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This advertisement is for tobacco retailers only and should not be made available to the public nor should it be displayed in any area where it is visible to the public.|November 2012|Contents|3

Contents Growth Returns in Time for Festive Season AT last: a spark of good news. The latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland reveal that the Irish grocery market has grown by 0.1%, the first increase recorded since the Easter boost in April (see full story on Page 5). OK, the growth may be minimal but at least it’s growth, and hopefully we’re seeing the first tiny shoots of recovery in time for the festive season. So what will this Christmas be like for the FMCG trade? Well, there’s no denying that 2012 has been another tough year for grocery, but this year’s seasonal sales may be better than expected. That’s the view of Andy O’Hara, CEO at Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd, who feels that consumers may want to reward themselves after a difficult year (Page 14). In a wideranging interview, O’Hara explains the reasoning behind the massive changes at his company, discusses the challenges ahead for the Irish drinks market and the issue of sponsorship of sporting events by drinks companies. In anticipation of a seasonal sales surge, Retail News presents its annual Christmas Stocking special report (Page 22-38), where we highlight the big brands guaranteed to fly this festive season, from selection boxes to mince pies, seasonal snack packs to sponge fingers, as well as the big hitters across the alcoholic drinks sector. Finally, all that remains for me is to thank all our readers and advertisers for their continued support and to wish you all a peaceful and profitable Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.



Retail Ireland: Monthly Update

Retailers Threatened with Soft Drink Tax.

39 Retail Ireland Meets


Grocery Market Returns to Growth.


Employers Accused of Invasive Jobseeker Screening; New EU Website for Product Recalls.


Minister for Finance; More Than 50% of Retailers Report Increase in Crime; Retail Ireland Champions Grocery Sector.



Retail News Interview

14 Andy O’Hara, CEO,


€7.3m Profit at Unilever Ireland; Dairying Milestone for Glanbia; Gleeson Strike Gold & Silver at BBI Awards.


Health & Safety

12 Minister Sounds

Kathleen Belton Editorial & Marketing Director

Optimistic Note on Repak License Renewal; Customer Service Celebrated at Costcutter Awards; Musgrave MarketPlace Opens in Waterford.

Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd, talks us through the company’s decision to concentrate on key spirits, Champagne and ultra-premium wine brands, the key role that sponsorship plays in drinks marketing and predicts a busy festive season.

once again proved one of the social highlights of the year.

18 Gala’s Annual

Conference saw the progressive retail group sharing plans for a future where all stakeholders can work ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ to achieve mutual success.

Christmas Stockings

22 Retail News presents its annual Christmas Stocking special report, where we highlight the big winners for the festive season ahead.

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4|Retail News|November 2012|


Retailers with Soft

SOFT drinks could be hit with a new tax in the upcoming budget. The sector, already subject to a 23% VAT rate, is threatened with another price hike after the Department of Health called for an excise tax on sugary drinks. “The Special Action Group on Obesity recommended the introduction of a Sugar Sweetened Drinks tax,” a Department spokesperson confirmed to Retail News. Retail and manufacturer groups are aghast at the threat this poses to an already beleaguered product category. “We’re deeply concerned about recent media reports about a possible introduction of a tax on soft drinks,” said Declan Jackson, Head of Communications at The Beverage Council of Ireland [BCI], which represents the soft drinks and fruit drinks industry. Food and Drink Industry Ireland’s Paul Kelly calls the proposed 10% tax hike discriminatory. “It’s hard to say if there would be 100% absorption of the cost within the food trade chain, which would impact further on margins,” said Kelly. “If it was fully

passed onto consumers, it would negatively affect consumer sentiment and behaviour. We can’t see how it’s an effective solution. We’d prefer [the Government] didn’t penalise individual products, but look at whole society approaches.” A price hike could also see a return to the spectre of cross border shopping, he added. Jackson said his organisation agreed with the Minister of Health, James Reilly TD, about the need to tackle Ireland’s obesity problem. According to the department, 61% of Irish adults are now overweight or obese. However, the BCI believes “that working in partnership with healthcare professionals, policy makers can produce sound evidence-based policies that can be introduced to tackle obesity.” Health organisations have questioned the Government’s tactics. The Irish Dental Association said that 60% of the population does not consume soft drinks. Michael Crowe, IDA secretary, said the association was “not persuaded” of the ability of such a tax to tackle obesity. Vincent Jennings, Chief Executive of the Convenience

Stores & Newsagents Association (CSNA) said the proposed tax, was indicative of more sinister policy strategies underway in Government. “Deep within the bowels of the Department of Health, there is a think tank that is exclusively internal and in-house,” he said. “They’re talking and agreeing amongst themselves. The calorie [menu labelling] initiative was the first thing that emerged. The sweet tax is next. It’s social manipulation at its very worst. As a retailer representative, I’m nervous that the effect upon society from an economic perspective is not being considered.” Similar calorie initiatives had been introduced, then removed, across the United States, said Jennings. Meanwhile, a fat tax on foods such as butter, oil and pizza, has been scrapped in Denmark after a year in operation. “They realised it was causing difficulties to their own economy,” said the CSNA boss. Jackson added: “The Danish government confirmed their decision to withdraw a fat tax measure and also rode back on their decision to introduce a sugar tax measure. They cited cross-border trade, the financial impact on customers and the risk to Danish jobs.” The proposed tax comes at a bad time for the sector, which has seen straight decline for 43 months. Yet statistics suggest consumers are migrating toward healthier options, without the need for Government intervention. Over the last decade, the sales of no-cal and low-cal products increased by 36%. Sugar sweetened drinks decreased by 19% and bottled water increased by 46%. The risks to the industry are potentially catastrophic. According to BCI statistics, direct employment for the non-alcoholic beverage

sector was 3,655 in 2010. In the same year, 73 new soft drink products were introduced. Jackson calls for a shift in focus from taxation to education: “There’s a clear market move, with Guideline Daily Amounts, education, etc., toward various categories of product. That is a direction that should be supported.” “Education is the right way to go,” agreed Kelly. “There’s need for targeted solutions. It’s important that we provide consumers with the information. In the UK, the Department of Health and Food Safety Authority set up a consultants committee that all relevant parties are engaging with. In the UK, there’s a plethora of front-of-pack schemes, which Ireland lacks.” An alternative option may be en route in the form of a new retail traffic light system, which allows stores to place red, amber and green labels on packaged foods, to indicate if they are high in calories, sugar, fat or salt. Tesco and Lidl are introducing this system. The BCI approve, said Jackson: “It’s clear that initiatives such as Guideline Daily Amount labelling and

Vincent Jennings, Chief Executive of the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association.|November 2012|Retail News|5


Threatened Drink Tax ingredient awareness is gaining some traction with customers. They’re exercising their choice in relation to the products offered.” Jennings called for more education and wants the Government to stop plans for a soft drink tax. “If the

alternative is to make nothing other than negative revenue for the state, you have a duty to delay what you’re doing,” he said. “If you wanted this to be revenue neutral, you might want to be positive about other products, but we have 23% VAT on bottled revenue. Is

this a revenue-raising exercise or an attempt to address the elements that are considered to be problematic?” All parties are now playing the waiting game. Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, will announce Budget 2012 on December 5.

Paul Kelly, Director, Food & Drink Industry Ireland.

Grocery Market Returns to Growth THE Irish grocery market has grown by 0.1%, the first increase recorded since the Easter boost in April but still a long way behind the inflation rate of 4.1%, according to the latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, for the 12 weeks ending October 28, 2012. “While the growth seen this month is a good sign for the grocery market, we are not out of the woods just yet and many grocery retailers are still struggling,” explained David

Berry, Commercial Director at Kantar Worldpanel. “Shoppers are continuing to watch their purse strings, buying fewer groceries per trip but shopping more often. They are also spreading their spend across a broader spectrum of stores, meaning that it is a challenge for the grocers to drive sales growth.” Berry described Aldi as the standout performer: “It has posted growth of over 30% and improved its share of the market from 4.7% last year to

a record high of 6.1%. A key feature of its success is its ability to bring in new shoppers, with 70,000 more through the door this year, while also encouraging them to come back more often.” Lidl and Tesco have also posted solid results, both growing ahead of the market and boosting their respective shares by 0.2 and 0.6 percentage points. Both retailers have also benefited from the ‘shop more, spend less’ trend which has helped attract

new customers to their stores. Dunnes has reversed its recent decline in fortunes, with an increase in market share to 22.4%, compared with 21.6% last month. This coincides with its October initiative which gave shoppers €5 back for every €50 spent in-store. With initial results suggesting that shoppers have responded well to this deal, it will be interesting to see how each of the competing retailers will respond in the lead-up to the Christmas period.

MARKET SHARE - TOTAL GROCERY Includes all expenditure through main store tills and excludes petrol & instore concessions

Total Take Home Grocery - Ireland Consumer Spend 12 Weeks to 30 Oct 2011 %*

12 Weeks to 28 Oct 2012 %*

change %




Total Grocery Multiples


































Total Grocers

Total Discounters

Other Outlets**

*= Percentage Share of Total Grocery **= Includes stores such as M&S, Boots, Spar, Centra, Greengrocers, Butchers and Cross Border Shops

6|Retail News|November 2012|


Employers Accused of Invasive Jobseeker Screening EMPLOYERS are treating jobseekers to invasive character checks, a union spokesperson has told Retail News. Esther Lynch, legislation and legal affairs officer for Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), began looking into the area of preemployment screening after jobseekers told a recruitment company about the type of information they are asked for in interviews. “We’ve also been looking at the type of services being supplied to employers,” she said. “On the basis they’re being supplied, they’re probably being used.” These services include an online resource for lie detecting. Other screening methods include credit card checks and jobseekers handing over Facebook passwords, said Lynch. “We’re saying there needs to be a code of practice. If you’re going to be in charge of security of a bank, your past record is hugely important. If you don’t have those types of

responsibilities, and perhaps as a young person you made some mistakes, you shouldn’t have to disclose the facts of your childhood mistakes. Certainly, an employer shouldn’t be justified to use this as a reason not to give you the job.” Retailers are likely to be more cautious about hiring new staff due to rising incidences of shoplifting. A recent study from Retail Ireland found 82% of retailers had experienced shoplifting over the last two years. 39% of retailers reported stock stolen by their own staff. CSNA CEO Vincent Jennings said he had not heard of these types of invasive

New EU Website for Product Recalls CONSUMERS and businesses worried about whether a product they are considering purchasing complies with European and international safety requirements can now look it up in the new Global Recalls portal. This new international portal, launched in Brussels recently, allows authorities across the world to exchange information about unsafe products that have been taken off the market. The ‘Global Recalls Portal’ is a project developed jointly by EU and OECD countries including the US, Australia and Canada. The portal, whose data is in searchable format, will contribute to boosting consumer safety across the world and will enhance consumers’ awareness and confidence in buying global. With an expected 3,000 product recall notices per year, consumers, businesses and authorities will have access to a remarkable pool of information on recalled products, updated on a regular basis by the EU (through RAPEX, the EU rapid alert system for dangerous nonfood products), US, Canadian and Australian authorities. See for more.

character checks. “Anything you do has to be within the law,” said Jennings. “You would have an obligation to yourself and fellow employees to ensure the character of somebody. A clean reference from a Garda would be pretty useful, as would a good reference from a former employer. Facebook? For God’s sake, what am I going to learn? That they get drunk every now and again?”

Fresh Irish Food Fair UP to 30 Irish food producers and suppliers showcased their wares recently at ‘Fresh - The Good Food Market’, Smithfield. Every province in Ireland was represented at this event, including Swift Fine Foods of Monaghan (Ulster); On the Pigs Back Pate’s and Terrines from West Cork and Chris Cooks Tasty Meals made in Youghal Co. Cork (Munster); Sushi King, Dublin, and Italicatessen of Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow (Leinster) and Foods of Athenry (Connacht). In addition, ‘Taste The View’ also represented a collection of artisan producers from around the country, like Keogh’s potato crisps, Derrycamma Farm, Kilbeggan Organic Foods and many more. Latest health food ranges from Foods of Athenry (Gluten Free), Superlife (Smoothie mixes) and Detox Retox (bread, cakes and crackers, free from grains, gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast, soya and peanut) were available, alongside Tully B’s Argentinian ‘Chimichurri’ sauces, delicious macaroons from Armelle’s Kitchen from Kilcullen; seafood sausages, cheeses, breads, meats and ice-cream.|November 2012|Retail News|7


€7.3m Profit at Unilever Ireland UNILEVER Ireland (Holdings) Ltd has reported after-tax profits of €7.3m in its accounts for the year ended December 31, 2011. This compares to an after tax loss of €10.1m in 2010, representing a turnaround of over €17m, which includes the full year effect of the export sales business and the positive impact of exceptional items. Turnover increased by 20% to €297.8m (2010: €247.7m), with like-for-like turnover down 2.2%. Total turnover includes sales of €69.4m to export markets, with sales of €228.4m on the Irish market, compared to €217.7m Irish sales in 2010.

During 2011, the business benefited from the acquisition of Alberto Culver, which followed the Sara Lee Personal Care acquisition in late 2010. Commenting on the results, Jill Ross, Managing Director, Unilever Ireland, said that whilst difficult economic conditions continued to provide a challenging environment during 2011, the company had performed well: “With the ongoing investment made in Unilever brands, people and organisational capabilities, I believe the company is well placed for sustainable growth in Ireland in future years.”

Jill Ross, Managing Director, Unilever Ireland.

Gleeson Strike Gold & Silver at BBI Awards THE Gleeson Group, the family owned business known for its Tipperary Water and Finches brands, have scooped several medals and diplomas for their own manufactured products at the BBI Awards (British Bottlers Institute) in Vintners Hall, London. The awards included Gold Medals for Tipperary Sparkling Water, Finches Orange and Devil’s Bit Cider, with Silver Medals for Tipperary Still Water and Tipperary Pear Flavoured Water, and Diplomas for Tipperary Kidz Fruit Blast Water and Finches Rock Shandy.

This highly prestigious BBI Competition for Waters, Soft Drinks & Ciders has been running since 1965. The panel consisted of seven judges, all based in the UK, and the competition was based on blind tastings. Pictured are Wyllie Woodburn, BBI National Commenting on the Chairman; Paulette O’Flynn, Finches Brand Award, Marie Cooney, Manager; Peter Cooney, Manager, Tipperary Director of The Gleeson Water; and Ed Binsted, President, BBI. Group, said, “We are very proud once again the factories in Borrisoleigh, Co. as a family-owned company to Tipperary. We will continue to accept all these awards for our develop and introduce new and quality products, all produced at unique products to our range.”

TTR/SATO Label Printer Winner Announced TTR Ireland, one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of thermal transfer printing products and bar code printers, SATO, a leading provider of solutions for automatic identification and data capture, and Retail News are delighted to announce the results of their competition, which saw one lucky winner receive a free SATO TH2 label printer. With a great number of competition entries, it was Val Lambe, Managing Director at Ardkeen Quality Food Store in Waterford, who answered the competition question correctly and was then entered into a draw to win the TH2 label printer. The competition marked the successful partnering between SATO and TTR on the new range of products added to TTR’s offering, the revolutionary TH2 series. Val Lambe, MD of the Ardkeen Quality Food Store, an independent food retailer, which is locally owned and managed, is delighted to have won the SATO TH2 label printer, especially as they are currently looking at a project to print Shelf Edge Labels, thus the printer will come in very handy. SATO’s TH2 label printer offers portable, standalone, intelligent printing and introduces the concept of Application Enabled Printing (AEP). A sophisticated and customisable AEP label printing solution, which provides users with the ability to easily download and Pictured are (l-r): Kevin Fitzpatrick, Sales create tailor-made applications, the TH2 is able to help Manager, TTR Irl; competition winner Val Lambe, MD, Ardkeen Quality Food Store; businesses in the retail and food industries improve the efficiency of their label printing processes and facilitate and Simon Brennan, SATO Channel Manager. time and cost savings.

Dairying Milestone for Glanbia GLANBIA Society members and Glanbia plc shareholders have voted to approve a joint venture, which has been described as “a significant milestone for dairying in Ireland”. Approximately 71% of Glanbia Society members voted in favour of the resolution to acquire majority ownership of Glanbia’s dairy processing business as part of a joint venture with Glanbia plc (Society 60% : plc 40%), which plans to invest €180m in new and enhanced milk processing facilities. Glanbia Society Chairman, Liam Herlihy said the vote “paves the way for the most significant expansion of dairying in a generation. It provides majority ownership of a world class business by the Society and a structure that is more focused on farmer needs.”

