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Hollywood's New Punk Sweetheart, read about her new films in REACH

“Epochs throw up the monsters they need. History can be written of monsters, and in them. We experience the conjunctions of certain werewolves and crisis-gnawed feudalism, of Cthulhu and rupturing modernity,

of Frankenstein’s and Moreau’s made things and a variably troubled Enlightenment, of vampires and tediously everything, of zombies and mummies and aliens and golems / robots / clockwork constructs and their own anxieties. We pass also

through the endless shifts of such monstrous germs and antigens into new wounds. All our moments are monstrous moments.” China Mieville Fall 2012

PACIFIC RIM is a Massive Kaiju Brawl with Mecha. During the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, Legendary Pictures showed fans of monster movies what was cooking… see page 2





HEART OF THE SWARM CONTINUES STARCRAFT 2 STORY The second installment to the Starcraft II gaming canon is now in the market and every kid who drools for the Zerg Queen is saving up for the goodies from Blizzard. The game is now available in both Standard and Collector’s Editions. The Collector’s Edition of the game will contain an exclusive behind the scenes DVD and Blu-ray disc set, a Collector’s Edition soundtrack, an art book, a “Zerg Rush” mouse pad, and in-game content for Star Craft II, World of Warcraft, and even Diablo III. These include a Torrasque Ultralisk and portraits for Starcraft II, a pet Baneling for World of Warcraft, and Blade Wings and a Banner Sigil for Diablo III. The Blade Wings look a bit like Tyrael’s angelic wings that D3 Collector’s Edition owners have. Heart of the Swarm is set to contain an all new campaign featuring the likes of Kerrigan, the “Queen of Blades” spanning across 20 new missions; new units and maps for multiplayer; and new multiplayer options including group and clan systems, unranked matchmatching, multiplayer replays, stat tracking, and a global play system allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to play together. Although Kerrigan has been ‘healed’ of her Zerg exoskeleton, she still retains murderous powers but is now wrapped in skin-deep semi-armor like a cyborg. The game also comes with a new leveling system in multiplayer that allows players to earn new customization options for their online profiles. Hurry and get your copy now.



Meet Hit Girl Chloe Moretz!

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Pacific Rim from Guillermo del Toro features exactly what the director previously promised: giant robots and giant monsters kicking the bejeezus out of each other. It begins with two scientists uncovering an older model of a Jaeger—a giant mechanical robot—long thought to have been lost. Giant alien beasts—flying monsters, sea monsters, and monsters “up the wazoo,” (known as Kaiju— translated as strange beasts) invade the earth, tearing the planet to shreds. To save us from total annihilation, rebuilt military Jaegers are sent out to frag Kaiju out at sea. It’s the knock down brawl between mecha and nightmare beasts live-action film that we’ve all been waiting for. Del Toro confirmed designs for up to 40 different Kaiju (giant monsters) were done for the film, with the best rough half dozen making it into the movie. Some 9 different models of Jaegers also appear in the movie. The director insisted on “no f***ing motion-capture.” Del Toro didn’t want the robots to move like humans (he called it a “f*** that s**t situation”). Certain set pieces that have never been put onscreen before will appear in the sci-fi movie. Pacific Rim sincerely IS everything you can possibly imagine in a movie about giant robots and monsters.


Director Gareth Edwards, the man behind the critically acclaimed sci-fi romance Monsters, will reboot our favorite monster back to the screen. With

The Best of Godzilla Movies Godzilla Vs Biollant (1989, Kazuki Omori) Creating a publicity boom for this longdelayed sequel, Toho allowed fans to enter ideas for the next instalment. The result of this is an all-new monster – the thoroughly bizarre Biollante. Unfortunately, this is less serious-minded than Godzilla 1985. Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II (1993, Takao Okawara) The return of an old favourite, albeit with a new and improved robo-suit, this is probably the point in the Heisei series when it became clear Toho was running on empty. This is not too dissimilar from the old Mechagodzilla movies – but then why change a winning formula? Godzilla Vs Destoroyah (1995, Koji Hashimoto) Caused controversy at the time because Godzilla actually dies. It introduced a fast-deteriorating fire-breather, now in a condition of nuclear meltdown, thus threatening the safety of the planet. Unusual, this is well worth seeking out.

