in-store since October 3, the range meets a need for enjoying a ‘Fish Takeaway’ occasion at home. Donegal Catch is synonymous with providing the best quality fish in frozen, and the new Takeaway range comprises natural Atlantic fillets coated in a light, crispy, bubbly batter. The range consists of three products: Donegal Catch 2 Jumbo Battered Cod Fillets 360g; Donegal Catch 2 Jumbo Salt & Vinegar Battered Cod Fillets 360g; Donegal Catch 1 Jumbo Battered Cod & Chips 380g. Donegal Catch has captured all key Takeaway product and packaging cues, with jumbo size fillets and a unique newspaper style design, which will be very impactful in-store.

Dr. Oetker

The total pizza market is showing value declines of -0.3% and a volume growth of +3.3% on the MAT as consumers continue to tighten their belts and buy on promotion. In contrast, Dr. Oetker strives to bring pizza excellence into the market, showing strong value growth rates of +13.8%, while holding 35.3% share – something to be admired in a declining market. In fact, Dr. Oetker is the only manufacturer that is showing growth across all the retailers on the MAT. Encouragingly, in the last 12 weeks, some value has started to come back into the market +2.3% value growth and +7.9 volume growth (Source: ACNielsen, Scantrack 52 w/e August 7, 2011).

The hugely popular Ristorante brand from Dr. Oetker.

Thin and Crispy continues to be the number one segment in the frozen pizza market, equating to 50.6% of all value sales and the only segment in growth, driven by the launch by Ristorante of two new SKUs – Vegetale and Pepperoni Salami. Frozen pizza commands a high penetration of 77% and is purchased on average 14 times a year. More and more in the last year, increased competition has come from pizza in the chilled aisle with half price and BOGOF promotions tempting consumers wanting to treat themselves at home instead of going out (Source: Kantar Worldpanel, 52 w/e July 10, 2011). Frozen pizza remains one of the most promoted categories in grocery with 26% of SKU’s on promotion in comparison to 19% of frozen SKU’s on deal (Source: Kantar Worldpanel, 52 w/e July 10, 2011). Ristorante is the second largest brand in frozen pizza, worth €7.8m and growing at a rate of 7.6% year on year (Source: ACNielsen, Scantrack, 52 w/e August 7, 2011). Supported by Italy’s best-loved pizza campaign, with an exciting mix of TV and innovative digital, PR, promotions and experiential events in 2011, the brand continues to grow from strength to strength. Chicago Town Takeaway has seen the launch of new packaging with the first-ever eating shot on-pack in frozen pizza in 2011. The number one speciality pizza in the sector, its value is €5.5m and continues to grow year on year by 33.3% (Source: ACNielsen, Scantrack, 52 w/e August 7, 2011). The limited edition X Factor arrived back in stores in September. Chicago Town Deep Dish is the number one snacking pizza, according to the company, with a brand value of €2.2m. Activity in recent months has featured on-pack with a promotion to win Free Tuck in Stuff, to drive frequency of purchase in this sector. Due to the phenomenal success of last year’s partnership, Dr. Oetker’s Chicago Town Takeaway pizza brand has renewed its deal with FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME),

licensor for The X Factor brand, which sees the launch of The Chicago Town Limited Edition X Factor pizza for the second year running. Last year, Chicago Town Takeaway grew by 51.4% and increased its brand value by €2m, while Chicago Town X Factor Limited Edition was the number one NPD launch in the frozen pizza category (Source: ACNielsen, Scantrack, 52 w/e June 12, 2011). Now worth €5.6m, Chicago Town Takeaway is the number one brand within the speciality segment, with three Chicago Town Takeaways sold every minute in Ireland, according to the company. So successful was the on-pack promotion and microsite that this year’s offer will be even bigger and better, with a chance of sharing more than £2.5m worth of prizes (Irish consumers will receive monetary

Due to the phenomenal success of last year’s partnership, this year sees the launch of The Chicago Town Limited Edition X Factor pizza for the second year running.

amounts in euro). Each week, The X Factor fanatics will get the chance to win tickets to the live shows, cash prizes, pizza vouchers and passes to ‘behind the scenes’ sound-checks. Every pack will also entitle the customer to a free music download. There will be additional opportunities to win through the Chicago Town Facebook page: The X Factor pizza will see a massive investment in marketing support, including in-store shopper marketing, alongside a PR and digital piece to bring all elements together and give the campaign longevity both on and offline.

Mama Knows Best

Introducing Casa di Mama, the newest innovation in Frozen Pizza. An Italian home baked fresh dough pizza, straight out of the oven in 15 minutes, just like Mama used to make. Launch supported by heavy weight marketing campaign in November from Dr.Oetker, the fastest growing manufacturer in Frozen Pizza*

Stock up today as it’s set to rise to the top of everyone’s shopping list! For order details contact 01 4687100 *Source: Nielsen Scantrack 52 w/e 4th September.

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Frozen Food Goodfella’s

September 2011 saw Goodfella’s, Ireland’s number one pizza brand, claiming a 48% share (Source: ACNielsen, September 2011) launch a new range and through-the-

In keeping with the consumer trend of more people eating in, Goodfella’s provides consumers with a Takeaway product delivering an authentic takeaway taste.

line campaign. Investment in product improvements, coupled with a new look, makes this launch the biggest in frozen pizza this year! The brand has been heavily supported with a relevant mix of media, including TV and outdoor, as well as in-store activity. Goodfella’s, with its portfolio of products to cover all meal occasions, remains Ireland’s top frozen pizza brand. In keeping with the consumer trend of more people eating in, Goodfella’s provides consumers with a Takeaway product delivering an authentic takeaway taste and also now available is the new Ciabatta range for those who enjoy exciting new toppings. The Deep Pan product is still number one within the sector, giving the same great taste consumers expect from the brand, while Thin, with its stonebaked base, delivers a quality pizza for all the family.

Also new to the range is the introduction of the first Flatbread Pizza offering, targeting those who enjoy a lighter eat with all the fun of pizza.

Goodfella’s new Ciabatta range is designed for consumers who enjoy exciting new toppings.

Weight Watchers from Heinz WEIGHT Watchers from Heinz is the undisputed leading brand in the frozen ready meal sector with 33.2% volume share of the total frozen ready meal market which is valued at €15.2M (Source: TNS, June 2011). Manufactured in Dundalk, County Louth, the Weight Watchers from Heinz range of frozen ready meals continues to drive the frozen ready meal category with convenient meal solutions in both traditional and ethnic varieties. The range has everything to offer consumers who are seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle but who expect not to compromise on taste. To mark the recent launch of Pro-Points, the Weight Watchers from Heinz range has undergone a redesign, with improved photography on-pack, resulting in increased appetite appeal. The Weight Watchers from Heinz frozen ready meal range offers an extensive range of market leading recipes, such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pasta and Ocean Pie. The Weight Watchers from Heinz frozen ready Proving that consumers can still have the naughty treats that they meal range offers an extensive range of market leading recipes such as Chicken Tikka Masala. love, Weight Watchers from Heinz also offers a delicious range of frozen desserts, including delectable recipes such as Belgian Eclairs and Double Chocolate Brownies. Other successful offerings from Weight Watchers from Heinz include Pizza, in popular varieties such as Pepperoni and Vegetable Supreme, and Weight Watchers from Heinz Oven Chips, all of which further meet consumers’ demand for healthier versions of the foods they love that they can enjoy every day. All products within the Weight Watchers from Heinz range exclusively feature the Weight Watchers Pro-Points value per serving on pack.

Look out for a major push this autumn from Goodfella’s A delicious range of pizza with new recipes Distinctive and impactful packaging design A new national TV ad and heavy through the line support


Find us on:

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Dairy Milk

Stars on The Apprentice Aideen Murphy, Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Ireland, talks about the brand’s high profile association with The Apprentice, one of Ireland’s most popular TV shows. WITH over 500,000 people tuning into the Irish version of The Apprentice each week, the show is one of the most popular on Irish TV screens. So it was quite a coup for Cadbury Dairy Milk to create a specific ‘Dairy Milk Task’ for the show. Aideen Murphy, Brand Manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk at Kraft Foods Ireland, explains the high profile association.

Why did Cadbury Dairy Milk decide to become involved with The Apprentice?

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the nation’s favourite chocolate bar (Source: ACNielsen, Market Track W/E 26/06/11) and an iconic Irish brand, so the increasingly popular phenomenon that is the Irish Apprentice is a good platform for Cadbury. With an average viewership of over half a million people per episode, the show brings Cadbury Dairy Milk’s brand messages into Irish consumers’ homes during prime-time viewing. The show also captures the spirit of innovation and creativity, which is very much in line with the ethos behind Cadbury Dairy Milk. The ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk Task’ on The Apprentice drives the creativity

and imagination of the contestants and public to express inherent values and attributes of the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. The task each year also links in with various aspects of the current campaign, which is an effective and engaging way to amplify key themes and messages.

How does it tie into Kraft Foods’ marketing objectives?

