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MAY 2012 | VOL. 01 | ISSUE 12


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| MAY 2012 | VOL. 01 | ISSUE 12






he school celebrated its annual day recently. Setting the tone of the celebrations, the tiny tots of the school performed a welcome dance tapping their feet to the tunes of a Goan song. Prof. M. Mutyalu Naidu, Department of IT&C, graced the occasion as the chief guest. The guest of honour, Prof. Rama Devi from CEIFL, released the school’s first magazine ‘Essence’. Little Red Riding Hood, Puppet show, Ruben’s experiment and other dance numbers enthralled the audience. The highlight of the event was the auction of paintings of the young artists of Ameya World School.

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arewell are always filled with emotions and the event held by the Andhra University ECE students was no different when the juniors bid adieu to the outgoing students. While the juniors tried to make light of the event with foot-tapping dances, humorous skits and mimicry, the seniors relived the moments they spent in the university and also offered some valuable tips to their friends. As a fitting finale to this event, the seniors were presented with tokens of love.

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ollowing its successful run at NAD X Roads and Gajuwaka, Ashray has come up with yet another Food Mall at MVP Colony. A restaurant, a banquet hall, a bakery and a function hall, located under one roof, cater to the needs of varied clientele. Plans are afoot to expand the mall with outdoor catering services. The owners believe in quality, service and a good relationship with the customer. The menu which includes Chinese, Tandoori and Thai cuisine across its tables, is sure to tickle your taste buds! The customers can relish food in a pleasant ambience. The spacious function halls are ideal for official/private meets and celebrations.


Great food at affordable prices. The service and quality too are impeccable. Lack of proper publicity



new coffee joint that has sprung up near the MVP Circle, is known for its delectable and delicious snacks, coffee and desserts. Situated a stone’s throw away from the Circle, the cafe became an attraction for Vizagites. Owned by Café Coffee Day, it serves fresh pastries, calzones, burgers and of course, fresh aromatic coffee! The staff is customer-friendly. All the delicacies served here are freshly prepared.













New in the neighbourhood, this joint turned a rendezvous for youngsters of colonies around. Area Manager, CCD says, “We are overwhelmed by the response we got. People want to visit us again and again.”

Good coffee! Excellent interior décor.

3 The location could have been better. Parking is a challenge. red | may 2012 | 22











ucky Shopping Mall that came up near Jagadamba Junction is beckoning Vizagites to explore a whole new range of fashion wear! The store has four floors with classy interiors, amazing designs and offers a wide range of branded goods. Within a few days of its opening, the mall is crowded with customers. All the clothes carry an affordable price tag. For women and girls, there’s a wide range of saris, ghagras and western wear to choose from, while for men and youngsters, the latest patterns of jeans, sherwanis, suits and other designer wear are available.


The kids’ and wedding collection are pretty good. More brands can be included. Interior is appreciable. Not ideally located. Heavy traffic and lack of sufficient parking space, are the added woes.

















ith a chain of seven showrooms across the city, Gothisons has opened yet another branch opposite the Waltair Club. It is a complete shopping house for home appliances, kitchenware and furniture. Customers have plenty of choice to pick and choose from various brands of appliances. The sections are categorized efficiently, enabling the customer to navigate to the right aisle without losing time. The store has a large line of modular kitchens, thermo wear, crystal products, travel accessories and exclusive beds and bar furniture. Since almost all the home essentials are available under one roof, this place rightfully earns the sobriquet - a one-stop-shop.


The location is great. The furniture segment is worth mentioning. Your job becomes easy if you want to pick up right crockery, utensils and a table to dine too. Inadequate parking facilities.

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or all of those who wish to look slimmer without sweating out, Ellora Slimming Parlour is the destination you should be heading to. It is the first of its kind in the city, where slimming, beauty care and spa treatments are offered at one place. The spa offers hair and skin treatment packages besides body care and weight loss programmes, all with a unique herbal approach. The products used in the procedures are all imported from Spain. The unisex salon offers packages for men and women depending upon their complexion and body weight. With expert, professional staff to take care of the customers in the best possible manner, this might just be the place.

Soothing and serene ambience.

3.5 Lacks enough equipment for slimming services.



amous in town for its finest washroom fittings and ceramics, Value Line has brought in the luxurious sanitary product range from German giant Villeroy & Boch. This collection is known for its quality, exclusive designs and innovations and is just perfect to turn your bathroom into a posh one. The store houses an international range of bath fittings which include a great variety. Since its entry into Vizag’s market, it earned rave reviews for premium range tap fittings, sanitary and bathroom equipment.











With European legacy, tradition, authenticity and true-to-life compositions, it gives us a unique bathing experience. It is said that bath and breakfast make a man’s day. So if you are looking for a wonderful time in your bath tub, it is the only place that shall help you splash your desires.


The range of products and the display (given with the entire set up) is just excellent. Being the finest international brand, it may be a bit on higher end.

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PLIGHT As the summer sets in, the city often plunges into darkness, due to unscheduled power cuts. Industries that are indicators of the region’s prosperity are the worst hit. On the flip side, the Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited (APEPDCL) bagged three awards for its efficient performance, including one in the rural franchisee category. This highly contradicting phenomenon has been baffling people, especially industrialists, who have come to the region with lofty dreams and huge investment.

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V. Sarada and Haricharan meet the city’s well-known social crusader, Mr. Naresh Kumar, CEO, Symbiosis Technologies and member of CII and Mr. Ahmad Nadeem, Chairman and Director, APEPDCL who threw light on the state of affairs that largely defy logic and reason. Mr. Naresh, quoting the APEPDCL annual report and balance sheet, forwards some astonishing facts and figures, divulging the enormous profits (both gross and net) the company garnered for the past two years. A

Distribution Company




Allocation Percentage





T&D Losses 2010-11





Naresh: Isn’t it a paradox that we endure the highest power cuts and the lowest allocation in spite of our discom bagging awards for the best performance? Till very recently our industries could draw power for only four days a week while those in Hyderabad have been enjoying the facility for all the five days. Also a higher power tariff is imposed on the people of our region. It is time citizens woke up and questioned the discom and the government. Why should the discom make profits at the expense of people, who are lawabiding? In March, when there was 13% power shortage in the state why did the APEDCL implement18% cut? Why wasn’t there any political pressure to set these things right? Nadeem: Yes, the entire credit for our bagging awards goes to my crew and consumers. We have a sound system of rigorous energy audit which also takes into consideration the losses and thefts. Effective and practical strategy helps us to be the best discom in the country. APEPDCL cites upgradation of infrastructure, as one of the reasons for hike? What is your take on it? Naresh: The reason is vague and

questioning the authorities concerned. There has been a hike in the tariffs, both in the profit making regions and those incurring losses. Instead of taking punitive measures against the loss making discoms, we are being forced to share their burden. I go one step further and say that we can save the state itself from this crisis if our discoms are wise and responsible. With efficient monitoring we can reduce the state’s loss from 16% to 6% (like how EPDCL is doing). The loss and shortfall are due to power thefts, poor planning and bad management of the discoms. The maximum power thefts are reported in Hyderabad and other areas where influential people have units and scuttle metering. Instead of arresting these discrepancies and reducing losses, they are resorting to unfair price hike. Nadeem: It is just a marginal increase and does not affect the middle class or the below poverty line (BPL) groups. People should also take a pro-active role in conservation of energy, using energy efficient products which are star-rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEA). Usage of CFLs in place of bulbs and tube lights

Are we falling short of power plants or resources, if so what are the alternatives? Naresh: Ironically, Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin has one of the highest gas reserves in the country yet we face power shortage. All the gas-based units in the state like GVK Power, Konaseema Gas and Power and LancoKondapalli Power are deprived of gas supply as it is being pumped out of the state by Reliance. Inspite of having 33 MPs and Mr. Jaipal Reddy as the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, we could not get gas for four small power plants. How many of our MPs make noise about this? Ministers and MPs from other states get all the benefits for their respective states like Mamataji getting new railway lines and trains allotted for her state. We could not get gas of our own state and hence our plants are operating below capacity. What a national waste! Nadeem: Obtaining approval for power plants is no easy task as it begets stiff opposition from various quarters. Establishing nuclear and natural gas power plants is a longdrawn process and also raises safety concerns. Though the government is coming up with wind and solar energy plant proposals, we are right now coal-dependant. We have an off-grid solar power supply station at Chintapalli. Though a tough terrain, we are providing regular lines as our motive is to illuminate people’s lives with solar power. What should be done to check the power crunch? Naresh: We need to have long-term plans to tackle an issue of this magnitude. Our people failed to foresee the problems. We could have blocked transmission lines from north where power is available for Rs. 2-3 during the night time in summer which comes from the melting of snow and this power is bankable. Tamil Nadu blocked the transmission corridor in advance.

the hike uncalled for. Upgradation is good; but it was happening before the hike and they were adjudged the best. I blame it on the indifference of local politicians, citizens and social organisations who shy away from

reduces consumption to a great deal. Judicious usage of power saves up to 30% for the BPL sector and 40% for the middle class section. Power saved is power earned.

red | may 2012 | 29

Even though the power is available, we could not bring it here due to lack of corridor. Adequate power supply to the industrial belt is imperative for prosperity of the region. We should fix a common tariff (Rs. 4 per unit) for the entire state and impose surcharge for the power loss areas. For example, discoms with 6% losses will have 4 + (6% of 4)=4.24. Other areas where loss is 16% will have tariff based on loss 4 + 16%=4.64 per unit. That way we can ensure efficiency. Government needs to work on reducing losses and thefts from 16% to 5%. Thus we can save up to Rs. 3000 crores. This alone will take care of the shortfall.

We need to promote wind and solar power in our region for which I feel we have not taken enough steps. Government should aggressively promote and subsidise their usage. Nadeem: Power distribution in the grid is as per the State Government policies and procedures. Subsidy has been provided for farmers (7 hours of free supply), railways, hospitals and defense installations. We spare the residential areas during examination season (March and April). When it comes to industries, we are trying to cooperate as much as possible. Economic progress is our priority too. We are coming up with Load Relief Strategy, restricting to minimum outage - 2 hours in urban areas, 3 hours in municipalities and red | may 2012 | 30

4 hours in mandals. With this, we are able to save 1 MU in residential power and 8 MU in industries. We are providing continuous supply between 6.00 pm and 6,00am. There will not be any power cuts after May 15. We are doing our bit too and are using 5 star rated distribution transformers, certified by BEA to reduce transmission and distribution losses. Converting agriculture power system to high voltage system which provides direct supply from the line is yet another method adopted. We are also creating awareness among the citizens by providing Energy Saving Calculator that is available in our website.

Consumers can plan and assess their usage accordingly. Under Bachat Lamp Yojana we have distributed nearly 6 lakh CFLs in Vizag region alone and will extend the scheme to Vizianagram soon. YOUR MESSAGE Naresh: Vizagites should be brave enough to raise their voice against any discrimination meted out to them. APEPDCL, is doing a great job by curtailing losses but not fighting for its rights in allocation. Thanks to its complacency there are no rewards for customers and industrialist who are honest and efficient. This should be rectified by next summer at least. We should launch a movement if this injustice continues. Of course we have to do our bit by conserving power and using less power consuming gadgets.

Nadeem: Use power only when it is needed. We are running out of fossil fuels. Let us take some serious measures. For example, why do we need to set the air conditioner at 18º C when 24º - 25ºC is enough for the human body! It is relevant to mention here that the Chief Minister Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, responding to the local industrialists’ demand, reduced the duration of power holiday for Vizag industries from three days to one day a week . We invite the response of power consumers, especially industrialists. The best three responses will be given cash prizes of Rs. 3,500, 2,000 and 1,000 respectively. Symbiosis Technologies, supported by red magazine, sponsors the prizes. A


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RAKHI FORGIVES DHANUSH Ok! Stop laughing and read on - The controversy queen has done it again and this time the bakra is Kolaveri Dhanush. Dhanush had to perform with Rakhi Sawant, the dance expaart (that’s how she calls herself). The duo was to groove for the world famous Kolaveri di! She was fuming with anger when Dhanush did not turn up for the event. But the drama queen instantly forgave him because she likes Kolaveri di. Oh! There is another reason to it! She is very fond of Rajinikanth and the fondness extends to Dhanush too. Rakhi adds that Dhanush has called her up saying he was busy and promised to perform with her next time. All of us know there isn’t an iota of truth in this. Now you can laugh!!

JOHN DONATES 20 to 25 years from now, if you see somebody who is hugely built as John Abraham is, looking like him and behaving like him, don’t be surprised! They are John’s sperms in a human form. Apparently, a fan (female of course) of this hottie wants to get pregnant but is not able to. She requested him to donate his sperm and help India grow. Touched by her request, Johnny boy agreed immediately! He also feels that sperm banks must be developed in our country and give a new lease of life to childless parents. Aisa bhi hota hai!

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NARGIS’ SECRET STORIES None of us would have imagined that the Rockstar girl Nargis Fakri is so boring! After delivering a super hit, she’s on cloud nine and has received a hell lot of offers. But disappointingly she has brushed away all her alleged linkups with Shahid Kapoor. There is nobody in her life who is really special and all her co-actors are just friends. This is OK to a certain extent, but what comes after this is bothering everyone. Her personal secretary goes on to announce that Nargis spends a lot of time with HER! Now, all we can do is pity Shahid.

