St. Augustine High School 2021 Recognition of Donors

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St. Augustine High School 2021 Recognition of Donors

President’s Message Welcome to St. Augustine High School! A training ground for leadership through academic excellence, moral values, Christian responsibility, and reasonable, consistent discipline. As an institution, we ensure young men are prepared for life. Created in 1951, our school has been a beacon of hope in the world of education for the African American community. An institution steeped in tradition, we provide best-in-class practices and disciplines for the maturation of our students to go from boyhood to manhood. It is our mission to sow confidence, nurture God-given talents and expand students’ minds beyond their own imaginations. There is an expectation that every St. Augustine man will leave us ready and prepared to carry the torch of leadership in whichever field he endeavors to embark on. St. Augustine High School offers a community of brotherhood. It is unmatched across the nation. Lifelong friendships are developed and cultivated. With our unique traditions and values, students bond over problem-solving in the classrooms, on the playing fields, in activity clubs, and in prayer. Our environment is an intimate one where all students are addressed by their last name and with ‘Mister’ in front of it. They are all special and we treat them as such. Our students are guided, supported, and challenged by our talented, committed faculty. They are the true difference makers that empower our young men to be great every day. Nearly 50% of our faculty are graduates of our school, including myself. I am honored to be the seventh President of St. Augustine High School. My priorities as the school leader are: to sustain tradition while implementing innovative ways to reach and engage our students; ignite resources and relationships to expand our school’s brand globally to share our extraordinary story and to build partnerships with organizations and people that have an affinity for the African American male and their growth.


Student Messages


Student Life


Alumni Chapters






Foundations and Corporations


Annual Giving


Alumni Giving


Thank You

I am so very honored to have this job at this critical point in our history. I invite you to explore our website and get to know our community. I hope you will realize that we are more than a school. We are a community of faith committed to forming young men prepared to lead lives of leadership and service. Together, let us ask God’s blessings on our school community that we might faithfully carry forth the mission entrusted to our care.

Aulston Taylor President & CEO - St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Student Messages Our students are the heartbeat of our institution. Without them we are simply a brick and mortar that has stood the test of time for over seven decades. With them, God provides us with an opportunity to produce future leaders that will ultimately impact the world. They are our source of pride and joy. And most importantly, they are sons of the gold and purple!

Davis Haydel Class of 2026

“I’m in the 8th grade and I can already tell my experience here will be great. The brotherhood at St. Aug is REAL! The education here is REAL. So many teachers who went here can pass on what they have learned, thus making you a better man. It’s so fun to be with your brothers and learn more about each other. Bottom line…St. Aug is AMAZING!”

Christopher Taylor Class of 2026

“I personally love St. Augustine High School because it is a very challenging, fun and nurturing environment to learn in. I enjoy participating in the band and being active in the film and media crew. St. Augustine High School has proven to be the best choice for me.”

Telley Madina Jr. Class of 2026

“I joined the brotherhood of St. Augustine because I wanted to become a better person and grow myself into a man with lifelong friendships. I appreciate that although we are underclassmen, our senior brothers are always willing to give us tips on how to maximize our time as younger students.”

Kenyon Hughes Jr. Class of 2026

“I entered St. Augustine High School as an eighth grader last year and now I am currently a ninth grader. The reason I chose St. Augustine is because I want to become a better man for myself, my family, and others. My experience at St. Augustine High School has provided me with great brotherhood, an excellent academic learning experience, and teachers who help equip me for life outside of the school. The St. Augustine experience prepares you to be a very productive young man that exemplifies the code of a purple knight.”

Devin Shabazz Class of 2023

Derek Mercadal II Class of 2026

“I enjoy the bond in the classroom and how we can always help each other out. Brotherhood means everything to me. I come from a long line of Purple Knights, and it is very important that I continue my family legacy.”


“What I like about St. Augustine High School is the brotherhood, the camaraderie, and the love we have for each other. St Augustine has provided so many opportunities for me that will last a lifetime. I have experienced so many memorable events while being at St. Augustine and participating in the Marching 100. I love that the teachers at St. Augustine push you to be a better student, and to be an outstanding young African American man. The love I have for St. Augustine is astounding, and St. Augustine has formed me into the man I am today. I am thankful to be a St. Augustine Purple Knight.”

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Student Messages Anthony McClendon Class of 2024

“My St. Augustine experience has been great so far. The teachers are great. They provide a very hands-on experience. They help you to feel comfortable and will do whatever it takes for you to understand the material. We have counselors who care and guide you towards the career you want to pursue. The environment here is a loving and nurturing space for young African American men.”

Terrell Parker Class of 2024

“St. Augustine is an all-around good school. The teachers are also good fit for me. They like to get to know you personally, but when it’s time to get to work it’s a different ball game. St. Augustine is making me become a better young man and when I grow up, I’ll have so many options. Being in the heart of the 7th ward of New Orleans, we get to experience the real city and that motivates me to want to do more for my community.”

Warren Stevens II Class of 2022

St. Augustine High School has changed my life. St. Augustine High school has helped me become a leader that brings other young people to Christ. St. Augustine has equipped me with the tools that I will need to survive and thrive in the world. The school has shown me how a distinguished African American male is supposed to carry and presents himself to all. As a Purple Knight, I know that I will go out into the world and uphold honesty, integrity, and discipline while setting it on fire!”


Student Life Academic Curriculum St. Augustine’s rigorous curriculum is designed not only to prepare students for college and beyond, but also to instill a love of learning that helps them pursue their passions and interests to the fullest.

Rigorous Classes Our college preparatory curriculum offers an academically rigorous education. Graduates have earned millions in academic scholarships. Advanced Placement (AP), ACT Test prep, and dual enrollment opportunities.

Building Pathways to Leadership Cultivating student leadership is a critical part of the classroom experience. Programs provide students with opportunities to gain problem-solving skills, develop awareness of social issues, and learn how to make a positive difference.

Individual Attention Every student is known by first and last name. Average class size is lower than most, and teachers are always available outside instructional class time for tutoring and additional help.

Clubs Students at St. Augustine have opportunities to participate in many extracurricular programs. Through our diverse offerings in musical arts, clubs, and activities, St. Augustine creates a unique environment where students have the freedom to discover and pursue their passions. Along the way, they forge bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

Athletics St. Augustine High School Department of Athletics seeks to inspire academic and athletic excellence in student-athletes by challenging them to achieve the highest level of intellectual and personal development by following the mission of St. Augustine High School to honor the history and traditions of the program to perpetuate excellence.


Alumni Chapters Association of St. Augustine High School - Washington, D.C. Chapter

As a school, we are blessed to have wonderful support groups that span across America. These organizations keep the school’s brand alive and present in their respective geographical areas. While all serve as fundraising arms of the school, they each go above and beyond the call of duty to engage with alums, friends and most importantly, students, in meaningful ways. Their representation matters to our success.

At its core, the Washington, DC Alumni Chapter is a fraternal organization that exists to financially support St. Augustine High School while fostering and strengthening the bonds of camaraderie and brotherhood among St. Aug graduates. The chapter strives to strengthen the viability, longevity, and visibility of St. Augustine and to embrace its core values.

Association of St. Augustine High School - Midwest Chapter

– Bill Brousseau ‘73

The Midwest Alumni Chapter of St. Augustine High School was established to bring together Purple Knights who are indebted to St. Augustine High School for instilling in us brotherhood and black excellence. Our intent is to share our story with the people of the Midwest and encourage them to support this great institution of learning. We, as a chapter, are here and committed to support and uplift St. Augustine High School in the education of young black men who can and will make a difference in the world.

Ladies for Purple Scholars (LPS) Ladies for Purple Scholars are a group of women who have created an organization dedicated to assisting students in financial need at St. Augustine High School. We are a non-profit, with a 501(c) (3) designation from the IRS, incorporated in Louisiana. 100% of all proceeds from fundraisers go directly to assist our St. Aug Family.

– Lionel Griffin ‘88

– Ann Eugene

Cornerstone Club

Association of St. Augustine High School - Houston Chapter The St. Augustine High School Houston Alumni Chapter is committed to the development of the school’s mission in the Greater Houston Area. This is accomplished by developing and maintaining partnerships with other organizations as well as sponsoring events to promote the chapter and school’s goals and objectives. – Reginald Goings ‘83

Association of St. Augustine High School - New Orleans Chapter The New Orleans ‘Home Chapter’ is uniquely suited to not only offer scholarships to aspiring young Purple Knights, but also to continue to enhance their experience at 2600 via capital improvements and our volunteer efforts for the school. Rise Sons! – Matthew Williams ‘88 10

The Cornerstone Club of St. Augustine High School is a non-profit organization that has acquired 501(c) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service. For better than thirty years (30), the club’s mission is to provide financial support to deserving young men who wish to acquire St.

Association of St. Augustine High School - Atlanta Chapter The purpose of the St. Augustine Alumni Chapter in Atlanta is to support a network of graduates who help to raise the profile and give exposure to our alma mater. We provide scholarships to well-deserving students along with other project-based needs and support our sports programs. We also mentor young Purple Knights who may attend College or Universities in the Atlanta Metro area. We are proud Purple Knights that are leaders in our communities. We are a chapter that understood the charge we have been given to give back to our institution. – Anthony Bell ‘84

Augustine’s quality education so the school’s excellence and traditions are continued. – Reginald Delecia ’80

Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) Association of St. Augustine High School Alumni - DFW Chapter The mission of the St. Augustine High School DFW Alumni Chapter is to help St. Aug alums living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to feel more connected to the school, by engaging in activities that contribute funds and support to help the school fulfill its mission. – Lawrence Epps ‘74

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

The St Augustine High School Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) consist of volunteer alumni that directly support the school’s administration and operations. This support can be accomplished via fundraising, volunteering, or advisory. The AAB has a long history (over 25 years) of dedicated service to our historic institution. The Alumni Advisory Board pledges to continue that support into the future. – Mark Boucree ‘85 11



Permanent Endowments

Annual Donor Named Scholarships

Expanding St. Augustine High School’s endowment will assist in the diversification of the school’s viability and longevity. We intend to constantly grow our endowment year over year. By doing so, we reduce our vulnerability to economic crisis. We are thankful for our alums, friends and organizations who have elected to support the school via our endowment platform. Named endowed funds provide essential support for curriculum enhancements, scholarships, athletics, technology advances, facility improvements, music programs and more.

Each year, St. Augustine High School receives generous support towards annual scholarships from donors and supporters. Students who meet the set criteria provided by donors, apply every year sharing their academic progress and showcasing their writing skills by responding to questions within the application process. These named scholarships provide families with tuition support as well as connect students to generous donors. This is one way we strengthen our bond and presence in the community to create lifelong friendships.

Association of St. Augustine Alumni–Atlanta Chapter Endowment Fund

ACE Tuition Assistance Program ARETE Tuition Assistance Program Archdiocese of New Orleans Champions of Catholic Education Fund Association of St. Augustine Alumni– Atlanta Chapter Scholarship Association of St. Augustine Alumni– Dallas Chapter Scholarship Association of St. Augustine Alumni– Houston Chapter Scholarship Association of St. Augustine Alumni– New Orleans Chapter Scholarship Father Wilbur J. Atwood, SSJ Memorial Scholarship Fund Fr. Joseph M. Doyle, SSJ Memorial Scholarship Fund H. Jamon Barrow ’91 Family Scholarship Award Sr. Julianne Blanchard–Ascension DePaul Foundation of New Orleans Tuition Assistance Fund Michael & Carolyn Bolan Charitable Trust Award Donavin & Linear Boyd Family Funeral Home Scholarship Award Gretta and Winston Burns Sr. Scholarship Fund Winston Jr., Wendy & Blair Burns Scholarship Fund Cheek Law Firm Scholarship and Emergency Assistance Fund Cornerstone Club Scholarship Fund Corpus Christi-Epiphany Parish Tuition Assistance Fund Crusto-Jupiter Academic Performance Recognition Award Daughters of Charity–Mission and Ministry Tuition Assistance Alexander “Keith” Davis ’72 and Davis Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Fr. Joseph M. Doyle, S.S.J. Memorial Scholarship Award Drago’s Seafood Restaurant and Cvitanovich Family Foundation Fund

Ronnie LaSalle Adams ’71 Endowed Memorial Scholarship Award Aline M. and Danny J. Bakewell, Sr ’65 Endowed Scholarship Award

JP & Erin Hymel Endowed Operations Fund

St. Augustine High School Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Zachary Thomas Nelson ’14 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

St. Augustine High School Class of 1980 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Thomas Perkins Endowment Fund

St. Augustine High School Class of 1990 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rosemary Phelps Endowed Memorial Assistance Fund Olga and Dr. Percy Pierre ’57 Endowment Fund

Dr. Kenneth St. Charles ’81 Improvement and Excellence Endowment Aulston G. Taylor ’98 Endowment Fund

J & L Cassidy Endowment Fund

Brett & Bethany Rodney of Crescent Production Services Equipment Endowment Fund

Paul A. Valteau, Sr. Endowed Fund

Jack Dorsey Endowed Operations Fund

Joseph Oliver Simms, Jr. ’68 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Oliver Jude Vital Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Congressman John Lewis Project Endowment

60 Minutes Band Instrument Endowment Fund

Ted & Janice Washington ’66 Film & Media Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joyce and Glenny Morgan ’59 Charitable Endowment

St. Augustine High School General Endowment Fund

Dr. Jerome T. Medley, M.D. ‘58 Medical Initiative Endowment Fund

Keith E. Butler ’71 Ivy League and Ivy Plus Endowment Fund Ronald M. Carrere, Sr. ’72 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

By the Numbers $3,286,789 Total


Individual Gifts


YOY growth on total donor participation 12


Chapters and Clubs Support


Friends of St. Augustine Giving



Foundation and Corporation Giving

Evans Family and Friends Scholarship Fund Joseph J. and Cecilia Favre Memorial Scholarship Fund First Bank and Trust Tuition Sponsorship Initiative Good Shepherd School Tuition Assistance Jim Hall Memorial Scholarship Hamilton Family Scholarship Award Edwin H. Hampton Music Performance Award Alfred Harrell ’90 Scholarship Award Haydel Family Scholarship Fund Heard Foundation Scholarship Judge Charles R. Jones ’62 Scholarship Award Juluke Family Scholarship Fund Society of St. Joseph “The Josephites” Tuition Assistance Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans—Schoenbaum Essay Contest Award KnightTime Ministries and Two Knights Publishing Tuition Assistance Fund Ladies for Purple Scholars Scholarship Program Ladies for Purple Scholars Tuition Assistance Program Ketasha Jackson-Lawrence Scholarship Award Louisiana State Scholarship Replacement Initiative Major Services Annual Scholarship Award Nabonne Family Academic Scholarship Fund Wayne J. Neveu ’68 Student Leadership Scholarship Award Robinson-Goodwin Family Scholarship Fund Tumbusui Ogden ’92 Scholarship Fund Pro Bono Publico Foundation Tuition Assistance Fund

Octave “Vince” Rainey Tuition Assistance Award James P. Raymond Jr. Tuition Assistance Award Frank Richard ’97 Family Scholarship Award Macklin “Mack” Simmons Scholarship Fund Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament Tuition Assistance Son of A Saint Tuition Assistance Fund Son of A Saint Tuition Assistance Program St. Augustine Alumni Advisory Board Tuition Assistance Fund St. Augustine Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund St. Augustine High School President’s Partners Fund St. Leo the Great-St. Raymond Parish Tuition Assistance Fund Aulston G. Taylor ’98 Annual Scholarship Fund Keith Thomas ’84 Memorial Scholarship Fund Sidney Torres Scholarship Award UPS Foundation Scholarship Award Joseph Victor Waddell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Terry and Julia Garcia Whitaker Family Scholarship Award Henry C. Winder, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Yes, I Am! Scholarship Award


Number of first-time donors to St. Augustine High School. This unprecedented growth demonstrated nearly double the number of first-time donors in 2020.

