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The Viking God of Rock ain’t Val Halen from that old cartoon. It’s Chris Hemsworth—Thwoar. In the 2011 Marvel comic book movie, Thor, millions of female fans swooned over the lager chugging, mug breaking God of Thunder. News that Chris Hemsworth is back in his armour to start shooting the film sequel—Thor: The Dark World, has all lovestruck females getting their panties in a bunch and just dying to get a sneek a peek at their favorite rock hard Viking God. The muscular 29-year-old actor was spotted in South East England, working

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hard on the set in full costume-battle armour, as God of Thunder duking it out with an army of hostiles. Australian Chris was shown in some secret shots, doing fight scenes alongside actress Jaimie Alexander, who plays Sif, Thor’s wife to be, in the pantheon of the Viking deities. Fight scenes can get a bit too hairy to film, so Chris has the help of a doppelganger extra who was seen subbing for Chris during the extreme brawl outs. see page 2



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The Viking God Of Rock It appears that Thor will have to duke it out with a variety of monsters and not just the mercenary henchmen of his adopted brother judging from the costumed actors also seen on set mimicking what the CGI will replace. While the movie’s plot has been kept secret, Thor 2 will still focus once again on the strange relationship between Thor and his adopted brother Loki.

Wielding his hammer: The movie sequel is due for release in November 2013, and looks to be as action-packed as the first film

Delayed from summer 2012 because of a competing comic book movie called Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, the campy sfx powered horror fairy tale has been moved to January 2013. And if you don’t mind B-movie action-horror gigs like Van Helsing and Underworld, then this is right up your alley my friend. The trailer which can be viewed online on You Tube virtually reveals the entire plot of the movie. Maybe even all of the best action scenes as well. See Jeremy Renner

(Hansel) dodging in bullet time. Or Gemma Arterton (Gretel) head-butting some creep who interrogates her. Then some torture-porn leftover witch-decapitating trap. You will see around a thousand unusual weapons from a steampunk perspective, anime-inspired shotgun thing, an automatic crossbow that also fires side shots, and the witch Gatling gun thing. Jonah Hex might have had a lot of useful leftover props. All things said, the cast looks great (aside from Renner and Arterton, including Famke

Janssen as one of the witchy things, Peter Stormare, Zoe Bell, and Derek Mears on board), and even Tommy Wirkola is an interesting choice as a director (Dead Snow). January is a notorious scheduling fix for studio films that might not have the potential either critically or commercially. Paramount may be betting on the success of The Devil Inside, of January this year and might be hedging on a similar hit in the first month of 2013. We thinks the movie is gonna be ROCKIN!

CARRIE Remake 2013

Thor: The Dark World is scheduled for release in November 2013.

Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway to Star in Spielberg’s Robopocalypse Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth have teamed up as the lead stars in the futuristic Steven Spielberg action movie Robopocalypse, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Robopocalypse, is based on the bestselling 2011 novel by Daniel H. Wilson, and is set in a near future timeline where domestic robots are as common as your TV and artificial intelligence is on the verge of becoming real. Made at Spielberg's own Dreamworks studio and 20th Century Fox, the story revolves around Archos, a supremely intelligent AI, that finds self-awareness, then begins annihilating human civilisation in order to save the Earth's biodiversity. Dreamworks acquired the rights to Robopocalypse in 2009, two years prior to its publication. Robopocalyse will be shot in Montreal, Canada, from a screenplay by Cabin in the Woods' Drew Goddard and will reach cinema houses in April 2014.

Chloë Moretz, Hit Girl herself, steals the title role and Julianne Moore plays the teenaged girl’s manipulative, religious fundamentalist mother. Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) directs. Moretz has done vampires, assassins and now a telekinetic outcast, and she's only fifteen. After The Descendants star Shailene Woodley turned down the role, Chloë beat Dakota Fanning, Emily Browning, Lily Collins, and several others to the juicy part. Fans caught first glimpse of Chloë Moretz as Carrie White in the upcoming new Carrie 2013 remake by way of movie still…the troubled teen in her prom dress, streaked with blood. One will never forget Sissy Spacek, the original whacko telekinetic teen who blows up the school like infernokrusher in the original 1976 horror classic. Peirce decided to do a modernized, more character-focused adaptation of Stephen King’s debut novel, previously immortalized by Brian De Palma in 1976. Released in 1974, “Carrie” was Stephen King’s first published novel, telling the story of a bullied high school girl who takes revenge on peers who viciously mock her. In the new version, we have Chloë Grace Moretz stepping into the role of the vengeful bullied teen. Having done Kick-Ass and Let Me In, she’s no stranger to bloodbaths. Though this time, shooting has to be tighter: “We only have, like, four chances to get it right,” Moretz says of the infamous blood dump scenes. “Because that stuff stains your hair.” She already played vampire in Matt Reeves’ Let Me In, and recently, Chloë Moretz shined brightly as the hippie weird sister / werewolf in director Tim Burton’s new cult hit, Dark Shadows.