the screenplay coming from Batman scribe David S Goyer, we expect better than the Roland Emmerich over-hyped version. Guillermo del Toro’s homage to kaiju (strange beast), Pacific Rim due out in 2013 might make everyone excited about wars against gigantic monsters again. All of we who live for monsters, know that the Japanese have probably perfected the art of making a monster out of ANYTHING as we have seen from ALL of their popular Sentai and Tokusatsu series—most of which are a reflection of Japanese culture and identity. But the granddaddy of all Boss Creeps would still be Mr. ‘Big Lizard’ himself or Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese), maybe the most popular and cult favorite ‘hero’ monster among us. The GODZILLA franchise began in 1954, a black and white gig that became an overnight blockbuster box office hit in its native Japan. Produced by the Toho Company, and directed by Ishirõ Honda. From then came a few more Godzilla films until Godzilla Raids Again, marking the start of what fans know as the Shõwa period-- meaning ‘period of enlightened peace’ ending with Terror of Mechagodzilla in 1975. All films showed a level of craft and care that surpassed that of even American B-movies that appeared then—Roger Corman horror movies with monsters. In Japan, one in every nine people shelled out to experience Godzilla on the big screen. Presented as both a menace and a hero, the most successful movies showed him as a destructive force of nature.

She is an awesome character actress. Foul-mouthed superhero sidekick, Hit-Girl. Werewolf Hippie-daughter who is secretly a werewolf. Seducing and murderous vampire girl. Hick rape victim. Steampunk toymaker’s daughter. Name any unique role, Chloe Grace Moretz can bite into character and turn it into gold. To date, Chloë has over 20 films under her belt numerous TV show guestings and even rock music videos for Best Coast and The Soft Pack. Kick-Ass, Dark Shadows, Hugo, 500 Days of Summer and Let Me In raking in good reviews for her performances. She is now working in the remake for Carrie, a 70s horror cult classic; the sequel to the hit superhero film—Kick-Ass 2; and another of Dark Horse comics’ cult books turned to comics called Strange as the title character, Emily Strange. a goth-looking 13-year old girl who is usually accompanied by her four strange black cats: Sabbath, Miles, Nee-Chee, and Mystery. Chloë Moretz was born on February 10, 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. She caught the acting bug at age 6 and coaxed older brother Trevor, who was studying at the Professional Performing Arts High School in NYC at the time to help her practice lines. Her biggest break came in 2010, as the controversial Mindy Macready, aka Hit-Girl, in Matthew Vaughn’s film adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass. Chloë did a lot of training in martial arts and weapons handling for her role

as a knife fighting, gun slinging foul-mouthed super-hero sidekick. About acting, Chloë says: “I always try to find something in my own life that connects me to the character. The more I live, the more I find things that I can use in my acting. I have learned never to judge any of the characters that I portray. Sometimes that is difficult to do, because as a human being, we tend to make judgments when we find out information about people and situations. In order to bring a character to life, though, I find that I cannot judge her or I won’t be true to her.” Despite her rocketing career and busy film and press scheds, Chloë’s family keeps her grounded as a normal kid and not as some highmaintenance, precocious child star. She still has a relatively normal teenage life. Like other girls her age, Chloë enjoys playing video games, going to concerts, traveling, and tweet about all of the above. Chloe has been heralded as the first ambassador for stylish teen brand Aeropostale. She has even been part of collaboration with footwear designer Stuart Weitzman on a capsule collection of shoes to raise money for charity—a so called ‘Chloe Moretz’ tan and navy lizette color-block calfskin lace-up brogue, $375 (£231). We can’t wait for Chloe to get more amazing movie roles and watch her grow into an even more amazing actress and role model for kids everywhere. She sure is a ‘Hit Girl.’



The 2m (6.6t)-tall genyornis is believed to have been driven extinct by human hunting and habital destruction

Which Was The First Species Made Extinct By Humans? “The Supercharger network is a game-changer for electric vehicles”

We don’t know or certain but it was probably one of the giant mammal species of the late-Pleistocene epoch (60,000-12,000 years ago). Recent studies of the two-ton wombat diprotodon and the two-meter (6.6-foot)-tall lightless bird genyornis, for example, indicate that they became extinct from Australia soon after humans arrived. These animals would either have been hunted directly or driven extinct by environmental destruction as early humans lit brush fires to flush out other prey and clear land or settlement.

