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If you think that having a smart sex watch is not necessary because one already works with a normal remote control, you are very wrong!

Watchme is a sex smart watch that will help you control the top sex toys, synchronizing with them using Watchme technology to control vibrations and sex toy functions. With Watchme you can activate and deactivate the vibration and modify the patterns and intensities of each vibration mode. When we have sex, we are focused on giving and receiving pleasure. When using remote control toys we can sometimes lose sight of the remote. With Watchme this will not happen and you can focus solely on giving or receiving pleasure. It is made of soft and very comfortable silicone and is designed to be the future of remote controls. Watchme is very discreet and goes completely unnoticed and is the only watch on the market that allows you to vary the intensities in each vibration mode, offering an endless number of vibration modes from soft to strong. Each watch is available in 4 colors, selected from a survey of couples of different ages and sexual orientation. Do you practice any sport? Use the color white. Do you go to an elegant dinner? Use the color black. Are you going to buy casual? Use the color green or pink. Each color fits for a different occasion or mood. The use of Watchme is an invitation to sex and complicity. Sex with your partner can always get better, and for this reason we recommend that you try games and fantasies

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using Watchme that will help you increase your passion. In a recent survey of couples of different ages and sexual orientation, complicity and play triggered sexual fantasies and morbidities. Fantasies are just fantasies and why not use the Watchme remote while you see how your partner enjoys? You just have to let your imagination fly. All the technology of the Watchme products is a Dreamlove exclusive, and will be available from January 2021. The watches can be purchased separately. The distribution price is EUR 9.95 and RRP of EUR 19.95 Dreamlove is developing a wide range of sex toys that are fully compatible with Watchme technology, a safe bet for your business.


A collection of sex toys in bright colors that deliver what they promise: innovation, new experiences and fun.

Wearwatch is a new brand that brings us a collection of sex toys with attractive design elements and modern concepts. Aesthetics and function go hand in hand here. But they not only want to be simple sex toys, they also want to enhance the interpersonal experience. It's a high goal that is being achieved constantly. All toys are of high quality and add fun and variety to every drawer on the nightstand. They are colorful toys that represent free, playful and passionate sexuality, for all sexes, genders and orientations, whether alone, together, in bed, in a bathtub or in a car. The important thing is to feel good, laugh and have a lot of fun! They are available in four colors and different ways to combine them. Do you go to the gym? take the combination with pink or green watch. Are you going to the movies or

Wearwatch Egg is discreet, powerful and incredibly soft and velvety, with a contoured design for you to play with its tip and sides, your lips and your pleasure points.

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to dinner? Take the combination of the black or white watch. Are you getting up Happy? Pick up cheerful colors. Do you have a neutral day? Take the black or white... Your mood marks the fun in sex. They are made of medical grade silicone, flexible and waterproof and 100% vegan. And they have 7 vibration programs with different degrees of intensity and are suitable for internal and external stimulation. All Wearwatch toys are fully compatible with Watchme technology and include a watch so you can start using it with them. They are rechargeable by USB and come with a 2 year warranty. Wearwatch is an exclusive Dreamlove brand.

Wearwatch Dual is a vibrator for couples designed to stimulate both partners with vibrations during sex. The woman wears the vibrator during sex, so she not only stimulates her G-spot and clitoris, but also her partner's penis with two powerful ones. It can also be used for solo masturbation.


Ready to start selling with Dreamlove?

And how it works? From Dreamlove the product portfolio is controlled and a data feed of the products that you have published in your online store will be generated. This feed will be generated automatically with a periodicity of up to every 30 minutes and Dreamlove will be in charge of creating and controlling the references to be exported to Prestashop and Woocommerce. From your Woocommerce or Prestashop store, the data update will be synchronized with the generation timing in Dreamlove. Dreamlove generates a data feed where the families you want to upload to your Prestashop/Woocommerce are exported with the essential control data. Enriched product data can be added in Prestashop/Woocommerce individually and Dreamlove will respect them according to the update settings you define.