This year, Kraft Foods is running the biggest ever Irish integrated marketing campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk: the ‘Taste’ campaign runs from September through to November, and is supported by a spend of over €2m. Inspired by the irresistible taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk, the integrated marketing campaign involves advertising, digital and social media (including a brand new Cadbury Dairy Milk app), PR, sampling and sales promotion channels. The Apprentice gives Cadbury Dairy Milk a terrific platform for amplifying aspects of this campaign in a very entertaining and engaging way. It also provides scope for online amplification, which drives the digital and social media arm of each campaign.

Has the association been successful for Cadbury Dairy Milk?

The Apprentice has created a huge degree of consumer engagement with the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand over the last few years. For instance, following the 2009 Cadbury Dairy Milk Task, which was supported by a competition that was opened up to the public, we received over 2,000 entries to design the new Irish-themed wrapper, and over 80,000 votes for the final five short-listed entries. This was a massive response from the Irish public. In July 2010, the winning design, Paul Ruane’s ‘Cliffs of Moher,’ became the first ever consumer-created wrapper to appear on the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk bar – the design appeared on over 600,000 bars which were made in Ireland – which reinforces Irish consumers’ bond with Cadbury Dairy Milk in an extraordinary way. In 2010, contestants on the show had to create community games for the Cadbury Spots V Stripes campaign, which brought Cadbury and The Apprentice into the community and really brought the association to life for the public. In conjunction with this|October 2011|Retail News|33

Confectionery What is the current Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign about?

task, the online promotion, ‘Boardroom Battle’, saw Brian Purcell and Jackie Lavin recruit fans of the show to be on their respective Spots and Stripes teams, which again attracted tens of thousands of participants from among the Irish public. So in respect of bringing the brand closer to consumers, The Apprentice has had a phenomenal impact for Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Do you have any favourite moments or contestants in past shows?

There are many great moments in every show but we have to pay special tribute to Breffny Morgan! It seems almost all are agreed he added extra entertainment to the show, and he genuinely attracted his own following. It was on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Task where Breffny finally asserted himself and rose to the challenge, with his creation, ‘Blasta’ (meaning ‘tasty’ in Irish).

Can you tell us anything about this year’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Task?

The details of this year’s task are top secret until the show actually airs…but we are confident that viewers are in for a real treat!

A still from the new Cadbury Dairy Milk TV ad, which also forms part of the outdoor print campaign.

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate in Ireland and is loved by everyone, across all ages and demographics. Our research shows us that its ongoing popularity is due to the unique taste of the chocolate. This is due to the fresh Irish milk in our chocolate, as well as the unique mouth coating and ritualistic experience that you enjoy when eating Cadbury Dairy Milk. The campaign is to celebrate the delicious taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk and those moments of joy created by every chunk of chocolate.

in the grocery channel, which was a first for the brand and really brought the campaign to life in-store. We also developed innovative modular stands, including impactful impulse displays, dramatising the taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk, and interruptive gondola ends. As mentioned, there was in-store sampling with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Ambassadors, as well as in-store theatre for convenience retailers. All of this has already been implemented nationwide.

Apart from The Apprentice, what are the highlights of the campaign?

As mentioned, the ‘Taste’ campaign is an integrated marketing campaign involving advertising, digital and social media, PR, sampling and sales promotion. The stunning Irish-made TV creative contains many cues that awaken the senses and alert people to the joy of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Other elements of the campaign – especially sampling and direct mailing – highlight the concept of generosity in the enjoyment of chocolate, and encourage people to give themselves and their friends a treat. Generally, the campaign celebrates all the things that Irish people love about Cadbury Dairy Milk, and it seals the relationship between chocolate-loving and Cadbury Dairy Milk, because in Ireland, chocolate means Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Is sampling an important component of the campaign? With this campaign, we felt there was a role for sampling. Consumers have grown up with the taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk but we wanted to remind them of that taste and interrupt consumers when they least expect it with the taste of chocolate. During September, shoppers encountered Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Ambassadors out and about, offering squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which certainly succeeded in bringing a smile to a lot of faces. It brings the message of the campaign to life in a very real way and creates the opportunity for two-way engagement with the brand.

What in-store activation did the ‘Taste’ campaign involve?

The ‘Taste’ campaign rolled out some wonderful Cadbury Dairy Milk arches

The ‘Taste’ campaign rolled out Cadbury Dairy Milk arches in the grocery channel, which was a first for the brand.

Tell us about the Cadbury Dairy Milk app – what can you achieve with this kind of digital marketing?

At Kraft, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the rest when it comes to digital technology. The ‘Share a Square’ app is an exciting venture for Cadbury Dairy Milk – it’s designed to transform the user’s Smartphone into a virtual bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, and includes a range of fun interactive features, such as peeling back the wrapper on screen and breaking off a virtual square of Cadbury Dairy Milk. A key element of the app is its integration with Facebook to allow users to share virtual squares with their friends. When they collect eight squares, they will then be rewarded with a real bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which they can redeem at their local Centra, and this promotion will run for the duration of the campaign, from September to November. The app is also enabled for additional updates released for future campaigns. Check it out at cadburyireland. Most importantly, the app ties together the key themes and concepts of the campaign in a fun and engaging way – sharing, treating, and delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk!

34|Retail News|October 2011|


Souper Market Knorr Gourmet Moments is a new range of restaurant inspired, high quality soups, available across all of Knorr’s three key formats – Packet, Pouch and Instant.

The soup category continues to grow in both value and volume, as consumers tap into its nutrition and convenience credentials. A growing trend towards home cooking and cheap lunch alternatives have led to positive retail volume and value growth in soup, according to Euromonitor International. The soup category continues to benefit from its image as a healthy food and a good alternative to other quick snacks and/ or lunches. Soup is also continuing to make its presence felt in the home in the evenings, catering to time-strapped consumers, while some soup products are increasingly being marketed as base ingredients for home cooking (with recipes even appearing on-pack), a trend which should continue to bolster sales.

Knorr Soup

Knorr has continued to grow share year-on-year and now claims 38.1% share of the total soup market, which is worth in excess of €50m annually in Ireland (Source: ACNielsen Extended Scantrack, MAT to September 4, 2011). Knorr is extremely proud to be the number one brand in this market and benefits from a wide reach as it operates within the Packet, Instant and Pouch soup sectors: indeed, the Knorr brand claims leadership of all three of these sectors individually. Knorr’s offering in pouch soup, Special Recipe Soup, has seen an impressive performance over the

For soup category advice please last year where it now holds a sector visit: http://partnersforgrowth.unilever. leading share of 55.1%, after a year com/ireland of strong growth which has seen it gain an additional 6.8% points share (Source: ACNielsen Extended Heinz Scantrack, MAT to September 4, 2011). The Heinz and Weight Watchers With 64.4% share of Instant Soups from Heinz soup ranges have long and 77.2% share of Packet Soups, proven to be a loyal favourite with Knorr continues to be a firm and Irish consumers. Heinz remains ever trusted family favourite throughout relevant to its consumers though Ireland (Source: ACNielsen Extended continual investment in its soup Scantrack, MAT to September 4, 2011). portfolio to drive incremental sales This autumn sees the launch of and satisfy consumer tastes and needs, New Knorr Gourmet Moments, a new such as eating on the go, health and range of restaurant inspired, high putting the pleasure back in soup. quality soups. Knorr’s chefs have taken The latest addition to the Heinz inspiration from restaurant menus and combined their favourite ingredients to create the brand’s best tasting soups ever. Knorr Gourmet Moments are available in a range of flavours that offer consumers an affordable indulgent gourmet experience that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. This exciting new range is available across all of Knorr’s three key formats – Packet, Pouch and Instant – and will be supported with a massive €1m campaign across TV Heinz Squeeze and Stir: a brand new soup in a cup and outdoor, combined with format that is set to revolutionise the Instant Soup a nationwide road-show and category. sampling programme.

36|Retail News|October 2011|

Soup range is Heinz Squeeze and Stir, a brand new soup in a cup format that is set to revolutionise the Instant Soup category. Made from concentrated purée, each recipe contains ‘1 of your 5 a day’, Heinz Cream of Tomato is low in fat Soup remains as popular and delivers as ever with Irish outstandingly consumers. in terms of taste and consistency without any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG. Available in four varieties, including Cream of Tomato, Minestrone, Cream of Tomato & Basil and Mediterranean Vegetable, the Heinz Squeeze & Stir range provides a perfect solution to a midmorning or afternoon snack, as well as an accompaniment to a sandwich, all in the time that it takes to boil a kettle. The Heinz Classics range remains a firm family favourite, with classic recipes such as Cream of Tomato and Cream of Chicken remaining as popular as ever. Heinz Big Soup is a range of hearty, chunky soups which are ideal for a sustaining lunch or for a light dinner, offering an extensive range of traditional varieties, including Chicken & Vegetable and Beef and Vegetable.

