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Spring 2021 | The Music Tribute Issue


Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Blues Master Garret Dutton

NICK FRADIANI Singer/Songwriter & American Idol winner


Guest Chef Experience

Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund: A big voice for abused girls


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A 2021 Tribute to Passionate American Musicians | 8

Nashville Underground | 31

Heritage India Fashions Timeless Couture | 56

G. Love: Hip Hop Blues Master & Grammy Nominee | 12 Nick Fradiani: American Idol and pride of Connecticut | 15 Big Lux: Violin - and activism - with a world beat | 18 Eric Hutchinson: A musical look at the before and after | 20 Naomi LaViolette: Songwriting in the Rose City | 22 Chad Hollister: Vermont Vibes | 24 Dave Bray USA | 26

Chef Kev D Experience | 34

COVER STORY - BRIAN FOX: PAINTING THE WORLD'S LEGENDS | 40 Cover artwork by Brian Fox, article photographs by Mia Campopiano Photography

ROCKING FOR A CAUSE Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund – A Partnership with Youth Villages | 49

DoviArt | 54

Candice Wu Couture: Love From Paris | 60

SPRING CLEANING, HEALTH, & FITNESS Does Cardio Make You Fat? | 69 Spring into a Clean, Healthy Environment | 71

WOMEN IN PHILANTHROPY The SHER Group Founder Anzhelika Steen-Olsen | 75 Music is My Therapy | 77


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Welcome to our Lifestyle TThe Magazine Lifestyle (TML) is a visually stunning lifestyle publication filled with empowering figures and gorgeous settings that inspire. Our mission is to foster a community, lift others up, and empower our readers to be the best version of themselves. Read along as we share the stories of people from all walks of life that are making a difference through their talents, successes, and challenges. Within our pages, we keep you connected to the stories that move you - from informative how-to articles and interviews with the best in their industry to luxury events and opportunities to give back. We are a lifestyle. We are The Magazine. @TheMagazineLifestyle | | (978)-967-7337 |

Welcome to our Spring Issue and our Lifestyle of living your best life!

A Celebration of Life and all that is anew.

We have been busy. Not only have we been working on new projects and welcoming new team members, but we also announced Rocking for a Cause, an event benefiting Steven Tyler's Janie's fund and celebrating our Spring Issue! This is our first live event since the birth of TML in the Fall of 2019. We started this brand five months before the pandemic hit, and we never gave up hope; we stayed the course and kept our faith strong. We built, we fell short, and faced challenges, but through it all, we persevered. Today we celebrate these triumpghs with you! Thank you for all your support for TML over the last year and a half. Without you, we could not be doing what we love most, highlighting amazing people doing great things. In January, we were all uncertain of what the coming months would bring, but we hoped for the best and had faith things would get better. As the year unfolded things began to open up, and so did we. We are all stronger together when we lift each other up and celebrate life every day!

This issue is a tribute to Music. Music tells a story. It provides a soundtrack to treasured moments, reminds us of a loved one, and lifts our spirits in seconds. It’s an instant feelgood method of healing and an opportunity to reflect. Music is a celebration of life in every word, sound, and beat.

I knew when I started this journey as a publisher, every issue had to create common ground for everyone. We all have a story in our hearts; some share it, some hold onto it, some let it go. I share mine through my work, the people I meet, and the life I build. Music and Spring seemed to be the right combination to highlight healing and starting anew. I hope this issue brings you some comfort and evokes feelings of times you treasure most through the sound and feel of music. A special thank you to my children and husband for all their support of my goals and dreams. You are my foundation that keeps me grounded and the reason I build this legacy. The best is yet to come! This issue is dedicated to my stepfather in-law Bryan O’Brien in honor of his dedication to our country as the National Sergeant at Arms to the VFW and his service as a Vietnam Veteran US Air Force. Bryan lost his battle to Diabetes and Heart Disease weeks before this issue was complete. He will be greatly missed and always close to our hearts. Be sure to follow us on all our platforms for all the big news ahead and ways to get involved in our community and network! @TheMagazineLifetsyle

Untill next time,

Renee, M Wagner

CEO, Founder, & Editor in Chief The Magazine Lifestyle (TML)


| SPRING 2021 | 5


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 7


Photo by Nainoa Shizuru on Unsplash

Just over a year ago the world was shocked into a pandemic. The darkness surrounded us at the height of the worldwide crisis, but we were never silenced. The music played on. As America emerges from the shadow of COVID-19, we as a nation begin to have a sense of fervent hope for 2021. With that illuminating vibe comes along the artists who are helping push us along on the road to recovery. Their songs bring us joy simply put. With all the optimistic love musicians are giving us there is no better time to learn about them and their beloved craft. Here are some American musicians we pay tribute to for simply keeping the music going and continuing to bring us hope.


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 9

Fans of Asian Doll, Megan Thee Stallion, and DaBaby equally crave the music of Erica Banks. Her song “Buss It” was one of the first viral sensations of 2021. It started out as a hit on TikTok surrounded by a dance called the Buss It Challenge. But, she is much more than just a viral craze. What the single has done to launch her career includes a fast future vibe as an MC. The Texas rapper favors bass-heavy, clubready beats as she delivers songs with layers

Walker Montgomery grew up in Kentucky where country music is more than just something to listen to in a day. It is a tradition. As the son of John Michael Montgomery and nephew of Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry, Walker lives up to that heritage and musical legacy. There is something about him that is charming and approachable that you cannot deny. To listen to him is to discover a moment of bliss. It is a big reason that Montgomery’s self-penned song “Simple

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

of vocals that make it sound like she is taking on the beat from multiple angles. “Some people got the look but not the sound. Some people got the sound but not the look,” she states. “But with me having both, it makes people stop and pay attention to what I got going on.” Banks has flow and that flow is roaring with hypnotic songs. It is going to be fun to see where 2021 takes her next.