8|Retail News|November 2012|

Industry News Mayo Store Wins Top Award THE Food Store situated in Claremorris, County Mayo took home the prestigious National Retail Store of the Year award at this year’s Retail Excellence Ireland Awards in partnership with Barclaycard. The well-known Mayo store offers an on-site bakery, delicatessen, meat counter and general shop floor, carrying many specialised lines including an organic range of fruit and vegetables and a delicious variety of cheese and wine. The store employs 38 people in total. It has just gone through a recent re-branding and re-fit, which captures the essence of the store and what it represents. Pictured at the Retail Excellence Ireland Awards 2012 are (l-r): Keith Rogers, Chairman, Retail Excellence Ireland; Jo Collins, Group Sales Manager, Independent News and Media; President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins; with Sarah, Attracta and Niall Heffernan from The Food Store, Ballyhaunis Road, Claremorris, Mayo, winners of the National Store of the Year title; and Peter Sweeney, Senior International Business Manager, Barclaycard.

SuperValu Beefs Up € 250,000 Deal TOM Durcan Meats, the award winning butchers in Cork’s English Market, has secured a contract for €250,000 to exclusively supply SuperValu with its award winning Spiced Beef, which is used in leading restaurants such as Chapter One. The nationwide contract was secured following a pilot scheme across SuperValu’s Cork stores, where the well-known local delicacy surpassed all sales expectations. The product will now go on sale in 150 SuperValu stores across the country in a deal which Tom Durcan described as “a fantastic opportunity to offer my award winning Spiced Beef to the whole country”. Pictured at the announcement are (l-r): Martin Kelleher, SuperValu MD; Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD; Eamonn Howell, Trading Director, SuperValu; and Tom Durcan.

Dove Men+Care On the Ball UNILEVER have announced that their Dove Men+Care brand has further extended its association with Rugby Union of the highest quality by partnering with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). Dove Men+Care is already a premium partner to the ERC for the Heineken Cup and the Amlin Challenge Cup tournaments, a partner to the Welsh Rugby Union and the naming rights partner to the Dove Men Series autumn fixtures at the Millennium Stadium. The deal with the IRFU will cement its involvement with the sport in Ireland and will see Dove Men+Care become the official male grooming partner to the Irish national team. The partnership, which includes extensive match day branding rights at the Aviva Stadium, experiential & sampling rights, promotional rights, national team rights and ticketing rights, kicked off at the recent Guinness Series of autumn internationals. Pictured at the announcement are Irish internationals Gordon D’Arcy, Sean O’Brien and Rhys Ruddock.

M&S Supports Marie Keating Foundation RONAN Keating is pictured with his sister Linda of The Marie Keating Foundation, receiving a cheque for €35,000 from Conrad Digan and Carmel Breheny of Marks & Spencer Ireland. Throughout the month of July 2012, M&S donated 20c to the charity for every specially labelled packet of Keeling’s Irish Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries sold. The Irish berries promotion is one of many fundraising initiatives carried out by M&S Ireland in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation, and during the last 10 years, over €1m has been raised for the Foundation.

Gorta and Glenisk Announce Joint Business Venture AT their annual World Food Day conference, Gorta has announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Irish owned company Glenisk. A dairy food processing facility in the Rift Valley in Keringet, Kenya, which is financially supported by Gorta, will be at the centre of the partnership and will aim to create gainful employment and develop skills in the area. Both Gorta and Glenisk will be working with small farmers to build and develop small farm businesses which will provide a regular supply of quality milk for processing and a much improved income for families. Pictured at the announcement are (l-r): Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Kevin Higgins, Gorta; and Vincent Cleary, MD of Glenisk.|November 2012|Retail News |9

Industry News EUROSPAR Kilkenny Shortlisted for Top Award EUROSPAR Kilkenny has been shortlisted for this year’s coveted Kilkenny Chamber of Business Award in the Family Business and Retailer category. The store, which employs approximately 70 people locally, prides itself on being a standout local supermarket, offering quality fresh food at competitive prices. Only last year, the supermarket underwent a significant revamp, with the McCarthy family and BWG Foods investing a further €600,000 in upgrading the premises and adding an additional 5,000 square feet of retail space. “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for such a prestigious award. We pride ourselves highly on our in-store innovation, having high standards of service and quality, and support for local suppliers,” noted store owner John McCarthy, pictured (centre) with Leo Crawford, Chief Executive, BWG (left), and Willie O’Byrne Managing Director of BWG Foods (right).

Bulmers Clonmel Comedy Festival THE Rubberbandits, David O’Doherty, Tom Stade, Patrick Monahan, Simon Evans, Alun Cochrane and Tony Law are among the always funny, often genius and sometimes bizarre acts featuring in the 6th Bulmers Comedy Festival at O’Keeffe’s Clonmel. For four days, O’Keeffe’s becomes comedy-central as Clonmel hosts the finest, funniest and sharpest comedians at what is now regarded as one of the best boutique comedy festivals in Ireland. “For over 70 years, Clonmel has been the home of Bulmers and more recently, the home of great stand-up comedy,” noted Marcus Goodwin of Bulmers, pictured with The Rubberbandits and Fergal O’Keeffe, Bulmers Clonmel Comedy Festival Director (right).

XL Opens 200th Store XL opened its 200th store at The Glen in Cork City, marking a major milestone in the brand’s history. Approximately €170,000 has been invested in the new site by owners Ciaran Lynch and Tony Cowhig, together with brand owners and operators BWG Foods, who celebrated the official opening with an in-store party for local customers featuring guest appearances from sports stars Eoin Cadogan and Paul Kerrigan. Originally a Greenfield site, XL, The Glen, is located on Glen Avenue in Cork City and currently employs 10 people, with this number expected to rise in the run-up to the busy Christmas period. Pictured at the official opening are (l-r): Tony Cowhig, XL, The Glen; Willie O’Byrne, MD, BWG Foods; John Moane and Colm Fitzsimons, both from BWG Foods; and Ciaran Lynch, XL, The Glen.

Jamie Oliver Products Hit Tesco Ireland Shelves MOY Park has secured a deal with Tesco Ireland to launch three new products under the Jamie Oliver brand. The latest contract win will see Moy Park supply the new range to the top 75 Tesco stores across Ireland. The range includes Jamie’s Americanstyle BBQ Spatchcock, a Masala Chicken traybake ‘with attitude’ and Chicken & Chorizo traybake in an incredible smoked paprika marinade. Jamie Oliver and Moy Park joined forces earlier this year to develop the range of higher welfare chicken products farmed to Compassion In World Farming standards. “We are delighted to take on this new business with Tesco Ireland,” said Paul Burch, Moy Park Accounts Director Ireland. “I’m really excited to be working with Moy Park on this range of affordable chicken products, which uses only locally farmed chicken,” said Jamie Oliver (pictured).

Kerrygold Listowel Food Fair Book of the Year SOPHIE Morris has been announced as the winner of the Kerrygold Listowel Food Fair Book of the Year 2012 for her book, Sophie Kooks - Quick and Easy Feelgood Food. The Kerrygold Listowel Food Fair Book of the Year award recognises contributions to food writing which highlight the purity and taste of natural Irish food products. This is Sophie’s first cookbook and she is the youngest ever recipient of the award. The prize includes a trip to Chicago to meet with Kerrygold’s award winning marketing team, who will give an insight into their marketing of Irish dairy products in America. The Award, sponsored by the Irish Dairy Board, was presented to Sophie Morris by Minister of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan TD, a founder member of the Listowel Food Fair, and CEO of the Irish Dairy Board, Kevin Lane.

10|Retail News|November 2012|

Industry News SPAR’s Christmas TV Campaign SPAR has travelled the length and breadth of Ireland, from the wilds of west Cork to the wilderness of Wicklow, in pursuit of Christmas trees to feature in its new TV commercial ‘SPAR Delivering Christmas’, which is part of an €800,000 Christmas campaign for the brand. The TV ad is a celebration of Christmas in Ireland and ties in with the SPAR slogan, ‘Under the Tree’ by featuring Christmas trees in obscure and not so obscure - locations across Dublin, Cork, Carlow and Wicklow. The soundtrack has been specially produced, with Irish musicians Jape and Gemma Hayes coming together to perform a special cover of ‘The Christmas Song’. Pictured are (l-r): Ronan Nulty, Publicis; Willie O’Byrne, Managing Director, BWG Foods; Suzanne Weldon, Marketing & Communications Director, BWG Foods; with directors Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman from DADDY.

Nestlé Doubles Commitment to Fairtrade Nestlé UK & Ireland will double its commitment to Fairtrade from January 2013 by gaining certification of its two-finger Kit Kat. By extending the Fairtrade certification across the most popular of the Kit Kat range, an extra 800m bars a year will now carry the mark, becoming the first mainstream brand in the biscuit aisle to gain Fairtrade certification. Nestlé UK & Ireland will now purchase an additional 5,300 tonnes of sustainable cocoa from Fairtrade farmer co-operatives in the Ivory Coast, which will mean an additional 4,500 cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast will benefit from Fairtrade premiums and the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

Kepak Creates 100 Jobs

Hennessy Gold Cup Launches MODELS Karen Fitzpatrick and Teodora Sutra, dressed in winter racing outfits from Design Centre, launch the Hennessy Gold Cup Best Dressed Lady, in association with Design Centre. Ladies with an eye for racing style, can pre-register for the Hennessy Best Dressed Lady on HennessyCognacIreland. The winner will be chosen at the Hennessy Gold Cup, which takes place on Saturday, February 9, 2013, and will receive a €7,000 voucher to spend in Design Centre, Ireland’s leading destination store. Hennessy has always been a major supporter of racing in Ireland and the Hennessy Gold Cup is regarded as one of the social events of the year, which plays host to a number of well known celebrities from the world of racing, fashion and entertainment.

KEPAK has announced the creation of 100 jobs as a result of on-going innovation, growth and investment at the company’s Consumer Food facility in Watergrasshill, Co. Cork. The Kepak Cork facility comprises two main businesses. The core business portions and packs retail ready chilled meat packs for SuperValu and Centra stores in Ireland. The facility also processes a range of ‘slow cooked’ own label and branded consumer meats and the Big Al’s branded burger range. In announcing the new jobs, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, expressed his personal pride in the fact that much of the success of the Kepak Cork facility was rooted in the partnership between Kepak and Musgrave, which had been “made in Cork”. Pictured are (l-r): Martin Kelleher, MD, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland; Minister Simon Coveney TD; and John Horgan, MD, Kepak Group.

SHOW ME I.D - BE AGE OK Log on today!

WWW.SHOWMEID.IE OFFERING ONE CONSOLIDATED SOLUTION TO PREVENT YOUTH ACCESS TO AGE RESTRICTED PRODUCTS. KNOW THE LAW! It is illegal to sell tobacco, alcohol, solvents, lottery tickets and scratch cards to anyone under 18 years of age.

SHOW ME I.D – BE AGE OK is aimed at assisting retailers in preventing the sale of tobacco and other age-restricted products to minors.

This campaign is supported by Ireland’s trade associations RGDATA, CSNA, NFRN and also by VFI, NOffLA and the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce



12|Retail News|November 2012|

Health & Safety

Making the Smart Decision on Safety By law, you must be in possession of a written safety statement, including risk assessments. You can do this for free at Can you afford to have an accident in your workplace? Will your business survive it? Recent research carried out on behalf of the Health and Safety Authority revealed some startling figures in relation to the number and the cost of accidents in small business in Ireland. Just over one in 10 small businesses experienced a workplace injury during the 12-month period to November 2011, with an estimated cost of €18.5m. In the retail sector, this cost was €6,615,000, with the bulk of the costs being attributed to sick pay, medical expenses, cost of replacement staff, personal injury and legal costs. The average cost of a workplace accident to an employer in the retail sector was €4,473. Add to this the average €27,000 compensation award from the Occupational Injuries Board for workplace related injuries, with sales assistants and check-out operators being the second highest number of claimants in 2010, and it’s easy to see that experiencing an accident could deal a serious blow to the viability of a small business. And that’s not to mention the human cost in relation to pain, disability and loss of income. Small businesses in Ireland are estimated to have had to close down 239 times due to workplace injuries in the 12 months to November 2011. Smaller employers (one to nine employees) reported a greater incidence of temporary closures, which is not surprising, given that injuries in very small firms are more likely to affect day-to-day operations. So how do you protect your employees and thereby protect your business? It’s simple – you need to

proactively manage health and safety within your business to minimise the chance of an accident occurring. This means identifying the hazards that may cause harm in your workplace, assessing the risks arising from those hazards and putting in place control measures to prevent that harm occurring.

This sounds complicated but it’s not, and it’s not costly either! You can do it yourself at By law, you must be in possession of a written safety statement, including risk assessments. This document details how you are going to manage health and safety, who is responsible for what and what resources are in place to do it. Your employees must be made aware of the risks associated with the workplace that may adversely affect them, what you have done to protect them and what they must do to protect themselves. You can do all this, and a lot more, through You can reduce accidents and injuries, reduce costs, increase staff morale and increase safety standards. That is what can, if used correctly, do for you.

Completely Free Service

BeSMART is the free, on-line risk assessment tool which allows you to undertake risk assessments and prepare a safety statement specific to your workplace. It’s easy to use, written in plain English, accessible 24/7 and it is completely confidential. BeSMART does all the hard work for you. You simply register, select your business type and then work your way through the system, answering

‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not applicable’. You then need to walk around your workplace, consult with your employees and make sure all the hazards have been risk assessed. There’s even a blank template to allow you to risk assess any hazards specific to your workplace that have not been covered by the system. After all, you and your employees know your workplace better than anyone else. When you have finished, you can download, edit and print your unique safety statement. There is also a lot of information and guidance in the ‘Learn More’ section of BeSMART, which you can use to not only help you manage health and safety but can also be used for employee training. Like everything on BeSMART, it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Log on today at and try it for yourself. Start now to improve your health and safety standards and reduce your costs. It’s a win-win for everyone.



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Koelnmesse GmbH Messeplatz 1 50679 Cologne Germany

14|Retail News|November 2012|

The Retail News Interview

Big Moves at Edward Dillon Andy O’Hara, CEO, Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd, talks us through the company’s decision to concentrate on key spirits, Champagne and ultra-premium wine brands, the key role that sponsorship plays in drinks marketing and predicts a busy festive season. THE recent announcement by Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd that they would be no longer distributing a host of wine brands, including Wolf Blass, Carmen, Fetzer and Nederburg, from the end of 2012, may have come as something of a

shock to some. However, far from being a case of Edward Dillon losing these brands, the move is the result of a fundamental shift in strategy that has been some time in the making. “This is a change that we

have driven,” stresses CEO, Andy O’Hara. “It’s not something that has been forced upon us or that we have lost out on. The reality is that this move has been in the pipeline for some time.”|November 2012|Retail News|15

The Retail News Interview To understand the decision, Andy maintains that you must first understand the unique ownership of Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd. The company is owned by Möet Hennessy, Bacardi Martini and Brown-Forman Corporation (whose portfolio includes Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort and Finlandia). “Three of the biggest spirits companies in the world own this company,” explains Andy. “With that comes a challenge: to give our shareholders’ brands the focus they deserve. We have a combined world class portfolio of premium brands. With that comes the responsibility of marketing, promoting and managing them in the correct way. I firmly believe that we have the best people in the business to ensure that we deliver on this.”

Changing Wine Market

The move also reflects changes in the wine business. “The sales environment is becoming very challenging in relation to the amount of wine now being sold on promotion,” Andy notes. “That said, brands such as Wolf Blass, Carmen, Penfolds and Nederburg can still justifiably reflect a premium price. I believe that the consumer still understands that. “We hand over the various wine brands in very good health, and I wish their respective new distributors every success with their developments in the future. Treasury Wines, Distell and Claro, owners of the respective wine brands, whilst disappointed with our change in direction, do respect our position.” The CEO admits that Jack Daniel’s Honey there are is being introduced to the Irish market, “potentially having performed one or two incredibly well in the gaps within our United States and in spirits portfolio the UK. that we are

As an industry, we need to stop, take a breath and say ‘how do we get value back into the business again?’ That is a challenge for our business and every other alcoholic beverage business in the country.

looking to strengthen” but warns that any additions “would have to be of a complementary nature and and premium nature”. “This probably took some people by surprise,” he admits. “But we have been going down this avenue for a couple of years and I think we can sit comfortably in the knowledge that we have three of the biggest spirits companies in the world behind us and fully supportive of what we are doing.”