Heinz remains ever responsive to consumer demands for healthy and convenient products that do not compromise on taste. Weight Watchers from Heinz, the number one healthy eating soup brand, continues to offer favourites such as Chicken Noodle, and new varieties such as Tuscan Minestrone and Tomato & Basil. All Weight Watchers from Heinz varieties exclusively carry the Weight Watchers Points Value on pack.

Avonmore Fresh Soup

Avonmore Fresh Soup is Ireland’s favourite fresh soup brand, with a range of recipes and pack sizes to suit all the family. Avonmore pioneered the introduction of Fresh Soup into Ireland with the launch of Avonmore Country Ladle Fresh Soup in 1991, offering Irish people a fresh, delicious, Irish alternative to packet soups, and since then, they have been providing Irish consumers with the tastiest lunches and snacks that taste just like homemade. Avonmore Fresh Soup is available in a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes and occasions, from the kids’ after-school snack to the family Sunday lunch. Some of the most popular flavours include Farmer’s Choice Mixed Vegetable and Classic Cream of Chicken. Avonmore Fresh Soup also has a Low Fat variety, including Low Fat Mediterranean Vegetable and Low Fat Tomato & Basil to cater for those who are counting the calories. The chunky soups are a perfect hearty meal on their own and include Irish classics such as Chunky Irish Beef & Veg. All of the recipes taste

Avonmore Fresh Soup is Ireland’s favourite fresh soup brand, with a range of recipes and pack sizes to suit all the family.

just like homemade soups but without all the hassle of chopping, blending and cooking. With Avonmore Fresh Soup, consumers get high quality, nutritious, fresh meals that are also convenient to prepare and great value for money. Production of Avonmore Fresh Soups has taken place in the heart of the country in Co. Kilkenny for almost 20 years. The brand is also proud to be a part of the independent food organisation, Love Irish Food, which continues to promote Irish manufactured food and drink brands to consumers in an effort to safeguard the future of Ireland’s largest indigenous industry.

Cully & Sully

This year saw Cully & Cully’s Creamy Tomato Soup winning a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards, widely regarded as the Oscars of the food industry. Meanwhile, due to unprecedented levels of fantastic customer feedback, Cully & Sully’s new Thai Chicken Soup has lost its sleeve and is no longer a limited edition, but is here to stay!

The Cully & Sully soup range includes Creamy Tomato & Basil, winner of a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards, and the hugely popular Thai Chicken Soup.

Once again, Cully & Sully are calling any closet cooks who’d like to train to become a professional to visit, where they could win the 12-week Certificate Ballymaloe Cookery Course, plus accommodation, a prize worth €12,000. The Cully & Sully range includes eight soups, including: Creamy Tomato & Basil; Honey, Carrot & Coriander; Mushroom; White Winter Vegetable; Vegetable; Chicken & Vegetable; Thai Chicken; and Pea & Minty. The range also includes six hot-pots and five pies. See for more information. For further enquiries, please ring Sully on 086 6058471 or email

Have you ever thought much about refrigeration and cost-efficiency? I have. Liam Kirwan, DAIKIN refrigeration expert

New commercial refrigeration from DAIKIN: ZEAS – an inverter-controlled system that connects as many cooling units as you like and is up to 30% more efficient.

Daikin Ireland Liam Kirwan - Refrigeration Sales Engineer Tel: 01-6423430 email: For further information on Daikin‘s product range visit:

38|Retail News|October 2011|

Blas na hEireann Awards

Outstanding Success for

SuperValu Own Brand SuperValu’s own brand swept the board at the 2011 Blas na hEireann Awards, winning no fewer than 11 awards, including the Supreme Champion Award. SUPERVALU’S own brand range of products has come up trumps, claiming seven gold, two silver and one bronze medal, as well as the overall Supreme Champion Award at the annual Blas na hEireann National Irish Food Awards, which celebrate and reward the very best of Irish produce. The 11 products from the SuperValu own brand range which received awards are supplied locally in Ireland by Irish food suppliers, demonstrating SuperValu’s ongoing commitment to supporting Irish producers. The awards announcement signifies an independent endorsement of the quality, taste and great range available within SuperValu own brand, which is, on average, 33% cheaper than the branded equivalent.

Supreme Champion 2011

SuperValu Reserve Fairtrade Tea, produced by Barber Daly, received not only a Gold medal but was also announced the overall Supreme Champion 2011. Barber Daly & Co. Ltd was set up in 1975 by Bob Barber and Brendan Daly and is based in Cork, employing six local people. A delighted Martin Kelleher, Managing Director, SuperValu,

expressed his satisfaction that the SuperValu own brand range featured so prominently at the Blas na hEireann Awards. “To have 11 of our products receive medals is a tremendous achievement,” he said. “Winning the Supreme Champion Award for our SuperValu Tea in particular, underlines and endorses the quality and taste credentials in the SuperValu range. As we are all aware, people are very selective in their taste in tea: therefore, to win this award demonstrates the real parity and excellence of the product against branded competitors and the good news for our consumers is that it is significantly cheaper. “SuperValu continues to recognise excellence, quality and innovation within the Irish food and beverage sector, and awards such as Blas na hEireann drives all of these,” he continued. “SuperValu is committed to supporting Irish whenever and wherever possible: we are incredibly proud of the fact that 75% of everything on our shelves is sourced or produced in Ireland. Our recent research shows that consumers want to buy more Irish produce and want to support their local economies in this difficult period. By buying Irish,

SuperValu is delivering what the consumer wants, at a price they can afford. Importantly, we are doing this without compromising our support for Irish suppliers, brands and jobs.”

Biggest Blind Tasting Competition in the World

Blas na hEireann is the biggest blind tasting competition of its kind in the world. Over 1,300 Irish products were entered into 30 different categories, ranging from soup to seafood and chocolate to cheese, with winners from all over the country taking Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in each category. Each product was blind tasted by a panel of 30 judges made up of chefs, foodies and food scientists from UCC. The annual Blas na hEireann National Irish Food Awards celebrate and reward the very best of Irish produce, and the passionate, driven individuals behind it. 2011 was the fourth year of the Awards, held as part of the annual Dingle Peninsula Food & Wine Festival, and this year saw a massive 1,300 entries, almost twice as many as in 2010. Final judging took place on Friday, September 30, with 162 products being tasted by the panel of 30 judges, across a variety of categories. | October 2011|Retail News|39

Blas na hEireann Awards

Seafood Innovation Award SUPERVALU also won the Overall Seafood Innovation Award, for their Microwavable Salmon Darnes with Butter which are produced by Keohane’s Seafood, based in Bantry, West Cork. Keohane’s were participants in the SuperValu Supplier Development Programme and worked with SuperValu to develop the innovative new product.

The SuperValu Winners THE winners from the SuperValu own brand stable were as follows.

Supreme Champion 2011 • SuperValu Reserve Fair Trade Tea, produced by Barber Daly.

Gold Medal Winners: • SuperValu Reserve Fair Trade Tea, produced by Barber Daly: Teas and Coffees; • SuperValu Supreme Lemon Curd Yogurt, produced by Irish Yogurts: Dairy; • SuperValu Supreme Truffle Fudge Ice Cream, produced by Silver Pail: Ice Cream; • SuperValu Irish Cashel Blue Cheese, produced by JL Grubb: Cheese; • SuperValu Supreme White Pudding, produced by Brady Family: Pudding; • SuperValu Supreme Thai Chili & Red Pepper Crisps, produced by Tayto NI: Savoury Snacks;

• SuperValu Supreme Fire Roasted Pepper Relish, produced by Folláin: Pickles & Chutneys;

Silver Medal Winners • SuperValu Oak-Roasted Salmon Darnes with Black Pepper, produced by Dunn’s Seafare: Fish & Seafood; • SuperValu Supreme Orange Blossom Honey, produced by Healy’s Honey: Preserves, Conserves & Marmalades;

Bronze Medal Winner • SuperValu Oak Roasted Salmon Darnes with Chilli & Coriander, produced by Dunn’s Seafare: Fish & Seafood;

Seafood Innovation Award • SuperValu Microwavable Salmon Darnes with Butter, produced by Keohane’s Seafood. For details of the products and the Blas na hEireann awards, see or

40|Retail News|October 2011|

OTC Medicines

Health Means Wealth


With another biting cold winter predicted, now is the time to stock up on Over the Counter medicines. Consumer health products continue to perform well in Ireland with positive growth for 2010, despite the continuing economic crisis and reduced levels of consumer spending, according to the latest report into the category by Euromonitor International. Value for money is a key driving factor, due in part to economic conditions. However, an increasing awareness of health and wellness issues and a growing willingness to self-medicate have also aided growth. As Ireland remains firmly in the grip of recession, consumer choices remain clearly focused on prevention rather than cure, so that staying healthy and keeping well is of key importance. With job security an issue for many people and performance reviews being closely monitored by employers, taking time off sick is just not an option they wish to consider. However, while they wish to remain well, they are also seeking value for money. Multi-functional products are growing in popularity compared to single-benefit products across a wide range of categories aimed at various segments and demographics. Slow but steady growth is expected to continue in the consumer health sector, according to Euromonitor. If the government moves forward with its plans to allow the generic substitution of prescription medication, the Irish public will become more used to generic products, possibly causing a ripple effect on OTC sales. Sales performance may be improved if more products are de-listed as the government attempts to reduce costs to the General Medical Services (GMS) budget.