Town,” which was the title track of his debut EP, has already reached more than 3.6 million streams on Spotify. The success has garnered him a deal with Play It Again Music, owned by celebrated songwriter Dallas Davidson, who penned and produced Walker’s Play It Again Music debut single, “Like My Daddy Done It.” Fresh off his acclaimed debut with Play It Again, Walker released “Saving For A Rainy Night” co-written by Davidson alongside Ashley Gorley and Kyle Fishman.

Tolliver is an artist that captivates you and brightens your day. Originally from Chicago, the singer now calls Los Angeles home. And, the sunshine on the landscape suits him well.

Tolliver is inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder’s “Golden Lady,” Frank Ocean’s “Nikes” and Sylvester’s “‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”

As the West Coast finally opens music venues again after being shut due to the pandemic, his fans have a lot to be excited for in the coming days.

“Art is the great connector,” the singer believes when it comes to having faith in our future. “Across generations, languages and beliefs, music takes us to another plane. Can you imagine the joy we’re all gonna feel at those first few live shows? My word.”

“I’ve played a million Zoom shows,” says the artist about this past year. “I did really cool ones at Standard Vision Studios and with Dr. Martens. But, now live music is allowed in Los Angeles on April 15, so I assume I will be playing somewhere in person soon. It will be madness.”

The singer has come a long way since Justin Bieber first discovered her covers such as Etta James’ “At Last” on YouTube when she was just 13-years-old. Her debut album, Life Support, came out February 26 and she has an impressive voice. The work is considered to take her from tween radio-friendly songs to a morphed pop star with larger scale selections that are not afraid to play with

Check out his songs “Drugs in College,” “I Gotchu,” and “Twisted” to help elevate your spirit and get you ready for 2021 days full of fresh hope and wonder.

deeper adult explorations. It is her strongest personal work yet and a step out from her former days. She is now under control of her music. Featuring her previously released single “Selfish,” Beer has let out her fastest ever gold certified record and fan favorite “Stained Glass.” With 12 million TikTok followers and 22 million Instagram fans, she continues to build in popularity. Globally, the singer has 2 billion streams across her catalogue to date.


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 11

Photographs provided by Garrett Dutton

Hip hop blues master and Grammy nominee

By Darcy Castro

If you haven’t listened to G. Love & Special Sauce, now’s the time. There’s something for everyone here. Come join the ranks of fans and save the playlist, subscribe to the channel or dial in however you consume music. Cue up the wireless speaker at your next backyard gathering and gain immediate cool factor. Garrett Dutton – the G in G. Love – got his start performing on the streets, from his hometown in Philly then north to the sidewalks of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He came of age when hip hop was bursting into the mainstream, and along with his love for the Delta blues, influenced his sound that can only be described as a hip hop blues vibe. As a legit street artist, totally legal and encouraged in the Boston-area, this singer/rapper/guitarist began to make a mark, working his way up to larger venues and eventually joining forces with drummer Jeff Clemens and bassist Jim Prescott to become G. Love & Special Sauce. The group was a hit, signing with a major record label shortly after. Their first album debuted in 1994 and features the fan-favorite “Baby’s Got Sauce.” (Haven’t heard it? Stream it now and enjoy. You’re welcome.) 17 albums and an ever-growing loyal fan base later, G earned his first Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album for his solo album The Juice that dropped in January 2020. The nod was a long time coming for this established artist with a huge heart and some serious soul. THE MAGAZINE LIFESTYLE

| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 13

“My mission is to bring love, to inspire and make people happy, especially right now. The more love, understanding and empathy that we can bring to any personal interaction, even at small local levels, leads to greater things in our community and our society.” ~ Garrett Dutton

Without a doubt, G works hard for each person that comes to his shows, stepping up to spread the love through his music, as well as to entertain. On stage with a guitar in hand, G exudes positive energy, bringing his mission to life for every person that spends their hard-earned dollar to be entertained and support his art. What a welcome respite in times like these.


Find G’s anthology, tour schedule and merch at

Scan wa


What remains the same for G, however, is his commitment to his fans. It’s harder for artists to make a living in the digital music era, but G still keeps a busy tour schedule, making stops around the country to bring his music live to the fans that dig his unique and relaxed sound. The pandemic made that extremely

difficult over the past year, but he’s still creating music and delivering it to audiences, adapting to the limitations as they’ve been thrown at us.

tch th

nt erv

The landscape of how we purchase and listen to music has changed significantly since the days G recorded his first studio album, and us music lovers rely more on our favorite streaming services than we do the bygone late-night trips to peruse the CDs and vinyl at Tower Records. Having an authentic connection with fans and maintaining creativity is crucial for artists to continue to successfully make music. Hard work abounds.

e full TML



NICK FRADIANI American Idol and pride of Connecticut By Darcy Castro


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 15

Singer songwriter Nick Fradiani was crowned our 14th American Idol on May 13, 2015 and became the first winner from the northeast. His ticker-tape worthy win made all of the nutmeg state proud, the place Fradiani still calls home. In his laid-back style, Fradiani creates music from his roots, having grown up surrounded by music and getting his start fronting a band before going solo. At the piano or with a guitar in hand, he’s put out a full-length album, EP and several singles since the Idol stage, and garnered a mass following along the way. Fans fell for Fradiani as he soared through the competition, claiming the champion title and releasing his debut solo project, Hurricane. Fradiani returns to the soul of his work, crafting songs with melody and rhythm that remind him why

he chose music in the first place. He’s gearing up for the fall release of his latest song collection, Where We Left Off. “When we got back into the studio, I wanted to find a way to express how far we’ve come and the direction we’re headed,” shared Fradiani. “These songs encompass the feelings I had as we created Where We Left Off and I hope that it shows.” Growing up on the east coast, Fradiani was mesmerized by the live renditions of his heroes: Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, to name a few. He initially gained recognition fronting trio Beach Avenue before breaking off to pursue his own endeavors. Now settled from the whirlwind of television shows and record deals, the poetic singer/ songwriter is focused on translating his next body of work to

Photographs provided by Nick Fradiani

live performances because, at the root of it all, his fans make him the artist he is today. Fradiani has shared the stage with notable acts like One Republic, DNCE, Rachel Platten, James Bay and Rob Thomas. He will kick off the Where We Left Off Tour in September, headlining venues across the country with stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. The Magazine Lifestyle is excited to have him join the lineup for the Rocking for a Cause benefit concert and magazine launch party, June 3rd at The Reef, Newport, RI. The event will be a celebration of the power of music in our lives, right on the gorgeous Newport waterfront. Find Nick’s music on all major streaming platforms and at or @NickFradiani



| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 17

Violin - and activism with a world beat By Darcy Castro


Hailing from a family of talented musicians, Big Lux discovered the violin and saxophone at a young age. He spent days with brass in his hands and evenings with strings beneath his fingers. The violin called to him the loudest, and Lux began a journey that put him on musical stages around the world and being a leader for social justice.