The Challenges Ahead

The CEO has a wealth of experience in the trade to make him well capable of making tough decisions. The Glasgow native has been part of the Edward Dillon family for 17 years, during which time he held a variety of roles, so it came as little surprise when he took over as CEO from the retiring John Pearson earlier this year. “This is a role I relish and I’m up for the challenge,” he declares. And what a challenge it is. The last few years have seen massive changes in the drinks industry, the biggest being the switch from on-trade to off-trade, as the recession bit into consumer spending. “The last couple of years have all been down the avenue of ‘Price is King’ and it doesn’t really need to be that way, because price doesn’t always equal value,” Andy maintains. “As an industry, we need to stop, take a breath and say ‘how do we get value back into the business again?’ That is a challenge for our business and every other alcoholic beverage business in the country.”

So, how do we get value back into the business again?

“The big brand houses have an awful lot to offer, and we include ourselves in that,” he stresses. In terms of the on-trade, he feels that these big brands need to work in tandem with on-trade

associations like the VFI and the LVA, citing the latter’s ‘Dublin Does Fridays’ campaign as a fine initiative in terms of “re-engaging with the consumer and enticing them back into the pub again, showing them that a big night out is not necessarily an expensive night out”. In the off-trade, he feels the key is adding value to their brands. “In terms of spirits, you don’t necessarily go down the price route, so maybe we’re looking at introducing valueadded packs again. It’s about education and making the at-home drinking experience a good experience. How should it be served? How do you make a good cocktail at home?” One way of adding value in the off-trade, which has proved successful for Dillons, has been introducing new variants to key ranges, such as Bacardi Oakheart and Jack Daniel’s Honey, the latter having “done incredibly well in the United States and in the UK”. “In the past, brand extensions, new flavours and new product development could have only started in the on-trade or through the wholesale channel, but consumers definitely know what they want, what represents value to them and they want to be educated on new products and how to use them,” notes Andy. “This has opened up new avenues for flavour extensions and new variants, with increased trial by consumers across a range of product categories.” He also points to the growth of the super premium category, particularly in independent off licences. “Independent, specialist off licenses have really embraced superpremium spirit products like Grey Goose,” he says. “What they do well is to provide a point of differentiation in terms of being a specialist: they have more time to spend with the consumer when they cross the door, they can

16|Retail News|November 2012|

The Retail News Interview

Bacardi Oakheart was one of the most popular drinks at Casa Bacardi at Electric Picnic 2012.

educate the consumer and share their knowledge. That has allowed the specialist off licence to differentiate, to trade up in terms of super-premium across various product categories. That has been a decent growth area for us and one we will continue to push, going forward: there is definitely a market for super premium brands, despite the recession.”

“Absolutely,” the CEO maintains. “NPD is very important, to the point where the Irish market offers great opportunities for new product trials and innovations. The consumer in Ireland is much more open to trial, more broadminded, than any other market I’ve worked in. Ireland is a very educated

country and that brings a sense that consumers aren’t afraid to try something new, to experience new tastes or to drink their spirits in a whole new way. This creates a good opportunity for new products in this market. “We are entering a new model where we will concentrate on our core

Understanding the Consumer

The growth of super-premium may surprise some, but the key to the entire drinks category, according to Andy, is understanding the consumer, an area where Edward Dillon are investing significant resources: “We now have a more consumer-centric approach to everything we do. That takes a lot of time, effort and resources, in terms of research, but we believe it’s the right thing to do.” In the drinks market, particularly the spirits sector, there are a lot of strong and dare we say, heritage brands, which have been around for a long time and retain a special place in the hearts of Irish consumers. That said, new product development (NPD) is seen as the lifeblood of most FMCG categories. Is it the same for Edward Dillon?

The multi-award winning Casa Bacardi at Electric Picnic.|November 2012|Retail News|17

Retail News Interview

Edward Dillon’s prestigious sponsorship of the Hennessy Gold Cup is entering into its 23rd year in 2013.

We have a strapline in the office that Hennessy is an affordable luxury, which is equally applicable to the brand and a day at the Gold Cup. spirit brands, going forward, so from that point of view, you will see many new product lines and extensions coming from us. Some of them will hit the spot and be a brilliant success; some of them may not. But we shouldn’t ever be frightened of taking risks, because we need to open our minds and try our best to keep the category fresh.”


Sponsorship has played a huge role with Edward Dillons in recent years, with high profile events like the Hennessy Gold Cup, Casa Bacardi at the Electric Picnic, and the company’s various retail off licence awards. The first concern, according to the CEO, when presented with a sponsorship opportunity, is to ascertain if it is premium and prestige enough to fit with their brands and to ensure that it is the right consumer fit. Two of the most prestigious sponsorships are the Hennessy Gold

Cup, entering into its 23rd year in 2013, and the Hennessy Literary Awards, celebrating their 42nd year. Describing them as “brilliant product associations for us”, Andy notes how the racing event gives the company a fantastic opportunity to say thank you to their trade partners and customers, as well as being a fantastic shop window for the Hennessy brand, from a consumer perspective. “We have a strapline in the office that Hennessy is an affordable luxury, which is equally applicable to the brand and a day at the Gold Cup,” he explains. Bacardi also has a long association with the Electric Picnic festival, and the last three years saw the introduction of Casa Bacardi at the event, which has since won a host of awards across the continent. “It’s premium, it’s prestigious and it’s about engaging with the consumer,” says Andy. “This year one of the most popular drinks was the Oak and Coke (Bacardi Oakheart & Coke).”

The company’s corporate sponsorship of the SuperValu and Centra Store of the Year Awards is “a lovely showcase for the alcohol category. This isn’t just about Edward Dillon’s products: it’s about spirits, wines and beers generally, and it’s about continuously raising the standards.” There has been talk of the Government introducing a ban on sponsorship by alcoholic drinks brands, which could be hugely detrimental for a number of sports events in particular. “Heineken’s sponsorship of rugby, Guinness’ sponsorship of the GAA, The Hennessy Gold Cup sponsorship, as some examples, do not contribute to alcohol misuse in society and to simply ban this type of sponsorship, I believe, would be wrong,” he argues. “There are other more fundamental areas in which we should be looking to help to reinforce the alcohol responsibility message.” When pressed on these areas, he cites education as a key factor: “I believe that MEAS have done an excellent job with the campaign and the various ‘Survival Guide’ initiatives. We need to continue with and expand on education programmes. We can look to other countries to see what has worked well there also.”

Facing the Future

Another area of contention is the talk of introducing regulations governing a minimum price per unit of alcohol similar to the proposal in Scotland. Andy points out “that there are currently legal challenges to the Scottish proposal and therefore it would not be prudent to comment until this process is complete”. However, he does feel that the ban on below cost selling of alcohol, which was abolished back in 2006, did provide a level of control on the selling price and perhaps this should be revisited. Finally, it’s no secret that the drinks industry, particularly the on-trade, has taken something of a hammering in recent years and 2012 looks no different. Edward Dillon, however, have had a reasonable year, and Andy feels that Christmas 2012 could be a lot better than many are predicting: “I believe that spirits and Champagne, in particular, offer excellent gift giving solutions and perhaps that consumers may want to responsibly reward themselves after such a difficult year.”

18|Retail News|November 2012|

Gala Conference

Pictured at the Gala Annual Conference 2012 are (l-r): Liam Peters, Gala Chairman, and Gary Desmond, CEO, Gala

Gala Looks to a

Bright Future

Gala’s Annual Conference saw the progressive retail group sharing plans for a future where all stakeholders can work ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ to achieve mutual success. GALA recently held its annual conference at the Lyrath Estate, where the group shared plans demonstrating how all partners, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, can work “together towards tomorrow” to achieve mutual success. Chairman Liam Peters opened the conference, welcoming representatives from Gala’s nationwide network of 200 retailers. In his keynote address, Gala CEO Gary Desmond imparted his belief in the strength of local retail stores and the part that local enterprise has to play in the recovery of the national economy. He shared some of the key consumer trends and opportunities within the C-channel and challenged all retailers within the Gala group to identify one area within their business

that they could improve, “The path to success starts with the smallest step. I challenge you to take this step, to invest in staff training, to review your product ranges, to develop a joint business plan, to reward your customers. Set a goal for your business and strive towards it.” He highlighted the success of Frayne’s Gala in Enniscorthy, congratulating the Fraynes on their recent national award for Excellence in Fresh Food. Desmond highlighted a number of initiatives and investments to Gala retailers, including pilot schemes for CashGuard and EDI solutions, the launch of an online training programme and the imminent launch of the Gala mobile app. He announced the recent appointment of Slattery Communications as Gala’s

public relations consultancy. He also acknowledged the wealth of retail business experience and expertise within the Gala group and encouraged conference attendees to share their insights and successes with each other. The CEO announced that the Gala Baker’s Corner concept has been adopted by over 75% of retailers and is proving a phenomenal success since its launch at the end of 2010. Plans are afoot to roll the concept out to all remaining stores in 2013.

Nationwide Rebranding

Retailers were also briefed on how the Group has performed to date in 2012. Despite the continuing challenges within the retail environment and the national economy as a whole, 16 new stores have opened in 2012 to date,|November 2012|Retail News|19

Gala Conference Online Training Academy

The launch of the Gala Training Academy, developed in conjunction with Olive Media, was announced at the conference. The online training solution has been designed to create savings for Gala retailers by minimising downtime, and allows staff to take courses wherever they have an internet connection. Three courses will be available upon launch and include Manual Handling, Fire Safety and HACCP Food Safety. Pictured at the Gala Annual Conference 2012 are (l-r): Liam Peters, Chairman, Gala; Ken Hughes, leading consumer and shopper behaviouralist; keynote speaker and adventurer Mark Pollock; and Gary Desmond, CEO, Gala.

with an additional four due to open before the close of the year. Desmond also updated retailers on the ongoing rebranding of Gala stores, announcing that 13 stores have been rebranded to the new image in 2012. Over half of all Gala stores have now made the move to the new brand image, with completion of the rebranding project on track for the end of 2014. The Gala Conference featured two guest speakers. Ken Hughes, one of Ireland’s leading consumer and shopper behaviouralists, shared the latest Shopper Marketing insights with retailers to help them to make positive business decisions in the face of the ongoing challenges of the highly competitive Irish retail market. Adventurer Mark Pollock spoke of the challenges that he has overcome in the pursuit of his goals. Mark has embraced and overcome all obstacles, becoming the first blind man to reach the South Pole. His determination and positivity in the face of adversity served as an inspiration to everyone at the Gala Conference.

Gala Pilot Programmes

Gary Desmond also announced a pilot scheme in Kevin Bracken’s Gala store in Portlaoise. The store is trialling an innovative EDI solution, designed to create significant monetary and labour savings for both Gala retailers and wholesalers. The project sees Gala creating a solution whereby invoices are extracted electronically from the wholesaler’s ERP system and imported directly into the accounts module on the retailer’s EPOS system. This system will ultimately be rolled out across all stores in the Gala network, completely eliminating the paper trail within the wholesaler/ retailer relationship. The Portlaoise store is also piloting CashGuard, a cash management and security system. The cash recycling solution integrates into existing Point of Sale terminals and offers a number of benefits to retailers. “All transactions are calculated and administered by the system, removing the risk of human error from the store cash management system,” commented Gala’s CEO.

Pictured are retailers Andy and Janet Durkan from Gala B.E.S.T Awards Gold Winner, Durkan’s Gala, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, with Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland (left) and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Gala Mobile App

Gala’s Head of IT, Eamonn King and Garrick Stark of O2 Telefonica, announced the December launch of the Gala app for smartphones and tablets. The app was designed following close consultations with both retailers and customers. The feedback from both groups highlighted a desire for a truly local experience so the app was designed with this in mind, building on the core Gala value of ‘community’. “The localisation feature on the Gala app is what sets it apart from competitor apps,” commented Eamonn. “We wanted to be true to our brand essence – Your Local Market – and this feature allows our customers to engage with news, promotional offers, vouchers and competitions relevant to their local Gala store.” The Gala mobile app also features a photography competition, which will be launched in 2013. Customers can submit photos and view all entries from across the country through the app.

Award Winners

The Gala Conference concluded with a celebratory gala dinner, with TV presenter Miriam O’Callaghan announcing the winners of the Gala B.E.S.T awards. The Awards,

Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, is pictured with Gerard Crawford, store manager at Gala B.E.S.T Awards Gold Winner, Harkin’s Gala, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

20|Retail News|November 2012|

Gala Conference Gala B.E.S.T Award Winners Kane’s Gala, Carlow Sheridan’s Gala Express, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan Harkin’s Gala, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal Gala James Street, Dublin O’Shea’s Gala, Blennerville, Co. Kerry Lunney’s Gala, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim Durkan’s Gala, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo McGloin’s Gala, Foxford, Co. Mayo Tuffy’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Mayo Larkin’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Tipperary Gala Raheen, New Ross, Co. Wexford Frayne’s Gala, The Duffry, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Silver Camier’s Gala, Ballydehob, Co. Cork Harris’s Gala, Convoy, Co. Donegal Gala Fortunestown, Tallaght, Co. Dublin Dunne’s Gala, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry Gala Emmet Stores, Mountmellick, Co. Laois McDermott’s Gala, Patrickswell, Limerick King’s Gala M50 Oil, Ashbourne, Co. Meath Murphy’s Gala, Kilanerin, Co. Wexford Kehoe’s Gala, Ballycullane, Co. Weford Gala Express, Bosheen, New Ross, Co. Wexford McDonald’s Gala, Bray, Co. Wicklow Candy’s Gala, Carnew, Co. Wicklow Bronze Donnelly’s Gala Express, Strawberry Hill, Co. Cork Gala Camden Quay, Cork Darnell’s Gala, Ardara, Co. Donegal Finn’s Gala Express, Portumna, Co. Galway Gala Oakpark, Tralee, Co. Kerry Henry’s Gala, Ballymoate, Co. Sligo Harvey’s Gala, Thurles, Co. Tipperary O’Leary’s Gala Express, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Cullen’s Gala, Adamstown, Co. Wexford Customer Gala Emmet Stores, Mountmellick, Co. Service Award Laois Community and McGloin’s Gala, Foxford, Co. Mayo Merit Award HR & Training Durkan’s Gala, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo Award Fresh Food Frayne’s Gala, The Duffry, Enniscorthy, Co. Award Wexford Baker’s Corner Candy’s Gala, Carnew, Co. Wicklow Award Off Licence Dunne’s Gala, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry Award Brand Gala, The Crescent, Athlone, Co. Champion Westmeath Award Innovation Sweeney’s Gala, Rochestown, Co. Cork Award Supplier of the JTI Ireland Year Award Gold

Terry Kane (centre), owner of the Gala B.E.S.T Awards Gold Winner, Kane’s Gala, Carlow, is pictured with Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland (left) and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, is pictured presenting the Gala B.E.S.T Award to Kevin Lunney, owner of Gold Award winning Lunney’s Gala, Carrick On Shannon, Co. Leitrim, with Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Siobhan Larkin, owner of the Gala B.E.S.T Awards Gold Winner, Larkin’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Tipperary, is pictured with Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland (left) and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.|November 2012|Retail News|21

Gala Conference

Mary O’Shea from O’Shea’s Gala, Blennerville, Co. Kerry, receives the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award from Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland (left) and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Gala Regional Manager, Darragh Sampson (centre) accepts the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award on behalf of Sheridan’s Gala Express, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan, from Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Jerry McDonnell, Gala Sales & Development Manager (left) is pictured presenting the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award to Liju Varughese, store manager, Tuffy’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Mayo (centre). Also pictured is Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland.

Emmet Rohan, store manager at Gala Raheen, New Ross, Co. Wexford, accepts the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award from Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, is pictured (left) with Shane Byrne, Gala Regional Manager, accepting the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award on behalf of Frayne’s Gala, The Duffry, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

John McGloin, owner of McGloin’s Gala, Foxford, Co. Mayo, is pictured (centre) receiving the Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award from Pat Cuthbert, Nestlé Ireland, and Jerry McDonnell, Gala National Sales & Development Manager.

sponsored by Nestlé Ireland, acknowledged Gold, Silver and Bronze standard winners, in addition to category awards for specialisms in retailing. A total of 33 Awards were presented to stores across the country, based on assessments completed across three stages: Mystery Shopper Assessment, Mini Assessment and Final Round Assessment all under the Gala B.E.S.T (Business Excellence Standards Tool) programme.

