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Into the Woods at Queen’s

Laughter will be the only item on the menu when Queen’s College Boys’ Primary School stage the famous ‘Into the Woods’ fantasy musical from next week Thursday to Saturday. The play is a modern twist on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a musical format that follows the classic tales of ‘Cinderella’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. These are all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them. All dressed up and ready to take to the stage are, from left Jed Stone (Lucinda), Sange Mdunyelwa (Jack’s mom), Abulele Ndoda (Little Red Riding Hood) and S’bongakonke Mfeya (the Wolf). PHOTO:SANELE JAMES


Administrator starts next week SANELE JAMES


ESPITE the jeering and grumbling of political parties in the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality council against the decision to place the municipality under administration, an administrator will be officially introduced to the council on Monday. This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mamkeli Ngam. “The MEC for CoGTA (Fikile Xasa) will be in Komani on Monday next week to introduce the person who will be in charge of municipal affairs going forward,” said Ngam.

The municipality is set to convene a special council meeting today (Thursday) and the appointment of an administrator is expected to be among the burning items on the agenda. Eastern Cape provincial government spokesperson, Sonwabo Mbananga, also confirmed the introduction of the administrator next week, but said he couldn’t comment further on the matter, as he was still waiting for the terms of reference for the administrator’s appointment. The decision to place the troubled municipality under administration was taken at the 43rd provincial executive council (EXCO) meeting in Bhisho on August 1. The MEC for CoGTA was thus instructed to appoint an administrator for the beleaguered Enoch

Mgijima Local Municipality. “Cabinet has endorsed the decision by the Eastern Cape Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (EC CoGTA) to invoke provisions of Section 139(1) (b) and assume responsibility in the financial affairs of Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality,” said Mbananga in a statement. “Cabinet has mandated the MEC for CoGTA to appoint an administrator to assume the responsibility on the financial affairs on behalf of EXCO,” said Mbananga. He further said cabinet had also endorsed invoking the mandatory provisions of section 139(5) of the Constitution to request the Municipal Financial Recovery Service to assess the causes for the financial crisis and develop a finan-

cial recovery plan. The news of the municipality being run in Bhisho didn’t sit well with parties in council with some party leaders saying the appointment of an administrator was politically motivated in preparation for the 2019 national elections. However, ANC provincial chairman, Oscar Mabuyane, recently rejected the claims when he was addressing his party’s regional elective conference which took place at the JJ Serfontein Hall in Madeira Park, Komani, over the weekend. “Comrades don’t be misled by what you hear on the streets. “First you need to accept the fact that you messed up in this region,” said Mabuyane. “Appointing an administrator is the only solution to the prob-

lems caused in the local municipality. We can’t sit back and fold arms while people on the streets are crying for adequate services that they are entitled to, but the municipality is failing mainly because of people with personal agendas,” said Mabuyane. This follows the recent financial predicament that the municipality found itself in which saw the institution struggling to pay its bill for bulk electricity to Eskom. At some point the municipality also struggled to pay salaries for both its staff and councillors. In addition its assets were attached and sold to repay a multimillion rand debt the municipality owed to a civil engineering company.


News August 30, 2018 Queenstown Express

Former principal acquitted of assault charges SANELE JAMES FORMER principal of Lingelihle High School, Sandile Mata, was found not guilty on Friday on an assault charge for allegedly kicking a pupil on her private parts. The matter was heard at the Ezibeleni Magistrate’s Court, where Magistrate Xolisa Ngwendu said the defence brought an application for the case to be dismissed on the basis that no reasonable person could convict Mata. “The complainant is not a credible witness. She exaggerated the situation and was not honest when testifying,” said Ngwendu in handing down the judgement. “Her character showed that someone has drilled her to come and say whatever she said. “There were so many contradictions in her evidence,” said Ngwendu. According to Ngwendu, many factors influ-

enced her final decision such as the interference from the gallery including the complainant’s mother. “The state needs to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt. “During the complainant’s testimony, her mother kept interfering and answering questions for her and other people assisted her to answer questions from the gallery. “Her mother in her testimony was so dramatic. Both the complainant and her mother contradicted themselves,” said Ngwendu, adding that medical evidence regarding bruising disproved her claim of where she was kicked. Reading from her notepad, Ngwendu said the complainant’s testimony left the court with the question of whether she was really kicked by Mata. “Her evidence is not acceptable. One can see that there is a vendetta against Mata and the complainant was used as a child to make

