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A Journal of Creativity 2018

Table of Contents

I. Explorations

p. 4 - 9

experimenting with materials

II. Design + Build

p. 10 - 23

responding to design challenges

III. Crossing Curricular Boundaries

p. 24 - 35

IV. Empowering Ingenuity

p. 36 - 45

V. Self-Expression

p. 46 - 57

transferring understanding from one subject to another researching and practicing to communicate ideas

honoring student voices

VI. Independent Projects

empowering students to become life-long learners in the arts

p. 58 – 60


Annabelle’s Naturalist Drawing

Hayes & Braden’s Shape Exploration Aiden’s Clay Exploration

Katie’s Plaster Exploration

Pablo’s Ink & Metal Exploration

Masters of the Mess

In the images above, students explore different ways of making marks after studying Jackson Pollack’s paintings.

Color-mixing for Red Panda painting

Dancing Boy Shadow Puppet

Behind the often messy exterior of art class, students are exploring materials— practicing their problem-solving skills through hands-on experimentation, since there is never just one way to approach a challenge. These explorations are the foundation of developing ideas, techniques and confidence in the arts.

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7th Grade artists problem-solved: how can a simple pinch pot become the foundation of a sculpture?

A favorite project of third grade, students problem-solve how to work in 3D as they apply what they discover from looking at organic shapes in art and nature. To build their organic sculpture they practiced sanding, drilling, sculpting and painting.


Miles painting his Rawsamon with tempera

Sarina cutting out her laminated Rawsamon

Giovanni with his finished Rawsamon

Sophia photographing her Rawsamon around the school

th 4 Grade

City Project

Second Grade

Animal Studies Students examined animal attributes through movement, sound and imagery in Art and Drama.

Ian applies color to his symmetrical textile design.

Third Grade artists created papier-mâchÊ puppets to work on improvisation in Drama class.

Pascal’s Shadow Puppet

Pascal’s Shadow Puppet


Art empowers students to fuel their projects with their original ideas and unique experiences. Learning from experimentation, trial-and-error, research and practice are essential life skills that students practice through participating in the arts.

Ella & Ella Grace’s Shadow Puppets

Catherine & Jordyn’s Shadow Puppets


“Fox-MouseButterfly Mask” by George

“Golden Retriever-Pig Mask” by Jaden

“Rhino-Elephant-Scorpion Mask” by Cort

“Rabbit-Dog-Pig Mask” by Abby

“Rabbit-Fennec Fox- Sabretooth Tiger Mask” by Thea

“Cat-MouseNarwhal Mask” by Liza

“FlamingoNarwhal -Cat Mask” by Julia

“Dilophosaurus-Eagle-Fish Mask” by Jack

“Longhorn-Bear-Snake Mask” by Jordyn

“Puffin-Rabbit-Lion Mask” by Lily

“Alligator-Komodo Dragon-Shark Mask” by Teal

Teal & Cash’s in-character photoshoot

“Peacock-Chameleon-Narwhal-Snake Mask” by Vivian

Animorph Portraits

8th Grade Artists considered: “If specific animals are commonly associated with distinct human traits, what animal would you want to represent your personality?” After brainstorming ideas and discussing examples of anthropomorphism, students chose an animal to help communicate part of their personality.

“M y a n i m a l r e p r e s e n t s s t r e n g t h , diligence and spirit.” – Katie

“I chose a chameleon, because they change different colors like I change outfits.” - Georgia

“My animal represents that I’m territorial, loud, and protective of my family!” -Gage

“My animal represents the petite part of me, but I am still strong and will fight for myself, no matter my size.” - Connie

“I chose an owl, because they are wise, they stay up late, and they are interesting.� - Melody

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Independent Projects Developing skills to become life-long learners in Art

Abstract Art

students study the history of assemblage art, 3D work created mostly from found objects, to inspire their independent projects.

Sophia created this assemblage guitar to represent our musical city of Austin in response to her theme of making art representative of meaningful places in her life.


One of the many benefits of small class sizes in Art is students have access to individualized support for finding ways to explore what is meaningful and interesting to them. From painting and printmaking original ideas, to collaging, stencil-making and spray painting, students get to pursue their passions and questions as they propose and complete a final independent project before graduating from the Middle School program.

Mission Statement

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

Ms. Begley


Mrs. Sternberg

RS ArtsMatter 2018  

A journal of creativity from Rawson Saunders School

RS ArtsMatter 2018  

A journal of creativity from Rawson Saunders School