Electric Vehicles Get A Power-Up A revolutionary new charging system allows Tesla Motors cars to be topped up for free in minutes Tesla Motors has unveiled a secretly constructed network of advanced charging stations which has been dubbed ‘Supercharger’. These stations enable Tesla-brand electric vehicles to be charged significantly quicker than conventional systems, with a 90-kilowatt connector hooking up directly to the vehicles’ batteries. The connector means electricity can enter the battery four and a half times faster than in existing systems, allowing the Tesla Model S to be half-charged in 30 minutes; half a charge equates to 240 kilometers (150 miles) of range. This compares favorably to current 240-volt, ten-kilowatt outlets, which only deliver 26 kilometers (16 miles) per 30-minute charge.

What is most advanced about the network is how it is fed electricity, with a solar carport system generating more electricity annually than it uses; this means the system can actually transfer some of its sunlight-generated power back to the electricity grid. Speaking on its launch, Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, said: “The Supercharger network is a game-changer for electric vehicles, providing long-distance travel that has a level of convenience equivalent to gasoline cars for all practical purposes. However, by making electric long-distance travel at no cost – an impossibility for gasoline cars – Tesla is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be.”

How We Search for Alien Life City lights Another way to detect life is to look for the light from alien cities – an idea put forward by Professor Abraham Loeb at Harvard University and Professor Edwin Turner at Princeton University. A 50km-wide city like Tokyo emits enough light to be easily visible with existing scopes if it were on Pluto. A space telescope more than 100 times wider than Hubble could potentially see city lights on planets around other stars. But with the James Webb Space Telescope’s 6.5m mirror not launching until 2018, we won’t be seeing alien cities for quite some time. Asteroid mining Infrared telescopes may offer a way to spot technologically advanced civilizations. Dr. Duncan Forgan at the University of Edinburgh has studied infrared emission from asteroid belts and believes that any mining activity could be recognized. First, the heat and dust generated by mining operations would be detectable by infrared space telescopes such as the Herschel Space Observatory. Second, studying the light spectrums of dust clouds could reveal whether precious metals such as platinum were present in reduced amounts.

If The Earth Was Once Molten, Where Did All The Water Come From? The Earth is the only planet in our Solar System with huge amounts of water that has mostly remained in the same liquid state ever since it first formed. The latest theory explains that, after the world formed - but beore it had developed an atmosphere - a variety of gases were released from the interior. This “degassing” process lasted or about 100 million years, after which time enough gases (including carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia) existed to form the atmosphere, as well as the

vast oceans which cover so much of our planet today (70 per cent). Gravity held the gases to the surface, and the temperature lowered before the boiling point so the gases could condense into water. Other possible contributors include water-rich meteorites and comets colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere, and the photosynthetic process of bacteria that existed early in the planet’s life.

SETI At the Big Ear radio telescope, Ohio, in 1977, the astronomer Jerry Ehman picked up a strange signal. It had the hallmarks of an artificial source, but after 72 seconds wasn’t picked again. Its origin remains a mystery. Dubbed the ‘Wow!’ signal after Ehman scrawled the word on the computer readout, it’s the closest we’ve come to listening to aliens. Maybe the private organization, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in California, will have better luck. It is now targeting all planetary systems found by Kepler, especially those with planets in habitable zones, and hopes to pick up any messages beamed into space from them. The search was interrupted in April 2011 when budget woes forced its principal partner, University of California, Berkeley, to withdraw from the telescope they shared, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). But the SETI Institute raised new funds and recommenced work last December.



Why Do Bees Sting Us After They Sting Us? Bees and wasps don’t usually go out and sting people. Bees only sting when they sense danger to the hive and their queen and to signal the troops that there is an intruder near the hive. The standard stinger design of insects is smooth for puncturing the skin of other insects and it can be easily withdrawn and refused. But the honeybee, uniquely, has evolved a strongly barbed stinger as protection against vertebrates. The bee doesn’t just stab the stinger to wound you - the barbs on either side of the central stylus act as ratchets that move back and forth to penetrate the stylus deeper into the puncture wound. The elastic layers of your skin trap the barbs so when you brush the bee off, the stinger remains embedded and tears a part of the bee--the venom gland and part of the digestive tract. The bee dies from this huge evisceration, but the muscles in the stinger by reflex continue in pumping venom into the wound. You get a nasty wound then a poison dump that exacerbates the puncture wound. The abdominal juices from the ruptured bee stinger also act as a pheromone signal to other bees to join the attack. This suicide strategy results in a much more painful sting and is the best way to protect the hive. Unlike workers, queen honeybees have smooth stingers for multiple attacks.