accusations against Mata,” she said in conclusion. Following the complainant’s allegation, Mata was suspended by the Eastern Cape Department of Education, pending an internal inquiry into the matter in 2016. He was found to have been in the wrong by the provincial Department of Education and was effectively demoted as the Lingelihle High School principal. “The internal investigation has been concluded and I can confirm that (Mr) Mata has been demoted to deputy principal position,” said the education department’s spokesperson, Mali Mtima, at the time of Mata’s demotion. “This is where things stand with the Department of Education. The court case will go its separate way which I cannot comment on,” said Mtima. Mata’s attorney, Francois Mostert, said their next step would be to consider available

legal remedy. “My client reserves his right in full and will exercise it accordingly as per advice provided by his legal advisers. “Other than that, I am happy that justice was served, but at this point I cannot divulge exactly what will be our next move. “I will await instructions from my client,” said Mostert. Speaking to the Express on Monday, Mata said he was satisfied with the outcome of the case and said he always had confidence in the justice of the country. “There is a lot I am considering at the moment, but sadly I cannot communicate it at the present moment. “I am happy to be a free man – something which I have always tried to prove since my first appearance (in court) but things had to take their course. “I still believe that the country’s justice system is the best,” said Mata.

Battery theft brings Mlungisi Substation to a standstill SANELE JAMES THE Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality is still calculating the amount of damage caused after thieves broke into the Mlungisi Substation and made off with 13 transformer batteries. The incident happened on Friday afternoon and police were summoned to the scene. Spokesperson for the Queenstown SAPS, Captain Namhla Mdleleni, confirmed the incident and said police were investigating cases of burglary and business robbery. No arrests had been effected by the time of going to print. The theft of the batteries resulted in a power outage in areas including Mlungisi, Victoria Park, Sabata Dalindyebo, Newvale and Town Centre. Power was later restored on the same day. The local municipality subsequently issued a statement confirming the incident at

OLIVET COLLEGE Ad vitam paramus

the same time bemoaning the act of theft and the impact it had on the public. “The Mlungisi Substation has been broken into and batteries in the substation were stolen. Police have been informed and electricity was restored as soon as police concluded their business on the scene. “It is so unfortunate that criminals are an enemy of service delivery to our people,” said Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality spokesperson, Gcobani Msindwana. According to Msindwana, the exact items that were stolen from the Mlungisi Substation were 110 V and 30 V batteries from each charger. One of the passersby, Erol Greyvensteyn, who resides in one the areas that was directly affected, said it was not the first time that thieves broke into the substation. “Almost every month they attempt to break into the powerhouse. Even the small electrical boxes on the streets have been broken into; hence most of them don’t have front covers,” said Greyvensteyn.

Veld fire ravages home and local game reserve SANELE JAMES

NO. 7-9 SCANLEN STREET, QUEENSTOWN. TEL : 045 – 838 2072 FAX : 0864246279

2019 ADMISSIONS Grade R Foundation Phase (Grades 1 – 3) Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6) Senior Phase (Grades 7 – 9) Senior Secondary – Grade 10 Forms available at the School Office. Office hours are from 07H:30 till 14H:00. X1UMCTXH-QE230818

Inside the Mlungisi Substation after thieves helped themselves and made off with 13 batteries. PHOTO:SANELE JAMES

PRELIMINARY investigations conducted by the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality suggest that Saturday’s ravaging fire that burned down one home in Toptown and charred a portion of the Lawrence De Lange Nature Reserve grazing land, broke away from a resident who was burning rubbish next to the game reserve. “According to the information received from our ranger, a community member was burning rubbish next to the game reserve and the fire spread to the game reserve and due to severe wind speed, the fire spread to the mountain in the Top town area,” said municipal spokesperson, Gcobani Msindwana in a statement. Photos presented by the manager at Lawrence De Lange Nature Reserve, Hein Gerber, show that the fire started along the brick wall that separates his establishment from the residential area before spreading to the Longhill mountains as a result of the blowing wind.