KING KHAN’S NEW GIRL “Enemy’s girlfriend is my friend” seems to be the new mantra King Khan is following. Stop guessing because you already know who that enemy is and who his girlfriend is. Katrina Kaif is the new girl in Shahrukh’s life. Both of them are often spotted at Khan’s favourite Café in Bandra. Spending a lot of time with each other, rescuing the young lady from a mob at the airport and singing her praises in all his press meets are just ‘friendship’ then Gauri Khan needn’t be worried. But if it goes beyond, then Piggy Chops might be of help to Kat!

HOLLYWOOD MASALA MOLLIE AND PRINCE HARRY Who in the world doesn’t want to be Prince’s date? But the million ‘pound’ question is “Is the prince dating her”? No is the answer from the Prince Harry, from Mollie and even from the BBC. But if there’s a rumour there must be a little truth somewhere. One of Mollie’s band members intentionally said that the young lady was interested in Harry only because she wants to meet Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. Just to draw attention, she dragged the young prince into a controversy. Quite a jobless woman!

BRANGELINA FINALLY WEDS If New York and British dailies are to be believed then the whole world is about to witness yet another elite, lavish wedding of two superstars. France, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a huge estate is the proposed venue for the high profile wedding party. After marriage there are plans to settle in the UK. The couple was seen saying that they like England’s culture immensely and they shall be happy if their children receive schooling there. Better late than never! We wish them le mieux de la chance!

HEIDI KLUM MOVES ON After filing for an official divorce from her husband, the 49-year-old super model Heidi Klum is rumored to be moving on with her new boy friend. She was spotted moving closely and flirting with the Germany’s next top model. If you are interested in this then his name is Hayo Thomas her co-star on a popular TV show. Walking with a hand on her back, with her hair and make-up poorly done, she was looking happy with him. Looks like Heidi has decided to move on from her divorce episode with Seal after seven years of marriage.

red | may 2012 | 52


EEGA TO TIE THE KNOT A flying Eega told us about this super hot news that is making rounds in the industry circles! Only if this ‘buzz’ is to be believed, a young star is now walking in the footsteps of Stylish, A1 and Mega Power Star (Allu Arjun, NTR and Ram Charan Tej). Actor Nani is getting ready to tie the knot with a Vizag girl. For many days they have been seeing each other and now decided to get married by this year end. In the past his name was linked with Swathi and Nitya Menon but all those died down within no time. If everything goes well, we shall see another actor bidding goodbye to the bachelor tag!

AMALA’S LOVE STORY Before getting into what the love story is all about, let me remind you who Amala Paul is - She was the female lead in Nanna, Bejawada Rowdylu and Love Failure. We agree that her flicks were not interesting but this story surely is. Amala was recently spotted, not once but several times, with a director. Both were seen coochy-cooing in public places. And that lucky guy is none other than Vijay, who directed Nanna in the past. When asked about this something - something she brushed off all these rumours. If you see smoke here there should fire too!

THAMAN IS POWERLESS! If you have power, you are surely unstoppable! This is what music director Devi Sri Prasad repeatedly saying these days. When all the other heroes are dancing to Thaman’s tunes (literally), Power Star Pawan Kalyan swims against the tide, roping in his favourite music director Devi Sri Prasad for his next flick Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu directed by Puri Jagannath. Now that the tunes of Gabbar Singh have made their way to the super hit list, this doesn’t come as a surprise. But Thaman is the only man who isn’t happy! Power feels that his tunes are useless. Time to reflect dude!

REAL LIFE ISHQ After delivering a dozen duds at the box office, hero Nitin sprang to life with his latest hit Ishq. The film garnered good reviews and was received well by mass and class audiences. When asked about the film’s success, Nitin is all praise for the petite beauty Nitya Menon. “She’s bubbly, energetic, beautiful, inspiring and motivating. I think she is the best actress I’ve ever worked with. In fact, she is my lucky charm. I’ll request all my future directors to cast us together. We’ll repeat the magic,” says Nitin. Well, looks like the Ishq seeped into real life!

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PAWAN'S HIT SENTIMENT Fans of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan were utterly disappointed at the audio release of Gabbar Singh as their demigod spoke less at the do. Some attributed PK’s ‘tightlipped’ attitude to a bit of sentiment. Earlier, he spoke volumes at the audio functions of Puli, Teenmaar and Panja and it is a known fact that these films went down like ninepins at the box office. Realising this perhaps and remembering his one-minute speech at audio function of Jalsa that turned out to be a blockbuster, Pawan was literally mum at the event. Sounds silly but will the sentiment work?



Rajinikanth, known for his generosity off screen, has come to the rescue of producer Natti Kumar, who bought the Telugu rights of his son-in-law’s film ‘3’. Despite its pre-release hype, the film turned out to be a dud at the box office. Even the song kolaveri di also failed to salvage the film. Natti Kumar panicked and blamed Shruthi and Dhanush, the lead pair for not promoting the film in AP. Knowing all this, Rajini saab has given some oxygen to him by bearing the distributor loss of Rs. 3 cr. In fact, he did the same thing during Kucheludu as well.

Late director Jandhyala had a penchant for picking up old songs and used them as titles for his films. Remember Aha Na Pellanta, Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela and Vivaha Bojanambu? All these rib-ticklers were runaway hits. Emulating his senior perhaps director Parasuram (of Yuvata and Solo fame) has plans to use Saar ostara song from Mahesh Babu's Businessman as the title for his next film starring Mass Maharaja. Ravi Teja. Nayanatara who delivered hits like Dubai Seenu and Anjaneyulu with Ravi Teja, is being roped in as the female lead. Produced by Ashwini Dutt, the film will go to sets from July.

SIRISH IN, CHAITU OUT! PRINCE TURNS RULER Is Prince Mahesh turning Ruler? If sources are to be believed then, the hit number from Jr. NTR’s Dammu, Ruler will be used as the title for Mahesh’s forthcoming film. According to sources, director Boyapati Sreenu might direct the new film with Mahesh. The film will be produced by Burugupalli Siva Ramakrishna under Sri Venkateswara Entertainments Ltd. banner. More details about this project and title will be out soon. The project may take off after the completion of Mahesh's Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.

The saying ‘there is many a slip between the lip and cup’ seems to be apt as far as the filmi duniya is concerned. The Tamil-Telugu bilingual titled Gowravam, supposed to be the Tamil launch vehicle of Naga Chaitanya is said to have landed in the lap of Allu Sirish, younger brother of Arjun. Upset over some happenings, director Radhamohan did a volte-face and replaced the original cast and producer with the new ones. We last heard that Sirish was making foray as an actor in Tamil with the remake of 100% Love produced under their own banner. But if everything goes accordingly, Radhamohan's Gowravam would be his debut film. All is well that ends well!

DASH CHUCKED OUT Director Teja, known for his controversial films and titles, is back in the news again! His latest flick Neeku Naaku Dash Dash released to empty theaters and received negative feedback from the audience. The title especially wasn’t all that appealing. Though he had his own stories about that Dash, he couldn’t convince people. Apparently, Teja has asked film theaters to stop the screening of the film so that he can chuck out the Dash! Now the title is just Neeku Naaku. Hope the new one brings him success and sets the cash registers ringing.

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TOONEEGA TOONEEGA RAM CHARAN’S BUMPER OFFER Of late, there is no film sans an item number. They are a must for the commercial success of a film. To cash in on the trend, Amit Mehra, the producer of Ramcharan’s Zanjeer has decided throw in two such numbers as if one is not enough. Of the two one will be shot on actress Mahie Gill and the other on Sunny Leone. He says, the songs are a part of the script and they will be situational too. The shooting of the bilingual that is the remake of 1973 hit Zanjeer (in Telugu NTR’s Nippulanti Manishi) began on April 13 and the film is expected to hit the screens by May 2013.

When producers like D. Rama Naidu and A. M. Ratnam could do it, why not M.S.Raju, senior producer in the Telugu tinsel town? The latter is introducing his son Sumanth Ashwin as the hero in his directorial venture, Tooneega Tooneega. Remember, the title is one of the hit numbers from Manasantha Nuvve, produced by M S Raju. The new film has music by Kartheek Raja, son of maestro Ilayaraja. With so many legends under one roof, aren’t there too many expectations on the film?

THE LOST YEARS America’s Queen of suspense, Mary Higgins Clark is back with her latest romantic murder mystery ‘The Lost years’. Though she has come up with a biblical theme for the first time, she maintains a thrilling suspense and affirms her place once again in the hearts of millions of her fans.

RAJAMOULI’S NEXT FILM IN 2015? HERO, HEROINE AUR WOH! For the first time perhaps, hero Nani is being paired opposite two heroines in director Krishnavamsi's current film that is under progress. Kannada actress Catherine Tresa is the main heroine while Lucky Sharma, who is making foray into Telugu with J D Chakravarthy's All The Best, a part of that was shot in our own city, plays the second female lead. The film is said to be a romantic entertainer and Ramesh Puppala is producing it. Nani who has completed shooting for his forthcoming releases - Rajamouli’s Eega and Gautham Menon's Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu will be seen in a new avatar in this flick! red | may 2012 | 55

Tollywood’s ace director SS Rajamouli is gearing up with his mega project Eega. He’s leaving no stone unturned to publicise the film and make it a hit. The film took almost a year to be completed owing to the heavy graphic work involved. Once Eega hits the screens, Rajamouli will get the script ready for his next flick, starring Prabhas. That would be an out-andout social-fantasy film and requires lot of hard work. If everything goes the right way, the film would see light by 2015 say inside sources! Well, don’t you think three years is just too much.

The story begins with the 28-year-old Mariah returning home. She is shocked to see her father Jonathan Lyons, a biblical scholar, murdered and her mother Kathleen, who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, clutching the murder weapon with the blood smeared all over. Police suspect Kathleen as the culprit as they were aware of the fact that she always got violent in her fit of rage, over her husband’s affair with Lillian. Mariah is bent upon saving her mother from prosecution. She comes to know that the possible motive behind this murder could be the parchment, a letter written by the Jesus to Joseph of Arimathea just before his death. This was missing from the Vatican for five centuries. A well-knit plot and perfect transition are maintained while changing it from a family violence to an archaeological mystery. She draws the characters very distinctly and gives a breathlessly awaited conclusion, making it one of her best reads. Go ahead and grab your copy.

Give a break to all the combat games and welcome a new breed of catchy ones that are a treat to your eyes. The games that we have lined up are powered with bright and appealing images that don’t let you budge from your seat. What are you waiting for! Jump ahead and make yourself busy!



Heartache, war and an endearing love story in store! Pandora's Tower is an action role-playing game crafted around a new premise. Packed with some terrific boss fights, an original approach to fight against the beasts and a clever time-management set the game apart. With some intelligent dungeon crawling and awkward camera angles, this bloodthirsty love story makes for a refreshing change of pace for all those who are bored with the regular action games. Except that the enemies lack variety, everything else is just in the right place!

Go on a delightful journey through a beautiful world that’s packed with charm, clever puzzles and a fantastic soundtrack. The game looks like a child’s drawing book - full of life! Gorgeous visuals that paint an imaginative picture of a hidden world take you by storm. All the endearing characters bring in interesting and challenging puzzles at every step. The latter half of the game especially leaves long lasting memories on the player. Indulge in Botanicula if you wish to enjoy lush green visuals virtually!

TRIBES YAscend - The new free-to-play incarnation of the classic franchise, the Tribes is a core combat game that involves strategic challenges. Though we have seen a plethora of Tribe series in the past, this one is quite different. Though we wouldn’t reveal the surprise but we can assure that Tribes: Ascend is uniquely challenging and thrilling! Unlocking various classes takes ten long hours but it is worth it. Invigorating movements and solid fundamentals make it a lot of free-wheeling fun for the player.


WORLD GONE SOUR Though the game visuals look childlike, it is meant only for the elders. Behind those cute characters, there is a hidden message about the Sour Patch Kids. Narration by Creed Bratton sets the tone for a fun game. At each level, you will receive a competitive leader board that is one-ofits-kind. The finicky double jumps and wall climbs might want you to quit playing. Loading the image on the screen tests your patience and the music gets boring after a couple of levels. If you can bear with all these, World Gone Sour isn’t sour after all.

Wish to get back to your old-school RPG style gaming? Then get the Legend of Grim rock! Though it is frustratingly difficult with the sounds and visuals, you will get addicted to the intense combat and mind-bending puzzles. You can leave the puzzles without solving them, if you feel they are too tough. But remember that those puzzles yield powerful treasures. If this isn’t enough, there is many a surprising twist that keeps you glued to the game. To put it in short - it is straight down to including a PDF or a graph paper to draw your maps.

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RACHCHA After the disastrous Orange, Ram Charan Tej has arrived with smokin’ hot Rachcha! The story introduces Charan as betting Raju who is famous for his clever moves. He gets into a huge bet for a special cause with James (Ajmal) for Rs. 20 lakh to make Chaitra (Tamanna) fall for him. He wins the bet finally! Later, Ballari (Mukesh Rishi), a ruthless mining don enters the scene as Chaitra’s father and the story moves on with several twists and a powerful climax. Mani Sharma’s music is just average. Director Sampath Nandi lacks grip on his department. This flick is strictly for Cherry’s hardcore fans and the regular audience might be disappointed with the mass masala. Nothing new!

