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Incoming RAR President Cheryl Hamm with Departing President Karen Smith

From the

President Karen Smith

Sifting Through the Challenges, Recognizing the Positives As I sit to write my last column as your President, the month of November—and thus the season of Thanksgiving—is well underway. Thanksgiving is always a season for reflection, and so I find myself thinking back over the year that is fast coming to a close. Yes, this year has seen its share of challenges. But 2010 has also had its share of successes. So we have a choice—we can see the glass as half empty or half full; I choose to focus on the positives. In the spring of this year, due to the housing tax credits, we enjoyed a significant boost in the market. While I know it’s not the case for everyone, I have heard from a number of members who are having very good years. As all of us have sought to make the best of a challenging real estate market, RAR and CVR MLS have been right there with us—providing excellent services and programs. As your 2010 President, one of my priorities for the year was to enhance the educational offerings for both brokers and agents; I’m pleased to report that we’ve accomplished this goal. Earlier this year, in conjunction with the Distinguished Achiever reception, we invited nationally known real estate expert Steve Harney to town. Steve conducted powerful sessions for both agents and brokers. Throughout 2010 we offered a series of Broker Town Halls designed to equip brokers with the latest information they “need to know” from new legislation to how to prepare for the coming DPOR inspections. And just last month, we had an incredible turn out of sponsors and members (over 1,000 altogether) for our biennial REALTORfest®. In addition to these educational offerings, RAR has been hard at work on the public policy front, ensuring that legislation favorable to our industry saw success, while measures that would harm us and our clients went down to defeat. A large part of our success in governmental affairs is directly related to the strength of our PAC. I want to thank each and every one of you who contributes to RPAC. Because of your commitment, Richmond RPAC remains one of the strongest, most influential PACs in the region. On the MLS side of the ledger, it has been a year of sowing seeds, many of which I hope will come to fruition in 2011. We have explored new, progressive relationships with the MLSs that border ours; and we have explored the potential benefits of bringing new technology products to our market. Because of our hard work this year, I have no doubt that 2011 will be a year of great promise and progress for our MLS, our Association, and for all of you. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have served as your President; and I look forward to working with 2011 President Cheryl Hamm in the year to come.

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2010 RAR Leadership

The Distinguished Achiever Awards Reception - March 24, 2011, 5:00p.m. The Westin Richmond Save the date and plan to join the Richmond Association of REALTORS® for

Karen Smith

Cheryl Hamm

Don Atkinson

Scott Ruth

2010 President

2010 President-Elect

2010 Immediate Past President

2010 Vice President

an elegant cocktail reception recognizing members who achieved outstanding sales


productivity in 2010. More details to come.

Richard Bower Nancy Cheely Amy Enoch Tom Innes Earl Jackson Wayne Johnson, Jr.

RAR Leadership Development Academy Announces its 2011 Class The Richmond Association of REALTORS’® position of influence and respect as the voice of real estate in Central Virginia is a

Lummie Jones Mark Joyner Jean Longest Cathy Saunders Linda Staples Bill White

testament to excellent volunteer leadership. The RAR Leadership Development Academy was founded in 2009, to ensure

•Josephine Boykins, East Coast

this legacy continues into the future. The goal of this program is to develop

Realty & Relocation

2011 RAR Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities The RAR sponsorship program creates a

•Pam Davis, Long & Foster

unique partnership between sponsors and

•Jennifer Jennings, Keller Williams Realty

the Association. Members and sponsors

community leadership roles through a

•Wanda Fears, Long & Foster

benefit greatly from the opportunity to

series of one-day seminars, site visits

•Wayne Gauthier, Joyner Fine Properties

network, exchange ideas and conduct

and experiential learning sessions.

•Kristin Beran Krupp, Long & Foster

business. Advertising with RAR helps to

visionary, service oriented REALTOR® members for professional, civic and

•Amy Lee Newman, Small & Associates The Richmond Association of REALTORS®

•Cathy Noonan, Long & Foster

Nominating Committee selected the

•Blake Poore, Joyner Fine Properties

following participants for the 2011 RAR

•Sally Slate, Napier REALTORS® ERA

Leadership Development Academy:

•Tamara Taylor, ERA Woody Hogg

•David Adams, RE/MAX Commonwealth

Useful URL’s

•Diane Becker, RE/MAX Allegiance


& Associates •Catina Wright, Hometown Realty

promote products or services before a select group of real estate experts and also supports the many efforts of the Association. For more information about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with the Richmond Association of REALTORS®, call 804.422.5009 or email

RAR Home Page

CVR MLS Rules and Regulations

Bill Pay Site

RAR Government Affairs

RAR Staff Directory

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The Real Estate School


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Virginia Real Estate Board Virginia Association of REALTORS® Local Home Search

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Year End Tax Tips With the end of the year approaching, now is a good time to consider tax deductible expenses for 2010 and weigh the benefits of expediting early 2011 anticipated purchases, in order to deduct them from 2010 taxes. Some of the expense items REALTORS® can usually deduct are:

• Advertising • Legal and Professional Fees • Dues and Subscriptions • Meals and Entertainment • Cell Phone • Supra Fees • Broker Fees • Lock Box Fees • Education Expense • Office Supplies • Clients Gifts • Internet • Mileage • Postage and Delivery Costs RAR members and CVRMLS users can view and print a receipt for 2010 Association and MLS-related expenses by logging into their online account and clicking on “View Paid and Unpaid Invoices.” It is always best to check with a tax consultant or accountant on questions concerning the deductibility of an expense.