Gerber said he was in town when the fire started and he was called to the scene. “It was between 10:00 and 11:00 when I received a call alerting me of a possible fire in my establishment. I raced back and myself and the rangers tried to douse the flames, but we couldn’t,” he said. Gerber said when he arrived he noticed a plume of smoke rising near the residential area where street dwellers often go to seek food in the garbage that residents dump over the fence into his establishment. “Nobody seems to know what started the fire but it started at the spot where some of the people that live along the border happen to dump their rubbish. I don’t know whether someone dumped burning garbage or it’s the homeless guys that usually ransack the garbage in search of food. We are still looking for answers,” said Gerber. He also pleaded with the residents to refrain from throwing their garbage over their fences into the game reserve. “We have a lot of game at the Lawrence De Lange Nature Reserve that feed on grass and

other related plants. But in seasons like winter the animals feed on almost every colourful item they find on the land, which is why we fenced the area. But unfortunately people go beyond that and throw their garbage inside our premises. That alone has a potential of killing the animals – some of whom are close to extinction,” said Gerber. The mysterious blaze went on to destroy the home of one of Komani’s lawyers, Mthuthuzeli Zepe, resulting in immeasurable damage. Zepe said he was watching TV when he surprisingly saw big flames through the window. At that time his thatched roof had already caught alight. “Municipal firefighters were called to the scene to deal with the fires, but unfortunately nothing could be saved. Everything that was inside burned down, from my television set, furniture, including my wife's catering equipment. Even the cover of the swimming pool was also destroyed,” said Zepe. He estimated the combined cost of the damaged to be above R1 million.












































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4 Fairy tales come alive at Queen’s musical News

August 30, 2018 Queenstown Express

SANELE JAMES LAUGHTER will be the only item on the menu when Queen’s College Boys’ Primary School stage the famous Into the Woods fantasy musical on Thursday next week. The Stephen Sondheim stage musical, Into the Woods, which was recently turned into a fantasy film, is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales and follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood. The tales are all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them. The baker and his wife live in a village where they wish for something they can’t have – a child, but they soon find out that because of a family curse they can’t have any children until they find multiple things for the witch that curs-

ed them in the first place. The witch demands that she be gotten a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold. The witch sends the baker and his wife to obtain the items for her because she is not allowed to touch any of the objects. Her demands eventually bring the baker and his wife into contact with Jack, who is selling his beloved cow Milky-White and to whom the baker offers magic beans left him by his father, which grow into a large beanstalk. He then meets Red Riding Hood, whose ruby cape the couple notices when she stops to buy sweets on her way to her grandmother’s house. Next they meet Rapunzel, whose tower the baker’s wife passes in the woods; and then Cinderella, who also runs into the baker’s wife while fleeing from the pursuing Prince. After a series of failed attempts and misadventures, the baker and his wife finally are able to gather the items necessary to break the spell.

Meanwhile, each of the other characters receive their happy endings. Cinderella marries the Prince, Jack provides for his mother by stealing riches from the Giant in the sky, and kills the pursuing Giant by cutting down the beanstalk. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are saved from the Big Bad Wolf and the witch regains her youth and beauty after drinking the potion. The Queen’s College production is directed by Liesl Nel and Charwin Knoetze, who are both teachers at the school. Knoetze said it took them three months to put the show together after rigorous auditions. “As much as the show is supposed to be entertaining, it has to be of high quality in every aspect. “The costumes are on point and the boys are ready. We just couldn’t compromise on this one,” she said. According to Knoetze, the school last had similar shows five years ago and this could be the

first of many to come. “We were asked by the school governing body to put a show together so to strengthen our drama and culture department. “And we are looking forward to many similar shows in the future,” she said. One of the things that make the upcoming show very interesting and worth watching is the fact that all the characters are young boys, the majority of them being top sportsmen, who some will be playing roles of females. Sange Mdunyelwa (13) will be playing Jack’s mom who is an uptight woman. S’bongile Mfeya (13) will be the Wolf while Abulele Ndoda (13) emulates Little Riding Hood. Jed Stone (12) will play the role of Lucinda one of the sisters who bully Cinderella. The stage has been set at the hall and the first play will go live from 6pm on Thursday next week. Tickets for learners cost R50 each and for adults R80 each. The show will start on Thursday and end on Saturday.

