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Know which OS makes groovy for all your mobile device needs. Since the operating system IS the main interface through which you control your device, finding one suited to your preferences is critical. Here is the rundown of what’s out there:

Google Android is currently the world’s most accessible AND prevalent smart phone operating system—it runs on almost 70 per cent of devices. Android boasts of an intuitive interface, customizable design and well over 500,000 apps made both by developers and users—the best choice for anyone who wants the most out of their mobile phone. The latest version is called Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1. Compatibility with Google services is excellent—Gmail and Google Docs sing on the system. Customizable user configuration and its availability on most current and recent devices of all makes and prices make the operating system the best option for new users as well as experts alike. Android is the current market leader. STRENGTHS • Easy-to-use interface • Wide variety of Android handsets • Massive selection of apps available WEAKNESSES • Slow cycle of updates / upgrades • Phones that are not upgradable become dead end products

Arguably, the world’s most popular proprietary operating system, Apple’s iOS is well-loved and recognized by die-hard fans of the company’s product line. Derived from their hugely successful iPhone and iPad, iOS has a beautifully intuitive interface, powerful usability. And the company has an app store for its mobile devices which offers the widest selection of apps – over 500,000 and counting. A limitation to iOS is that it comes exclusively on Apple’s pricey iPhone and iPad range. Fairly strict restrictions are imposed on how users can tinker and customize the OS, so it lacks the freedom of Android. STRENGTHS • Smart and intuitive interface • Updates of OS work on older phones • Huge number of cool apps WEAKNESSES • Compatible to Apple products only • Phones are expensive

Coinciding with RIM changing its company name to BlackBerry, the new proprietary operating system is only available on BlackBerry phones. Features include Hub, an inbox app that gathers messages, emails and social media alerts, Balance which switches the device between a work profile and a personal one, and the interactive video and photo app Storyteller—which was heavily marketed using popular artists like Neil Gaiman who touted the app’s cool features for creative work. New users might find the OS difficult to figure out, particularly how to get devices unlocked. STRENGTHS • Beautiful user interface • Functionality for business and consumer

Nokia’s Symbian is an older smartphone operating system, its latest version is known as Symbian Belle – or Nokia Belle. Though Symbian still has decent functionality, it lacks the advanced usability, app support and core functions of its more popular peers. Nokia is already making Windows Phone its choice of smartphone OS and phasing Symbian out of its product line except for its lower end models. STRENGTHS • Easy-to-use interface • Used by affordable phones • Available for all budget ranges WEAKNESSES • Limited choice of apps and games • Dated interface • Rivals have better functionality

Microsoft’s Windows Phone is the new kid on the block and is garnering a small following. Pulling its weight are the system’s unique design and intuitive interface, integrated social networking features and easy usability. The screen is filled with large tiles for the phone’s apps, which show live updates from online links—easily keeping users up to date with a glance at their phone. The OS is tightly synched with popular social media apps like Facebook and Twitter and one can easily post from any of the phone apps they are using. Overall, a really fantastic OS despite the small number of new smart phones that have adopted Microsoft. STRENGTHS • Eye-catching interface • Very easy to use • Designed for social networking WEAKNESSES • Limited choice phones using OS • Not as slick as Android or iOS • Limited number of apps

WEAKNESSES • Nothing new over competition • Interface is not easy to learn • Limited number of apps




How the Study of Subatomic and Atomic Particles Helps the World

Quantum mechanics had enormous success in explaining many of the features of our world. Quantum mechanics is often the only tool available that can reveal the individual behavior of subatomic particles that make up all forms of matter.

Depression Linked with a Special Molecule in Brain A protein receptor in the brain, a molecule trigger, has been discovered by scientists to release hormones that cause anxiety and depression. Using one of the world’s most powerful X-ray machines, protein receptor CRF1 was detected releasing hormones responsible for chemical imbalances in the brain responsible for depression. The pituitary gland is already known by physicians as the source of stress and anxiety chemicals. The discovered protein receptor, CRF1 controls our response to stress. Triggered by stress molecules released by the hypothalamus, CRF1 releases the hormones that cause depression.

The drug company Heptares Therapeutics, which made the finding, says this discovery can be a jumpstart point for making better drug therapies not just for depression but for other health problems. The new find was published in the journal, Nature, on 17 July. Researchers used a particle accelerator called the Diamond Light Source to understand the protein structure of CRF1. Dr. Andrew Dore, a senior scientist with Heptares added that the studying the structure of the depression protein receptor “can be used as a template to solve closely related chemical receptors for new drug research for tough health problems including Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.”

3 Versions of Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics is simply a group of theories that offer math models (scientific formulas) explaining how physical phenomena works at microscopic size or atomic and subatomic levels. About a dozen different proposals by various scientists set up different ideas how the clockwork of quantum mechanics actually runs.


THE COPENHAGEN The most widely accepted version of quantum mechanics is from Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg: The measurable properties of an atom—a system of submolecular particles—is its quantum state: represented either by a matrix, (like a spreadsheet); or a formula called the wave function—representing a map of possibilities. When a submolecular system such as an atom comes into contact with the real world, the phenomena can be ‘measured’ using the Born rule, a recipe for approximating probabilities for a given quantum state. During a measurement, an observer causes an instantaneous change in the nature of the submolecular system and it is this change that is measured.

THE GUIDING FIELD Many physicists, including Albert Einstein for a while, favored rewriting the way quantum mechanics was understood to include a real physical field of force that controls the motion of a particle. But this idea becomes difficult to prove and justify because several particles, are involved in measurements of phenomenon. Not all subatomic particles move in our familiar

Quantum mechanics is also critically important for understanding how individual atoms combine covalently to form molecules—helping chemists make better products through groundbreaking materials research. Most modern technological inventions operate at a scale where quantum effects are significant—the laser, the transistor (and thus the microchip), the electron microscope, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The study of semiconductors led to the invention of the diode and the transistor, sensitive parts that run virtually all modern electronics systems and devices. Researchers are currently looking at more consistent methods of directly manipulating quantum states. A lot of work is being done to make quantum cryptography within network communications possible and allow absolutely secure transmission of information. Though slow in development, quantum computers may eventually perform certain computational tasks exponentially faster than classical configured computers.

Prototype Quantum Computer

three dimensional space but some behave in an abstract space with more than 3 dimensions. Another point of contention is that the guiding field (a force yet to be explained) has actions from a distance that transmit instant physical effects to other subatomic particles over large distances.