RAR & CVRMLS Holiday Schedule The RAR and CVRMLS offices will be closed on the following holidays: Thanksgiving – November 25 & 26, 2010 Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2010 New Year’s Day – January 1, 2011


Notices of Violation within a 30-day period or three or more violations of the same rule within a one-year period, the Participant or Subscriber will be fined $1,000.00, in addition to any fines and penalties associated with the individual violations. The Participant or Subscriber will have five (5) days to pay the fine and correct the violation(s). If after five days either the fine remains unpaid or the violation(s) remain uncorrected, the Participant or Subscriber will be suspended until payment is received for the fine and all violations are corrected. Important: To prepare for these upcoming changes, MLS users are encouraged to review and correct all listings for any outstanding

Changes Ahead for Multiple Listing System New Rules, Improved Compliance Measures and More

or inaccurate information between now and January 3, 2011. Beginning January 3, CVRMLS will impose penalties on all active, pending and temporarily withdrawn listings that are not in compliance with the new Rules & Regulations.

New Required Seller Authorizations Addendum

By Peggy Lynch, GRI

CVR MLS users know that routine audits of listing agreements

Director of Professional Development and Broker Services

are conducted to ensure compliance with the CVR MLS Rules & Regulations. While no specific listing form is required, certain

New Rules and Regulations

agreements. These authorizations cover the submission and

Over the past year, the CVR MLS Rules & Regulations have been

distribution of property information, copyright assignment,

thoroughly reviewed to ensure that all new changes and

internet display and lockbox use. If using the CVR MLS Exclusive

enhancements developed by the MLS Committee and new


mandatory rules dictated by the National Association of

Representation Listing Agreement, all required permissions,

REALTORS® have been incorporated. The Rules & Regulations

assignments and authorizations must be contained. If using

have also been reorganized, renumbered and reworded in

another listing agreement form, the required seller authorizations

places to make them more user-friendly. Even with these changes

must be included.

and cosmetic enhancements, the content of the majority of the rules remains unchanged. iCheck, RAR’s compliance software, has also undergone a








An increase in non-compliant listing agreements has been discovered in relation to the increase in REO and foreclosed properties coming on the market. Additionally, some


pretty extensive overhaul. Functionality has been enhanced to

management firms require the use of their propriety listing

send more immediate notification to members to ensure they

agreement forms. To address these situations, CVR MLS has

are aware of listing errors that conflict with the Rules &

developed an addendum containing the requisite language

Regulations. The system provides users with sufficient time and

needed for MLS submission. The “CVR MLS Required Seller

notice to correct those inconsistencies and avoid fines.

Authorizations Addendum Form” can be found in TEMPO under downloadable forms and on Instanet. If you have any questions concerning the CVR MLS listing agreement requirements, or the new Seller Authorizations Addendum, please call Peggy Lynch, Director of Professional Development and Broker Services at 804.422.5006 or send an email to L

Beginning January 3, 2010, the iCheck program will review all active, pending and temporarily withdrawn listings against the newly revised Rules and Regulations. The revised rules, regulations and policies will be enforced as written, including all prescribed fines and penalties for multiple violations. If a Participant or Subscriber has three (3) or more un-refuted


permissions and authorizations must be included in these

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w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

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January - March 2011

MLS Training Schedule JANUARY 7 10 10 12 13 14 18 26 26 31 31 FEBRUARY 1 2 3 8 10 10 11 11 15 17 24 24 28 MARCH 2 4 7 7 7 11 14 17 17 24 30 30

MLS New Member Orientation Top 10 Tips Instanet Forms MLS New Member Orientation (at SVAR) CE Part 2 Commercial Transactions & Documents MLS New Member Orientation CMA-Price It Right Digital Cameras and MLS Photography Tempo Jump-Start Prospecting and Contact Management

Tempo Tip TM

8:30-12 pm 9-11am 1-3 pm 9-12 pm 1-5 pm 9-11am 1-4:30 pm 9-12 pm 1-3 pm 9-11am 1-4 pm

To Find Foreclosures in Tempo: Search on the field named “Owned By.” The field is not on the default list of available search fields and must be added. To add the field, go to the lower left corner of the Search window to “Additional Fields.”

RE/Stats Navigator Commercial Div. Networking & Education Event MLS New Member Orientation CE Part 2 - MLS CMA – Price it Right (at SVAR) MLS Marketing (at SVAR) MLS Marketing iMapp/Tax Records MLS for Appraisers MLS New Member Orientation Tempo Jump-Start Commercial and CIE Workshop Report Manager Workshop

9-11am 8:30-10:30 am

Highlight the “Owned By” field and then click “Add to Search.” The “Owned By” field will be added to the bottom of the list of search fields.

8:30-12 pm 1-5 pm 9-12 pm 1-3 pm 9-11am 1-3 pm 1-4 pm 8:30-12 pm 9-11amm 1-3 pm 8:30-12 pm

Click on the downward-pointing arrow on the right of the blank input field, and select “BankOwned by Foreclosure.” Next, add any other desired criteria to set up and run the search.