Top achievers make schools proud Learners from local schools did their schools proud on the sports field as well as in academics.

Local schools recently participated in a rowing event at Bonkolo Dam. Learners from Nkwanca High, Lingelihle and Maria Louw High were among those participating. The Maria Louw High team are from left Tino Charumbira, Sisipho Mnyibashe, Justin Booysen, Asanda Mxaka, Rowen Bishop, Llwellyn Peter and Chadwick Winnaar. PHOTO:SANELE JAMES

Louis Rex Primary’s under-13 boys and girls’ hockey teams recently had much to celebrate. The local boys beat Cradock's Carinus Primary 16-0, while the girls beat Port Elizabeth's Triomf Primary 3-2. From left are the coach, Ronald Williams, with the boys’ team captain, Elgin Bishop, captain of the girls’ team, Faith Scear, with the girls’ team coach Estrolita Jacobus. . PHOTO: SANELE JAMES

A team from Louis Rex Primary walked away as winners of the Isibane Map Quiz competition that took place on August 16 at the neighbouring Edlelweni Primary School. The winning team, is from left Monica Duna (teacher), Nangamso Nontsele, Anathi Guldenge and Mbali Maposa. PHOTO: SANELE JAMES

All dressed up for Hangklip matric farewell

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I just have to start my day by thanking you (Queenstown Express) so much for the part you have played in making the outreach such a great success. Was everybody (including the doom prophets) surprised when we managed last night (August 23) to fill the school hall with parents? I will never take for granted the role your assistance has played in the success. What a breakthrough! The principal commented that it was a first for his school, to be able to fill the school hall with parents on a day like last Thursday. A big thank you. We have had numerous comments about your article (Louis Rex holds parents’ meeting on August 23). It might be insignificant to you, but I have to assure you that your assistance has made a difference.

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Johannes Stefanus Chairperson, School Governing Body Louis Rex Primary School Hangklip High School held their matric farewell at the school on Friday, August 17. Here is Chanaaz Prince looking the part from top to toe. PHOTOS:M&M PHOTOGRAPHY

Lenise van der Merwe also looked stunning for Hangklip High School’s matric farewell.

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News August 30, 2018 Queenstown Express

Ladies gather for safety presentation Kelston Motor Group dealerships Queenstown Ford and Market Square Volkswagen Queenstown hosted a Women’s Month safety presentation and ladies’ evening at Queenstown Ford under the theme “Stay Safe and Do You”. The purpose of the event was to engage attendees about taking safety precautions and providing safe alternatives to violent environments. Queenstown Express correspondent ZINTLE BOBELO captured these moments.

Pictured are Zodwa Gqwaka from Delivery Chap, Queenstown Ford Business Manager Natasha van Pletzen and Ulande Crous Coetzee from South African Police Service. Enjoying their time at the ladies’ evening are, from left, Roshyn Memphis, Laurie Brauns, Tercia Ruiters and Elizma Weilbach. < Staff members of the Kelston Motor Group dealerships, Jacques Victor, Pumeza Ngini and Elizma Atkins at the event. Kelly Phillips and Lourinda Richter having a blast at the event.



Police invite locals to identify stolen property SANELE JAMES THE Queenstown SAPS property task team is convinced that it has made a breakthrough on a string of house breaking and robbery cases that were reported on the month of August around Komani. Two men between the ages of 26 and 29 were arrested over the past weekend in connection with the crimes. Queenstown SAPS spokesperson Captain Namhla Mdleleni said they were bust in an establishment near the Queenstown Golf Course where they were found with property suspected to have been stolen. “On interrogation police managed to identify and recover many other suspicious items at an estimated value of R100 000.” The recovered goods include a solar panel, compressor, wheelbarrow, hand tools, beds, fridges, sofas, tables and chairs. The suspects appeared briefly before the Queenstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday and were remanded in custody. Acting station commander Colonel Loyiso Ngalo extended an invitation to residents who had reported cases of housebreaking to possibly identify stolen goods.

