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AND TELL OTHERS ABOUT JESUS! These resources are a blessing to you and our worldwide ministry! Your purchases from our selection of books, CDs and DVDs directly support our outreach efforts around the world, helping to tell even more people about Jesus.

Breakthrough DVD

In this dynamic evangelistic series Pastor José Rojas presents the gospel message in his relevant, witty and relational style. The four-disk Breakthrough DVD set— available in English and Spanish— is an excellent way to share Christ with non-believers and will uplift and inspire you as well! $22.99, plus shipping.

Jesus, Our Cornerstone! The Melashenkos

Sing Spiritual The King’s Heralds, 1974

Enjoy the classic sound of a favorite ensemble of the famous King’s Heralds quartet. You’ll be blessed by the close harmonies and inspirational songs in this commemorative album. $7.99, plus shipping.

In The Light of God’s Love

Experience the love of God in word and song as ten members of the Melashenko family share heart-warming testimonies and easy-listening gospel music. $9.99, plus shipping.

by Ty Gibson

Giant Print Holy Bible

In The Father’s Arms

This Quiet Hour Reference Edition features giant print for easy reading, plus read-along translations and references and a concordance. Genuine leather binding. $9.99, plus shipping.

Every now and then a book is written that penetrates beyond the head and speaks to the heart. In the Light of God’s Love is one of those books. You won’t want to put it down. $7.99, plus shipping.

Katherine Szamko-Bowes

You’ll enjoy the uplifting vocals of this favorite album. Katherine Szamko-Bowes pours her 20-plus years of music experience into this inspiring collection. $7.99, plus shipping.



PRESSING FORWARD As one who for many years has followed the news with a keen interest, I’ve realized that current events are fulfilling a bigger picture prophetically. I truly believe we are living in the last days. I’m reminded of a prescient Ellen G. White passage from 100plus years ago. See if this doesn’t ring a bell to you about our day. To me, it’s a perfect spiritual synopsis of what’s reported in our daily news.

“Already the doctrine that men are released from obedience to God’s requirements has weakened the force of moral obligation and opened the floodgates of iniquity upon the world. Lawlessness, dissipation, and corruption are sweeping in upon us like an overwhelming tide. “In the family, Satan is at work. His banner waves, even in professedly Christian households. There is envy, evil surmising, hypocrisy, estrangement, emulation, strife, betrayal of sacred trusts, indulgence of lust. The whole system of religious principles and doctrines, which should form the foundation and framework of social life, seems to be a tottering mass, ready to fall to ruin.

by Bill Tucker

arouse all who fear God, to inquire what can be done to stay the tide of evil. Courts of justice are corrupt. Rulers are actuated by desire for gain and love of sensual pleasure.” The Great Controversy, p 585-586.

Quiet Hour Ministries is committed to bringing good news of a better life, both now and for eternity. We want to bring people back to the reality that we are created in the image of God. In cities, villages, hamlets and barrios around the globe, this is the message we’re proclaiming. Through our Seek, Reap and Keep evangelism model, we’ve seen miraculous physical, social and spiritual healing. There’s nothing like sharing the good news of a loving and redeeming Savior in Jesus. It changes lives, as I’ve seen over and over again. This New Year, we want to press forward and press upward. It’s our objective to double our evangelism mission participants. That means there’s a tremendous opportunity for you at this pivotal hour in earth’s history. I invite you to join us and make a difference for Christ in this changing and volatile world. 

“The infatuation of vice, the wanton taking of life, the terrible increase of intemperance and iniquity of every order and degree, should (800) 900-9021 |

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Bill Tucker is president and speaker of Quiet Hour Ministries.

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MAILBAG Mike O., Thailand I hope to meet the Quiet Hour group when they come to Thailand. The gospel really needs to be shared here with only 0.7% Christian and even fewer Adventists. Please pray for more missionaries to join us there. I look forward to seeing you.

Johnny A., Philippines Thank you for the time, money and effort that your group spent here in the Philippines, especially here in Southern Mindanao Mission in Tupi District. We have seen the harvest of many souls and some brethren have donated lumber to build our church. God will bless your ministry.

Susan G., Ohio Thank you, Pastor Bill, I so enjoy your devotionals. Please keep them coming. God bless you and everyone else at Quiet Hour.

J. A. D., Unknown May the good Lord continue to inspire you to bless others and be blessed yourselves!

Daryl C., Tennessee Thank you for the information about the Ambassador of Hope event in Gatlinburg. I have heard that the Quiet Hour weekends are special spiritual events that should not be missed!

Norma W., Tennessee Thank you for your prayers. I’m praying for you as well that the Lord will give you wisdom and discernment as you provide intercessory prayer for others.

A., from San Diego “Full Service” by Karl Haffner was an inspiring message for me. I am so glad that QHM does so much in so many countries and for countless people to hear the precious news of Jesus and his saving grace. I am a retired missionary educator and it gives me pleasure to know that our churches never tire of helping the news of Christ’s return to be spread around the world. Kim M., Philippines I’m from Bohol, Philippines. I read your magazine and it really inspired me, a youth, to want to learn more about God.

Letters may be edited for clarity and space considerations.