Alumni Giving

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Foundations and Corporations Local and national foundations and corporations demonstrated their support of our school’s mission. With so many organizations to elect to support around the country, we are incredibly grateful the listed foundations and corporations decided to invest in our young men. Our future continues to stay bright because of their investment. W. K. Kellogg Foundation

Major Services

St. Joseph’s Church

James P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation

Strada Education Network

Weisenburger Foundation

The Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Chevron Matching Employee Fund

Mission & Ministry Impact

Knight Time Ministries and Two Knight Publishing

Fine Family Foundation

Baptist Community Ministries

SCI/Dignity Memorial

The RosaMary Foundation

Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Catholic Community Foundation

CDW Services

EJ and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation

Fermanian Family Foundation

Alden Charitable Foundation

Kehl Family Foundation

The Stanton Foundation Verizon Foundation Greater New Orleans Foundation Xavier University of Louisiana Essence Communications The Louis Carr and Diane Carr Family Fund Michael & Carolyn Bolan Charitable Trust Ascension DePaul Foundation of New Orleans

Johnson & Johnson Pharma Knights of Peter Claver Liberty Foundation NFL Foundation Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute Susan Manrodt Death Distribution Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans AFCOM The Burnett Charitable Fund Cox Communications - CCI Baton Rouge

Legacy Professional Services Eaton Corporation M. Cooper Heinz Giving Fund Trapolin Peer Architects St. Raymond - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church

Skobel’s School Uniforms, LLC

Refreshment Solutions

Coyote Land Company

State of Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections

The Hubbard Group MKT. Services (Smoothie King #31)

GBJ Investments Give inLieu Foundation


Abbott Laboratories

Enrico & Kathy Digirolamo Gift Fund



Garden Doctors

Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Grossman Family Fund

St. Joseph the Worker Church

Holly & Smith Architects

Corporate Outfitters DBA Brand Junkie

IBM Matching Grants Program Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Mark and Anne Bongi Family Charitable Fund Marrero Land & Improvement Association Melancon Contracting Services

O’Reilly Family Charitable Fund

Twanda Foundation Edgar “Dooky” Jr. and Leah Chase Family Foundation Autocrat Golf Club Backer Family Charitable Fund Folstad McUmber Charitable Fund Professional Funeral Services

Jlarue Cosmetics

The Cheek Law Firm

Morris Family Charitable Fund

Project 50

Giving Hope

Notre Dame Seminary

The Taylor Wilson Thompson Family Fund

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation

Pancer Family Trust

Virgin Hotels - New Orleans Entergy New Orleans

The Rex Organization - School of Design

Catholic Foundation Archdiocese of New Orleans

Laurel Communications

The Bryce & Evelyn Gama Family Charitable Fund

Louisiana Land Title Association

The Fletcher Jones Foundation

Head and Heart Philanthropy

The Tyburski Family Charitable Fund

Tailwind Foundation

The Boyd Family Funeral Home

Whelan Family Foundation


Estee Lauder Companies

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Black Catholic Ministries

Warin Family Fund

Drago’s Foundation

Northshore Community Foundation

Society of St. Joseph - Corpus Christi-Epiphany Church

Pro Bono Publico Foundation


Capital City Press dba The Advocate

Harry and Helen Rabe Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

First Bank and Trust


St. Gabriel Roman Catholic Church

The Glustrom Family Foundation

Northrop Grumman Corporation Riemer Family Foundation International Shrine of St. Jude Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel Southern Tennis Association, Inc. dba/ USTA Southern St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church

New Orleans Pelicans

Barry & Leslie Kilpatrick Charitable Fund

GR Partners Realty Haggards, Inc. Haggards Plumbing & Heating Hancock Whitney

Taylor Made Medical Consultants

Idex Corporation

American Express Co. Employee Giving Program

J.P. Singer Charitable Fund Kimberly Farms Stables

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church - Our Lady of the Assumption Mission

LBJ Investments

The Brooks Group Stanley and Rose Mary Cernosek Family Fund Gottsegen Orthodontics Apple The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association Carol Bailey and Laurie Desmet Charitable Fund

Pat & Carol Wilbur Charitable Fund Smoke & Spice Catering The Wagner La Hanier Charitable Fund UnitedHealth Group American Online Giving Foundation Knights of Columbus 10080 The Law Office of Tunney Lee King Pfizer

Annual Giving Leadership Society +$10,000 Ruby Age Alden Charitable Foundation Rock Anderson Jr. ‘79 Ascension DePaul Foundation of New Orleans Association of St. Augustine Alumni Atlanta Chapter Association of St. Augustine Alumni - Dallas Chapter Association of St. Augustine Alumni - New Orleans Chapter Baptist Community Ministries Michael Bazdarich Michael & Carolyn Bolan Keith Butler ‘71 Lloyd Campbell

The Louis Carr and Diane Carr Family Fund Jean Cimpl-Knox Catholic Community Foundation Catholic Foundation Archdiocese of New Orleans Lindsey Cheek Kurt & Angela Davis ‘78 Arnold Donald ‘72 Entergy New Orleans Essence Communications Chad & Leeann Evans First Bank and Trust Leonard Fournette ‘14 Raymond Fritz Jr. ‘63 Malcolm Gibson ‘87 Greater New Orleans Foundation Victor Haydel Brenlen Jinkens ‘81

The Fletcher Jones Foundation The Josephite Faculty House W. K. Kellogg Foundation Leonard Kunz Keith LeBlanc Jr. Jerome Medley M.D. ‘58 Mission & Ministry Impact Wayne Neveu ‘68 Jody Orellana EJ and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation Pro Bono Publico Foundation Project 50 Octave “Vince” Rainey IV ‘97 James P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation Brett Rodney ‘85 The Roman Catholic

Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans The RosaMary Foundation Louis Ryan The Stanton Foundation Charles Stelzner James Sugrue Joe Tate Anthony Terhaar Tailwind Foundation The Taylor Wilson Thompson Family Fund Paul Valteau Jr. ‘65 Verizon Foundation Stan Verrett ‘84 Virgin Hotels - New Orleans Warin Family Fund Xavier University of Louisiana Roger Zanitsch

President’s Partners Society $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Mark & Frances Brunault Winston, Wendy & Blair Burns Jr. ‘78 CDW Services Cornerstone Club of St. Augustine Mitch Crusto ‘71 Keith Dawson ‘71 Sara Edwards

Janet Eto Fermanian Family Foundation Joan Johnson Johnson & Johnson Pharma Charles Jones ‘62 Kehl Family Foundation Chadrick Kennedy Knight Time Ministries

and Two Knight Publishing Knights of Peter Claver Wendell Knox ‘65 Ladies for Purple Scholars Liberty Foundation Ayanna Lonian Major Services Susan Manrodt Death Distribution

Sharon McLin Allen Miller ‘91 S. A. Moore Charles Mouton ‘77 John Murphy Ron Nabonne ‘65 NFL Foundation Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute Frank Richard Jr. ‘97

Give Purple Day ’21 - $621,897 The popular one-day giving event “Give Purple Day” saw its largest total to date in 2021. Executed on the second Tuesday in June of each year, Give Purple Day ’21 reached a new milestone with total donors and revenue generated! The exciting fundraiser brings together alums, organizations, and friends to show extraordinary support for the school and its priorities for the upcoming school year. The class of 1987 achieved the top-class gift and participation this year. The largest individual gift by an alum was Octave “Vince” Rainey, Class of 1997. 16

Ed Rigaud Jr. ‘61 Matthew Rigdon SCI/Dignity Memorial Shell Oil Company

Foundation Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament Strada Education Network

Lisa Tarquinio Aulston Taylor ‘98 Rory Verrett ‘88 Gregory Washington ‘74

Terry & Julia Whitaker Brent Willey Lawrence Winchester III ‘80

Champion’s Society $1,000 - $4,999 Josephite Fathers of Corpus Christi Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans Tymothi Tombar ‘90 AFCOM Edgar Taplin Jr. ‘66 The Burnett Charitable Fund Cox Communications CCI Baton Rouge Randy Mckee ‘87 Oyd Craddock ‘76 Jermaine Mazant ‘99 Society of St. Joseph Corpus Christi-Epiphany Church Germaine Johnson Archdiocese of New Orleans - Office of Black Catholic Ministries Giving Hope New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation The Rex Organization School of Design John Haskins Rashi Bates ‘96 Jason Bush ‘96 John Adams ‘79 Jason Burns Sr. ‘02 Neal Hamilton ‘89 Jabbar Juluke ‘90 Laurel Communications Louisiana Land Title Association Zena Nelson John Sganga Trechelle Shotwell Kendall Juluke Sr. ‘91 Jeffery Thomas ‘84 Herbert Ashe Jr. Robert Parise

Gregory Pulley Sr. ‘71 Element2 Beverage Co Gary Huntley ‘84 Head and Heart Philanthropy Dwight McKenna MD ‘58 Nick and Suzanne DeRuyter Eileen Young Marian Ashley Paulin Bertrand Kelly Daniels Christopher Guidry William Harris Jr. ‘61 Mark Joseph Sr. ‘87 Keith & Robin Pittman Derek Rabb ‘82 Alisha Reed Paula Saizan Kenneth St. Charles PhD St. Joseph’s Church The Boyd Family Funeral Home Herbert Thomas Jr. ‘67 Think 504/WBOK Jeff Thomas ‘79 Terri Thomas Cayetano Thornton Weisenburger Foundation Roy Marrero Jr. ‘77 Marc Barnes Sr. ‘87 Darren Diamond ‘78 Errol Duronslet ‘65 Roderick & Courtney Thornton Robert Broussard Sr. Al Harrell III ‘90 Chevron Matching Employee Fund David Terrance ‘79 Richard Harleaux Jr ‘77 Michael Schultz Christopher Willard ‘76 Durwin Fontenette ‘88

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

George Vogt David Biven Fine Family Foundation Wilfred Gaspard ‘62 Mark Harris Jr. ‘87 Clarence Henry III ‘73 Ruston Henry ‘80 Michael King Elizabeth Kopplin Alcide Tervalon III ‘96 Yvonne McNair Kelly Zwinggi Will Sutton ‘73 William Lohnes Barry Domio ‘83 Michael Johnson ‘79 Gregory McKendall Sr. ‘65 Malcolm Browne Jr. ‘00 Alcide Tervalon Jr. ‘65 Robert Rising III ‘89 Tod Smith ‘80 Eric Winchester ‘83 Jamon Barrow ‘91 St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church Bobby Major Jr. ‘65 Walter Robinson Jr. ‘97 Jesse Watley ‘71 Church Mutual Insurance Company Bonnie Carrere James Raphael ‘56 Edgar Dapremont Jr. ‘65 Donald Neveu III ‘92 Gregory Coston Sr. ‘82 Midwest Alumni Association of St. Augustine High School Brian Taylor ‘85 Kenneth Pierce ‘97 Nelson Burton ‘14 Ronald Carrere Jr. ‘97 Donald Comer Michael Davillier Jr. ‘79

Eaton Corporation Gary Grueneberg M. Cooper Heinz Giving Fund Troy Heard ‘70 Eugene Mckeown Alvin Robinson III ‘89 Georgette Sciortino Trapolin Peer Architects Clifton Vaughn ‘72 Thomas Lovince ‘80 Arthur Hunter Jr. ‘77 Martin Blossom Sr. ‘80 Anthony Decuir ‘66 Paul Theriault Raphael Velazquez ‘61 Ketasha JacksonLawrence Paul Mazant II ‘99 Michael McKee ‘75 Frederick Tombar II ‘87 Kerry Lewis Sr. ‘91 Jerome Craig ‘65 Sean Johnson ‘95 Jerome Tinguee ‘87 Shawn Flot Sr. ‘80 Heath Butler ‘91 Michael Diamond ‘73 Sevetri Wilson Torrey Andrews ‘90 Daniel Cramer ‘00 Daniel Kiper ‘91 Troy Henry ‘78 St. Raymond - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church Torrin Velazquez ‘97 Brian McGowan Sr. ‘90 Corey Echols ‘90 David Charles ‘80 Mark Boucree ‘85 Craigile Brumfield ‘88 Curtis Harris Jr. ‘67 Gregory Rattler Sr. ‘78 Earl Dural ‘77 17

Annual Giving Aliska Mercadal James Brunault Burton Burns ‘71 Joseph Marion Jr. ‘63 Eli St. Julien ‘74 Ernest Tiller Jr. ‘87 Capital City Press dba The Advocate Frank Jones ‘73 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. William Bostick ‘80 Leo Dunn ‘77 Larry Higgins ‘65 Stephen Harrell ‘81 Marvin Beaulieu ‘68 William Delevati Frederic Duboc Mary Fox Blair Hoyt Kathleen Kennedy David Kent David Klinger Guadalupe Lopez Bobby Major III ‘87 Christopher Marrero M.D. ‘83 Thomas McCall Devin McCord Joe McGhee Jr. ‘86 Mark Minnihan Jeffrey Lee Moore Terence Mullervy Phyllis Norris Charles Parent ‘76 Lisa Parker Ronald Price Glenn Rahn John Regan

Sharon Riedel Randye Rosser Mary Ann Susavidge Robert Webb Wydell Williams Jr. ‘76 Lara Wosepka Rahim Theriot ‘93 Edgar “Dooky” Jr. and Leah Chase Family Foundation Cortez Hankton ‘98 Michael Hunter ‘74 Sylvester Johnson III ‘96 Matthew Williams ‘88 Peter Hamilton III ‘99 Randall Pannell ‘90 Josefina Aguayo Kerry Alexander ‘89 Anthony Cummings Walter & Bebe Babst Backer Family Charitable Fund Corey Batiste MD ‘94 Tom Bickimer Dominic Blanton ‘04 Michael Brenan Michael Butt Bernard Bynum Jr. ‘62 J. Byrnes Carolyn Callahan Byron Cook William Curley Gregg DeMar Nolma Diamond Barbara Fleming Folstad McUmber Charitable Fund Kevin Frick ‘91