THE MANY-WORLDS The many-worlds theorem offers a single quantum state of the world. When something measures or checks which of two shells an electron traversed, for example, the quantum state does not collapse onto one shell, but instead the world actually splits into two shells. The observers in the real world, reside on one ‘reality’ and are unaware of the other. Thus, the universe really branches out like a tree into a vast multiverse in which every possible outcome actually occurs in infinite and distinct, real universes. The theory makes extraordinary demands on our imagination. The failure to quantify the “measurements” that lead to alternate worlds and its difficulty in justifying the Born rule make this theory the most difficult to prove with scientific processes.

Atoms and Quantum Computing Stranger than most truths in subatomic physics is the fact that subatomic particles do not have a fixed state until they are observed. Instead of identifying exactly where a subatomic particle actually is or located, physicists define a particle’s location in a construct known as a probability cloud, indicating all of its possible states. Unlike a computer bit, which at any moment has a fixed value of either 1 or 0. The fundamental idea of quantum computing is to use each of the many simultaneous states to perform part of a calculation, for faster computing than the conventional computer can manage. This could revolutionize computing in the foreseeable future once workable prototypes are put together.



How Atoms Emit Light Light is the result of electrons moving along different energy levels in an atom, called shells. When something excites an atom, like a collision, an electron within the atom gets an energy boost moving it into another shell. But the electron cannot hold this energy and the electron immediately falls back to the lower level emitting its extra energy in the form of an electromagnetic energy packet called a photon. Photons with wavelengths in the visible spectrum become all the colors we can see.


When an atom hits another atom or particle, the energy from the impact excites the atom. ENERGY LIGHT Energy is released from the collision which pushes an electron out to a higher level called a shell. ENERGY RELEASE After a temporary bump into another shell, the electron is drawn back to its original orbit and as it does it releases electromagnetic energy in the form of a light photon.

HEART AND SOUL OF THE ATOM Science class (particularly Chemistry) has taught us that atoms are the smallest building blocks of everything in the world. What else do we know about atoms since the last time we studied about them way back when? Here’s a review of what they are, how they can be harnessed for generating energy, and the latest technologies that are being used to study atoms.

Why is the Higgs Boson such a Big Deal? Physicians have a theory about what holds everything together in the universe and have put together the idea of a Standard Model of particles and forces. The Standard Model is an incomplete model of particles and three of the four known force in the universe fit together, (gravity not considered among them). Scottish physicist Peter Higgs proposed a theoretical particle as part of the Standard Model of particles—a boson (thereafter coined after him) that was supposed to be one of many missing pieces that would make the standard model more complete. According to Higgs, many fundamental particles had no mass immediately following the Big Bang, but gained mass later after passing through an invisible energy field called the Higgs field, by way of a particle called the Higgs boson. Since this is the effect of the Boson particle to other particles that pass through the Higgs field, it has been called “the God Particle” for “making almost all things come into being.” Physicists have used the Large Hadron Collider to try to detect such a particle in order to prove the theory that the Standard Model is incomplete without considering several particles or forces that may complete the jigsaw puzzle. If not found, after extensive research, the idea of a ‘God particle’ will be just that—an idea that has no proof—allowing scientists to pursue other theoretical models.

Atomic Clockwork 430 BCE


Philospher Democritus proposes that if one were to cut up matter into smaller pieces, one will eventually get down to an invisible piece.

Dmitri Mendeleev organizes elements on a periodic table, which shows patterns of chemical reactions

1704 CE


Sir Isaac Newton theorizes that all matter is made up of hard, unbreakable but movable substances.

JJ Thomson discovers the electron, and proposes the Plum Pudding theory.



John Dalton says that each element has its own unique atom and describes chemical reactions as rearrangements of atoms.

Niels Bohr research on atoms wins him the Nobel Peace Prize, and his work is still used today.





(a) The Concentric Spheres Hollow Earth Model, (b) The Polar Holes Hollow Earth Model, (c) The Inverted Earth Hollow Earth Model (b)


Hollow Earth Theory A Mad Idea or a Secret even the Bible Reveals At a time when scientists were still trying to understand everything about how the world worked—biology, geology, math, physics, and astronomy among other disciplines; strange and outlandish theories have been suggested, complete with almost fictional descriptions of what might be. For the HOLLOW EARTH THEORY, this does not mean that the scientists were mad for suggesting this strange idea. Even geniuses of their time fell victim to completely false and mostly outlandish hypotheses and ideas. Here are the two prevailing theories: One idea says we live on the crust, but another world exists on the inside opposite of where we are rooted and maybe secret realms and civilizations have progressed or regressed down there.

The second theory is that we might actually live on the inside even though we think we live on the outside crust (on a convex surface instead of a concave one). One of the first hollow earth theories was proposed in 1692 by the English astronomer Edmund Halley (discoverer of the now-famous comet), who thought the Earth was composed of four spheres, illuminated by a luminous atmosphere and perhaps inhabitable. His ideas were developed while trying to understand the Earth's magnetic field. In the early 19th century by J Cleves Symmes of Ohio reiterated Halley’s idea and believed that at the north and south poles there each were openings that led deep into the interior of the earth. He attempted to raise funds for an exploration of the polar regions to locate these tunnels.

Modern day satellite technology has disproved the existence of any polar holes. But proponents of the inner earth theory, the center of the planet harbors a central sun that provides light and heat to the world within. According to historical myths and rumors that have spread like wildfire on the web, the Hollow Earth Theory was even embraced like mad by top-ranking Nazis who believed in the occult sciences; believing they knew something the rest of the world was ignorant about. The German navy even thought their smarts would make it easier to pinpoint the exact position of British ships because, if infrared rays were used, the curvature of the Earth would not have obscured observation. Hitler allegedly sent an expedition to the Baltic island of Rügen where a Dr Heinz Fischer set up a telescopic camera toward the sky in order to detect the British fleet sailing on the interior of the convex surface of the hollow earth. It is even said that most V1 missiles went astray because their trajectory was calculated on the basis of a hypothetical concave surface instead of a convex one. Perhaps the most revealing information about life underground comes from the Bible itself…God admonished Christians NOT to make graven images of any being from the world in the heavens, the world on earth and the world underneath—implying that there might be life existing below the crust that has its own set of rules separate from we who live on the earth itself.

Powerful Black Hole Blast Recorded Explosion is at least five times more powerful than previously observed events

A record-breaking blast of gas and dust flowing out of a monster black hole more than 11.5 billion light-years away has been observed by astronomers. The black hole has a mass of one to three billion suns and the explosion was recorded using the powerful telescopes of the European Southern Observatory in Chile, Arav. Ejecting out material as much as 400 times the weight of our sun every year, the blast is located nearly a thousand light-years from the quasar and has a velocity of roughly 18 million miles (29 million kilometers) per hour. Some scientists observing the phenomenon speculate that this might be a revealing piece to the jigsaw puzzle of how our galaxies may have formed. Once the gas and dust settle and form into planets and form their own gravity, a new galaxy may be born out of this cosmic cataclysm. There are mysteries about our universe that are slowly being unraveled by scientists who observe space looking for the clockwork secrets of the universe.