DAMMU After tasting success with Simha, director Boyapati Srinu is back with Dammu! He appears in the first scene itself and shouts “babu action!” That sets the tone. The story goes back to a village where two families nurse hatred towards each other and end up killing the heirs. It is all about how an heir of one family comes up and takes the baddies to task. The film is a bitter experience for the audience except for Jr. NTR’s fans. The runof-the-mill story and violent goon-bashing episodes will tire you but Jr. NTR’s histrionics, dances and a few comic scenes provide the much-needed respite. Karthika and Trisha offer the oomph factor. Keeravani’s music stands out and the tunes are peppy. Boyapati could have churned a better story because he is known for interesting twists.






VICKY DONOR Director Shoojit Sircar has again shown the biggies that Hindi flicks too can do wonders if supported by strong script and punchy performances. Mega stars, heavy budgets and foreign locations are just incidental. Vicky Donor speaks for this. A romantic-comic entertainer, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam in the leads, the movie fetched excellent reviews from film critics. A must watch for several reasons as it is smartly-crafted characters, sharp and witty humour and the casual way in which the theme of a social taboo (sperm donating) is handled. It is not the clichéd formula of Bollywood bombarding the audience with numerous songs- just the right number which doesn’t come in the way of the story or its pace. Though paired for the first time, the actors in lead actors enjoy a wonderful chemistry. The duo comes from the small screen, yet has delivered a stunning performance. The sensitive treatment of the subject and comic scenes deserve appreciation. One of the outstanding performers is Anu Kapoor who entertains with his superb acting. However, the ordinary love drama and the lack of tear jerking moments in the second half draw flak. Overall an enlightening and immensely entertaining flick which you can take your family to. (Review by Sumit Jhawar)

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BATTLESHIP Inspired by its own naval combat game, The Habro Studios has come with the masterpiece and with the same name. This sci-fi movie, directed and produced by Peter Berg, is an action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and on the land as our planet fights with a superior force for survival. Starring Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard and Rihanna in the key roles, most of the movie is shot in the Pacific Ocean where the alien’s warships go out of control. Battle in the high seas is portrayed as slowpaced and more calculated unlike terrestrial or aerial combat where high-speed machines glue you to your seats. If you are an action freak, Battleship will not disappoint you!













01. Kevvu keka / Gabbar Singh

01. Pungi / Agent Vinod

02. Rachcha / Rachcha

02. Anarkali disco chali / Housefull 2

03. Nene nani ne / Eega 04. Dhammu / Dhammu 05. Sir osthara / The Businessman 06. Oh priya priya / Ishq 07. Ee rojullo / Ee Rojullo 08. O Saathiya / Naa Ishtam 09. Inthajare inthajare / Love Failure 10. Pistha pistha / Mr. Nookayya







01. Somebody that I used to know / Making Mirrors 02. Boyfriend / Justin Bieber (single)

03. Papa toh band bajaye / Housefull 2

03. Call me maybe / Call me maybe

04. Chikni chameli / Agneepath

05. We are young / Some nights

05. Dil mera muft ke / Agent Vinod

06. Glad you came / Battleground

06. Tu hi mera / Jannat 2 07. Chaahat / Blood Money

07. What makes you beautiful / One direction (single)

08. Jo tere sang / Blood Money

08. Wild ones / Flo Rida ft. Sia (Single)

09. Piya o re piya / Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

09. Stronger (What doesn’t kill you) / Kelly Clarkson (single)

10. Subha ho na de / Desi Boyz

10. Climax / Usher (single)

04. Starships / Nicki Minaj (single)


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yundai and Renault are at loggerheads again! Come what may, May will witness the grand entry of two ‘almost’ luxury cars which can transform the automobile industry. Both the cars were on the display at the Delhi Auto Expo and they hogged the limelight for all good reasons. They are simply the manufacturer’s pride and a customer’s delight! This month we’ve lined up the Elantra and the Duster for you. Get ready for a test drive and see how they win your heart! R


red | may 2012 | 59


Hyundai’s much celebrated sedan, the Elantra, is finally hitting the Indian market following its huge popularity in the American and Korean markets. The sporty look, a very attractive rear end and gorgeous tail lamps are a few unique features of this Sedan. It is very distinctive and easily recognisable and you just cannot mistake the Elantra for any other car. The interiors too are richly done and there’s a room for everybody to sit comfortably. The 2litre, CRDi four-pot motor engine with the max power, rated at 112 bhp, seems quite interesting. Backed by a dominant oil-burner, the Elantra tops the list of petrol cars only for its power packed performance.

The engine comes up with a 6-speed manual gearbox and automatic transmission with manual override. The brakes are brilliantly powered with state-of-the-art technology such as Electronic Brake Force Distribution System (EBD), Passenger Presence Detector, Traction Control System, ABS, Brake Assistance System and Energy Absorbing Collapsible Steering Column. The engine variants come in petrol and diesel versions - 1797 cc petrol producing 127 bhp and the diesel variant producing 1991 cc with 112 bhp. We can be optimistic about the mileage as it can slightly run over 13 kmpl. The petrol engine, however, is quite the opposite. It is refined and tractable. 1.8 litre delivering 127 HP sounds great and the engine responds better after 3000 revs.

red | may 2012 | 60

Renault Duster

At the first glance, the Duster clearly gratifies the sense of ruggedness, with its imposing chrome grille and front guard, high ground clearance, wide wheel arches and body protection. Taking on even the toughest roads becomes sheer fun only with this robust SUV. It clearly belongs to the world of all-terrain vehicles. Worth mentioning is its extremely spacious interiors that have place for a typical big fat Indian family. Drivers of the Duster can enjoy the height-adjustable steering wheel and user-friendly steering wheel-mounted controls. The HVAC system is engineered to make the atmosphere comfortable even in the world’s most punishing climates. With the Look-Pack, owners can now enhance the vehicle’s good looks. This pack includes 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, roof bars, extra-tinted rear glass and satin-finish chrome exterior mirrors, front and rear skid plates and sills. A comprehensive range of accessories including wing extenders, broad side protectors for doors and lateral bars completes this unique look. The suspension system as well as the underside has been strengthened to handle any road. The engine is

red | may 2012 | 61

expected to deliver a maximum of 17-19 kmpl mileage on the Indian terrains. The diesel powered engine will be powered by 1500 cc which gives an output of 85 bhp and 110 bhp power. The petrol driven Duster is equipped with a 1598 cc engine that produces 105 bhp at 5750 rpm and a maximum torque of 148 nm at 3750 rpm. Disc brakes are used which are very effective in the application of emergency brakes. The entire setup is like that of most hatchbacks and its simple construction is its biggest asset. R

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ome new blazing gadgets add heat to this summer. Here we review four entrants into the mobile world. G

MHOTTIES BIL HTC ONE SERIES Mobile giant HTC has come up with its ONE series and will launch HTC ONE S and HTC ONE X. With an appealing outer cover, stylish body design, superfast processor and enhanced cameras, it comes with better battery life and slips easily into pocket! It is the first in the market with Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich, powered with dual and quad core processors.

Inputs From Mr. Sahani, Mobi Care

red | may 2012 | 65






134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm

130.9 x 65 x 7.8 mm


130 grams with battery

119.5 grams with battery

Display and screen

4.7 inch touch screen 1280 x 720 Resolution

4.3 inch touch screen 540 x 960 resolution


1.5 ghz, quad core

1.5 ghz, dual core


Android™ 4.0 with htc sense™ 4

Android™ 4.0 with htc sense™ 4


Internal: 32 GB, RAM:1 GB

Internal: 16 GB, RAM:1 GB


8 megapixel camera with auto focus, smart LED flash and BSI sensor

8 megapixel camera with auto focus, smart LED flash and BSI sensor. 1080p HD video recording VGA front camera


HSPA/WCDMA: Europe/Asia: 850/900/1900/2100 MHZ GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

HSPA/WCDMA: Europe/Asia: 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

MAGIC REMOTE FOR LG LG's latest range of Cinema Smart TVs has the new voice control system which allows the search for TV content within the internet using the mike that is embedded into the Magic Remote. You can operate the TV with voice controls, gestures and even by pointing your fingers. The magic voice recognition technology is provided by Nuance. A reliable speech-to-text translation is possible only with such ground-breaking technology. All the units released after April 2012 might have the voice recognition updated and pre-installed, whereas all TVs compatible with the smart remote will receive the updates by the end of the month.

SAMSUNG OPTICAL SMART HUB SE-208BW Samsung’s Optical Smart Hub created a merger of a CD/DVD player, a wireless access point, a portable disc burner for your laptop and a backup server with the help of a USB drive. It frees up a lot of space on the desk.

MY PASSPORT STUDIO Western Digital’s My Passport Studio looks very professional in its new avatar. With the availability of two superfast FireWire800 USB 2.0 ports, transferring data is easier now. Apart from a regular single port, availability of the extra port can help us plug in additional external drives. With ability to shine in Windows and Mac devices, WD has come up with three models that boast of a capacity of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. With the blazing speed of 800 MB/sec, it is the best device one can ask for!

Hardware It weighs 440 grams, measures six inches wide, eight inches long and an inch tall and flaunts a bold look. The copy protection circumvention is an added attraction. Data Streaming & Wireless backup If you hook up a hard drive or memory stick, you'll be able to play stored media as you stream in with a DVD. You can send files from a smart phone to the device, to be stored via USB or even burn it to a disc. G

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how him a leaf and he comes up with an unfaltering account of its botanical and common name, genesis, genealogy, germination, flowering, transplantation, how expedient it is, what care and maintenance does it require etc., in short, just about everything about the plant in question! If you think he is a botany lecturer or horticulturist, you are a way off the mark! He is the man behind the super luxurious 150-acre stretch of Sunray Village Resort, which is just a 30-minute drive from the city. L red | may 2012 | 67

With unwavering enthusiasm and energy, Raja Babu (as he is fondly called) might soon turn out to be the torch-bearer of a green renaissance in Vizag. The resort has a whopping 2.5 lakh plants and trees of all species. It was his brain and vision that reflects in every leaf and plant that sways in the resort. A green house with seeds and tiny saplings and tanks with several exotic fish, further bear testimony to his admirable love for flora and fauna. He speaks to Kalyani Rajashekhar, describing his life’s journey.

The seed My father was a Tahsildaar in Anakapalli. Born in an agricultural family, I was never interested in studies. Though I joined B.Com, soon I called it quits, flunking in all the subjects and joined my brothers who were into the poultry and prawn farming. Back in the 1960s, it was going great guns and Raj Kamal poultries was a national brand. The farm that started with 500 birds, now boasts of 5 lakhs. We received many awards.

Shoot: Dhana Vijay Story: Kalyani Rajashekar

Usually people name their businesses after their children. But I did it vice versa. My two sons were born after Raj Kamal was established and I named them Raja and Kamal..

red | may 2012 | 68

The germination The recent bird flu epidemic gave a new twist to my life. May be there were no huge losses but the catastrophe certainly affected us. That was when I turned my eye to real estate ventures and I was greatly influenced by SriSanthi pleasant village at Savaravilli, who created a huge resort in a mere 20 acre-land. It occurred to me that I could do wonders with my 150 acres of high-yielding land! Let me be clear, I was only inspired by them but never copied their designs or layouts. As I am new to this field, I roped in experienced people like Mr. Vasantha Rayulu, an architect and Mr. Narayana Raju, a civil engineer as my partners. Very enterprising Mrs. Padmavathi, wife of Ayyana Patrudu, an ace Telugu film producer too, is part of our team. I must also mention my wife and sons, who have been extending their valuable suggestions. The flowering I did not go for this venture just because I had money and could build a few blocks. I wanted to make a mark by building something singularly spectacular among the

red | may 2012 | 69

number of resorts dotting the region. Even the most of the material used here has been imported from Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places. This goes well with our NRI customers who are in good numbers. I should also live up to their expectations. The faith they repose in me puts that extra onus on my shoulders. As you must have understood by now, greenery is our strong point here, whereas our upcoming beach-front project will have the deep blue ocean and pollution-free surroundings as main attractions. Tough task A special environmental clearance (hard to get) is needed for any beachfront venture. I had to face a panel of 14 experts, who were shooting a volley of questions. It was when I almost gave up hope, one of them asked me if I knew anything about hedge plantation, which is imperative for this particular construction. I could convince him and obtained the clearance. That is one moment I never forget! Mr. Raja Babu is a green enthusiast, but certainly not a green horn when it comes to other matters. He comes up with a smart repartee when we turn to lighter questions.

INTROSPECTION Mr. Raja Babu comes up with an interesting self assessment. Father: I encourage my two sons to go out, party, visit new places, make friends and work on new things. We are buddies. Husband: I am a bad husband, giving very little time to my wife. I am sure she will have a lot more to complain. I have time to visit botanical gardens and nurseries but not to take her for shopping etc. Friend: I am always there for my friends and spend quality time with them.

Vasantha Rayulu (Business Partner): I’ve known him for the past 18 years and he is more than a best friend. He is a plant-freak. Can you believe it? He literally talks to each and every plant. Bujji (Friend): I have known him for the past 25 years and there is nobody like him. We meet almost everyday and discuss any topic under the sun. I always admire the way he handles things without making a mess. He is very hard working. L

Boss: I may not appear that way but I am very short tempered and a taskmaster. Even if there’s a tiny piece of paper lying on the floor, I hit the roof. But I do cool down immediately and my employees are aware of it.