The director claims that Carrie 2012 will be a darker, very psychological depiction. Like ‘Black Swan.’ And you get trapped in her mind and the story really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie. “It’s set in modern time, so it’s a lot different,” says Peirce. Moretz hinted that her Carrie White would make her appear way different than what fans have seen of her. “It’s something that’s very different from me,” Moretz says of Carrie’s new look. “It’s an out of body thing. I’m becoming a totally different person for it. I’m letting go of all of my self-esteem issues and just kind of going into it. You have to.” Carrie is scheduled for release on March 15, 2013. In the meantime, enjoy Dark Shadows, where Chloë beats witch face as a teen werewolf.

Chloë Moretz in the 2013 Carrie remake (below) Sissy Spacek in the 1976 original




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Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Offering comprehensive antimalware protection for your business systems, ESET Endpoint Security with ESET Remote Administrator gives you the confidence that comes with complete endpoint protection and control. ESET Endpoint Security, powered by proven ESET NOD32® offers fast, light, proactive antimalware defense combined with robust web and device management features to take the uncertainty out of your business’s endpoint defense.

Fuji Xerox Delivers Superior Quality And Efficiency For SMBs Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. rolls-out two new monochrome printers, the DocuPrint P355 d and DocuPrint P355 db printers designed to enable optimum productivity and efficiency for small to medium businesses. The new printers lead the way with superior print quality and cost-effective print management. James Henderson, President of Fuji Xerox Printer Channel (Asia Pacific and China), said, “Fuji Xerox appreciates that in the current economic climate businesses are facing increased pressure to reduce operating costs without compromising on quality. These new printers are ideal for small to-medium businesses and networked small groups who require superior print quality whilst saving money, energy and the environment.” Enterprise print quality and speed at an affordable price These newly released products provide cost effective, high quality and efficient printing. The DocuPrint P355 d and DocuPrint P355 db add advanced networking functionality for busy workgroups. With these solutions, businesses will experience advanced print speeds as both printers produce up to 35 pages per minute and have a first page out time of six seconds from ready mode. With up to 1200 x 1200 enhanced image quality, the 533 MHz processor and 256 MB memory together with genuine Adobe Postscript 3 ensures the new printers produce crisp, sharp images at a fast rate. The new products offer a 250-sheet standard paper capacity and print on a variety of mediums, from thick paper and card stock, to envelopes or labels. Further enhancing office productivity, these printers feature built in duplex printing to increase productivity and reduce paper waste. The inclusion of a high yield toner that produces 10,000 pages from one toner cartridge means reduced running costs and less need to stop and change cartridges. Environmentally Sustainable The new printers incorporate the latest green conservation technology to reduce the environmental footprint and save energy. All models boast the newly developed Energy-Saving Toner by Fuji Xerox. The EA-Eco toner has been designed to melt at a lower temperature than is possible in traditional devices, which means the printer uses less heat and therefore less power. DocuPrint P355 d and DocuPrint P355 db printers are distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more information, please email


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KRAVE Multi Media Player System This might just be the most satisfying, Full HD Multimedia player in the market today that can also dock your mobile device and allow you to record and playback your favorite media entertainment as you please. Check out the KRAVE Multi Media Player System!

The system already has 2 x USB 3.0 input slots and even an SD card slot. Store up to 200 BLU-RAY Movies in this complete FULL HD media player. The LAN allows for a download capacity of 10/100/1000 Mbps.