Google Earth Marks Location of Hidden Pyramids Satellite archaeologist Angela Micol reports that she may have positively identified two previously undiscovered and buried pyramid structures by using Google Earth. The sites in Egypt contain distinct terrain markers and orientations that really show the potential presence of pyramids.

Many of the other documented areas will remain undisclosed until proper officials are notified and the sites can be protected. Angela and the APEX Institute are raising funds for a documentary that will include many of the undiscovered sites that have been identified using Google Earth.

The Archaeology News Network reports that one of the complex sites contains a distinct, four-sided, truncated, pyramidal shape estimated at 140 feet in width. This site also shows three smaller mounds in a very clear formation, similar to the diagonal alignment of the Giza Plateau pyramids.

According to Egyptologist and pyramid expert Nabil Selim, the hidden structures have never been mapped and marked before and he claims that one of the discovered sites is similar in size to 13th Dynasty Egyptian pyramids. Soon, local archaeologists will check the areas marked to conduct "ground truthing," a detection method for finding buried structures.

The second probable site contains four mounds with a larger, triangularshaped plateau. The two larger mounds at this site are approximately 250 feet in width, with two smaller mounds approximately 100 feet in width. This site complex is built in a precise formation with the large plateau, or butte, nearby in a triangular shape with a width of approximately 600 feet.

Angela is a UNC Charlotte alumnus. She uses Google Earth to document numerous archaeological sites that may be hidden from normal view and exploration mapping. She has discovered a potential underwater city off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula that has caught the interest of scientists, researchers and archaeologists.




Signs a Mass Extinction is Up and Coming!

A mass extinction happens when over 75 percent of all species on the planet die in a period of less than two million years. Seem like a long time coming for you? It’s a massive loss if measured in geologic time. Five mass extinctions on Earth over the past 540 million years have been brought by catastrophic disasters, and even by quiet, insidious events like invasive species taking over the planet. It might seem that doom is coming again and here are some warning signs for the impending wipeout…



Yellowstone Park in the United States is really a volcano caldera, a thin covering of land keeping a massive cache of molten rock (magma) from flowing out. And the caldera is slowly rising which might mean a mega-volcano blast of epic proportions sometime soon. About 250 million years ago, in Siberia, a similar eruption occurred and it didn't stop for about a thousand years—emitting massive clouds of sulfur, carbon other greenhouse gases causing extreme climate change wildly fluctuating

all agree that the climate on Earth is getting hotter and that there are serious consequences on weather conditions and calamity frequency around the planet. Humans might not even be the only cause of this climate change — the planet has OUR SPECIES MIGHT BE OVERsuffered through dramatic shifts in temperature EXTENDING ITSELF many times over its history. The bad news is that pretty much every time that happens there's a mass On Earth, humans have aggressively invaded extinction. Might even be a possible poleshift. every continent except Antarctica, ballooning to over 7 billion individuals and eating everything in ALL THE MEGAFAUNA sight. As the ultimate invasive species, compared ARE DEAD to say roaches, The human race is pushing many By looking at the diversity of fossils, scientists can creatures out of their native habitats —ultimately figure out how many creatures and plants were resulting in the death of most other creatures on alive at a given time, including how quickly (or a massive scale. Like the Devonian extinction slowly) they disappeared from the fossil record. when sharks ate up everything in sight and 75 per The variety of animals lost has dropped steeply cent of all species on earth blinked out because in the last 50 thousand years...especially the they could not find food anywhere or relocate fast so-called megafauna, from mastodons and giant enough to adapt. wallabies, to giant sloths are entirely gone. This winking out of an entire class of creatures reveal a CLIMATE CHANGE very unusual extinction pattern indicating another The melting Arctic ice cap has raised sea levels. big one might be coming sooner than we expect.

from extreme heat and cold until 95 percent of all life had died—‘the Great Dying’ according to geologists. Yellowstone might be something as bad.




Scientists across many disciplines and countries

Bacteria Poops 24kt Gold after Ingesting Toxic Chemicals! The secrets to alchemy have been broken! We can now make gold from bacteria! A team of researchers tooling around at the Michigan State University have observed the bacteria Cupriavidus Metallidurans being able to excrete 24-karat gold after ingesting the toxic chemical—gold chloride or liquid gold. "Microbial alchemy is what we're doing - transforming gold from something that has no value into a solid,

precious metal that's valuable," said Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics. But the experiment is not cost effective on a large scale to warrant any price fluctuations in the world gold markets—the researchers finding the ability of the microbe promising say that it is just that—wishful thinking for something that might be if ever. The research team is still mighty proud of their work—they even have a demo called: "The Great Work of the Metal Lover" where the germs are made to poop gold flakes from toxins in a portable lab in front of a

live audience. Somehow, in the future this might even work out to be good if economies of scale can make the project an interesting economic investment. Adam Brown, associate professor of electronic art and intermedia at the university proudly claims that the demo just emphasizes “that science can shape and bend biology to its will now in the post biological age.”

Hackers To Build Pirate Internet With Pirate Satellites Hacker-sponsored satellite project aims to prove free speech is as valuable as cell spectrum.

Pushing for free content availability and access, looking to avoid the effort of entertainment companies to police their content and punish those who infringe copyrights, as well as the growing restrictions by some countries on what their people can or can't do online—a group of German hackers are starting a movement to build a communications satellite that could support unrestricted channels on the Internet.

Called the Hackerspace Global Grid, the rogue internet project would consist of at least one satellite in low-Earth orbit providing connections among independent ground stations – creating a web of nodes completely independent of the Internet itself— promising “unrestricted channels on the web.” No censorship. No rules. No restrictions.

The challenge is as difficult as it sounds because of the amouint of physical support from the ground needed. An infrastructure of terrestrial nodes designed and built for the satellite itself, and then a FREE ride into space so that they can get the pirate satellite into low-Earth orbit. Very expensive and complicated, but the possibilities are endless once made real.