PrestaShop and WooComerce join Dreamlove At Dreamlove we have patented technology with our own development modules for platforms such as Woocommerce and Prestashop, both already available in 6 fully translated languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese; We will also launch 4 new languages by 2021. Why choose Dreamlove's Dropshipping plugin for Prestashop or Woocommerce? Dropshipping is a type of sale in which you don’t need to stock the products in your facilities, but it is we, at Dreamlove, who take care of delivering the merchandise to the end customer. Your efforts will “only” have to be dedicated to getting your store to the largest number of potential customers, which is not a small thing. Thanks to our Prestashop plugin you can have all or part of our catalog synchronized, you choose which part of the catalog you want to have in your own Prestashop installation, which will always be updated and available to your customers, and when they place an order, don't worry… We will take care of it!

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When is product syncing done? The number of daily synchronizations is configured and depends on the power of the server in Prestashop / Woocommerce. The usual thing is to do a night synchronization. Remember that stock and price data syncs are not strictly real time at this exact moment. At the time of purchase, the customer triggers unique inquiries about each product that he clicks. How long does it take to set up? Within 24 to 48 hours, the system is configured and verified in Dreamlove. A couple of business days to create the data delivery service and certify its correct use in Prestashop / Woocommerce. Who sets it up? The purchase includes the installation in your Prestashop or Woocommerce. How many websites can I have? You can have as many as you need. Consult with our commercial technical team.

COSMETICS COQUETTE Vegan lubes to enjoy

Lubricants are a very common sexual accessory but are usually only used to improve vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse. Using the right lubricant and doing it right can completely change our sex lives by reducing friction, increasing sensitivity, and experiencing new emotions. In fact, there are many people who claim that sex with a lubricant is much more pleasant than without it. There are several types of over-the-counter lubricants, in erotic stores, pharmacies or par pharmacies, which we can classify into four groups: • Water-based. They are the most used and economical. They do not stain and are kissable without risk. They are good if only the condom is used, since it does not break. • Oil based. They include vegetable and nut oils, usually sold in supermarkets. They can be ingested without risk, but some can stain the sheets and are not recommended. They should not be used with a condom under any circumstances because they can break them. • Based on silicones. They are silky to the touch and last longer. They do not stain and can be used with latex condoms. Yes; they are not good to consume or to use with silicone condoms, as they will break. • Petroleum based. They are petroleum jelly or baby oil, and obviously they are not good to use in intimate areas,

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especially in the vagina, since there is a risk of infection. In addition, these lubricants dissolve latex, so they are not suitable for condoms.

Why choose Coquette lubricants? The use of Coquette lubricants is fully recommended in sexual intercourse and perfect for use with sextoys. They are 100% water-based and also contain Aloe Vera to increase vaginal and anal hydration. They are lubricants 100% free of sugars, gluten and parabenos and their packaging has the “Airless” system. Another of the main reasons to buy a Coquette lubricant is the formula of its flavors, and that they are made with totally natural components and suitable for vegans. They are available in five flavors: Space Sativa (marijuana heat effect muffin), Candylicious (candy and donut shake), Coockiefrutti (cookie and tropical fruit shake), Chocobrownie (chocolate and sponge shake) and Womansensitive (neutral, sweet). In the Coquette range you can also find the new SENSE PULSE GEL products, with vibration effect. You just have to apply them to the skin, like any other conventional lubricant or erotic massage gel, but their effects are surprising. When this liquid of pleasure contacts the skin, you will feel its vibration waves running through your nakedness and awakening your skin to make it more sensitive to erotic pleasure.


Female sex accessories are the perfect complement for thousands of couples.

The world has changed for the woman of the 21st century; it is the era of pleasure. Leading a fulfilling sex life is a symbol of human well-being and longevity. Coquette Chic Desire is a brand developed by women for women, with a completely unique style, an innovative design throughout the range and avant-garde technology in the line of the best sex toys.

Chokers The Coquette accessories collection is exclusively made of vegan leather carefully crafted so that every detail on the woman's body shines every second.

Eyeshade Is your sex life exciting enough? Add this lace mask from Coquette! Because this material allows a little light to pass through, your vision is reduced, but your other senses will be more awake.