Today, Lux calls Rhode Island home, and maintains a travel schedule that takes him along the east coast playing shows from Miami to New Hampshire. He tours Korea annually, staying in touch with the culture of street performers that first helped him define himself as a musician.

Not only a musician, Lux is a US Army veteran and graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy. His military career spans five continents and multiple war zones, his violin always at hand. He won talent shows in Afghanistan, played for troops in Iraq and fused hip hop and soul music in Seoul.

Lux is committed to activism, speaking at local colleges and in the media, and participating in peaceful BLM protests and leading vigils to honor victims of police brutality. In 2020, he produced a music video from his original song Red March (A Protest Video). The video drew local press attention and is now being produced as an orchestral performance by multiple universities.

Four years in Korea introduced him to an entirely new culture, one where he refined his musical style, playing gigs when he wasn’t training soldiers. His time there was important in his evolution as a performer, and it marked the beginning of the phenomenon we now know as Big Lux.

At a protest vigil in Providence, Rhode Island, string musicians came from neighboring states and played the score in unity to peacefully protest police brutality and bring awareness to the 2019 killing of Elijah McClain, an unarmed black man and fellow violinist.

Lux also hold an MBA from the University of Miami. His time in south Florida influenced his music with its Latin flavor, becoming more energetic, brimming with electricity and excitement like the South Beach nightclubs in which he played. He evolved into a charged performer the likes of which Miami hadn’t seen with strings and a bow before.

Big Lux continues his activism through music, lectures and events designed to increase awareness and foster meaningful dialog. He is always looking for the next opportunity to make a difference, and willing to embrace the challenges necessary for change


Follow Big Lux at Photograph provided by Big Lux

| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 19

Photograph provided Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson: A musical look at the before and after

Eric Hutchinson is an international platinumselling singer, songwriter and seasoned touring artist. He has performed in all 50 states and has shared the stage with acts such as Jason Mraz, Amos Lee, Ingrid Michaelson, O.A.R. and Michael Franti. His single “Rock & Roll” earned him his first gold record in the US and became a #1 hit in several countries. The past year has taken away so much from every one of us, and yet, we’ve all found moments of inspiration and hope in the midst of our grieving. The dichotomy is not unfamiliar to Hutchinson and his family, who had their own experience with the highs and lows that life can hand us… his wife, Jill, lost her mother to cancer just days before the couple learned that they would be having a baby girl. “I felt an overwhelming sense of inspiration,” he shares. “I wanted to capture all the positivity and love inside of me, and make something I could show my daughter later.” The result is Before & After Life, a complex, introspective and jazz-tinged record that weighs happiness against sadness and was written and recorded in the days leading up to the birth of his daughter, Zelda. The work is a reflection about birth, life and parenthood, and goes on to

explore the feelings associated with the loss of life, and what may be after. To help shape his latest project, Hutchinson recruited an entirely new band, an elite group of some of New York City’s finest jazz musicians. The opening track, “The Best Part,” sets the tone with a joyous melody, vibrant horns, a dancing piano and a warm-hearted groove. “Right Where I’m Supposed to Be” finds the singer recounting the trials and tribulations of his own life, before finding peace as a parent. To complete the recording, the emotional centerpiece of Hutchinson’s latest offering is “Born in the Dark” – a somber, rich and contemplative dive into the beyond. He wrote the song as he was trying to pinpoint where the circle of life end and begins again. The track is a slow meditative burn that eventually evolves into a cascading makeshift- Afrobeat. Taken as a whole, Before & After Life arrives as Hutchinson’s most introspective yet inspired work, one that will surely resonate and surprise longtime fans of the singer’s pop-soul hits. Take a listen and find him online at or @EricHutchinson.


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 21

Naomi LaViolette S O N G W R I T E R I N T H E RO S E C I T Y | B Y DAR C Y C A S T RO

A gifted songwriter and versatile pianist from Portland, Oregon, Naomi LaViolette makes music at the intersection of creativity and empathy. She’s a natural giver and peacemaker at heart, and her musical projects lift up the stories of others while striking a distinctive balance between soul-searching angst and gratitude. Her critically-acclaimed recordings have earned her comparisons to Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles and Sarah McLachlan.

Through the art of songwriting and storytelling, LaViolette creates original pieces that pull from the vulnerable depths of her life experience. She can express the shared joy found in natural spaces, love and friendship, spiritual journeys, and also bring empathy and light to challenging topics like death, miscarriage and loss in relationships. LaViolette gained the national spotlight while learning and preserving the songs of Steven Goodwin, a composer with earlyonset Alzheimer’s disease. Her collaborative work with Goodwin became the Saving His Music Project and received prominent press coverage, including a feature on CBS Sunday Morning. Their record The Nature of Love spent three weeks on the Billboard New Age chart. Currently, LaViolette is working on a new full-length album of cover songs. The songs were selected with input and collaboration between LaViolette and her Patreon community during the COVID lockdown, each song recorded solo by LaViolette featuring only piano and vocals, a tribute to the intimate and emotional

nature of the pandemic era. Each song aligns with LaViolette’s musical mission, with timelessly important lyrical content creatively reimagined and expressed through her vision and compositional style. LaViolette’s roots are deep in classical music – she has a master’s degree in classical piano performance – but has also immersed herself in the study of jazz standards, folk songs, soul, pop and gospel. She has released four solo albums, including her debut Naomi LaViolette (2012), You’ve Got Me (2013), Written for You (2017), and Live at The Old Church with Members of the Oregon Symphony (2019), as well as multiple singles. A published choral composer, her works have been performed and recorded by many choirs around the US, including the Oregon Repertory Singers’ album Shadows on the Stars, winner of the American Prize. The Rose City is fortunate to have Naomi LaViolette among its ranks of hometown notables, with a songwriter and performer that has the style, compassion and creativity of this established artist. Learn more at