From out of the pages of science fiction, real-world researchers have done the wild, weird and wondrous. After two years of work on quantum network models, German researchers from Los Alamos National Labs have ‘frozen’ the fastest thing in the universe: light—for a record-breaking one minute. The breakthrough is a major step in making quantum memory storage and information processing the next technological milestone. If the technological breakthrough holds, we will soon be building light-based information storage gear. Researcher Georg Heinze and his team trapped light into a medium and holding it in place by using a quantum interference effect using an opaque medium, a crystal that can be switched transparent by an infusion of light. Shooting a laser through a light-sensitive crystal to keep it transparent, the light atoms retained a quantum superposition of two states, the scientists next switched on a second laser at the crystal as an input of recordable information. When they switched off the first laser to shut off the transparency, the crystal trapped the light atoms from the second laser—a collapse of the superposition. Storing and then successfully retrieving information from the second laser (a 100-micrometer-long picture with three horizontal stripes) proved the experiment a huge breakthrough for handling light as a storage medium. Physicist Hugues de Riedmatten said that the results offered exciting possibilities for long-storage-time quantum memories. For the next step, scientists will be using different substances to increase the duration of information storage even further.




Pigeons need a good home to rest, breed and brood their young. The loft you build will depend on the breed you will produce and how many of the birds you want to keep. If you plan to race the birds or use them for exhibit and show purposes, your backyard space will determine how large your loft can be built. For racing pigeons, the standard dimensions are 1.5 square feet of floor space for each bird in your loft, larger breeds need 2 square feet per bird. Mated birds need to be separated from the main flock when breeding season comes so sections for nesting should be provided.

Locate the loft where there are no tall trees or obstructions to the birds’ flight path returning home. Pigeons can endure heat and cold down to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit but will NOT survive drafts or constant winds. The loft should be ventilated with slowly moving fresh air; Wind-powered mobile blowers are cheap and function well for this purpose. Wire or open mesh floors keep the place free from messy poop and dry lofts keep pigeons in good health. A raised loft prevents dampness from settling in the birds’ quarters from morning condensation so your birds won’t get sick. To prevent your pigeons from flying in and out of the loft at will, use a locking one-way trap or non-wounding bobwire at the loft the loft entry. Never place feed, grit or water on the landing board where the birds alight. This attracts vermin and predators. Chicken wire or galvanized rabbit wire may be too sharp and can damage and destroy feathers. Use dowels or 1 x1 inch welded wire cloth for walls, partitions, doors aviaries and enclosures. Doors and entryways into the loft space should measure at least 36 inches wide. Smaller openings will bruise your elbows when you carry in a pail or a wide container to feed for your birds. Overcrowding can cause of sickness and rapid contamination. Never overcrowd your birds. The more room the better. Control breeding too so that unwanted birds for your stock can be sold off or given away.

The best thing you can do starting a pigeon fancy is to build the best pigeon loft you can afford that fits into a good space in your backyard. Or wherever you plan to breed and brood your birds. Smaller compartments are easier to clean and service. Large for competition, 4 sections are good, 2 for breeders, and 2 for the race team. spaces make pigeons more difficult to tame. Perches are also a good part of a loft. Taking a perch is an Two sections of compartments are good enough for most breeds. For breeds that have trouble raising their own young important part of a bird’s flock socialization. The rule is to allow for like Satinettes (short beaks), three section are recommended, more than the number of birds you have or intend to keep. one extra for foster parents. For racing breeds or if your stock is More next issue...

At provincial or city market bazaars, bird shows or auctions offer lots of pigeons by the bulk. Be very careful and check your birds carefully before buying them. Birds at such places may be exposed to diseases from other birds in the area. DO NOT PLACE BIRDS BOUGHT IN SUCH PLACES IN YOUR LOFT AT ONCE. Place birds bought in public auctions at another cage or coop and observe them for any signs of disease. Preferably, AVOID buying birds offered at such markets and events. You might want to get the services of an experienced fancier to assist you in picking out good birds from reputable breeders and help introduce you into the hobby. Reputable breeders advertise their breeder stock in good pigeon magazines. Accepting ‘gifts’ of pigeons or ‘free birds’ is also not advised because you may be getting inferior stock for either show fancy or the racing fancy. Breeding with inferior stock just produces birds that won’t make the grade for races or for shows for breed competitions—but only if you compete seriously. If you just raise them for pets it is okay to keep them but always separate new birds from your main roost to observe for any diseases. One local breeder that offers a winning line of homing pigeons is Mr Francisco Tetan. Contact 0932-4027565 for inquiries.





It has been a long time since sabungeros simply called a red-feathered fighting cock “TEXAS”. The winningest breed of fighting fowl nowadays is the SWEATER. An American and a Filipino game fowl breeder combined resources to make this awesome murderer the best at what it does. According to Carol NeSmith “There is no one best strain fowl and not one best breeder either. The days of a monopoly in the cocking game has passed away because of money and brains…” He should know too. As owner of Black Water Farms, his game fowl have consistently won the majority of derby fights in hard competition over the years in the bloodiest cockpits in the Philippines and Mexico.

most of the cocks they met in the early stage of the battle. This is what made Sweaters the most feared match-ups among opponents then because they could overpower and kill overmatched birds quickly—usually within a minute. But when fights dragged out—past 5 minutes or so—and when it came down to taking hits as well as they gave, the Sweaters were unable to sustain fights to the point that some would peter out in the end game.

And to his credit, he developed the line now popular as the winningest breed of gamefowl in derbies—the Sweater.

To stay in the game and fight a brawlfest, the birds needed new blood.

When the first so-called Sweaters were bought by Carol, the breeder who sold him a trio claimed that the strain was ‘bred out and could not longer compete in the tough competitions.’ The stag then was a light red with white streamers in the tail, pea comb and yellow legged and very good station and good conformation with lots of plumage. The hens, a buff and straw color with black trail feathers looking a lot like a Roundhead but with better station and more plumage. Not wanting to inbreed a declining bloodline, he sent the Sweater cock to a Mr. Brown of Oak Grove Farms to breed to his yellow leg Hatch. Breeding of these cocks for a few years and fighting them continuously each year showed that the breeding program was rather too limited within its own bloodline to cope with the rougher cocks they were matched against. In past fights, Sweaters were fast starting assassins, using quick, side stepping and phenomenal cutting abilities in the air and on the ground, these cocks could beat

So Carol hooked up with Mr. Nene Abello one of the best game fowl breeders and competitors in the Philippines, already winning the World Slasher in Manila and other big derbies with Sweaters. Among all the cockers that Nene associated with as hobbyist friends and business partners, Carol NeSmith was the only one he knew who was always looking for something to improve the strain of the game fowl he was breeding. Carol never let strains wear out without trying to inject new blood to boost the game fowl to continue good yields. On their quest to improve the Sweater strain, Nene and Carol went to see Mr. Ray Hoskins in Texas and were able to obtain a yellow leg cock with the same type and color as the Sweaters, but with longer plumage of very broad feathers and quills as tough as a whale bone. Plumage like that enabled a chicken to fight several times during a season. The first crosses were strong, tough and desperately game. Carol then bred back to the Sweater side; fighting and testing them. Each year’s brood showed better and better yields; retaining all the great ole fighting qualities of the Sweaters. But the cross and back-breeding now producing stronger

According to Mr. Carol NeSmith “There is no one best strain fowl and not one best breeder either.”

fighters with the endurance to last the toughest brawl, making them more efficient murderers at any stage of a derby—fast strikers at the beginning and the toughest and most powerful finishers for any opponent that survives their initial attacks. Fans loved the new game fowl, rabidly rooting for their Sweater bets—which even when getting hit, kept on coming at their opponents.