Is There Anything Harder Than Diamond? Where Does The Fat Go When We Lose Weight? Fat is essential to our bodies. It stores energy, insulates us and protects us from impacts. The majority of it is stored as subcutaneous adipose, which is the layer beneath your skin. Men and women have different fat distributions. Women store their fatty tissue most around the breasts and hips, while men keep theirs around the abdomen. Fatty acids are the basic building blocks of lipids - the small at molecules that are transported through the blood and have many functions When glucose levels are low and more energy is needed, the stored fatty acids in fat cells are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, which are free to circulate and then be absorbed by cells in need of a power up; this process is called lipolysis. The fat cells then shrink. So active people use up most of their fat storage for energy and stay fit and trim, while inactive people who binge without much exercise have their fats stored up in their body and go plump and overweight.

What’s The Deepest Hole We’ve Ever Dug?

The record or subsurface drilling is held by the Kola Superdeep Borehole in NW Russia. The scientific project reached 12,262 meters (40,230 feet) in 1989 before 180-degree-Celsius (365-degree-Fahrenheit) temperatures forced it to stop. The trouble with dealing to Earth’s core is not just the tough rock, crystal and eventually molten metal you’ll encounter, but the rapidly increasing pressure, friction and heat. At around 1.5million meters (4.9million feet), temperatures would exceed 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) - more than any drill-bit can cope with. Even then, we would still be over 4,500 kilometers (2,800 miles) from the inner core.

In physics, hardness is a gauge of how resistant solid matter is to any attempt to change the permanent shape of the object when force is applied to it. Measured by use of the Mohs scale, the diamond ranks as the hardest natural mineral. A Diamond is made when carbon is subjected to extremely high pressure thus having atoms joined by extremely strong covalent bonds. Some synthesized materials and composites are even harder like aggregated diamond nanorods or ADNRs which are manufactured by subjecting carbon-50 molecules to immense pressures. Diamonds are used not just for engagement rings, but make for the toughest edging on industrial and mining drills that need to break into tough rock like mining tunnels, road tunnels carved into mountains or deeper underground into cities for laying of cable and sewage pipes.



Fuji Xerox Printers Lead The Market In Laser Technology Fuji Xerox Printer Channel is a channel focused business. They work together with Philippines distributor, MSI-ECS Phils. and their channel partners to strategically bring to the market the best laser printers available in the market today. Fuji Xerox Printers operates in 12 countries with 26 offices across Asia Pacific reaching new heights with the consumer sector which are becoming more aware of their different choices either for home or corporate use and even small or medium enterprises. Fuji Xerox is the only laser printer brand in the market today that offers three different technologies namely Laser, Solid Ink and SLED (Self-scanning Light Emitting Diode) Technology. Today, the Fuji Xerox Printer Channel is one of the largest players in the Asia Pacific leading the laser printer market, offering its customers the most comprehensive range of printers. Fuji Xerox Printer Channel General Manager for Philippines & Hongkong, Mr. Lee Cheung, together with Philippine country manager Ms. Candice Gino-gino aims at widening the market reach of their trusted brand with efficient strategies and programs to maximize the product awareness of its clients about the potential of Fuji Xerox Printers ideal for different industries be it for government, small and medium enterprises or even home and personal use giving the wise and discerning consumers an opportunity to appreciate Fuji Xerox Printer’s economical yet proven quality, durability and efficiency to deliver the best results in a variety of printing needs with brand loyalty and customer satisfaction as top priority. Mr. Lee Heung is proud to showcase this year’s set of newly launched printer models, “These newly released products provide cost effective, high quality and efficient printing ideal for small to-medium businesses and networked small groups who require superior print quality whilst saving money, energy and the environment.”