You show me who I am, and who I could be My heart will open wide, completely As we learn to live in an intimate place Of compassion, acceptance, and grace - “Forevermore” by Naomi LaViolette

Photographs provided Naomi LaViolette

| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 23

Chad Hollister: Vermont Vibes

Photographs provided Chad Hollister

Chad Hollister is a Vermont artist who has released five cd’s and toured the globe with his positive, honest songs. He has opened for Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Tom Petty and has jammed with every PHISH member, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Warren Haynes. Hollister’s music is a voice for the positive and whether solo or with his 10 piece band , always delivers a passionate, energetic show. Hollister’s producers range from Charlie Midnight (Joe Cocker, James Brown, Doobie Brothers), John Alagia (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, O.A.R.) to Anthony Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins). He also took first place in the Billboard songwriting contest for his song “Jesus, Bon-Jovi and Tarzan” and his latest song “Breathe” went on the soundtrack for the film “911”. You can keep up with Chad at


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 25


| LIVV Music: A Tribute to Music | 27

Experiences that feed the soul

NASHVILLE UNDERGROUND: A hot ticket in Music City Pop-rock superstar Gavin DeGraw and brother Joey opened Nashville Underground in 2018 to deliver an experience where you can drink, taste and hear Nashville. With multiple stages, a mechanical bull, fireplace, green grass roof, a showcase of multiple genres of music, LED video rooftop dance floor and more, you’ll have plenty to enjoy seven days a week.


| Experiences that Feed the Soul | 31

In the heart of downtown on historic Broadway, Nashville Underground has four large levels. The menu highlights southern cuisine such as Nashville Hot Chicken and a myriad of innovative Nashville Hot items. All four bars include an expansive selection of locally crafted wine and spirits, as well as the coldest draft beer in Nashville, registering an icy-perfect 29 degrees. Get some fresh air and step atop the only double deck rooftop with a 360-degree view of Broadway. Whatever suits your mood, you can experience a showcase of the city’s world-famous music, cuisine and spirits at Nashville Underground. Event planners take notice. The 40,000-square foot live music venue is an ideal location for a night out on the town or for private events, both large and intimate. Nashville Underground can accommodate groups of 20 to over 1,500.

Photographs provided by Nashville Underground

The first and second floor menu highlights Nashville’s unique culinary palette, using locally sourced ingredients. The multi-level rooftop menu includes a wide variety of tapas, gourmet flat breads and a raw bar. Nashville Underground celebrates the rich history of Music City, combining all the elements that make Nashville so unique. Stop in next time you’re in town, and celebrate the sight, sounds and cuisine of music city!

Nashville Underground 105 Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee @nashville_underground


| Experiences that Feed the Soul | 33


Photograph by Diamond Grade Media

In the food world, Chef Kev D has done it all. He's been an executive chef and restaurant owner. He made television appearances on major networks, including NBC and the Food Network. He catered for Red carpet events and charity fundraisers. He even authored a cookbook, Beyond My Chef Coat: Cuisine & Cocktails with Chef Kev D. But after being in the restaurant business for two decades, owning some, and being an executive chef for others, he had amassed enough of a following to make the natural progression to creating his own private chef company. "Being a private chef allows me a little more control over my schedule," he said. "Although I have a deep love for the hospitality industry, that lifestyle which I have lived for twenty-plus years is not conducive to being a great husband or father." Chef Kev D has clients all over the country, including top entertainment and sports celebrities. He quickly became one of the most sought-after chefs in the industry—and he could be coming to a restaurant near you!


As a private chef, he travels to cities such as Nashville, Miami, and Las Vegas. And between his events and clients, he hosts Guest Chef Experiences at some of the best restaurants across the country. From The Essex in Burlington to Marenas in Miami, Chef Kev D creates a locally sourced and seasonal menu for each restaurant he visits. He recently hosted one such event at the restaurant Purveyor in Huntsville, Alabama. Since Purveyor opened its doors in 2017, it has been one of the region's culinary hotspots. Owners Stephanie KennedyMell and Matthew Mell wanted to create an upscale experience and a diverse yet seasonal menu with perfectly paired drinks. Chef Kev D embodied their vision with a five-course culinary adventure. Stephanie says the guest chef events have been well received. "People love to try new things. And with the menu only served once, it truly is an experiencedbased event. The chef comes out to introduce each course, so it's a personal experience as well." So far, all of Purveyor's guest chef experiences have sold out.

| Experiences that Feed the Soul | 35

This is Chef Kev D's second event at Purveyor, but it's a new experience each time. "Being a private chef, I create different menus for different people every night, so the style changes often." Chef Kev D starts the evening with a decadent amuse, Ginger Sea Scallop over Heirloom Carrot Puree, and a Yuzu Reduction. A dish so scrumptious that celebrity host Kathy Lee Gifford said it was her “favorite scallop dish ever” on The Today Show. As the night progresses, eager patrons enjoy an assortment of decadent dishes, including the ciderbraised pork over creamy polenta, and macadamia crusted striped bass with roasted spaghetti squash. And you can't forget dessert, Grand Marnier berry compote spooned over a fresh biscuit and topped with lemon cream and dark chocolate shavings. Each course comes with a perfectly paired libation. "I get to handpick local beer, wine, and spirits to pair with the menu, which is also a huge part of the experience," said Chef Kev D. Patrons especially enjoyed the dessert cocktail, the Friar Jon Cor garnished with a toasted marshmallow. At the end of the night, the patrons are richer from their culinary experience. These events help restaurants get back on their feet after a challenging year due to the COVID pandemic. Chef Kev D knows these hardships only too well. "I was quarantined for three to four months along with everyone else, so a good chunk of my annual revenue just disappeared." But as the world slowly starts going back to normal, you can expect more Guest Chef Experiences. You can keep up with Chef Kev D at and @chefkevd1