Sinobuchule: •Medical Negligence Claims •Ibango Lokunganaki •Road Accident Fund Claims •Izimangalo Zengozi Yengozi• Or send Please call me to: 060 733 6600 E-mail: Fax 012 329 8967 Tel 012 329 6130 22 Viljoen Street, Riviera, Pretoria X1UR09FH-QE230818


News August 30, 2018 Queenstown Express

Getting to know Dr Craig Ontong from Dentists Inc NWABISA FUNDE A RECENT addition to Dentists Inc, Dr Craig Ontong, speaks to the Express about his journey in Komani as a dentist. What would you say is your dental philosophy? I find that the importance of brushing properly twice a day cannot be stressed enough and should be taught to children from a young age as these practices will carry over into their adult lives. What do you like most about dentistry? I was told by my mother to help others whenever I can. Being a dentist allows me to help people on a daily basis, from pain relief to fixing that rotten tooth that is preventing you from showing a big smile and even making a denture for the elderly lady complaining she hasn’t chewed anything in years. What are your goals as they relate to the dentist industry?

My goal in life is simple and that is to keep life as uncomplicated as possible. I have noticed that many times patients do not fully understand the procedures that the dentist does and this can lead to an unhappy patient,especially, when the treatment does not turn out how they expected it to. All procedures have limitations and having patients understand them makes life easier.

young? Honestly I don’t know, I never grew up knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up and becoming a dentist was some what of an impulsive decision in my matric year.

Where did you complete your studies? I attended Laerskool Worcester Oos, Hoërskool Montana – Worcester and I completed my qualification in dentistry at the University of the Western Cape.

What’s the perfect spot for coffee in Komani? I’m not one for coffee and prefer to stay away from it as far as I can. I would often opt for water or fruit juices.

What song best describes your life in Komani? I would have to go with Lonely by Akon. I’m from the Western Cape, so I’m quite far away from friends and family. I am still finding my feet in the Eastern Cape, but I feel at home at Dentist Inc. With friendly co-workers, what more could one ask for?

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time? I spend my spare time exercising, playing games and cooking, of which I must say exercising is a great way of unwinding at the end of a long day.

What did you want to be when you were


How would your friends describe you in two words? Too relaxed and carefree.

; Dr Craig Ontong is slowly finding his feet in Komani as he has recently joined Dentists Inc.

Community food gardens to sell fresh produce at Checkers stores REPORTER IN celebration of Arbor Day and to raise muchneeded awareness and funds, community food gardens are gearing up to sell their vegetables at selected Checkers stores on Saturday, September 1. In the Eastern Cape, the Empumelelweni Project in the Amathole District’s Goshen Village will once again be selling their produce

at Checkers store in Nonesi Mall at 09:00. Goshen Village is home to approximately 800 struggling pensioners and young children. Elders from the village have to make do with their small pensions in order to provide for their families and travelling to nearby Komani to buy food is an expensive exercise. “This led to Shoprite establishing a series of permaculture training workshops aimed at assisting the community of Goshen Village in August last year,” said Kelly Atherton-Schild-

er, of Shoprite. The existing food garden at the Goshen Public School is being used as a demonstration centre, while gardening tools and seedlings have been made available for community members to establish their own home gardens. A mentoring system is also in place to encourage the roll-out of more home gardens. “In addition to partnering with sustainable food gardens, the Shoprite Group also makes


surplus food from its stores available to verified non-profit organisations, while its fleet of mobile soup kitchens enables them to respond to the immediate needs of people in vulnerable communities. Their vision is to enable communities to feed themselves in an independent and sustainable manner. “The money generated by sales will go directly to the organisation,” added AthertonSchilder.