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Through My Eyes


by Alan Parker

WHEN GELLINE LAYSON agreed to speak for an evangelistic series in Guatemala, she expected a translator. But one Sabbath morning, there was no translator available! Praying in desperation, she suddenly felt impressed to pull up the Spanish notes. “I was so shocked, because I honestly didn’t understand it enough to preach in it!” she remembers. “My mind was all over the place and I started to shake as I looked at the Spanish words I could barely read.” Despite her shaking voice, she stood up to preach. “God truly took over and allowed me to preach to the people of my church, despite my inability to speak Spanish. It was honestly an amazing thing to know that God used me as weak as I was. At the end of my sermon, three people came up to the front for baptism! I was at a loss for words and I just broke down and cried during prayer.” For the last 12 years, there has been a dynamic partnership between Southern Adventist University and Quiet Hour Ministries which has resulted in more than 800 SAU students

experiencing God’s miracles. They’ve seen over 24,000 people accept Christ! Just this last summer, 128 students traveled to seven destinations in six countries. They traveled a total of 1,119,222 miles and preached 2,432 evangelistic sermons. God used these students to lead 2,803 people to baptism! Praise the Lord! As life-changing as these preaching events have been, we recognize the need to do more. Recently SAU and Quiet Hour Ministries began a new initiative to offer a holistic evangelism program for university students. We are thrilled to undertake the first project of our new partnership this coming summer. Nursing, construction and education students will join fellow student preachers on a multi-location evangelism mission trip. Bill and Jackie Tucker (both SAU alumni) will help lead this mission trip. There is tremendous potential to expand this model to the point where hundreds of students from our campus are engaged in a total evangelism approach that we know will change lives for eternity. One of our students, Luke Gonzalez, had an experience this

(800) 900-9021 |


God used these students to lead 2,803 people to baptism! last summer that reminds me why we do this. At his meetings, he noticed a teenage single-mother, just 15-years-old. She eagerly heard the message each night. When she stopped attending the second week, Luke was worried. But the final night, there she was. Having completed Bible studies with a church member, she was taking her baptismal vows! She brought two roses for those who had helped her make her decision. In a moment Luke will never forget, she came up and gave him a rose. Thanks to the continued partnership of Quiet Hour Ministries, I think heaven will be filled with many such roses—and with students whose lives were forever changed. 

Alan Parker is director of the Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University.




by Randy Bates

HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THE WEBSITES OR smartphone apps that have world statistics? I have an app on my phone that shows real time changes in the earth’s population. A counter shows increases as there are new births and another shows deaths. It’s staggering to see the numbers climb and realize that so many of these individuals don’t know Jesus. And because they don’t know Jesus, they don’t have the comfort of His presence in their lives or the hope for the future that only He can give. I was blessed to have a father who taught me about Jesus. As an accomplished musician, he also inspired me to appreciate music. One of our favorites is the familiar Adventist hymn, “We Have This Hope.” The words of promise and soaring melody always combine to uplift my spirit. And when I think of the great hope we are given I add a declaration from another hymn, ECHOES


“Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.” Yes we have hope. And more than that we have assurance of salvation. I receive tremendous comfort knowing Jesus is in my life and my future is safe in His hands. When my father passed away this past year, these songs and the knowledge of Jesus’ love gave me hope and assurance that the loss of my father is not forever. I can only imagine how life on this earth would feel without the security Jesus brings and the knowledge of an eternity with Him. Each earthly problem, heartache and death can destroy hope and bring despair to those who have never heard of Jesus. These are the people who desperately need to be


reached in a personal way. People like the boy named John Tree. Team member Esther White tells the story John, whom she met during our mission trip to General Santos, Philippines. He was given the name John Tree because he was found under a tree. He is hoping for a day when he can be adopted and given a new name. He needed to hear about becoming a child of God. In Peru this past year, team members reached out to families in the small village of Marcagonga. Dr. Raul Vila recalls entering homes and having to jump over |

2014 Vision sleeping pigs and walk through chickens to visit people in their small dark kitchens or bedrooms. Dr. Vila was especially touched by their simple manners and thankfulness for even the smallest acts of kindness. He felt blessed to be able to share God’s love with them. Ecuador mission team member Dr. Ronnie Hold saw a 10-year-old boy who was in pain from a large cavity in his tooth. Because of the boy’s age, Dr. Hold wanted to speak with his parents before extracting the tooth. But the boy never came back to the clinic. After the evening meeting, Dr. Hold watched for the boy’s father. The father agreed to let Dr. Hold come to their home to treat the boy because infection was spreading. Dr. Hold, a nurse and a translator visited the humble tworoom home where the large family lived. While Dr. Hold worked on the tooth, they told the family about Jesus. One of the most humbling moments of Harley Ribeiro’s life was visiting a family living near João Pessoa, Brazil. There were six small children who were often left alone for days at a time. Their mother had passed away and their father was frequently gone, working to provide

for the children. Their gratefulness at receiving small items from our team members was overwhelming. They were eager and overjoyed to hear that Jesus cares for them. Stories like these are why we at Quiet Hour Ministries are so passionate about telling others about Jesus. For us, it’s personal. Over and over we meet people living in darkness. Their difficult lives feel oppressive and hopeless. Yet their hearts are open. The smallest offering and invitation sparks their interest to know more. These are the people who need Jesus the most. There are so many people in the world who need to be reached for Christ. I know we can’t reach them all. But I believe Quiet Hour Ministries can reach one million people each year! It will take time to get there. That’s because we tell people personally, face-to-face that Jesus loves them. And we can’t do it alone. In 2014 we need about 1,300 volunteers to accomplish the mission we believe God is calling us to. Ultimately we plan to grow to 5,000 team members each year

 An entire family brought to Christ during our evangelism mission trip Brazil in June, 2013.

 Team member Christopher Logan working at the construction site during our October 2013 Belize mission trip.

sharing saving grace. Can you imagine the impact on the world when we can reach one million people each year? I can picture stories like these multiplying exponentially as people receive the hope and assurance that Jesus brings. I can see the joy our team members receive by sharing saving grace with others. I’d like to add a new number to my world statistics app that could accurately count the number of people who hear about Jesus each day. What a thrill it would be to watch in real time as it grows while our team members are out in the mission field! Our prayer is that the whole world will hear of Jesus’ love, that they will come to know the comfort of His presence and the hope for the future only He can give. Won’t you join us in that prayer? Better yet, won’t you join Quiet Hour Ministries in working to make that prayer a reality? Together we can share saving grace with a world in desperate need.  Randy Bates is CEO of Quiet Hour Ministries.