Newly Launched Printers The latest offering this initial quarter of 2013 is the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M255 z S-LED (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Diode), a compact desktop multifunction printer that boasts of a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution that combines high performance and efficiency, with wireless networking and automatic duplex as standard. Copy, Print, Scan or Fax documents efficiently, it’s an ideal mix of exceptional print quality with a low cost of ownership. The DocuPrint M255 z is designed with your business productivity in mind. Fuji Xerox Printer Channel is also proud to showcase two new monochrome printers, the DocuPrint P355 d and DocuPrint P355 db printers designed to enable optimum productivity and efficiency for small to medium businesses. The new printers lead the way with superior print quality and cost-effective print management. The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P255 dw Monochrome S-LED (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Diode) compact desktop printer is a fantastic addition to any small work group, combining high performance and efficiency, with wireless networking and duplex as standard. The DocuPrint P255 dw is the right choice. Introducing the DocuPrint C5005 d, an advanced A3 Colour S-LED (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Diode) printer that delivers outstanding print quality with unmatched reliability – precisely what your business needs to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market environment. With a wide range of input and output options, it can be easily customized to meet your specific business requirements. Best of all, it is competitively priced. Combined with a low total cost of ownership, it allows you to create documents without impacting that all-important bottom line.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M255 z S-LED­, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P355 d, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P255dw, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M255 S-LED

End User Sales Promo January 25, 2013, Fuji Xerox Printer Channel spearheads an exciting surprise with its End User Campaign entitled PASSPORT 2 PRIZES where every purchase of any of the FUJIXEROX PRINTERS for the period of JANUARY 25 to APRIL 26, 2013 entitles a participant to win loads of amazing prizes ranging from premium items, travel and lifestyle perks such as hotel accommodation and a trip to any Asian destination as major prizes for the raffle after registration at their website. The grand draw will be held at the Fuji Xerox Printer


Channel headquarters in Makati city on MAY 3, 2013. This latest promotion paves the way for more upcoming exciting programs and activities for the consumers and channel partners along with the launch of more line up of new printer models in the months to come. Fuji Xerox Printer Channel is indeed on its way to deliver results with the customer’s needs and wants on top of mind. To know more about the latest promotions, more details on the products and latest update on Fuji Xerox printers, Please visit our website,

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COBY KYROS is Value HDMI for Your Tablet Needs! The Coby Kyros value tablet delivers Android 2.2 at a very attractive price, microSD memory expansion, and a front-facing camera. Running on the Android 2.2 operating system with an 8 inch screen, you get exactly what you see. It comes with a stylus for the resistive screen. The LCD panel is enclosed in a tough plastic housing that keeps it protected from rough handling. The Kyros has outstanding HDMI output. The HDMI’s full 1080p output capability is only realized when playing back video content (and, in our case, making a few manual adjustments to the attached display). Does it work? Yes. The Kyros is rated at only 4.5 hours of video playback using default settings, and cranking out 1080p video over HDMI probably wasn’t the best-case test condition. On the right side you’ll find a power button and volume rocker--fairly standard stuff. The back offers a pair of stereo speakers. The bottom edge, though, is where all the action is. Here’s where you’ll find the microSD memory card slot (which accepts up to 32GB of extra storage) and the always-reassuring “reset” hole. The

Solenn Heussaff for


0922-816-7240 ImagoVis

bottom also holds the power adapter input and headphone jack (which we confused for each other more than a few times), a Mini-USB sync port, and a Mini-HDMI output that supports up to 1080p video output. How it is you plan on acquiring 1080p movie content and loading it onto a tablet with only 4GB of storage (2.9GB usable) is entirely up to you to figure out. Froyo-ish The Coby Kyros runs Android 2.2, aka Froyo, you get the open-sourced Android experience that is common to most of the low-end tablets and e-book readers, such as the Archos 7 Home Tablet, Velocity Micro Cruz Reader, and Maylong M-150, which cannot run most of the standard Google. Coby even placed a dedicated browser button for Android navigation! You get the standard Android Web browser and general e-mail and gallery applications, along with the same AppsLib app market found on Archos tablets. Try to install the Amazon Appstore app, through which you can browse and install a wide selection of free and premium apps.



By: Araceli Carodan

Zoo visits are always cherished memories from childhood. With another chance to check one out in Tagaytay, I became a 12 year old again and was excited to see paradise in Paradizoo. To get to Paradizoo, take the main road from Tagaytay Rotonda going to Batangas. After passing Mendez market, there is a Paradizoo sign on the right. From the corner it’s a 10 minute drive on a road which will lead you all the way to the place. Paradizoo is a farm slash theme park in Tagaytay, a 10 hectare property, and the home of various farm animals--diferentbreeds of goats, one-humped camels, miniature horses perfect for kids who want to experience their first horse-back ride.. Then you have ostriches, rabbits, native carabaos, wild pigs, bees, ducks, and one-colored peacocks, and half a dozen of greyhound dogs for racing.