The OTC medicines market can be broken down into: Anagesics; Cough, Cold & Flu Remedies; Digestive Remedies; Vitamin & Mineral Supplements. The analgesics sector is dominated by major brands, as Irish consumers tend to be brand-loyal when it comes to analgesics. The extremely cold winter of 2010/11 saw many Irish consumers stocking up on Cough, Cold and Flu remedies, helping to maintain steady growth in the category. Additionally, the growing social trend to reduce sick leave, causing some to continue to work while self-medicating symptoms rather than take time off to recuperate, plus the higher incidence of allergies among the Irish population, further aided the category to increase current value sales to â‚Ź71m in 2010, according to Euromonitor. When it comes to Digestive Remedies, Irish consumers increasingly require fast-acting and convenient products. Many purchasers are time-poor professionals; therefore discreet and easy-to-carry pills are generally preferable to cumbersome liquid formats, with the demand for convenient packaging a key driver in the category. However, consumers are also striving to achieve value for money and this factor must not be overlooked as consumers seek products with lower price points. In the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements sector, the desire for value for money has led to the continued increase in sales of multivitamin and multi-benefit combination products.

Lemsip is available in several different variants, which treat different symptoms of cold and flu and several different flavours and formats, such as sachets, capsules and tablets.


The Lemsip range, from Reckitt Benckiser, is the top selling cold and flu range in grocery, claiming a massive 80% market share YTD (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, Jan-July 2011). This cold and flu season, Lemsip have made it even easier for consumers to choose the right product for the right symptoms, helping consumers to understand which Lemsip product is for them. Lemsip is available in several different variants, which treat different symptoms of cold and flu and several different flavours and formats, such as sachets, capsules and tablets. Lemsip will be heavily supported throughout the cold and flu season with TV, outdoor, radio and press. It will also be supported heavily in-store with eye-catching Point of Sale to highlight its presence in-store. Indeed, nine out of 10 people will see a Lemsip TV ad this winter (Source: Zenith Optimedia, September–Dec 2011).|October 2011|Retail News|41

OTC Medicines Disprin

Disprin, from Reckitt Benckiser, is the top-selling aspirin analgesic in grocery, based on Nielsen Value Sales (MAT April 2012 to MAT April 2011). The Disprin range includes Disprin Extra Strength 500mg Effervescent Tablets, Disprin Direct 300mg Chewable Tablets (which should be allowed to dissolve on the tongue), Disprin Original 300mg Dispersible Tablets and Paracetamol Tablets from the makers of Disprin. Disprin acts as a key brand beacon for the analgesic category and is supported in-store with strong Point of Sale material.

Disprin acts as a key brand beacon for the analgesic category and is supported in-store with strong Point of Sale material.


Also from Reckitt Benckiser, Strepsils provide fast, soothing relief from the discomfort of sore throats. Strepsils claims a 40% share of the grocery

New Strepsils Warm Lozenges provide all the warmth and comfort of a hot drink and the anti bacterial action of Strepsils.

Ensure You Comply with Legislation THE legislation governing the range of medicines that may be sold by nonpharmacy retail outlets is the Medicinal Product (Prescription and Control of Supply) Regulations 2003 (SI 540 of 2003), as amended. While there have been a number of amendments to the above legislation since it came into force in 2003, the restrictions on the pack sizes of products containing paracetamol which can be sold in non-pharmacy retail outlets have been there since 1998. The following legal restrictions apply to the general (non-pharmacy) retail sale of medicines containing paracetamol: • Products containing only paracetamol as the pain-relieving substance may be retailed in this way. Any product containing a second pain relieving substance is confined to pharmacy only or prescription availability. • There are restrictions on the type, strength and pack-size of products containing paracetamol that may be retailed in this way, as follows: • For tablet and capsule type products which contain 500mg of paracetamol, pack size is restricted to 12 tablets or capsules; • For products in powder form, such as sachets etc, which contain 600mg of paracetamol, pack size is restricted to 10 sachets. For higher strength products containing 1000mg paracetamol, pack size is restricted to 6 sachets; • For liquid dose products, such as suspensions, pack size is restricted to 60mls. • Paracetamol containing product may only be sold one at a time. This means that no more than one pack of any of the above medicinal products containing paracetamol is permitted to be sold in the course of any one retail transaction. Recently, the IMB announced that certain cough and cold remedies should be used only in adults and in children over 12 years of age. The implications of this for non-pharmacy retail outlets is that one product, Benylin Children’s Chesty Cough 50mg/ml Syrup, will, in future, be confined to pharmacy-only sale. Existing stocks of other cough and cold products can continue to be sold in non-pharmacy retail outlets. The labelling of new batches of these products will be amended in order to bring it into line with the new requirements. Further information can be obtained at: Human-Medicines/New-advice-for-healthcare-professionals-regardingnonprescription-cough-and-cold-medicines-for-young-children.aspx Source: IMB

market and have made the largest share gains in the category over the past 12 months (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, June 2010-July 2011). The latest variant to be added to the Strepsils range is Strepsils Warm Lozenges, which provide all the warmth and comfort of a hot drink and the anti bacterial action of Strepsils. Strepsils Warm delivered the best ever results for Strepsils when tested with consumers. As well as the traditional Strepsils blister pack, Strepsils Warm is also available in a convenient tube for effective relief of sore throats anytime, anywhere. Strepsils will be supported very heavily this season with TV, outdoor, radio and eye-catching Point of Sale. Nine out of 10 people will see a Strepsils TV

ad this Cold & Flu season (Source: Zenith Optimedia, September-Dec 2011).


Heartburn occurs when acid in the stomach, escapes into the oesophagus. It is a very common condition and can be aggravated by

New Gaviscon Extra: helping patients fight both heartburn and indigestion.

42|Retail News|October 2011|

OTC Medicines large meals, eating late in the evening, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, acidic/fizzy drinks or fatty foods. Gaviscon helps stop acid rising from the stomach by forming a protective layer, like a raft, on top of the stomach contents. The Gaviscon range, from Reckitt Benckiser, has been tried and trusted by millions since the launch of its first products nearly 40 years ago. There are a number of products in the range, each tailored to suit the varying symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. New to the market is Gaviscon Extra, helping patients fight both heartburn and indigestion. Gaviscon is the number one choice for Irish consumers for heartburn and indigestion (Source: IMS, MAT June 2010-June 2011). It is also the fastest growing brand in grocery (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, June 2010-June 2011). The Gaviscon range includes liquid and tablets that provide long lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of heartburn. It is suitable for use in pregnancy. Gaviscon is also available in a handy pack for use anytime and anywhere.

Display & Storage of Medicines RETAILERS should ensure that all staff members are provided with training on requirements relating to the retail sale of medicines and the key areas that the programme should include are set out below. It is important that new staff and/or staff assigned new responsibilities and duties, are given appropriate training prior to undertaking their role(s). •

• •


New from Panadol, from GlaxoSmithKline, Ireland’s number one pain relieving brand (Source: ACNielsen, Adult Analgesics, July 2011), comes Panadol Woman, which is specially indicated to relieve period pain. Each film-coated tablet contains

Medicines should be sourced from genuine suppliers that can provide a wholesaler’s or manufacturer’s authorisation that is issued by the Regulatory Authority for Medicinal Products (the IMB in Ireland). Lists of wholesalers and manufacturers authorised by the IMB are available on its website – Suspicious approaches concerning the offering and sale of medicines should be reported to IMB. Medicines supplied and/or received should be authorised for sale on the Irish market. This can be ensured through checking that the product(s) carry a ‘PA’ number. Medicines supplied and/or received should only be those classified for sale through general retail outlets. Medicines should be stored in accordance with specified storage conditions. As necessary, measures (such as temperature monitoring) should be taken to ensure the temperature in the storage area is adequately controlled. Storage areas for medicines should also be kept clean, orderly and secure. Retail sales of medicines containing paracetamol should be strictly controlled. Retailers need to put in place and maintain a system to identify the medicines containing paracetamol, and block customer sales involving more than one pack of any of these products. Staff with responsibility for sales should be trained in the operation of this system and careful attention should be paid to ensure that new staff are made aware of the legislative requirements and the manner in which these products must be sold. Documented records of receipt and supply should be maintained to ensure a system of traceability. Source: IMB

500mg paracetamol and 65mg caffeine. Panadol Woman is clinically proven to provide more effective period pain relief than standard paracetamol alone. Launched in September, Panadol Woman is supported with digital and press advertising from October. Manufactured in Panadol’s Dungarvan plant, Panadol Woman comes in a pink Compack pack to give it stand-out on shelf.

Research indicates that consumers use different products from the Anadin range, depending on the particular complaint from which they are suffering, e.g. headache, backache, period pain or symptoms of colds and flu etc. Thus, for retailers, it is important that


New Panadol Woman, clinically proven to provide more effective period pain relief than standard paracetamol alone, comes in a pink Compack pack to give it standout on shelf.