Media enthusiasts can watch full HD videos, or dock their iPod/iPhone and listen or view all of the mobile content on the soundbar or TV screen. Set the player to schedule playback or recording of TV content from your movie channel favorites, or TV series on the FREE external USB 3.0, 1 terrabyte hard drive.

The system has built-in home theater speakers, a built-in amp, and inputs for your PS3 and Blu-Ray devices. There is an optional wi-fi Dongle that allows Internet streaming via TV, podcast download and playback.

URBANEARS: MUSIC, COLOR & STYLE COMBINED First Urbanears concept store in the Philippines now open


Forest is deep earthy green color, inspired by the leaves and trees of Scandivania. This shade works well in the wild, especially if you want to blend in, or on the streets of your own neighborhood, where it will give you the feeling of being just a little bit closer to nature.


Swedish earphone brand UrbanEars opens its first concept store at the Podium in Pasig. UrbanEars sells colorful, high-end earphones that make a stunning visual statement for those who want their gear to look loud and sound explosive. The current color themes most popular are stylish variations of green or Forest, yellow or Pumpkin and red or Rust. Grab the new Zinken, a high-end headphone with state-of-the-art Kevlar cable called TurnCable for better sound and also features Zoundplug, an audio output socket that allows another person to share listening to your music. Enjoy high-end sound from one of the finest earphone brands now available in Manila.

This sunny shade of yellow just rolled off the harvest truck, and into our color family. Reminiscent of crisp autumn days, Pumpkin is a shade that is aglow with warmth, and is sure to put a little spring into your step, no matter what the reason.


There’s nothing rusty about this deep orange shade. Rust is warm and inviting, without all the corrosive properties this amber-colored hue is known for.


What Makes You Get Angry?



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Why Can Some People Sleep Through Anything?

Learn what happens when someone loses it... Anger is one of the six universal emotions experienced by humans - the others being happiness, fear, sadness, disgust and surprise. Our emotions are the largely unconscious physical responses we have to stimuli. While we use the cerebral cortex in the brain to think logically and make judgements, anger is controlled by the limbic system, a group of structures buried lower down in the primitive regions of the brain. A sophisticated network of nerve pathways controls instinct and governs such emotions as fear and rage. We get angry to protect ourselves from danger if something threatens us, our belongings or anyone that we care about. Within the limbic system is the amygdala, a structure in which we store our emotional memories. Anger is the

primitive form of self-preservation and it’s the limbic system that invokes our natural instincts such as the fight-or-flight response to fear. When a stimulus triggers the amygdala, a flood of hormones - such as adrenaline - is produced automatically to warn the body to prepare for action. Because anger is controlled by the emotional centre of the brain - rather than the ‘thinking’ part - an angry person can temporarily lose control of their actions as well as the things they say. This is why we often refer to someone as ‘losing it’ when they get really mad. We exhibit anger in a variety of ways, including facial expressions, raising of the voice and more aggressive behaviour. We communicate this emotion for others to read and respond to.

Some folks sleep more deeply than others and have more bursts of brain activity known as sleep spindles. We all pass through the same four stages of non-REM sleep and several periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep every night, but each person’s sleep cycle differs from one another. The waking brain has a sizable area called the thalamus which processes sounds, sights and other stimuli coming in, but

during sleep this part of the brain helps suppress external stimuli. Patterns also known as sleep spindles, that can be seen using an electro-encephalogram, show when non-REM sleep starts. Research on brain waves showed that really deep sleepers have a high activity of sleep spindles—which might be blocking out external stimuli and helping them sleep through anything.

Why Do We Eat Savoury Before Sweet at Meals? Humans have evolved to choose sweet tasting food for two reasons: sugar is a high-energy food source that is difficult to source in the wild. Honey, fruit and the sap from certain plants are the only accessible forms of relatively pure sugar in nature. Only cultivation and agriculture enabled man to develop sweeter produce. A sweet tooth has become an evolutionary advantage, because it encourages

Why Do Pupils Dilate When You Look Into a Mirror? Pupils dilate for physiological reasons – because it’s dark, for instance, or in response to pain – but also for psychological reasons, like when sexually aroused, when emotions are high or even just when you see something that catches your attention. We all find our own reflection to be pretty interesting, so our pupils dilate slightly.