To get around Paradizoo, you walk. Long leisurely strolls at that. You can only tour the facility by foot. .One attraction of Paradizoo is the Infinity Pond of Positivism where a mini-pavilion lies on the center. Highlights include a flower garden, a live hand- experience of goat’s milking and pasteurization process, a butterfly garden, a bee- keeping sanctuary, a crematorium and cemetery for pets and a man – made lake for rain water harvest, lots of fresh produce and organic herbs garden, and a meditation area with a very nice view of a well-kept flower-laden staircase. Skill seminars for livelihood are offered like flower arrangement, how to breed farm goats and learn to keep organic plants.

ZOOBIC SAFARI Clark Pampanga The only Tiger Safari in the Philippines located in the heart of the forest of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. An exotic sanctuary that promises thrills like the Safari Ride! Saely pet exotic and farm animals, including many reptiles! Ride a safari jeep where you will enter an enclosed area with live tigers roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat. Hear the music and join in the dance of the Aetas, our own indigenous aborigines who hail from Zambales. Grab the chance to feed the crocodiles. Just dangle a chicken on a fishing pole and see them jump high and snap their vicious jaws at the bait.


Enjoy the refreshing breeze of Tagaytay’s gentle winds while enjoying an exciting holiday catching the breath-taking views in Residence Inn. Famed for its Mini-Zoo and it’s excellent views overlooking Taal Lake, you’ll neer get a better holiday accomodation than RESIDENCE INN. For more Information: Check their website

The Best Overlooking Hideaway:

If you are looking for a place to stay at the heart of Tagaytay with the perfect view of the Taal volcano at its pristine glory, then you are in for a big treat with this new, quiet and modern hotel, The Knights Ko Suites. Located at the east side of the road facing Taal lake, one would appreciate the glory of sunrise and sunsets with majestic scenery of lush greenery and serene environment. A major plus is the well kept rooms that spell elegance, complete with amenities and very spacious interiors of quality furniture that would make your stay enjoyable and worry free. All rooms are maintained with very homey and specific details like a spacious bathroom with bath tub, an area for receiving guests and a dining area, and a lovely terrace to enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay.

Groups of family and friends can enjoy indoor games like billiards and table tennis and to top of the experience, a videoke room to sing your heart out during your vacation. Recently opened last October 2012, Knights Ko Suites Hotel wants to be of service for your next Tagaytay experience, so once you have decided to go south one of these days, this quaint hotel is your sure best bet to live the life with Tagaytay’s finest glory, the spectacular view and the cool serene environment tourists from all the country keep raving about. For details, Please call or text: 0939 901 8428 / 09064912150 Address: Baranggay Tolentino East Calamba road 2, 4120 Tagaytay City



Diabetes WONDER Herb Cure-All Gynura Procumbens grows as a scrambling perennial plant with fleshy leaves that are bright green and are rather smooth to touch. The shape of leaves can vary from roundish to ovate in shape but are all shallowly toothed at the margins. Gynura Procumbens is believed by the Chinese to be a medicinal herb that possesses the ability to lower blood pressure and sugar levels. Diet recommendations are 3-7 leaves daily in the raw form, and up to 5-8 leaves per meal is more than enough. The leaves have a mild raw taste which makes it quite easy to consume. A Singapore study of the herb in 50mg, 100mg and 300mg extracts used on diabetic rat models showed that Gynura Procumbens was able to reduce elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Another study by Korean researchers reported that the herb can reduce anti-hypertension in a rats. Traditional Asian folk medicine has used Gynura Procumbens, in the treatment of eruptive fever, rash, kidney disease, migraine, constipation, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer. According to the Plant Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA), Gynura is also used in Africa, where the boiled leaves are applied externally to relieve general body pains and raw leaves for rheumatic pains. Dried and pounded leaves are mixed with oil and can be a poultice to treat skin complaints. The Gynura plant grows easily from stem-cuttings. Seeds are not available. It is best grown in well-draining, fertile soil that is kept moist at all times. Semi-shade is preferred by this plant.

You can buy seedlings of Gynura for only php100. For inquiries, please call 0932-1883536 and look for Annabelle Ong.