Photographs provided by Chef Kev D

Together For The Good Inc


Changing the way we address Mental Health, PTSD, Suicide

FIRE Medical


The long-lasting effects of war has taken its toll on veterans and their families. Some of these effects remain as “invisible wounds” – leaving families clueless on how to cope. Michigan Based 501©(3) Supporting the Needs of our Military


And First Responder Community

501©(3) 83-1615789


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IG (269)680-2935

Together for the Good Inc. is a veteran certified organization aimed to take a holistic approach to serving those who serve our country, and communities in return. While a large portion of the 48,000 registered nonprofits seek to help the individual veteran, Together for the Good Inc. recognizes the veterans’ families often are the ones who stand on the sidelines supporting from afar. These families take the brunt of the effects from PTSD and are left to pick of the pieces. We believe that a strong family foundation is the key contributor to minimizing PTSD and help as a driving force to a successful recovery. Through Peer To Peer support to in person Education Family is the focal point to linking the chain of a successful family dynamic to healing. Our strategic platform is designed with the family in mind. “Without Family we failed to heal “


| Experiences that Feed the Soul | 37

The Reef Ad - need 2-page ad

NEWPORT, WITH AN INTERNATIONAL TWIST WELCOME TO THE REEF A waterfront dining experience inspired by the travels of sailors to ports around the world. Join us on Newport Harbor for internationally inspired cuisine with a drink selection to transport you to faraway places. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SEE OUR FULL MENU, MAKE A RESERVATION, AND STAY UP TO DATE ON ALL HAPPENINGS AT THE REEF!





| Brian Fox: Painting the World’s Greatest Legends | 41

ometimes the biggest obstacle to achieving greatness isn’t really an obstacle at all. Perhaps it’s no more than mustering up the courage to take a leap of faith. Tremendous, yes, but simple in hindsight. Brian Fox stepped off that ledge, leaving a stable career behind, in order to pursue his talent and passion for art. Crowned the 2020 Sports Artist of the Year, his work now graces the halls of some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industries. From quitting a steady job to building a gallery of nationally-renowned pieces, Fox is courage – and talent – personified. Fox is known as the artist painting the world’s greatest legends, and is the official artist of Major League Baseball


and the National Hockey League. He’s worked with a long list of highprofile celebrities and athletes, sports organizations, collectors and charities, commissioned to create one-of-a-kind pieces that bring in top dollar at major fundraising events. He’s told the story of war through the eyes of veterans in battle, and his heart appears to be as large as the monolithic canvas’ he sketches to life. Working on these unique pieces requires a deep dive into the lives of his subjects, and Fox has had the privilege of developing trusted relationships during the course of creating his artwork. Making friends with rock stars, champion athletes and some of our country’s esteemed veterans is something Fox doesn’t tout for his own personal gain. He’s humble, kind and trustworthy. He’s built a business on that trust, and along with his paintbrushes and palettes, continues to bring to life awe-inspiring creations from his studio outside Boston.

| Brian Fox: Painting the World’s Greatest Legends | 43

Speaking of Bean Town, as a dedicated Red Sox fan, his passion for the team coupled with his immense talent was the recipe that fueled Fox’s entry into the spotlight as an artist. A portrait he painted of Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was auctioned for charity, essentially launching Fox’s career. Continued work with charity fundraisers vaulted him into the spotlight as a sought-after sports artist, and he has since been commissioned to paint some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, like Pele, Jackie Robinson and Michael Phelps. Looking back, Fox still describes the trajectory of his career as surreal. He’s never worked harder, but believes that everyone is born with an ability or talent, and that it’s not by mistake. By acknowledging that, and following his path with the support and encouragement of his wife and family, Fox has found a unique niche telling


| Brian Fox: Painting the World’s Greatest Legends | 45

the personal stories of celebrities and sports heroes through his art. He’s appreciative of the privilege to memorialize his subjects, and knows those stories transcend art. History can unfold with the stroke of a brush, and part of the reason he makes art is to help that happen. He encourages others to be open-minded about where their own talents might lead them, and for parents and educators to understand the value of art when young people are discerning their talents and future goals. Fox’s own story is a lesson in taking a leap of faith, and landing on target to where he was intended to be… in a faded Sox cap streaked with dry paint, creating magnificent pieces that will be family heirlooms and focal points in galleries for generations to come. See the gallery at and follow him on Instagram @artistBrianFox.


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T e full TML



Photos by Mia Campopiano Photography Photo of Brian Fox with Steven Tyler provided by Brian Fox


| Brian Fox: Painting the World’s Greatest Legends | 47

Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund – A Partnership with Youth Villages By Darcy Castro

In 1989, Aerosmith’s mega-hit “Janie’s Got a Gun” hit the airwaves and earned the band, and songwriter Steven Tyler, its first Grammy the following year. Not only did it top the charts, but the song’s tough and honest look at abuse sparked meaningful conversations and became a catalyst for change.

Fast forward to a 2014 Aerosmith concert in Atlanta, and Tyler’s long-held vision to create a safe place for girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect became reality when he paired up with Youth Villages, a nationally-recognized child welfare organization with a proven track record of delivering positive outcomes.