An additional eight category awards were also presented, acknowledging outstanding achievements in retail specialisms such as Innovation, Customer Service and HR & Training. The inaugural Gala Supplier of the Year Award was presented to JTI Ireland. “The B.E.S.T awards are designed to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in retail standards and customer service,” noted Jerry

McDonnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager. “This year’s award winners all demonstrate the ongoing commitment to excellence that is at the heart of all Gala stores. This year’s conference was a huge success and reaffirmed the strong relationships and partnerships between Gala, our retailers, suppliers and wholesalers that are at the core of our ongoing success.”

22|Retail News|November 2012|

Christmas Stocking: Essentials


Favourites Irish consumers are expected to be the biggest spenders in Europe this festive season. We predict the products guaranteed to fly from your shelves. IRISH consumers are set to be the biggest spenders in Europe this festive season, according to the annual Deloitte consumer survey of Christmas spending. While the recession continues to bite, the survey finds that for the third year running, Irish consumers plan to spend less this festive season, but the planned reduction in spend this year is just 1.7%, compared to 7.44% in 2011 and 10.6% in 2010. Irish consumers indicated that they intend to spend 2.2% less on gifts and 1.3% less on food and drink, but they anticipate a marginal increase in spend on socialising (0.3%). The survey, which was carried out in the second and third week in September, predicts that the average spend per household in Ireland will be €965.80, with an average of €499.60 spent on gifts, €288.30 spent on food and drink and €177.90 spent on socialising. The average figure in Europe overall is €590.90. “Irish consumers have for the third year running indicated that they are going to spend less this festive season, but the rate of decline in spending is abating,” said Richard Howard, Partner, Deloitte. “Consumers in Ireland are slowly becoming less pessimistic, and this is positive to observe, given the importance that consumer sentiment and spending has to the overall economy. In addition, it’s clear that Irish consumers’ desire to celebrate the festivities remains extremely strong!

“However, the measured approach to spending this festive season remains and saving and budgeting remain a key focus for Irish consumers. In fact, while over half of Irish consumers indicated that, similar to last year they will prepare a budget, a further 27% plan to budget more this year.” Over a third of those surveyed in Ireland plan to increase their usage of loyalty point schemes, with a preference for schemes which earn points offering vouchers to spend in the store (24%) or with several retailers (24%). There is also a strong preference for immediate discounts (23%).

Kraft Foods

Confectionery is one of the most important destination categories at Christmas time and sharing and gifting are among the greatest purchase drivers during the season. Cadbury Roses is an iconic Christmas confectionery brand and assortments remain the dominant format with a value share of 78.6% of Christmas confectionery (Source: ACNielsen, Marketrack excl. Dunnes & Discounters, 8 w/e December 25, 2011). With brands including Cadbury Roses, Heroes and Milk Tray, Kraft Foods accounts for a 46% value share of total Christmas Confectionery (Source: ACNielsen, ROI Marketrack excl. Dunnes and Discs, 8 w/e December 25, 2011). Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Cadbury Roses – stock the seasonal range in a high-

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Cadbury Roses.

traffic ‘Christmas zone’ in-store for maximum sales. Kraft Foods also has a pre-filled hod available and impactful point of buying displays.

Largo Foods

Christmas is a key trading period for retailers as the festive season results in a significant uplift in consumer spending. It is a period where consumers are much more susceptible to impulse purchasing and this behaviour is particularly evident within the crisps and snacks category. Retailers are always conscious of the importance of creating ‘theatre’ within their stores during the festive period and one of the great traditions at this time of year are Tayto and King Christmas Boxes. They are as reflective of the tradition of Christmas|November 2012|Retail News|23

Christmas Stocking: Essentials as are puddings and carol singers! Largo Foods will again have an abundance of these festive favourites for retailers to stock up on. In addition to Christmas Boxes, Largo Foods also believe that adult sharing bags present a massive sales opportunity for the period, as a result of families congregating in their homes more over the holiday season. Tayto Bistro and Tayto Occasions continue to be popular with consumers, with the Bistro range demonstrating share growth of 5% (All figures sourced from ACNielsen, Market Track, MAT July/August, Value, 2012, except where noted). In the sharing snacks arena, Tayto Bacon Fries and Tayto Party Mix products have scored a major hit with consumers with a year on year growth of 13.6% and have achieved an impressive market share in the snacks category of 3.1%. Hunky Dorys consumers continue to really enjoy munching through large share bags with the sharing crisps sector growing by 13.1% last year and Hunky Dorys is the best selling share bag crisp in the market. Recognising the high level of consumer interest for the brand in this sharing/party format,

The Tayto Cheese & Onion Christmas Box: a real festive favourite.

This year Tayto’s Christmas Boxes will contain a very exciting promotional offer whereby Tayto are giving consumers a chance to win one of 5,000 family passes to their massively successful Tayto Park.

A Magical Christmas from Kraft Foods CHRISTMAS remains the most important season for confectionery, with sales of €42.6m (Source: ACNielsen Box Choc and Christmas Novelties, 16 w/e December 25, 2011). Kraft Foods are the number one supplier with a share of 42.6% (Source: Value Share, ACNielsen, Box Choc and Christmas Novelties, 16 w/e December 25, 2011), offering a full range of Christmas treats, including much loved brands such as Cadbury Roses, Milk Tray and Toblerone. The Cadbury novelty range, with favourites like Cadbury Snowman and Selection Boxes, brings the magic of Christmas to life for adults and kids alike. In order to create Christmas theatre in-store, Kraft Foods have a range of prefilled hods available and impactful point of buying displays to create a Christmas zone in-store. Top Tips for Retailers: • Create a Christmas zone in a high traffic flow location; • Use ‘theatre’ to bring the zone to life e.g Santa, reindeer, snowflake visuals; • Stock a number of different confectionery formats to appeal to all shoppers; • Hotspot Christmas novelties at or around the counter to drive incremental sales. Sabrina O‘Leary Category Manager (Chocolate)

Hunky Dorys entered the Tortilla and Nuts markets earlier this year. With the launch of Hunky Dorys Flaming Chilli and Cheesey Cheese Tortillas 175g and Hunky Dorys Dry Roasted and Salted Nuts 200g, the brand is certainly well positioned to capitalise on its ever increasing popularity. Since their launch, Hunky Dorys Nuts sales are up by 19.5%, making Hunky Dorys Nuts one of the fastest growing nuts brands in Ireland (Source: ACNielsen, Scan Track, July/ August, 2012). Commanding an 11.4% share of the Irish crisps market, King Crisps continues to win fans outside of its core Dublin base and now over 54% of all King sales come from outside Dublin. To build on its increasing popularity, King entered the hand cooked crisp category with the launch of King Gold Standard Crisps. Since launch, King Gold Wexford Vintage Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion and King Gold

The King Party Box: hugely popular with Irish consumers.

Burdock’s Traditional Salt & Malt Vinegar has secured over 8.2% share of the hand cooked crisps market. This strong consumer uptake resulted in a range expansion to King Gold 125g Sharing Packs in both flavours. This year Tayto’s Christmas Boxes will contain a very exciting promotional offer whereby Tayto are giving consumers a chance to win one of 5,000 family passes to their massively successful Tayto Park. The promotion is an instant win offer,

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Christmas Stocking: Essentials where 5,000 Tayto boxes will contain a family pass so they can visit Mr Tayto at his Park over the holiday period if they wish. Largo Foods are confident that their extensive range of products will suit all consumer needs during the festive season and will greatly support retailers in generating strong sales over the Christmas period.


Avonmore Has Christmas Cream Licked! AT the top of everyone’s shopping list this and every Christmas is Avonmore Cream. Ireland’s favourite cream has a wide range of creams to suit every occasion over this festive season, including: Avonmore Freshly Whipped Cream, which is already whipped for added convenience for festive treats; delicious Avonmore Sour Cream for party dips or a traditional hot jacket potato; indulgent Double Cream for the perfect soup or pasta; and new Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream, a luxuriously thick cream, perfect for Christmas pudding, mince pies and all consumers’ favourite Christmas treats. Luxuriously thick & ready to pour, Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is perfect for pouring directly over consumers’ favourite festive desserts. This deliciously smooth, thick consistency is the perfect accompaniment to mince pies, Christmas pudding, trifle and all your consumers’ favourite Christmas treats. Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is an extra thick cream and requires no additional whipping, providing consumers with added convenience during the busy festive occasion. Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream will be supported abovethe-line through Avonmore’s Weatherline sponsorship, as well as in-store. Available in a 250ml & 500ml re-sealable bottle, Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is a must stock item for the Christmas period. With such a wide range of cream products, Avonmore Cream has a cream to suit every consumption occasion this festive season. Ireland’s favourite cream, Avonmore Cream is made locally in Ballytore, Co. Kildare, from quality fresh Irish milk, ensuring only the best for consumers’ Christmas dish.

When it comes to biscuits, Jacob’s, from Valeo Foods, are the unChristmasable favourite in Ireland. Afternoon Tea 1kg is the quintessential gift that brings a smile to the faces of all the family. The delicious assortment caters for everyone’s tastes, including favourites such as the infamous Jelly Star biscuit and mouth watering chocolate rings. Traditional favourite USA is an iconic staple in all homes during the festive season and at 1kg, offers great value for money. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a tin of Elite Chocolate Kimberley and Elite Chocolate Mikado delectable Kimberley and Mikado biscuits smothered in Jacob’s smooth milk continue chocolate. their The iconic sponsorship trio of Jacob’s of the family Kimberley, favourite Mikado and The Big, Coconut Creams Big Movie on are also available RTE 1, which this year in revamped will feature family-sharing cartons Elite Chocolate new Christmas containing two Mikado tins are expected to be a huge themed stings. individually wrapped winner this festive season. A new outdoor trays, keeping the campaign, couponing and a new digital biscuits fresher for longer. Jacob’s campaign will all drive retail sales Chocolate Mallows and Jacob’s Biscuits in-store this Christmas. for Cheese complete a mouth-watering line-up which are all well-established seasonal favourites. Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers Make sure you have all the Christmas essentials this year with Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers on your shelf. Sales of Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers increase by 120% in the lead-up to Christmas, as they are not only an all-year round favourite, they are the secret ingredient in many a dessert. With Christmas Afternoon just around the corner, shoppers are Tea 1kg is the stocking their shelves with everything quintessential gift that brings a they need for entertaining family and smile to the faces of all the family. friends. Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers

are an essential ingredient in many delicious desserts, such as tasty trifles and Tiramisu, and are also ideal for snacking alongside a cup of tea or coffee. With less than 1.5% saturated fat, flashed on the pack front, this is a big draw with consumers seeking a low fat, tasty snack to enjoy alongside a frothy coffee. With a loyal Irish customer base, no Christmas would be the same without this delicious family favourite. Brand Manager for Emma Jeans, Agnes Chvojka, says, ”Now everyone can log on to to find many recipes for Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers, including recipes for Tiramisu, trifles and lots more.” To order Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers today call Flanagans Foods on 01 4506100.

Sales of Emma Jeans Sponge Fingers increase by 120% in the lead-up to Christmas, as they are not only an allyear round favourite, they are the secret ingredient in many a dessert.|November 2012|Retail News|25

Christmas Stocking: Essentials Give a Cracker of a Gift this Christmas! FESTIVE themed One4all Gift Cards are a cracker of a Christmas gift for family and friends of all ages. Not only can they be spent in over 5,300 outlets nationwide, they can also be spent online or used as a virtual credit card. There is no better way to make your loved ones feel special this Christmas! One4all Christmas Gift Cards, in €1 denominations from €15 up to €500, are available to buy online at, at your local Post Office, in Topaz Service Stations or stores where you see the PostPoint sign.

Cuisine de France

Tis the season to enjoy the sound of ringing tills, and what better way to drive incremental sales within your store than stocking up on the Cuisine de France range of Festive Delights. With a mix of Christmas classics, such as their sumptuous Mince Pies and the irresistible Cranberry & Orange Muffin and new contenders for the title of family favourite, such as the traditional winter Apple Pie or the seasonal Sage & Onion Bloomer, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!

unit to ensure availability of the range, whilst not impacting your regular in-store bakery sales; 4. Place the Cuisine de France Festive Delights secondary display unit in a high footfall location, either at the front of store or at the entrance of the fresh food area; 5. Ensure POS material is on display in all locations: this will create theatre in-store and correctly priced product always encourages consumers to shop the area; 6. Keep the Cuisine de France Festive Delights display full: an abundant display means you will never have a lost sales opportunity.

same package. The material absorbs the fat released during cooking, ensuring crisp, clean food. Bags can also be used for chickens and other large joints of meat. The bags allow the food to be cooked in its own juices for added succulence. The food can be cooked without the need for a baking tray, and the oven remains clean. Bags can be produced in a variety of sizes – and a retail pack will be also made available, allowing customers to simply buy a pack of bags for use with birds bought separately. See for more information.


An innovative packaging company has finally solved one of the biggest problems with cooking chicken or turkey, just in time for the Christmas rush. Cooking poultry in a bag can reduce cooking times significantly, stops the meat drying out and crisps the bird beautifully, but the skin sticks to the bag. Not any more. Sirane has finally solved the problem: a bag that won’t normally stick. Sira-Cook PA is a unique packaging solution for meat, fish and poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the Retailers can drive incremental sales in-store by stocking up on the Cuisine de France range of Festive Delights.

By following the Cuisine de France six-point plan, you can drive consumer footfall to your in-store bakery and bring festive cheer to your sales. 1. For an optimal consumer offer, stock the full range of seasonal treats from Cuisine de France; 2. Manage your baking throughout the day: the smell of freshly baked mince pies in-store will create an appetising aroma and will maximise your sales; 3. Use the unique Cuisine de France Festive Delights secondary display

Sira-Cook PA is a unique packaging solution for meat, fish and poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package.

Stork Bakes A Winner! CONSCIOUS of the needs of busy households over the festive season, Stork has devised a range of delicious Christmas recipes using Stork Baking Liquid, a liquid format of Stork which is easy-touse and quicker to blend, saving time and effort when baking. Stork’s Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake will not only delight the taste buds but also make a fantastic visual impact on any Christmas dining table. While Stork’s Christmas Cupcakes and Magical Christmas Biscuits will also make fantastic edible gifts as well as fun festive treats for all the family. For further information visit

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Christmas Stocking: Wines

Seasonal Sparklers Jean Smullen recommends some seasonal sparkling wines and Champagnes guaranteed to perform well. THE huge reduction in discretionary spending overall has impacted on Ireland’s wine scene. The average MAT retail price of a bottle of wine has fallen to €6.99. The majority of wine sold on the Irish market is in the €6-6.99 price bracket. Under €10 is the key price point for wine sales on the Irish market. However, the wine trade know that at Christmas time more than any other time of the year, the customer is likely to trade up and look for premium wine products. In the run-up to Christmas, your customer is more likely to celebrate the festive season and see in the New Year with a bottle of Champagne or Cava, so the advice to retailers is make sure you can meet this demand by stocking up on a range of party wines, including new world sparkling wines Prosecco and Cava and premium Champagne. So where do the bubbles come from? In a nutshell, all wines result from the fermentation process by which yeast turns sugar (in grape juice) into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. Fermentation usually takes place in large vats, so the C02 escapes: with still wines, that’s the end of the story. However, for Champagne and other traditionally made sparkling wines, there is another step in the process which involves adding a small amount of sugar and yeast, bottling the wine, tightly capped

Sparkling Wines – New World Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé €14.49 – Australia (Irish Distillers/ Pernod Ricard) Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé, with a taste of fresh strawberry and red currant, is a dry crisp rosé style New World sparkling wine. The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling range is a great customer recommendation for Christmas parties, and also includes the hugely popular Sparkling Pinot Noir. The price point is particularly competitive and the wine does offer good price/ quality value. A must stock. Graham Beck Brut NV €25 – South Africa (Findlater Wines & Spirits Group) Made in the same way as Champagne – ‘Methode Cap Classique’ – this award-winning wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This is a really great value fizz from South Africa, and is chosen by Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela as their celebratory drink of choice. Characterised by light, yeasty aromas, and a rich and creamy complexity, with the fine mousse giving it freshness and finesse. Two Oceans Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc €18 – South Africa (Febvre & Co.) Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc is the big new “on trend” emerging style. Now South Africa is producing it. The bubbles come from carbonation (as they do in New Zealand). This is a lively, zesty wine with a low ABV of 11%. Perfect for anyone who wants to party but is watching their alcohol intake. A new and innovative emerging wine style, guaranteed to catch on, particularly with Sauvignon Blanc drinkers.