Dilation of the pupils occurs as we focus and try to get a sharper image of what we are looking at. We all find our own reflection to be pretty interesting, so our pupils dilate slightly. Whether one is trying to get a better look at a zit that must be removed or touching up on make-up and making sure it looks good on you.

you to look for food that has more energy-giving calories. In medieval times, refined sugar was so expensive that only the nobility could consume it on a regular basis. Main meals were eaten with the servants and after it had been cleared away, the lord and lady might retire to their private rooms for a second course of luxurious sweet dishes.



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It is more FUN in the Philippines! If you visit Albay, what you get is a tour of one of the best cultural heritage sites of our country that is sustained by a new campaign of Green Tourism and Filipino Cultural Identity. Albay Rising In the remaining months of Joey Salceda’s present term, about P1.2 billion worth of infrastructure projects were approved, and Salceda said he is optimistic for a more progressive, competitive and egalitarian society where development is stronger, higher,

faster and safer for everyone to come about in Albay until 2016. Salceda has pursued an aggressive tourism campaign for his province, with the theme ‘Albay Rising.’ The governor’s initiatives have boosted Albay’s economic activity, and as a result, posted a 17 percent growth in 2011, higher than the 15 percent national growth rate for the year. Karangahan sa Pasko Festival This Christmas 2012, the Province of Albay is celebrating a Green Yuletide with its colorful month-long Karangahan sa Pasko Festival. The highlight of the Green Christmas

festival will be the province’s solar-powered 60-foot Christmas tree made up of 5,000 pili tree seedlings which was opened to the public by Albay Gov. Joey Salceda last November 25. Karangahan is a Bicol word that means a higher level of joy and endearment, and lead in to the award-winning Magayon Festival which marks the provincial founding day. Spicing up the 30-day fete is a series of musical concerts, sporting events, garden shows, handicraft bazaars, a lantern parade at the Bicol University, art exhibits, garden and barangay-based showcase of indigenous Christmas. Culinaria Albay This year’s Karangahan Festival paves the way for 2013’s Albay Tourism Campaign bannered as Culinaria Albay. The 2012 foodfest celebrations will turn Peñaranda Park into a huge street food court featuring local iconic restaurants which have put Albay in the country’s culinary map. As Peñaranda Park turns into a focal focal point for Culinaria Albay for 2013’s tourism campaign for the region, the province will begin overtures to visitors to enjoy a holiday of classic Bicolano cuisine—food that has become Filipino favorites all over the country. Fast food outlets are not your only choice for dining when in Albay because you can taste all of the region’s specialty dishes from the best restaurants in Albay. Culinary tourism is the new focus for keeping the rich cultural history and identity of popular Filipino and Bicolano cuisine, restaurants/food centers, and food products available in the province a major draw for everybody traveling to Albay for a holiday.

Visit Albay In 2013! A holiday in Albay shows the old world of Filipino hospitality, craft and customs are forever kept alive and will always be, for in Albay the preservation of a way of life by a renewed focus on cultural development rather than commercial development; and a preference for Green Tourism over Tourist Trap development are the priority of Governor Joey Salcedo and all Albayanons. Visiting Albay will always be more serene and peaceful, more enjoyable for moments of privacy with your companions, better authentic dining of local delicacies than anywhere in the area, and the best value for your time anywhere in the country.




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Bicol Adventure Travel And Tours

A favorite outdoor extreme-sports activity that tourists or even locals is the wild, adventurous ride to the lava front of Mayon piloting ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles). The ATV’s are just sporty, four-wheeled, all-terrain, mini-vehicles that can traverse through undulating, rocky and bumpy slopes near and around the lava front in Mayon . Although you must be very cautious about the way your drive the ATV and like all extreme outdoor sports, safety gear is a must; piloting an ATV is the most fun you can have as you explore the Mayon trail. You will be amazed that even a non-experienced driver can pilot an ATV like a pro. One must keep focused on the terrain lest one get thrown off his or her vehicle if one drives too recklessly. You can still enjoy the scenery around Mayon and have a blast racing against your friends. The people behind the ATV rental trips in Legazpi are true adventure aficionados, giving visitors the literal ride of their lives in trails around the lava front near Mayon. The wildest joyride for those wanting a trip off the beaten path and bust their butts racing each other around. The cost per ride is surprisingly affordable as well. Years ago, rentals went as high as P3,500 because of the high demand for trips and the low number of ATVs available for use. But thanks to Bicol Adventure Travel and Tours, a pre-packaged Bicol Adventure ATV tour offer for their guests is available that is still easy on the budget. The adventurous will only shell out the P1,500 pesos for a ride to the LAVA front of Mayon Volcano from PAWAY and back which includes a short trek to the Helipad. Mr. Martin