Note: Some listing agents select “Corporate Owned” when inputting foreclosed listings for entities like FNMA, since they are a corporation. The majority of foreclosures that are listed in CVRMLS are found by using the “Bank-Owned by Foreclosure” selection. To Search for Short Sales in Tempo: Since a

MLS New Member Orientation Tenant Default (Commercial) CMA-Price It Right MLS Rules and Regulations MLS New Member Orientation (at SVAR) CE Part 2 - MLS Appraiser Classes Prospecting & Contact Management Instanet Forms MLS New Member Orientation Tempo Jump-Start iMapp/Tax Records

1- 4:30 pm 9-11am 9-12 pm 1-3 pm 9-12 pm 1-5 pm TBD 9-12 pm 1-3 pm 8:30-12 pm 9-11am 1-3 pm

To register, call the Education Department at 804-422-5016 or log onto and click on "Education”


Searching for Distressed Listings

L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

listing is technically not a short sale until the bank agrees to terms, it does not appear in a specific field. Instead, listings that may require a short sale distinction are noted as such in the “Remarks” or “Agent Comments” fields, which can be easily searched. Add the “Remarks” field or “Agent Comments” the same way “Owned By” was added. In the data box for “Remarks,” type “Short Sale.” Be sure to change the filter from “Equals” to “Contains.” “Agent Comments” can be searched in exactly the same way.

Note: A listing should not be promoted as a possible short sale in the MLS, unless the seller has agreed that it should be posted as such. w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

A Year in Review and A Look Ahead By Karen J. Treanor, Director of Communications and Marketing

espite the challenges that 2010 presented, the Richmond Association of REALTORS® accomplished a number of initiatives that are worth a look back. During a legislative session from January through February, REALTOR® lobbyists successfully won passage of legislation clarifying that placing a sign with metal, plastic, or wooden poles in the ground by hand or by foot, without the use of tools or equipment, does not require a call to Miss Utility before installation. This enabled REALTORS® to install signs immediately, rather than waiting three to four business days to have the utility lines marked. In addition, the expansion and extension of a homebuyer tax credit was established for new and existing homebuyers, which ultimately resulted in a significant increase in second quarter sales., a public-facing website, was launched in February. It was developed to be a portal for consumers to search for active listings in the Central Virginia Regional MLS and to easily connect consumers with RAR REALTOR® Members. In April, RAR hosted Steve Harney, a nationally known real estate speaker, who motivated members with two very important



L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

With the $6500 tax credit, your next home is closer than you think. With low interest rates and the $6,500 Home Buyer tax credit, buying your next home has never been more affordable. But you must act now. The credit expires April 30, 2010. For more information, visit

lessons: why staying current in the real estate market is important, and why developing leaders for the years to come is essential. The first session, "Keeping Current Matters in Today's Market," conveyed methods of evaluating current market trends in an effort to explain various dynamics and media reports to clients. The second session, "Leadership in the Current Real Estate Market," encouraged brokers to create a plan that inspires action in their organization and develops tomorrow’s real estate leaders. Both sessions revitalized RAR members and motivated them to start the year. In June, the Richmond Association of REALTORS® hosted its first ever Real Estate BarCamp. Members of RAR and surrounding associations attended the “un-conference” and found themselves the driving force behind the agenda and topics to be discussed during the user-generated conference. Attendees chose

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

“Continuing to educate our agents and offering them tools which will help them adapt to their new reality will be essential. I'm looking forward to leading our association through hopefully the last of the recession and giving agents many tools for their toolbox to see them through, while getting them poised to take off as the market improves." -2011 RAR & CVR MLS President Cheryl Hamm

the day’s topics and selected presenters from the group of attendees. Members came to realize that the value of this type of unstructured conference is that it is participatory and geared specifically to the needs and skills of those who attend. This firstof-its-kind event brought nearly 80 like-minded individuals from RAR and other associations together to share knowledge, ask questions and have a conversation about internet marketing, social media, effective engagement in real estate and more. In August, RAR graduated its first class of leaders from the Leadership Development Academy’s inaugural program. The leadership academy is a 10-month program designed to develop visionary, service-oriented REALTOR® members for professional, civic, and community leadership roles.

Over the summer months, in addition to regular daytime classes, RAR offered 16 hours of CE required for license renewal in a series of evening classes. Those members that might have found it difficult to fulfill their CE requirements through the summer months were able to mix and match one or more four-hour evening classes that counted towards license renewals. Throughout the year, RAR launched a number of new social media services, including an RAR Facebook Fan Page, an RAR Twitter account and a CVR MLS Facebook Fan Page. Expanding the number and variety of communications tools used allows RAR members to receive news and information in places they may visit aside from just or email. Looking forward to 2011, Cheryl Hamm, RAR’s incoming President, says she is excited about taking the reins and leading the Association in the upcoming year. “I lead by example and honesty, which I believe are extremely important traits of all successful leaders,” Cheryl said in