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Motoring August 30, 2018 Queenstown Express


New A-Class sets benchmark in compact segment REPORTER

ing design of the new A-Class is the next step in the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of ‘senTHE all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class redefines sual purity’. modern luxury in the compact car segment and Its striking sporty exterior is bigger than that offers an unrivalled user experience through of its predecessor – 120mm longer, 16mm higher MBUX. and 6mm wider – but, 20kg lighter. The interior of the new A-Class is completely The success story of the compact cars from redefined with its modern, avant-garde look. Mercedes-Benz began 21 years ago with the The feeling of spaciousness is accentuated by launch of the first generation A-Class. Since the increased shoulder, elbow and headroom. then, nearly six million Mercedes-Benz compact The new A-Class also offers easier access to cars have been delivered worldwide, three mil- the rear and a larger, more family- and recrealion of which were A-Class models. tion-friendly luggage compartment. “The expansion and rejuvenation of the comThe capacity of the luggage compartment bepact car range are key factors behind the sus- hind the rear seats is 370 litres – 29 litres more tained market success that Mercedes-Benz en- than in the preceding model. joys. The Mercedes-Benz brand has also become All-round visibility in the new A-Class has alnoticeably more youthful since the introduction so been improved. of the third-generation compact models,” said MBUX, the new multimedia system, learns Johannes Fritz, Co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz South and adapts to suit the user through artificial inAfrica and executive director of Mercedes-Benz telligence. The more a user interacts with it, the Cars. more the new A-Class becomes just like them. The new A-Class offers more utility value, In addition, MBUX offers intelligent voice making it more youthful than ever but grown-up control with natural language comprehension. like never before. The purist, surface-accentuat- By using the phrase “Hey Mercedes”, users can adjust the air-conditioning, send a text message, or find the quickest route out of the city centre on a busy afternoon. New and improved Mercedes Me connect services are being launched with MBUX. These include navigation functions like emergency braking, on-street prediction, real-time information and off-street information, which save time The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class model’s interior is completely redefined and reduce stress levand has increased shoulder, elbow and headroom. PHOTO:SUPPLIED els when searching for

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is sure to redefine both comfort and style once it hits South African streets. PHOTO:SUPPLIED a parking space. The new A-Class also offers a number of functions that were previously the preserve of the luxury class: real-time parking, for example, and the ability to drive semi-autonomously in certain situations. To do this, it keeps a close eye on the traffic as the improved camera and radar systems allow it to see up to 500m ahead. It comes with extended active brake assist as standard. Depending on the circumstances, this can effectively help to mitigate the consequences of rear-end collisions with slow-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles. This extended active brake assist even responds to crossing pedestrians and cyclists. The A Class is available in two variants, the A 200 and the A 250 Sport, with the diesel model expected in South Africa in early 2019. Both models benefit from new engines.

The A 200 is powered by a 1.33 litre unit which generates 120kW and 250Nm of torque with a 7G DCT dual-clutch transmission. The 2.0 litre engine of the A 250 Sport generates 165kW and 350Nm, and is available with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission which provides a claimed fuel consumption of 6.2 l/100km. New features for both engines include CAMTRONIC for the intake camshaft, and particulate filter as standard. There is a choice of suspension systems for the A-Class, depending on engine variant and driver preference. Dynamic Select is standard equipment and at the touch of a button, provides an individual driving experience in conjunction with the suspension with active damping control (optional).

Recommended retail price . A 200 – R499 000 . A 250 Sport – R593 300.


Ferrari stroll to Spa victory UNTROUBLED, Sebastian Vettel drove the perfect race to secure victory at the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix. While Saturday qualifying, wet in the final part, went the way of Lewis Hamilton,Sunday brought a completely different complexion as the Ferrari driver skilfully scythed past pole sitter Hamilton into the lead of the race. Both Force India cars, starting on the second row thanks to a dramatic quali, started equally well and slotted in behind the front two. It all went off behind them,however, as a dramatic first corner crash, triggered by Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg, saw Fernando Alonso’s McLaren fly over the cockpit of Charles Leclerc. The halo, significantly scuffed by Alonso’s tyre, played a significant role in keeping the Sauber driver safe and uninjured in an otherwise dangerous crash. An example of how well the halo works was never needed or wanted but this serves as the perfect illustration for all those that continually criticized and moaned about the aesthetics of why it is needed in Formula 1. It’s certain that without it there would have been a different outcome for Charles Leclerc. Though they retired slightly later the first lap also laid claim to Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo. The Red Bull driver was tagged from behind by Alonso and lost his rear wing. While he did get back out he was a lap down without little prospect of gaining anything meaningful from the race; consequently Red Bull retired Ricciardo’s no. 3 car. For Kimi Raikkonen it was desperately unlucky as Ricciardo’s front wing caused a right-rear puncture on the Ferrari. It subsequently damaged the right endplate of the rear wing, the DRS, and caused enough floor damage to render the car un-driveable. While first lap crashes are part and parcel of racing Ferrari only has itself to blame for Raikkonen’s ultimate retirement. The day before an awkward blunder in quali left Raikkonen without enough fuel to complete the final part of the session. While