The Anadin range, from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, is one of the longest established and most well known brands in the Irish OTC market and as such is a ‘must stock’ range, particularly in the convenience sector, where consumers want to find the product they are looking for quickly. There are four Anadin formulations available in grocery channels: Anadin Tablets, Anadin Maximum Strength Capsules, ParaPlus and Paracetamol Tablets from the makers of Anadin.

The Anadin range, from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, is one of the longest established and most well known brands in the Irish OTC market.|October 2011|Retail News|43

OTC Medicines sensation, and Rennie Ice starts to relieve heartburn in just two minutes, tackling these conditions as quickly as possible.”

they offer consumers a full choice by stocking the complete Anadin range. Ask your representative for eye-catching shelf edgers, which will assist consumers in choosing their product choice.


Paracetamol based, Tramil is indicated for the

Tramil is another popular treatment of headache, migraine, period pain and analgesic from Pfizer Consumer to treat the symptoms of colds and flu. Healthcare, which Irish grocers of colds and flu. Available in attractive can offer their customers. Paracetamol silver packs, Tramil offers ‘Fast Pain based, Tramil is indicated for the Relief which is Easy to Swallow’. treatment of headache, migraine, period pain and to treat the symptoms

Medicines Permitted for Sale in Non-Pharmacy Retail Outlets THE IMB publishes a list of medicines which are permitted for sale in nonpharmacy retail outlets. The list is available for download from their website through the link below. Medicines/HumanMedicines/ HumanMedicinesListing.aspx


New from Bayer Healthcare is Rennie Ice, a cool and fast way to relieve indigestion and heartburn. Rennie Ice is available nationwide in packs of 24 (RSP €3.29) and 48 (RSP €5.69). “We are delighted to launch Rennie Ice, a great new addition to our Rennie range,” noted Sergio Schuler, Country Division Head, Bayer Ltd. “Heartburn and indigestion are irritating conditions and can cause discomfort and pain to sufferers. The new coolmint flavour gives an instantly refreshing

Pictured at the launch of new coolmint flavour Rennie Ice is Ice Princess Suzanne McCabe, helping to cool down indigestion and heartburn.



€200 each or €2,400 for Table of 12. For further details and to book Tickets please contact Roisin at Hotel Solutions on: Telephone: 01 628 0111 or Email:

44|Retail News|October 2011|

Costcutter Annual Conference

The recent Costcutter Annual Conference proved an upbeat affair, with the news that the group has outperformed the convenience market.


Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group, addresses the annual Costcutter Conference in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Powerscourt, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.

Outperforms Convenience Market

As Costcutter retailers gathered in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, at the end of September for their annual conference, Jim Barry, Managing Director, Barry Group, delivered a rallying call to the attendees: “Inaction is not an option in this climate. Our Costcutter retailers know that to survive and succeed they need to adapt their businesses, embrace new innovations and respond to customer needs and trends.” The mood at the conference was upbeat, with more than 200 retailers attending this year’s event, entitled ‘Mindset for Success’, while over 43 suppliers took part in a trade show as part of the overall two-day event.

New Market Opportunities

In his keynote speech to the assembled retailers, Jim Barry focused on the importance of adopting an innovative

approach in order to survive in the current business climate, the need to be alive to new market opportunities. “Smart thinking is key to survival in this business. As retailers, we must continue to push the boundaries and raise standards of quality and customer care across our business. We must identify new ways to increase turnover and margins by introducing new product lines, be open to new ideas and, above all, focus on delivering an unrivalled customer experience. Crucially, we must be open to learning from each other’s successes so that we can stay ahead of the competition.” As the owner and operator of the Costcutter franchise since 2000, Barry Group provides significant support systems to its retailers. During this year’s conference, a number of new initiatives were launched to help

the attendees to thrive during this challenging economic cycle and to prepare the Costcutter group for the economic upswing when it happens. Other keynote speakers at the conference included: John McAllen, Commercial Director, Barry Group; Oliver Savage, Business Development Manager, Barry Group; Niall Hartnett, Human Resources and Logistics Director, Barry Group; and Cormac O’Rourke, Head of Trading, JTI. Special guest speaker, Sinead Kane, who has limited 5% eyesight, shared her hugely inspirational story with conference attendees by outlining how her determination and drive to succeed helped her overcome personal obstacles to graduate with a Law degree from University College, Cork. Sinead now enjoys a successful career as a solicitor.|October 2011|Retail News|45

Costcutter Annual Conference Costcutter Awards

The eagerly awaited Costcutter Awards were presented during a hugely entertaining Awards Banquet Dinner on Saturday night. Comedian Alan Shortt provided the entertainment and award winners announced on the night were: Supermarket of the Year: Tom & Mary Liddy, Costcutter, Roslevan, Ennis, Co. Clare; Foodmarket Store of the Year: Aaron Massey, Costcutter Rathfarnham, Dublin; Express Store of the Year: Mark & Tara Malone, Costcutter Bray, Co. Wicklow; Express Store Wine Department of the Year: Pat Staunton, Costcutter Castlebar, Co. Mayo; Foodmarket Wine Department of the Year: Peter Gaughan, Balla, Co. Mayo; Off Licence of the Year: Tomás Moore, Costcutter Hospital, Co. Limerick; Best Fresh Produce Display: Tom & Mary Liddy, Costcutter, Roslevan, Ennis, Co. Clare; Forecourt Store of the Year: Trevor Askin, Costcutter Kilmallock Road, Limerick; Best New Store Image: David Ryan, Costcutter Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Aaron Massey from Costcutter Rathfarnham receives the Costcutter Foodmarket Store Of The Year Award from Barry Group MD, Jim Barry.

Trevor Askin from Costcutter Kilmallock Road, Limerick, receives the Forecourt Store of the Year Award from Jim Barry, Barry Group MD.

Mark and Tara Malone, from Costcutter Bray, Co. Wicklow, winners of the Costcutter Express Store Of The Year, are pictured receiving their Award from Jim Barry, Barry Group MD.

Costcutter Off Licence of the Year winner Tomás Moore from Costcutter, Hospital, Co. Limerick, is pictured with Barry Group MD, Jim Barry.

year running. It’s a real tribute to our dedicated staff and I would also like to acknowledge the ongoing support of all our customers who have supported us so loyally during the past 12 months.” Mark and Tara Malone’s Costcutter Dedicated Staff Express in Bray, Co. Wicklow, also This was the second year running that retained its title of ‘Express Store of Tom and Mary Liddy, owners of the the Year’, while also picking up second Roslevan Costcutter Store in Ennis, place in the ‘Off Licence of the Year’ Co. Clare, were the proud winners of category. “I’m absolutely delighted for this year’s awards for ‘Supermarket all our staff. This is a hugely exciting Store of the Year’ and ‘Best in Fresh night for all of us!” enthused Mark. Produce’ at the annual Costcutter Costcutter Kilmallock Road in Conference. Limerick was also a double winner, Tom Liddy paid warm tribute to his retaining the ‘Forecourt of the Year’ management, staff and customers in award. “I am delighted to accept this the locality for their valued custom and award for the second year running support: “It’s a huge privilege for us to on behalf of my dedicated staff, who win these two awards for the second work so hard to ensure that our levels of customer care are second to none,” noted store owner, Trevor Askin. “I would also like to say a big thank you to all of our customers in the locality who have supported us so loyally since we Pictured with Jim Barry, Managing Director of The Barry Group opened the store.” (right) are store owners Mary and Tom Liddy, and store manager, Tomás Alan Doolaghty, Ennis. Co. Clare, winners of the Costcutter Moore, from the Supermarket Store Of The Year Award.

Costcutter, Hospital store in Limerick, took the ‘Off Licence of the Year’ Award, which he attributed to his staff: “We work very hard indeed to ensure that we listen carefully to what customers want from our store.” A delighted Peter Gaughan from Balla, Co. Mayo, accepted the award for ‘Foodmarket Wine Department of the Year’: “We work extremely hard as a team to ensure we provide excellent service to our loyal customer base in Balla. I believe our key strength lies in listening to our customers and providing them with fantastic wines at really competitive prices.” Aaron Massey, owner of the Costcutter Foodmarket in Rathfarnham, Dublin, was the proud winner of this year’s ‘Foodmarket Store of the Year’, noting how “Our key focus is to deliver an unrivalled customer experience, so we’re delighted with the win”. Finally, winners of the ‘Best New Store Image’ Award, Dave Ryan of Costcutter, Fermoy, noted how “Since we opened our doors just over a year ago, we have been striving to ensure we provide excellent service, not only to our loyal customer base here in Fermoy, but also to commuters travelling on the busy motorway between Cork and Dublin. This Award really acknowledges the hard work that all our team has been putting in over the past 12 months.”

46|Retail News|October 2011|

Special Report Providing consistent quality customer service can allow retailers to differentiate in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and to retain loyal customers, writes Damian O’Reilly, Lecturer in Management, DIT School of Retail Management.