THE THEMAGAZINE MAGAZINELIFESTYLE LIFESTYLE| |Rocking Rockingfor fora aCause Cause| | 49 49

By 2015, the wheels were in motion and Janie’s Fund became a reality, partnering with Memphis-based Youth Villages under the guidance of Richard Shaw, now Janie’s Fund’s Chief Development Officer and Tyler’s trusted gatekeeper of this outstanding program. The collaboration has proven itself to be a powerful force addressing the needs of abused and neglected young women. In the years since, Janie’s Fund and Youth Villages have worked hand-in-hand to end the stigma for these young, misunderstood and under-served women, providing programs and services that are committed to helping them reach their potential. Atlanta, where the relationship kicked off, became the site of Janie’s House – a safe-haven Tyler had imagined – and a component of their outreach work. Rocking for a Cause, The Magazine Lifestyle’s high-profile Livv Music edition launch event, is a benefit for Janie’s Fund and Youth Village’s unique LifeSet program. LifeSet specifically targets 17- to 22-yearolds that are aging out of the foster care system and do not have the safety net of an

adoptive family to guide them as they move into the next chapter of their life, stepping in to provide crucial and proven services to what is statistically the most vulnerable group in our country. Long before “Janie’s Got a Gun” became a legendary rock anthem, the seeds for the song were planted when Tyler learned about the trauma of sexual abuse from a woman who shared her story with him, including the long-term impact it took on her life leading to addiction. When the song hit the airwaves, women across the country reacted with their own stories and a deep sense of gratitude for opening up the conversation. Tyler began to form a vision of how the story could be different for girls like Janie, if they had a safe place to go and the resources they needed to heal and thrive. The formation of Janie’s Fund was the culmination of decades of Tyler’s determination to make a positive impact on girls like the fictional Janie he had created for the song, and perhaps change their story for the better.

1 in 5


One in five girls suffer from sexual abuse before their 18th birthday

Almost 500,000 children are current in the foster care system



25% of these young adults suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is twice the rate of returning war veterans

About 20,000 of these children in foster care age out of the system each year

247,000 In five years, Janie’s Fund has provided girls with 247,000 days of therapy

18,000 Since 1999, the LifeSet program has helped more than 18,000 young adults develop the skills and support systems necessary to heal and become productive members of their communities



The average cost of providing LifeSet to one young adult is $40-$50 per day, which, over the course of the program’s average seven-month duration, adds up to about $10,000 per young woman

Janie’s Fund and Youth Villages are embarking on an ambitious plan to ensure all youth aging out of foster care have access to comprehensive, evidence-based services like LifeSet by 2028


| Rocking for a Cause | 51

Supporting Janie’s Fund, Youth Villages and their LifeSet program means that every donor can play a role in changing the outcomes for these young women, lifting them up through proven and effective programs that are transforming lives. Every young woman who has suffered the pain of abuse and neglect has potential that can blossom with the right kind of care and support, and LifeSet aims to do just that.

The staggering statistics of homelessness, economic insecurity, incarcerations and unemployment that afflict young women aging out of foster care do not have to be the norm. Tyler’s labor of love that became a reality through Janie’s Fund, through the partnership with Youth Villages, and supporting that work means that you, too, play a role in ensuring his vision helps girls like Janie for years to come.

Learn more at

Photographs provided by Richard Shaw

Spring Fashion


| Spring Fashion | 53

DoviArt is a child of a life long dream. I was born in Lithuania and cannot pinpoint the exact time when l first felt the love for fashion design, but it was really early. By nine l was a budding paper doll and their exuberant outfits maker, selling them to my classmates for the price of cinnamon bun. While other children were waiting for animations on TV, I was glued to TV watching runway shows from Paris, very rare occurrence BTW. In my teenage years I realized that I can transform my appearance with clothes, accessories and makeup. I started sewing when I was thirteen. I got tired to wait when my mom will finish my clothes and asked her to show me how the sewing machine works. That was magic, I still remember the first dress I made for myself. I never got the proper fashion designer education, but l do have several degrees in Textiles - engineering and art. Midnineties life just threw opportunities to test myself as fashion designer into my hands. For a while l was creating stage costumes for my friend, ballet dancer and her troupe. When l first tried my hand at fashion designs commercially I sold a children’s FW95 collection to one of the biggest Lithuanian apparel factory, same year I my first runway collection was accepted at juried fashion show “Woman and Fashion” juried by French. It was a big deal, but the collection was never finished, because l doubted my skill and entrusted sewing to professional seamstress. Everything

was going my way, but I decided to postpone everything and leave to Chicago to learn English. After more than two decades I am back to fashion design and life never was better. When I work on new designs, I feel alive, I can finally breathe. I cannot honestly say how I create, to me it feels that it just happens. Sometimes it’s a dream, sometimes I see a fabric and design just pops in my head. The more I work the more interesting ideas I get. I would describe what l create as wearable art. I start from a regular street outfit, make it from unusual fabric, then l add lots of details, textures, etc. I like transparent fabrics, because when l layer them, I get very interesting effects. Recently I started experimenting with thermal memory on synthetic fabrics and it opened infinite possibilities. I am still exploring where this line of creative thinking will lead me. Recently I noticed that I am leaning towards avant-garde high fashion, but what I really want is to make it wearable, comfortable, user friendly. I want the person wearing my clothes to feel special, one-ofa-kind, someone, who stands out of the crowd and makes immediate and unforgettable impression. What l show on the runway is the extent of my imagination and skill, but when l work with my clients, l listen, because it is not what l want, but what we create together. For more on Doviart check out


| Spring Fashion | 55

Heritage India Fashions Timeless Couture By: Holly Zuelle

Heritage India Fashions presents their Timeless Couture Collection featuring Timeless designs, inspired by Indian Heritage, fused with Western influence. This modern Timeless Couture collection flaunts the elegant, poised beauty of a woman, making them feel luxurious, classic, and timeless. This highend clothing line highlights a variety of exquisite hand-crafted pieces and ensembles, including chic Brocade silk short Sherwani jackets, paired with stylish Dhoti pants, classic detailed dresses, sequin skirts and elegant gowns. Also featured are custom one-of-a-kind crochet halter tops, dresses and drawstring shorts which are both comfortable, charming, and fashionable. The collection also showcases mini couture dresses with high slits, bedazzled in rhinestones and Swarovski crystals, exclusive to Heritage India Fashions The Indian style Lehengas are stitched intricately with artistic Zari embroidery using gold and silver metallic threads. The sophisticated designs feature premium rare 18th Century silks, organic cottons and are meticulously handcrafted and embellished with beaded accents, exhibited in a variety of vibrant color combinations. These unique handmade pieces can be paired with Heritage India Fashions inspired jewelry, scarves, and shawls. Designer Prashant Goyal is a world-renowned fashion designer that has made an influential mark in the fashion industry. Goyal’s designs are created by combining his love for traditional Indian formal wear with various cultures, that he experienced from his travels to France, Hawaii, India, and hidden villages throughout the world. Prashant’s designs have been featured in many prominent TV shows and movie productions and worn by Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities.