The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling range is a great customer recommendation for Christmas parties, and includes the hugely popular Sparkling Pinot Noir.|November 2012|Retail News|27

Christmas Stocking: Wines Sparkling Wines – Old World Pasqua Moscato d’Asti DOCG €9.99 – Italy (Ampersand) This is another “on trend” sparkling wine. New world Muscat/Moscato is taking the US by storm at the moment. This is an Italian version: a semi sweet wine, it has lots of ripe melon/tropical fruit flavours and a light sparkle. It has relatively low alcohol, at 5.5% ABV, so is recommended for the consumer looking for lower alcohol wines. Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Simonnet-Febvre €24 – France (Febvre & Co.) New to the market and made by Chablis producer Simmonet Febvre, this wine is made from 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. The French ‘Cremant’ style is a very good alternative to Champagne: the term is used by French sparkling wine appellations outside of Champagne. A Cremant tends to be slightly different in style than Champagne, with softer mousse (less effervescent bubbles). This is a very acceptable alternative to Champagne and retails at a more competitive price.

and allowing a second fermentation to take place. Because the gas can’t escape, it becomes part of the wine in the form of bubbles. The New World has also jumped at the chance to make sparkling wines and some of the best value is currently to be found in the Southern Hemisphere from countries like Australia, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, who are fast becoming the source of well-made, affordable sparkling wines for every-day occasions. European producers too offer good value sparkling wines. Irish consumers have increasingly been more interested in Cava in the last few years. Spain is the second top supplier of sparkling wines in the country (after French Champagne). Regardless of the financial crisis, imports of Spanish sparkling wines have shown an increase of 556% since 2007. Around 150m bottles of cava were exported from Spain last year and cava sales in Ireland have increased by 26% since 2010.

E&J Gallo Winery

Alsace wines complete what is now an outstanding portfolio of French wine. E&J Gallo Winery has a wide range From Australia, McGuigan wines of quality, award winning wines continue to outperform the market available on promotion starting at according to a recent report, and €6 this Christmas from Gallo Family McGuigan is now the number one Vineyards and Barefoot Wine. Australian brand in the multiples. Gallo Family Vineyards (RRP The Black Label range comprises of €8.49) continues to deliver innovative, a Cabernet/Merlot, Shiraz, Merlot, fruit forward wines for the festive Chardonnay, Sauvignon season at promotional Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Rosé, prices from €6. New to as well as McGuigan Black the collection this year Label Sparkling Chardonnay is lusciously sweet Gallo and Sparkling Rosé. The Family Vineyards Moscato, range will have strong above along with favourites the line marketing support Pinto Grigio and Cabernet for Christmas, particularly Sauvignon. in national press, with a Christmas highlights major emphasis on Neil from Barefoot (RRP €8.99), McGuigan’s award the most awarded and at the 2012 IWC number one selling wine awards as “the Best brand in the US, include White Winemaker a well-rounded Merlot, in the world” for the which showcases deep third time. McGuigan fruit and chocolate recently highlighted The flavours, a fruity Semillon Blanc wine Pinot Grigio and a at the McGuigan City firm favourite, White Vineyard in Meeting Zinfandel, with House Square, Dublin. promotional prices Also from Australia, from €7. Other the great Thomas Hardy Barefoot varietals legacy lives on today include Cabernet at The Hardy Wine Sauvignon and Company. Quality, Sauvignon Blanc. flavour and character Wholesale remain the cornerstones Stockists of Barefoot of its contemporary and Gallo Family wines, while respect for Vineyards include; Hardy family history Musgrave, Value ensures the wines benefit Centre, The Barry from the lessons of long Group, ADM Londis, tradition. The Hardy’s J&C Kenny, 4 Aces Bin Range and Hardy’s Cash & Carry, Cox’s Crest Range will be used Cash & Carry, as a promotional price Murphys’s Cash & New to the Irish market offering. Carry, GH Lett & Co. this year is lusciously Paul Masson is one of For further information, sweet Gallo Family the great success stories contact Philip Lynch, Vineyards Moscato. from California in the last E&J Gallo, Country number of years. Sales Manager Ireland on 086 continue to do well here 8100789. in Ireland. Distinctive by its Carafe shaped bottle, the Red, White and Barry & Fitzwilliam Rosé represent excellent value for Michael Barry of Barry & Fitzwilliam money. Paul Masson is now available claims that they now have probably in both litres and 75cl carafes. Also the most successful prestigious French from California, Robert Mondavi wines on the market, when you take Winery embodies its founder’s account of the success of Michel commitment to excellence, innovation Lynch and Guigals wine from the and creative spirit, while continuing Cote du Rhone. The Gabriel Meffre to produce wines that stand in the range which includes La Chasse du company of the world’s finest. The Pape adds to their armoury of French Woodbridge range will be promoted wine and will be heavily promoted aggressively during the Christmas this year. Faiveley Burgundy Wines, season. Jolivet Loire Wines and Preiss-Zimmer

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Christmas Stocking: Wines has seen sales surge in the last 12 months. Villa Maria is now one of the Freixenet Cordon Negro NV €15 (Findlater Wines & Spirits Group) leading wine brands on Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava, with a fine, fresh, fruity aroma, is made by the market. Sir George Fistonich, founder and the Champagne method but from local grapes. It is one of the best-selling winemaker, celebrates sparkling wines and comes in an unmistakably stylish black bottle, and is a his 50th Vintage this reliable, good-value choice. This is a wine that proves Cava is capable of year. From the same being more than the budget option. country, Nobilo is a well-priced range of Campo Viejo Cava NV €12.99 (Irish Distillers/Pernod Ricard) excellent quality wines From the Rioja region in Northern Spain, Campo Viejo Cava is made from from both the North and carefully selected grapes that are vinified at a controlled temperature. The South Islands. Included wine then undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle following the in the range is the entry traditional method. The resulting Cava is aged as a Brut Reserva for 18 level White Cloud. months, which creates fresh, well-balanced Cava, a pale yellow colour, with Mont Gras, a former Chilean golden hues and an elegant stream of bubbles which linger in the mouth. Producer of the Year, continues to grow Faustino Cava Brut €17.99 (Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys) strongly. B&F will be The famous Spanish Sparkling Cava Wines were one of the highlights at the offering activity across Annual Wines from Spain Fair earlier this year in Dublin. The ‘Xmas Stars’ the full range, from competition took place at the event, where visitors were entry level blends to the Campo Viejo Cava is a fresh, welltreated to a range of Cava and then had the opportunity to excellent Reserva range. balanced Cava, with golden hues and vote for their favourites, out of a selection of over 20 different The Soleus range of an elegant stream of bubbles which wines. Faustino Cava Brut was one of the 10 selected Organic Wine produced linger in the mouth. winning wines. by Mont Gras is also going from strength to strength. A family owned New Zealand both nationally and internationally, From Spain, the award-winning winery. Villa Maria has been New since the early 1980s. The Beronia Rioja wines from Gonzalez Zealand’s leading wine award winner, repositioning of the Private Bin Range

Sparkling Wines – Spanish Cava

Champagne Champagne Deutz Brut Classic €45 (Febvre & Co.) Robert Parker gave the NV Brut Classic 90 points a few years ago. The Deutz house is currently owned by Louis Roederer Group but its strength is lies in its relationship with grape growers from the best cru sites in the region. Red grapes dominate the blend, with Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir accounting for nearly 70% of the blend, and Chardonnay bringing up the rear. This is Champagne packed with flavour. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial €43.39 (Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd) Moët & Chandon presents its flagship Champagne, Brut Impérial, in a limited edition gold gift box this Christmas. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial is made mostly from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, with about 10% Chardonnay in the blend. The world’s greatest selling non-vintage cuvée is a ‘must stock’. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial is one of Ireland’s best loved Champagnes, and with the addition of the special limited edition gold gift box, they expect demand to be high, so get your orders in early! GH Mumm Cordon Rouge €37.39 (Irish Distillers/Pernod Ricard) The French Champagne GH Mumm Cordon Rouge has worn its famous red ribbon since 1875. The man who gave his initials to GH Mumm also gave it the motto, ‘Only the Best’. It is for this reason that the bottle wears its red ribbon, which is a symbol of the highest of French honours, the ‘Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis’, then the Grand Cordon de la Légion d’Honneur. Mumm is renowned for producing a lighter delicate style of Champagne.

Moët & Chandon presents its flagship Champagne, Brut Impérial, in a limited edition gold gift box this Christmas.

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut €50.58 (Irish Distillers/Pernod Ricard) Perrier-Jouët is Champagne with a delicate Chardonnay, strong Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend from the heart of ‘Champagne’s magic triangle’. The Signature Style Grand Brut is the ideal introduction to PerrierJouët. With floral and white fruit aromas, the light and delicate Grand Brut is a perfect wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif.|November 2012|Retail News|29

Christmas Stocking: Wines

Byass and Raimat from Penedes are two exceptional ranges which have developed a cult following here, while the Altozano range of varietal continues to make steady headway. B&F also include Argentina’s Santa Julia/Zuccardi ranges in their portfolio. They are a family owned winery who produce excellent wines at all ends of the spectrum, and have a fantastic price/quality ratio. At the top end, Zuccardi Zeta is an absolute wow and

is available on allocation, according to Michael Barry. B&F also have three Champagnes to bring to the party. Starting with Pol Roger, who has a “to die for” Rosé. Charles Heidsieck is the premium Champagne from the Heidsieck house. The company also produces the fashionable and contemporary Piper Heidsieck Grande Marque Champagne. Both Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck have won numerous awards, both here and abroad.

Charles Heidsieck is carefully blended and cellared and gives a general impression of a vivacious, well-balanced wine. According to the company, all those who regard Champagne as something more than a universal symbol of celebration will appreciate the elegance of the Charles Heidsieck style, the consistent quality of its wine and the distinctive harmonies they create when served with fine food. Champagne and cocktails are never far apart. Charles and Piper Heidsieck both partner well with a dash of Cointreau or Kirsch for a delicious change. Codorniu, which has a range of styles for every pocket, continues to perform very well in the sparkling category and will be heavily promoted for the party season. Barry & Fitzwilliam have a very strong line up in the fortified wine sector. The company represents Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, Croft Original Sherry, Tio Pepe Sherry, Cockburns and Taylor’s Port. It is not overstating it when Michael Barry says that they are “very much the category captains of this sector”. The advertising campaign for Harvey’s will have its main emphasis on the ‘Harvey’s Rocks’ campaign.

For that Special Occasion..... Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut NV €85 (Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys) I tasted this at the Gilbeys portfolio tasting earlier this year, which was a great treat. This classic Rosé Champagne is one of the best around. Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this prestige cuvée had a wonderful finesse and a beautiful dry finish. For the customer who wants to push the boat out and really treat themselves this Christmas, this is one to recommend. 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne €158 (Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd) Christmas is the perfect time for celebration, and what better way to mark the festive season than with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne, named as a tribute to Madame Clicquot, the founder of Veuve Clicquot. Presented in stunning new packaging, this wine is now housed in a unique hand-blown smoked glass bottle, stamped with the anchor and comet emblems of the house. Each bottle also bears a leaden seal around its stopper and a birth certificate guaranteeing its noble

lineage. Best enjoyed with good company and delicious food, this exquisite 1998 vintage is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to any occasion over the holiday period.

Presented in stunning new packaging, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to any occasion over the holiday period.

Bollinger Special Cuvée NV

€60 (Findlater Wines & Spirits Group) Few wines bring more immediate pleasure than a glass of Bolly. Despite the Ab Fab connections, there is nothing frivolous about Bollinger: it is one of the most solid, accomplished and consistently dazzling of Champagnes, and is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year. We’ll leave the final word on the subject to Madame Jacques Bollinger who said: “I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink alone. I find it a duty when I’m in company. I enjoy it when I lack appetite, and when I am hungry. Otherwise I never touch it, unless I’m thirsty,” in the London Daily Mail, October 17, 1961.

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Christmas Stocking: Spirits

Getting into the

Festive Spirit Spirits sales soar at Christmas as consumers stock up on their favourite brands for home entertaining and gifting. CHRISTMAS is the peak selling period for spirits in the off-trade, as consumers stock up on their favourite tipples, both for entertaining at home and gift-giving. Indeed, the off-trade has grown exponentially in recent years, at the expense of the on-trade, as Irish consumers tighten their belts. The search for value is a key driver right across the FMCG market, and nowhere moreso than in the alcoholic drinks sector. The continued rise of cocktail culture has meant that premium spirit brands remain top of mind with consumers, who are increasingly recreating their favourite cocktails at home.

Diageo Ireland

Diageo Ireland has launched its 2012 festive campaign for the off-trade in the Republic of Ireland. ‘Add Colour to Christmas’ outlines the unique selling opportunity that Diageo brands, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Baileys and Gordon’s, offer to retailers this Christmas period.

‘Add Colour to Christmas’ is Diageo’s 2012 festive campaign, which outlines the unique selling opportunity that Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Baileys and Gordon’s offer to retailers.

• Gordon’s, accountable for a 38% Christmas is the biggest selling share of gin sales in the Republic period of the year for the Irish off-trade of Ireland off-trade and €200k+ – sales last year totalled a staggering value growth in 12 months. Add €351m (ACNielsen audit, Oct-Dec colour to Christmas by suggesting 2011). With consumers seeking consumers enjoy a classic Gordon’s opportunities to celebrate with family gin and tonic. and friends, the popularity of the “We’re keen to work in partnership at-home occasion rises: it is estimated with the trade to offer consumers that 42% of all drinking occasions are great festive drinks and maximise at home during the Christmas period. sales this season,” said Karen Sutton, Diageo is calling on retailers to Diageo Commercial Planning and maximise this opportunity by urging Activation Take Home Trade Spirits, consumers to serve delicious festive Island of Ireland. “Shoppers are drinks at-home, with some of its best looking for value across all categories: performing brands, including: therefore, Diageo is encouraging • Smirnoff vodka, the number one retailers to advertise offers clearly spirits brand and the number and ensure big displays are in place one vodka in the off-trade in as early as possible, as shoppers tend Ireland. Add colour to Christmas to browse from November 1 onwards. by stocking cranberry juice and Research shows that suggesting the Smirnoff signature 21% of shoppers will serve, Smirnoff and cranberry. switch retailers if their • Captain Morgan, the number one brand of choice is not and fastest growing dark rum available, so we would (as categorised by ACNielsen) in also urge retailers to be the Republic of Ireland off-trade. well stocked with the top Captain Morgan claims an 85% selling brands in time share of the dark rum category for the Christmas and is the sixth largest spirits rush.” contributor to value sales. For more • Bushmills Irish Whiskey has information on seen 58% growth in the last stocking Diageo year and is a favourite gifting products this solution for consumers. Add Christmas, contact colour to Christmas by stocking your Diageo Bushmills and Bushmills Black representative. Bush gift packs alongside ginger ale, for consumers to serve with Bushmills for the perfect winter Edward Dillon & warmer. Co. Ltd • Baileys, the number one cream Southern Comfort liqueur in the Republic of Cherry is the exciting Ireland off-trade. Christmas is new flavour extension a key selling period for Baileys. from Southern Retailers can capitalise on this Comfort. It celebrates New Southern by stocking festive themed Comfort Black Cherry the brand’s unique Baileys gift bags as a gift idea for is a deliciously expertise in blending consumers. whiskey, fruit and darker taste.



WHY R E PARTNH WIT ? O DIAGE CAPTAIN MORGAN® No.1 selling dark rum (as categorised by Nielsen)

SMIRNOFF® No.1 spirits brand

BAILEYS® IRISH CREAM No.1 cream liqueur

GORDON’S® GIN +€200k value growth in 12 months*



AD DD COLOUR to Christma as. SERVE E DEL LICIOUS FE ESTIIVE DRINKS. The SMIRNOFF, CAPTAIN MORGAN, GORDON’S, BUSHMILLS and BAILEYS words and associated logos are trade marks ©Diageo 2012

*MAT Nielsen Audit Data Total THT Ireland (August 2012).