How to Keep Your Customers IN previous issues, we have looked at the consumer decision process and how retailers can utilise the elements of the process to help determine their preferred value proposition. In this issue, we will discuss the last step in this process – postpurchase behaviour/ evaluation and how it can be addressed through consistent customer service. The Irish economy’s rapid decline into recession resulted in a series of cost-cutting measures. One of these measures was to reduce the number Damian O’Reilly, Lecturer in Management, DIT School of Retail Management.

of staff and reduce expenditure on training and development. A consequence has been a decline in the level and quality of service offered by retailers. Rapid changes in the retail environment have resulted in, and coincided with, changes in consumer spending patterns. Also, customers have become increasing savvy and demanding, which puts pressure on retailers to differentiate themselves in order to survive. Delivering consistent quality customer service is an area that has not received sufficient attention by many retailers but is an area that allows retailers to differentiate in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Building Store Loyalty

The buying process does not end after a consumer purchases a product. When the product is used/consumed, the customer evaluates the experience and

determines their level of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction. Consistently high levels of satisfaction will build store loyalty and this becomes a source of competitive advantage for the retailer. Why is satisfaction important? Firstly, delighted customers will engage in positive word-of-mouth (or word-of-mouse as it’s known in online retailing); secondly, dissatisfied customers tend, on average, to tell another 11 people and thirdly, it is much more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. Many retailers believe that their sales assistants give quality service and that customers leave satisfied. However, satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal customers. And given current economic conditions, many supposedly loyal customers are willing to change. What has become more important is ‘customer value’, which is the perceived|October 2011|Retail News|47

Special Report value that customers associate with a retailer. Improving perceived value will lead to increased profitability and increased retail store performance.

The Three Elements of PostPurchase Behaviour Satisfaction, service quality and a customer’s perceived value determine post-purchase behaviour. How, as retailers, do we define each of these elements and determine whether they are delivering excellent customer service? Customer satisfaction is the customer’s emotional response that results from evaluating the product/ service received against the costs associated with getting the product/ service. These costs are not solely the price paid but also the time and effort spent by the customer in obtaining the product. The second element is the ‘perceived’ level of service quality, which is difficult for retailers to assess. It can be defined as the difference between the customer’s expectations of the level of service and their perception of the actual level of service delivered. Importantly, it should be defined and measured (by retailers) from the perspective of the customer. However, in practice, it is usually defined and measured by management without sufficient regard to customers’ expectations. Many retailers deliver a level of service that they perceive that the customer expects rather than looking at service from the point of view of the customer’s expectations. In today’s increasingly competitive retail environment, where consumers are familiar with product prices, successful

Many retailers equate customer satisfaction with loyalty (repeat purchases) but in today’s dynamic retail environment, a satisfied customer does not necessarily become a loyal customer.

retailers will gain an advantage by differentiating on level of service and being customer-centric. The third element is perceived value, which is the trade-off in what customers receive and what they have given up to acquire the product/ service. It is the result of a customer’s evaluation of the product and service received – in other words, their postpurchase behaviour. Many retailers equate customer satisfaction with loyalty (repeat purchases) but in today’s dynamic retail environment, a satisfied customer does not necessarily become a loyal customer. What is of more importance is the ‘perceived value’, as this has a greater influence on postpurchase behaviour.

The Question of Price

For many retailers, customer satisfaction has become synonymous with price and this is reflected in supermarkets, where price matching on branded products has become the norm. Price (prior to purchase) is often used as an indicator of quality and price is often used as an indicator of

the level of service likely to be received. However, in post-purchase evaluation, price is not the most important consideration. While price may initially influence where the customer shops, research indicates that in postpurchase evaluation, service quality is more important. By lowering price (to compete with low-cost suppliers) many consumers will equate this with lowering overall service quality. Retailers need to be careful about making the perceived service offered more appealing by offering price reductions. One area where retailers can make a significant difference to customers’ perceived value is through reducing employee turnover. Loyal staff intuitively understand customers’ expectations and customers then begin to make incremental purchases. These customers are not primarily concerned about price but about the experience of the shopping trip. Increased sales lead to increased profits, which can be partially distributed through higher wages to staff who, in turn, become more loyal: a win-win-win situation.

Developing a Loyalty Philosophy

Post-purchase evaluation by customers is difficult to assess, but when positive, results in customers not just being satisfied, but loyal. Retailers need to be customer focused and ensure that employees are delivering a consistent service, in line with customer expectations. To do his effectively, companies need to understand who are their best/loyal customers; understand what their needs are and ensure that the company becomes customer-centric. It is much more important for retailers to have a loyalty philosophy rather than have a loyalty programme and this needs to be driven by management and communicated throughout the enterprise through to the shop floor.

48|Retail News|October 2011|

Cash & Carry Focus Since the BWG Group purchased Mangan’s Wholesale in 2009, Value Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, has seen a dramatic transformation that has helped it to compete in a challenging market. Pictured at the official opening of the revamped Value Centre Letterkenny are (l-r): Gerry McMonagle, Letterkenny Town Mayor; Kieran Barron, Manager, Letterkenny Value Centre; Noel McBride, Donegal County Mayor; and staff member Oisin McAvenney.

Value Centre Shines in Letterkenny The acquisition of Mangan’s Wholesale by BWG two years ago left the group with two cash and carry centres in Letterkenny. Operating one large and one smaller cash and carry was unsustainable and Value Centre decided to invest heavily in the larger of the two, creating a state-of-the-art wholesale facility that best serves the needs of the locality and allows Value Centre to offer even better value for money to retailers, publicans, hotels and restaurants. Kieran Barron is the manager of the Letterkenny Value Centre. He has worked with the company since he entered a management training scheme, which initially saw him work as assistant manager of the Value Centre operation in Cavan. He has worked in Letterkenny for nearly 14 years and he has seen many improvements in the last two years.

Significant Investment

“Of the two sites, this one [on Port Road, Letterkenny] had by far the best location and visibility,” Kieran explains. “We decided to undertake a significant investment in this location, adding an extra 8,000 square feet of space to the warehouse. As well as the 50% increase in size, the project saw a refurbishment of the entire facility. The roof, the racking, the floor, everything was refurbished, and we added a new yard at the rear.” According to Kieran, maintaining trade during the development was difficult. “There was a lot of disruption on

this site, as we were undertaking such a large development. However, we really did not have much choice: we could not let down our loyal customers,” he notes. “Because we had a second site at the time, we were able to successfully continue trading right through the development. All our customers and, in particular, staff, were fantastic through the process. They were very adaptable and it made the process much easier than it could have been.”|October 2011|Retail News|49

Cash & Carry Focus

Offering Value for Money

Rationalising the two Value Centre outlets has brought a variety of dividends to the Letterkenny operation. In addition to what is effectively a brand new cash and carry and a very pleasant working environment for staff and for customers, the added height, as well as floor-space, means that the Value Centre in Letterkenny can accommodate pallets of any size, allowing it to get the best possible value for money when purchasing. “We have had to react to the needs of the businesses that we supply,” Kieran says. “Grocery retail, the hotel industry, publicans, restaurants, each one of these trades has been affected by the economic slow-down. All their customers

need better value for money and in terms of their business, they must be able to sustain a margin as well as sales volume, so we have no choice but to offer the best possible deals.” The keen focus on value and working with customers to help them sustain their business has stood to Value Centre Letterkenny. Not only does it provide the national promotional offer cycle from BWG, it also offers an additional in-house promotional cycle specifically for its own customers – so customers can effectively choose from two

value packages during each cycle. A 5% discount on cash sales has also kept customers coming through the doors. Last summer, the Value Centre in Letterkenny ran a gift scheme that proved popular with customers. All of this has seen the operation successfully reach its targets for trading levels since the completion of the development.

The Vital Role of Staff

“Staff played a vital role in making this project a success,” Kieran enthuses. “They adapted phenomenally well to the disruption and when we opened on July 19, they were already up to speed with the new processes and procedures in the revamped facility. We operate a buddy system on each aisle, so every member of staff has ownership of a very clear area of responsibility, divided up into categories such as cleanliness, HACCP and merchandising. “Staff morale is even more important now than ever,” he continues. “With so much uncertainty around and such doom and gloom, it is sometimes hard to maintain enthusiasm. Because staff have very specific areas of responsibility, they know exactly what they need to do. And they know that as long as we do our best, that this business will continue to survive and to grow. We are currently trading above 2010 levels. We have a very open flow of communication throughout our facility, keeping staff informed and engaged about our plans and listening to their suggestions on ways to optimise processes and procedures.” Regardless of a recession, any business benefits from well trained and highly motivated staff, according to Kieran, who insists on thanking every single member of staff, “not just for the part they have played in helping to make this development a success, but also for the great work they do every single day.” The performance of Value Centre Letterkenny is testament to the philosophy that providing your customers with exactly what they want at a price that allows them to sustain both sales and margin remains the formula for success, despite the economic climate.