| Spring Fashion | 57

Brand Model @tamaracooperr Models @hollyzuelle @paigeandersenn Photographers @imagesbybobbysax Crochet designer @ruchigoyaldesigns Celebrity designer @prashantcgoyal Fashion brand @heritageindiafashions

His company, Heritage India Fashions, was formed in 2017 with his artistic wife, Ruchi Goyal. Ruchi’s ornate jewelry and newly inspired crochet pieces, combined with Prashant’s designs, make this powerhouse couple unstoppable. Heritage India Fashions has graced numerous magazines with their exclusive formal gowns, men’s Sherwani’s, ornate Lehengas, Sarees, Anarkali’s, and Timeless outfits. Prashant has an extensive team of tailors, fabric suppliers and embroidery artisans working in their family-owned factory in India, to bring his designs to life. He runs a philanthropic program that provides jobs and salaries to the factory workers so their children can be fed, clothed, and receive a proper education. The Goyal’s actively support charity organizations and believe it’s important to give back. “Heritage India Fashions is honored to be associated and featured with Steven Tyler. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be recognized.” Prashant Goyal is an influential fashion designer of his time with a growing emphasis on fair trade, ecofriendly fabrics, and a love for “Heritage.” To learn more about Heritage India Fashions Timeless Couture Collection and their brand, go or stop by their New York City location, Heritage India Fashions, 131 Lexington Avenue New York, NY, 10016.


| Spring Fashion | 59


| Spring Fashion | 61

Candice Wu debuted her couture wedding collection in 2014 at her bridal boutique in Boston's historic South End. Candice has spent many years designing functional and artistic formal dresses. Cultural influences, iconoclastic couture and the joy of modern whimsy have always been the hallmark of her pieces.

CANDICE WU missing article

Bridal couture, however, proved to be a natural niche for her obsession with detail. Her award-winning signature style includes a proprietary application of Swarovski crystal, intricate beading, and handmade lace. The result is uniquely extravagant wedding dresses and custom bespoke couture for any formal occasion.

CANDICE WU missing article


| Spring Fashion | 63

CANDICE WU missing article

CANDICE WU missing article


| Spring Fashion | 65

DESIGNER: @candicewucouture PHOTOGRAPHER: @nikiphotographer PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: @fannylinneaeleonora HAIR & MUA: victoriak_hmua MODELS: @clarafriholm @nordicmodelagency STYLIST: @camilaglifberg

Does cardio make you fat? By Dr. David Warman

Being in the fitness and health industry for over 30 years, I have so many people ask me how much cardio in needed to lose weight. Actually, the truth of the matter is that too much cardio could actually cause you to gain fat longterm. Too much cardio will actually cause your body to start burning muscle for fuel instead of carbohydrates or fats. To further the problem, your metabolism is directly influenced by the amount of lean muscle mass that you have. If you start burning muscle and your metabolism drops, the same calorie intake you were consuming to lose fat could actually make you fat! If your goal is to run a marathon or compete in a triathlon, then a focus on cardio training makes sense. But if your goal is to lose fat and look lean, then you have to approach this differently.

Resistance training is actually the most effective way to get fat loss and maintain lean muscle mass. Cardio burns fat while exercising and for only a short time after, while resistance training burns fat for the rest of the day. When you first initially start resistance training, you will bulk up ever so slightly within the first 30 days or so because your cells are swelling and hold more water weight. This is the feeling that your pants feel tighter which can discourage some women from weight lifting. After that initial 30- day period or so, your body will normalize and you will notice yourself leaning out. Your diet is critical to losing body fat, but maintaining both diet and exercise creates synergy and maximum results. The benefits of including exercise with a focus on a healthy diet include increased metabolic rate and balanced hormones, increased fat burning

enzymes, increased mood and outlook, carbs used as energy rather than stored as fat, and a decrease chance of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer by over 40%. There are so many factors in deciding which kind of workout program is right for you. Your age and sex are just two factors, but your body type - ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph – should be considered as well. Two other major tools that can help with your results with your workout: water and supplementation. Most people eat too often because dehydration can mimic hunger, and instead of hydrating we stuff something unhealthy in our mouth. Since we are trying to keep our daily caloric intake at a certain level, this is one common way we sabotage it. In a perfect world, you would be drinking half of your body weight in ounces a day. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, then you should consume 75 ounces of water. Now here’s the kicker, if you consume caffeine or alcohol, you need to add another 8 ounces of water for every cup of coffee! Yikes! I know that sounds like a lot, but my advice is keep a water bottle by you all day and sip throughout the day. The reality is if you are thirsty, you are already 10% dehydrated.

and good, clean proteins. The challenge is that we aren’t always able to eat well and supplements can help fill in the gaps of what we are lacking. Make sure you are obtaining a whole food source of your supplements, not synthetic, and consistency is key to obtaining the best benefits from your supplements. Here are a few I recommend: 1. Multi-Vitamin 2. Fish oils 3. Protein powder or meal replacements 4. Greens product (check acidity level) 5. Probiotic 6. Glucosamine for joint problems 7. Magnesium for sleep problems, headaches and muscle aches 8. Vitamin D if you don’t get a lot of sun exposure Bottom line, there is no cardio prescription for weight loss. I know all of this can be overwhelming, and there are a lot of socalled gurus out there. I would suggest you consult your natural healthcare provider for advice, and feel free to visit my website at for resources and tips. Remember, if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

I’m not a big believer in consuming tons of supplements. I’d rather you get your nutrition through organic fruits, vegetables


Dr. David Warman @drwarmandc @warmanwayfire

| Spring Cleaning, Health, & Wellness | 69

spring into a clean, healthy environment By Kerry LePage

Spring’s a daunting task, one that many of us have to seriously mentally prepare for. Sometimes so much so that we delay and avoid because it seems too overwhelming. Sound familiar? Although it is an ominous chore, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house! Check out my 5 tips to make it less intimidating and more...ummm... enjoyable? Set aside the time and make it a priority. Schedule a day or two and add it into your schedule/calendar. If you’re like me, distraction comes easily, so it is important to maintain focus and complete one project or one room at a time. Many have great success by creating lists of chores by room (1). Imagine the satisfaction of checking off each chore completed! Get in the zone! Blast your favorite playlist (hellooooo 90’s hip hop or country), light a candle, or add your favorite essential oils to the diffuser (sweet orange and lemon are my faves!). Setting the stage with uplifting and energizing scents and music can be incredibly motivating!