Sweaters as a strain of game fowl have since dominated the ads for gamefowl breeds in current high-end cockfight magazines and the derby pits around the world. They’ve come a long way since Mr. Carol NeSmith first developed them not so long ago.

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The thrill of riding the board, swerving and knifing on top of a perfect wave all day long and in the shining moonlight. Mmmm, paradise. Sabang in Baler, Aurora boasts of a very long stretch of beach with different wave conditions perfect for either the pro-surfer and the noob surfer. There are enterprising local dudes in the area who are able and willing to teach the sport and rent out their stash of boards to visiting waveriders. No need to haul your bulky surfboard all the way up north although it will be worth the trouble. Peace and quiet can be had at beachfront accommodations, from ordinary transient houses providing simple and affordable accommodation, to the bigger established hotels and bed and breakfasts. As the place is now, it is still not as commercialized as most beach area tourist traps in the country, crowded with beachfront nightclubs and bars. This is a quiet, enjoyable place for the best surfing this side of Luzon. Mosey over to the Sabang during the October to February season to enjoy the best surfing. Sabang, also has a rich tradition, with several museums and ancestral houses you can explore. Overnight stay in the area used to cost php350/ head a night (a few years back), and has now jumped to php750-1k/head a night, because of the increasing influx of visitors and businesses.



BASIC COSTS OF COMMUTING TO ANAWANGIN COVE: Victory Liner – Cubao to Olongapo – P207 (P235 if via SCTEX);Cubao to Iba – P347; Pasay to Olongapo – P218; Pasay to Iba (P357); Olongapo to San Antonio – P60. Tricycle ride from San Antonio to Pundaquit – P60 (per tricycle) Boat ride– P800 for day-tour/ P1200 for overnight (roundtrip) people’s camps. Anawangin is where all types of lakwatsa-happy nature lover flock to–from hikers, beach-goers, mountaineers, adventurers or even those who travel miles from home to read a book in the middle of nowhere. This is a virgin beach and ANAWANGIN COVE ZAMBALES you camp out in almost wilderness except that you can be as comfortable as you choose if you bring Anawangin used to be a rocky place until Mt. Pinatubo some essential gear and supplies to fully enjoy your dumped tons of of volcanic ashes and mud on the stay. island that changed the place completely. Years later, agoho trees grew on the fertile new beachfront creating a new forest beach camp that feels like both Baguio and Boracay in the same crosshatched space. The loveliest unspoilt cove, sandy beach, a young forest, and crazy sea currents bringing you there—all still intimately relaxing and cozy. Like the Camp John Hay forest area near a beach. Surprisingly, as difficult as it may seem to reach this place and enjoy the solitude, you will find a surprising crowd of campers visiting the site—but the nice trees all around make it comfy and private enough for everyone there to enjoy their own space without intruding into other

Maintenance and security fee (in Anawangin) – P50 for day-tour / P100 for overnight Tent rental (P500 to P800)

CAPONES ISLAND Capones island is also as breathtaking as any virgin beach island in the Philippines, and the place is so pristine that campers aren’t allowed to stay overnight here. The white sand beach is beguiling, cool, clear sea water to swim the afternoon away, and some of the prettiest artsy rock formations for your Facebook photo opportunities. There is a 19th century lighthouse on the island that is still fully operation and has been guiding sea vessels for over a hundred of years. A trip to Capones Island cost the same as Anawangin plus an additional P200 for some tour package providers.




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Already, China’s economy is overheating, and places like Angeles City, with an adjacent international airport and English speaking work-force, is becoming a better and smarter option for business process outsourcing looking for an Asian location. The growth of Clark Freeport Zone and its international airport, the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), assures anyone—thinking of putting up facilities and services for transient travelers and support systems for communities sprouting up in a travel hub or portal city--that business will be very, very good. Several multinational companies and daring start-ups have already chosen the area as their base of operations. On-going development for the touted high-speed railroad track from Manila to Clark is bound to improve business traffic in the city.

ANGELES CITY JACKPOT: noun. A lonely traveler’s dream come true. noun. A unit of measure for making a million in a boom city with any smart business venture or investment. STRIKE GOLD with COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT

The very modern international airport, which will assume the role as the main international gateway to the Philippines, has running flights to and from Boracay, Davao, Palawan, and Zambales (within Philippines), as well as Singapore, Korea, and Thailand (outside the country) sets up Angeles City one of the best waypoints for travel or business.

Angeles City’s two oldest universities have already earned acclaim and reknown for their outstanding graduates. New multi-lingual schools are sprouting up everywhere with the best facilities and quality education for children and young adults. There are several top notch health and fitness facilities (AC1, Nouvelle, WDC Medical), and even specialist medical clinics like Britannia Medical Center in the area that cater to medical

As for community development, real estate potential for communities and businesses in Balibago is still a well-kept secret that mostly only street-savvy expats know. From out of nowhere, you have the relatively quiet Fil-Am Friendship Avenue area suddenly becoming posh Koreatown and more. Koreatown is as stylish and a diner’s delight as Tomas Morato in Quezon City, Metro Manila and better even because there is no crowded traffic to mar a good dining experience.

tourism ( cosmetic surgery and best value health care options like minor operations for visitors from overseas ). Since Manila and San Fernando are the nearest places with anything resembling competition for access to competent clinics and fitness facilities, Angeles has become the location of choice for some smart entrepreneurs for health care services and they have been rewarded by their smart businesses sense.


ADVENTURE and SPORTS Hot Air Ballooning The Clark Freeport Zone hosts the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival where different countries compete to pilot and design their balloons. A three-day event, the highly anticipated aerial sports competition event is swarmed by both locals and foreign tourists. Competitors from all around the world come up with different designs and exhibitions to bag the title. Visiting balloon watchers are also entertained by other aerial demonstrations, such as skydiving, flag jumps, choreographed kite-flying and kite fighting ( a very popular Filipino pastime), balloon aerobatics and flying formations and many others. The Festival is located at the Clark Freeport Zone with an entrance fee of only Php100 pesos per person.