Masks Reach the level of eroticism and sensuality you are looking for with Coquette masks and accessories. Complete your lingerie and put on the mask in the most intimate moments. It will be the touch you need to increase sexual desire or feel sexy.

Nipples This line of fetish necklaces is ideal to complement your wardrobe with the best accessories. They have a secure three-clasp closure that allows them to be adjusted to all neck sizes, offering maximum comfort.

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These beautiful Coquette nipple covers are the perfect complement to surprise and seduce. They come with a selfadhesive tape so they are easy to put on and take off. Be the center of attention with the bold nipple covers or gift them to your partner.

All the accessories in the collection include a beautiful vegan leather bag ideal for storage after use.


Anal plugs Metal Luxury

If you like clitoral stimulators with a soft, silky and powerful touch, you will love the rechargeable vibration of the CoquetteÂŽ Clitorial Stimulator.

Thanks to its narrow and rounded tip, the toy not only easily penetrates into the tightest places but also fits very comfortably inside. With this Coquette anal plug you can do any movement and posture, as it will provide you with a pleasant sensation of fullness without injuring sensitive places.

It provides you with very powerful vibrations, 10 speeds and various patterns that deliver its powerful vibrations through its entire silicone structure directly to your external sweet spots.

Vibrating rings Take control, and put the ring on your lover to enjoy the powerful vibrations of the Coquette vibrating ring. Covered by a luxury bag, this ring will be fully protected and ready to use anywhere. The Coquette ring is perfect to use during sexual intercourse and allows both partners to be stimulated, whether it is a woman and a man or two men. It will enhance the erection, achieving greater sexual performance and delaying ejaculation.

Try to use it during foreplay - the wide bottom of the toy is great for arousing the sphincter and preparing for anal sex. Or you can even leave it inserted during vaginal sex to gently and pleasantly stimulate the erogenous zones, without absolutely interfering with your partner. Due to its anatomical shape, the toy is perfectly supported by the muscles during sex. In addition, the materials of this plug are wonderful: coated graphite and crystal sparkles on the base. Metal is very pleasant to the skin, it does not attract odors; it is easy to wash and even to disinfect.

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THE TRADITION OF PLEASURE For lovers of taboos, Rithual is born, a line of innovative sex toys that serve both for self-stimulation and masturbation and to intensify pleasure with the partner.

Rithual is an innovative range of products made of slippery hypoallergenic silicone with a very pleasant silky touch in Rithual color. They are waterproof, USB rechargeable and can be controlled with a remote control. What can you get with Rithual? Find out what you like, where you like it and in what way. Get to know yourself better and discover new erogenous zones and enjoy them. Explore the full range of sex toys in the collection. Break playing and trying new sensations. Complement your sex life. Free yourself from the stress accumulated during the day. Activate your sex life and enjoy relationships with your partner.

• Kama Double stimulation with two motors that bring the penis, clitoris and vagina to ecstasy and a U-shaped design that adapts perfectly to the body and generates additional tightness and direct pressure on the most sensual points.

• Shushu Sucker with a spectacular technology that combines vacuum and energetic pulsations that stimulate the clitoris without touching it to reach orgasm. It has incredible vibration and suction power (3 patterns and 4 levels each), it is ergonomic and perfect to take anywhere

• Anusara A Rabbit vibrator with 2 motors that can be used separately, 10 vibration speeds, 10 different patterns and a considerable diameter, which together with its shaft will achieve a perfect fit.

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• Kriya It is a for the G-spot, with a large diameter that fits perfectly in the hand. It has 10 powerful vibration speeds and 10 different very quiet and discreet patterns.

• Nisha Rechargeable vaginal balls that help strengthen the pelvic floor.

• Akasha Is an external massager with a discreet size and a very flexible head with 20 different vibration modes and 8 speed intensities.

• Deva Set Deva is a training kit with 4 balls of different weights and a 10-step exercise program, to tone the pelvic floor muscles, providing better orgasms, better lubrication, greater sensitivity and control over the vaginal muscles.