(800) 900-9021 |






by Jim Neergaard

MISSION TRIPS ARE ALWAYS exciting. You often hear from participants how this experience changed their life. And it’s true! As they return home they find a new commitment for sharing God’s saving grace. Looking ahead through 2014, Quiet Hour will lead mission trips to all parts of the world. Space doesn’t allow me to detail all of next year’s mission trips. But here are highlights I’m excited to share with you.

connection to Hinduism. Christianity? Less than one percent of the population! To reach these millions who don’t know Christ has been an on-going challenge. Our mission team will work with local churches to preach the saving grace of Jesus in 25 sites throughout the city. If you have a burden to do pioneering work in a non-Christian place, be sure to sign up for this big-city evangelism mission trip. Everyone is welcome to join, but with 25 sites we especially need evangelistic meeting speakers.

MALAYSIA – This mission trip to Sabah, Malaysia, will be an amazing experience. Malaysia is a beautiful country with wonderful people. But the most unique aspect of this trip is the local religious environment. Malaysia is a Muslim country and this mission trip is a rare opportunity to share Christ with a Muslim-majority population. If you’re excited about pioneering outreach to people of other faiths, this is a mission trip you won’t want to miss.

INDIA – Our mission team will go to the state of Mizoram in northeast India, located between Bangladesh and Myanmar. High on a mountain ridge, nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, is the city of Aizawl. There we’ll be sharing the gospel among the ethnic Mizo people.

THE PHILIPPINES – We’ll join hands with the North Philippine Union Mission in a big regional evangelistic push. Local pastors and churches will be mobilized throughout the territory to conduct simultaneous evangelistic meetings. Our mission team will be part of this coordinated effort, holding meetings in the Laguna area, in the city of Santa Cruz. Also joining this outreach will be Seventh-day Adventist Church president, Elder Ted Wilson. For those who love evangelism, this will be an exciting opportunity!

Come be part of our complete approach to outreach—sharing God’s love through evangelistic meetings, children’s programs and medical clinics. As you can see, there are many opportunities to get involved in sharing God’s saving grace. If the Lord is calling you, will you join us in the mission field?

THAILAND – Bangkok is one of the world’s great cities. With roughly 15 million people, it is the capital and largest city in Thailand. Scattered around the city are major Buddhist temples. Also influencing Thai’s culture is the historical



Jim Neergaard is interim executive director for international evangelism at Quiet Hour Ministries.

To register or learn more, visit 8 |



Join us on a Quiet Hour Ministries evangelism mission trip and experience firsthand the joy of winning souls for Christ! You will never be the same again!

Upcoming mission trips: 2014

MALAYSIA March 14-22




COLOMBIA April 10-20 PHILIPPINES April 22-May 4 THAILAND June 10-23


GHANA June 18-30


INDIA June 24-July 8


ECUADOR June 25-July 7


To learn more or sign up, visit or call our Evangelism Department at (800) 900-9021. (800) 900-9021 |





AIrina CHURCH by Turlea

GROUP’S EXPERIENCE SHARING CHRIST IN HONDURAS Honduras was strikingly different, even from the plane. Lush green rainforest, broken by a mix of cities and villages, spoke of the beauty and the poverty, the blessings of God and the need of His love. Our medical team headed out first thing the next morning. The medical outreach began with running a health expo at a mall in the city of Tegucigalpa. We shared healthful living information, did health screenings, answered questions and prayed with the people.  The next evening our evangelistic meetings got underway. In a few locations there were curfews in place for the safety of the people. But the Lord protected us and those attending the meetings.  There are challenges as you implement an evangelistic series in another country. But as we sought the Lord’s will more and more, our ways of doing things became less important. And learning to focus on what God wanted for the meetings became more important.   As our time in Honduras progressed, the speakers seemed more prayerful and focused. Some felt like their efforts weren’t effective enough. And

FOR A GROUP LIKE OURS, THE IDEA of dependence on God was definitely not a foreign concept! Nonetheless, it was the first and most important lesson the Lord taught us on this mission trip. The lesson started even before we left for Honduras. With just a short time before the trip, there were roughly eight people committed to go. We desperately needed more team members. Those already going, especially the leaders of our group, began to pray earnestly. Then the Lord began to work!   As we boarded the airport bus, our team was 40 strong! God had brought to the team speakers for eight evangelistic meeting locations, two physicians, a dentist, children’s leaders and enough willing hearts and hands to do the work He’d planned for us.



10 |

Honduras Mission Repor t As we left the village each evening, the onceshy villagers were now waving with confidence and gratitude! This change from shyness to warmness repeated itself in each location and was instrumental in melting the ice between our evangelistic speakers and the people coming to their meetings. By the end of our time in Honduras, the change God had made in our team was obvious. Our mission team was more of a family now and was becoming more focused on doing what we had come to do. You could see it in the way the construction team was organizing, in how the children’s program teams were helping each other and in the way the kids in our group were helping out with some of the projects. Many and varied were the lessons God taught us. But most important was that without Him moving on the hearts of the people, our efforts would all be in vain. As a result of His work, we had the privilege of seeing 32 baptisms, one of whom was a team member! Plus 59 more people made decisions for baptism. Some of our speakers and medical team also conducted a local week of prayer that resulted in nine decisions for baptism! In addition, we were able to treat more than 600 people in our medical clinics. And we were able to help with the renovation of all the local churches where we held meetings. Our Honduras mission trip was transformed by God. It went from what could have been a tiny team to an evangelism experience that made a difference for that region of Honduras. And ultimately it was a trip that changed us too. Praise God! I’ll close with a verse that so perfectly illustrates the whole experience: “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6 KJV. 

they resolved to spend more time with the Lord and to go out and visit the people in their homes. A unique challenge arose as two of our team members had their computers stolen. Our team went to our knees before the Lord. As we tried to encourage one another after the theft, one of our team realized the thieves had also made off with a case of “The Great Controversy” books. So our prayer became that one day a band of young men will show up in church, brought to Christ through the books they’d stolen. As for our medical team, after a few days, they transitioned to offering health services in the villages. Their energy and willingness to serve were amazing. As our medical team walked down the dirt paths, they carried chairs, tables and medical supplies with them to the local church building. A crowd would already be waiting, so we hustled to set up the various informational booths and care stations. By God’s grace, we had experienced help from two of our dear friends, Joel and Jennifer Mundall, from the local Adventist hospital. In no time, we were busy doing all we could to meet the needs of the people. With a dentist, two physicians and plenty of support staff, God helped us see roughly 100 people, perform 20 extractions and pray with the people each day.