Camalig The Camalig is a former barn or farm storehouse erected way back during the Spanish Era, circa 1840, by Angeles City first governor, Don Ciriaco de Miranda. Still there today along Sto. Rosario Street, Camalig is fully restored and converted into a pizza house and restaurant. Specially prepared local sausages and spices are used to make the pizza options the most delicious in the city bar none. The locals proudly call it the national pizza of the country.

KoreaTown Fil-American Friendship Avenue is not just some access road leading into the more popular Fields avenue entertainment district. Known locally as Koreatown for its long stretch of shops, hotels and restaurants that are Korean-owned and managed, and serving most of the Korean clientele and travelers to this part of the Luzon. Hotels along Friendship Avenue include the swanky King's, Valentine, and Halla. The Treasure House by Angie, is a craftsman-furnishing shop and is one of the remaining stalwarts from the U.S. Bases-era, that keeping shop in the area. . Hyung Jong Korean Restaurant is probably the longest-established Korean Restaurant in the area, offering fine, authentic Korean cuisine. One Stop Travel offers flight tickets, visa extensions and local and Asian travel tours. Cold Drop Bar and Grill offers hearty, western favorites, and has become a popular stop on the way home from Clark to the gated exclusive subdivisions. Sempai Sushi Bar is one of many delicious Japanese restaurants there. Kamisama Ichiban (Japanese) and Hyung Jong Korean Mart are well-stocked convenience stores filled with Korean and Japanese merchandise as well as local grocery staples located in a strip mall area along the avenue, near the Jolly Frog Bar, a smart looking bar. Also nearby are the Shilla and Palace Hotels in Villa Sol Subdivision.


Dinosaur Island Park For theme-park fans and families looking for fun that will wow the kids and the child-at-heart, the Dinosaur Island Park offers huge animatronic dinosaur statues. See animatronic versions of the Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Spirosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Iritator, Raptors, Rhinoceros, Iguanodon at the Dino Park! The movement of the dinosaur statues are designed to be as authentic as possible so that visitors will have as enjoyable an experience as a Dinosaur Safari into the past would feel like. There are displays of dinosaur skeletons in a museum within the park with additional trivia explaining what kind of beast is shown and its environment and feeding habits.

Mount Pinatubo Trekking

Golf till You Drop, Make a Deal while You’re at it Some business deals and contracts always get done over rounds of golf. Angeles City has some of the best greens outside of Manila for the discerning sportsman-business person. Check out the Air Force City Golf Course, Marina Hills Golf Course, Clearwater Country Club, The Clearwater Country Club Mimosa Golf and Country Club.

Dau Greenville Resort

Choose among several routes to the volcano, but the most recommended is the Capas trail. It is also advised that you make the trek only in the summer months (Jan. to Apr.) for the rainy season might be unpredictable due to flashfloods and mudslides. You will cross creeks, rivers and cliffs, culminating in a visit to the crater. Adventure junkies looking for outdoor fun near Angeles City never fail to make the trek to this famous volcano.

The Fontana Water Park Sitting within the Clark Special Economic Zone, the Fontana Water Park in Angeles City, Pampanga is the main attraction of the Fontana Leisure Park and Casino. As top notch resort hotspot in this part of Luzon, Fontana offers several sleek pools, slides, and even a special swimming pool equipped with a special wave generator that can simulate beach waves. If you don’t want to get wet, there is a sprawling golf course nearby.

Not within Angeles City but at the Dau Entry in North Expressway in Mabalacat, Pampanga is Dau Greenville Resort. A family-oriented resort that featuring many large swimming pools and fun waterslides. The resort features children’s swimming pools equipped with safe waterslides and life-sized statues of zoo and jungle animals. Even an Olympic-sized pool for swimmers looking for the best place to indulge. There is even sportfishing, for guests who enjoy catching their own food, and they can even have their catch prepared according to the kind of dish they want. Entrance fee for adults and kids costs 70 pesos a day for swimming, and 90 pesos for night swimming. Cottage prices start at 150 pesos for a maximum of six persons. There are also air-conditioned lodges for an overnight stay.

SHOPPING TOO! Apu Market Located near the chapel where the Christ statue or ‘Apu’ is found, you can shop for pasalubongat a tiangge. An official Apu Festival in Angeles City held during October (in commemoration of Christ) is the inspiration behind the weekly Friday tiangge. You can purchase everything from cheap clothes (ukay-ukay) to local handicraft, to the best that the locals can offer. The market closes at 12 midnight and one need wait until next Friday to avail of the menagerie of goodies.

Paskuhan Village Very near Angeles City is Paskuhan Village, the ubiquitous, colorful Filipino Christmas-themed park in Pampanga that exalts and promotes the Christmas experience all-year round. Specialty shops and activity facilities round out the variety of must-experience Pinoy features of the Paskuhan Village. The place is actually located in San Fernando, beside Angeles City.



A love song can stop a war was the popular theme of a cult favorite anime series. But music can heal more than just raging madness. Modern medical practitioners have found out that music allows patients to heal better, sustain therapies with less pain, and get better results from exercise and treatments.

THE POWER OF SOUND Joshua Leeds, a leading Psychoacoustics researcher, offered the premise that sound feeds the nervous system the same way food nourishes the physical body. Music is characterized by a regular rhythm, predictable dynamics, among others, which relaxes the mood and eases stress in subjects. Critically-ill intensive care patients had reduced pain and blood pressure when exposed to music. Even pain becomes more tolerable subjects can focus on music, to endure or withstand it. Music therapy also helped regulate the blood pressure of patients with coronary heart disease. Music is not just for chilling out. Listening to your favorite lively music while exercising can actually make your workout more effective. One study found that exercising in time to the music’s beat helps people exert more effort in their workouts and reduces their post-workout fatigue. The hope of music's curative powers has spawned a community in the United States of some 5,000 registered music therapists, who have done post-college study in psychology and music to gain certification. Active primarily in hospitals, nursing homes, special needs classrooms and

rehabilitation units, music therapists aim to soothe, stimulate and support the development or recovery of abilities lost to illness or injury. Neuroscientists are exploring the role of music in treatment of some of the following: Speech: For about 1 in 5 patients who suffer a stroke, difficulty with speech is a lingering effect. Schlaug and other researchers have found that by practicing to express themselves with a simple form of singing — something that sounds almost like Gregorian chant — aphasic stroke victims significantly improved the fluency of their speech compared with patients whose speech therapy did not include singing. Researchers also say that playing calming Mozart to premature infants significantly reduces the amount of energy they expend, which allows them to gain weight. For those who have sustained brain damage from accidents or any other affliction, researchers use music to stimulate the areas of the brain that control these motor and speech functions. Heart attack patients are aided in recovering by listening to “joyful music” which improves vascular health and relaxes heart rhythms. Sports teams train better and it has been proven that athletic performance is boosted by 20 per cent—the same effect of performance-enhancing drugs, except music doesn't show up on a drug test. For best results, try music with a fast tempo during intense training and slower songs during cool down. For teaching too, learning music boosts reading activities as revealed by studies.