QUOTES Do you watch films? Very rare! My last movie was Robo and Titanic is my favourite! A party animal or home-bird? Oh! A party animal for sure! What’s life without friends and parties? Religious? Not at all, I’m an atheist! My wife makes up for it, sitting in the prayer room 24/7!

Seshu Lakshmi (Wife): Plants are his best-halves. I stand second on his list of priority. Once he is back home, he lectures endlessly about the new plants in the resort. He knows how to enjoy life to the fullest extent! His hardworking nature is surely an inspiration to everybody.

What food do you prefer? Nothing in particular. I start my day having ½ a liter water and fresh fruits for breakfast. Chicken biryani is my favourite. How regularly do you holiday? Maybe you should ask me when I am home. Gadgets and internet Not into gadgets but the internet certainly is my new love! I owe all my knowledge to the World Wide Web. Hobbies Reading books tops the list. I am a great fan of the inimitable Yandamuri Veerendranath. In fact, I offered him a story idea the very first time I met him and to my delight, it manifested into a popular novel - Tappu Cheddam Randi. If you want to set right one move of your past, which is that? Back to college! Neglecting education was the biggest mistake of my life. Had I studied further, I could have learnt about the plants better. red | may 2012 | 70


huge bungalow with spacious interiors, mammoth rooms, lavish living area, dining space to accommodate a jumbo family, beautiful balconies overlooking a vast stretch of greenery etc.- doesn’t it sound like a dream villa? But the reality bites! There is always the space crunch. The most viable option is definitely a studio apartment. However, a studio flat certainly needs special attention and smart planning. It is nothing but a single room or a hall with just one bathroom besides cooking, dining area, relaxing and sleeping spaces which are not divided by walls. With very little available space, figuring out the right layout is a task to reckon with. Ranita Ray explains how you can design it fashionably. One just needs to master the following tricks to carve out cozy spaces and transform a single room into a perfect home. D

red | may 2012 | 71

Space selection You have to draw a perfect layout before you go to the ground. Take professional help if needed. Ideally, kitchen should be located in a corner. The liveliest of all, your living space should be provided with a window. Sleeping zone can be set up in the other corner. Demarcating domains Have a slim shelf of the same height as that of the windows. Place this in

Go gradually from dark to light from the floor to the ceiling for the best effect. However, avoid overdoing the designs. Nevertheless, the furnishings can be splashed in dark and deep hues. Go for vibrant carpets and throw variegated cushions on the sofas. Linens can be of soft and cozy colours. It is suggested that the bed and the sofa are in-sync with the wall colour.

Wall decoration, if kept minimal, can enhance the overall appearance of the apartment. Illuminati In a studio apartment, good lighting can always be the show stealer and can even make it look less congested. Avoid fixing too many lamps and prefer softer ones. Decorative lamps can come to the rescue of the tiny spaces by giving them a bigger and brighter appearance. Illusion is the name of the game! And nothing works better than mirror. Enhance the room volume with mirrors. Lean a tall mirror against a wall to expand the perspective. Fix some mirrors across the window to bounce the light around. Furniture fixes Invest on multipurpose furniture. A bed with storage space is a must. Similarly, placing a sofa-bed in the living area, touching the window wall, can serve a dual purpose. Use storage ottomans as extra seating and storing too. Go for a narrow multi-purpose dining board. Install an embedded shelf between the kitchen and living room that has a single vertical door, which when opened can serve as a dining table for one or two people. A drop-leaf table is a smart option.

such a way that it creates a partition between the living space and the bedroom area. If the shelf doesn’t offer you much privacy, you can just have a movable partition placed in between. There is a wide range of partitions available in the market, but wooden and glass ones are popular. Even heavy drapes can also function as dividers, especially between the dining and living spaces. Colour code As the studio apartment is nothing but a huge hall, a monochromatic scheme for the décor doesn’t really work. For the walls, use neutral, soft shades or just stick to white, as bright and dark shades make the room look cramped. By giving each space a different colour, you can create well defined areas without one encroaching on the other. If you are still craving to get an expansive look, paint the ceiling with a slightly lighter shade than that of the walls. red | may 2012 | 72

This will not only accommodate dinner guests but can also be used as a desk if you are working. For the study space, get sleek folding chairs and study tables. Free-flooring Keep the floor and the entrance space free as much as you can. Get rid of any useless items and priority should be given to the utility. Use and arrange the furniture sparingly and smartly. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, go vertical. Follow this rule for shelves and decorative racks. Freeing the space makes your apartment appear spacious. Specifically, look for narrow but high shelving units that provide ample storage space. Opting for a wall mounted LCD saves quite a bit of space. Similarly, wall embedded closets promise you space-freedom. Try placing electronic gadgets on them instead of installing them on ground-fixed cabinets. D

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old! Gold! Gold! Heavy to get and light to hold! Gone are the days when a woman was quantified with the amount of yellow metal she carried on herself. Radiant red, soothing blue, ivory white or the peaceful green all match her attire, modulating her moods and desires. R

Like gold the colourful gemstones - rubies, jades, sapphires, corals and pearls are precious too. Not to worry, all the lookalikes are here. What were simple beads sometime ago, are back in vogue! Pretty damsels are smitten by the antique-look silver coloured and bright glass beads jewellery. A stroll in a swanky market is sure to tempt you to buy those metallic pendants, chunky bracelets and funky earrings. The range is mind-blowing! The craze for junk or rather costume ornaments is on the rise. Kalyani Rajashekar shows why this new genre is simply irresistible and offers an excellent value for the money! red | may 2012 | 75

Trends in junkies Change is the only thing that is constant! The oxidized stones which were hot favorites till 2006, gave way to vibrant beads that give a chic look. Well, to be a perfect fashionista, just follow these jewellery trends which are bound to rule this season! Hair jewellery, artificial pearls, pendant necklaces, geometric shapes and tribal effects are a few styles to watch out for!

red | may 2012 | 76

R A G E Multi-layered necklaces The magic of these multi-layered necklaces can brighten up even the simplest of attires! Try pairing a beaded multi-layered necklace in mixed colour palette with a simple white T-shirt and jeans. It goes well even with ethnic wears, provided you wear a deep-neck one. Complemented with a minimalistic make-up, this combination is sure to be an instant hit! Earrings Tiny studs are to be kept for some other time, as it’s the rule of chunky chandelier earrings. Similar elegance elevators are the stunning danglers in pastel tones. What’s more, if you are one of those fashion followers who believes in wearing not too many pieces of jewellery - an eloquent pair of chunky earrings can add oodles of charm to your getup!

Ethnic-inspired Keep an eye open for ethnic yet spunky jewellery. Don the Desi-look with the help of stacked beaded bangles and necklaces in ethnic tones. Mix and match different pieces of trinkets to be a diva. No matter whether you are sporting an Indian or western attire, this combo can turn you into a show-stealer wherever you go!

red | may 2012 | 77

flawless finish and deft craftsmanship. Both these designers get their raw materials from the US, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and even places like Varanasi. Plastic wires, metal strings, coloured beads, artificial pearls, loops, danglers, bells, tiny gem stones (jade, amethyst, cat’s eye and CZ stones) and pendants are used extensively in their designs, making them highly desirable not only in India, but also across the globe. The added charm of getting it custom-made adds to its popularity. So all you lovely ladies out there, time to charm your hunks with your junks!

Colours like bright orange, green and yellow are popular in the summer season, whereas all the red and blue shades are better saved for winter. Neutrals like black and white are all-time favourites too! If you think you need to run to Koti, Chandini Chowk or Commercial Street to own a few of them, you’re mistaken! Our very own city has a couple of talented designers, Sonia Ganti and Rajeswari Sarma, who bring out exquisite pieces of junk jewellery in perfect proportions,

For more details on junk jewellery, browse the below links or contact the designers. Studio Azzurra Sonia Ganti: +91 99856 49718 Rajeshwari Sarma: +91 93467 68235

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FLOWER POWER: Flower power is back for SS12 with bold colours and blown-up scales being the talk of the town. Bloom Bloom Pow, girls!

LINE UP THE LINEN: This summer collection is the juxtaposition of soft cotton and linen fabrics with city style shapes. So line them up linens and live it up in comfort!

W red | may 2012 | 79

COLOUR ME DENIM: With the summer heat on the rise, the colour palette of your wardrobe needs some bright hues as well. The hot season essential for an all new fresh summer look is the coloured jeans. Adding brightness to your staples these jeans can be worn in many vivid colours like the fruity orange, deep red, sea-green, the fresh yellow or other subdued hues. Styling notes for coloured denims include pair-ups with crisp white shirts, feminine tanks, balloon blouses, funky printed T-shirts and even cropped tops.

CANDY TREATS: After last season’s bold brights and rich jewel tones, it’s now time to give your wardrobe a refreshing spring clean. From off-duty chic to the red carpet, spring’s key pieces have been given a sugar coat in some of the yummiest hues. Ice cream and sorbet shades such as mint, peach, lemon, baby pinks and blues constitute spring’s colour spectrum. You can opt for a single block shade or if you can’t decide which flavour to go for, then why not try a few scoops in various colours and create a fun and pretty colour block look. Although this pale pastel palette may be understated and subtle, it certainly isn’t subdued.

MIDIS: Keep it classy with the midi skirt style that ends a couple of inches below the knee. This season’s most coveted length shows only a hint of your legs adding a touch of simplicity and elegance. Feminine as ever, the midi promises to accentuate your curves if worn as a body con skirt or dress while the A-line below the knee length brings back the 50’s conservative yet fashionable days.

LINEN: Linen and cotton sand-hued separates graced the Milan/Paris catwalks lending the season an easy chic mood. A perfect accompaniment to that Mediterranean tan, summer neutrals are all the rage.

M STYLovE! Prita Dhawan, Fashion Coordinator

red | may 2012 | 80


SUMMER BLUES: Reminiscent of the crystalline summer sea waters, blue is the colour for SS’12. From navy to azur passing by lapis and indigo the whole tonal spectrum of blue was present on the catwalks. Teamed with orange or yellow, blue can make a real statement. Paired with white, the marina chic look is complete.

CROPPED PANTS: Traditional proportions, especially in classic menswear, have been turned on their heads and have resulted in shorter blazers or trousers. The new proportions trend, SS’12 saw catwalks in Milan/Paris stomped by models in ankle cropped trousers. Reminiscent of the 1950s mod subculture these tapered pants are perfect for an alternative summer formal look.

COLORAMA: Moving forward from the very masculine blue, other brights lit up the catwalks all over. Parrot greens, oranges and highlighter yellow contrasted with warm hues of berry. The trend is easy to wear: interpret it with knitwear or even leather, while for the more daring a few tailored suits in bright fluo pink colour made an appearance on the SS’12 catwalks.

PRINTS: The all over printed tops are a perfect bridge between the t shirt and casual shirt in SS’12. The jersey versions with collars are an up to the minute alternative to the classic polo shirt. The bolder the print the better it is. red | may 2012 | 81



TIRES R ide on the saddle, gear up to pedal, and battle your ailments. Cycle - this fun tool can give you quite a lot of health benefits sans monotony or even heavy expenses. Ranita Ray speaks to city’s ace fitness trainer Ms. Shaheeda Mehdi who shares her expert views on its pros and also the technicalities to avoid any health cons.

“A regular 30-minute ride is good to keep you in shape. If you find it difficult going at a stretch, opt for three 10-minute cycling circuits with 10-15mins brisk walk sessions in between,” says Shaheeda. Amidst the mechanical routine, do we ever think about burning the cloggedin calories? Perhaps a little knowledge can stir you up for a ride. W

red | may 2012 | 83

BENEFITS • Cardiac care It is an aerobic workout which helps your pumping organ to increase the blood flow to your limbs and the lungs to exercise more, thus minimising the risk of cardiac arrest. It melts the extra fat lining the coronary artery, improving the cardio-vascular fitness and perfectly trains the heart to be stronger. Regular cycling checks heart blockage and strokes by more than 50%. • Muscles’ mate Contrary to normal perception, cycling doesn’t work solely for legs. Leg muscles are responsible for the pedaling movement; abdomen and back muscles stabilise the body on the cycle and the shoulder-arm muscular system supports the body at the handlebars. Thus it builds strength in a holistic manner.

BEST CYCLE Vizag is known for its natural landscapes and admirable hilly terrains, so it is advisable to go for a mountain bike or any gear based bicycle. A judicious shopper should hop in for a wider tyre that demands for greater physical efforts which also adds to the stability. Narrow seats may be inconvenient, especially for women. Choose a wider or a gel-filled saddle. PRECAUTIONS Ensure that the bicycle is apt for your height and needs. Adjust the saddle according to your leg length. Your knee should only be slightly bent when your foot is on the pedal with your leg fully extended. There is a risk of straining your knees if they are bent to a greater extent. • Handlebar should be fixed about five centimetres lower than the saddle height. • Keep a regular check on its tyres, bearings, gears, chains etc on weekly basis. Get the bicycle serviced annually by professionals. • For safety assurance, always wear helmet, get safety kneepads, elbow pads etc. and most importantly use a bell.