Irina Turlea was part of our Honduras mission trip in August 2013.




PROJECT UPDATES EVERY DAY THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON AROUND THE world that’s part of Quiet Hour Ministries’ outreach. Whether it’s church construction, gospel workers giving Bible studies or evangelism teams proclaiming Jesus, there are always projects happening that are furthering the Lord’s work. And these projects only happen through your generous support. In an effort to keep you up to date on what’s going on in our worldwide outreach, here’s what’s happened in the various areas of our ministry over the last few months: WORLDWIDE EVANGELISM – Evangelistic meetings were held in Botswana, Ecuador, Honduras, Fiji, Belize and Peru. More than 700 people were baptized through these efforts! CHAPELS & CONSTRUCTION – Our mission teams built churches in Ecuador and Peru a school in Belize. In Honduras, our mission trip construction project was refurbishing a hospital. GOSPEL WORKERS – As part of our Seek, Reap and Keep evangelism process, we provided local gospel workers in Ecuador and Honduras. These gospel workers were involved in door-to-door outreach, Bible studies and working with interests from our evangelistic meetings. BIBLES – Thanks to your gifts, a locallanguage Bible was provided to each new believer at our evangelistic meetings.




CHILDREN’S OUTREACH – Our evangelistic meetings in Belize, Peru, Honduras and Ecuador included special programs specifically for children. Bible stories, crafts, felts and songs were part of these programs. MUSLIM OUTREACH – Workers we sponsor in North Africa continued to see success as they build study groups in various Muslim communities. Studies focusing on the shared descent from Abraham were particularly effective. MEDICAL CLINICS – Our Belize, Peru, Honduras and Ecuador mission trips all had clinic ministries. In Belize our team distributed hundreds of eye glasses. The Ecuador mission trip included a dental clinic. And our Honduras and Peru trips featured full medical, eye and dental clinics.  |

Thank you for your gifts to reach these goals!



2013 GOAL



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Children’s Outreach


68% 29,425


Muslim Outreach


84% 50,615


Medical Clinics


150% 26,023


Reached initial 2013

Goal reached!



2014 GOAL


Worldwide Evangelism




Worldwide chapels




Gospel Workers








Children’s Outreach




Muslim Outreach




Medical Clinics












by Alicia Logan

THE MOMENT I STEPPED OUT OF THE AIRPORT and into the sea of sweaty travelers and obnoxious taxi drivers, I knew we were in for an adventure. A 40-year-old yellow school bus came to pick us up. It looked like it was used in battle! And then came 20 minutes waiting for the bus to leave and the ventilation to begin. Surrounded by overheated, travel-weary people that I didn’t really know yet, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” This was our first mission trip. When my husband Christopher and I first heard about this trip to Belize, we were sold. We were excited for this opportunity to serve together and to grow closer through the experience. We signed

up right away and didn’t think much about the trip until it came time to leave. I came bearing Bible stories, memory verses and crafts, ready to tackle the children’s program. “I got this,” was my confident feeling. Then we arrived. That’s when I found out we would be teaching 300 kids every day! I was prepared for 50! We quickly grouped up to discuss how to tackle three children’s programs per day with around 100 kids attending each one. I looked at our team during




that meeting. We seemed a rather unlikely group: two men in their seventies, two women in their twenties and three kids 10-yearsold and under. Knowing God, I thought, “Yep, this looks about right.” We looked like the whittled-down Gideon’s army. We were few and we were all the napping type. Some would say we were either too old or too young. And I was pregnant. Yes, I found out the day before I left. But by the time we got there, there was no question. I wondered if I would be able to pull it together every day. Yet I reached a new level of determination when I realized that all of us on the team were struggling in some way but keeping |

Belize Mission Repor t

it to ourselves. We were all hot (so hot!), sweaty, sticky, tired, thirsty—but no one complained. We had signed up to serve. We were exhausted every day and started losing our voices, but we served. At the children’s program, most of the kids were five to eight-yearsold, with many of the younger children not knowing much English. That language barrier was our biggest challenge (that and the bus kept breaking down). Every day the children were so happy to see us and so grateful we were there. Our whole group commented on how eager and enthusiastic these kids were to learn and participate. Every single child raised their hand to every single question. And after every class, they all tried to hug us. Their teachers would be trying to herd them back to their classrooms, but one at a time the children would break ranks and run over to hug me. Some of the little ones didn’t understand me when I said, “Thank you for the hug! I’m so glad I got to be with you today.” The older girls would hug me and tell me that I was beautiful (Um, best job ever!). I probably got at least one hundred hugs per day! You would be amazed to

see how God used the children in our team. I convinced and coached the ten and nine year old to teach a Bible story together. They practiced and did so well. I’ve always believed one sign of God’s work is not just a change in the audience, but a change in the preacher. We got to see that in our group when one of our “teachers,” the nine year-old-boy, committed his life to Christ! Meanwhile, my husband Christopher was working at the construction site. I helped there one day and let me tell you, I would rather be singing kid songs and teaching Bible stories! All of the construction crew was dripping with sweat but focused by determination. I was so impressed! I was shocked to hear them say things like, “How is your team doing? You guys must be exhausted!” “Seriously?” I thought. They were doing manual labor all day every day and we were teaching kids songs with hand motions. But then I realized they weren’t comfortable teaching the children’s program. They wanted to work construction. They wouldn’t switch jobs with me for anything (the feeling was mutual!).