Calleja is very proud to mention that even locals are now avidly availing of the trips when only tourists used to enjoy their offer. “Our ATV rides are fun and safe and we have our experienced tour guides to make it more exciting for you and your friends. Safety is key, so we make sure of it by providing helmets for our guests.” Ms. Danica Pontejos one of the tour guides who manages tours for foreign guests, shared how adventurous the trekking to Mayon Volcano to reach the crater on top could be, a wild two day trip. “All are excited to climb the Mt Mayon and they come down after two days, exhausted but very happy and fulfilled of their victory!” Bicol Adventure Travel and

Shopping Guide To Albay Albay Pasalubong Center Found at the Albay Astrodome compound, the place contains a collection of the local items manufactured by several Albay craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Among the things sold here are native handbags, baskets, household and decorative items, Tiwi’s ceramic wares and Tabaco’s cutlery items such as grass cutters, bolo’s and knives. Food items include pili nut confections, canned pinangat and bicol express and a native delicacy, kuyog. Sweet pineapple wines, honey and virgin coconut oil are also available.

Tours is truly one big event of a lifetime so make sure you are well prepared with lots of energy, loads of courage and extra batteries for your shutter frenzy when you plan to go to this exciting part of Southern Luzon. Go visit Albay soon and take your holiday to the next level, make sure Bicol Adventure Travel and Tours should be tops on your list.

Above: Viento De Mar Resort, View from Lignon Hill, ATV’s ready to drive

Philippine Ceramics at Putsan, Tiwi The red and dark clay soil in Brgy Putsan makes for the best material for stoneware potteries in terra cotta or glazed finish. Aside from clay cooking pots the potters have added new designs like ceramic chimes, candleholders, decorative jars and other interesting clay and ceramic items. Great for priceless souvenir shopping. Brgy Putsan is about 4 kms from Tiwi poblacion and is accessible by tricycle at P 8.00/person or P40.00 for special trip.



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Top Dining Picks in

Legazpi, Albay DJC Halo Halo is the ultimate dessert experience when in Tiwi. Albayanons are exhilarated every time they visit the place! Visitors can enjoy the delicious, cold sweetness of banana chunks, munchy beans and creamy, leche-flan and divine ube with a generous sprinkling of grated cheese on top! A great escape from the tropical heat while in Albay. DJC Special Halo Halo in Tiwi

Small Talk Café is a quaint restaurant in the city of Legazpi that boasts a unique menu featuring the famous Laing Pasta, a very rich meal with cooked gabi leaves in gata as the main accompaniment of the pasta. The Bicol Express Pasta is deliciously spicy, with a fiery kick with every mouthful. Displayed around the place are fine pictures of old times, memorabilia of the famous Mayon volcano, and other interesting cornucopia for the delight of visiting tourists.

1st Colonial Grill is one of the must-visit restaurants in Legazpi that tourists flock to when in the city. The restaurant creates classic Bicolano favorites such as Laing, Bicol Express and the Tinutungang Manok (chicken stewed in coconut cream extracted from slightly scorched coconut milk that infuses a distinct smoky flavor) which is a local specialty and one of Albay’s all-time food favorites. Order their famous special, Tinapa Rice, a special fried rice with tinapa flakes and sliced servings of salted egg, green mangoes and tomatoes, is served in a special small “kawali” and you can eat right out of it!. Find out why this place is famous for its delicate The most talked about “Tinapa Rice” and “Laing” with a sweet desserts, especially the intriguing “Sili surprise ending, the “Sili Ice Cream” Ice Cream”.