William Fusco Stella Gilbertson Avery Goff ‘87 Robert Griffin ‘74 Warren Haney Jr. ‘74 Harry and Helen Rabe Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Dorel Hunt Tilton Hunter Jr. ‘87 Jlarue Cosmetics John Klein Robert Koshkarian Judith Kountoupis Michael Lavigne Jr. ‘60 Wayne LeBlanc Jr. ‘95 William Li James Manion Thomas McAndrew Esq., Ltd. Eileen McIntyre Alvin McKenna ‘59 Cedric Montgomery ‘90 Waldo Moret ‘74 Jarvis Morgan ‘90 Morris Family Charitable Fund Lia Mort Notre Dame Seminary Mike O’Mara Jimmy Orellana Kolin Page ‘80 Rene Paige Jr. ‘87 Pancer Family Trust Austin Penny Jr. ‘63 Elaine Petrus Jeffrey Runge

Darrel Saizan ‘65 Mila Salazar Elsy Sandhusen Joseph Schaefer Daniel Scroggins James Shannon Jr. Patricia Skurzynski St. Gabriel Roman Catholic Church Frank Svec Darryl Taylor ‘87 Phyllis Taylor The Bryce & Evelyn Gama Family Charitable Fund The Glustrom Family Foundation The Tyburski Family Charitable Fund Albert Thibodeaux ‘87 Glen & Maryellen Thompson Timothy Thompson Therese Tomlinson Susan Trippi Alan Turf Dwight Walker ‘80 Otis Washington Jr. Lawrence Weathersby Sr. ‘80 Elgin Weaver ‘87 Michael Wettlaufer Whelan Family Foundation Steven Wicelinski Matthew Willard Jim Williamson

Damon Burns ‘99 Norman Burrell ‘72 Kenneth Burton ‘86 John Butler Kathleen Buzay Brandin Campbell ‘99 Douglas Carey ‘87 Donald Carrere ‘72 Esther Carrick Carole Carter Boland Joyce Chao Emmett Chapital Jr. MD, ‘70 Whickleff Chapital ‘00 Furnell Chatman ‘65 Michael Chatmon Sr. ‘01 Norval Chester Jr. ‘80 Brian Clark ‘95 Kenneth Coignet MD ‘73 Mel Cordier III ‘05 Joseph Culter Tommy Cvitanovich Ullrich Darensbourg John Davillier ‘86 Daniel Davillier ‘85 Gregory Dejan ‘86 Calvin DeLaRose ‘00 Reginald Delecia ‘80 Phillip DeMouy ‘68 Kevin Derbigny Sr. ‘82 Blair Dottin-Haley ‘96 Winston DuBose Jeffrey Duroncelay Jr. ‘99 Brandon Edgerson Adrienne Esteen Adrien Eugene ‘59 Terry Felton Sr. ‘77 John Ferdinand Jr. ‘75

Jerry Finfera Bill Fitzgerald Mary Fleiss Peggy Fluent Therron Foley ‘79 Darril Frick Jr ‘81 Kenneth Frick ‘63 Derek Frick ‘85 William Furr Jr. ‘83 Gregory Gaines ‘65 Randal Gaines Joseph Gallagher Kevin Gallien ‘83 Evan Garfein Antoine Garibaldi Ajani Gibson ‘11 Theresa Gilyot Duane Gilyot ‘91 Margaret Goldfarb Lionel Griffin Jr. ‘88 Michael Griffin Sr. Kristi Haas John Haggard Shelia Haire Kevin Hale ‘04 Neal Hamilton Jr. ‘89 Monique Hamilton Arrid Hansell ‘88 Theresa Haydel Jeff Haynes Dennis Hays Hope Hensley Lisa Hoffman Leon Holmes ‘88 James Honer Sr. Stephen Hryniewicki Brian Hunt Wade Hypolite ‘70

Larry James ‘75 LeVar Jenkins ‘95 Carl Johnson Avery Johnson ‘83 Sylvester Johnson ‘78 Craig Jones ‘99 Catherine Keirans Richard Kellejian Shane Kerwin Donald Kish Jeffrey Kueffer Jerrol Larrieu ‘63 Kyle Laurendine ‘81 Matthew Laurent ‘06 Orlando Leavell ‘84 David Lee Robert Lewis ‘60 Emile Lombard Sr. ‘65 Heather Lonian Jude Luke Sr. ‘82 Michael Lybarger Daryl Malone ‘79 James Maurin Stewart McCall Pat & Mike McKinnis Adrienne McWilliams Anthony Melancon Derek Mercadal ‘91 Leonard Merriman III ‘71 Victoria Milam Ryan Mitchell ‘04 Dana Mohler Kali Moore ‘92 Hubert Morton Jr. ‘64 Robert Murphy Valerie Nagle Donald Nicholas 78 Patrick O’Connor

Valerie Parks Francis Pearn Beatrice Perry Morris Pichon ‘60 Malcolm Poree ‘85 Stephen Pruett Edward Purcell Eddy Quijano Keith Randolph ‘84 Kern Reese ‘70 Justin Reese ‘00 Bart Reese Sondra Reine Jomarque Renthrope ‘99 Leslie Rey ‘68 Barret Rey ‘92 Marguerite Rey-Florent William Reynolds Anthony Richard ‘64 Carol Rigg Anthony Rigoli SSJ Corey Robertson ‘86 Howard Rodgers IV ‘00 Norman Roussell ‘84 Stuart Row Ken Sadowsky Martin Sawa Nancy Schanz Keith & Cheryl Seckel Robert Sevalia ‘01 Lori Sher Desma Simon Norey Smith IV ‘99 David Smith ‘85 Norey Smith III ‘60 Margaret Sohm Allen Square James St. Charles Jr. ‘80

Gold & Purple Circle $500 - $999 Katie Acuff Maureen Ancar Sheldon Andrus III ‘06 Claudette Ashford Jim Auen Terrence Augillard ‘82 Kristi August Yvette Baez Emile Bagneris III 18

Patrice Bahr Wayne Baquet Sr. ‘65 Wayne Baquet Jr. ‘86 Steve Barbre ‘65 Patrick Barry ‘97 Troy Bell ‘80 Beverly Bertoni Melvin Bijou Jr. ‘70 Robert Blair

Ronald Bocage ‘63 Samuel Bolds ‘88 Marie A Bookman Alan & Susan Borsari Cathryn Boshears Bruce Boucree ‘81 Brandon Boutin ‘99 William Bowdish Bruce Braden Sr. ‘69

Sydney Bradford II ‘65 David Brauer Imani Breaker Linda and Dan Breen Mitchell Brickley ‘99 Wayne Brown ‘83 John Brown Dwight Brown II ‘98 Jeannette Bruns

Annual Fundraiser: A Knight at Drago’s

The 9th annual Knight at Drago’s fundraiser was held on Sunday, March 28, 2021. This year marked the most successful financial results in the history of the event with the school raising an impressive $40,000. The event was a COVID friendly drive-by for the second year in a row. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Cvitanovich Family Foundation for their unwavering support.

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Annual Giving Byron St. Cyr ‘76 Sidney St. Martin III ‘65 Shawn Stiaes ‘85 Michael Sullivan Bernard Sullivan Mack Summers ‘80 Ella Swierkosz Richard Swift Barbara Tartaglia Phillipa Taylor Sylvia Taylor Dr. Stu Tentoni Keely Thibodeaux Courtney Thornton Edward Tricker Raymond Vance ‘71 James Vidmar

Lloyd Villavaso ‘63 Christopher Vincent ‘98 Joseph Visci Wayne Wagner James Waiters III ‘87 Lynn Warren Michelle Warren-Swanson Craig Weber ‘89 David Weiss Peter Weiss Rod and Madeline West Dominic Willard Jr. ‘98 Diane Willard Kevin Williams ‘81 Elijah Williams ‘01 Ira Wilson Brent Wilson ‘69

TEGNA WWLTV J. Christopher Zainey Jr. Jay Zainey Microsoft Gates Foundation Skobel’s School Uniforms State of Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections AstraZeneca Enrico & Kathy Digirolamo Gift Fund Google Grossman Family Fund Holly & Smith Architects IBM Matching Grants Program

Mark and Anne Bongi Family Charitable Fund Marrero Land & Improvement Association LTD Northrop Grumman Corporation O’Reilly Family Charitable Fund Riemer Family Foundation Southern Tennis Association, Inc. dba/ USTA Southern St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church

Purple Knight Club $100 - $499 Susan Aberg Jeffry Abrams Gray and Misty Adams Anne Adams Earl Adams ‘72 Tatia Adams-Fox Jose Aguayo Kenneth Aguillard ‘78 Danielle Ahern Kristen Albanese Martha Albright Bernell Alexander Jr. ‘79 Rashad Alexander ‘95 Reginald Alexander Sr. ‘81 Joshua Alexander ‘22 Pearl Algere-Lonian Charles Allen III ‘91 Arthur Allen ‘67 Joe Allen Jr. ‘77 Micah Allen Ann Marie Allen Walter Allen ‘84 Michael Alphonse ‘81 Malcolm Alston ‘74 Timothy Ambrose ‘08 Carlotta Amos Antonio Amos ‘79 Clarence Ancar III ‘68 Francois Ancar Jr. ‘65 Charlie Anderson ‘88 Travis Andrews ‘97 20

Steven Antoine ‘57 Peter Aprato Gabriel Archangelo Jr. Malcolm Armstrong Jr. ‘81 Lester Arnaud III ‘91 Daymon Arnold ‘92 Marilyn Ashbaugh Joe Assad Louis Atkins ‘65 Michael Aubry ‘75 Rudolph August Jr. ‘76 Justin Augustine III ‘76 Tarenzette Austin Natalie Austrian Leonard Bachemin ‘62 Marc Bachemin Christine Bagneris Dennis Bagneris ‘66 John Bagwell Clarence Bailey Sr. ‘81 John Baker III ‘74 Evander Baker Alexander Balko Vaughn Barbarin ‘88 Fabian Barbarin ‘76 James Bardsley Marvin Barge Jerald Barnes ‘77 Caitlin Barnes Kevin Barnes Jr ‘06 Harold Barrois Jr. ‘89

Chase Barrow ‘22 Sidney Barthelemy ‘60 J.L. Bartholomew Joshua Bartholomew ‘13 Ron Bartholomew Regina BartholomewWoods Jimmy Bassett Ravi Bates ‘96 Levi Bates Roderick Batiste ‘79 Peter Batiste ‘71 Jared Batiste ‘01 Kevin Batiste ‘90 Robbi Battey Maurice Baudy Jr. ‘91 Maurice Baudy Sr. ‘68 Adrian Baudy ‘01 Kristin Bauer Gregory Bazile ‘69 Antoine Becnel Jr. ‘87 Thomas Beirne Anthony Bell ‘84 Wayne Benjamin ‘65 Velda Benjamin Gilyot Joan Bennett Carrie Bennett Ann Benolken Omahar Berry ‘92 Eric Berteaux ‘88 Todd Bertsch

Laurence Best Richard Bettis ‘98 Kathleen Betts James Beverly III ‘82 Kip and Kathleen Bilderback Joan Billings Martin Billips ‘79 Helen Bishop Christopher Blake Richard Blakeslee Lynea Blomgren Clarise Bloom Grayling Bocage ‘91 Damian Bocage ‘91 Aaron Bocage ‘66 Renard Boissiere ‘63 Samuel Bolds II ‘24 Eileen Bondy Blayne Bondy Timothy Bopp George Bordenave Salvatore Bordonaro Amalia Borja Geri Born Brent Bost Jody Boudreaux Judena Boudreaux Lyle Boudreaux ‘96 Paul Bourgeois ‘81 Wardell Bourgeois Sr. ‘85

Kenneth Boutte Sr. ‘72 David Boutté ‘81 Christopher Bowen ‘88 Damon Bowie ‘87 Robert Bowman Deborah Boyle Kim Boyle Terence Braden Bradford Breuer Gina Bridgeman Jon Brisley William Brody Robert Broussard Jr. ‘02 Glenn Brousseau ‘71 William Brousseau ‘73 Romalice Brown Keith Brown ‘87 Elijah Brown ‘06 Marvin Brown ‘62 Paul Brown Jr. ‘88 Jim Brown Joanne Brown Kelvin Brown ‘02 Matt Brown Sr. ‘02 Zion Brown ‘22 Armand Brown Jr. ‘05 Patrick Brumfield Matthew Brunault Cynthia Bryan Robert Bryant Susan Bunnell Maureen Burdick Katherine Burgess Patricia Burke Erin Burns Roxanne Burns Brian Burns Sr. ‘74 Allen Burrell Vincent Butler ‘99 Carl Butler Gail Butler Trenton Butler Kevin Butler ‘84 Fredrick Butler ‘79 Naydja Bynum Melvin Cade Sr. ‘84 Harold Cade ‘93 James Cage ‘86 Stephanie Calhoun Holly Callaway Lasana Cambrice ‘93 Carol Camporeale

Morris Cannon ‘87 Al Capitanini Cynthia Capuchino William Carey Karen Carhart Nancy Carr LaVan Carrere ‘88 Sarita Carriere Wayne Carriere ‘81 Janel Carroll Tom Carroll Herbert Carter Ronald Casey Jr. Alison Casias Kenneth Cassine ‘82 Paul Catuna Patrick Cavanaugh Blaine Cerre ‘87 TY Chan Brent Charles ‘82 Homer Charles ‘81 Raoul Chauvin Jr. ‘63 John Chavanne Kenny Chenier ‘81 Maureen Christiano Gregory Chupa David Ciarella Joseph Ciullo Gary Clark ‘87 Richard Clausi Barbara Clauson Thomas Clayton P.A. Lynne Clementoni Kathryn Clinard Kathleen Cloonan Cindy Cobb Dan Colcord Anthony Cole Travis Coleman ‘03 Gregory Coleman ‘84 Louis Colin Sr. ‘80 Emmett Collins III ‘77 Ernest Collins George Combs June Comer Elizabeth Conaughton Joseph Condon Daniel Conry Jim and Megan Conwell Nicole Cooper Ellis Cooper ‘75 Robert Cooper Jr. ‘84