However, if you are keen to tone and strengthen the lower body muscles, then perhaps nothing works better than cycling. It works wonders on your hips, calves, thighs and rear end. Cycling is also a technique of exercising with the least impact for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips. • Waist watcher Get the curvy waistline, the cycling way. One can burn a good amount of calories while biking, especially when done swiftly than in a leisurely pace. Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. If you cycle for 30 minutes every day you would burn 11 pounds of fat in a year. It decreases the weight gain apart from ramping up metabolism, even after the ride is over. • Control coordinator Here, one moves both feet around in circles while steering with both

• Though anyone can cycle, it is always better to consult your doctor to know your limits and capacities. • Try avoiding rides on warm and sunny days. Carry enough water to save yourself from dehydration. • Start on a lower pace and increase the speed and intensity gradually. Beginners can follow a schedule of thrice a week.

the hands balancing one’s body weight. Arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands and body-to-eye coordination are improved, thus alleviating one’s synchronising skills. • Longevity provider When cycling becomes a part of your daily fitness regime, you not only live healthy, but also long. • Mental health booster Daily cycling habits improve even mental health. It relieves stress and boosts up one’s self esteem for wellbeing. This fun activity is an excellent way to be with the marvelous nature and to enjoy it in proximity. The pleasure gained while riding a bicycle removes anxiety. • Immunity improver Researches show that moderate activities like cycling strengthen immune system. It helps to check certain types of cancers. It enhances overall fitness levels, apart from improving and building one’s stamina.

GVMC’S FITNESS MANTRA The Greater Visakha Municipality Corporation (GVMC) is promoting cycling in a big way. City’s RK beach road has been declared a vehicle-freezone from 5.30 am to 7.30 am. Those who don’t possess a bicycle, can now borrow one from the Aqua Sports Complex of the GVMC by depositing any of their identity cards. W

WALTAIR CYCLING CLUB Started in Oct 2011 with just 25 members, Waltair Cycling Club, the first cycling club of the city has grown into a 150-member organisation today. With an aim to inculcate a healthy and fun habit to stay fit, this club organises regular events like usual route rides on RK beach road apart from expedition from RK beach to Rushikonda, Bheemunipatnam etc on every weekend. They pay special attention to safety measures and also take the weather conditions into consideration. For membership, contact: Mr. Shiv Kumar Gunturu, Chairman, WCC on 98481 92491. red | may 2012 | 84


Rayal Chiranjeevi Celebrity Fitness & Nutritional Expert Since 1999. M: +91 98852 54272

very well …” It is all in h it ppy w th ed that pu ps tee in, rosy li want to sh h ll can c ly a s t u le o p io n v t im b ows tha w, we o h s ro cheeks d g y y d e b w tu b s u s t is h ia Bu “C But a teen in Ind physique. little kids. this rt and firm every third for sweet a t to a m y s th r re w p fo o ll n e pir dents fa tu alling to k s p p fat and as g a in o is g g It actin llege goal. 20% of co sk of contr ure to score reach that creased ri More than ss in t. h re n p a ig t e y, a it rw ove rits. al activ ic r‘ and are s e y h rd p o main culp f is o e ‘d le are th es. Lack chronic s ty a s e fe is li d r ry cula enta cardiovas have nd the sed ures they ademics a f the meas high in ac o ing and g w d o u n k n a at extr th are in th u o d y e e e rcise n th y e h e Thoug hild to xe sity, th ating the c falls on check obe v ti to o e m k f ta o to us its n. The on eating hab stimulatio y change ll a u d ra g more and . the parents

Teen Trouble

Type 2 diabetes


Sleep apnea

Problems of the muscular system


Heart diseases

Depression and stress

Self control •

High metabolic activity enhances the combustion of calories

Being physically active is the need of the hour. At least 40 minutes of moderate activity on a daily basis can reduce body mass.

Try to substitute the habit of watching TV or sitting on the internet, with a walk, cycle or swim. Reduce the time spent on sedentary activities.

Try to walk to the college and the nearby shops. Active commuting would surely be of great help.

Yoga to control obesity can help the teen to get rid of the extra flab. Moreover, the meditation sessions red | may 2012 | 85

A healthy breakfast in the morning keeps the body metabolism under control. Skipping breakfast can cause brain disorders.

Honey in place of sugar in fruit juices helps to burn fat deposits and strengthens immunity.

Whole grains (oats, maize, barley, brown rice and white bread) are all fibre-rich and aid in easy digestion. They also prevent accumulation of fat in the body. Ensure that you include atleast one kind of whole grain in your daily diet.

Eggs provide lesser number of calories and unhealthy fats. An egg without yolk can take care of your body’s nutrition without depriving it of minerals and proteins.

Nuts like almonds and walnuts are highly proteinaceous for snacks and at the same time check fat deposits. Just a fistful of these nuts can eliminate bad fat from your body.

Substitute regular tea and coffee with green tea. It burns excess fat in the body and boosts your immune system.

can relax their mind and improve concentration.

Risks •

Don’t resort to liposuction or other surgeries to remove flab. Only losing weight naturally will help the body retain the shape.

Nutrition •

Have a check on the eating habits and try to maintain a perfect eating time-table.

Avoid munching of short-eats while watching TV.

Put an end to all the fast foods and include fresh fruits and a lot of vegetable salads in the teen’s diet. Crackers, sweet biscuits, chocolates, chips and other fried stuff are rich in calories. Staying away from them is the only remedy.

Curb the intake of carbonated drinks and sweetened beverages. Having no nutritional value, they just add to your calories.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 7 liters of water per day. Follow the trick of having a glass of water just before lunch or dinner- it helps you to eat less yet keeps the stomach full.

Limit the number of times the child eats and always prefer home cooked meals to junk food.

red | may 2012 | 87

MANGO AND MILK CHOCOLATE MILLE FEUILLE (4 PORTIONS) Ingredients Pastry cream - 250 gm Mango pulp - 150 gm Eggs - 3 Sugar - 24.5 gm Gelatin sheets - 4 Callebaut milk chocolate 300 gm Ripe mango - 1 Black pepper powder - 1 pinch Preparation of pastry cream Ingredients Milk - 300 ml Egg yolks - 3 Castor sugar - 80 gm Soft butter - 30 gm Flour - 15 gm Corn flour - 15 gm Vanilla bean - as required Procedure Boil milk, sugar and vanilla bean, add the flour and corn flour whisking continuously. Take the mixture off the flame and whisk it in the egg yolk. Cook on a low flame until the raw flavor of the flour escapes. Add soft butter when the mixture reaches 50 C and mix. Keep it aside. red | may 2012 | 89

Main recipe To make a mango mousse, prepare a sabayon of egg yolk and sugar in a double boiler. Pour the mango pulp and gelatin into the sabayon, mix well to avoid lumps. Fold in the pastry cream into the above mixture, and spread it in a flat container and allow it to set in a fridge. Melt the chocolate, cool it and cut it into rectangular pieces with desired thickness and keep it in a fridge for 10 minutes. Cut the mango mousse also into rectangular shape (the same size of chocolate). Mango salsa Take a firm ripe mango, cut into small cubes. Add olive oil, black salt, shredded basil and crushed black pepper to these cubes and mix. Assembly In a plate, place rectangular chocolate slab in the centre, top it with a slab of mango mousse. Repeat the same a couple of times. Add mango salsa on the side and garnish with sprig of mint and a swirl of chocolate.

Novotel Kasa Janardhan, with a two-decade experience in various luxurious hotels, is the Executive Chef at Novotel, Visakhapatnam Varun Beach. The veteran chef, specialised in Indian, oriental, Mexican and Western cuisine, dishes out a yummy dessert‌


Ingredients Chicken - 400 gm Raw mango (cut into long strips) - 2 Grated coconut - 50 gm Cashew nut paste - 40 gm Chopped onion - 50 gm Ginger garlic (GG) paste - 20 gm Chopped tomato - 50 gm Chopped garlic - 5 gm Green chili - 2 gm Coriander powder - 2 tea spoon Cumin powder - 1 tea spoon Few curry leaves Mustard seed (for tempering) - 1 gm Refined oil - 1 tea spoon Ghee - 15 gm Salt to taste

Method Marinade the chicken with GG paste and salt for 30 min. Cut the mango into long strips and keep aside. Heat the oil in a vessel and sautĂŠ onion and garlic along with the chicken and other spices. Cook for a little while. Add mango when chicken is half cooked. Cook for another 10 to 15 mins on a low flame. Finally add ghee when the chicken is cooked.

Four Points by Sheraton With 15 years of experience in varied cuisine in many prestigious hotels, Pankaj Kumar, Executive Chef, is presently satiating the taste buds of the foodies who frequent Four Points. Known for his innovative ideas, he is presenting a unique recipe to spice up the season. C

red | may 2012 | 90




Vizag, an ever happening city, is always ready to fall in step with the latest trends, be it food, fashion or clothing. It now seems to have witnessed a new spurt in the beverage arena. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a short term fad. There has been an unprecedented mushrooming of soda hubs in almost every nook and corner of the city. Yet the euphoria has lost its fizz in no time. Team red Dipika, Nikhita and Urmila- ventured out, braving the scorching sun, to find out the reasons behind this rare phenomenon. They met a cross section of people to get an insight into the hubs. F

For a while, the hubs appeared to be a fitting answer to the parching throats, finding a huge patronage among the citizens, as a glass of soda is offered at a very affordable price. They also posed a threat to the soft drink sellers and fruit juice vendors, giving them a run for their money. The credit of introducing the new product to the city goes to Mr. T. Satyanarayana of Sairam Parlour

red | may 2012 | 91

and his partner Mr. SrinivasRao who also runs the Food Lounge at C.M.R. Central. Highly impressed by the success of the hubs in Hyderabad, the duo launched their own ventures in Vizag, besides taking franchisee in other five districts. There are nearly 10 hubs like Soda King, Soda World, Soda Hut, etc which run sub outlets in different areas.

It certainly is a lucrative business, as it fetches more profits with low investment (Rs. 3 to 5 lakh). The basic fountain machine comes with minimum of 8 to 15 flavours. Gujarat and Hyderabad are the major suppliers of the raw material for the entire country. It is mandatory to use mineral water. Since it is a season driven market, the hubs net atleast Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1700 a day during the peak season. Besides the common flavours like orange, lemon, apple, grape and mango, there are exclusive ones like raspberry, iron brew, granadilla, ginger beer, non-alcoholic rum and whisky. The most favoured flavours are orange and lemon.

PROCEDURE • Carbon dioxide is passed through the mineral/sparkling water. • The carbon cylinder is connected to the tanks in a fool-proof method to prevent contamination. 200ml unit contains 150 ml of mineral water, 25gm of flavour and 25gm of carbon dioxide. BYTES Bujji, operator of Dwarakanagar hub says, “Thanks to this new facility, I am able to support my family.” Many of her ilk who are not too educated are able to find employment and stand on their feet. Arvind, a student who prefers fresh fruit juice (with high nutrition value) to the soda, admits that the hubs certainly serve as temporary thirstquenchers. He feels that it is a mouthwatering taste that too at an affordable cost. DOCTORS’ DILEMMA Surprisingly, there are two opinions with one section of doctors voting for and the other voting against soda consumption. “Drinking soda has its own benefits. It checks dehydration and can be a part of a healthy diet. The carbonated water in itself causes no harm but the

quality and quantity of the flavour makes a difference. Running such joints is not an easy task in our conditions,” says Dr. P. Murali Krishna, Gastroenterologist. Dr. Pedda Veerraju, Gastroenterologist, feels that the carbonated water though not addictive, is harmful if consumed in excess and cites many resultant health problems. He suggests that coconut water is the best health drink and is also an efficacious means to quench thirst and prevent dehydration. “In fact, soda consumption may lead to obesity and ulcers. Youth should be aware of these facts” he adds. Mrs. T. Aparna, Nutritionist, says that carbonated water is the culprit behind many ills. “Soda has zero nutritional value. It may make the bones brittle and even lead to loss of appetite, asthma, tooth decay and heart diseases. It can be had once in a while but coconut water is preferable.” She advises people to take fresh fruit salads and homemade juices that prevent waterborne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. It is hard to conjecture the future of soda hubs in a city like Vizag, full of health buffs, but for the present, they are doing fine with the temperatures soaring high day by day. F

red | may 2012 | 92



Shimla is a dream hill station with beautiful white snow capped mountains and green pastures along their slopes, spreading over the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Little wonder, the British Raj chose it as the summer capital lured by its natural landscapes that are complemented with manmade structures. An ideal interlude beneath the thick pine jungles, with a combination of tiny hills and gigantic mountains, peaks, small streams, placid lakes, rivers and deep gorges, Shimla can be your cool escape for this summer. Ishi chalks out a travel plan taking a leaf out of her personal tour experience. R

red | may 2012 | 93

red | may 2012 | 94

PLACES OF INTEREST The Ridge Road Though referred to as the Ridge Road, this is a large open space dotted with quite a few landmarks. It is also the venue for summer carnival and various local celebrations. Just 4 km away from this is Glenn, one of the popular picnic spots. A thrilling ride through a dense forest reaches you to the spot. Himachal State Museum & Library It displays many historical sculptures, paintings, coins, photos, ancient books and manuscripts. It is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

red | may 2012 | 95

The Mall Road This is the most happening place of Shimla, being a shopper’s den. The famous Gaiety Theatre, woolen market, Lakkar (wooden) Bazaar are some of the main attractions of this area. No-High Hills Here is some good news for the people suffering from acrophobia; there are no high hills around. Prospect Hill is at a distance of a 15-minute walk from Boileauganj on Shimla-Bilaspur road. Located at an altitude of 2,155m, this offers a spectacular view and also houses Kamna Devi temple. Similarly, Summer Hill situated at a distance of 1 km from Boilaeuganj, is a mesmerising spot on Shimla-Kalka Railway line. Travel yet another km and you will find Potter Hill, a picturesque picnic spot for the tourists. Ecological Park situated by this hill is an added attraction.