Set the stage. Open the windows and welcome in the fresh spring air. Take out your cleaning products and ensure they are not expired. Many products sold in big box stores are loaded with harmful toxins that could be leaving you and your family at risk of a variety of issues, from mild skin irritations to major health conditions. I have worked with many clients who reported they no longer experienced migraines or skin issues after using non-toxic cleaning products (2). Opening the windows while cleaning became a choice, not a necessity.

is the feeling you get from just moving that body! Cleaning involves a lot of physical activity. When you are physically active, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that interact with receptors in the brain, triggering positive, happy feelings! My favorite reward is sitting with a glass of wine and just enjoying my clean home! Check out my favorite non-toxic cleaning bundle!

Have kiddos? Get them involved (another reason to use non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for users of all ages)! Give them age appropriate tasks and make a game out of it! My kids, ages 10 and 7, love playing “a race against time”. We set a timer for each chore and if they complete it before the timer goes off they earn something fun (ex. their choice of a movie for our Friday movie nights in or a later bedtime on the weekends). Take breaks and reward yourself! One of the best intangible rewards you can receive from cleaning

Keep up with Kerry! Facebook Group: livingthepurelife


| Spring Cleaning, Health, & Wellness | 71



Women in Philanthropy

by Darcy Castro Eliann luxury handbag designer and former style correspondent for InStyle Magazine, Anzhelika Steen-Olsen is a fixture in the New York fashion scene. As someone who has taken comfort in creating, drawing and sketching, her lux designs are created with the intent to give a woman the permission to be anything she wants.

Fashion – and in this case a perfectly styled handbag – can be a moment of escape or vision for something different. Eliann is Steen-Olsen’s way of bringing that to her customers through her own creative drive. She’s also the founder of The SHER Group, an initiative dedicated to empowering women. Women in and around New York City meet to support one another, share their experiences and create a safe space to heal and grow. The name is a homage to celebrating both “She” and “Her.” Steen-Olsen describes it as a movement of selflessness. She is fostering a diverse environment without constraints through fun and uplifting events. The SHER Group is also supported by male allies, inspired by the United Nations global solidarity movement for gender equality HeForShe. It’s an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality. Steen-Olsen integrates these values into her movement, as is seen by the male celebrities who show up to support The SHER Group and the impact it is making. Steen-Olsen is a board member of the upcoming Big Daddy Golf Classic and will be integrating The SHER Group into the event. A benefit for the Orthopedic Foundation, the annual event is taking place at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY on June 29th. The star-studded event is a great way to hit the links for a good cause and enjoy some great company! Participate as a team or get in on sponsorship at Photographs provided by Anzhelika Steen-Olsen THE MAGAZINE LIFESTYLE

| Women in Philanthropy | 75


Music speaks to my soul and has always been a big part of my life. My dad and I had a special bond through music and even though he's no longer with us, I still feel that connection with him whenever I hear a song he loved or sang karaoke to. Some days I swear he is programming the songs on my Pandora. It makes me smile and other times I have tears in my eyes, but either way I feel that connection to him. I listen to a variety of genres, but country music has always been my go-to. There is usually a story or a life-lesson within the lyrics that I can relate to. As I listen, I vision those lyrics in my head and I experience the emotions; happiness, sadness, peace, empathy, comfort,

shame, hope, despair, love. The list is endless. Sometimes I am brought to my feet by a good beat, and I just need to dance it out or sing my heart out. The car, or the shower, are perfect places to let those vocals flow! Or if you are not afraid to sing in public, karaoke night can be a blast! For me, music is what sports is for many people. It’s entertainment, it’s therapy, and it is fun all in one. Your favorite singers, concerts, singing competitions, hanging out in Nashville to feel the nostalgia and the raw talent all bring people together. If you haven’t looked at music as a form of therapy, I challenge you to listen, open your heart, and allow yourself to feel the lyrics. Really immerse yourself in the song and see where it takes you. I will leave you one of the most impactful moments a song has provided for me. My dad was in the ICU on a ventilator the end of last summer (it wasn’t Covid-19 related), and things weren’t looking good. My husband and I were driving to get a room for the night close to the hospital, because they had called and said it’s best to be nearby. A song came on that had never played on my Pandora before. How Great Thou Art, performed by Carrie Underwood. The song is amazing song, but the power that Carrie puts into it takes the song to another level. As the song was playing, I looked at the clock and it was 9:11 which is my dad’s birthday. My husband and I looked at each other and we both felt it. We felt it was dad’s time to go, and this was my message letting me know. I didn’t cry when the song was playing; I felt a sense of peace and comfort. The next morning, I had to make the hardest decision of my life; the decision to take him off of life support. As hard as it was, I knew it was the right thing to do, and hearing that song the night before validated that decision. The song plays often now on my Pandora. Some days it makes me feel sad and others I smile, but either way I always feel the special connection with my dad and I know he’s in a better place. You can keep up with Brenda at @donorbrenda

Photographs provided by Brenda Cortez


| Women in Philanthropy | 77

NEXT ISSUE More about how Long Island muscician Mike DelGuidice went from BILLY JOEL tribute-band leader to playing on the big state with the REAL PIANO MAN

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