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Vladimir Copper ‘87 Diane Cordial Tyran Cornelius ‘93 Marty Corry Ann Cortazzo Vincent Coulehan Rudolph Courseault Jr. ‘98 Rudolph Courseault Sr. ‘64 Kathy Courseault Corey Covington ‘88 Michael Crane James Crawford Kendall Crawford ‘13 Leroy Crawford Jr. ‘88 Karen Crawford Jarlene Crawford Robert Crockem ‘86 Ulysses Crowe ‘67 Valiant Cuiellette Jr. ‘88 Brian Cureau ‘81 Patricia Dabrowski Gregory Dandridge ‘79 Thomas Daniel Jr. ‘70 Alysia Darjean Jan Daubener Suzanne Davidson Dustin Davidson Jan Davillier ‘81 Henry Davis Jr. Terrell Davis ‘88 Sandra Davis Kelsey Davis Timothy Davis ‘85 Gerald DeBose ‘76 Gregory Decuir Larisa deGraffenreid Kevin Dejan Molly DeJohn Rodney Dejoie ‘66 Loretta Del Greco Danielle Del Sol Wendell Delaney ‘82 Marcus DeLarge ‘01 Alton DeLarge III ‘02 Ronald DelHomme ‘59 Virgil Demery ‘63 Charmaine DeMouy Yolanda DeMouy Kevin Dempsey Lloyd Dennis Jr. ‘68

Don Dennis Jr. ‘97 Billie DePalma David Derokey Jr. ‘59 Jennifer Deslongchamps Alexander Dixon Jed Dolnick D’Juan Dorsey Sr. ‘90 Jared Dorsey ‘05 Marcus Doss ‘06 Gloria Dougherty Darrell Anne Driskill Cordell Dubuclet ‘91 Deanna Ducher Stephanie Duell Kyra Duhe Anne Paige Duncan Barbara Duncan Tim Duncan Jamile Dunn ‘02 Domonique Dunn ‘08 Derryl Dunn ‘81 Damon Dupart ‘81 Melissa Duplantier Bobby Duplantier ‘98 Garland Duplessis ‘91 Royce Duplessis ‘00 Randall Duplessis Beverly Dupre Rene Dupree ‘86 Wendell Dupuy ‘62 Drew Durand Sr. ‘05 Linda Dykes Brandon Easterly Durrell Edwards ‘96 Morris Edwards IV ‘82 George Edwards ‘78 James Edwards Ronald Egana Jr. ‘79 Jim Eldridge Marvin Ellis Cedric Ellsworth ‘79 Leland Ellsworth ‘72 David Emilien ‘71 Carlos Encalade ‘93 Alan Engle Lawrence Epps Jr ‘74 Faye Eson James Etienne Ann Eugene Ryan Eustis Jonathan Evans Brian Everett ‘91 21

Annual Giving Mark F Wendy Fabrizio Zha’Mar Farbe ‘21 Maryann Farrell Terry Farrell Brandon Felton ‘99 Diane Fencl Melvin Ferdinand ‘86 George Ferguson Wayne Ferrier ‘78 Eric Ferrouillet Jr. ‘91 Alexis Ferrouillet Jonathan Filley Kahlita Finger Theresa Fisher John Fisk Dwight Fitch Sr. ‘70 Eric Fleury ‘75 Tarrell Florent ‘78 Harold Foley III ‘88 Elizabeth Foley Arthur Folse Fredrick Ford ‘12 Lisa Ford Chip Forstall Daniel Fortin Clifford Foster Susan Fowler George Fowler III Eddie Francis ‘88 Kermit Francis ‘67 Lawrence Francis ‘65 Ruth Francis Marlon Francois ‘84 Anthea Frank Barbara Frank Tom Franz Ernest Frazier Sr. ‘60 Ron Freeman ‘88 Barbara Frenchu John Frick Carl Funch Louis Gaignard ‘64 John Gaines ‘65 Rolanda Gaines Judith Gallagher Deb Gandy Shana Gangi Paul Garbarini William Garibaldi III ‘65 Charles Gaspard Annette Gass 22

Ralph Gaston ‘70 Dmitri Gaston ‘74 Stephen Gatto Joseph Gaudin Natausha Gaudin Keary Gauff ‘91 Argo Georgandis Isabel Germinario-Lowry Gloria Gery Frank Getman Ferdinand Gettridge ‘91 Sharon Gex-Davis Jelinda Gibson Kyle Gilbert Alice Gill-Murray Brent Gilmore ‘84 Joseph Gilyot III ‘82 Alorea Gilyot Joseph and Sarah Gladke Roy Glapion ‘79 Vaughn Glapion ‘67 Louis Glunz Robert Goldstein Allan Goodman Walter Goodwin Sr. ‘64 Tyrone Gorden ‘91 Mary Gordhamer Cory Gordon ‘08 Michael Gordon ‘65 Warren Gould Derrick Graham ‘93 Wanda Gray Raymond Gray ‘77 Kristina Gray Pamela Gray Payton Russell Green Jr. ‘87 Alexander Green III ‘98 Cynthia Green Eugene Green ‘07 Revius Green ‘88 Walter Green ‘60 Ted Greenleaf Robert Greif Bernard Grewe Treneice Griffin Yolanda Grinstead Lloyd Gueringer ‘70 Jonnie Guerra Warmoth Guillaume ‘74 Troy Gullage ‘85 Jerry Gutter ‘80 W. Michael Hackett

Kentral Hagan Sr. ‘86 John Haggard Mark and Kathryn Haidet Kim Haines Wanda Haines Brandon Hall ‘01 Emile Hall ‘98 Maryjean Hall Rhonda Halliburton Charles Hamilton Jr. ‘60 Elbert Hamilton Jr. ‘87 Neal Hamilton III ‘20 Peter Hamilton Jr. Dionne Hampton Jude Haney ‘95 Joshua Hanfling Marlis Harang Jr. ‘90 James Harper Charles Harris ‘91 Gaynelle Harris Richard and Kristy Harris Stephanie Harris Carol Harris Jared Harris ‘10 Reginald Harris Carol Hartig Gerald Hathaway Trish Hattan Claire Hay Keith Haydel ‘04 Robert Haydel ‘01 Blanche Hayes Brian Healy Charisse Heath Michael Hedge ‘84 Michael Helberg James Hendricks Troy Henry ‘78 Edwin Henry ‘80 Bernie Herbert Elizabeth Hiden Barbara Higgins Kellee Hill Pierre Hill Sr. ‘87 Keith Hitchens Sandy Hithe-Brumfield Peter Hithe-Brumfield ‘24 Roblee Hoffman Mitchell and Susan Hoffman Linda Holley Steve Hollowell

Joel Holmes Karen Holmes Hakeem Holmes II ‘10 Jarred Honora ‘06 Darold Honore ‘81 Margaret Horlander Beth Horrigan Louis Hubbard Michael Huggins Samantha Huggins David Hughes ‘94 Allan Hussain ‘00 Timothy Ilg Justin Jack ‘08 Thaddeus Jackson ‘88 Robert Jackson Patricia Jacobs Jerald James Jr ‘89 Dorita James Sean James ‘94 Cynthia Janac Joseph Jarreau Bryan Jefferson ‘81 Christopher Jefferson ‘02 Chad Jenkins ‘05 Elizabeth Jennings Andrea Jensen Jan Jeske Glenn Johnson ‘88 Vicki Johnson Gerard Johnson ‘70 Warren Johnson DPM ‘81 Ray Johnson Sr. ‘81 Beryl Johnson ‘67 Sean Johnson Sr. ‘87 Earl Johnston Jr ‘65 Shane Jones ‘85 William Jones IV ‘90 Troy Jones Ronald Jones Jr ‘85 Deidra Jones David Jones Jr. ‘87 Randall Jones ‘93 Timi Jordan Michael Joseph Jr. ‘01 Huiet Joseph III ‘84 Dione JosephBreckenridge Frank Joshua ‘13 Stephen Juda Harold Juluke Jr. ‘97

Lionel Jupiter ‘72 Jodie Justus Bridget Kane Ann Marie Kannally Courtney Katzenstein Danny Kaufman Colleen Kavanaugh Adam Keats Susan Keefe Jeff Keele Dominic Keller ‘92 Charlotte Keller Donnamarie Kelly Janet Kelly Lisa Kelly Feltus Kennedy Elaine Ker John Kerins Bob Kerr Vivison Kerr ‘01 Susan Kerwin Louis Keyes ‘69 Ciera KIng Ph.D. Florence R. King Marsha King Kimberly King Steven Kiper ‘79 Nakisha Knott Taina Knox Kevin Kobelsky Fran Koscielak Susanne Kost

Richard Kristin Joal Kuebel Diane Kuri Alverez Labat ‘79 Mary Lacey Nanette Lacey Edward LaGarde ‘97 Gerald Lagarde Jr. ‘80 Linda Lagarde Michele Lagarde-May Glynn LaMothe ‘87 Christine Lamut Brian Langer Tammy Lapeyrouse Dawn Larkin Organization Henry Latten ‘91 Joseph Laurent Sr. ‘81 Anthony Laurent Jr. ‘75 Durrell Laurent ‘04 Sean Laurent ‘98 Curtis Lawrence Sr. ‘80 Dan Layman Steven Lea Thomas Lea Charmaine Leary Patrick LeBoeuf III ‘88 Silas Lee Ph.D. ‘72 Robert Lee Jr. ‘66 Clyde Lee Ferrol Lee ‘66 Ernest Legier Jr. ‘87

Linda Lemessurier Patrick Lenihan George Lesiak Denise Levine James Levis Cornelius Lewis ‘69 Frank Lewis III ‘87 Gerald Lewis Wayne Lewis ‘98 Darren Lewis ‘96 Dewey Lewis Jr ‘77 Lamont Lewis ‘81 Rose Lynne Liljeberg Albert Lin Christine Lin Catherine Lippert Scott Lish Louis Livers Jr. ‘85 Ohin Lockett ‘97 Emmett Lodree ‘89 Elyse Logan Ane London-Williams Laurie Loth Hoi Luc Jada Lucey Martinez Leo Luke ‘78 Ann Luke Wilfred Luke ‘81 Juan Lumas ‘95 Ezell Lundy ‘88 Jamin Lundy ‘04 Ronald Luskin

Michael Lynn Jane MacBean Richard Maciag Daniel Mackey Barbara Macomber Joseph Maguire Aila Main Peter Majeranowski Gregory Malone Sr. ‘80 Michael Malone ‘78 Ann Mandel Laitman Karyn and Mark Mandler Annette Maranville Shawn Marhefka Davlin Marshall Sr. ‘93 Isidore Marshall Sr. ‘95 Errol Martin ‘70 Alton Martin ‘72 Alvin Martin ‘79 Vernon Martin Jr. ‘69 Byron Martin Sr. ‘80 T Martin Stephen Martin Jr. ‘89 Dr. Larry & Betty Martindale Gaynell Massey Kristi Maupin Harold Mayberry ‘94 Nathan McBean Croix McClendon ‘00 Ellen McCoskey Nancy McDaniel

New Foundation Support: W.K. Kellogg Foundation Gifted Academy, a two-week summer program for students ages 6-13, grew to Gifted Academy: Four Seasons with a two-year grant of $700,000 provided by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in June of 2021. Since launching in the summer of 2021, more than 65 students, ages 8-12, hailing from both Catholic and Charter schools around the metro area as well as far west as Ascension Parish, have participated in summer workshops, field trips, and weekly tutoring in the Fall and Spring evenings from 4-6 pm. Subjects of choice are Math, Reading and Science. Kellogg’s funding and support will continue in 2022. St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Annual Giving Alden McDonald Jr. Alicia McDowell Lynn McElholm Laura McGaughey Cassandra McGeachy Juan McGinty ‘84 Jay McGiveran Jr. Loretha Mcguffey William McGurk Maura McHugh Robert Mcknight ‘05 Craig McManus Diana Mcnamara Leslie Meadows Demetric Mercadel Phyllis Mercadel Anthony Merrell Sr. ‘81 Merrell Merricks ‘88 Dwayne M Merridy ‘80 Jessica Meyers Louis Meyi Jr. ‘65 Enrique Miguez Lucy Miller Randy Mills Donna Miorandi Damon Mitchell ‘87 Joyce Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell ‘71 James Moffett III ‘00 John Monahan Harold Montgomery Jr. ‘01 Leo B Montgomery Jr. ‘82 Timothy Moody ‘80 Mark Moody ‘78 Kevin Moore ‘87 Karolynn Moore Ashley Moore ‘67 Jana Moore

Kenny Moore Michael Moore ‘98 Mary Morgan Kathleen Morin Ken Morrison Kevin Mosby ‘74 Damien Moses ‘91 Sheila Moy Linda Moyer Karen Muchunas Raechelle Munna Mary Murphy Frances Naal Larry Napoleon ‘94 Kelwynn Napoleon ‘87 Andrew Nash ‘96 Thomas Neal Kirk Neamen Willie Neapollioun Jr. ‘87 Robert Nettles ‘97 Derek Nevels ‘00 Wayne Newman ‘65 Ventress Newport ‘84 Mary Nicolich Linda Niehaus Quentin Nowland Charles Nystedt Margaret O’Brien Carole O’Connell Ty O’Connor ‘20 Joseph O’Reilly Shannon O’Shea Dan O’Grady Ellie O’Neill Diane O’Brien Thomas Odishoo Jennifer Odlum Jeffery Oliver ‘81

George Olivier Jr. ‘66 John O’neill Doreen Orbita Gottsegen Orthodontics Philip Orticke Jr. ‘62 Laura Otchy Oneal Oubre Jr. Shari Overstreet Susan Overstreet Gwen Owens Michael Owens Jr. ‘00 Cyrus Pace Carol Palillo Joshua Palliser Corey Palmer ‘01 Krista Pankop Gerald Pannell Sr. ‘70 John Parapetti Lucien Parfaite ‘81 Herman Paris Quillie Parker ‘67 Lawrence Parker ‘92 Kendall Parker ‘84 Edward Parker ‘62 Court Passant Randy Patin Sr. ‘89 Charles Patterson ‘81 Mark Paul ‘81 Tyrone Payne ‘77 Courtenay Pekkala Stephen Pepin ‘81 Coni Perez James Perryman Phillip Pesek Donald Peters ‘82 Joan Phillips Shirley Phillips David Philpott

Victor Pichon ‘68 Darrin Pierce ‘86 Loyce Pierce-Wright Wayne Pietri Jeanne Pike Norman Pineda Michael Plott MD Perseus Poku ‘88 Mark Porche Jr. ‘06 Valerie Portner David Potrykus Benita Potters David Pratt ‘81 Marcel Pratt Jr. ‘87 Salvador Pratts ‘59 Brian Prevost ‘74 Raymond Price Ernest Price Kathryn Quigley Brendan Quinn Ronald Quintal ‘65 Linda Quintavalle Raymond Rachal ‘86 Arnold Rachal Sr. ‘82 Tyrone Ralph Jr. ‘85 Colburn Randel Jr. ‘16 Devon Raney Howard Raphael ‘81 Daniel Raphael Jr. ‘80 Paula Rapley David Rapp Clifford Ratliff Sr. ‘81 Hayward Ratliff Leo Raymond Jr. ‘77 Julien Raymond ‘09 Brenda Reddout Michael Redmond Lawrence Reed ‘65