red | may 2012 | 96


Fishing Is fishing your passion? The ideal spots are the up streams of Pabbar river at Rohru (110 km. away from Shimla), Chirgaon, Seema, Mandil, Sandsu, Tikri and Dhamvari. A licence can be obtained from the officer of Fisheries stationed at Chirgaon. Golf British Viceroy, Lord Curzon, set up the famous golf course at Naldera, 23 km from Shimla. This is a par 68 nine holes course complementing a perfect natural topography. Accommodation is easily available at Hotel Golf Glade. Ice Skating Shimla has one of the largest open ice-skating rinks of the world. The season generally lasts from December to February. The hanging balloon on the Municipal Building displays skating schedules. If you are planning for a winter trip, don’t miss ice-hockey

Christ Church Christ Church, known to be the second oldest church in North India, was built 1846. The exquisite stained glass windows reflect the acumen of the artisans of that era. The other important churches are St. Michael's Cathedral and Roman Catholic Cathedral. Jakhu Temple Jakhu is the holy shrine of Lord Hanuman, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and the town. You can hire a pony or a taxi to visit the temple. Kali Bari The temple is dedicated to Shyamala Devi, after whom the city was christened. Devotees throng the temple in hordes during the Durga puja and Diwali. Sporting Spirit Due to its amazing geographical position, it offers a wide range of activities to the adventurists. Just choose your activity. Trainers and equipment will take care of the rest. Trekking - Famous routes Shimla to Kullu over the Jalori Pass (3300 m), Rohroo - Sangla, Shalipeak, Chail, Junga, Tattapani and Sarahan to Sangla etc.

red | may 2012 | 97

Camping Himachal Pradesh’s natural beauty can be explored only through camping. You can either put up your own tent or stay in rented tents. These camps offer accommodation, food, besides providing many other activities. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPDTC) has these camps in Mashobra and Baldian. Recreation Other than these outdoor activities, Shimla also offers some indoor fun. Besides three cinema halls, there are shops offering a variety of video games. HPDTC organises various entertainment programmes like festivals, carnivals, craft fairs and gymkhanas. Shoppers’ Delight Shopaholics can return home with loads of gifts. The Lower Bazaar and Tibetan Bazaar are worth a visit. Here you get enormous range of Himachali wooden and metal craft, shawls, Pahari caps, pullovers, tweeds, wooden toys, Tibetan carpets, pickles, imported goods, jams and squashes. You can haggle for the best deal. Delicacies Sidku or Sidu, one of the specialties in upper Shimla hills is very famous. It is a thick fermented roti made of wheat flour, opium seeds paste

and jaggery or salt, served with homemade clarified butter. Patandeys are made of very thin paste of wheat flour, eaten with dal and either ghee or kheer. Extra Exploration Rampur (80 km from Shimla): Located on the bank of River Satlej, Rampur is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, shops and temples. Raghunath, Ayodhya, Narsingh Temple and Padam Palace are some of the major attractions here. Kotgarh (82 km from Shimla): You can carry home the memories of driving through apple orchids, if you visit Kotgarh. This is the ground of apple revolution in Himachal, which was started by an American, Samuel Evans Stokes. Mashobra (10 km from Shimla): Situated at an altitude of 2,149 mt above the sea level, it is an excellent site worth visiting. It is a popular weekend resort, dotted with delightful villas and innumerable picnic spots. Visit to the temple of Goddess Durga at Mashobra is a must. Kufri (16 km from Shimla): Situated at an altitude of 2,510 mt above sea level, it offers some of the famous skiing rinks. You can also have a glimpse of wildlife at the Himalayan Nature Park. Chail (43 km from Shimla): The former capital of Patiala state, Chail is a hiker’s paradise. It has a cricket ground at a height of 2,250 mt, built in 1893. A wildlife sanctuary just 3 km away is worth the trek. R

BEST SEASON It is round the year holiday destination with each season offering something unique to the tourists. WHAT TO WEAR Woollens are must takes, no matter when you visit. BEST TIME TO VISIT April - August and December January.



red | may 2012 | 99

ow cool it’s to fool some one? Pretty cool, pretty cool! Just follow no serious rule! Accompanied with high voltage music by party freaks’ darling DJs Bobsy and Dillip; Vizagites did it and had the best All Fools’ Day at Rosso. As per the slogan of the bash, every soul stepping there came with a dream and left with a story. After all it’s not just about playing pranks on pals but certainly beyond that.


rom the pitch to the dance floor, spectators’ cheer ups to high thumping beats, flood lights to disco blinkers, energy drinks to intoxicating potion, the cricket stars seem to have donned new avatar. The celebrated cricketers of the Deccan Chargers, who were in the city to play two IPL matches, were seen unleashing the inner reveler at the party and enjoyed every bit of it, the Vizagites’ way.


red | may 2012 | 100

RAT (1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 AND 2008) Though not an adorable animal, it ranks first among all the signs. It is witty, delicate, alert and full of life. Rat people are usually lucky in education and career. They are the best bosses at home and work. Their status and money help them to motivate themselves. In 2012, Rats will become highly popular but at the same time there could be minor tremors in their marriage. They can find true happiness if they can make room for the others in their life. Anybody who has got a Rat partner must be able to keep up with their hyperactive nature




“Will my dream come true?” “When will I get my dream job?” “Where is my dream partner?” I wish I knew answers to all these questions! The Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology gave predictions based on the Moon signs, while the Western Astrology used the Sun signs. The Chinese named the birth years after 12 animals. When Lord Buddha realised that the zodiacs needed to be organised and called all the animals to attend a meeting on the New Year Day, only 12 animals - rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig- turned up. To honour them for their gesture, the Buddha endowed them each with a year. Each animal is a story in itself. Read on.

OX (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 AND 2009) One trait that is present only in the Ox people is their patience. They are also known for their determination, strength and dependability. Such attributes make them soft on the hardworking ones in their friends’ list. Oxen, this year, will enjoy good health in spite of slogging everyday. Apart from not being sociable, they abhor gossips and rumours about the others. They tend to be more productive when they work alone. Due to their overbearing tendency, their love life takes a beating. However, they wouldn’t rest until they find their partner who is perfect according to them.

TIGER (1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 AND 2010) Hot-headed, self-possessed and magnetic, Tigers are born leaders. They know how to channelise their energy in the right path. This makes them winners all the way. 2012 seems to be a great year for all the Tigers. Their polite and workaholic nature is sure to take them places. At the work place, beware of their seeming friendliness which is probably a disguise. They should say no to real estate ventures and big investments and avoid hasty decisions. Married Tigers must understand their partners and nurture the relationship in the right way. It is the best time for singles to tie the knot.

red | may 2012 | 101

RABBIT (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 AND 2011)

HORSE (1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 AND 2014)

ROOSTER (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 AND 2017)

The lovely and delicate Rabbit stands for hope in the Chinese astrology. Humorous, compassionate, modest and sensitive, these people cannot bear a dull life. Their docile nature helps in making friends and enemies are never on their list. Though this is a hard year for the Rabbits, they can swim across hurdles with the support of their spouses and family members. They should remember not to give up halfway. They should also work at building self-confidence that enhances the overall personality. Getting involved in a relationship seems tricky because they just cannot regulate their emotions.

The most energetic sign, the Horse symbolises the philosophy of the Chinese – always keep running to improve your efficiency. They love entertaining others and are quite popular in their friends’ circles. Stubborn from outside but they are kind-hearted and sensitive from inside. Horses cannot bear too much constraint. Financially, this year isn’t much favourable but at the same time, they don’t have to face tough times. The pessimistic attitude of Horses becomes their weakness. They should look at the brighter side of life! Matters of the heart need to be carefully handled. They should stay away from extramarital affairs.

Rooster is an epitome of punctuality and people born under this sign bear the same virtue. The past year’s bad luck finally seems to wear off and Roosters will surely enjoy a good phase now. Their positive attitude is their biggest strength that encourages them to test new waters and finally emerge as winners. However, a dash of arrogance is seen in all the Roosters, which of course must be controlled. The frank and straightforward approach of these people often leads to dangers. Love life may appear rosy at present but they should not make room for jealousy and suspicion. Roosters must keep a check on their inflated egos.

SHEEP (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 AND 2015)

DOG (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 AND 2018)

Since ancient times, the Chinese loved the gentle and calm Ram. People born under this sign usually are fond of art and beauty. They think economically and know the value of money. All these Rams commonly have symmetrical figures and features. Though their luck is average this year, they can still start new ventures or join hands with other establishments. Inclination towards devotion and spirituality might bring problems at home. An impending love affair might just be a passing cloud and leaves the Ram heartbroken. They should control their food habits to stay away from illness.

People born under this sign are very loyal, warm and affectionate. They are friends for a lifetime. No matter what the situation is, they would never stray away from their morals and ethics. At the work place, you can always count on the Dog. Though they are valuable employees, they can face trouble at work due to jealous coworkers. Friends might turn into lovers this year and tying the knot isn’t a dream anymore. However, they should stay away from insecure and worrisome partners who can ruin their relationship. Nursing the wounds is quite tough because Dogs are emotionally unstable.

DRAGON (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 AND 2012) This is the Year of the Dragon and obviously makes it an excellent one for all of them. In the Chinese culture, a dragon symbolises authority, dignity, honour and success. They hate to be controlled by the others and always strive for perfection. This perfectionist nature makes them loathe others who are not like them. Magnanimous, sensitive and romantic, Dragons enjoy an array of happy and tough times. A little patience and a simple attitude can catapult them to success easily. Married life could be smooth provided their erratic behaviour is kept under control. They must ensure that romance stays alive in their relationship.

SNAKE (1917, 1929, 1941, MONKEY (1920, 1932, 1944, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 AND 2013) AND 2016) A snake is a token of mystery, cattiness and malevolence. Though they seem to be quite calm from the outside, they can nurture intense hatred against their enemies. Snakes are usually settled financially and needn’t look for opportunities to mint money. At the same time, they should ensure that success doesn’t get to their heads. Snake people understand themselves very well and possess a sense of great perception. Love life looks stable for now and it can continue if they trust their partners and stop suspecting them. Snake women must check their irritable nature.

This is a lucky sign among all the zodiac animals. Monkeys just cannot live without challenges and that makes 2012 quite boring for them. Be it their career, health, wealth or love life, everything seems to be in place this year. Sometimes, they are impatient and their loud mouthed nature invites enemies and they can seriously get into trouble. Monkeys must be smart enough to stay away from scams and fraudulent people. When it comes to relationships, these people don’t settle down quickly. Their choosiness becomes the hurdle and they end up breaking up with their partners.

PIG (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 AND 2019) 2012 isn’t much ideal for Pigs when it comes to their love life and financial status. The ups and downs keep them quite busy throughout the year and they will be completely drained out after this phase. Saving money is the need of the hour. Skipping jobs might leave them in a mess and it is better to hold on to their occupation. Work pressure can ruin their family life. The supportive and giving nature make Pigs excellent partners. They are quite home birds and expect their spouses too to stay at home. Pigs should never believe in love-at-first-sight because it doesn’t work in their case. red | may 2012 | 102



Ananthagiri Fast gaining repute as a health resort, Ananthagiri, situated on the way to Araku, is a prominent tourist spot. The Tadimada Waterfalls adds to the beauty of the place abound with streaming rivulets and coffee plantation. Araku Valley The Araku Valley, aptly called ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’, rich with verdant landscape, waterfalls, streams, botanical gardens, coffee plantation and tribal culture is worth the 112 km drive from Vizag.


Balighattam Nearly 3 km south west of Narsipatnam and on the banks of Varaha river is a place called Balighattam housing the Brahma Lingeswara Temple.


Bavikonda Bavikonda has 3rd century BC remains of an entire Buddhist complex, with 26 structures and is just 15 km. away from the city. A bone, a part of the mortal remains of the Buddha, preserved in a pot was recovered from this area.


Bheemunipatnam Beach In this oldest municipality in the country is a well equipped round bungalow which was Vizianagaram Raja’s resort, offering a grand sea view. The calm and serene beach, where the Gosthani River meets the Bay of Bengal, is safe for swimming.


Etikoppaka Etikoppaka is an artisans’ village housing artisans eking out a livelihood making world famous colourful wooden toys and artifacts. They have been the custodians of the 200-year-old tradition, creating a wide range of exquisite art pieces using primitive tools.


Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Spread over 425 acres of land, the park is a host for over 400 varieties of animals including Indian tiger, deer and elephant. A mini train facilitates a trip through the park. It also has a collection of animals from Africa and Australia.


Kailasgiri Hills Take a road trip or ropeway to the top of Kailasagiri, a must-do resort with its Shiva Parvathi Statue, Shanku Chakra Naama, Jungle Trails, 7 wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Shanti Ashram, Floral Clock, Landscape Gardens, View Points, Food Courts and the toy train.


Kali Temple The Kali Temple located on RK Beach road is a modern architectural edifice. Next to it is the unique Siva Temple with its 'rasalinga', made of 10 kg single stone.


Kambala Konda Kambalakonda Reserve Forest, spread over 7,146 hectares, the home for rare species of flora and fauna is a great lure for eco-tourists. Visitors can trek over a stretch of 4.5 km or boat in the reservoir. The park is located in a place called Degalagedda.