others improved their laptimes the Finn was left to start sixth on the grid. This position often referred to as the ‘carbon fibre zone’ is notoriously where most incidents occur. But Ferrari was flustered when the rain came down in the final part of qualifying and they made mistakes that ultimately cost Raikkonen a shot at a decent result. As if to add insult to injury Raikkonen was fastest in the mix for pole on a circuit where he is considered a specialist and has won on four previous occasions. Up front it was as easy a Sunday afternoon drive for Vettel. While both Mercedes and Ferrari introduced upgraded internal combustion engines for this weekend Hamilton and Mercedes just didn’t have the pace to live with the Ferrari. This was something that Hamilton bemoaned after the race by saying that Ferrari has some “tricks”. Whatever he was implying, if he is hoping to play a psychological game it won’t land with either Vettel or Ferrari. Hamilton went on to paint himself as the underdog despite being in the lead of the driver’s championship. But the likelihood is that he doesn’t really believe himself to be the downtrodden. After all, he is the reigning champion in a working Mercedes that will be a force at Monza. As Vettel and Hamilton took the first two steps on the podium Max Verstappen drove a lonely race into third while Valtteri Bottas ably recovered to fourth after starting nearly last on the grid. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon delivered fourth and fifth for Force India in what has been a difficult time for the team off the track. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen were sixth and seventh for Haas while Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly and Marcus Ericsson completed the top ten for Sauber. Vettel’s win brings him to within 17 points of Hamilton in the drivers’ standing and more importantly gives Ferrari some much-needed momentum ahead of their home race this weekend.



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Six Eastern Cape players in final Nedbank squad THANDO MGEDEZI THE Nedbank Ke Yona team has officially announced a 16-man squad that will take on last season’s Nedbank Cup champions, Free State Stars FC. The announcement was made at the Nedbank headquarters in Rivonia Road, Sandton, and saw the 16 promising youngsters displayed to the public after being picked from

16 000 players who tried out nationwide. Of the 16, six are from the Eastern Cape Province. Queenstown Express spoke with one of the players, Axolile Kapo, who shared his experience on how he got to the trials. “It was tough; I had to hike from Port Elizabeth to East London. I arrived in East London the day before the trials and I had to find a place to sleep there. A former teammate of mine allowed me to stay with him at a club-

house and then we went to the trials together the following day.” Kapo was born in Alicedale, but lives in Port Elizabeth and is playing for Lion City. The other five players from the Eastern Cape are Asivile Tom from Mdantsane, Camagu Kanana from Dimbaza, Mzikayise Williams from Port Elizabeth, and Buyelekhaya Velelwandle and Xolela Bonxa from Mthatha. Tobie Badenhorst, Nedbank Head: Group

Manyonga shines brightly at sports awards THANDO MGEDEZI THE Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in the Eastern Cape, together with Eastern Cape Sport Confederation, the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, hosted the 2018 Provincial Sport and Recreation Achievers Awards at the Boardwalk Hotel in Port Elizabeth last week Friday. South African track and field athlete who specialises in the long jump, Luvo Manyonga, representing Nelson Mandela Bay, became the star of the night as he walked away with two top awards. The first award Manyonga collected on stage was the Sportsman of The Year award. In this category he was contend-

ing with Boxers Zolani Tete from Buffalo City Metro and Siyabulela Mpongoshe, also from Nelson Mandela Bay. The Rio Olympic Games silver medallist was crowned as the Eastern Cape Sports Star of the Year on the biggest and final category of the night. Sportswoman of the year award went to South African trampoline gymnast Bianca Zoonekynd from Nelson Mandela Bay. First class cricket side, the Warriors, were crowned the Eastern Cape Team of the Year while Eastern Cape table tennis won the Federation of the Year award. Two Chris Hani District representatives were also awarded, namely Nkosinathi Biko and Thando Mgedezi. Biko was honoured with the Recreation Volunteer Award category for his