Multi-Year Relationship with The Walt Disney Company On December 1, 2021, St. Augustine High School entered a multiyear relationship with The Walt Disney Company to provide alums who are currently enrolled in college with a comprehensive orientation to multiple facets of the media industry. Purple Knights who are in their junior and senior years of college will have the opportunity to secure paid internships allocated to St. Aug alums. Select departments will participate in the program including Advertising Sales ranging from Operations, Sales, Marketing, Partnership Activation, Data Science, Communications, Production and Talent Relations. 24

Christine Regan Cheryl Reich Ines Reid Bill Reilly Alvin Reine ‘84 Joseph Relf Jr. ‘71 Angela Ren Bridget Rey Martha Rhodes Dexter Rhodes ‘87 Kevin Ricard ‘81 Mark Ricard David Rice Victor Richard III ‘77 Christopher Richards ‘92 William Richards Dwight Richards ‘69 Christopher Richardson Sr. ‘83 James Richardson Kimberly Rieger Alfred Ripoll III ‘91 Christopher Roberts Frank Robertson III ‘91 Maurice Robertson ‘95 Marie Celeste Robichaux Charlene Robins Lucy Robinson Melody Robinson Walter Robinson Sr. British Robinson Cheryl Robinson Howard Rodgers III ‘71 Ron Rodgers ‘87 Roy Rodney ‘75 Antoinette Rodocanachi Armand Rodriguez Noreen Rogers William Roll Miguel Romar Nelly Romero Hanora Rosen William Rosevally John Ross Jr. ‘89 Alan Roussel Jr. ‘91 Shedrick Roy Jr ‘91 Denis Roy Amy Rubin Jeffrey Rugon Sr. ‘81 John Ruh Alvarez Ruiz ‘61 Justin Ruiz ‘99 David Russek

Mary Beth Rutkowski Michael Ryan Patrick Ryan Nafessa Saboor Dionne Sail Joshua Saltman Danielle Samuel Noel Sanders ‘88 Michael Santana Suzanne Santos Leza Sarrouf Kelli Saulny Kevin Saulny ‘82 Mark Saulny ‘98 Christopher Sceau ‘87 Joseph Scheidler Ronald Schigur Diane Schmidt Patricia Schubert Merylann Schuttloffel Karen Schwaab Karen Schwartz Phyllis Schwebke Michelle Scioneaux Corey Scott ‘00 Frank Scully Sharon Semko Ann Semmer Brad Shaw Juan Shelby Jr. ‘99 Phyllis Shipley Stephen Shoemaker Pat Shores Eldon Sigur ‘65 Michael Siki Merri Siler Andrea Silver Errol Simmons ‘61 Vincent Simmons ‘81 Robert Simpson ‘83 James Simpson Terence Sims ‘79 Timothy Sims Sr. ‘86 Damon Singleton ‘80 E. Singleton Marlon Singleton Andy Sippel Mark Siranovic Wolfgang Skudlarek Vanessa Smith Eric Smith ‘82 Roger Smith ‘03 Clinton Smith Jr.

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Oscar Smith ‘68 Patrick Smith Smith ‘91 Clinton Smith Jr. ‘69 Matthew Smith III ‘81 Sandra and Dwayne Smith James Smith Kamau Smith ‘95 Keith Smith ‘98 Keith Smith ‘86 Marc Smith ‘88 Nannette Smith Steve Smitham Charles Snakard David Soublet Sr. ‘79 Clifton S. Spencer III M. Ed. Brigitte Spiro Greg Square ‘96 Jewell St. Charles Sidney St. Martin IV ‘88 Christopher Stack Kevin Staes ‘88 Scott Staes ‘90 Harry Stahel Catherine Stanhope Joanna Stavraka Brett Steele Rusty Stephens Ronald Stevens ‘70 Kathe Stewart Larry Stewart ‘62 J’Mal Stewart Sr ‘93 Hyacienth Stiaes Tony Stone ‘82 Gillian Stormont Barbara Strauss Jason Strickland ‘01 Michelle Strong Christine Stroup Francis Sullivan Granville Summers ‘79 Wanda Sutherland Majella Sutton Donna Swanson Herb Tannenbaum Gary Tanner ‘74 Bridget Tapia Willie Tapp IV ‘91 Paul Taraborelli Anya Tatum Albert Taylor III ‘81 Robert Taylor Jr ‘81

Mary and Thomas Taylor Karamanos Teresa Linda Terhaar Barry Terrance ‘88 Eric Terrell Kathy Terry Harry Tervalon Jr. ‘65 Joshua Thomas ‘00 Angela Thomas Joshua Thomas ‘09 Mary Thomas Thaddeus Thompson Kathleen Thompson Edward Thompson Mary Thoms Camill Thornton Noreen Tighe Alton Tillis ‘91 Gilbert Tillman ‘85 Mark Tillman ‘84 Addie Tobey Thomas Toronto Clarence Toussaint ‘81 Calvin Tregre Jr. ‘92 Jeffrey Trimble Lionel Trouillier Jr. ‘55 Karl Turner Blaine Turner Sr. ‘87 Justin Turner ‘03 Nneka Umeh Maria Valdez Todd Vander Lugt John Vanison Jr ‘86 Gay VanMeter Matthew Varley Felters Veal Sr. ‘87 Thomas Velazquez II ‘95 Joseph Vellutini Paul Venaglia Brittany Verrette Robert Vescovi Branden Villavaso ‘91 Michael Villavaso ‘72 Gerald Villavasso ‘62 Jason Villavasso ‘98 Gerald Villavasso ‘96 Carlos Vital ‘91 David Waddell Sr. ‘70 James Wagner Jr. ‘80 Elizabeth Waksmunski Derek Walker ‘89 Jesse Wallace Michael Wallace ‘81 25

Annual Giving Mia Wallace Edward Walsh Barry Walton ‘70 Patrick Ward David Warfield Bryan Warning ‘00 Brad Warren ‘92 Orlando Washington ‘95 Brent Washington Jr. ‘10 Eric M Washington ‘86 Herbert Washington Jr. Dameon Washington ‘92 Lloyd Watts ‘98 Anne Weber Nicole Webre Gerald Webre Robert Weiland Jill Weingarten W. Jeffrey Weinlandt Dina Weisberger Peter Weiss S.S.J. Mark Wellman Chandra Welsh Nancy Weston Cahal Whelan Catherine Whitaker Kristan White Andrew White Rick & Jill White

David White ‘88 Adelaide Whitehouse Daniel Whittington ‘91 Wayne Wilkinson Joshua Willard ‘14 Joseph Williams ‘91 Gregg Williams ‘89 Willie Williams Eddie Williams Jr. ‘87 Kendrick Williams ‘01 Chandra Williams Eric Williams ‘87 Lawrence Williams Jr. ‘87 Richard Williams Troy Williams ‘87 Landon Williams Jr. ‘21 Robert Willingham Wesley Wilson ‘69 Betty Wilson Woodrow Wilson Jr. ‘64 Kimberly Wilson Donald Winder Sr ‘69 Richard Winder Sr. ‘65 Connie Winkley Richard Witek Don Wofford Lawrence Wooden ‘01 Richard Woodfork Mark Woodruff

James Woods ‘97 Paul Workman Cory Wray Patricia Wright Daphne Wright David Wright ‘82 Mary Yankaskas Will Young Stephanie Young Susan Zearley Timothy Zetzman James Zimmerman ‘80 Cigna Estee Lauder Companies Refreshment Solutions Bayer Garden Doctors St. Joseph the Worker Church (246) Corporate Outfitters DBA Brand Junkie New Orleans Pelicans Taylor Made Medical Consultants, LLC American Express Co. Employee Giving Program St. John the Baptist Catholic Church - Our Lady of the Assumption

Mission The Brooks Group, Inc. Stanley and Rose Mary Cernosek Family Fund Apple The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association Carol Bailey and Laurie Desmet Charitable Fund Barry & Leslie Kilpatrick Charitable Fund GR Partners Realty, LLC Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Hancock Whitney Idex Corporation J.P. Singer Charitable Fund Kimberly Farms Stables Pat & Carol Wilbur Charitable Fund Smoke & Spice Catering The Wagner La Hanier Charitable Fund UnitedHealth Group

David Banks ‘81 Brandon Banks ‘09 Freddie Baptiste ‘64 Erskine Barbarin ‘85 Marc Barnes Jr. ‘19 John Barrett Darryl Barthe Sr. ‘72 Bryant Bartley Jr. ‘87 Russell Bartley ‘60 Edwin Batiste Marvell Baudy Wayne Baudy Jr ‘98 Shawn Bax Trinia Bax Jane Baxmann Barry Bazanac ‘66

Harold Bazley ‘02 Charlette Becnel Warren Bell Jr. ‘69 Trevor Bellows Steven Benini Gilbert Bennett Jr. ‘71 Angela Bennett Bagby Gerald Bercey ‘20 Edgar Bernard ‘76 Manuel Bernard Jr. ‘69 Tia Bernard Wendy Beron Wallace Bertrand IV ‘07

2600 Club - Up to $99 Joseph Abbinanti Keith Abrams Frank Adams Jr. ‘85 Bruce Adams ‘75 Kenneth Adams ‘67 T Adeeko Verna Age Vinicia Albritton Jamel Alexander ‘04 Katrina Alexy Darryl Algere ‘72 Emile Alito Jr. Ronald Allen ‘87 Hal Amos Sr. ‘84 Krisoan Ancar Michael Anderson 26

‘81 Levy Anthony Larry Arbeiter Gail Armant Lester Arnaud Jr. ‘58 Arnold Schwarz Arnold Rhonda Atkins Paula Aubert Louis Augillard III ‘64 Betty Austin Raymond Austin Paul Baddoo Jr. ‘74 Tasha Bailey Gary Baker Maurice Baldwin ‘99

Danielle Bertrand Anthony Biagas ‘71 Clarance Bickham Bickham Derrick Bienemy ‘15 Albert Bierria Jr. ‘55 Mark Bigelbach Nicholas Bijou ‘09 Constance Birabent Fabian Blache Jr. ‘60 Tracie Blake Alayna Blash Leon Blouin III ‘80 Khama Blunt Rene Boissiere Caleb Bolden ‘09 Phillip Bollinger Arthur Booze ‘67 Alvin Bordenave ‘60 Robert Borruso Adrian Bostick Candice Boucree Gordon Boudouin ‘79 Michael Bourg Zachary Bourgeois ‘99 Byron Boyd ‘67 George Bozonier Jr ‘74 Donnye Brady Darren Brazley Sr. ‘87 David Briant Laura Brickey Lavonzell Bridges Stanley Briscoe ‘74 Veronica Briscoe Darrell Brooks ‘07 Cardell Brooks ‘94 Darren Brooks Sr Dywone Brooks Clarence Brown ‘92

Johndel Brown ‘71 Pamela Brown Wanda Brown Bruce Brown ‘69 Jerry Brown IV ‘15 Benjamin Brown ‘05 Lisa Brown Marie Brown Sandra Brown Linda Brown Matthew Brunson Trevor Bryan ‘63 George Brzezinski Harold Burden ‘94 Christy Burns Joseph Burns ‘65 Eric Burrell ‘85 John Burrell ‘82 Lyneisa Bush Hector Butler Tracey Butler Butler Robin & Neal Bychek Adolph Bynum Jr. ‘85 Kimbley Bynum Howard Byrd SSJ Abram Calhoun Quentin Calhoun Steven Calhoun Toni Cambre Yvonne Campbell Pearl Cantrelle Eugene Caputo Bernadette Carrere Edgar Carrere ‘65 Margaret Carroll Andrew Carter Jr ‘11 Ramona Carter Robert Cashill Gilbert Casimire ‘86 Ronald Castenell Sr. ‘68 Bridget Castle Lynette Causey

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Trey Causey ‘19 Norman Cavitt ‘90 Peter Cayea Fran Chambers Rufus Chambers Narvella Chambers Mary ChampagneBarnes Damien Charles ‘95 Weaver Charles Weaver Travis Chase ‘93 Alden Cheatham Sr. ‘03 Lawrence Chenier MD ‘71 Susan Chiasson Edward Chiffriller SSJ Maria Ciampa Mark Clark ‘82 Sherman Clarke Tia Clarke Calvin Coco ‘06 Linda Codianni Rodney Cohen Faith Cola Bridget Colella Julien Coleman ‘11 Vickie Coleman Mary Anne Collins Joseph Conde ‘79 Odelia Condiff Caitlin Conley Ray Connor Alex Cooley ‘05 Bryan Cooper ‘10 Sheridan Cooper Anetra Cordier Deborah Correa Arnel Cosey Jenelle Cosey William Cosey III Dianne Cosey

William Cosey Tonya Cousin Jeanne CousinEmilien Mary Beth Crafton Karen Crooks Mary Crooks Ronald Curd Matthew Currier Brett Cyprian ‘06 Roy Cyprian Jr. ‘79 Cherlyn Cyres Frank Daggs ‘96 Oliver Daliet ‘83 Erin Darcy Don Davidson Jr. Kelly Davillier Davillier Gabrielle Davis Rishard Davis ‘16 Alphonse Davis (Ret.) ‘68 Randolph Davis Rawn Davis Sr. ‘65 Brittany Davis William Davis ‘70 Adam Dawson ‘05 Gary Dawson MD ‘89 Letha Dawson Whitney Dawson John Day Tania De John Tom and Lisa DeFrees Edmond Dejan Lauren Derbigny Rita Derencius Fabian Desbordes ‘55 Brandon Deterville Sr. ‘87 Mary Deutsch Tyrone Devezin 27

Annual Giving Kathleen DeVries John Diaz III ‘57 Carole DiLauro Joseph Dillard ‘90 Laurence Dingle Dwaine Dinvaut ‘89 Gary Dittmer Darren Dixon ‘80 Cory Dixon ‘88 Darren Dixon ‘21 Roland Dobard ‘70 Patrick Dolan Jade Domingue Shanedyra Donate Isiss Donate Michael Downin Tom Doyle Avanelle Drayton Byron Duckworth ‘77 Terrence Dugas Dugas Charlene Duke Mimi Duncanson Patrick Dunn ‘11 Blanche Dupree Jovan Dupree Terry Dupuy ‘87 Trinice Dyer Dyer Damien East ‘22 Joseph Edwards Jr. ‘67 Jatonne El-Amin Smith Elena Smith Joanmarie Ellis Marianne Ellis Dale Emmert Andrew Engel Mandi Engeldinger Terrill English James Ethell Derreck Eugene ‘80 JoAnna Euraque 28