Kapila Konda (Appikonda) Siva temple located in Appikonda, just 18 km away from the city, houses the Somalingeswara Swamy Temple and contains inscriptions dating back to 12th century AD. The huge bull, carved in black stone, is the major attraction.


Keertana Vanam Beach Resort Keertana Vanam, with its rustic ambience, manicured gardens and coconut grooves is a Beach Resort. It is a prominent picnic spot on the Visakhapatnam Bheemunipatnam Beach Road. Spread over 13 acres of land, the resort has a restaurant and amphitheatre.


Bojjanna Konda - Sankaram Bojjannakonda is situated in Sankaram, 8 km away from Anakapalli. A number of stupas, rock-cut caves, coins dating back to Satavahana era and scriptures written in Bramha Lipi were found here.


Borra Caves Situated 1400 m above sea level and just 29 km away from the city, these caves display rare rock formations dating back to millions of years and worth the ascent and descent of hundreds of steps.


Dolphin Nose The Dolphin Nose, a huge rock headland is named so because of its shape. It juts into the sea and hosts the lighthouse. Since it is located on the 174 m high rock, the powerful beacon of the lighthouse can direct ships even 65 km. away on the sea.


Konda Karla Ava lake Konda Karla-Ava lake, known for its beauty, 10 km away from Anakapalli, an Eco Tourism Destination, is a bird-watchers haven with luring migratory birds from all over the world. A ride in the canoes is an experience in itself.


Dutch Cemetery Out of the pages of history and shrouded in mystery is the Dutch Cemetery with its 52 tombs in Bheemunipatnam. The well-preserved tombs display inscriptions in Dutch language that are beautifully ornamented.


Kurupam Monument The Taj Mahal of Visakhapatnam, the Kurupam Monument was constructed by Raja Vairicharla Veerbhadra Raja Bahadur in memory of his wife Princess Lakshmi Narasaiyyamma. It is known for its architectural splendour and beautiful engravings.


Erramatti Dibbalu Vizag’s very own natural wonder standing 28 km away from the city are the Erra Matti Dibbalu. These natural ravines are spread extensively in various formations.


Matsyadarshini Aquarium Matsyadarshini, an aquarium on RK Beach, has many rare varieties of fish besides uncommon marine invertebrates.


Matsyagundam Matsyagundam is a beautiful pool with fish of many

red | may 2012 | 103

varieties located in the Araku Valley. The nearby Matsyalingeshwara Swamy temple, Machkhand River and Sangda Waterfalls can be reached easily from this spot. 22

Mudasarlova Park Nestling amidst hills and palm trees and just 5 km away from the city is the Mudasarilova water tank and attached to it is the park full of trees, flowering plants and picnic spots. An added attraction is the picturesque Golf Club.


Mutyalampadu Beach The small hill by name Syamala Konda, on the Bheemili road is attractive with a stream debouching into the sea.


Paderu Paderu situated about 110 km from the city, is a picturesque valley at an altitude of over 900 m above the sea level and is inhabited by tribals and surrounded by good number of hill streams.





Pavuralakonda Pavuralakonda is a hillock near Bheemunipatnam. It offers a beautiful view of the coastline. Excavations brought out Buddhist artifacts and objects, foundations of viharas, circular chaityagrihas, stupas and halls. Rama Krishna Beach The Rama Krishna Beach (RK Beach), synonymous with the city, is the major rallying and picnic point for Vizagites. You can take an exciting walk along the beach if you don’t mind the jostling crowds, swarming hawkers and excited children. Rushikonda Beach Rushikonda, fringing the golden sands and vast stretch of water, is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, providing skiing, sunbathing, wind surfing and swimming facilities. A lodge, cottages, and a restaurant offer amenities. The 14th century Sri Sapta Rusheswara temple is an added attraction. Simhachalam The 11th century Simhachalam temple, located on the hilltop, at a height of 244 m, draws millions of devotees from all over the world, especially during the Chandanotsavam. The trek or even a ride up to the hill is an exhilarating experience for both body and spirit.


Sivaji Park Spread over an area of 3 acres in the heart of the city, Sivaji Park has many attractions like skating rink, amphitheater and food courts and is an ideal picnic spot.


Kanakamahalakshmi Temple The temple of the presiding deity of Vizag, Goddess Sri Kanakamalalakshmi, is located smack in the centre of the city. The uniqueness of the temple is that devotees can directly worship the deity at the sanctum sanctorum.


Submarine Museum INS Kurusura, the submarine turned into a museum is the very first in Asia and second in the world and is anchored on RK Beach. This Russian built submarine

embarked on its journey on Feb 20, 1970 via the Baltic Sea and reached the city on May 11, 1970. It was decommissioned after 31 years in the nation’s defence service. 32

Thotla Konda The Thotlakonda Buddhist complex on a hillock 128 m above the sea and 15 km away from the city on the Bheemili Beach Road, houses 300-200 BC ruins of Hinayana sect.


Three Hills Displaying the secularism at its best are the three hills. From Sri Venkateswara Konda one can view the port channel. The Mount Ross Hill is the central one. The north hillock has a mosque and the mausoleum of the Muslim saint, Baba Ishaq Madina and known as Darga Konda.


Tyda Nature Camp Tyda is a small tribal village nestled in the Eastern Ghats, 75 km away from the city on the Araku Road. Jungle Bells, the nature camp, facilitates rock climbing, trekking and bow and arrow target shooting. The log huts and tents are set in tribal environment to encourage eco-tourism.


Visakha Museum Set up on the RK Beach Road, the museum displays the many artifacts and curios. The unexploded 250 lb bomb that was dropped during the World War II and the desk used by Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to the city are preserved here.


VUDA Park VUDA Park or Taraka Rama Park is a weekend spot for family picnics with a green playfield, artificial caves, beautiful lawns, flower gardens, children's park, boating and swimming facilities and skating rink. Music concerts are held at the Vaisakhi Open Air Auditorium.


War Memorial Victory at sea is dedicated to the war martyrs and located on the beach road.


Yarada Beach The Yarada Beach offers a picturesque landscape with its exotic blend of golden sands and lush green stretch of hills.

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Alloy Wheels Synergies Castings Ltd Plotno.3, VSEZ, Duvvada, Vizag - 530049, AP, India T: 0891-2587181, Fax: 2587481 Apparel Kankatala Textiles Pvt. Ltd. VSquare Mall, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam - 530 016 T: 0891 6633336 United Colors of Benetton Family Store G-3&4, Ram's Plaza, 2nd lane Dwarakangar, Visakhapatnam - 530 016 T: 0891 3918441 Exclusive Adults Store Shop no: 47, Ground floor, Inox Varun Beach, Beach road, Vizag T: 0891 2795076 Exclusive Men's Store 2nd floor, CMR Central, Madillapalem, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3095427 Exclusive Kids’ Store 4th floor, CMR Central, Madillapalem Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3095427 The Raymond Shop Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam - 530 020 T: 0891 6536666 Siripuram Fort, Waltair Uplands Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 013 T: 0891 6532666 Boy London Dwarakanagar, Main Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2547773 MF. Khan - International Rednam Gardens, Old Jail Road, Vizag T: 0891 2502740 Daba Gardens, Vizag MY SHOP The Exclusive Garments Shop #28-15-18, Darshan Towers, Suryabagh, Vizag - 530002, T: 0891-2712420 E: Weekender - Kids & Adults Shop no: 1,2,3, Srinivasam Complex, Opp. Three Town Police Station, Peda Waltair, Vizag - 530 017 T: 0891 2505111, 2515111 E: Miraya #10-1-47/1/1, Shop No: 101, Dutt Island,Siripuram, Vizag T: 0891-2717675, 9885217788 Kalpanas #47-10-22, 1st Floor, Pakki's complex, 201-202, 2nd lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag-16 T: 0891-2550988, M: 9390880444 E:, LINEN CLUB The Ramp Exclusive Mills Show Room, # 47-10-13/6 (G2-5), Rednam Plaza, Opp. Pollocks School, Dwarakanagar, 2nd Lane, VSP - 16 T: 0891-6635555, M: 9491731853 Architecture Project Inc Architecture, Interiors, Landscape 101, Venu Regency Plaza, Beside Raghavendra Swamy Temple, Ramnagar, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 2568228, 9550036999 E: Automobile Deepak Automobiles Inverters & Batteries #50-81-34/2, Seethampeta, Gurudwara Jn., Visakhapatnam - 16 T: 9440727870, 0891 2752244

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Beauty NU YU A loreal professional club saloon T-7, Landmark Building, Level 03, Waltair Uplands, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6662669, 9502070337 E: DO-UP, Beauty Clinic (Ladies Only) 3rd Floor, Varun Towers, Siripuram, Opp. All India Radio, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2701232, 9849004657 Effects - The Men's Salon 3rd Floor, Varun Towers, Siripuram, Opp. All India Radio, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2701232, 9866972225 Abhay Spikes (only for men) #24, Vuda Complex, Opp. Gurajada Kalashetram, Siripuram, Vizag - 530 001 T: 9885027449, 9293710950 Boutique Vastram 9-19-4/1, CBM Compound Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6666622 Sona (Extn.) Boutique #13-1-1c, St. Anthony Church Complex, Nr. Jagadamba Centre, Maharanipeta, Vizag - 530 002 T: 0891 2792407 Aarna #7-19-2, Kirlampudi Layout, Behind Syndicate Bank, Chinawaltair, Vizag T: 0891-2549999 Om Creations Boutique Specialists: Designer Suits & Sarees, Ladies Tailoring, Hand & Machine Embroidery Aspen Castle, Ground Floor, Nowroji Road, Nr. Hotel Grand Bay, Vizag - 530 002, T: 0891-6617831 E: Café Hangout Café #15-18-17, Beach Road, Beside AU Ladies Hostel, Maharani peta, Vizag T: 0891 6667778, 8686047111 0963617779 Pepper Horn #55-8-34/16, APSEB Colony, Beside Seetharamaraju Statue, Seethammadhara, Vizag - 13 T: 9247051155 Car Decors Xtreme Car Decors Performance #8-1-97/3/26, Shop No. S1, Krishnaveni Towers, Near Visakha Eye Hospital, Peda Waltair, Gurudwara, Visakhapatnam T: 9866155669, 9866656999 Cell Shops Mobi Care Professional mobile phone service & training centre, Opp. Woodland showroom, 1st floor, Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam - 530 020 T: 0891 6468887, 9392345123 Clothing & Accessories Spirits & In thing (Mens Inner wear) D. No. 30-15-123, Potluri Mansions, Dabagardens, Vizag - 20 T: 8912512841 The Wardrobe Shop no: 5-6, Vizag Towers, Opp. Hotel Meghalaya, Asilmetta Jn., Vizag - 3 T: 0891-2501316, 2794551, 9848570379, 9848156963 E: Computers Southeren Hitech Computers Sandeep Choudhari, cell no: 9849112369, #10-1-43, Siripuram Fort, Below Raymond showroom, Sampath Vinayaka Temple road, Visakhapatnam-530003 T: 0891 2746374, 667635 E:

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Event Managers Roshanlal Entertainment Event Management/ Celebrity Management / Product Launches corporate shows / Fashion Shows/ Exhibitions Prashanth: Managing Director, T: +(91) (891) 2739452, 9848999953 E:, Creative Plus Entertainment Network Event Management complete Party Planning specialized in Wedding Planning & B' Day Celebrations T: 9346692915,, Krosswire Entertainment Vskp, Rjy, Bza, Hyd Specalize in: Event Management • Artiste & Talent Management • Corporate Events • Wedding Planning • Fashion & Dance Shows • Celebrity Endorsements • Mall Activations T: 9885118789, 9346997556 E: & Paris Passion Events Specialize in school and college events, exhibitions, seminars & event management T: 9393322449, 9866022449, E: www., www. Eye Care Maxi Vision - Eye care Centres Pavan Paradise, Nr. Diamond Park, Hotel Ananth Lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016,T: 0891 6660770, 9848523660, Fashion Fashion Centre Exclusive Salwar Kameez Kurti's 'N' Fabrics Jagadamba Centre, Vizag - 530 020, T: 0891 2721912 Fashion jewellery Vishaalakshi Jewelz D. No: 10-53-288, Shop No: 3/4, Opp. Co-op-society, Nehru Nagar, Raghavendra Swamy - Rednam Gardens Road, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 2525515 E: Furniture Rao's Furniture Paradise #30-15-171, Prasantharama Mansion, Near Saraswathi park, Dabagardens, Vizag - 530020 T: 0891-2747467, 9030603032 Gaming & Snooker 13 Square #10-1-44/12-13, 5th Floor, Peejay Plaza, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 T: 9550131313, Generators SSR Enterprises Authorised Dealers for POWERICA LIMITED (Suppliers of Cummins Generators, AMF Panels, Acoustic Enclosures) #47-7-22/7, Shop No. 108, Yerramsetty Plaza, 4th lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2740837, 9440330837 E: Sowmya Sales Corporation Best Dealer Award Winner Authorized Dealers for Kirloskar, Green Diesel, Generating sets 5 KVA to 625 KVA, T: 9848205233, 9246883377 E: Gifts & Handicrafts Eastern Art Museum #10-1-9, Waltair Uplands, Sampath Vinayak Temple Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 T: 0891 6647880 red | may 2012 | 106