(800) 900-9021 |


I was perhaps more surprised to get the same response from the kitchen crew. They worked over hot stoves in 90 degrees and brutal humidity to feed us. I helped in the kitchen one day. You guessed it, I would rather “One, two, three, eyes on me” all day long! One lady on the kitchen crew said to me, “I’m sorry, I just can’t help out with the children’s program. I don’t know how you guys can do it.” It was so hot working in that kitchen I thought I was dying. But she just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. That’s when it occurred to me that this was the beauty of God’s work. Everyone was where they were most effective and useful. We had all been led into the unique area of giftedness that God gave us. So we all felt happy in those roles. It is a wonderful feeling to be used where you are useful. That was why everyone plugged along right where God placed them. God has a role just for you. I found mine in Belize. Alicia Logan was part of our evangelism mission trip to Belize in October, 2013.




STUDENTS SHARE THE LOVE OF CHRIST IN THE MISSION FIELD The greatest thing for me was the one baptism at my site and the 15 people who are going to start studying the Bible in preparation for baptism. I continue to pray for two of them especially, Marisa and Roberto, that they will choose Christ and be baptized. I will definitely do a mission trip like this again, because not only was I telling others about Jesus, I was also teaching myself. This experience has affected my life with Jesus in many ways. I did not grow up as a Seventh-day Adventist. There were times when I faded away from the faith and had stopped attending church. I had questioned if God is real and if I am in the right religion. All of this has changed though, because of studying and preaching the sermons on this mission trip. I must say that God has opened my eyes. I know now that He is real and that I am in the right faith, believing and practicing what is taught in the Bible.

IN 2013 WE WERE THRILLED TO help send more than 100 students from Southern Adventist University on evangelism mission trips. Here are just a few of their testimonies. VIANCA TORREZ: ARGENTINA MISSION TRIP This trip was so special, especially because it involved people accepting Jesus and becoming part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ď ž Vianca Torrez (center) with two local people, Marisa and Roberto, who came to her evangelistic meetings.



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SAU Student Testimonies Word. But they were fighting accepting Jesus. One was a young lady named Tabitha. She came every night and showed a lot of interest. However, when it was time for the appeal, if I locked eyes with her, she’d look away. I prayed for these three visitors every day, hoping the Holy Spirit would draw their hearts to Jesus. This experience also awakened in me a passion for evangelism. Everyone I saw, I was inviting to the meetings. When I went to exercise one morning, I met this man named Pasqual. I ended up asking him to come to our meetings. Then he told me he used to be a Seventh-day Adventist. The next day I gave Pasqual directions to the church where I was holding meetings. Truth be told I forgot the note with the directions. But I did not want to miss the opportunity, so I walked back to our hotel in the rain to get those directions for Pasqual. I truly hope and pray he will return to the Lord. I want the zeal  Ruben Joseph (center) from the mission trip with local church members in to remain in my heart. the Dominican Republic. Praise God that every night between 100 and 150 people attended my meetings. We had six baptisms and many more interested in Bible studies. The local members were surprised to see how many people were willing to give their hearts to the Lord. To God be all the glory! 

TIFFANY CHAVEZ: GUATEMALA MISSION TRIP The Holy Spirit had convicted me that I needed to go on this mission trip. So I simply decided I needed to trust God and go where He leads. This trip not only helped me trust God more and decide to follow Him with all my heart, I was also able to touch many lives! Jorge was one of the youth at the church hosting my evangelistic meetings. One afternoon, he came to my hotel and opened up to me about his struggles to follow God. I was able to give him my testimony and it gave me great joy to help him. Also I reached out to the owners of the hotel where we stayed, Miguel and Marivella. They opened up to my friend Brenda and me about some recent losses in their family. We were blessed to grow very close to them over the course of our mission trip. Also, I felt impressed to invite a man named Juan to the meetings every night. Praise God, I watched this man changed by the Holy Spirit. He listened intently to every word of the messages. Although he did not ask for baptism during the meetings, I saw that God was touching his heart. Toward the end of the meetings, he raised his hand when I asked who wanted to follow Jesus. And the last night when I asked who wanted to be in heaven with our loving Savior, he kept nodding his head. When I learned Juan didn’t have a Bible, I also bought him one as a gift. It was so hard to believe he’d never owned a Bible! By God’s grace, my church, Quarto Caminos, had about 50 people attend each night. And at the end of our meetings three people were baptized!

RUBEN JOSEPH: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MISSION TRIP Prayer is needed during an evangelism mission trip, let me tell you. From the first night various challenges emerged. But whatever the issue, we would pray. And when our team met together after our evening evangelistic meetings, we continued to pray. That was just what we needed to fuel our faith. I also learned that sometimes people do not resist God because they don’t understand the truth, but because they’re struggling to accept Him as their Lord. There were several people in the audience who came every night. It was obvious they heard the (800) 900-9021 |