Suedania Evans Celeste Feast Aisha Felder Delfeayo Ferdinand ‘73 Mateo Fernandez ‘20 Dwight Fernandez ‘00 Jarrett Ferrand ‘20 Charles Ferrand ‘69 Keith Ferrouillet ‘96 Malcolm Ferrouillet ‘23 Margaret Finn Robert Fischer Stephen Fischer Fischer Tonya Fisher Herman Fitch III ‘83 Joan Fitzsimmons Robert Florentino ‘90 Claude Flot ‘02 Sullivan Fortner Shawn Fortune Nick Foster Stephanie Fox Zoe Francis Derrick Francis ‘03 Catherine Francis Keith Francis Jr. ‘92 Raquel Francis Keywanda Francis Donald Francisco ‘83 Michael Frank Rodney Freels ‘81 Zachary Frick Darril Frick Sr. Paul Gabriel Jr. ‘99 Larryce Gaines Marie Gallo

Darren Gambrell Chad Gammon Donald Ganier ‘82 Annmarie GannonSmith Bernard Garnett Jr. ‘74 Jennifer Garratt Henry Gaspard Sr. ‘60 Marcia Gaspard Zachary Gaston ‘78 Lloyd Gavion Jr. ‘66 Joseph George Jr. ‘06 Troy Gibson ‘81 Renee Gill Pratt Errol Gilyot ‘93 Kaye Ginsberg Mike Giorgio Montrell Givens ‘07 Michael Glapion ‘65 Randy Glapion ‘87 Andrew Glapion ‘13 Kaitlin Glapion Kori Glapion Chelsie Glover Chris Godard Reginald Goings ‘83 Mark Gonsoulin Jr. ‘88 Mark Gonsoulin III ‘19 Rebecca Goodrich Glenda Gordon Justin Gordon ‘13 Kenneth Gordon Maurice Gourrier ‘68 Damon Gousman ‘74 Rachel Graham Alphonse Graves ‘12 Sean Gray ‘92

Paradise Gray ‘70 Rachael Gray Terence Green ‘84 Eugene Green Jr. ‘76 Michael Greer Piper Griffin Bantu Gross ‘01 Paula Guida Calvin Guidry III ‘25 Michael Guillaume ‘81 Phillip Gullage IV ‘21 Maddison Gulley G Marla Gunderson Marlin Gusman Von Guter ‘01 Holly Hadesty Kevin Hagan ‘01 Barbara Hailey Michael Halloran Carol Halter Gregory Hamilton ‘87 Wendell Hammond ‘84 Alfred Hanson IV ‘87 Shirley Hanzelka De’Jon Hardges Hardges Darlene Harris Kenneth Harris ‘62 Asper Harrison III ‘79 Linda Hartman Judith Haspel Sheryl Haydel Derrick Haymer Crystal Hebert Melinda Hefner Phillip Heisser ‘75 Raymond Heisser ‘58 Verdell Heisser ‘63 Mason Hendon ‘22

Dawn Hennessey Rodney Henry ‘70 D’Juan Hernandez ‘84 Carlos Herrera ‘88 Jane Herwehe Bernie Hesse Wanda Hickerson Darren Hinmon Jalen Hinton ‘19 Melissa Hinze Carl Hithe ‘71 Melvin Hogan ‘66 Royce Hogan ‘72 Robert Holland ‘88 Miriam Holleman Louis Holmes III ‘76 Jari Honora ‘09 Gregory Honore ‘69 Morris Honore ‘66 Gregg Honore Sr Denise Hoogland Erica Houston Michael Howard ‘12 Kendrick Howard ‘12 Louis Hubbard II ‘08 John Huber Tyrone Hughes ‘88 Kenneth Hujet Gretchen Hull Emmitt Humphrey ‘91 Tammi Hunt

Avery Hunter Emile Hurst Jr. ‘05 Melanie Hylok Daahandra Ingram Xaviera Ingram Jonathan Jack ‘13 James Jackson ‘87 Mark Jackson II ‘03 Patricia Jackson Trudy Jackson Calandra Jackson Ronald Jackson ‘75 Roy Jackson Jr. ‘96 Jessica Jackson Nikki Jackson Judas James Amy Jaromin Karriem Jefferson Sr. ‘94 Ja’Net Jenkins Edward Jerdonek Albert Jett Sr. ‘69 Christopher Johns II II ‘14 Jalen Johnson ‘11 Juan Johnson ‘85 Lance Johnson ‘98 Kendrick Johnson ‘87 Brooklynn Johnson Randon Johnson ‘05 Tonya Johnson Donald Johnson Jr.

‘22 Matthew JohnsonShepard Cynthia Joly Antonio Jones ‘96 Catherine Jones Bryant Jones ‘86 Cyril Jones ‘87 Ryan Jones ‘05 Ashley Jones Tyrohne Jones Keisha Jones Sadique Jones Dwight Jordan ‘91 Terry Joseph ‘82 Nathaniel Joseph ‘79 Wesley Joseph ‘05 William Joseph Jr. ‘97 Mark Joseph Jr. ‘20 Tami Joseph Victor Jourdain ‘87 Susan Juffe Shaleska Julian Delores Julian Christopher Jupiter ‘07 Ulysses Jupiter Jr. ‘64 Barbara Justiss Joseph Karl Gayle Kauzlarich

Kirsten Keefe Nick Keelen Desmond Keller ‘96 Jane Kennedy Barbara Kennedy Melissa Kentner Joshua Ker ‘16 David Ker III ‘20 Janice Kerwin Patricia Kilner Kilner Reynaldo King I ‘85 William King Hampton King ‘86 Reginald King Sr. William Kirlin Debra Kirschnick Gloria Klein Jen Klise Christi Klumpp Jamell Knight ‘01 Anjuiel Knight Katherine Knight Rita Knudtsen Kevin Kondrat Kelly Kowalski Imelda Labadie Dylan Labrie Aaron LaCabe Sr. ‘82 Troy Ladmirault Jr ‘14 Mingo Laferr Garrett LaFleur Omar Landrum ‘88 Leslie Langhetee

Continued Support from Local Foundation: James P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation The James P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation continues its wonderful support in 2021. St. Augustine High School has been blessed to receive consecutive years of support from the foundation across several areas including: The Marching 100, financial aid, transportation, and the latest gift being invested towards reimagining the school’s library. To date, the James P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation has contributed $1,134,364.10 to the school’s mission. St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Annual Giving Darby Lassiter Joseph Laurent Jr. ‘15 Dennis Laurie Jeffrey Lawrence Gregory Lazard Sr. ‘84 Gregory Lazard Jr. ‘08 James Leach Halima Leak Francis Daniel Leamon Tyler LeBlanc ‘14 Ronald Lee Carleen Lee David Leo Brandon Leonard ‘05 Heidi and Jay Leupp Robert Levine Kaila Lewis Kameron Lewis ‘19 Casandra Liggin Mark Lion III ‘78 Michael London ‘81 Cade London ‘20 Sierra Lopez Alfred Luke ‘98 Jude Luke Jr. ‘16 Emile Lumas ‘96 Richard Lynch Mrs. Lynnnell Harding Laurie MacDougall Edward Macnamara Tracy Madison ‘83 Roger Madson Bianca Magee Carl Magee ‘81 Lavoise Magee ‘12 Cheryl Magee Tracy Major Major Wayne Maldonado ‘73 30

Lucy Mallery Dwayne Mallet Jr. ‘18 Michael Malone ‘94 Calvin Malone Nelita Manego Lisa Marie Manning Errol Manuel Percy Marchand ‘99 Susan Margraff Anthony Marrero ‘91 Daina Marsh Melanie Marshall Stephenie Marshall Faye Martin Ken Mask Noah Mason ‘03 Shirnetta Mason Sophia Masters Troy Mathieu Rose Mathieu Karl Matthews w ‘96 John Maxmillion ‘64 Anne May Bruce Mays Jr. ‘99 Loretta McCabe Donald McCaskill ‘79 Alice McCorry Lynda McCray Alfred McCrea ‘79 Travis McDonald ‘92 Barbara Mcelholm Laranda Mcghee Thomas McGonigle Mary McGuirk Jarrad Mckay Joann Mckay Morgan McLaughlin Lisa McLendon Kathy McLeod Arthur McLin Jr. ‘67 Kimberly McNeil Kathleen Mego

Michael Melton ‘70 Arthur Mendoza Laila Mercadal Derek Mercadal II ‘26 Huey Mercadel ‘91 Theron Mercadel Sr. ‘79 Kobe Mercadel ‘20 Freddie Merriday ‘69 Rose Merriday Kate Metts Tavon Miller Michael Mims III ‘19 Craig Minor ‘88 Paula Mirabin Ruffin Mitchell ‘00 Brady Mitchell ‘24 Brandon Mitchell ‘24 Erica Mitchell Antonio Moffatt James Moffett Jr. ‘72 Jennifer Molinoff Jesse Mondy ‘84 Charles Moore ‘91 John Moore ‘59 Maurice Moore Thomas Moran Jr. Stephanie Moreaux Moreaux Mary Morley Felton Morris Jr. ‘88 Ralph Morris Sr. ‘71 Renee Morris-Magee George Morrissey Sandra Moses Vernon Mullen ‘67 Elizabeth Murphy Donna Murphy-Sharp Melvin Murrill M.D. ‘70 Shulond Myer

Stacy Myers Kenneth Myers ‘83 Errol Myers ‘90 Rahmaan Nance ‘92 Rose Naputano Michael Navarre ‘80 Michael Nedd ‘63 Thoreau Nellum ‘59 Damon Nelson ‘95 Daren Nelson Jackyron Newman Sr. ‘94 Andres Nicholas ‘74 Jon Nichols Greg Nixon Jr. Lamont Norris ‘93 Rex Nyquist Larry & Margie O’Malley Jennifer O’Connor Michael O’Reilly Robert O’Connor Kevin Odelusi ‘09 Herman Oliver ‘67 Sharon ONeal Patrick Orlich Joseph Orticke ‘65 Dafydd Owen Mark Oyaas Oyaas Elizabeth Pacheco Garvey Kevin Page Sr ‘79 Zina Page Derrick Pannell ‘89 Alice Pappas Roseanna Pappion Denise Parent Donald Parshall Jr. Javon Patrick ‘98 Dustin Patterson ‘06 Edward Patterson Jr. ‘88 Darren Paul

Amy Peardon Corey Pearson Deborah Pedescleaux Marqurite Peets Alice Perkins Logan Perkins ‘05 Darrell Perry ‘87 John Perry Joshua Phelps Lucil Phillips Terrence Phillips Osborne Picou Sr. ‘62 Kyle Pierce Terrence Pierce Walter Pierce ‘71 Fellman Pierre ‘57 Jeffrey Pitler Calvin Poche ‘62 Corey Poppe Christopher Porter ‘96 Myron Porter Porter ‘93 Susan Potter Sabrina Powell Jay Powers Glen Pratt Sr. ‘71 Rosalind Pratter

Mary Preyan Arthur Price Jr Cartina Price Dexter Price Christopher Pride ‘98 Samuel Prout III ‘88 Joyce Pulley Theodore Radkiewicz Esq. Darlene Randel Saundra Rankin Taylor Ranson ‘14 Rudy Rayfield Jr. ‘95 David Reed ‘06 Gerald Reed ‘93 Rene’ Reed ‘06 Shawn Reed ‘93 Linden Rees Collin Reid ‘24 Kasie Releford Greyson Reno Jon Renthrope ‘06 Valencia Ricard Rodney Ricard ‘82 Chad Richard ‘99 Darren Richard ‘80 Charlene Richardson Brittney Richardson Ronald Rigaud Sr.

‘65 Juwana Riggins Simon Sarah Riggle Larry Riley Jr. ‘88 Derek Rinehardt Alfred Ripoll IV ‘21 Linda Riviore-Fleming Annamarie Robb Spurgeon Roberts Gregory Robertson ‘90 Otis Robinson Jr. ‘71 Donald Robinson Jr. ‘87 Sherryl Robinson Samuel Robinson ‘81 Craig Robinson Jr. ‘06 Leon Roche II ‘00 Harold Rochon Jr ‘84 Gina Rochon Noel Rochon ‘67 Damon Rocque Deanna Rodgers David Rodriguez Cardell Ross Jr. Chuck Roth Kenneth Rowan Jr. ‘15

Charmaine Rowan Diane Ryan Kenneth Sabathia Sr. ‘71 Tom Sacco Breck Sacra Masarah Saizan Kamecha Salvant Chandler Sam Chandi Sam Donnell Sampson Sr. ‘82 Charmaine Sandifer Roxanne Santa Cruze Darren Santiago Jr. ‘97 Julie Sardie Dalton Savwoir Jr. ‘68 Robert Schirner Clayton Schnyder Jr. ‘79 Debra Schultz Russell Schuster Denise Scott Grace Sellers James Servino Lateef Shaheer ‘89 Edward Shanklin ‘76 David Shaw ‘83

Single Largest Gift from Individual Donor: Jean Cimpl-Knox In response to viewing “Best Band in the Land” featuring The Marching 100 on 60 Minutes dated March 14, 2021, supporter Jean Cimpl-Knox responded with a wonderful gift of $164,850 to purchase all new instruments and ancillary items to support the band as it returns to prominence during the pandemic. This gift was the largest one-time gift made by an individual in CY2021. St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Annual Giving John Sherer Tajalena Sholes Bryan Sigur ‘92 Vanessa Sigur Lindsey Silas Jaedon Simmons ‘22 Mona Simmons Patrick Simmons ‘96 Ruby Simmons Corey Simms ‘14 Terrell Simon ‘98 James Singleton ‘84 Reid Singleton John Sloat Dianne Slusark Desi Small ‘91 Lee Smith ‘73 Kevin Smith ‘76 Robert Smith ‘67 Troy Smith Brandon Smith ‘01 Brian Smith ‘06 Chad Smith ‘90 Emanuel Smith ‘92 Patrick Smith ‘90 Quinn Smith ‘84 Victor Smith ‘04 Xiomara Smith ‘26 Charles Smith Jr. Evona Smith Arthur Smith Jr. Adolph Sorina Jr ‘88 Jerome Soule ‘61 Ronald Staes ‘60 Sherrill Starr Jason Steele Yvette Steib Howard Sterling ‘67 Michel Sterling Sr. ‘70 Thaddeus Sterling ‘86 Clarence Sterling III ‘19 Samuel Stevens ‘75 Olivia Stewart LaMarr Stinson 32