The Heritage Dealers in Handicrafts,Handlooms & Jewellery #6-1-1/1, MVV Estate, Opp. Kotak School, Chinna Waltair, Vizag - 530 003, T: 0891 3081855, 9963376900 E:

Guest Houses Signature - VIP Guest House Plot no: 5, Opp. HP Gas Godown Road, Pandimetta Jn., Dasapalla Hills, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6663999, 9052098516 Signature - VIP Guest House #5-7-7-1/2, Samudrika Apts., Beside Spencers, Pandurangapuram, R.K. Beach, Vizag T: 0891 6663999, 9052098516

Four Points by Sheraton Uplands, Waltair Main Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3051111 F: 3051000 Hotel Meghalaya Dr. No. 10-4-15, Ramnagar, Asilmetta Junction, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2755141 / 145 The Gateway Hotel Beach Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6623670 The Palm Beach Nr. RK Beach, Waltair Uplands, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2754026 / 27


The Dasapalla Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 25564825 / 2563141

Raghavi Gym Saloon (ladies Only) #9-18-1, Maruthi Vinayaka Enclave, Groud Floor, Block 8, CBM Compound, Visakhapatnam-530016 T: 0891 6630734, 6630735

Sea City Hotels & Guest Houses NH-5, Isukathota, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam - 17 T: 0891 2761199, 9959616241/ 42

Power House Gym The complete Health & Fitness Institute Ladies & Gents, T: 0891 6459085, 9885254272, E:

AP Tourism Hotels

Hair Transplantation Radha - International Institute of Hair Transplant #103, Siripuram Fort, Siripuram, Opp. Union Chapel Church, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6458111, 9177777192 E: Touch - International Institute of Hair Transplantation 3rd Floor, Jagapathi Plaza, Opp. Dutt Island, Siripuram, Vizag T: 0891-6628999, E:

Health & Fitness Foot Steppers Add Life Premises, 1st Floor, Pandurangapuram Temple Road, Opp. Officers Club, Vizag T: 9885674016 Holiday Wellfare Holiday #47-7-14, Satya Enclave, 1st Floor, 4th Lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6645578/79, 9848183182 E:, Home Foods Abhiruchi Sweets Darshan Towers, Opp. Tourner Chowltry, Jagadamba centre, Surtabagh, Visakhapatnam - 2 T: 0891 6646619, 9849090480 Home services Satyananda Yoga & Library Home Delivery T: 8374623561 Home Tutions Alvin Home Tutions Provides experienced faculty at your flexible timings. CBSE, SSC, ICSE, EAMCET, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, ENGINEERING Tutions, T: 9573913543, 7207698351 Homoeopathy Vandana Homoeopathic Hospital Shop no. 4, Dwarakanagar, 2nd Lane, Pavan Paradise, Opp. Pollocks School, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 2755747, 9948416772 Hotels Novotel Beach Road, Vizag T: 1860 500 2020, +91 891 2822 222 E:, Dolphin Hotel Nr. Saraswathy Park, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2567000

Haritha Hotels: Haritha Hotel (Yatri Nivas) Opp. Appugarh, MVP Colony, Vizag - 17 T: 0891 2788824, 9848813582, 9705173100 Haritha Rushikonda Beach Resort Opp. Gitam University, Rushikonda, T: 0891 2788826, 9848813581, 9705173600 Haritha Hill Resort Anantagiri, T: 08936 231870 / 231898, 9490282422 Haritha Hill Resort (MAYURI) Araku Valley, T: 08936 249204 / 249393, 9440793518 Haritha Valley Resort (Yatri Nivas) Araku Valley T: 08936 249202, 9490367347 Haritha Coconut Country Resort Dindi, 85 kms from Rajahmundry, East Godavari Dist. T: 08862 227992, 9912877055, 9848780527, 9951611050 For Reservation, Contact: Central Reservation Office T: 0891 2788820, 9848813584, 9848007022 Book online at Hotel Pariwar Grand Opp. Jyothi Theater Ladies Gate, Dabagardens, Visakhpatnam-530020 T: 0891-2529956, 7799225500 E:, Hotel Golden Meghana Palace Araku Valley, Nr. Alluri Seeta Rama Raju Public School, AP T: 0893-6249349, 7387272568, 9177095574, 7382272566 Diamond Springs #47-10-36, Dondaparthy Road, Nr. Diamond park, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2710143, 9666949444 E:, Vidhi Residency Besides Kalyani Press, Suryabagh, Vizag-20 T: 0891-2555400/500/600 Meghana Park It's a Hyderabadi Hotel Suryabagh, Opp. Leelamahal Petrol Bunk, VSP-20 T: 0891-6631230, Cell: 7799225500 E:



Eden - House of Lights & Appliances #30-15-6, Nr. Saraswathi Park, Dabagardens, Vizag - 530 020 T: 0891 6648855, E:

Agarwal Home Comforts #48-18-75,Near Rama Talkies, Bullaya College Road, Vizag - 530 013 T: 0891 6637111, 9849577711 E:

LANTERN - Lighting People Balaji Enterprises, #50-92-2/6/1, Santhipuram, Shankaramatam Main road, Visakhapantam - 16 T: 0891-6535557, M:9295055557 E: Project Inc Architecture, Interiors, Landscape 101, Venu Regency Plaza, Beside Raghavendra Swamy Temple, Ramnagar, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 2568228, 9550036999 E: IT Symbiosys Technologies Change Today For a Better Tomorrow Siripuram, Visakhapatnam Jewellery MVS. Jewel Park Ramatalkies Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 2509591/92/93 Vaibhav Jewellers VSquare Mall, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 667777 Manchukonda's Shyam Zaveri #10-1-27, Opp. Vemana Madiram, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 2562792, 2590999 Swathi Jewellers K. Sunil, 9246615911, Main Road & BC. Road, Gajuwaka T: 0891 6667899, 6590933 E: Malabar Gold Asilmetta Jn., Nr. Sampath Vinayagar Temple, Visakhapatnam, T: 0891 2528916 Lingerie Inner Elegance Shop No.: 25, VUDA Complex, Siripuram Jn., Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6647882

Musical Instruments Harmony Musicals Showroom for Classical & Westren Musical Instruments (Learn Keyboard & Guitar) #10-1-34/4, Shop no: 4, Lakshmi Sridevi Plaza, Beside Sampath Vinayaka Temple, CBM Compund, Waltair Uplands, Vizag - 3 T: 9949466685 E: Opticals AARIF Opticians Manchukonda Mansion, Uplands CBM Compound, Opp. Dominos, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6464066, 2526070 E: Himalaya Opticals #10-1-12, Ground floor, Krishna Kamal Enclave, Asilmetta Jn., Next to Sivarama Sweets, Vizag - 13 T: 0891 6630381 Himalaya Opticals #9-1-102, Vandita Complex, Resuvanipalem, Opp. Spencer Hypermarket, Vizag - 13 T: 0891- 6631381 Lesan Eye Central Free Computerized Eye Testing #10-50-31, Opp. Care Hospital, Waltair Main Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 08912528899 Plywoods & Decorative Veneers Jindal Plydecors Complete range of Decorative Veneers [Laminaters, Doors, Plywoods, Wallpapers & Wooden Flooring] #49-22-5, Lalitha Nagar, Sankaramatam Road, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2767618, 2767619, F: 0891 2520646 E:, Printers

Flames We Cover Your Bare Necessities Pavan Enclave, Opp. HDFC, Daba Gardens, Vizag - 530 020 T: 0891 6644455 E:

G.K Printhouse Pvt Ltd Multi colour Offset Printers #10-12-5/3, Rednam Gardens, Near SBI Mail Branch, Vizag - 02 T: 0891 2543973, 2549422, 2702711 El:

Luggage Stores

Real Estate

Samsonite Exclusive Ram's Plaza, Dwarakanagar (2nd Lane), Diamond Park Road, Vsp- 530016 T: 0891 6664455, 9393101910 Email:

M/s Baba Associates #58-15-3, 1st floor, Santhinagar, opp. Subramanyam swamy temple, NAD post, Visakhapatnam. T: 098121368812, 9553497589, 0891 6333345,

American Tourister Factory Outlet Shankutala Travellers Bungalow, Beside Sampath Vinayak Temple, Waltair uplands ,Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6639495

Shriram Properties Ltd No. 9-17-27/1, CBM Compund, Suite No.101 &103, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam-530003, T: 0891 2509393


Prasad's Township Pvt Ltd., #47-13-2, 2nd Floor, Lakshmi Arcade, Beside Sankaramatam, Dwarakanagar, VSP - 16 (Our new venture: 'Golden Nest Layout' 100sq yards Rs. 85000/-, Spot registration, Nr. Kothavalasa Railway station) T: 0891-2541229, 9912411477

Archean Granites & Italian Marbles #48-14-116/2, Flatno: 203, 2nd Floor, New Resapuvanipalem, Beside Masjid, Ramatalkies Road, Visakhapatam - 03 T: 0891 2573188, 9440190226 E:

Native Recipe Speciality Restaurant Resuvanipalem, besides mega mart, T: 0891-6618899 M: 9640900000

American Tourister Exclusive store 2nd floor ,CMR Central, Madillapalem, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3095414


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Rice N Spice #10-1-44/12-13, 5th Floor, Peejay Plaza, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam-530003 T: 9550131313, Bollywood To Tollywood Shopno.3, Govinda Mansion, Opp. Union Chappell Church, Waltair Uplands, Visakhapatnam-530003 T: 9700858547 The White Grill 6th Floor, Varun Towers, Opp. Vuda Children's Theater, Siripuram, Vizag T: 9849887878 Saloon Well Groom - The Saloon Special packeges for groom Shop no: 4, Nr. HSBC, VUDA Complex, Siripuram, Vizag, T: 0891-6646488, 9849873999 ABDUL'S The Saloon - Men's Beauty Parlour All kinds of Facial, Makeup, Hair, Skin, Laser Treatment #11-4-5/1, Shopno:4, Nowroji Road, Maharanipeta, Vizag - 2 T: 0891-2792812, 9951173787 Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty For Men & Women #9-14-5, Praveen Plaza, VIP Road, Siripuram, Vizag - 03 T: 0891-2521142, 6667288, 8106788000 Schools Marvel School BC Road, New Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam-26. T: 0891-3263270

Wedding Planners Razzmatazz Theme Decorations, Set Designs, Entertainment, Floral arrangements. You name it WE HAVE IT! T: 9052024650, 9348623223, Hospitals King George Hospital


KGH Casuality


ESI Hospital


TB Hospital


Mental Hospital


Victoria Hospital


Veterinary Hospital


Seven Hills




Govt. Eye Hospital


Sadhan HIV Helpline


Sports Accessories Star Sports - Sport Goods Gym & Fitness, Equipments & Sports Wear 1st Floor, GVMC Complex, Diamond park, Vizag - 530016 T: 0891-2521100, E:

Ambulance Service Apollo




Tours & Travels Kitkat Travels Exclusive Sotc Franchisee, 1st floor, beside Lawrence Mayur,

Jagadamba centre, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6666656 Travel Links Door No: 30, Satya Surya Complex, Dwarakanagar, Vizag 530 016 T: 9848310117, 9246616117, 9246618117 E: Toy Shop

Railway Enquiry


General Enquiry


e-Seva Centres Municipal


Comm. Welfare Centre


RK Mission Library


Mighty Brain Toys Jyothi Enclave, Waltair Road, Ramnagar, Vizag T: 0891 6627441 / 2 / 3 E:

Indian Airlines

1800 180 1407

Video Shooting

Jet Airways

1800 22 5522

Future Frames - The Audio, Video, Film Studio Contact for Corporate Video Films, Advertisement Films 1st Floor, GVMC Complex, Diamond Park, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 2783443, 6644511 E:


1800 180 3333

Air India

1800 22 7722


1800 180 0101


100 / 2565454

Website Design & Dev.


255333 Shop no. 5, 1st Floor, Destiny Tower, Opp. Geetha Lodge, Rama Talkies Down Road T: 0891 6565786, 9866644786 E:,



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Airlines Toll Free

Directory Enquiry


AP Tourism



Identify the 5 missing pieces and post them immediately on redmagazine FB page or to win exciting gifts...!

Identify the 5 missing pieces and post them immediately on red magazine FB page or to win exciting gifts...!


SUMMARY Find all the Domino tiles: 1)

2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)





















On the board there is a complete Domino set. The Domino tiles borders however aren't marked, and it's up to you to identify them. Each Domino tile is composed by two numbers and that combination appears only once in the Domino set In the example (and in early levels) the board contains a smaller Domino set, of numbers ranging from 0 to 3. This means you will be looking for a Domino set composed of these combinations: 0-0, 0-1, 0-2, 0-3 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 2-2, 2-3 3-3

Once you get them all mail us at or post it on our facebook page to win exciting prizes from red.

Hints: 1) Look first for unique combinations, that will in turn remove some other possibilities 2) Numbers in corners or borders can be only be linked to 2 or 3 other numbers, which is easier than those in the middle of the board. Interface: Tap between two numbers to mark a Domino tile. Tap again to mark it as impossible.

SOPT THE TOURIST SPORTS OF VIZAG Erramattidibbalu Kailasgirihills Kalitemple Ramakrishnabeach Rushikondabeach Yaradabeach Sivajipark Vudapark Arakuvalley Borracaves

POSTAL REG. NO. VSP/177/2011-2013

RED MAY 2012  

RED MAY 2012

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