HONORING OUR TEAM MEMBERS We’d like to say a special thank you to all of our volunteer team members who gave of their time, energy and resources in 2013. Because of you, tens of thousands of people heard the message of God’s saving grace! Thank you for everything you did on behalf of Quiet Hour Ministries and God’s kingdom! NAME LEGEND CODE Jonathan Ainsworth E Elsa Alcaide E Hermond Alcaide E Dionicio Alcantara E Claudette Aleman E Kyle Allen E Vivian Allen E Ashley Almeyda E Yvan Avellona E Dione Bailey E Brent Batla E Jessica Batla E Hugh Baugher E Merlin Beerman E Vonda Beerman E Darla Bell E Ryan Bell E Anthony Belliamy E Jordan Belliamy E Pat Belliamy E Andres Beltre V Felix Bendezu E Jayden Bentley E Jordan Bentley E Arody Bermejo E Randolph Bermejo E Mari Bland E Stephen Bland E Arthur Blood E Chandler Blood E Eileen Blood E Tatelynn Blood E Dirci Borelli-Marquart E Jonathan Borg E Michelle Borg E Allen Botimer V Leah Botimer V Rodney Bowes E Kristopher Boyle E Geraldine Bradley E Roger Bradley E Anthony Brinegar E Hannah Brown V George Brunner E Sara Brunner E Catherine Buell E Homer Buell E Payden Burke E Karlton Burt V Daniel Busi E Kristin Cacho E Vince Cacho E Evelyn Caldwell E Clarencia Calvo de Sanchez E Yolanda Canedo E Christopher Carmen B Cassandra Carr E Craig Carr E Jacob Carritte E Michael Castello V Rachel Castello V Ian Catolico E Nicolas Chaij E



Trent Chance Fay Cherepuschak Kenneth Cherepuschak Kathi Christenson Ralph Clark Terry Clem Robert Clizbe Rhyz Colegado Melina Combs Michael Combs Michelle Combs Mikey Combs Kyle Cornett Daniel Cotton Cheryl Craven Rick Craven Dan Crombie Dorothy Crombie Julianne Crombie Nathan Crombie Tiffanie Crombie Udell Darville Edna Dayao Jose Dayao Marge Dayao Matt Dayao Nathan Dayao Joseph DeClue Krysten DeShields Viola Devnich Deborah Doolittle Ana Dumitrescu Selvin Duncan Eulalee Edwards Edna Ellis Sharon Esperante Brenda Etheridge Raymond Etheridge Destini Evans Gail Evans Triniti Evans Audrey Fankhanel Gavin Fankhanel Yvonne Fankhanel Weston Fargo Bonnie Feese Bryan Fellows Brittany Filion Robert Filion Peter Flores Samuel Florian Gary Force Marirose Force Elizabeth Ford Evonne Ford Shirley Ford Jonathan Foster Caroline Foulston Brandon Fox S. Alfred Fox Brandon Franklin Bridger Franklin Chuck Franklin Colter Franklin


E E E V E E E E E E E E E B E E E E E E E E V V V V V E E E V V E E E V R R E E E E E E, V E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

Ginger Franklin Raylene Franklin Tami Franklin Jordan Ganding-Luong Julianna Ganding-Luong Diane Gannon Thomas Gannon Daniel Garza Alison Geslani Dan Gill Daryl Gohl Ruth Ann Gohl Katherin Gonzalez Brenna Grant Daniel Grecian Anne Greet Heidi Greet Shane Greet Bruce Gregory Jan Gregory Nicole Griggs Samantha Griggs Paul Guerrero Stephanie Guerrero Sanghee Haan Johnathan Haines Jean Hall Richard Hall Kari Haloviak Ashley Hamstra Zoltan Hangyal Bien Harris D P Harris Mark Harris Connor Hayton Sharon Hayward Audrey Heinlein Claudia Hernandez David Hernandez Austin Hill Barbara Hill Glenn Hill Jonathan Hill Kathryn Hill Mary Alice Hill Ashley Hold Joshua Hold Nathaniel Hold Nicholas Hold Ronnie Hold Austin Holly Gillian Holly Wendy Holly Dian Hoque Timothy Houghton Peggy Hubach Michelle Hue John Incidis Intissar Issa Maha Issa-Koteira Nicholas Iwakoshi Darren Jeffs Mary Johnson Shane Johnson

E E E E E E E E E V B, R R E E E E E E E E V V E E V E R R V V V E E E E E E E E E V E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E B E E E E E |

Volunteers Philip Jones Mariette Joseph Paul Juberg Donna Judson Cole Kaetzel LaVonne Kasischke Warren Kay Beverly Kisinger Corey Knowlton Joshua Knowlton Brian Kotch Teri Kotch Keenan Koteira Christopher Lamarca Hannah Lantzy Kaeli Law George Layne Rosenette Layne James Le Blanc Betty Leacock JoAnn Lindfors Kenneth Linthwaite Abigail Logan Afton Logan Alicia Logan Christopher Logan Gideon Logan Grace Logan Jason Logan Josue Lopez Giovanni Loreto Penny Lushanko Eldon Lynch Sharon Lynch Marco Macias Esther Marcoe Alberto Marin Amalia Marin Keri Mau Maleah McCain Merrilee McCain Micah McCain Bryce McDonald Christian McDonald Alisha Mechalke Marcella Medema Marcia Medema Michala Medema Paul Medema Willem Medema Azalia Medina Rudy Melashenko Jeannine Mendes Miller Mendes Roberta Miller Katia Morquecho Jim Mullikin Brenda Mullins Neil Mullins Andie Nelson Gregory Nelson Martin Nelson Neal Nelson Nikki Nelson Sydney Nelson Trisha Nelson Wendy Nelson Dick Neuharth Hunter Odenthal Angela Oetman Brandon Painter Sasha Patel Isaac Patterson Jeff Patterson Lori Patterson

E E E E E V E V E E E E E E E V E E E R E E E E E E E E E E E V E E E V E, R, V E, B, R, V E E E E E E E E, V E, V E E, V E E E E E V E V E E E E E E E E E E B E V E E E E E