Russell Stockard Jr. ‘64 Pauline Storms-Perkins Mary Stortz Thomas Stovall ‘67 Joshua Stuart Ryan Sugulleh ‘07 Leslie Sumler Sumler Vanessa Sumler Vincent Sylvain Danielle Sylve Davanya Tabb Michael Taylor Janice Taylor Kathy Taylor Andrea Terry Arianna Theodoss Ryan Thomas ‘82 Sedrick Thomas Rhonda Thomas Davin Thomas ‘87 Henry Thomas ‘61 Quitman Thomas Jr. ‘81 Breeda Thompson Calvin Thompson IV ‘13 Brian Thompson ‘86 William Thompson II ‘14 Courtlyn Thornton Ashley Thurmond Perry Tillman Kendra Tircuit John Tobin Steven Tollerson ‘84 Tamar Totty Seth Towles Robert Tracy Council Grant Tregre ‘96 Brandon Trudeaux ‘04 Leslie Trufant Patricia Tucker Anshay Tull Mary Turner Turner Bakari Turner ‘97 Carroll Turner Stephanie Turner

Alumni Giving Mary Uhlir Kenya Valentine Neil van Duinen John VanDenBrink Geoffrey Vanison ‘12 Thomas Vaughan Winston Vaz ‘75 Linda Velazquez Thomas Velazquez ‘56 Chavis Verrett ‘87 Juanita Vidato Kenneth Vidato ‘90 Tyronne Villavasso ‘72 Lionel Vincent ‘87 Joan Vogelle Dorothy Walker Jimmie Walker Jr. ‘97 Scarlett Walker Odilia Wallace Deborah Ward Crosby Tineka Ware Dane Warren ‘65 Samuel Washington III ‘84 Kirk Washington ‘82 Leo Washington Shayna Washington Leon Waters ‘67 Demetrius Watson ‘85 Devon Watts ‘11 Roxanne Watts Jasmyne Watts Ronald Weiber Barry Weiss James Westerfield ‘96 Carlethia Wharton Armon Whitaker ‘98 Jeremy Whitaker ‘09 Lynnette White-Colin Jim Whittle Gary Wiethuchter Julie Wilkinson Jonathan Willard ‘16 Herman Williams IV ‘15

Brantley Williams Sr. ‘88 Bruce Williams ‘99 Joseph Williams Jr ‘82 Lionel Williams Jr. ‘85 Craig Williams ‘71 Brenda Williams Clarence Williams ‘96 Tavis Williams ‘23 Debbie Williams Laverne Williams Tonji Williams Austin Williams ‘18 Christine Williams Damon Williams ‘93 Leslie Williams-Johnson Teona Willingham Jermon Wilson ‘96 Shaun Wilson ‘01 Timothy Wilson Sr. ‘82 Andre Wilson Jr. ‘18 Bradley Wilson ‘06 John Wilson ‘65 Keith Wilson Sr. ‘84 Stephanie Wilson Roy Winand ‘59 Tiffany Wineburg Sara Wolf Manzel Woodfork III ‘75 Clifford Woods Jr. ‘58 Niara Woods Lauren Woulard Kiana Wright Komiko Wright Steven Wurtz Sidney Wyche ‘67 Jennifer Zhang Sam Zurik American Online Giving Foundation, Inc. The Law Office of Tunney Lee King Pfizer

Alumni Donors by Class Year Alumni giving participation stayed FLAT YOY (2020 to 2021)

Class of 1955

Albert Bierria Jr. Fabian Desbordes Lionel Trouillier Jr.

Class of 1956

James Raphael Thomas Velazquez

Ernest Frazier Sr. Henry Gaspard Sr. Walter Green Charles Hamilton Jr. Michael Lavigne Jr. Robert Lewis Morris Pichon Norey Smith III Ronald Staes

Class of 1961

Class of 1957 Steven Antoine John Diaz III Fellman Pierre

William Harris Jr. Ed Rigaud Jr. Alvarez Ruiz Errol Simmons Jerome Soule Henry Thomas Raphael Velazquez

Class of 1958

Class of 1962

Lester Arnaud Jr. Raymond Heisser Dwight McKenna MD Jerome Medley MD Clifford Woods Jr.

Class of 1959

Ronald DelHomme David Derokey Jr. Adrien Eugene Alvin McKenna John Moore Thoreau Nellum Salvador Pratts Roy Winand

Class of 1960

Sidney Barthelemy Russell Bartley Fabian Blache Jr. Alvin Bordenave

Leonard Bachemin Marvin Brown Bernard Bynum Jr. Wendell Dupuy Wilfred Gaspard Kenneth Harris Charles Jones Philip Orticke Jr. Edward Parker Osborne Picou Sr. Calvin Poche Larry Stewart Gerald Villavasso

Class of 1963

Ronald Bocage Renard Boissiere Trevor Bryan Raoul Chauvin Jr. Virgil Demery Kenneth Frick

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Raymond Fritz Jr. Verdell Heisser Jerrol Larrieu Joseph Marion Jr. Michael Nedd Austin Penny Jr. Lloyd Villavaso

Class of 1964

Louis Augillard III Freddie Baptiste Rudolph Courseault Sr. Louis Gaignard Walter Goodwin Sr. Ulysses Jupiter Jr. John Maxmillion Hubert Morton Jr. Anthony Richard Russell Stockard Jr. Woodrow Wilson Jr.

Class of 1965

Francois Ancar Jr. Louis Atkins Wayne Baquet Sr. Steve Barbre Wayne Benjamin Sydney Bradford II Joseph Burns Edgar Carrere Furnell Chatman Jerome Craig Edgar Dapremont Jr Rawn Davis Sr. Errol Duronslet Lawrence Francis Gregory Gaines John Gaines William Garibaldi III Michael Glapion

Michael Gordon Larry Higgins Earl Johnston Jr Wendell Knox Emile Lombard Sr. Bobby Major Jr. Gregory McKendall Sr. Louis Meyi Jr. Ron Nabonne Wayne Newman Joseph Orticke Ronald Quintal Lawrence Reed Ronald Rigaud Sr. Darrel Saizan Eldon Sigur Sidney St. Martin III Harry Tervalon Jr. Paul R Valteau Jr Dane Warren John Wilson Richard Winder Sr.

Class of 1966

Dennis Bagneris Barry Bazanac Aaron Bocage Anthony Decuir Rodney Dejoie Lloyd Gavion Jr. Melvin Hogan Morris Honore Ferrol Lee Robert Lee Jr. George Olivier Jr. Edgar Taplin Jr. Alcide Tervalon Jr.

Class of 1967 Kenneth Adams


Alumni Giving Arthur Allen Arthur Booze CLU Byron Boyd Ulysses Crowe Joseph Edwards Jr. Kermit Francis Vaughn Glapion Curtis Harris Jr. Beryl Johnson Arthur McLin Jr. Ashley Moore Vernon Mullen Herman Oliver Quillie Parker Noel Rochon Robert Smith Howard Sterling Thomas Stovall Herbert Thomas Jr. Leon Waters Sidney Wyche

Class of 1968

Clarence Ancar III Maurice Baudy Sr. Marvin Beaulieu Ronald Castenell Sr. Alphonse Davis (Ret.) Phillip DeMouy Lloyd Dennis Jr. Maurice Gourrier Wayne Neveu

Victor Pichon Leslie Rey Dalton Savwoir Jr. Oscar Smith

Class of 1969

Gregory Bazile Warren Bell Jr. Manuel Bernard Jr. Bruce Braden Sr. Bruce Brown Charles Ferrand Gregory Honore Albert Jett Sr. Louis Keyes Cornelius Lewis Vernon Martin Jr. Freddie Merriday Dwight Richards Clinton Smith Jr. Brent Wilson Esq. Wesley Wilson Donald Winder Sr

Class of 1970

Melvin Bijou Jr. Emmett Chapital Jr. MD Thomas Daniel Jr. William Davis Roland Dobard

Dwight Fitch Sr. Ralph Gaston Paradise Gray Lloyd Gueringer Troy Heard Rodney Henry Wade Hypolite Gerard Johnson Errol Martin Michael Melton Melvin Murrill M.D. Gerald Pannell Sr. Kern Reese Michel Sterling Sr. Ronald Stevens David Waddell Sr. Barry Walton

Class of 1971

Peter Batiste Gilbert Bennett Jr. Anthony Biagas Glenn Brousseau Johndel Brown Burton Burns Keith E. Butler Lawrence Chenier MD Mitch Crusto Keith Dawson David Emilien Carl Hithe

Leonard Merriman III Kenneth Mitchell Ralph Morris Sr. Walter Pierce Glen Pratt Sr. Gregory Pulley Sr. Joseph Relf Jr. Otis Robinson Jr. Howard Rodgers III Kenneth Sabathia Sr. Raymond Vance Jesse Watley Craig Williams

Class of 1972

Earl Adams Darryl Algere Darryl Barthe Sr. Kenneth Boutte Sr. Norman Burrell Donald Carrere Gregg DeMar Arnold Donald Leland Ellsworth Royce Hogan Lionel Jupiter Silas Lee Ph.D. Alton Martin James Moffett Jr. Clifton Vaughn Michael Villavaso Tyronne Villavasso

Organizational Support: Ladies for Purple Scholars The Ladies for Purple Scholars (LPS) continue to be a vital support group to students, families, and prospective Purple Knights. They are committed to raising funds for financial assistance and programs around the school. In addition, with a rotation of team members, the LPS manages the school’s bookstore. In 2021 bookstore revenue netted profit of $121,471.05. 34

Class of 1973

William Brousseau Kenneth Coignet MD Michael Diamond Delfeayo Ferdinand Clarence Henry III Frank Jones Wayne Maldonado Lee Smith Will Sutton

Class of 1974

Malcolm Alston Paul Baddoo Jr. John Baker III George Bozonier Jr Stanley Briscoe Brian Burns Sr Lawrence Epps Jr Bernard Garnett Jr. Dmitri Gaston Damon Gousman Robert Griffin Warmoth Guillaume Warren Haney Jr. Michael Hunter Waldo Moret Kevin Mosby Andres Nicholas Brian Prevost Eli St. Julien Gary Tanner Gregory Washington

Class of 1975

Bruce Adams Michael Aubry Ellis Cooper John Ferdinand Jr. Eric Fleury Phillip Heisser Ronald Jackson Larry James

Anthony Laurent Jr. Michael McKee Roy Rodney Samuel Stevens Winston Vaz Manzel Woodfork III

Class of 1976

Rudolph August Jr. Justin Augustine III Fabian Barbarin Edgar Bernard Oyd Craddock Gerald DeBose Eugene Green Jr. Louis Holmes III Charles Parent Edward Shanklin Kevin Smith Byron St. Cyr Christopher Willard Wydell Williams Jr.

Class of 1977

Joe Allen Jr. Jerald Barnes Emmett Collins III Byron Duckworth Leo Dunn Earl Dural Terry Felton Sr. Raymond Gray Richard Harleaux Jr Arthur Hunter Jr. Dewey Lewis Jr Roy Marrero Jr. Charles Mouton Tyrone Payne Leo Raymond Jr. Victor Richard III

Class of 1978

Kenneth Aguillard

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Winston Burns Jr. Kurt Davis Darren Diamond George Edwards Wayne Ferrier Tarrell Florent Zachary Gaston Troy Henry Troy Henry Sylvester Johnson Mark Lion III Leo Luke Michael Malone Mark Moody Donald Nicholas Gregory Rattler Sr.

Class of 1979

John Adams Bernell Alexander Jr Antonio Amos Rock Anderson Jr. Roderick Batiste LIFA Martin Billips Gordon Boudouin Fredrick Butler Joseph Conde Roy Cyprian Jr. Gregory Dandridge Michael Davillier Jr Ronald Egana Jr. Cedric Ellsworth Therron Foley Roy Glapion Asper Harrison III Michael Johnson Nathaniel Joseph Steven Kiper Alverez Labat Daryl Malone Alvin Martin Donald McCaskill Alfred McCrea

Theron Mercadel Sr. Kevin Page Sr Clayton Schnyder Jr. Terence Sims David Soublet Sr. Granville Summers David Terrance Jeff Thomas

Class of 1980

Troy Bell Martin Blossom Sr. Leon Blouin III William Bostick David Charles Norval Chester Jr. Louis Colin Sr. Reginald Delecia Darren Dixon Derreck Eugene Shawn Flot Sr. Jerry Gutter Edwin Henry Ruston Henry James Wagner Jr. Gerald Lagarde Jr. Curtis Lawrence Sr. Thomas Lovince Gregory Malone Sr Byron Martin Sr. Dwayne M Merridy Timothy Moody Michael Navarre Kolin Page Daniel Raphael Jr. Darren Richard Damon Singleton Tod Smith James St. Charles Jr. Mack Summers Dwight Walker Lawrence Weathersby Sr. 35

Alumni Giving Lawrence Winchester III James Zimmerman

Class of 1981

Reginald Alexander Sr. Michael Alphonse Michael Anderson Malcolm Armstrong Jr. Clarence Bailey Sr David Banks Bruce Boucree Paul Bourgeois David Boutté Wayne Carriere Homer Charles Kenny Chenier Brian Cureau Jan Davillier Derryl Dunn Damon Dupart Rodney Freels Darril Frick Jr Troy Gibson Michael Guillaume Stephen Harrell Sr. Darold Honore Bryan Jefferson Esq. Brenlen Jinkens Ray Johnson Sr. Warren Johnson DPM Kyle Laurendine Joseph Laurent Sr Lamont Lewis Michael London Wilfred Luke Carl Magee Anthony Merrell Sr. Jeffery Oliver Lucien Parfaite Charles Patterson 36

Mark Paul Stephen Pepin David Pratt Howard Raphael Clifford Ratliff Sr. Kevin Ricard Samuel Robinson Jeffrey Rugon Sr. Vincent Simmons Matthew Smith III Kenneth St. Charles Ph.D. Albert Taylor III Robert Taylor Jr Quitman Thomas Jr. Clarence Toussaint Michael Wallace Kevin Williams

Class of 1982

Terrence Augillard D.D.S James Beverly III John Burrell Kenneth Cassine Brent Charles Mark Clark Gregory Coston Sr. Wendell Delaney Kevin Derbigny Sr. Morris Edwards IV Donald Ganier Joseph Gilyot III Terry Joseph Aaron LaCabe Sr. Jude Luke Sr. Leo B Montgomery Jr Donald Peters Derek Rabb Arnold Rachal Sr. Rodney Ricard Donnell Sampson Sr. Kevin Saulny

Eric Smith Tony Stone Ryan Thomas Kirk Washington Joseph Williams Jr Timothy Wilson Sr. David Wright

Class of 1983

Wayne Brown Oliver Daliet Barry Domio Herman Fitch III Donald Francisco William Furr Jr. Kevin Gallien Reginald Goings Avery Johnson Tracy Madison Christopher Marrero M.D. Kenneth Myers Christopher Richardson Sr. David Shaw Robert Simpson Eric Winchester

Class of 1984

Walter Allen Hal Amos Sr. Anthony Bell Kevin Butler Melvin Cade Sr. Gregory Coleman Robert Cooper Jr. Marlon Francois Brent Gilmore Terence Green Wendell Hammond Michael Hedge D’Juan Hernandez Gary Huntley

Huiet Joseph III Gregory Lazard Sr. Orlando Leavell Juan McGinty Jesse Mondy Ventress Newport Kendall Parker DDS Keith Randolph Alvin Reine Harold Rochon Jr Norman Roussell James Singleton Quinn Smith Jeffery Thomas Mark Tillman Steven Tollerson Stan Verrett Samuel Washington III Keith Wilson Sr.