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

regard to her personal leadership style. Cheryl’s incentive for taking on her new leadership position is to give back to the industry by spreading her passion. “I like to give back of my time to whatever endeavor, organization or event in which I participate,” she stated. “My progression up the ladder at RAR has been beneficial to me not only in the opportunities to meet new people, but to spread my passion about this business with others.” Among the association’s many offerings, some that are of particular interest to Cheryl for the upcoming year are education, governmental affairs and technology. “We can’t control the economy,” she said, “but we can control what we do here at the Association.” “Continuing to educate our agents and offering them tools which will help them adapt to their new reality will be essential. I’m looking forward to leading our association through hopefully the last of the recession and giving agents many tools for their toolbox to see them through, while getting them poised to take off as the market improves.” Cheryl’s background is primarily in commercial real estate with Joyner Fine Properties. Another goal she hopes to accomplish in the upcoming year is to fine tune the Property Management and Commercial divisions within the association. In addition, she wants to engage more young people in the real estate business, hone the technology skills of all members, and continue to review and implement new products that enhance the productivity of all RAR members. Her hope during her time as President is that the RAR Board of Directors and CVR MLS will continue to be a premiere board and multiple listing service. L

L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4



Here are a few initiatives that are on tap for the 2011 General Assembly session: • Grantor tax collection interpretation – sales price vs. assessed price • Amendments to the Property Owners Associations Act • License immunity for reliance on public information • Chinese drywall remediation • Clarifying amendments to storing electronic records • Eliminate the use of private transfer fees • Produce an electronic Residential Property Disclosure Statement

By Elizabeth Hancock Greenfield, Director of Government Affairs

Government Affairs Working for You


t was an incredibly successful year on the legislative front for Richmond Association of REALTORS®. During the course of 2010, RAR participated in accomplishing the following initiatives:

• Ensuring that REALTORS® no longer have to contact Miss Utility prior to placing a sign in the ground by hand or by foot, without the use of tools or equipment; • Passing legislation that allows brokers to file an interpleader form in General District court in the event of an escrow dispute; • Defeating an attempt to pursue a cash proffer system in the City of Richmond; and • Helping to secure the expansion and extension of a homebuyer tax credit for new and existing homebuyers. Although 2010 is coming to a close, the work continues. Beginning in January, RAR staff will seek to ensure that the REALTOR ® legislative agenda is promoted and protected.



The legislative success experienced by RAR would not be possible if it weren’t for the support of our REALTOR®-friendly, pro-business, RPAC supported elected officials. When considering whether to make an RPAC contribution, keep in mind that RPAC supported candidates are working to defend the industry, protect private property rights, and expand homeownership opportunities. Next year will be an important year for RPAC as all 140 members of the General Assembly, as well as all area Board of Supervisors, are up for re-election. Be sure to make an RPAC contribution early, so RAR can ensure victory for REALTOR®friendly candidates. Contributions can be made online today at For more information on RPAC, contact Elizabeth Hancock Greenfield, at or 422-5023. L

In June 2010, Roxann Robinson joined the Virginia House of Delegates. She won the 27th House seat vacated by Delegate Sam Nixon. Delegate Roxann Robinson Occupation: Optometrist General Assembly Committees: Health, Welfare and Institutions; Science and Technology Education: Fairmont State College, B.S.; Illinois College of Optometry, B.S. Visual Science; O.D. Originally From: Weirton, West Virginia Currently Resides: Chesterfield, Virginia w.RRAARReeaal tl o t or rss. c . coom m wwwww.

2010 RPAC Donor Reception October 7, 2010

The Carpenter Center marquee greeted guests for the 2010 Legislative Appreciation and RPAC Recognition Event.

Eileen Foster (Long & Foster) and Delegates Lee Ware and Chris Peace listened as Laura Lafayette welcomed RAR guests.

Jeff and Marianne Donahue (Long & Foster), Bob Barton (Barton Real Estate Services), David Adams (RE/MAX Commonwealth) visit with Chesterfield Supervisor Dan Gecker, Hanover Supervisor Debbie Coats, and Richmond City Council President Kathy Graziano.


2010 Contributors Contributions submitted from January 1, 2010 to October 29, 2010 Ashley Abplanalp Todd Acker David Adams Mark Adams Reid Adams Sara Adams Benjamin Adamson Andrew Affendikis Rais Ahmed Gail Ailor Rob Aliberti Clara Allen Thomas Allen Barbara Altis Lori Andre Pamela Andrews Julius Anongos George Armentrout Catena Armstrong James Ashley Janet Ashworth Wes Atiyeh Jacqueline Atiyeh Gail Atkins Donald Atkinson Lisa Atkinson Michael Atkinson Antonio Badalamenti Roswitha Bahadar David Bailey Amy Baker Holly Baker Lyn Baker Michael Baker Kimberly Ball Josephine Bannister Thelma Barbour Lucinda Barnett Kristie Barnette Bob Barton Mary Beth Barton Deborah Bass Alan Batchelor Kay Bates Michael Baughan Carly Bayens Juliana Beatty Diane Becker Alan Behnke Jan Benesh Cindy Bennett James Benson Casie Beran Sherry Beran David Berberich Barbara Berger Andrew Bernstein Brook Bevan Sarah Bice