Fact File Owner:

BWG Group


Port Road, Lettterkenny, County Donegal


24,000 square feet

Number of Staff: 18 (warehouse), 3 sales staff on the road Opening Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

50|Retail News|October 2011|

Market News Jacob’s Launches Why Not? FOLLOWING a year of extensive research, Jacob’s have launched a new range of healthy snack bars called Why Not?, an indulgent treat that consumers don’t have to feel guilty about, as each bar contains less than 100 calories. There are three delicious variants in the range: Fruit & Nut, Chewy Chocolate and Chocolate & Orange. The packaging was designed to appeal to females and has very high shelf stand-out. The bars are packed in eye-catching boxes of six, with a recommended RSP of €2.79, and the launch is supported with a strong nationwide sampling program, a joint sponsorship program with Unislim, as well as an extensive public relations and digital campaign.

Wispa Gold is Back! AFTER its remarkable limited edition comeback in 2009, Wispa Gold is making a welcome permanent return this November. Wispa Gold was the number one NPD launch in 2009 and ranked as the number two impulse chocolate after Cadbury Dairy Milk (Source: ACNielsen, 8-week ending 01/11/09). Wispa Gold attracts a younger, more female biased consumer profile to Wispa, therefore delivering incremental category sales. To promote the re-launch, Wispa Gold is available in pre-filled HODS to give visibility to the product and additional siting in-store to maximise sales.

Lakeshore Launches Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil GREAT news for those looking for a healthier way to cook! Lakeshore Foods has added Irish Grown Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil to its range of delicious cooking oils and food accompaniments. The 100% Irish grown product is now available in all Dunnes, SuperValu, Superquinn and Tesco stores. Cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil is fast becoming the cooking oil of choice for top Irish and international chefs, both for its health benefits and its wonderful taste. Containing Vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9), the oil contains 30% less saturated fat and 10 times the amount of Omega 3 found in sunflower oil. In fact, it has the lowest saturated fat content of any cooking oil. Lakeshore Irish ColdPressed Rapeseed Oil has an RRP of €3.99 for 500ml.

NIVEA Partners with Plan Ireland

NIVEA has launched a partnership with Plan Ireland, part of one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world. By purchasing a ‘Better Education for Life’ NIVEA Crème 200ml Pot, consumers are contributing to the International NIVEA & Plan partnership, which supports children living in poverty by giving them access to quality education. For every pot sold, NIVEA International donates 15 cents to an education project in Guatemala. Pictured are (l-r): David Dalton, CEO, Plan Ireland; Brenda Thoms, Marketing Manager, NIVEA Ireland; Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh, Brand Ambassador for Plan Ireland; and John Mc Keown, Managing Director, NIVEA Ireland.

Heinz Squeeze & Stir HEINZ is entering the Instant Soup category with a revolutionary, brand new soup in a cup format - Heinz Squeeze & Stir. Made from concentrated purée, each recipe contains ‘1 of your 5 a day’, has no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG and is low in fat. The purée format delivers outstandingly in terms of taste, consistency and goodness credentials. Available in four varieties, including Cream of Tomato, Minestrone, Cream of Tomato & Basil and Mediterranean Vegetable, the Heinz Squeeze & Stir range is available in handy, lightweight squeezable sachets. All consumers need to do is simply squeeze the soup into a cup, add boiling water, stir and enjoy.

Celebrate with Moët & Chandon THIS CHRISTMAS, Moët & Chandon presents its flagship champagne, Brut Impérial, in a limited edition gold gift box – the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. This eye-catching item makes a great gift to bring along to any festive event this year. Tastefully decorated in Moët & Chandon’s signature luxury style, this year Brut Impérial is presented in a beautiful and appropriately festive gold gift box. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial distinguishes itself by a bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity, that continually seduces and delights. The limited edition Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Christmas gift box is available from all leading off licences nationwide and retails at €42.69|October 2011|Retail News |51

Drinks News

NOffLA Unveils Gold Star Wine Collection The NOffLA Gold Star 2011-2012 Wine Collection includes 15 wines from around the world at various price points. FIFTEEN wines from around the world, priced to appeal to all budgets, were selected for exclusive inclusion in the National Off-Licence Association’s (NOffLA) Gold Star 2011-2012 Wine Collection, unveiled at the Association’s annual SIP Drinks Show 2011 at Krystle in Harcourt Street, Dublin, where distributors showcased their portfolios and promotions for Christmas and the year ahead. Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd won four of the 15 Gold Star Award categories.

Kevin Behan, Sales Director, Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd, with the Champagne Under €60 Award for Veuve Clicquot NV.

Findlater Wine & Spirit Group picked up the much coveted ‘Wine of the Year 2011-2012’ award and Overall Award Winner, for J. Moreau & Fils Chablis 2010, while the equally prestigious ‘Red Wine of the Year 2011-2012,’ went to Gleeson incorporating Gilbeys for Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005. The winning wines were awarded on the basis of appearance, smell, taste and value for money. Each of the 15 award winners is available in NOffLA’s 330+ independent off licences around the country and will be clearly identifiable on-shelf. According to NOffLA Chairperson, Evelyn Jones, the Gold Star Awards play a key role in communicating the variety of excellent wines available in Ireland, at different price points. “The awards are categorised by price, so have gained a reputation, over the past 10 years, for being the essential guide for selecting great wines at any price,” she said. “There is sometimes a misconception that the higher the price, the better the quality of wine. But four of NOffLA’s Gold Star winners retail at under €8, so we are confident that consumers will be able to pick up some superb wines, whether they want to spend €7.99 or €19.99.

Philip Robinson, Marketing Director, Findlater Wine & Spirit Group, is pictured with the overall Wine of the Year 20112012 award, for J. Moreau & Fils Chablis 2010.

“The Gold Star Awards brochure, which includes tasting notes, will also provide shoppers with the confidence to try new wines that are selected and recommended by an expert tasting panel.”

2011-2012 NoffLA Gold Star Awards Winners

Sally Anne Cooney, General Manager, Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys, pictured receiving the Red Wine of the Year Award 2011-2012 for Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005.

Wine of the Year 2011-2012: J. Moreau & Fils Chablis 2010 Red Wine of the Year 2011-2012: Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005 Sauvignon L’Abbaye Vins de Pays de Loire 2010 Old World White Under €8: Marqués de Riscal Rueda 2010 Old World White Under €14: J. Moreau & Fils Chablis 2010 Old World White Under €20: Hazy View Chenin Blanc 2011 New World White Under €8: Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay 2009 New World White Under €14: Wolf Blass President’s Selection Chardonnay 2010 New World White Under €20: Rosemount Diamond Cellars Rosé 2009 Rosé Under €15: Castillo de Benizar Tempranillo 2010 Old World Red Under €8: San Donaci Contrada del Falco 2009 Old World Red Under €14: Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005 Old World Red Under €20: Obikwa Shiraz 2010 New World Red Under €8: Secret Pinot Noir 2010 New World Red Under €14: Wakefield Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 New World Red Under €20: Campo Viejo Cava NV Sparkling Wine Under €25: Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne Under €60:

52|Retail News|October 2011|

On the Vine

Southern Exposure South Africa’s wine industry has come of age, writes Jean Smullen, who highlights the must stock brands. South African wines are a relative newcomer to the Irish wine market. Like Chile and Argentina, their arrival en masse onto the Irish shelves was one of the developments of the wine market in Ireland during the last 20 years. What is perhaps not as well known is that South Africa has a wine making tradition that stretches back over 300 years. Just over two decades after the end of South Africa’s economic isolation, their wine industry has come of age, with exports growing by 219% between 1998 and 2010. The annual harvest for Spring 2011 amounted to 1.25m

tons (984m litres), and wine makers in South Africa are very upbeat about the 2011 harvest, particularly for the red wines, which are expected to be of exceptional quality. We should start to see some of these wines appearing on our market from 2012. South Africa is well placed to produce wines which combine New World appeal with a style which is somewhere between New Zealand’s refreshing cool climate style wines and the heavier wine styles of Australia and California. The quality vineyards of South Africa are widely

South African wines Under €10 First Cape: Cape Red (RRP €5.99) 10 International/Richmond Marketing In the nine years since its creation, First Cape has become a major force in retail sales, particularly on the UK market, where it is one of the biggest selling South African wines. A very gluggable red wine, made from a blend of red grapes, including Ruby Cabernet (a mix of Carignan and Cabernet), Pinotage, Merlot and other red grape varieties, this has lots of juicy red fruit and is made for easy drinking as a good value entry level wine.

2010 Goats Do Roam White, Western Cape (RRP €9.99) Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys In 1995, Charles Back set up the Goats Do Roam label, after a suggestion from a buyer that he produce a Rhone-style blend with a Cape flavour. This wine is made from a blend of mainly French grapes, and includes Chenin Blanc, Crouchen Blanc,

Semillon, Viognier and Clairette Blanche. This is a fruity, fairly rich, dry white wine that reflects the Mediterranean climate of Fairview’s vineyards.