Power Up with Almonds! Almonds contain chemicals that can fend off constipation, respiratory disorders, cough, heart disorders, anemia, impotency, and diabetes. It also helps in hair care, skin care (psoriasis), and dental care. A rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. It also contains zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. Almonds contain the most nutrients in compared to all other nuts. Eating almonds regularly also help reduce cholesterol by regulating the amount of bad cholesterol in your system. The potassium present in almonds helps regulate blood pressure. Almonds also help in reducing sugar and insulin levels after meals, protecting one from diabetes. Manganese and copper and riboflavin in almonds also assist in energy production which is why nuts make for the best trail mix food for backpackers and hikers.

Keeping Well: Going Nuts with Walnuts Scientists have discovered that Walnuts are the healthiest nuts to eat loaded as they are with superior antioxidants. Snacking on as few as 7 a day staves off disease and lowers cholesterol. The antioxidants found in raw walnuts were 15 times as powerful as Vitamin E, which can protect the body against damaging natural chemicals that enhance the immune system and protect against aging, cancer and neurological disorders. Aside from the antioxidant benefit, walnuts can defend your system from inflammatory diseases like asthma, psoriasis, eczema and rheumatoid arthritis. They also contain high levels of B-complex group of vitamins like folates, riboflavin, thiamin and others which are ideal for consumption by pregnant women. Eating walnuts reduces your risk of coronary heart disease. Don’t chomp on walnuts on top of heavy meals laden with saturated fat. Instead, replace foods containing saturated fat with walnuts.

Guyabano Boosts Immune System Fights Cancer Better than Chemotherapy Agents Nature’s Bounty provides us with plenty of healthy alternatives or diet therapies that can prevent or aid in stopping harmful diseases and ailments. The Guyabano tree, particularly its fruit, and surprisingly even the leaves and barks have been found to be extremely potent cancer cell killers. A scientific research in 1976 revealed that one chemical is 10,000 times more potent than the chemotherapeutic drug Adriamycin. Unlike chemotherapy, laboratory test results positively identified that compounds extracted from the Guyabano tree selectively hunts down and kills ONLY

Most of the time, we are so caught up in the rat race and worried about bad times that we lose sight of the real value of doing work—not just putting food on the table and paying off the bills; but also to have time for ourselves and enjoy life as best as we can manage. Time we set aside to enjoy ourselves is gold. If all you do is rest and recover from the week’s grind, then you might be setting yourself up for depression since the weekends are literally your only escape from hell. But if you use or schedule time for cultivating your own hobbies, and also enjoying activities with your loved ones—this will help you deal more creatively and be more adaptive to life’s ups and lows. Being able to find things that make you happy and making time for them also keeps you healthy too.

MAKE A PLAYLIST! Put down a list of activities you haven’t done before that you might enjoy. Do one adventure or hobby every weekend and if your schedule permits, Wednesdays can also be set for a midweek gig as simple as taking an hour to read your favorite book—just anything that makes you happier before the day ends. And it doesn’t even need to be expensive hobby or activity because that brings its own set of headaches. Before you add anything on your wacky to-do’s, run it off our fun list requirements: MIXER – allowing you to interact and connect with other people. ABSORBING—challenging enough keep your mind off the clock and on

CHANGE OF PACE—it contrasts from how you spend the entire day at work.

MY PLAYLIST cancer cells and not harm healthy cells! Various parts of the tree–including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds– have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. A regular diet that includes consumption of Guyabano Fruit, or teas from its leaves can

strengthen one’s immune system, lower blood sugar level, lowers blood pressure and fights off cancer cells before they cause harm to your system. Guyabano fruit also makes for very tasty juice drinks, smoothies or cocktail combinations with other fruits. Guyabano beverages and even ice cream flavors have always been popular among Filipinos.





You Should Be Experiencing Miracles Once A Month Littlewood’s Law. Know it? It is mathematician, John Edensor Littlewood’s theorem that proposes that what we think of as miracles should happen to everyone about once every thirty-five days. He defined a miracle as an event that has a one in a million chance of happening. A cult favorite 1986 book written by Littlewood showed various mathematical ways of looking at the world. The strongest being Littlewood's law. When everyone nowadays is buying into the Law of Attraction for being everything one wants to hear when the real world is harsh and as tough as nails, Littlewood’s Law redefines the Biblical admonition that blessings fall on everyone

Inspirational advice is a goldmine among both well-meaning individuals and charlatan sharks. People are so desperate for making good that they are willing to pay through the nose just to hear the secrets of success from anyone who can tell them they can do it. Don’t live a joke folks. If you seek inspiration, Sir Albert Einstein has been quoted for some of the best and meaningful advice for making good and succeeding. A distinguished teacher, scientist and theorist, Einstein provides timeless and valuable lessons about life.

1. CULTIVATE A CURIOUS MIND “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Do not hold back curiosity. It is your instinctive way of figuring out how things will work out. Or when they won’t. Keep a questioning mind.

2. PERSEVERANCE WORKS PRICELESS MIRACLES “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Perseverance cannot be measured nor even be given a cost, for the good rewards that one will achieve when one sticks it out and unlocks a miracle in the end.






“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” Excellence comes from devoting all one’s resources and effort on finishing one task rather than juggling several tasks and not getting maximum payoff in return.

As much as people want to succeed in life, sometimes they are not ready to hear the grisly truth of the matter, nor are willing to acknowledge that it takes a lot of effort to change the way things are done so that achievements, value and success come together. People seem to be on the road to failure even before they get started. Here is a rundown of markers you should remember.

MIXING WITH LOSERS A guarantee for failure in life is

into a mathematical theorem that can be actually measured, so it's no wonder that it caught on. Littlewood proposes that if you define God a certain way - in this case, as the greatest imaginable being in the universe - it's possible to prove God exists. If you define miracles as one-ina-million chances, it's possible to prove that they are but routine occurrences. So be thankful and keep an eye out for those things that fall your way no matter how unseemly they may be. Miracles are never just getting lucky. You get them all the time because the Lord is always good.