Balay Suanoy is a restaurant so remarkable for its façade and interesting interior. Filled with antiques and country style furnishings collected over the years by the Destacamento family, Balay Suanoy is a special restaurant café with interiors that feel like home sweet home. The best seller menu would comprise of the Pinangat Roll, their very own recipe of the famous laing filled with chunks of seafood and chicken that taste heavenly. Their mango crepe dessert and fresh fruit shakes make a sweet ending to a sumptuous meal. Clockwise from left: Famous menu offerings like the “Laing Pasta” and delicious Pizza to capture your distinct taste.

The RawMatters Cafe is a healthy and organic coffee shop serving fresh drinks, meals and desserts. The café establishment provides cable TV and free wireless internet access to attract customers in the nearby areas. The RawMatters Café provides high quality products and services in a warm and inviting environment. “Our mission is to increase health awareness among our customers, to promote entrepreneurship among Overseas Filipino Workers and Seafarers, and to help support the selected schools and charitable institution.” The Café offers a broad range of coffee and espresso products from high quality Philippine grown coffee beans. Kalinga coffee, Benguet Arabica, and Batangas Barako are a few selections to choose from. The Cafe provides organic milk to its customer such as almond, cashew, peanut and walnut-flavored milk mixed with our coffee selection. The Café also provides a wide selection of raw drinks like Malunggay banana smoothie, green juices for detox. RawMatters Café provides each customer hot and cold refreshments suited to their tastes. Organic treats are also available in the Café such as pizza, fresh spaghetti, fresh salad, pasta, soup, fresh hearty pancit, cake, ice cream, and healthy sweets etc. All ingredients are ensured to be fresh and organic. RawMatters Café is Eighty percent (80%) organic raw food and twenty percent (20%) healthy cooked food, like; Organic chicken inasal/ Lechon Manok, Lix healthy especial Pancit Malabon (revised edition), Lix Raw Kinilaw na isda from Maya maya, tanguigue, blue marlin, Salmon and tuna, Inihaw na isda and tinulang isda, and organic kalderetang kambing (goat) especial atbp. All treats are available for dine-in and take-out. The café also provides a cozy Function room good for 25-30 people with computer, monitor and a white board to be used for meetings and seminars to our customers. Feel free to call us anytime for early booking.

Address: 53 West Avenue Strip, Along West Avenue, Quezon City, Beside New Puregold Jr. near Metrobar City Tel# 4166112 (63) 9178471859 Website:


Cleopatra was one of the most revered women in history. Emperors fell in love with both her beauty and her mind. As Queen of the Nile, she had a most precious beauty treatment that included luxurious milk baths and even the application of Gold in her skin treatments for anti-aging purposes. It might seem extravagant and only fit for royalty but Gold’s health benefits to the skin and circulation have been well documented throughout the ages. Health should always be foremost in our mind and no luxury spared for keeping ourselves fit and beautiful. Healthy skin can never be just a fashion statement for any woman. Since its introduction, Oro Gold Cosmetics has unveiled its exclusive 24 Karat Gold Cosmetics line and has been extremely popular to women

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who spare no cost at keeping themselves young and healthy. Visiting clients may comfortably take as long as they want to try out beauty product samples and find what choices they will enjoy most as the perfect match for their skin and beauty treatments. Oro Gold Cosmetics has developed a customized line of 24k-Gold infused cosmetics with specific products matching specific beauty treatments, and also different choices for different skin types. The Oro Gold revolutionary concept of combining the highest quality skin-care ingredients with 24-karat Gold has no equal among other high-end cosmetics brands. Even among other luxury beauty products with comparative price and quality.

For more details about our products, please visit us at the following locations: EASTWOOD MALL, ALABANG TOWN CENTER and THE PODIUM or log on to:



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Need a better way to fly around the country? Are you looking for a more convenient way to fly to and from our country to anywhere? Easy. Go up north. At Clark, Angeles, the new Clark International Airport provides the best location for traveling in or out of the country. There are no traffic queues, Airport facilities are ultra-modern and provide the fastest processing for passengers leaving and arriving in the country. There

dozens of shops that cater to all travelers’ needs from smokes to liquor as pasalubong as well as brand products and luxury goods fit for gifts to friends and family. There is also a Philippine Duty Free shop near the airport for convenience shopping for families meeting their loved ones and treating themselves to a few of the special imported items available tax free for their shopping enjoyment. Clark is only a 2-hour drive away from Manila and you won’t encounter the horrid traffic.

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