2009 Bellingham Chardonnay/Viogner (RRP €8.00) Cassidy Wines This full bodied Chardonnay is a good match with white meat such as pork or chicken. Ripe melon flavours with a floral touch make this a great white wine. The 7% Viognier adds fragrance to the wine, which is partly barrel-aged. Bellingham produce a great value, well made wine range from South Africa.

2008 Kumala Cape Classic Red (RRP €8.99) Barry & Fitzwilliam Kumala is not only South Africa’s largest wine brand but also its fastest growing one. All the wines are made and bottled in South Africa under the direction of talented winemaker, Ben Bordaan.

The wines are screw-cap and the label features the distinctive Gecko/Lizard motif. This is a fun wine, aimed at a younger consumer. Made from a blend of grapes, this is one to recommend as a party wine!

2009 Lindemans Winemaker’s Discovery Sauvignon Blanc (RRP €8.99) The Findlater Wine & Spirit Group Winemaker’s Discovery is a new range from Australia’s Lindeman group, whose philosophy is to offer consumers the opportunity to discover wines from regions where they may not otherwise shop, with the first wines coming from South Africa. Wines are sourced from the Robertson area of the Cape and Lindeman’s South African producer, Abe Roussow, works closely with growers to ensure high standards. Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa is grossly under-rated. This is a very good well made version, at an affordable price.|October 2011|Retail News|53

On the Vine For That Special Occasion 2004 Klein Constantia Vin de Constance (RRP €49.95) Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys In the 19th century, two wines were much sought after at the tables of the royal heads of state. Both were sweet wines, one from Hungary (Tokaj) and one from South Africa (Vin de Constance), made from Muscat de Frontignan. After harvesting selected shrivelled grapes, the berries are left to macerate on their skins for several days in order to soften. The nectar is fermented in a combination of stainless steel tanks and wooden 500L barrels. The total maturation time in the cellar before bottling is just under four years. This is a sublime, multi award-winning wine, definitely for a special occasion and one of the classic global wine styles from South Africa. dispersed through the Western and Northern Cape, strung between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The climate is Mediterranean, which gives long hot summers from November to May, moderated by cold, wet, blustery winters, with snowfall on the higher mountains. Late frosts are rare, as are heavy summer rains. The Benguela current from Antarctica also cools the weather in the Cape Region. Average summer daily temperatures are 23C between February and March. This warm climate produces very ripe grapes. Next year, it will be 20 years since Irish companies first started to import wines from South Africa. According to the latest figures to December 2010, sales of South African wines on the Irish market fell by 0.3% against the same period in 2009. South Africa’s share of the wine market in Ireland has fallen to 7.1% from a high in 2005 of 12% of the market. Part of the reason for the loss of market share is the fact that South African wines built their reputation on budget-end wines, which are no longer economically sustainable because of the strength of the Rand. As the producers re-position themselves towards the mid-price and quality end of the market, their volume share is suffering. However, the country’s dominance at the lower end of the market has helped define South Africa’s image for providing affordable, good quality wine that the Irish consumer has come to trust and appreciate.

South African Wines Over €10.00 2009 Two Oceans Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Brut (RRP €12.99) Febvre & Co. Ltd

2010 Morgenhof Estate Fantail Sauvignon/ Chenin Blanc (RRP €11.99) Mackenway Distributors

The Two Oceans brand is a big seller on the Irish market. This is their new sparkling wine, a welcome addition to the Two Oceans range of wines, with lovely tropical fruit, green pepper and pineapples on the notes: fresh, fruity and zesty, with lively bubbles. South African sparkling wine punches way above its weight, but has not yet been discovered. A really good alternative to Prosecco, this is lively, fresh and well priced.

Morgenhof is an award-winning Estate wine from South Africa. The Fantail Label is their new range. The Sauvignon and Chenin combines the acidity and citrus fruit of Sauvignon with the more honeyed character of the Chenin Blanc grape. This wine was voted ‘best value’ by Wine Magazine in 2009.

2010 Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc (RRP €16.99) Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys The Vergelegen winery on the Western Cape has been under viticulture since the 1700s and is now overseen by award-winning winemaker, Andre van Rensburg. One of the unique features of the winery is its microclimate, which makes it cooler than the surrounding areas. This Sauvignon Blanc from Vergelegen is magnificent, and is more Old than New World in style. This is a very good example of premium South African wine.

2008 Danie De Wet Chardonnay Sur Lie (RRP €11.99) The Findlater Wine & Spirit Group I visited this winery in Robertson almost a decade ago and was blown away by the quality of their white wines. This is one of their iconic wine styles. Danie De Wet’s family estate is one of South Africa’s top producers of Chardonnay. The ‘sur lie’ style gives the wine, roundness and character, without oak ageing. If you have to try one classic South African wine style, this is one I would recommend.

54|Retail News|October 2011|

Shelf Life

CHEF Factor judges Darina Allen, Rachel Allen and award winning Irish food producers Cully & Sully are bowled over by a large volume of emails from the US requesting permission to enter Chef Factor, an online contest open to residents of the island of Ireland. The flurry of emails from the States are coming from people who would also like to be in with a chance of winning a place on January’s coveted 12-week Ballymaloe cookery course, including accommodation, together worth over €12,000. The top prize can be redeemed in either 2012 or 2013 and will include two weeks with Colum O’Sullivan (Sully) and Cullen Allen (Cully) to learn the ways of the food business. See for more information.

Pictured at the launch of the Superquinn Autumn Wine Sale are: Neil Blanchflower, Wine Specialist, Superquinn Lucan (apron) and Richard Moriarty, Senior Wine Buyer, Superquinn (suit), with models Rosanna Davison and Martha Christie. The Annual Superquinn Autumn French Wine Sale runs in all stores and online until November 1. This year’s event is bigger and better than ever, featuring up to half price savings on over 60 wines, all of which are exclusive to Superquinn. THE Make-A-Wish Ireland annual Crystal Ball lit up The Aviva Stadium recently, when up to 370 guests dug out their diamonds and donned black ties and tiaras in the glamorous themed ball, to help raise funding for the charity. Grey Goose hosted a delicious cocktail reception, with Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmopolitan and Grey Goose Wild Berry Collins created under the supervision of top mixologist Paul Lambert (pictured) in the main Atrium overlooking the Stadium.

THE National Lottery has launched the new and improved Christmas Scratch Card, Hampers, Sweets & Treats. The Hampers, Sweets & Treats Scratch Card will replace the old favourite Hampers & Roses, which was originally launched back in 1995. This year, the National Lottery is teaming up with one of Ireland’s best known chocolate brands, Butlers Chocolates, an indigenous Irish company, to offer lucky players the chance to win boxes of delicious luxury Butlers Chocolates, along with a range of other prizes, including hampers, vouchers and cash prizes. There are over €5m in prizes to be won. Pictured at the launch are Nigel Scully, Head of Sales at the National Lottery, model Sinead Noonan, and Aisling Walsh, Marketing Director at Butlers Chocolates. MILLIONS of people from all around the globe came together to celebrate the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness by raising a toast ‘To Arthur’ in honour of the man who gave Guinness to the world. Guinness fans in Ireland, welcomed a host of top international acts including Ed Sheeran (pictured), Scissors Sisters, Calvin Harris, The Saturdays, Paolo Nutini and Kelis, as well as home-grown talent Bell X1, Royseven, The Divine Comedy, Bressie and Ryan Sheridan, who took to the stage in music hubs in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast, followed by a surprise intimate pub gig by each of the acts. WITH home improvement more popular than ever, RTÉ’s Room to Improve is back with a bang on our TV screens this autumn and WEEE Ireland, the Irish compliance scheme for electrical waste and battery recycling, are proudly sponsoring the new six-part series. WEEE Ireland have chosen the show sponsorship as a platform to remind the public that anything “with a plug or battery” can be recycled for free. The programme stings were produced in-house in RTÉ and drive this message home to the programme audience of over 606,000, through creative graphics and a clear message. See for more information. THE newly elected Chairman of The National Dairy Council is Jackie Cahill from Thurles, Co. Tipperary, and the new NDC Vice-Chairman is Stephen Shorten from Courtleigh, Newcestown, Co. Cork. Zoe Kavanagh, Chief Executive of The National Dairy Council, is pictured with newly elected NDC Chairman Jackie Cahill, outgoing Chairman Dominic Cronin, and new NDC Vice Chairman, Stephen Shorten. MARKS & Spencer was awarded Responsible Retailer of the Year at the prestigious Oracle World Retail Awards at the annual World Retail Congress in Berlin. Voted for by a Grand Jury of some of the world’s most respected retailers and senior industry experts, the Responsible Retailer of the Year is designed to highlight the retailer whose actions demonstrate that they are outstanding corporate citizens. Marks & Spencer was selected for setting world class standards of best practice in corporate responsibility, significantly impacting their key stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which they operate.

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Retail News October 2011  

Retail News is a one-stop shop for Irish grocers, designed, researched and written with the retail manager and store owner in mind.

Retail News October 2011  

Retail News is a one-stop shop for Irish grocers, designed, researched and written with the retail manager and store owner in mind.