Zoany Perez Jennifer Perry Shawn Perry David Peters Emma Piller Doug Plata Kameron Plata Aimee Pooley Clara Pooley Rebecca Pooley Barbara Post Richard Post RaeLein Racero Eunice Ramirez Di Ann Randleman Donald Randleman Dennis Reed Sarah Reiswig Darold Retzer Alec Reyes Dina Reyes Ian Reyes Nick Reyes Harley Ribeiro Monica Rivas Raul Rivas Ricardo Rivas Erica Roethemeyer Jillian Rojas Jose Rojas Davian Ross Todd Rosspencer Michelle Sabangan Antoine Sabri Jahzeel Salagubang Karen Sanchez Wismael Sanchez Lemar Sandiford Orfrancia Santos Silvia Saunders Bobbie Schauer Susy Schimpf Marilyn Senier Brooke Severtson Jerralyn Severtson Annalise Shermann Elizabeth Shires Sarah Silva Michkie Simon Abigail Sissons Gilbert Sissons Joshua Sissons Melissa Sissons Dominic Sitowski Gabriel Sitowski Kayja Sitowski Malachi Sitowski Zoe Smith Sheryl Sommer Debra Speck Gerald Speyer Jewel Speyer Annabelle Spiers John Spiers Guedye St. Jean Andy Strauja Julie Strauja Chloe Swegles Rosie Tan Micah Tanner Shirley Tanner Anthony Taylor Royce Thompson Steve Thorpe David Tilstra

(800) 900-9021 |

E V V E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E B V V V V E E E E E V B E E E E E E E E E E E V V E E V E E E E E E E E, V E, V E, V E, V E E E E E E E E V V E V E E E B V E


Emily Toledo Gerardo Toledo Mateo Toledo Deborah Trevino Constanta Turlea Irina Turlea Audrey Turner Bradley Turner Jedediah Turner Shelly Turner Kayla Unsell Eddy Uy Judy Uy Ernesto Valdez Daniel Van Zant Margaret Van Zant Miriam Vega Vargas Joshua Vila Raul Vila Samuel Vila Elfriede Volk Heinz Volk Ryan Voth Harrison Wagnaar Carolyn Waltz Ai-Mae Watkins Barry Watkins Jason Watkins Jeffrey Watkins Jennifer Watkins Jordyn Watkins Ruthie Watkins Lanier Watson Daniel Watts Patricia Watts Ralph Watts Jr. Carol Weaver Arlene Webb Fred Webb Christine Weber Nathan Welch Tim Wells Timothy Wheeler Esther White Loren White Morgan Whitmore Geraldine Whittaker Andrew Wilber Kenneth Wilbur Dennis Wilde Patricia Wilde David Wilkins Kaitlin Williams Sylvia Williams Jeremy Wong David Wren Janice Wren Justin Wren Andrew Wyman John Youngberg Lynnette Youngberg Norma Jean Zachary

E E E E E E E E E, V E E V V E E E E E E E E E V E E E E E E E E E E E B B V E E E E E E E, V E E E E R E E B, E E E E E E E V E V V

B Board and committee member E Evangelism team participant V Prayer, puppets, felts, office and other R Ministry representative




Quiet Hour Ministries gratefully acknowledges the many gifts given in memory of loved ones to help share God’s saving grace with the world. If you wish to honor a loved one through a memorial gift, please indicate so with your donation and provide the individual’s name. We will be happy to include your gift in a future Echoes magazine. Should you wish to make an anonymous memorial gift, simply note that as well and we will respect your request.

Allen, Mildred by Carol Danielson Anderson, Marvin B. by his wife, Helen Ashcraft, Irene Harriet by Ruth Edwards

Bates,Harlan C. by his wife, Coral by Don & Maxine Rogers

Byrd, Lettia M. by her husband, William

Calvert, Jean B. Meyers by her daughter, Marilyn R. Springer Carruthers, Neil M. by J. Rita Vital Cavanaugh, Lois I. by J. Rital Vital

Becher, John by his wife, Terrie

Chambers, Roy & Edith by their daughter, Gwen Hoyt

Bechthold, Raymond & Elizabeth by her sister, Ferne V. Davick

Cole, Bonnie & Verlyn by Al Wiggins

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Coleman, Hylan D. by his daughter, Sharon R. Krein

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Crandall, Lee D. by his wife, Darlene

Blanco, Marion by her husband, Jack

Cross, Fred P. by his wife, Ruth

Bom, William by his wife, Dorothea Bowser, Edith P. by her grand daughter, Marilyn R. Springer Bristow, Willard by his wife, Bette Brown, Jeffrey James by Steve & Mary Lou Pride Burnham, Kenneth by J. Rita Vital Byrd, Dave by his father, William F. Byrd



Daniels Family by Alyce Jones Day, Kenneth by Ruth Sackett Devoir, Margaret Helen by Eldon & Barbara Stratton Downs, William Harold by Don & Maxine Rogers Durichek, Michael & Freda L. by their daughter & son-in-law, Mavis & Leonard Shockey

Elliston, Raymond & Jewell by Don & Joyce Fortner

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Engelman, Vincent Carroll by his sister-in-law, April J. Davis

Hamby, Martha by her granddaughter, Sandra J Monette

Erickson, Robert by Donald & Sue Owsley Evans, William W. by his wife, Harriet

Hartbaer, Roy by Eldon & Barbara Stratton Heitzmann, Alvina by her sister, Olga Lang Rodin

Ferguson, Lewis (Mike) by his wife, Kathreen

Hensley, Lewie by her daughter, Holly M. Meadows

Fernando, Celedonio A. by his wife, Adela

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Homan, Robert by his wife, Velma

Fleming, Sharon J. by her husband, Mark

Hooks, Elizabeth Delia by Kenneth & Sherry Christensen

Fork, Betty by J. Rita Vital

Hooper, David E. by his sister & brother-in-law, Janice & Dick Lind

Fortner, Alfred & Roxy by Don & Joyce Fortner Fortner, B D & Myrtle Ellen by their son & daughter-in-law, Don & Joyce Fortner Foutch, Jewell & Ruth by their daughter & son-in-law, Gayle & Frank Tyroff Fuller, Lorraine by her daughter, Judy Rayburn

Glenn, Casey by Donald & Sue Owsley Gordon, Rose E. by Victor & Patricia Theen Gould, Albert N. by his daughter, Vana Thatcher Greenwalt, Rose by her husband, Donald Greer, Gary by Ms. Wilma Unrue