Class of 1985

Frank Adams Jr. Erskine Barbarin Mark Boucree Wardell Bourgeois Sr. Eric Burrell Adolph Bynum Jr. Daniel Davillier Timothy Davis Derek Frick Troy Gullage Juan Johnson Ronald Jones Jr Shane Jones Reynaldo King I Louis Livers Jr. Malcolm Poree Tyrone Ralph Jr. Brett Rodney David Smith Shawn Stiaes Brian Taylor

Gilbert Tillman Demetrius Watson Lionel Williams Jr.

Class of 1986

Wayne Baquet Jr. Kenneth Burton James Cage Gilbert Casimire Robert Crockem John Davillier Gregory Dejan Rene Dupree Melvin Ferdinand Kentral Hagan Sr. Bryant Jones Hampton King Joe McGhee Jr Darrin Pierce Raymond Rachal Corey Robertson Timothy Sims Sr. Keith Smith Thaddeus Sterling Brian Thompson Cayetano Thornton John Vanison Jr Eric M Washington

Class of 1987

Ronald Allen Marc Barnes Sr. Bryant Bartley Jr. Antoine Becnel Jr. Damon Bowie Darren Brazley Sr. Keith Brown Morris Cannon Douglas Carey Blaine Cerre Gary Clark Vladimir Copper Brandon Deterville Sr. Terry Dupuy Malcolm Gibson Randy Glapion Avery Goff Russell Green Jr. Elbert Hamilton Jr. Gregory Hamilton Neal Hamilton Sr. Alfred Hanson IV Mark Harris Jr. Pierre Hill Sr. Tilton Hunter Jr James Jackson Kendrick Johnson

Sean Johnson Sr. Cyril Jones David Jones Jr. Mark Joseph Sr. Victor Jourdain Glynn LaMothe Ernest Legier Jr. Frank Lewis III Bobby Major III Randy McKee Damon Mitchell Kevin Moore Kelwynn Napoleon Willie Neapollioun Jr Rene Paige Jr. Darrell Perry Marcel Pratt Jr. Dexter Rhodes Donald Robinson Jr. Ron Rodgers Christopher Sceau Darryl Taylor Albert Thibodeaux Davin Thomas Ernest Tiller Jr. Jerome Tinguee Frederick Tombar II Blaine Turner Sr.

Felters Veal Sr. Chavis Verrett Lionel Vincent James Waiters III Elgin Weaver Eddie Williams Jr. Eric Williams Lawrence Williams Jr. Troy Williams

Class of 1988

Charlie Anderson Vaughn Barbarin Eric Berteaux Samuel Bolds Christopher Bowen Paul Brown Jr. Craigile Brumfield LaVan Carrere Corey Covington Leroy Crawford Jr. Valiant Cuiellette Jr. Terrell Davis Cory Dixon Harold Foley III Durwin Fontenette Eddie Francis Ron Freeman

Daughters of Charity: Mission and Ministry Impact Mission & Ministry Impact (MMI) in keeping with its commitment to provide support in the communities that they serve has contributed student financial assistance, faculty funding, and support for the inaugural stages of the St. Augustine High School Gifted Academy. To date, MMI has contributed nearly half-a-million in funding to the school. St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors


Alumni Giving Mark Gonsoulin Jr. Revius Green Lionel Griffin Jr. Arrid Hansell Carlos Herrera Robert Holland Leon Holmes Tyrone Hughes Thaddeus Jackson Glenn Johnson Omar Landrum Patrick LeBoeuf III Ezell Lundy Merrell Merricks Craig Minor Felton Morris Jr. Edward Patterson Jr. Perseus Poku Samuel Prout III Larry Riley Jr. Noel Sanders Marc Smith Adolph Sorina Jr Sidney St. Martin IV Kevin Staes Barry Terrance Rory Verrett David White Brantley Williams Sr. Matthew Williams

Alvin Robinson III John Ross Jr. Lateef Shaheer Derek Walker Craig Weber Gregg Williams Torrey Andrews Kevin Batiste Norman Cavitt Joseph Dillard D’Juan Dorsey Sr. Corey Echols Robert Florentino Marlis Harang Jr. Alfred Harrell III William Jones IV Jabbar Juluke Brian McGowan Sr. Cedric Montgomery Jarvis Morgan Errol Myers Randall Pannell Gregory Robertson Chad Smith Patrick Smith Scott Staes Tymothi Tombar Kenneth Vidato

Kevin Frick Keary Gauff Ferdinand Gettridge Duane Gilyot Tyrone Gorden Charles Harris Emmitt Humphrey Dwight Jordan Kendall Juluke Sr. Daniel Kiper Henry Latten Kerry Lewis Sr. Anthony Marrero Derek Mercadal Huey Mercadel Allen Miller Charles Moore Damien Moses Alfred Ripoll III Frank Robertson III Alan Roussel Jr. Shedrick Roy Jr Desi Small Patrick Smith Smith Willie Tapp IV Alton Tillis Branden Villavaso Carlos Vital Daniel Whittington Joseph Williams

Class of 1989

Class of 1991

Class of 1992

Kerry Alexander Harold Barrois Jr. Gary Dawson MD Dwaine Dinvaut Neal Hamilton Jr. Jerald James Jr Emmett Lodree Stephen Martin Jr. Derrick Pannell Randy Patin Sr. Robert Rising III 38

Class of 1990

Charles Allen III Lester Arnaud III H. Jamon Barrow Maurice Baudy Jr. Damian Bocage Grayling Bocage Heath Butler Cordell Dubuclet Garland Duplessis Brian Everett Eric Ferrouillet Jr

Daymon Arnold Omahar Berry Clarence Brown Keith Francis Jr. Sean Gray Dominic Keller Travis McDonald Kali Moore Rahmaan Nance Donald Neveu III Lawrence Parker

Barret Rey Christopher Richards Bryan Sigur Emanuel Smith Calvin Tregre Jr. Brad Warren Dameon Washington

Class of 1993

Harold Cade Lasana Cambrice Travis Chase Tyran Cornelius Carlos Encalade Errol Gilyot Derrick Graham Randall Jones Davlin Marshall Sr Lamont Norris Myron Porter Porter Gerald Reed Shawn Reed J’Mal Stewart Sr Rahim Theriot Damon Williams

LeVar Jenkins Sean Johnson Wayne LeBlanc Jr. Juan Lumas Isidore Marshall Sr. Damon Nelson Rudy Rayfield Jr. Maurice Robertson Kamau Smith Thomas Velazquez II Orlando Washington

Class of 1996

Corey Batiste MD Cardell Brooks Harold Burden David Hughes Sean James Karriem Jefferson Sr. Michael Malone Harold Mayberry Larry Napoleon Jackyron Newman Sr.

Rashi Bates Ravi Bates Lyle Boudreaux Jason Bush Frank Daggs Blair Dottin-Haley Durrell Edwards Keith Ferrouillet Roy Jackson Jr. Sylvester Johnson III Antonio Jones Desmond Keller Darren Lewis Emile Lumas Karl Matthews w Andrew Nash Christopher Porter Patrick Simmons Greg Square Grant Tregre Gerald Villavasso James Westerfield Clarence Williams Jermon Wilson

Class of 1995

Class of 1997

Class of 1994

Rashad Alexander Damien Charles Brian Clark Jude Haney

Travis Andrews Patrick Barry Ronald Carrere Jr. Don Dennis Jr.

William Joseph Jr. Harold Juluke Jr. Edward LaGarde Ohin Lockett Robert Nettles Kenneth Pierce Octave Rainey IV Frank Richard Jr. Jr. Walter Robinson Jr Darren Santiago Jr. Bakari Turner Torrin Velazquez Jimmie Walker Jr. James Woods

Class of 1998

Wayne Baudy Jr Richard Bettis Dwight Brown II Rudolph Courseault Jr. Bobby Duplantier Alexander Green III Emile Hall Cortez Hankton Lance Johnson Sean Laurent Wayne Lewis Alfred Luke Michael Moore Javon Patrick Christopher Pride Mark Saulny Terrell Simon Keith Smith Aulston Taylor Jason Villavasso Christopher Vincent Lloyd Watts Armon Whitaker Dominic Willard Jr.

St. Augustine High School | 2021 Recognition of Donors

Class of 1999

Maurice Baldwin Zachary Bourgeois Brandon Boutin Mitchell Brickley Damon Burns Vincent Butler Brandin Campbell Jeffrey Duroncelay Jr. Brandon Felton Paul Gabriel Jr. Peter Hamilton III Craig Jones Percy Marchand Bruce Mays Jr. Jermaine Mazant Paul Mazant II Jomarque Renthrope Chad Richard Justin Ruiz

Juan Shelby Jr. Norey Smith IV Bruce Williams

Class of 2000

Malcolm Browne Jr. Whickleff Chapital Daniel Cramer II Calvin DeLaRose Royce Duplessis Dwight Fernandez Allan Hussain Croix McClendon Ruffin Mitchell James Moffett III Derek Nevels Michael Owens Jr. Justin Reese Leon Roche II Howard Rodgers IV

Alumni Family Support: Gibson Family of Professional Funeral Services The Gibson family of Professional Funeral Services created a 360-model partnership with St. Augustine High School in 2021. Areas of funding support are being provided towards, but not limited to capital improvements to classrooms, technology enhancements around campus, Campus Ministry exploration projects, need-based scholarships and an apprenticeship initiative for mortuary sciences involving students. Initial investment of funding totals $79,000. 39

Alumni Giving Corey Scott Joshua Thomas Bryan Warning

Class of 2001

Jared Batiste Adrian Baudy Michael Chatmon Sr Marcus DeLarge Bantu Gross Von Guter Kevin Hagan Brandon Hall Robert Haydel Michael Joseph Jr. Vivison Kerr USAF Jamell Knight Harold Montgomery Jr. Corey Palmer Robert Sevalia Brandon Smith Jason Strickland Elijah Williams Kendrick Williams Shaun Wilson Lawrence Wooden

Class of 2002

Harold Bazley Robert Broussard Jr. Kelvin Brown Matt Brown Sr. Jason Burns Sr. Alton DeLarge III Jamile Dunn Claude Flot Christopher Jefferson

Class of 2003

Alden Cheatham Sr. Travis Coleman Derrick Francis Daniel Green 40

Mark Jackson II Noah Mason Roger Smith Justin Turner

Class of 2004

Jamel Alexander Dominic Blanton Kevin Hale Keith Haydel Durrell Laurent Jamin Lundy Ryan Mitchell Victor Smith Brandon Trudeaux

Class of 2005

Armand Brown Jr. Benjamin Brown Alex Cooley Mel Cordier III Adam Dawson Jared Dorsey Drew Durand Sr Emile Hurst Jr. Chad Jenkins Randon Johnson Ryan Jones Wesley Joseph Brandon Leonard Robert Mcknight Logan Perkins

Class of 2006

Sheldon Andrus III Kevin Barnes Jr Elijah Brown Calvin Coco Brett Cyprian Marcus Doss Joseph George Jr. Jarred Honora

Matthew Laurent Dustin Patterson Mark Porche Jr. David Reed Rene’ Reed Jon Renthrope Craig Robinson Jr. Brian Smith Bradley Wilson

Class of 2007

Wallace Bertrand IV Darrell Brooks Montrell Givens Eugene Green Christopher Jupiter Ryan Sugulleh

Class of 2008

Timothy Ambrose Domonique Dunn Cory Gordon Louis Hubbard II Justin Jack Gregory Lazard Jr.

Class of 2009

Brandon Banks Nicholas Bijou Caleb Bolden Jari Honora Kevin Odelusi Julien Raymond Joshua Thomas Jeremy Whitaker

Class of 2010

Bryan Cooper Jared Harris Hakeem Holmes II Brent Washington Jr.

Class of 2011

Andrew Carter Jr Julien Coleman Patrick Dunn Ajani Gibson Jalen Johnson Devon Watts

Class of 2012

Fredrick Ford Alphonse Graves Kendrick Howard Michael Howard Lavoise Magee Geoffrey Vanison

Class of 2013

Joshua Bartholomew Kendall Crawford Andrew Glapion Justin Gordon Jonathan Jack Frank Joshua Calvin Thompson IV

Class of 2014

Nelson Burton Leonard Fournette Christopher Johns II II Troy Ladmirault Jr Tyler LeBlanc Taylor Ranson Corey Simms William Thompson II Joshua Willard

Class of 2015

Derrick Bienemy Jerry Brown IV Joseph Laurent Jr. Kenneth Rowan Jr. Herman Williams IV

Class of 2016

Rishard Davis Joshua Ker Jude Luke Jr. Colburn Randel Jr. Jonathan Willard

Class of 2018

Dwayne Mallet Jr. Austin Williams Andre Wilson Jr.

Class of 2019

Marc Barnes Jr. Trey Causey Mark Gonsoulin III Jalen Hinton

Kameron Lewis Michael Mims III Clarence Sterling III

Class of 2020

Zha’Mar Farbe Phillip Gullage IV Alfred Ripoll IV Landon Williams Jr.

Gerald Bercey Mateo Fernandez Jarrett Ferrand Neal Hamilton III Mark Joseph Jr. David Ker III Cade London Kobe Mercadel Ty O’Connor

Class of 2022

Class of 2021

Malcolm Ferrouillet Tavis Williams

Darren Dixon

Joshua Alexander Chase Barrow Zion Brown Damien East Mason Hendon Donald Johnson Jr. Jaedon Simmons

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Samuel Bolds II Peter Hithe-Brumfield Brady Mitchell Brandon Mitchell Collin Reid

Class of 2025 Calvin Guidry III

Class of 2026

Derek Mercadal II Xiomara Smith

Your Support is Critical

In the city of New Orleans, there are thousands of parents that dream of a day when their sons can proudly be called a “Purple Knight”. With many families, those dream can only be actualized with the support from many others that choose to support St. Augustine High School with gifts and acts of generosity. Beyond the scholarships and financial aid, as a school, we must improve on our offerings. Every year we strive to provide our young men with the greatest education and experiences that will allow them to become a better version of themselves each day, each week, and each year. Our engagement with our students is second to none and we will continue to provide nothing less than because we know the end results will be favorable for life. Thank you for believing in our mission. It is a most critical one. One that we will never take lightly knowing we have our hand in the maturation of our young people and have been blessed with an opportunity to grow them into future leaders. We will prevail!

Aulston Taylor President & CEO - St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School 2600 AP Tureaud Ave New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 944-2424

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