32|Retail News|November 2012|

Christmas Stocking: Spirits hoping to emulate that (15%) shooter brand that is taking here. This is another the clubs and style bars by storm. brand which will be A new addition to the range is supported by a satellite Souz Raspberry, which is well TV campaign. supported on satellite TV. Jagermeister, the famous German schnapps, is a huge The Teeling seller in the shooter market, Barry & Fitzwilliam Whiskey particularly among trend The Barry & Fitzwilliam portfolio Company setters and is growing includes a wide range of premium The Teeling internationally. It is a halfspirits, such as Teachers Scotch, Whiskey Company bitter German schnapps Courvoisier Cognac, Rémy Martin has announced with a unique blend of 56 Cognac, The Famous Grouse Finest its entry in to the herbs and spices, and is ideal Scotch Whisky, Jim Beam Bourbon, marketplace by served chilled. Sales Vladivar Vodka, Boru Vodka creating a whole are up again this year, and Whyte and Mackay new whiskey which is an excellent Scotch. category with the performance. Beam, who recently launch of Hybrid Tia Maria is a acquired the Cooley Malt Whiskey. Jack hugely popular brands, have Teeling, Cooley coffee liqueur appointed Barry & Distillery’s former worldwide, Fitzwilliam as the Managing Director, thanks to its exclusive distributor founded The mixability in of The Cooley range Teeling Whiskey cocktails, with of whiskey, which Company in 2012 Hybrid Malt Whiskey coffee or in includes: Kilbeggan, with the aim of desserts, or mixed is created by marrying Connemara and bringing back a award winning aged Malt with milk and ice Tyrconnell. strong independent whiskies from around the as a luxurious long world, creating a fusion of voice to the Irish Cointreau is a drink. It will be cool experience on whiskey market. styles and flavours which heavily backed by a delivers a truly unique taste ice with a warm Hybrid Malt new TV and press experience. afterglow, surrounded Whiskey is created campaign focusing by the exotic scent by marrying award on its mixability of oranges, while winning aged Malt with cola. A new pack maintaining its whiskies from around the world, design will be available elegant French creating a fusion of styles and flavours in time for the Christmas heritage. Cointreau is which delivers a truly unique taste trade. the perfect partner for experience. Edition No.1 of the Hybrid Disaronno is described Cocktails, renowned Malt Whiskey consists of award as a ‘cool’ brand. With its for livening up a winning Single Malt whiskey from distinctive square glass Margarita, making a Cooley Distillery in Ireland and 10 Sales of Jagermeister, the decanter and smooth long drink even longer Year Old Single Malt whisky from with 7UP or the stylish famous German schnapps, almond flavour, it has a Bruicladdich in Scotland, which have are up in 2012, which is a secret recipe which is said party Cosmopolitan been married together in oak barrels phenomenal performance for to include the pure essence cocktail. for eight years. The Hybrid Malt of 17 selected herbs and Bols Distilleries is one this popular brand. Whiskey is bottled at cask strength fruits with an infusion of of the largest and oldest at 44.1% ABV, with no chill filtration apricot kernel oil. It is a very “hot producers of fine spirits and liqueurs in or colouring added. Edition No.1 is brand” internationally and B&F are the world, some dating back to the year limited to just 1,200 70cl bottles. 1575. Many of the unique flavours of Bols liqueurs are made with fruit juices, thereby creating the ideal platform for some of the best cocktails around. The selection of flavours available from KILBEGGAN 18YO is a small Bols is vast and includes Bols Blue, batch bottling of the oldest Grenadine, Advocaat, Crème de Cacao, expression of Kilbeggan Irish Cherry Brandy and many more. Among Whiskey, limited to just 4,000 the classics, Bols Triple Sec Curacao is bottles. The Kilbeggan 18YO essential in a Cosmopolitan and Bols is beautifully balanced, sweet, Crème de Cacao (brown) in a Brandy Alexander. More Bols cocktail recepies smooth and packed with are available on character after 18 years of ageing. Sourz continues to be a great It is presented in a bespoke success. It has a unique, dual sweet & decanter bottle and presentation sour flavour that is both refreshing and box with an RRP of €90. tangy. Sourz apple is a low-strength spice flavours. Aimed at a later night occasion, Southern Comfort Cherry lends itself to a richer more complex flavour. Best enjoyed with Cola, it creates a new way to drink an existing favourite flavour combination.

Kilbeggan 18 Year Old Irish Whiskey|November 2012|Retail News|33

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider

Liquid Gold

The Irish off-trade continues to grow at the expense of pubs, which is good news for retailers as the hectic Christmas season approaches.

IRELAND’S off-trade continues to blossom, at the expense of the pub trade, as our nation of cash-strapped consumers try to make their money go further. What has been a bad year for the on-trade is good news for offlicense owners, with more and more consumers trying to eke out as much value as possible across the entire grocery spectrum. Christmas is the biggest sales period of the entire year when it comes to take-home beer and cider, as consumers stock up, usually on a range of stouts, lagers, ales and ciders for the party season. This year is set to be no exception, with most of the big name brands releasing high profile festive multipacks and strong Christmasthemed packs and POS to entice consumers to the category.

has continued to deepen engagement with consumers via a world class portfolio of brand music and sport platforms, supported by major TTL campaigns, including on-pack promotions, innovative in-store POS and activations. To celebrate the sponsorship of UEFA Champions League, Heineken launched the ‘Night of Champions’ on-pack promotion in March, offering


Christmas came early for Heineken when the brand was awarded the 2012 All Ireland Marketing (AIM) Award for the TV campaign ‘Seize the Moment’. The brand continues to grow in the off trade, up a further 1% to 14.1% off-trade lager share (Source: ACNielsen, YTD, September 2012). Throughout the year, the brand

The new limited edition Heineken ‘Open Your World’ Gift Pack, with four bottles inspired by stories from Heineken’s past and present.

fans the chance to win the ultimate football prize this summer – a trip to the UEFA Champions League final in Munich in May. The Night of Champions campaign was brought to life in-store with a full suite of POS and experiential activity. In rugby, Heineken continues to be committed to heightening the experience for rugby fans through innovation and entertainment. Heineken kicked off the 2011/12 season with five new TV ads to coincide with the first weekend of games and activated in off-trade accounts with a suite of Heineken Cup POS and experiential activity, encouraging people to sign up to the Heineken Star Predictor, the brand’s on-line match prediction game. Summer 2012 saw the introduction of Heineken Live Access. This on-pack promotion, supported in-store with a full POS suite, offered Irish consumers the opportunity to win VIP trips to one of three worldwide festivals: Sensation Thailand, Sandance Dubai or The St Maarten Regatta in the Caribbean.

34|Retail News|November 2012|

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider This festive season, Heineken offers a wealth of choice, with special Christmas edition 12-pack bottle, 20-pack bottle; 8-pack can, 12-pack can and a 24-pack slab, which will be supported by a full suite of in store POS. In addition, 2012 also sees the introduction of the new limited edition Heineken ‘Open Your World’ Gift Pack, the perfect treat for the festive season. The Heineken ‘Open Your World’ bottles are inspired by stories from Heineken’s past and present. Each of the four bottles inside the pack, Paris, Amsterdam, World and The Future, is a uniquely designed limited edition aluminium bottle which tells its own story. There is a suite of premium BTL POS to support the campaign. With this world class portfolio of properties and a commitment to deliver best in class activations in the off-trade, Heineken continues to resonate and connect with Irish consumers at key occasions throughout the year.

Coors Light

The holiday season just got a whole lot colder as Coors Light, from Heineken Ireland, skates past its competitors, boasting growth in all channels and across all regions. Having reached the number five lager spot in the offtrade, Coors Light continues to attract consumers old and new, through its Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment and engaging digital activity (Source: ACNielsen 2012). Coors Light launched Free Gaff in September; an on-pack promotion which offered fans

Coors Light continues to attract consumers through its Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment and engaging digital activity.

the chance for them and two mates to have their rent paid for a whole year. To enter, consumers had to pick up a special pack in-store, enter their unique code at and submit their number one house rule. The top 40 entries were invited to a live final event, hosted by comedian Andrew Stanley, where they battled it out to win the ultimate prize. Coors Light also entertained audiences this year with their TV ad ‘The Mix Up’, set high in the Rockies and filmed specifically for Irish fans. Their digital platforms also experienced a refreshing new look and feel, with Facebook fan numbers doubling as a result. Coors Light is famous for its innovation and 2013 will see the introduction of the two-stage cold thermochromic bottle and can. Keep up to date with Coors Light news & events at


Since Heineken Ireland’s acquisition of the brand in 2010, Tiger has continued to cement its reputation as a beer deeply rooted in culture and creativity. Embraced as a choice brand that hails from South East Asia, Tiger perfectly complements any seasonal celebration with its distinctive taste and contemporary Asian spirit. To further enhance its reputation for creativity in the off-trade, Tiger has worked closely with internationally renowned designers Jasper Wong, Gisele Scanlon, Will Barras and husband and wife duo Kozyndan, to create a beautiful set of bespoke limited edition glassware artboxes that make the perfect stocking filler this year. Each of the limited edition artboxes features the distinguished artwork of each individual and is only available in Ireland. Much goes into every bottle of Tiger, with a strict brewing process that takes over 500 hours. The finest malt, hops and yeast; taste-testing over 10 samples of water every day and over

The massively popular Tiger brand from Heineken Ireland.

200 quality checks all contribute to the masterful creation of this fine tasting premium beer. Tiger is available in 500ml and 330ml bottles in four, six and 12-packs. For all things Tiger, log onto

Smithwick’s Pale Ale

Smithwick’s Pale Ale from Diageo, the newest addition to the Smithwick’s brand, is brewed with 100% Pale Ale malt, the finest aromatic hops and the prized Smithwick’s yeast: perfect for a festive drink or as an accompaniment

Smithwick’s Pale Ale is the great tasting new craft beer from Smithwick’s.

36|Retail News|November 2012|

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider to a tasty Christmas dish. Craft brewed for a fuller taste, Smithwick’s Pale Ale is a full flavoured beer, with a rich golden colour and a creamy head. Clean, satisfying and full bodied, Smithwick’s Pale Ale is the great tasting new craft beer from Smithwick’s and is available in 400 pubs and 1,000 off licenses nationwide in draught and bottle format.


Carling, from Molson Coors, is the fastest selling lager can in the offtrade, with over 20% lager growth in 2012, making it the fourth most popular Carling, from lager brand with Molson Coors, Irish consumers is enjoying exceptional growth (Source: in the Irish off-trade. ACNielsen, September 2012). To support Carling’s exceptional growth, Molson Coors has invested in retailer specific promotions, such as giving consumers the chance to win TVs, barbeques, Foosball Tables and Jerseys. These have created great in-outlet theatre through eye-catching POS, driving customer engagement. In addition to promoting the Carling brand, these promotions support the off-trade through penetration and ultimately rewarding the consumer. To claim your share of this growth while meeting growing consumer demand, contact the Molson Coors team. So what else gives the Carling team confidence in this brand? The Carling team conducted a survey of 236 drinkers between the ages of 18 and 34 in the Republic of Ireland, who regard one of the three best-selling lagers as their favourite, and almost half (46%) said they preferred the taste of Carling to their favourite brand of lager (Source: Molson Coors Blind Taste Test). With Carling’s growing demand and changing consumer taste habits,

Molson Coors have extended their range by launching Carling Zest. This Christmas, watch out for Winter Carling Zest, a lager with a hint of Spiced Orange. Watch this space for new innovations from the flagship brand in 2013.


Also from Molson Coors, Cobra is one of the top selling world beers in the group and independent channel, outselling all other Asian beers in this market (Source: ACNielsen, September 2012). Extremely smooth tasting and truly unique, Cobra beer is the perfect complement to any meal, particularly spicy food. Retailers can drive sales by creating new promotions by

linking beer and food. Watch out for a new and exciting innovation on the Cobra brand in 2013.


Bulmers is doing its bit for communities all over Ireland this Christmas with the launch of a major initiative, with the chance to win one of 17 cash prizes, with every purchase of promotional pint bottles of Bulmers Original or Light. Since November 12, all adults have an opportunity to win €2,000 for themselves and €2,000 for their favourite local charity or community project, using the Bulmers deCider App. In time for Christmas, Bulmers not only wants to reward loyal consumers, but also local charities and projects that play such an important role in Irish society. With a total prize fund of almost €70,000, this is the flagship initiative of Bulmers’ ‘Doing Our Bit’ campaign, which is central to all of the Clonmel company’s activity. This is the second year of the Christmas community initiative which, following the launch of the Bulmers deCider App earlier this Cobra is one of the year, has gone digital. top selling world For an opportunity to enter and beers in the group and independent channel. win one of 17 cash prizes of €4,000 to

Stephen Kent, Director of Marketing, Bulmers.

38|Retail News|November 2012|

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider be shared between the winner and the community, entrants should download Bulmers’ deCider App to their mobile device (iPhone and android), scan a promotional pint bottle of Bulmers Original or Light, enter the unique six-digit promotional code that appears on the back of the bottle or free-text the code to 50517, and each of the 17 winners will receive instant notification of their win. The concept is simple, explains Stephen Kent, Marketing Director at Bulmers: “We want to reward customers for buying Bulmers but more importantly, we also want to do something meaningful by including great community causes in the prize fund. Last year, community initiatives and charities the length and breadth of the country benefited from the promotion and it’s just our way of giving something back.” 17 prizes were chosen to reflect the 17 varieties of apple that go into making Bulmers Original Cider. Winners will be contacted by the Doing Our Bit team to arrange their prize and nominate their local charity or community project, which will be presented with €2,000.

Barry & Fitzwilliam

Corona Light has been an instant hit with the calorie conscious consumer since its launch in February 2012.

Corona Extra has grown dramatically in both the on- and offtrade over the last few years and the trend already this year is for more of the same. Corona is currently backed by an intensive radio and poster campaign, as well as sponsoring the Corona Cork Short Film Festival again this month. Corona Light has been

portfolio, the most popular an instant hit with of which is Banana Bread the calorie conscious Beer, Waggle Dance and consumer since its Bombardier and Coopers from launch in February. Australia, which has gained a In weight watchers very loyal following in the last parlance, it only few years. has 3 pro points by comparison to 4 pro points for most other Bavaria light beers and ciders. Bavaria City Racing launched In layman’s language, the Bavaria brand into new it has only 99 spheres in 2012 and to build calories per 35.5cl on that, they have exciting bottle. plans for 2013. The brand is Ginger Joe is selling well in bars and offa new alcoholic licences around the country, ginger beer with with a range of offerings to an ABV of 4%. suit diverse consumer needs. It is produced by For the run-up to Christmas, Stones, who are Bavaria, from Gleeson Group, famous for their have some great offers, with ginger wine. This two new flashed packs, a sixwill be heavily pack at €6.79 and an eightadvertised on pack at €8.49, exclusively satellite TV available to independent and over the coming symbol group off-licences. months. It is Bavaria 0.0% Nonavailable in both Alcoholic Beer is a great 33cl and 50cl offering at Christmas for bottles. those who want to have a beer Global and drive safely afterwards. beer brands Bavaria 4.3% Draught had a have seen an great year in 2012 and is on increase in track for its biggest year to Barry & Fitzwilliam have interest in recent taken on a range of world date, with big expansion plans beers, including popular times. Barry for the year ahead. Bavaria 8.6 Wells & Young Banana & Fitzwilliam Blond & Red, with their unique Bread Beer. have taken on a taste profiles, are both strong range of world contenders in the world beers beers, including the Wells & Young selection for off-licences.

Bavaria is selling well in off-licences around the country, with a range of offerings to suit diverse consumer needs, with some great offers for Christmas.|November 2012|Retail News|39

Retail Ireland: Monthly Update Retail Ireland Meets Minister for Finance RETAIL Ireland met with the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD and his officials on November 1 to impress upon him the urgent need to foster growth in the retail sector. The meeting was useful in helping us communicate our positive message that the retail industry, with Government help, can drive the domestic economy forward. Our key messages were: • The need to stimulate domestic demand; • The importance of not increasing the cost of doing business, including not introducing current proposals on sick pay; • The importance of freezing excise rates; • Tackling the black market; • Instilling consumer and business confidence, including the issue of SME credit. The Minister explained he was aware of the severe difficulty facing the retail sector and undertook to consider the points we raised. Further, his official agreed to regular quarterly meetings with Retail Ireland to ensure the Department of Finance is aware of the issues facing our sector and how they can be dealt with. We shall continue to communicate to the media and other stakeholders the importance of retail to the Irish economy and the need to ensure policy is retailer focused. Budget 2013 will be announced on Wednesday, Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD. December 5.