Hooper, Wayne by his daughter & son-in-law, Janice & Dick Lind Howard, Wesley by his sister, Wilma M. Unrue Howe, Jean Charlestream by Elizabeth Hurd Greene Hoyt, Dick by his mother, Gwen Hoyt Hoyt, Irma by her mother-in-law, Gwen Hoyt Hoyt, Warren by his wife, Gwen

Ikeda, Michael Willi by his mother, Jutta Ikeda MacKay

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Memorial Gifts Janke, Lewis Arthur by his wife, Helena

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Liebelt, Arthur & Marcella by his sister, Ferne V. Davick Liebelt, M J & Lydia by their daughter, Ferne V Davick Lundy, John Orrin by Orrin & Pat Lundy

McBride, Sarah S. by her daughter, Vana Thatcher McClain Jr., Philip N. by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Burke McEady, Jane by her husband, Reddick McWilliams, Edward by his wife, Carolyn Melashenko, Joseph by his son, Rudy Melashenko by his sister & brother-in-law, Virginia & Archie Holbert by Peter & Betty Cooper by Richard & Carolyn Hebbel

Pettey, Richard T. by Helen Anderson Pimentel, Arc D. by his wife, Cres

Radde, Kenneth & Laura by his sister, Leone Brown Radford, Albert & Mary by their daughter, Wanda Radford Radford, Dollie by her sister, Wanda Radford

Simpkins, Ann E. Foutch by her sister & brother-in-law, Gayle & Frank Tyroff Smart, Iva by her sister, Wanda Radford Smith, Clyde Wesley by Eldon & Barbara Stratton Smith, Daniel O. by his wife, Marlene by his daughter, Anna Perez Smith, Forest & Marian by Ruth Sackett Soapes, Frances Aline by Jim & Judy Culpepper Sparks, Arnold (Arnie) & Ruth by Donald & Sue Owsley Stahlnecker, Robert by Eldon & Barbara Stratton

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Roach, Frances Eleanor by her family

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Reynolds, Handel by Ludlow & Heather Bartley

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Suckert, Dorothy by her husband, Lothar Suckert

Radostis, Jerry M. by his wife, Emily

Reyna, Wilfred F. by his wife, Gloria

Whitten, Evelyn by Donald & Sue Owsley


Tillotson, Mildred A. by her husband, M G Tillotson

Rao, Inge “Chickie” R. by Elizabeth Hurd Greene

Welch, Donald & Jean by Donald & Sue Owsley

Stofer, Kathleen by her husband, Glen

Radford, Pearl by her sister, Wanda Radford

Menhardt, Bert by his wife, Shirley

Miller, Leona by her sister, Olga Lang Rodin

Shields, Ruby by her sister, Wanda Radford

Tordecilla, Constancio C. by his wife, Betty Townsend, Beverly J. by Don & Maxine Rogers

Toay, Donald E. & Bety their 60th, by Eldon & Evelyn Allram

Birthday Maxwell, Anna Vandeman in thankfulness for her 96th Birthday Radostis, Emily K. in thankfulness for her 90th birthday

Tucker, LaVerne E. by Marilyn R. Springer Tupper, Myron D. by Norman & Darlene Knapp


Van Pelt, Leah McNeill by her neice, Marilyn R. Springer

Jenicke, Irene B. for God’s Blessings






by Steve Hamstra

God excels in the unexpected, doesn’t He?

This includes evangelism results both large and small, but all precious in God’s sight. In Colombia we only saw eight people come forward requesting Bible studies. Yet a few months later, all eight had been baptized! During our India mission trip, a team of less than 10 people led evangelistic meetings that resulted in more than 600 baptisms! Then there was our mission trip to General Santos, Philippines, which was truly a historic event. Our team saw the Holy Spirit poured out as thousands of people chose Christ. Our final Sabbath in General Santos witnessed the baptism of more than 1,000 people. And today that evangelistic effort has resulted in the baptism of 8,800 people! We know that each person is a priceless treasure to God. We’ve been so blessed this past year to partner with you and many other people to win souls for the kingdom. Thank you for serving with us! You truly are making an eternal impact. 

Looking back over our 2013 outreach, it’s amazing to see the many instances where God more than exceeded expectations. Sometimes it was in the smaller things. Other times it was thousands accepting Christ and getting baptized. But either way it’s a reminder that God is on the move and it’s exciting to be part of His work!

Mission team member David Wilkins speaking in the Philippines.

Take the many stories of lives transformed. For example, the teenage girl who arrived barely conscious at our mission trip clinic in Costa Rica. Through the many prayers and efforts of our medical team, she recovered and was able to go home. The very next day, that same teenage girl was baptized at our evangelistic meetings! Praise God for her testimony! There are thousands more from our 2013 outreach, each one evidence of God’s power and love. There are also the mission projects completed this past year, including nine churches built and also 31 mission field motorcycles that our Indonesia mission team helped dedicate. Your gifts made all of this possible. Thank you so much for partnering with God to make a difference around the world! Reaching people for Christ is our number one objective. And we give all the glory to God for working through this ministry and our team members to bring more than 15,000 people to Christ this past year!



Steve Hamstra is executive director for marketing at Quiet Hour Ministries.

The final Sabbath of our evangelistic meetings in General Santos, Philippines saw more than 1,000 people baptized!

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As a special thank you for your yearly commitment of $1,200 or more, you’re warmly invited to join our leadership for an Ambassadors of Hope weekend! Come and enjoy inspiring messages and music, the latest mission reports, comfortable accommodations and tasty vegetarian meals. April 25-26, 2014 Temecula Creek Inn Temecula, California September 5-6, 2014 Park Vista Hotel Gatlinburg, Tennessee Oct 30-Nov 1, 2014 Skamania Lodge Stevenson, Washington


Fo r m o re i nfo rm at i on or to re giste r, call (800) 900-9021


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