magnificent work in street soccer and indigenous games. He focuses on youth and elderly involvement in recreational activities. Lukhanji FM’s sport anchor Mgedezi was a nominee in the presenter of the year category. Mgedezi was placed in second place, while Vuyisa Kulase from Unitra Community Radio won the award. Eastern Cape MEC for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Bulelwa Tunyiswa, congratulated all the winners and finalists on the night. “As the DSRAC in the province we wish to congratulate all the winners and finalists; in our eyes you all have won. “You have raised the province’s flag very high through your determination, discipline and drive and unwavering focus,” said Tunyiswa.

DSRAC donates uniforms to Chris Hani primary schools THANDO MGEDEZI The Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC) in the Chris Hani District, together with Tyronmilas Aerobics Club, Nonesi Mall and Strauss, donated school uniforms to two primary schools last Wednesday. This came after the second annual aerobics marathon and fun run that was held in the Nonesi Mall parking lot in May this year. The purpose of the event was to collect enough school uniforms to lend a helping hand to children in need.

This year the organisers of the event nominated four schools from Mlungisi in Komani. However, only two schools attended the event, namely, Thembelihle Primary School and St Theresa Primary School. The two shared 34 shirts, 14 pairs of shoes, nine gem school wear, seven pairs of trousers and six pairs of socks. “As the Department of Sport, together with our partners in this initiative, we thought of using sport to make the event successful. We are encouraging local businesspeople in the Chris Hani District to join us in giving back to the community. There is a lot that needs to be done.

“We hope the learners work hard and excel at the end of the year to make us proud,” said DSRAC Senior Manager Thoko Oliphant. Teachers of both schools were present to receive the uniforms. “We would like to thank the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in the region, Tyronmilas Aerobics Club, Nonesi Mall and Strauss for the special donation. I hope they will extend their helping hand to other needy schools. “I would also like to encourage other schools to participate in this event in the future,” said Thembelihle Primary School teacher Fezile Qolonda.

Sponsorships and Cause Marketing, said, “At Nedbank, we take pride in seeing our graduates progress in their footballing career, and with the lessons on and off the pitch, our graduates manage both the football and money aspects of being professional football players.” The Nedbank Ke Yona team will play against Nedbank Cup champions Free State Stars on September 9 at a venue that will be announced soon.

Cumakala suffer defeat at home THANDO MGEDEZI CHRIS Hani District Sasol women’s league side, Cumakala Ladies FC, were beaten 0-1 at home by log leaders City Lads Ladies FC at the Lady Frere Stadium in Cacadu last week Saturday. Cumakala went into the game with their tails up after they got their third win of the 2018 Sasol Women’s League, while City Lads was looking for their fifth straight win. A free kick from their captain proved to be the difference between the sides, as log leaders City Lads collected a three pointer. The three points earned by City Lads took them to 51 points on the log after 18 games. The team from Nelson Mandela Bay leads Thunderbirds Ladies of Butterworth by three points. Cumakala Ladies is in the 15th spot on the league table with 13 points after 19 games. They are one of the sides that are in trouble this season where another loss could throw them close to the relegation tussle, but a win might push them in a better position. “We were playing log leaders and we tried to contain them, but City Lads are on form this season,” said Cumakala team manager Sanele Mvandaba. The team is struggling to keep players but Mvandaba believes the team is heading in the right direction. “There are not many ladies who play the game. We are in contact with some schools in the district with an eye to building a relationship where we can develop players that will join the club at a right time.” The side from Cacadu will travel to Dutywa to face 10th placed Bashee Eagles Ladies FC on Saturday afternoon.

Weirs Toyota From left are DSRAC’s Thoko Oliphant, Nothando Lindi and Victoria Mqamelo from BOPA Society, teachers Xolile Matiso and Fezile Qolonda, and Sonto Kubuli from BOPA Society. PHOTO:THANDO MGEDEZI

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Queenstown Express 30 August 2018  
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