L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

Susana Bickford Erica Biggs David Bird Denise Blaha Kelly Blanchard James Blandford Phillip Blythe Mary Boese Chawand Bohanon Peggy Noe Bouchard Richard Bower David Bowlin Ashley Boyd Thomas Boyle Dawn Bradley Luanne Bragg Anne Brandon Alison Brennan Terri Brennan Darlene Brent Elaine Brewer Bennie Brodie Frances Brooks James Brooks Jeff Brooks Deborah Brown Kenneth Brown Robert Brown Sara Brown Carol Beth Buchanan Curtis Bucholz Julia Burch Linda Burchett Douglas Burgess C. Gary Burke Courtenay Burke Vernell Burton Linda Butler William Cabaniss Jason Cagle Valerie Caldwell Ethan Call James Campbell Nickole Campbell Paul Cantor James Capel Maribeth Carr Christy Carroll Tommy Carroll Dawn Carson Suzanne Carter Joanne Cash Patricia Chang Wayne Chasen Deane Cheatham Nancy Cheely Steve Childrey Gregory Clark Nancy Clements

The Richmond Association of REALTORS® would like to thank its 2010 RPAC contributors. At press time, RAR members had contributed a total of $71,616. Contributions have helped RAR to fund pro-business, REALTOR®-friendly candidates, ensure that the area’s workforce has a fair chance at homeownership, and maintain professionalism in the real estate industry. Thank you all for making RPAC such a success! K. Wayne Collier Michael Conway Catherine Cooper Glen Cornwell Hank Cosby John Cougill F. Thomas Cross Marshall Crossman William Crostic Jackie Crouch Bruce Crump Riccardo Cucuzza Dwayne Cuff Sandra Cullather Susan Cullen Michael Curley Mary Anne Currie Nelson Curtis Nelson Cutler Debra Dalton Carolyn Davidson Celes Davis Keena Davis Pamela Davis Jeanette Davis-Harrell Marilyn De Block Michael Deadrick Lisa DeFrancesco Bret Derby Nicole Diamond Thomas Dickson Betsy Dinardo George Dodd Jeffrey Donahue Marianne Donahue James Donohue Kristi Donohue Allen Dorin Joan Dorsey Ellen Drake Tim Dudley James Duke Jeanean Duke Stella Duncan Connie Dunkum Ty Dwyer Terry Earnest Linda Easley Carl Eckhart Kathy Edwards Heather Egan Catherine Englishman Amy Enoch Mary Estes Blake Eudailey Catherine Eure Taton Ronald Glenn Evans Felix Farley Lynn Farley

John Farrell Joseph Fawley Wanda Fears Lisa Felle Constance Felts Bill Ferebee John Ferguson Michelle Ferguson Scott Fetterman Dorothy Figg Scott Fine John Finn John Fiorelli Robert Firestone Jana Fisher Susan Fisher Judith Flaig Graffum Joanne Flanagan Lynda Flannery Verts Dianne Flournoy H. David Fogg Pace Fonville Lin Ford Eileen Foster Larry Foster Julianne Fox Sandra Francisco Nancy Frazier Dara Friedlander Pat Gaeser Robert Galaspie Thomas Garrett Wilma Gartrell Tom Gaye Simon Geiger Roberta Gentry Page George Deborah Gibbs Sherry Gilliam Thomas Gittings Deanna Glover Bobbie Goad Leah Goff Alice Goode Eleanor Goode David Gould Bill Grant Millie Green Chuck Greenberg Courtney Greiner Michael Grim Anne Grindstaff Michelle Groux Jamison Gugino Susan Hagan Deborah Hairfield Anne Hall Brittany Hall Doralyn Hall

Greg Hall Regina Hall Susan Hall David Hamil Cheryl Hamm Jeffrey Hamm Patsy Hancock Euronda Hanna Fred Haren Linda Harless Regina Harless Margaret Harrell Cassandra Harris Shannon Harton Carolyn Hartz Diana Hayes Peggy Haynes David Heacock Kin Headley Phyllis Hening Piper Henriques Annemarie Hensley Melanie Herring Larry Hess David Hicks J. Jay Higgins James Hiner Donna Hines Elizabeth Hines Deborah Hinkle Karen Hoerath Marcy Hoff Debra Hoffman Tripp Hogg Woody Hogg Troy Hogge Donna Holcomb Christy Holder Charlotte Holley Chris Hollister Kathleen Hooker Marlene Hooker Joseph Howren Charles Hudson James Huebler Jeffrey Huff Nathan Hughes Wally Hughes Gloria Humphrey Nancy Hungerford Jacqueline Hunter P. Dionne Hunter Anne Innes Philip Innes Thomas Innes Earl Jackson Loutisha James Matthew Jarreau Sarah Jarvis w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

Robert Jeffers Thomas Jefferson Chuck Jenkins Charlotte Jennings Donna Jennings Bonnie Jerabek Samantha Jeter Christopher Jewell Thomas Ji Bruce Johnson David Johnson Jolaunda Johnson Molly Johnson Neville Johnson Tamara Johnson Wayne Johnson Dorothy Jones Emily Jones Gary Jones Lummie Jones Janette Jordan Carl Judnick Mohammed Junaid Judith Kane Michael Kane Patricia Kane Catherine Keiger Carolyn Kendig John Kendig Alice Kendrick Zach Kennedy Tracy Kerzanet Courtney Keyes Terrie Kibler Judy Kilgour Brice King Lisa Kirk-Englehart Eileen Knode Deborah Knott Jody Korman Kerry Kreis Keith Kreuer Ellen Kreuter Kristin Krupp Lisa Kunz Nicolas Kurfees William Lahey Beth Lane Anna Lange Deborah Lange Frederick Larmore Gordon Laroussini Deborah LaVecchia Pamela Lawrence Anna Lazarchic Susan Lee Sharron Leonhirth Diane Lewis Mary Lewis Cary Lindsey Henry Liscio Larry Lloyd Craig Logue Charles Long Dianne Long Jean Longest Patricia Loving Regina Lukens Linda Lumpkin w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