More Than 50% of Retailers Report Increase in Crime RETAIL Ireland has published a new retail crime survey that showed that shoplifting, cash robberies and fraud are a major and increasing problem for Irish retailers. Our survey found that in the last two years: • 52% of retailers said that they have experienced an increase in crime; • Nearly half of retailers (49%) have experienced theft of cash from their premises; • 82% have suffered from shoplifting, with 39% experiencing theft of stock from employees; • Just under one in three (30%) have experienced criminal damage; • One in three (33%) intend to increase the level of security tagging on items sold in their stores in the next 12 months. Retail Ireland Director Stephen Lynam said: “These findings are shocking, but not surprising. Retail crime has been on the rise since the start of the recession. Research shows that retailers’ inventory loss caused by crime in Ireland was 1.43% in 2011, the equivalent value in sales of some €512m. “To help combat the problem, Retail Ireland has made a series of recommendations to Government, including the full implementation of An Garda Síochána’s ‘Theft from Shops Prevention and Reduction Strategy’. The strategy is a proactive, collaborative effort to prevent retail theft by the retail community and the Gardaí, involving awareness raising, cooperation and specific prevention measures that will, it is hoped, reduce the prevalence of retail crime. “In cases where shoplifting occurs, the full force of the law should be brought to bear and adequate penalties imposed upon those prosecuted.”

Retail Ireland Champions Grocery Sector

Pictured are (l-r): Stephen Lynam, Director, Retail Ireland; Frank Gleeson, Chairperson, Retail Ireland; and Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

RETAIL Ireland is continuing to fight for the grocery sector in the face of a number of challenges. The recent Retail Ireland Council was addressed by Ronnie O’Toole, Programme Manager with the Central Bank’s National Payments Plan. The Plan proposes to reduce the level of cash payments in the economy and promote greater use of credit and debit cards. While this is laudable, the cost implications for retailers could be very high. Our members impressed upon O’Toole the difficulties which will incur from any plan to increase card acceptance, unless the issue of retailer costs is addressed. Separately, Retail Ireland addressed TDs and Senators at a number of briefings in recent weeks in Leinster House on the impact of the black market on the grocery sector. Smuggled cigarettes, illegal fuel and counterfeit products cost retailers hundreds of millions of euro every year. We have published proposals on how to combat the problem, including reform of the Casual Trading Act and the imposition of tougher penalties.

Tel: 01-6051558

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IGBF Ball 2012

The 2012 IGBF Ball once again proved one of the social highlights of the year.

Belles and Beaus

of the Ball

The 32nd Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund Ball took place at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin, recently, and once again proved to be one of the social events of the year, as the great and the good from the Irish grocery and FMCG market celebrated in style, while contributing to this most worthy of causes. The objective of the Fund, which was founded in 1981, is to provide financial relief for persons in need who have been involved in the food and beverage trades, including retail grocers, wholesalers, manufacturers and general suppliers to the industry. During the past two decades, enormous work has been done to relieve hardship amongst members who have fallen on difficult times because of ill health, death in the family or unemployment. The Fund continues in its efforts to reach more people in need. The Ball plays a big part in the IGBF’s annual fundraising. Current President of Appeals, JTI’s Sales Director, Derek Mooney, spoke eloquently about the continuing importance of the Fund today, and thanked this year’s sponsors, who included Kraft Foods, Diageo, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Comans, Valeo Foods and JTI. What followed was a fabulous meal, accompanied by the music of The Rat Pack, featuring the timeless tunes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. All photos taken by Clodagh Kilcoyne.

IGBF Chairman Joe Keane and his wife Anne are pictured with Derek Mooney, IGBF President of Appeals and Sales Director of JTI Ireland, and his wife Barbara.

Joe Mannion, from the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association, with his wife Caroline, and Sean Donoghue, JTI Ireland, at the Ball.

Retail News|November 2012||41

IGBF Ball 2012

Ger and Brigid Heavin, JTI Ireland, are pictured enjoying the Ball. Fionnuala and David O’Neill, MD, SHS Sales and Marketing.

Paul Thornton and Angela Tynan, from Procter & Gamble, are pictured at the Ball. Jill Ross, Managing Director, Unilever Ireland, and her husband Graham. Dave O’Donoghue, MD, Cuisine de France is pictured with his wife Daphne.

Vivian Doyle and John D’Arcy from Cuisine de France, pictured at The Rat Pack Ball.

Margaret and Peter Reynolds, C&C Group plc, pictured at the IGBF Ball.

Pictured are Brian and Yvonne O’Shea, JTI Ireland.

IGBF Chairman Joe Keane is pictured with Natalie Barrett, Joe Barrett, Applegreen, and Anne Keane.

Lisa White-Jackson and Thomas Jackson, from Tesco Ireland, pictured at the Ball.

42|Retail News|November 2012|

IGBF Ball 2012

Noel Keeley, Managing Director of Musgrave Wholesale Partners, and Jim McNeill, MD, Kellogg Company of Ireland.

Derek Mooney, IGBF President of Appeals and Sales Director, JTI Ireland, addressing the guests.

Lindsay MacSweeney and David MacSweeney, JTI Ireland, with Gerard and Joan Redmond, JTI Ireland.

Steven Donaldson, General Manager, PJ Carroll, with his wife Fiona at the Ball.

NFRN President Joe Sweeney is pictured with Margaret Keane at the Ball.

From Kerry Foods are (l-r): Diarmuid Shanahan, Rob and Deirdre Mullen, Brian Murphy, Clare McMahon and Brian Kelly.

John Cribben and Dennis Ward, both from JTI Ireland, are pictured enjoying the IGBF Ball.

Pictured are Barbara and Derek Mooney, IGBF President of Appeals and Sales Director, JTI Ireland, with George and Heather Cooke, George Cooke & Co.

Breda and Stephen Donohue, Heineken Ireland, at the IGBF Ball.

Retail News|November 2012||43

IGBF Ball 2012

Pauline Orme, Business Partner, GlaxoSmithKline, and Billy Donnellan are pictured enjoying the IGBF Ball. The Cuisine de France team at the IGBF Ball, back row (l-r): Tom Neville, Adam Gilson, Cormac Manning, Brian O’Casey, Dave O’Donoghue and John D’arcy; front row (l-r): Evelyn Neville, Vivien Gilson, Ann Manning, Sandra O’Casey, Daphne O’Donoghue and Majella D’arcy.

Pictured are (l-r) Thomas Brady, Heineken Ireland; Mark Hargandon from Coca-Cola; and Nigel Scully, National Lottery.

RTE’s Shay Byrne is pictured with Avril and Andy O’Hara, CEO, Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd.

Paddy McGarry, Londis, and Kevin Cosgrave, Musgrave MarketPlace, are pictured enjoying the IGBF Ball.

Pictured at the IGBF Ball are (l-r): Dessie Boyd, Nicola Boyd, Shay Leonard, Donna Leonard, John Hogan and Mary Carruth, all from Unilever Ireland.

Jim McNeill, MD, Kellogg Company of Ireland, with his wife Yvonne at the IGBF Ball.

Pictured enjoying the Ball are (l-r): Louise Eldridge, Marlene Condon, Jimmy Condon, Beatrix O’Sullivan and Sean O’Sullivan, all from Barry’s Tea.

Noel Brady, Sales Manager, Barry Group, is pictured with his wife Sinead at the Ball.

Norman Lenihan, General Manager, Barry Group, pictured with Marie Russell, at the Ball.

44|Retail News|November 2012|

Tobacco Products

Smoke Signals The illicit tobacco trade is costing retailers, tobacco manufacturers and the national exchequer every year. 2012 has been another tough year for Ireland’s tobacco sector, with industry estimates maintaining that the illicit trade now accounts for as much as 30% of the market, having dropped slightly last year. One of the big reasons for the hike in sale of illicit tobacco products was last year’s increases to both VAT and excise duties, which saw a pack of 20 cigarettes rise by 45c in the space of a month, effectively creating a shock in consumer behaviour, with many smokers moving to cheaper brands, to the Roll Your Own (RYO) sector and, of course, to the illicit trade. In an interview with Retail News in August, PJ Carroll General Manager Steven Donaldson argued that, “In the period up to 2011, cigarette manufacture was declining by 3-4% per year. The latest price increases have seen manufacturing drop by 9%, while the illicit trade has grown to around 30% of the market: there is an obvious connection between these facts.” The illegal tobacco trade is costing the exchequer approximately €500m each year (which equates to around €300 per household), while also costing retailers in terms of lost earnings, not just from the tobacco products themselves but also from ancillary products purchased in-store. It is also having a very real effect on retail jobs. So big is the problem that retail group Retailers Against Smuggling (RAS) is calling on the Government to introduce on-the-spot fines for members of the public who buy cigarettes on the black market. The proposal forms part of the retail organisation’s pre-Budget submission, which it has sent to the Government in advance of Budget 2013. In the submission, Retailers Against Smuggling urges the

Trading Act: RAS believes that Coalition to examine the possibility the Casual Trading Act, which of introducing fines for people who pertains to fairs and markets, purchase illegal cigarettes on the should be amended and that it street or at markets and fairs as these becomes an offence to sell any consumers are funding organised crime excisable product at markets. RAS groups. also proposes that the scope of the The proposal points to a scheme Act is widened to include all forms already in place in Limerick city, of casual selling. Such changes where the council has powers to impose would confer powers on Gardaí fines on people who consume alcohol to disrupt illegal selling in local in public. It calls on the Government communities. to grant the same powers to councils across the country with regard to the purchase of black market cigarettes. Benson & Hedges The other key points in the This autumn, Benson & Hedges, from submission are: JTI Ireland, extended its Slide portfolio • No Increase in Excise: Last with the launch of two new products, year’s budget pushed prices of B&H Black Slide and B&H White legitimate cigarettes to over €9.10, Slide. The launch of B&H Black and while illegal cigarettes can be White Slide also coincides with the purchase for as little as €3.20. modernisation of the current B&H Silver The independent retail sector is Slide pack, the first cigarette product in shedding jobs because the sale of the Irish market to launch in a unique cigarettes and associated impulse slide pack format. The new B&H Black items accounts for approximately & White Slide retails at €8.30 (RRP) and 30% of a retailer’s turnover. is available nationwide. • Introduction of a Minimum Fine for Smugglers & Illegal Sellers: a maximum fine of just over €126,000 on conviction was introduced in 2009 to deter smugglers. The reality is markedly different and the average fine for cigarette smuggling in the second quarter of 2012 was just €1,875. RAS is calling for a This autumn, Benson & Hedges extended its Slide portfolio minimum fine in the with the launch of two new products, B&H Black Slide and order of €10,000. B&H White Slide, alongside the modernisation of the current • Reform of the Casual B&H Silver Slide pack.

Information Notice for Tobacco Retailers

Introduction of Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Packaging What?


The Government has decided that the current text health warnings on tobacco packaging will be replaced by pictorial health warnings.

From the 1st February 2013, all tobacco products entering the Irish market must carry pictorial health warnings.

What do tobacco retailers need to do? • Tobacco companies are committed to managing the change as smoothly as possible and the companies will be in contact with customers in the coming months to provide specific details of how they are managing the transition to pictorial health warnings for their products.

However the Government has allowed a one year sell through period for existing stock which means all tobacco products already in the Irish market prior to 1st February 2013 can continue to be sold or offered for sale until 1st February 2014. Therefore until the 1st February 2014, retailers can sell tobacco products carrying both text and pictorial health warnings to adult smokers.

• Tobacco retailers are advised to manage their stock rotation to ensure the sell through of products with text warnings first. Your tobacco representatives will be on hand to assist you.

Caitheamh tabac is cúis le críonadh craicinn Smoking causes ageing of the skin

46|Retail News|November 2012|

Tobacco Products Silk Cut

Also from JTI Ireland, Silk Cut Studio is the new compact format from Ireland’s number one cigarette brand (Source: ACNielsen, Extended Scan Track, 25.1% SOM RMC Volume, 4 weeks ending October 7, 2012). With the same satisfying taste of Silk Cut but with all the convenience of a new compact format and an RRP of €8.50, Silk Cut Studio is the obvious choice for the modern urban adult smoker. Following the huge success of B&H Big Box, Silk Cut Purple is now also available in Big Box Format, 23 sticks at an RRP of €10.20.

Silk Cut Studio is the new compact format from Ireland’s number one cigarette brand.

Amber Leaf

JTI is delighted to announce that Amber Leaf, the number one Roll Your Own (RYO) brand in Ireland, has reached 50% share of market (51.7% Amber Leaf Share of RYO Market,

Hamlet – Ireland’s No.1 Cigar HAMLET continues to be the best selling cigar house in Ireland (Source: ACNielsen, Extended Scantrack, 33.6% MAT, 52 weeks ending October 7, 2012). The success of the brand can be attributed to a long and rich brand heritage, high levels of awareness and loyalty among adult cigar smokers. Hamlet is a must stock for retailers this Christmas period. Hamlet have been making fine cigars since 1839.

ACNielsen, Extended Scan track, RYO Volume Share, WE 07/10/12, latest 4 wks). As the first RYO brand in Ireland to be launched in a crush proof box and the first to provide both paper and filters, Amber Leaf has gained the reputation as the most innovative RYO brand in the market. Amber Leaf provides its adult consumers with choice between the 25g pouch, 12.5g 3-in-1 combi box with papers and filters and the 12.5g pouch. Amber Leaf is the obvious choice for adult Roll Your Own smokers looking for a quality RYO brand at a competitive price, according to JTI.

always challenge convention. Just like their adult consumers, they are not afraid to express themselves in new ways. Camel Curve – still at a competitive price point of €8.30.


Also from JTI Ireland, Mayfair is proud to present its new look, which reinforces the brand’s positioning of superior quality at an affordable price. The new Mayfair pack reflects the

Camel Curve

Camel, from JTI, are proud to introduce a breakthrough in innovative packaging - the world’s first Curve pack. Why should a box just be a box? The new Curve pack design is the next step in a long tradition of inspired thinking by Camel. Since 1913, Camel have been inspiring adult smokers to discover more. From their American blend to their creative pack designs, Camel Camel have introduced the world’s first Curve pack, the latest step in a long tradition of inspired thinking by Camel.

Mayfair is proud to present its new look, which reinforces the brand’s positioning of superior quality at an affordable price.

grounded, common-sense attitude of today’s Mayfair smoker. The Mayfair house has a quality range to meet the tastes of today’s adult smokers and at a price point of €8.00 for all six variants, it really is number one for affordable quality (Source: ACNielsen, Extended Scantrack, 44.5% RMC Value Sector Volume Share, YTD WE 7/10/12).

Winston This advertisement is for tobacco retailers only and should not be made available to the public nor should it be displayed in any area where it is visible to the public. *50.4% Share of RYO Market, Nielsen, Extended Scantrack, RYO Volume Share, WE 09/10/12


Amber Leaf has gained the reputation as the most innovative RYO brand in the market. GALL_12_2797_AL_A4_Trade_Ad.indd 1

08/11/2012 12:27

Winston, from JTI Ireland, is the world’s number two best-selling brand (Source: Euromonitor International, Global Tobacco Findings 2012: Tobacco In A New



48|Retail News|November 2012|

Tobacco Products Why JTI’s Show Me I.D Programme is Key to Protecting Your Business WHEN it comes to the sale of tobacco products, under Irish law, it’s up to the retailer to ensure that no consumer under 18 years of age is sold tobacco products within their premises. The potential consequences for a retailer for failing to do this are high. Not only can their license to trade tobacco products be suspended, but retailers can be fined up to €3,000 in the District Court or in extreme cases, receive a term of imprisonment. All of this puts an incredibly heavy burden on retailers to get it right every time when it comes to the sale of tobacco products. ‘Show Me I.D – Be Age Ok’ is JTI’s youth access prevention programme, custom designed to assist retailers to comply with the law as it currently stands. And it’s free. The programme works in two ways. Firstly, it provides retailers with in-store materials to alert customers that the retailers will always ask for identification and enables retailers to set up effective youth access prevention measures. Secondly, provides a freeto-use staff training service for all retailers who want to protect their businesses by ensuring their staff are properly trained when it comes to the sale of tobacco products. Why should I sign up? • Free-to-access online training programme for all retail staff; • Free in-store materials available for download on website; • Protects business against prosecution; • Guards reputation as responsible members of the business community. Sign up online today at!

Era, October 2012), and is available in both Full Flavour Red and Smooth Blue, in both standard king size and a longer length 100s format. Retailed nationwide, with a recommended retail price of €7.95, Winston offers real value for money for existing adult Irish consumers.

Winston, the world’s number two bestselling brand, is available in both Full Flavour Red and Smooth Blue, in both standard king size and a longer length 100s format.