YOU THINK YOU'RE SMART The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. Stop acting as though you already know everything. The fact is, all successful people are people who continuously learn to be even more successful. They don't stop. Let me put it in this perspective - you don't know what you don't know, you know?


associating losers. Losers don’t accept change so that better work and success can happen. They are smug in the usual ways of doing things, and like to recruit new people. If you get into a rut with such people, you eventually become one with them. Like that song going…(Losers) are programmed to deceive, you can join them anytime you like but you may never leave.

live by what is supposed to be a consensus ‘smart advice’ like old wives tales and such like: if a boy keeps picking on a girl, or harassing her and treating her badly it is beacuse he likes her. Or do you have people telling you what you can and not do because they say they know better but they don’t do better even if they supposedly know what they’re doing? Do yourself a favor, don’t get wrong advice. It’ll stick in your brain and lead you to make stupid interpretations in life.



It’s always nice to have all you want. But if you go chasing after everything, you get even less than what you set out for. There are only 24 hours in a day to focus on your priorities. Even when you can get people to delegate activities towards success, having too many priorities lessens focus and productivity than having a good team working towards one goal.

YOU DON'T TRULY KNOW WHY YOU WANT SUCCESS If you don’t know the reason why you’re trying to achieve your goal you might give up midway or find disappointment even after achieving your goal. What’s the deal? Without a compelling reason, where are you going to find the motivation and encouragement for you to overcome stumbling blocks? One who knows why he is doing his gig, will see the worth of all accomplishments along the way to success.

You’ll hear this happening often in many ‘successful’ people’s stories – make a lot of money to lose it all. This probably because they became too comfortable and the other thing is, once you achieve success, you should ride on the wave when the momentum is there. When you think short term, you’re only going after the instant pleasure. You must learn to be patient and delay ‘gratification’ so that you can enjoy your windfall and not come up short even before you’ve even started. Lifestyle inflation deflates faster than you can imagine. It’s okay to fail and you should fail as many times as you can. That is how you learn but more importantly, you should never give up – each time you get dirt kicked in your face, wash your face and fight back. Don’t be a wussy and expect the world to owe you anything, it doesn’t.

4. IMAGINATION IS A WAY OF SEEING AND A WAY OF BEING "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge." Like that old children’s song that keeps in tune and is everything you should know no matter how old you are. Imagination is cheaper than free. It is in imagination that one recognizes the knack he has. Dreams are ones hopes for finding good and succeeding.

5. VALUE IS SUPERIOR TO SUCCESS “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Winning is not the end all and be all of any endeavor. Creating value has a more enduring effect that people will remember. A valuable learning experience during one’s journey and producing results that matter to people are always tops. Making a deadline but having shoddy work will never make the grade.

6. CHANGE TRIGGERS ANOTHER RESULT “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Different results occur when you change the way you do things. You cannot expect a different result from doing the same thing over and over.

7. UNDERSTAND THE BASICS "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” How things work have basic processes that one needs to master. Then you can make things work better, harder, and faster and max out your results.

Cleve Backster was America’s top polygraph (lie detector) expert who through a series of accidental and planned experiments in his New York office in 1966, discovered that plants can sense emotions among humans within proximity to them including other life forms ( animals, insects ). Impulsively attaching the leads of a lie detector machine to one of the leaves of his Dragon pot plants, Baxter wanted to know if the plant showed any response if he watered it. Seeing a strange response to the polygraph, he then lit a match and intended to burn one leaf. The instant he thought of burning off the leaf...THE POLYGRAPH REGISTERED A STRONG REACTION to his action as if they could read his thoughts. Plants respond to the threatening intentions of other life forms that they are attuned to. Backster’s experiments also showed that a strong bond appeared to develop between a plant and its owner. Once a plant is “linked” to a particular person it seems to be able to maintain that link, no matter where that person is or how big a crowd of people the person mixes with. Cleve Backster called plant emotions—PRIMARY PERCEPTION—an apparent interconnectedness between organic and other living matter. The idea of a common life-force has yet to be identified, quantified, and explained by modern science. Meanwhile research goes quietly on. And some say that once harnessed, we may finally develop a so-called second sight that will mark the next age of mankind.



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Tree Planting???

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What is Glycation? Glycation is the binding of a protein molecule to a glucose molecule resulting in the formation of damaged, nonfunctioning structures. Glycation alters protein structure and decreases biological activity. Glycated proteins, which accumulate in affected tissue, are reliable markers of many disease.Research indicates that when glycation occurs in your cells, it produces 50 times more free radicals. Skin experts like Dr Brandt and Dr Perricone have linked skin aging to glycation. “Glycation makes you older faster, and makes the skin look just plain awful …it accounts for accelerated aging, yellowing and stiffness of the skin, and decreased circulation.” Peter T. Pugliese MD, Skin Expert and Biomedical Consultant

CellRevive. A Multi-Functional Super Potent supplement that works in cellular level. It is an innovative product designed to fight against Advanced Glycation End Products or AGEs Cellrevive, has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate our cells and promote tissue healing. Thereby resulting on the following benefits: • Improves immune system • Protects collagen and the whole body from sugar destructive effect •Improves skin Hydration, skin elasticity and smoothness •It prevents age spots, wrinkles and skin dryness by enhancing the body production of Hyaluronic acid (THE MOLECULES OF YOUTH) •Support cellular rejuvenation •Increases sexual vigor •Aids weight management •increases metabolism and energy to burn calories •Aneuro-protectant that helps alzheimer’s, Parkinson, epilepsy, autistic spectrum. •Allergy fighter •Removes heavy metal from the body •Help people with migraine •Acts as catalyst to enhance nutrients •Increasenitric oxide production that helps people with cardio vascular problem. •Increases own stem cell production. •A potent anti-inflammatory that prevents arthritis. •Reduction of age spots and other signs of aging. •Support healthy kidney functions.

For more details, please contact 0927-7740161 / 0925-8882910


You’d think that a Pampanga trip would be accessible only from the bus depots that are in rather seedy places in the Metro. Most aircon buses take an hour and thirty to get to Dau, Mabalacat. from Manila, and you’d still have to ride some air-conditioned jeepney for 50 bucks. Running you P185 total commute cost.

At the Trinoma bus terminal, there are aircon buses that ply the Manila to Clark route. Bus operators, Philtranco, Genesis, Victory Star and Five Star all do the trip directly to Clark Airport from Trinoma and you don’t need to alight at Dau anymore. The companies have departure lounges in Trinoma that are open for 24 hours and the bus fare costs Php200 only. The bus departure schedules from Trinoma run as follows:

The bus lounge is located between Mercury Drug and Medical City, TriNoma ground floor. For almost the same travel time, at a very convenient, safe and accessible bus depot, one can travel directly to Clark riding the best aircon buses. The best international airport in the country is now just a an hour away.

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