Courtney Lutton Mary Kay Madison Aileen Mahoney K Michael Maloney Robert Manderbaugh Judith Markowitz James Marr Mandana Marsh Gideon Martin Laura Martin Grace Massenburg Ned Massie Bill Mattox Sherrie Mawyer Edward Maynes Sue Mayo James McCarthy John McClung Walter McClure Gwendolyn McCorvey Robert McCurry Mary K. McDonald Tamara McGhee Barbara McKnight Jim McTighe Mark Meitz Trella Mertz Elaine Mescan Barbara Meyer Lane Midgett Sylvia Miles Charles Miller Dave Miller Robert Miller Ann Mink Jane Minor Meredith Minter Betty Miser Dana Mishoe Diann Mitchell Emma Mitchell David Mize Carrie Moeller David Moore Michelle Moore Teresa Moore Richard Mormando Dorothy Morse Audri Moseley Lesley Moseley Lee Mumford Sarah Mumford Ashaar Munir Kenneth Nachman Teresa Nash Kurt Negaard Richard Nelms Ali Newkirk Anne Newkirk Nina Newton Angelika Noblet Catherine Noonan Justin Norris Bob Northern Susan Nunnally Wilma Oakes Robert Oertel David Ogle Justin Oliver

John O'Reilly Clinton Oulds Justin Owen John Pace Mason Packard Chandra Painter Richard Palmer Joanne Panek George Panos Jennifer Pardon Jeffrey Paris Nita Parrish Pryor Raj Patel Shivang Patel George Paxton Robin Pearsall Joan Peaslee Catherine Pecci Bobby Perkins Wayne Perry Alice Peterson Christopher Piacentini Stephanie Pick Jose Pietri Charles Pinkard Brian Pontius David Poore Trellis Portee Debra Potts JoAnne Powell Robert Price Sherry Price Austin Pritchard Teri Pruitt Melissa Pulliam Carol Puster Emily Rackley Jaclyn Rackley Tyler Rackley Vincent Radford Monica Rawles Kelly Raymond Barbara Reagan Lee Reams Dewey Reynolds Jill Rhyne Kathryn Richards Kelly Ricks Shelly Roberts Jerry Robinson Patricia Rogers Todd Rogers Crystal Rone Evette Roots Phil Roper Virginia Rose Joseph Ross Amy Rowe John Ruckart Nancy Rudolph Jennifer Runnion Scott Ruth Patricia R. Ryan Howard Sadler Ryan Sanford Raymond Santucci Shelia Saoma Gerry Saufley

Cathy Saunders Dawn Sclater H. Clifton Scott Cherry Seagraves Eugene Seargent Rashmi Sekhri David Selfe Sam Settimo Claire Shaffner R. Scott Shaheen Holly Shaheen Newman Van Shepherd Robert Sherman Stacey Shinault Scott Shoemaker Pamela Shultz Jacquelyn Sibley Mary Siegel Ashley Silveira Michael Silveira Nicole Simmons Marie-Claire Simpson Liz Singer Carl Singleton Floyd Sinkler Boyd Smith Emmett Smith Karen Smith David Snipes Teresa Snipes-Scott James Snyder Patricia Solis Anthony Spezio Minnie Spiggle Amy Stallings Russell Stanfield James Stanley Stella Stanley Linda Staples Kelly Steele Pamela Steele Karen Stephens Kyle Stephenson Bernie Stewart-Johns Rick Stockel Karen Storey Kerstin Stoval Julian Studds Donna Stvartak David Sussman Dwight Swink Jennifer Sylvester Melissa Taylor Veronica Taylor James Thacker Richard Thexton John Thoma Amanda Thomas John Thomas Marcia Thomas Glenn Thomason Anne Thompson Nathan Thompson Sharon Thompson Suzanne Thornton John Tiller Henri Tohme Robert Tokarz

Ann Toler Jack Torza Meg Traynham Judith Trevillian Susan Tulloch Rufus Tunstall MarySue Turnage Kristina Turner Nancy Turner William Turner Bettie Tussey Robin Tyler Teresa Tyson Alex Uminski Charles Utley Cheryl Valenti Rafael Valladares Michael Vannoy James Vass Barbara Vest John B. Vinson Duc Vo Jonathan Wainwright Charles Walker Douglas Wallace Kathleen Walser Nan Walters Mary Ward Simone Warmolts Marianne Warren Ray Watson Robert Watts Shelley Waye Kris Weaver Stanley Weidner Marcia Weinberg Elizabeth Wells Erin Welsch Cheryl Whirley Bill White Kennetha White William White Wray White Barrie Whitlow Christopher Whitney Joseph Whittle Deborah Wickham Jeff Wilkerson Kermit Wilkerson Katie Williams Kevin Williamson Norman Williamson Chris Wilson Sandra Windle Sandra Winfrey Gina Winston Bob Witte Steven Wolff Denise Woods Blevins John Working David Worrie Rita Wright Susan Wright Susan Yates Donna Young-White Wendy Zacharias Gita Ziegelbaur Anne Zimmerman Cassandra Zimmerman L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4


Scott Shaheen (Long & Foster), with his signature bow tie, awaits his turn in the RPAC dunk tank.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage representatives welcome REALTORS® to their booth. Dominion Buick featured its luxury SUV, the Buick Enclave.