Stem Cell Fertility Treatments Could Be Risky For Older Women Harvard scientists are challenging traditional medical logic that dictates that women are born with a finite amount of eggs. The scientists said they have discovered the ovaries of young women harbor rare stem cells that are in fact capable of producing new eggs. If properly harnessed, those stem cells may someday lead to new treatments for women suffering from infertility due to cancer or other diseases – or for those who are simply getting older, according to the researchers. Lead researcher Jonathan Tilly of Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital has co-founded a company, OvaScience Inc., to try to develop the findings into fertility treatments. The idea that women are born with all the egg cells – called oocytes – they’ll ever have has been called into question by past research, which found egg-producing stem cells in adult mice. In this latest study, Harvard researchers, in collaboration with Japanese scientists, used donated frozen ovaries from 20 year olds and ‘fished out’ the purported stem cells. The researchers inserted a gene into the stem cells, which

caused them to glow green. If the cells produced eggs, those would glow green, too. The researchers first watched through a microscope as new eggs grew in a lab dish. They then implanted the human tissue under the skin of mice to provide a nourishing blood supply. Within two weeks, they observed green-tinged cells forming. While the work of the Harvard scientists does show potential, there are still questions as to whether the cells are capable of growing into mature, usable eggs. If so, researchers said, it might be possible one day to use the stem cells in order to grow eggs in lab dishes to help preserve cancer patients’ fertility, which can be harmed by chemotherapy. There are some concerns about this new technology, but for specific patients in prime, childbearing ages that are at risk of losing their fertility for one reason or another, this could be a fruitful discovery for them. The procedure may create incredibly high-risk pregnancies, among other medical problems especially for menopausal women.

Medicinal Elixir? Coca-Cola is Good For You!

Can Honey Really Fight Infections? Yes. Honey has been used to treat wounds for thousands of years and is still used today. The best known antibacterial and antifungal honey is manuka honey, made by bees feeding on manuka, the tea tree bush Leptospermum scoparium, which grows in New Zealand and Australia. It has been reported to inhibit more than 80 species of bacterium, and recent research is investigating how it works. Bacteria that live on your skin, such as Streptococcus pyogenes, are normally harmless but sometimes prevent wounds from healing by clumping together to build a ‘biofilm’. This film then prevents drugs such as antibiotics from entering the wound. Recent research shows that manuka honey prevents these bacteria from sticking to the wound tissue and can even destroy the biofilms once they have formed. No instances of honey-resistant bacteria have been reported and applying antibacterial agents directly to the skin to clear bacteria from wounds is far preferable to using systemic antibiotics. So honey may be a very useful treatment.

Soda was originally made as an elixir and medicinal drink. A new study conducted by the University of Athens shows that Coca-cola was successful in treating 90 percent of patients with phytobezoarshelping them to avoid surgery. The carbonization of the drink only helps to speed along the process. The aggressive acidity of the soft drink that is often blamed for tooth decay also dissolves harmful stomach blockages. Believe it or not, the chemicals in Coke act similarly to gastric acid, which aids in digestion. Even dissolving a gastric phytobezoar, a blockage in the stomach that can lead to bowel obstruction, infection, and in some cases, death. Testing on 46 patients over 10 years, the Journal of Alimentary Pharmacology and Theraputics, showed Coca-cola’s original medicinal roots. Out of the 46 patients, “exactly half saw the drink destroy the blockage completely and a further 19 only needed non-invasive treatments as a result of Coke’s help. Only four needed full surgery giving Coca-Cola a success rating of 91.3 percent,” the study says. Though partly blamed for the rise of obesity particularly in children, due to the consumption of large soda drinks that contain enormous amounts of sugar, it turns out that soda can now be used as a safe, affordable, and most importantly, successful medical treatment. Seems like a good reason to end meals with Coke after all.




Need a better way to fly around the country? Are you looking for a more convenient way to fly to and from our country to anywhere? Easy. Go up north. At Clark, Angeles, the new Clark International Airport provides the best location for traveling in or out of the country. There are no traffic queues, Airport facilities are ultra-modern and provide the fastest processing for passengers leaving and arriving in the country. There dozens

of shops that cater to all travelers’ needs from smokes to liquor as pasalubong as well as brand products and luxury goods fit for gifts to friends and family. There is also a Philippine Duty Free shop near the airport for convenience shopping for families meeting their loved ones and treating themselves to a few of the special imported items available tax free for their shopping enjoyment. Clark is only a 2-hour drive away from Manila and you won’t encounter the horrid traffic.

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