• Vibrating Bullets With 10 vibration programs, they are the first remote controlled bullets with unique innovative functions: - Up & Down, it moves within the genital area allowing complete stimulation. - Rotation & Vibration: rotary movement for G-spot stimulation. - Rotational Pearls & Vibration: balls that rotate and vibrate inside and stimulate every genital corner. - G-Spot + Vibration: g-spot stimulation and simultaneous rotation.


Each culture has built its own rituals to accept gender differences and sexual practices.

Some communities have customs that may seem strange to you, but that for them are fully justified. Next we will tell you about some of those habits that are strange in the eyes of Western culture. Baptism of genitals. The original inhabitants of Hawaii used to give their genital organs their own name. They even wrote songs with those names and exalted the generations that would come from there. Initiation oral sex. The Sambia tribe of New Guinea has an initiation ritual for young men, which consists of completely isolating them from the women. The men of the tribe perform oral sex on the strongest warriors, after which they drink their semen. The Pharaohs and the Nile. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used to practice a masturbation ritual in front of the Nile River, where they ejaculated. It was thought that due to the sacred origin of royalty, the god Atum would fertilize the waters bringing prosperity and abundance to all. Greece and homosexuality. The ancient Greeks assumed homosexuality quite naturally and without major limitations in this regard. In fact, education consisted of handing over a young man to an older man endowed with wisdom, who would take care of the sexual and intellectual formation of his disciple. Sex and fish. In Mehinaku, Brazil, a woman's sexual favors are only accessed if he is previously given an offering consisting of a good plate of fish. Parental sexuality. In the Marquesas Islands, an archipelago located in French Polynesia, it is considered perfectly normal for children to witness the sexual relations of their parents. Early sex In the Trobriand Islands, New Guinea, the beginning of sexual relations takes place between 6 and 12 years of age. However, they are very rigid in other

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respects: a man and a woman are forbidden to share food if they are not married. This place has a very high rate of sexual violence. Extreme repression. On Inis Beag Island, Ireland, there are strong restrictions on sexual manifestations. Adults are prohibited from removing underwear, including during sexual intercourse. What's more: penetration is considered harmful to health. They assume it as “a necessary evil� for the preservation of the species. Polyandry and birth control. In some regions of the Himalayas, polyandry is practiced, which consists of several brothers sharing the same woman, when viewed from the male point of view. If viewed from the female perspective, it could be said that the custom is that a woman can have several men, as long as they are brothers to each other. Finally, the reason for this custom is to avoid an increase in the birth rate in lands that are inhospitable. Practical sex education. On the island of Mangaia, located in the South Pacific, men begin sexually at the age of 13. Those in charge of his education are women, who teach him to maintain an erection for longer and to properly please his partner.


Fly to the top with the sleek and streamlined Flight from Fleshlight.

Soar to new heights with the sleek and aerodynamically designed Flight from Fleshlight. Like all of our best-selling products, the Flight features body-safe materials that were built to last and our exclusive SuperSkin sleeve with a hyperrealistic feel. Where the Flight really takes off, though, is with its unique features, including a compact design and discrete case – perfect for travel and storing in plain sight. The Flight crew consists of the Pilot, Aviator and Commander – each with its own exclusive texture and distinct design. The Flight Commander also features our popular Turbo Tech - additional entry points designed to increase suction for an even more intense experience.

Fly under the radar The Commander features two entry points for the most suction of any Flight toy, and it’s also the tightest! With its various pleasure ribbons and intensity nodules, it will have you flying high. Here's what you'll receive in your Flight Commander package • Smaller, lighter, most discreet case • Clear Commander Sleeve with Turbo Tech (two entry points) • Clear Flight Case • Instructions for use & care Dreamlove is the exclusive official distributor for Spain, Italy and Portugal. Consult more information at

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ORGASMIC VIBRATIONS WITH EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS The new Custom Bullets turn every touch into instant stimulation!