The vendor “trade show survival kit,” contained Tylenol, breath freshener, hand sanitizer and fresh baked cookies.

Attendees check in with RAR staff.

By Kate Loveluck RAR Communications Coordinator


First Choice Chiropractic offered attendees free chair massages.


L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

t 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, excited members entered the doors of the Greater Richmond Convention Center exhibit hall, eager to see what fun events were in store for them at this year’s REALTORfest®. Vendors were ready at their posts with their “trade show survival kits,” anxious to introduce their products and services. The theme of the event this year, “REtool, REfuel and REjuvenate,” was indicative of what the Richmond Association of REALTORS® hoped members w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

The REALTORS® Federal Credit Union promoted its 100% virtual financial institution.

Nutzy, the Richmond Flying Squirrels’ mascot, visits with the Bank of America Home Loans representatives.

Booth neighbors Katy Allenbaugh-Richards, of First Home Buyers Protection and Stacy Legge, of Roof Rx, pose for a picture.

Attendees enjoyed a 3-course lunch with guest speaker Bob Sledd. Blake Eudailey takes aim at the RPAC dunking booth.

A friendly wave from Best Buy representatives.

Victor Shaheen, of Shaheen & Shaheen, distributed tote bags, travel coffee mugs and approximately 1,200 chocolate chip cookies.

would get out of their day through learning, exploring, mingling and networking. Technology was a large focus at the event this year, with the addition of a “tech center” incorporated onto the trade show floor for vendors, such as Best Buy and Verizon Wireless, to use to offer technical demonstrations. In another area of the trade show floor, real estate technology tools expert Dick Betts offered hourly educational technology sessions, such as “Top 10 Smartphones for REALTORS®” and “Top 10 Things You Can Do with Your Smartphone.” Throughout the trade show, members also found the familiar technology vendors Tempo™, ListHub and iMapp. Topics for the educational sessions offered over the course of the day varied from insight on ways to overcome and remain positive during a tough market, local school discussions, legal updates and leadership training, to tips on social media use. Speakers also varied from national speakers and association representatives, to local attorneys and school superintendents. A break for a seated 3-course lunch break came in the continued next page

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4


Laura Lafayette, CEO of the Richmond Association of REALTORS® takes her turn sitting in the RPAC dunk tank.

Bobby Perkins steps up to send John Powell plunging into the RPAC dunk tank.

RAR’s Leadership Development Academy class of 2011 is introduced. Surroun Sound,” by NAR.

Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity was among the participating local nonprofits.

The day’s first educational session: a keynote presentation by national speaker Mike Staver, entitled “Deal With It.”

afternoon and members were introduced to graduates of the 2010 Richmond Association of REALTORS’® Leadership Development Academy, as well as the participants in the Academy for the upcoming year. During a strawberry cheesecake dessert, Bob Sledd, Senior Economic Advisor to Governor Bob McDonnell, took the podium and offered his insight on the current market from a public official’s perspective. The trade show floor featured several local non-profits among the vendor booths, such as Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity, Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Homeward and Partnership for Housing Affordability. A booth for the Richmond REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) was also featured, with a dunking tank where several well-known local real estate professionals sat to help raise RPAC donations, while onlookers watched in amusement. Several members stepped up to try their arms, but Bobby Perkins was inarguably the star pitcher of the day. This was most unfortunate for the first dunking booth victim,


L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

John Powell, who spent a majority of Perkins’ reign over the RPAC dunk tank in the water. REALTORS® found plenty to do with their day in between class sessions. Everyone learned early on that Shaheen & Shaheen had the cookies, 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty had the cool blinking light pins, Catering by Jill had the roast beef and gravy mashed potato cups, Loyal Termite & Pest Control had the neon fly swatters, Bank of America had skeeball and Virginia Photo Booths and More was the place to go with friends for a fun souvenir photo strip. As the day drew to a close, hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served as friends and colleagues socialized, while eagerly awaiting the announcement of their names as the prize winners of the day were called. The event turned out to be not only an opportunity to obtain new contacts, to receive continuing education credits, to enjoy delicious meals and to win numerous prize drawings, but a chance to gain valuable knowledge, to learn new skills and to develop fresh new perspectives. Some good laughs thrown into the mix made this year’s REALTORfest® particularly enjoyable and memorable by members and vendors alike. It's safe to say that all who participated are eager to see what REALTORfest® 2012 will have in store. L w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

Meet the Board of Directors

Each issue of Listed features profiles of two current members of the Board of Directors.

How did you get involved in real estate? I used to sell main frame computers and I had a friend in real estate, which got me interested. I considered real estate a much more entrepreneurial pursuit in which I could control my own destiny and time. Favorite Richmond Tradition Monument Avenue Easter Parade

Bill White Firm & Years in Real Estate President, Joyner Fine Properties; Thirty-five years in real estate

Favorite Vacation Spot Spots where it’s warm and sandy. Hobbies/Activities outside the office Golf, reading and ACC basketball (as an observer).