John Player

John Player has just launched JPS Silver Make Your Own (MYO) pouches onto the market. Following the success of JPS Red MYO, these exciting new SKU’s will offer adult smokers a smooth MYO alternative at an affordable price and a genuine cigarette tobacco alternative to illicit trade. MYO was introduced to the market in April 2011 and is now valued at €1.7m in the latest Nielsen MAT (August 12/12). It has a 3.8% SPOT share & 2.6% MAT share of fine cut tobacco. John Player is the only manufacturer to offer adult smokers a MYO product,

Following the success of JPS Red MYO, JPS Silver MYO will offer adult smokers a smooth MYO alternative at an affordable price and a genuine cigarette tobacco alternative to illicit trade.

continuing to offer innovation and new pack formats to satisfy smokers’ needs (Source: ACNielsen Data, ending August 12, 2012). With Make Your Own (MYO), smokers make their own cigarettes in minutes, using loose Make Your Own pouch cigarette tobacco or a portion of tobacco (Dosette), empty tubes and a tubing machine. The tubing machine is a one off cost for smokers, and has a retail price of €2.95. The JPS Silver MYO pouch will be priced on a par with JPS Red MYO, with 10g at €4.95 and 20g at €9.75, offering retailers an everyday margin of 15%. To launch the JPS Silver MYO pouches to the trade, John Player have an introductory price of €30.18 per outer (10g x 10 pouches) & €59.44 per outer (20g x 10 pouches), offering retailers a very attractive increased margin of 25% for the time period to December 30, 2012. Similar to JPS Red MYO, these new SKUs will help in combating illicit trade with a John Player have just high profile trade launched JPS Silver press campaign Make Your Own to raise awareness (MYO) pouches onto around MYO, the market. supported by strong trade communications and advocacy around MYO vs illicit trade. The 10g pouch will make up to 20 cigarettes, matching illicit street prices and giving adult smokers an affordable price point to purchase genuine cigarette tobacco. For more information please contact your John Player Sales team on 01-243 4900. John Player Blue also launched its new Big Blue Box, John Player Blue 23s, recently. John Player Blue 23s is the same full flavour cigarette, just in a bigger value box of 23 cigarettes. This new SKU offers real value for money for Irish smokers, with


Freephone 1800 604 500 for more information

New improved pack, even better quality New-look Pall Mall Silver replaces Pall Mall Pink Same Pall Mall price, same Pall Mall taste


For tobacco trade use only – not to be left within sight of consumers

Toradh caithimh tobac – bás Smoking kills

50|Retail News|November 2012|

Tobacco Products an attractive price point of €10, and delivers a strong percentage and cash profit per pack to retailers of 8.75% and €0.71 respectively. There will be eight packs per outer. New John Player Blue 23s John is the same full flavour Player Blue cigarette, just in a bigger value box of 23 cigarettes, is one of offering consumers real the nation’s value for money. favourite cigarettes, with a market share of 14.1%. The new John Player Blue 23s will ensure that the brand grows market share and the 23s category, which has a spot share of 2.8% (Source: ACNielsen, Aug 12, 2012).

PJ Carroll

2012 has been a challenging year for retail. Consumer confidence remains weak and disposable income for many is a memory, resulting in huge levels of switching from established brand leaders to more value-centric offers. The cigarette category is no exception,

according to PJ Carroll. The combined €0.45 increase in excise and VAT in December 2011 had a dramatic effect on the market. Illicit cigarette sales have risen substantially, with latest estimates putting the NIDP rate at over 28%: within the legitimate market, total year to date sales in cigarettes are down 7.3% (Source: ACNielsen, Market track, Volume percentage Share, 8 week ending August 31). PJ Carroll, however, are outperforming the market (Source: ACNielsen Market track YTD), growing sales by 0.5% with corporate share breaking through 17%, an eight-year high for the company. This growth has been achieved by meeting adult smokers’ need for quality and value, with brands such as Pall Mall doubling its share in 20 months to break through 5%, and Vogue, a brand fast approaching 1% following the successful launch of Vogue Perle Capsule in July this year. PJ Carroll believes innovation is necessary for all segments of the market and should not just be confined to premium. A year of innovation in tobacco, 2012 has seen almost 20% of consumers switch tobacco segments (Source: ACNielsen, Market track). PJ Carroll believe that it is vital that retailers adjust their stockholding to reflect actual off-take to meet the changing demands of the adult tobacco

Agio Half Corona As sales of Agio Cigars continue to grow in the dark market, Ampersand’s advice to retailers is to ensure you have plenty of stock of Agio Half Corona this Christmas. Sales of this line have seen a huge uplift since the summer months and Ampersand expect sales to grow even further as consumers look for a quality gift offering or for a superior cigar to smoke while celebrating over the festive period. Agio Half Corona is made from a fine blend of Brazilian, Indonesian and Cuban tobaccos, and crowned with an aromatic Java wrapper, sure to satisfy every true cigar enthusiast. Each cigar is also individually packed in cellophane in order to guarantee optimum quality. The best seller from the Agio range, Agio Filter Tip in a five-pack, has enjoyed popularity for many decades amongst cigar enthusiasts in Ireland

and it still remains the leading brand in the Irish tip market, growing from strength to strength yearon-year. Ampersand have been distributing the Agio range for over 40 years to the Irish market and attribute the success of the Agio brand today to the level of expertise they have on the ground and also to the support and strong relationship they have enjoyed with Agio Cigars throughout the years. The Agio range offers Irish cigar smokers a wide assortment of fine Dutch cigars, which include Clair and Sweet Tip, and Agio Meharis. For more information, please contact your Ampersand representative.

consumer. The company expects the move from above €9.00 to continue, with retailers seeing further increase in demand for both Vogue Perle and Pall Mall brands. The Pall Mall brand is building on its success by upgrading its look to include enhanced premium cues and pack quality. Martin Vogue, from PJ Carroll, is fast approaching 1% Keevers, Trade of the market, following Development the successful launch of Manager at Vogue Perle Capsule in PJ Carroll, July this year. said: “Pall Mall has been passionately supported by the retail sector since its launch. We are delighted with the success of Pall Mall to date and believe this evolution of Pall Mall’s packaging will drive continued growth, while continuing to offer retailers one of the best retail margins across the Irish tobacco market.” Pall Mall’s new contemporary look rolls out across the full product range from November 2012, with the biggest change appearing on the Pink pack design, which is upgrading to a modern silver colour. Pall Mall’s awardwinning success is due to a singleminded focus on meeting the changing needs of adult From PJ Carroll, Pall smokers. This packaging Mall’s new contemporary look is rolling out across upgrade the full product range, allows Pall with the biggest change Mall to deliver appearing on the Pink enhanced pack design, which is quality to adult upgrading to a modern value for money silver colour. (VFM) smokers not willing to compromise.|November 2012|Retail News|51

Soups & Sauces

Warm Front for


As the weather worsens and temperatures drop, increasing numbers of Irish consumers reach for warm, comforting soup. SOUP remains a hugely popular category with Irish consumers, as it offers good value for money, while also feeding the need for convenience. A host of new flavours and formats have helped the market to develop, and the soup category of 2012 is virtually unrecognisable from that of just a decade ago, with a wealth of exotic flavours and ambient pouch products now the norm. While value remains vital for consumers, other key concerns include health and wellness, with consumers demanding soups containing less additives, fat and sodium as well as more natural ingredients, according to the latest report into the sector from Euromonitor. This is expected to particularly feed into the development of UHT and chilled soup categories, given their perceived higher nutritional content and fresher image. Organic ingredients are also set to be significant, the report claims, with the largest players in the market expected to launch more organic versions of their soups, while overall, real vegetable chunks are


The Heinz Classics range remains a firm family favourite, with classic recipes such as Cream of Tomato remaining as popular as ever.

expected to become more important as consumers seek to eat their “five a day�, as conveniently as possible.

The Heinz and Weight Watchers from Heinz soup ranges have long proven to be a loyal favourite with Irish consumers. Heinz remains ever relevant to its consumers though continual investment in its soup portfolio to drive incremental sales and satisfy consumer tastes and needs, such as eating on the go, health and putting the pleasure back in soup. Heinz Squeeze & Stir is a revolutionary

Heinz Squeeze and Stir is a revolutionary soup in a cup format that is set to invigorate the instant soup category.

52|Retail News|November 2012|

Soups & Sauces soup in a cup format that is set to invigorate the instant soup category. Made from concentrated purée, each recipe is low in fat and delivers outstandingly in terms of taste and consistency, without any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG. The range is available in six varieties, four of which provide the benefits of one of consumers’ fivea-day (Cream of Tomato, Minestrone, Cream of Tomato & Basil and Mediterranean Vegetable), along with two new The Heinz Squeeze varieties for & Stir range provides 2012, Chicken a perfect solution & Vegetable and to a mid-morning Mushroom and or afternoon snack, Parsley. as well as an The Heinz accompaniment to a lunchtime sandwich, Squeeze & Stir range provides a all in the time that it takes to boil a kettle. perfect solution to a mid-morning or afternoon snack, as well as an

accompaniment to a lunchtime sandwich, all in the time that it takes to boil a kettle. The Heinz Classics range remains a firm family favourite, with classic recipes such as Cream of Tomato and Cream of Chicken remaining as popular as ever. Recent special additions to the range, such as Heinz Cream of Tomato with Chilli and Cream of Chicken with Sage, have added excitement to the canned soup category through adding a contemporary twist to the most popular varieties. Heinz Big Soup is a range of hearty, chunky soups which are ideal for a sustaining lunch or for a light dinner, offering an extensive range of traditional varieties, including Chicken & Vegetable and Beef & Vegetable. Heinz remains ever responsive to consumer demands for healthy and convenient products that do not compromise on taste. Weight Watchers from Heinz, the number one healthy eating soup brand, continues to offer favourites such as Chicken Noodle and new varieties such as Tuscan Minestrone and Tomato & Basil. All Weight Watchers from Heinz varieties exclusively carry the Weight Watchers ProPoints Value on pack.

Cully & Sully

One of the biggest fresh soup brands in the country, Cully & Sully plan to build on their strong position in the market by bringing out some great new soups in 2013, as well as working on new ranges in their chunky soupstyle hotpot range. “A

Saucy Tales When it comes to sauces, Irish tastes are more exotic than ever, as consumers seek to recreate their favourite Italian, Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes at home, particularly since the recession curbed eating out for many Irish people. According to Euromonitor’s most recent report into the sector, many ethnic dishes have attracted larger audiences given their convenience and speed of preparation, as many components of these meals can be bought partially prepared. Consumers are also demanding healthier products containing more natural, “authentic” and fresh ingredients, which has helped to grow interest in many kinds of sauces even further. Euromonitor predict that the future for sauces, dressings and condiments will be influenced heavily by steadily increasing interest in ethnic cuisine. However, demand for more traditional table sauces, such as tomato ketchup and brown sauce, remains strong, as Irish consumers continue to embrace these staples of the grocery market.


Cully & Sully’s Positively Pea and Distinctly Minty Soup was a Two Star winner at this year’s Great Taste Awards.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup is undoubtedly the world’s number one sauce brand. Its unmistakeable flavour has been enjoyed by consumers around the world for more than 120 years and is sold in over 150 countries. Heinz Tomato Ketchup is an Irish household favourite and is the best selling tomato ketchup brand in

Heinz Tomato Ketchup is undoubtedly the world’s number one sauce brand.|November 2012|Retail News|53

Soups & Sauces

indoors all year round. The Heinz Barbeque Sauce range offers a choice of two varieties in handy Top Down format, Classic Barbecue and Sticky Barbecue, both of which are delicious accompaniments for both red meat and chicken all year round. Also from Heinz are the HP range of Brown and BBQ sauces, which make a popular addition to any household’s sauce repertoire. Also available in a handy Top Down pack, HP is the only Brown Sauce on the market to offer stayclean technology, while still offering the distinctive HP fruity flavour.

Blue Dragon

Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce: a delicious accompaniment for both red meat and chicken all year round.

Pan-oriental food specialist Blue Dragon recently launched the first Oriental oven-bake rice products in Ireland. The range aims to provide consumers with a convenient short-cut to replicating popular Asian dishes that they currently buy only from restaurants. The new range builds on the success of the brand’s existing Oven Cook portfolio that launched in 2011. Blue Dragon Rice Bakes are available in four variants in a 375g glass format: Chinese Special Fried with Soy and Ginger, Nasi Goreng – an Indonesian-style sauce with sweet soy chilli, Thai Sticky Coconut and Japanese Special Fried Rice. For further information on the Blue Dragon range, see

HP Brown Sauce, loved by consumers for its distinctive HP fruity flavour.

Ireland with a 60.4% value share (Source: ACNielsen, September 2012). Heinz Tomato Ketchup, with its vibrant labelling, highlighting provenance of the tomatoes used in its famous recipe and its natural quality, is available in a variety of sizes and formats, including Top Down, Glass and Squeezy. Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup offers all the taste of Ireland’s favourite tomato ketchup but with the added benefit of its no mess, no waste, stay-clean cap. The Heinz Tomato Ketchup range, in keeping with increasing consumer demand, also includes Reduced Sugar & Salt and Organic varieties. Heinz Salad Cream and the recently relaunched Barbeque Sauce range remain a family favourite for summer time barbeques and for dining

Blue Dragon Rice Bakes are available in four variants in a 375g glass format: Chinese Special Fried with Soy and Ginger, Nasi Goreng, Thai Sticky Coconut and Japanese Special Fried Rice.

54|Retail News|November 2012|

Soups & Sauces great tasting product using quality ingredients such as fresh herbs is where we built our brand and this year has been no exception to that, having received two stars for our Positively Pea and Distinctly Minty Soup and one star for our Mushroom Soup in the Great Taste Awards,” says Cullen Allen, Cully & Sully.


Knorr claims leadership of the Irish soup market, where it operates in a wide variety of sectors, including packet, instant and pouch soups, claiming leadership in each category, with shares of 57.9%. 64/3% and 75.2% respectively (all figures sourced from ACNielsen Scantrack to w/e August 12, 2012). Knorr Special Recipe Soup has performed extremely well in the pouch

1991, when Avonmore pioneered the introduction of the very first fresh soup, they have become famous for making great tasting soups and the brand remains one of the most popular fresh soups in Ireland. Glanbia have recently revealed their new look for Avonmore Soup and the company says that it’s about highlighting the great taste through new imagery which highlights their new improved recipes. “We have stuck to our motto ‘the taste of homemade’ by always using nature’s best ingredients,” noted a company spokesperson. “We believe in cooking our ingredients slowly, which keeps all the wonderful flavour of our juicy tomatoes and our tasty vegetables locked in. Then we pack our soups immediately after cooking to ensure consumers get all the wholesomeness

and freshness in a convenient carton, ready to enjoy at home or at work.” Getting ready for autumn/winter is key now, as soup is more popular when it’s cold or even wet outside! However, soup sales are driven by lots of factors: lunchtime at the desk is a key occasion and growing in importance, according to Glanbia. Fresh soup purchase is highly impulse-driven (52% of soup purchases are impulse; Nielsen Shopper Study). Hence, soup can help retailers increase much needed basket spend as consumers are shopping more with smaller basket sizes (Source: Kantar Worldpanel), so having a soup offering at front-of-store is a good idea to target those lunchtime shoppers. Avonmore have added four variants to their 400g range to offer a wider choice for lunchtime shoppers.

Knorr Gourmet Moments is a range of restaurant inspired, high quality soups, available across all of Knorr’s three key formats – Packet, Pouch and Instant.

sector, following a year of strong growth, while new Knorr Gourmet Moments has performed well across all three key sectors: packet, pouch and instant. A range of restaurant quality soups, Knorr Gourmet Moments have enjoyed excellent trial and repeat rates across the range, and Knorr will be adding new variants to the portfolio, including Cream of Chicken in instant, Cream of Vegetable in packet and two new Chicken flavours in pouch format. Last month saw the launch of Knorr Souper Soup, a range of filling soups including Chicken & Rice, Chicken & Noodle and Chicken, Vegetable & Noodle, providing packet soup consumers with a more filling meal solution.


Avonmore is celebrating 21 years of tasty soup making in Kilkenny with a new look and improved recipes. Since

Glanbia have recently revealed their new look for Avonmore Soup, which highlights the great taste through new imagery.

Refresh your sales!

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Retail News November 2012  

Retail News is a one-stop shop for Irish grocers, designed, researched and written with the retail manager and store owner in mind. Keep up...

Retail News November 2012  

Retail News is a one-stop shop for Irish grocers, designed, researched and written with the retail manager and store owner in mind. Keep up...