An extraordinary and tempting range of mini massagers that convince especially with their fun and original designs and colorful patterns, which will make even the most demanding lover smile. Do you remember the sensations of the first orgasm? With Custom Bullets you can perpetuate them whenever you want, since thanks to its extraordinary benefits you can wonderfully stimulate all the erogenous zones of your body. The new vibrating bullets Custom Bullets incorporate a powerful vibrator with a very quiet motor that gives the bullets a deep and penetrating vibration capacity that is transmitted throughout the body. It has 10 vibration modes that are easily controlled with a single easy-to-use button with which you can control and dominate the paradise of your pleasure. Provides up to two hours of vibration at low speed and 70 minutes at full speed. An extraordinary and tempting range of mini massagers that convince especially with their fun and original designs and colorful patterns, which will make even the most demanding lover smile. With a total length of 6.25 cm and

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a diameter of 2 cm, this vibrating bullet can stimulate deliciously and prepares you for sensual flights of fantasy, especially with the stimulation of the clitoris. And thanks to their practical size, you can easily transport them and go with them anywhere. In addition, to recharge your passion you only need 30 minutes by connecting the included USB cable to the magnetic charging port on the back of the massager. All models in the Custom Bullets collection are made of the highest quality silicone. An exclusive material that stands out especially for its high resistance capacity, providing the bullet with a surface resistant to breaks and scratches, as well as a soft and silky touch. They are hygienic and very easy to clean; superficial cleaning is sufficient to wash with warm soapy water, and deep cleaning can be accomplished with the help of a toy cleaner. In order to obtain maximum satisfaction, the use of a lubricant is always recommended when enjoying the vibrating bullet. Dare to experience new forms of stimulation and let the fantastic penetrating vibrations of Custom Bullets bring you to climax!


Do you sometimes think about becoming someone else for a moment?

Set aside everyday worries and take on the role that will turn up the temperature in the bedroom! Who do you want to be, a sexy policewoman, a caring nurse or maybe a naughty maid who wants to have spicy fun instead of cleaning? Read on, at the end you will exactly know who you wanna be... Wink at him! 3,2,1, it’s time for fun! Forget for a moment about sensual, delicate lace and classic solutions. From time to time, you should go into your bedroom with a little bit of craziness and good humor, to diversify the time spendtogether. As a playful maid you’ll forget about boring, routine evenings and spice up your love games with extraordinary ideas! Be yourself, but play the role which you have always dreamed of! Sounds tempting? Believe us, it is, so let’s start with a kiss! A cure for boredom! Hey, we have a cure for boredom – a sexy nurse costume. Play together in a completely different way than before and experience the unique dimension of pleasure for fun! Do you think it's not for you? Dear, have you ever tried? Believe us, sex has a different faces, and everybody know that everything tastes better with a pinch of humor! We guarantee that he will feel like having a sexy medical

24 - Playlove by Dreamlove

examination and his heart rate will increase as soon as you invite him to your private clinic! Take your stethoscope and show him it's going to be amazing! Fly high to the sky! Treat yourself to a pleasure journey into the cosmic abyss of love! Ready to take off into the unknown? Or maybe you already know how great it is to have fun with dressing up? Man, take care of a unique gift for your chosen one! There is no time to lose, and it’s time to fulfill your innermost desires! So with the luggage filled with everything you need - a smile, good humor and a desire for more; set off to discover new continents of fantastic experiences in the style of Fun! Meow, and you'll want more! Are you already sharpening your claws for evening frolic? We have the perfect disguise for you! In a sexy Cheetia set, the fun will be just as you imagine! An amazing dose of pleasure and sex-appeal in the Fun version - that's exactly what you’ve been looking for. Right? Immerse yourself in fantasy and wearing a tempting leopard set, hold his hand and lead him to a wild land of love experiences. Oh, you don't even know how nice it will be, you haven't dreamed of it yet!