Designations GRI, CRS Experience at RAR RAR Past President; Finance Committee

How did you get involved in real estate? Prior to real estate, I worked in corporate account management, project planning & implementation, and client development & retention. Although I grew up in Richmond, I left the area for about eight years, returning in 2001. As I looked for a position that best matched my experience and interests, I became disheartened with the opportunities available at the time and looked to real estate as a possibility.

Amy Enoch

Favorite Richmond Tradition Monument 10K – I accomplished a personal goal of running it for the first time this year!

Firm & Years in Real Estate Eight years in real estate sales; Long & Foster REALTORS®; also currently managing broker for Long & Foster’s Harbour Favorite Vacation Spot Anywhere my Blackberry won’t work. Pointe, South Hill and Victoria sales offices. Designations GRI, Associate Broker Experience at RAR Grievance Committee

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

Hobbies/Activities outside the office Doing just about anything with my two girls (they haven’t reached the age that they stop talking to their parents), working out with my X-Team Fitness pals (I’ll admit I’m addicted) and having get-togethers with family & friends (my husband and I use any excuse to host a gathering).

L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4



Brokerage Firm Inspections Coming What To Expect By Peggy Lynch, GRI Director of Professional Development and Broker Services


he Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) announced it will begin inspecting real estate brokerage firm records and practices in November of this year. Historically, such inspections have been complaint driven. The agency, however, is turning its focus towards compliance and outreach. The details of the shift were explained by David Dorner, Director of Investigations for the DPOR, at a recent presentation to RAR member brokers. The intent of the office inspection program is to protect the public, promote compliance with the Board’s regulations and initiate disciplinary action only when compliance is not possible. According to Mr. Dorner, the office inspections will be random in their order, but will include all licensed Virginia real estate firms.

and outlining the documents the broker should make available for the on site inspection. While not required, the broker may wish to have the firm’s bookkeeper available at the time of the appointment. Inspections are expected to take approximately one business day depending on the size of firm. If the firm has multiple branch offices, additional information and appointments may be required and the inspection may take longer. For reference, the audit may include review of:

Inspection Process

• Escrow account bank statements for the past three years; • Escrow account check ledgers for the past three years; • Firm policy and procedures manual; • Firm license and all individual broker and salesperson licenses; • Rosters of all individuals broker and salesperson licenses assigned to each firm office; • All pending sales contracts; • All closed transaction files from the past three years; • All property management agreements; • All current leases; owner and tenant statements;

When a firm is selected for inspection, the principal broker will be contacted by telephone and an appointment will be scheduled within 7-10 days of initial contact. The broker will be provided with a questionnaire requesting basic firm information. A letter will be sent to the broker confirming the inspection appointment

If no violations are found during the inspection, the audit will be closed and a confirmation letter will be sent to the principal broker. If the inspection reveals compliance deficiencies, the broker will be provided a list of the deficient items and will be As of publishing date


L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

given approximately ten days to correct the deficiencies. A follow up inspection will be conducted to confirm compliance. If compliance cannot be obtained and/or there are significant escrow issues, the deficiencies may be moved forward for disciplinary action.

How to Prepare Random inspections will focus primarily on the following Virginia Real Estate Board regulations: 18 VAC 135-20-160 - Place of Business. 18 VAC 135-20-170 - Maintenance of Licenses. 18 VAC 135-20-180 - Maintenance and Management of Escrow Accounts. 18 VAC 135-20-185 - Maintenance and Management of Financial Records While not an all inclusive list of the Board’s regulations within the scope of the audit, firm brokers may wish to review these particular regulations to ensure compliance prior to inspection. This would also be a good time to conduct a thorough internal review of the firm’s supervisory practices, training program, policy and procedures manual and record keeping procedures.

The new 5-page DPOR Real Estate Inspection Form

Where to Find More Information A copy of the current VREB Rules and Regulations can be found on the DPOR web site reb_reg.pdf. For information concerning the review or creation of an office policy and procedures manual, a VAR Broker Toolkit is available at The toolkit contains a sample table of contents, anti-trust policy and recommended language. Each firms’ manual will be different and reflective of its particular focus, size and areas of practice. The NAR web site also offers an Office Policy Manual field guide. For specific questions concerning the VREB firm inspection process email L

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4


January & February 2011

Education Calendar


Continuing Education, Part 1

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Continuing Education, Part 2

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Commercial Transactions & Documents

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


GRI - Module TBD

8:00 AM - 5:00PM


Evening CE - Module 1

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


New Member Orientation

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Evening CE -Module 2

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Broker Continuing Education

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Broker Law

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Evening CE, Module 3

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Evening CE, Module 4

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Property Mangement Series

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Contracts Course - Topic TBD

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Commercial Division Quarterly Networking Event 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Fair Housing & the Practice of Real Estate

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Continuing Education, Part 1

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Continuing Education, Part 2

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Broker Finance

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Broker Finance

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


GRI - Module TBD

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Evening CE, Module 1

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Evening CE, Module 2

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


New Member Orientation

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


ABR Fast Track

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Evening CE, Module 3

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Evening CE, Module 4

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Property Management Division Quarterly Event

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Principles of Real Estate

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

For more information or to register, please contact: The Real Estate School / Tel: (804) 422-5016 E-mail: or log onto and click “Education”


L I S T ED • 2 0 1 0 I S S U E 4

w w w. R A R e a l t o r s . c o m

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