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1. Cyber Silicock. Realistic, with remote control. Mr Rick. D-218563 2. Coverme. Silicone vibatring thimbleand, rechargeable. Duckymania. D-213100 3. Custom Bullets. Vibrating bullet with 10 intensity levels. D-225614 4. Olimpya Vibrating Pleasure. Powerful stimulant with Cannabis sativa seed oil. D-218225 5. Stergel. Hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel, Covid-19, 100 ml. D-225883

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6. Waterfeel. Natural lubricant, 150 ml. D-213109 7. Nina KikĂ­ Intimi Womanfly. Female orgasm enhacer spray. D-218623 8. MĂ­a Rose. Suction vibrator energy wave. Limited edition. D224941 9. Rockarmy Liquid Silicone. Dildo premium Spitfire, 21 cm. D-223368 10. Spartan Couple. Intensifier gel of orgasm 2.1. D-218367

ng products 11

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20 18

11. Jamyjob Spinjob. Spin masturbator. D-226996 12. Fetish Submissive. Vegan leather handcuffs. D-218909 13. Wug Gum. Climax chewing gum, 10 Uds. D-224943 14. Dolce Vita G-Spot. Silicone vibrator, lila. D-224092 15. Galatea Remote Control Otto. Click and Play. D-218516


16. Stertoy. Ultraviolet sterilizer Covid-19, viruses, bacteria, protozoa. D-220417 17. Pump Addicted. Sexual improve pump Rx9, black. D-220966 18. KikĂ­ Travel. Marshmallow flavour lubricant, 50 ml. D-215109 19. Experience BDSM. Purple series fetish kit. D-221774 20. Amoressa Nelson Premium. Silicone rechargeable. D-213236

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Powering is the widest cookrings range on the market, made with top quality materials and with an exclusive value for money.

Cockrings are one of the most popular sex toys in the world. They prevent blood from flowing down the shaft of the penis, making erections harder and lasting longer. Thanks to them, penetrative sex or edging (stopping the orgasm until you get a huge one) can last longer.

The best for beginners are elastic penis rings, which are usually available in three sizes, so you can choose the type of ring and size that best suits your penis. There are also double rings that are placed around the testicles and penis. All rings are easy to wear and completely safe and are perfect for all occasions, both for solo fun and for couple sex. Penis rings can also bring new experiences and excitement to your sexual relationships and enhance orgasm. They can also add vigor and fun to your bedroom or adventurous game. Ask your partner what he likes, add a ring and go for it! As long as it is mutual and respectful, it will be really sexy. The rings should fit snugly to help restrict blood flow, but they should not be uncomfortable. A touch of lubrication inside the ring facilitates its placement. If your penis ring is made of a harder material, be sure to slide it down to the base of the penis while it is flaccid (not erect). There are more elastic ring options that can be placed on the penis when it is not erect or during an erection. Pain is always a signal to go away and it is also important to look at the recommended time frame. In general, it is sensible to remove the cock rings after 30 minutes and let the blood flow completely again before doing another session or workout.

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Four ancient secrets to connect with your partner.

Tantric sex is an ancient spiritual practice that seeks the connection of souls through the union of bodies. Maybe you have heard about tantric sex and it sounds like a catalog of difficult positions or maybe you have been told that it is boring, slow, and that it is about omitting the best part: the orgasm. And who wants to miss an orgasm? Some of those prejudices are true. There is some truth in them but also a lot of myth and a lot of ignorance about tantra that, more than a technique, is a whole way of life, although it does have the objective of improving sexual life.

What's tantra? Tantra is an ancient body of knowledge from Hindu philosophy and also from Tibetan Buddhism, it is a millenary practice of yoga that comprehensively encompasses all dimensions of the human being. It attaches central importance to sexual practice, which is one of the human expressions that raise energy, so the more perfect and sublime the experience, the more opportunities for the practitioner to grow on their spiritual path. Its essence is that sex is a way to expand energy and that is why the use of techniques and body management tools is so important. With breathing, caresses and massages, the management of the rhythm and the consideration of the other, the energy expands and is exchanged to enhance the experience of the encounter. It is not that orgasm is not important, but that an early release of tension prevents reaching the highest levels that are sought. That is why the focus is not on reaching orgasm, but on the enjoyment of each of the many and long exchanges that take place between lovers.

Four tantric rituals Worship. Treat your partner like a sacred being. Worship it, admire it, acknowledge it. Become a servant of his/her pleasure. You are here to make him/her feel good. May this attitude be revealed in the way you look at, caress,

30 - Playlove by Dreamlove

entertain, don't give orders, put yourself at his/her service. And he or she will do the same with you. This is a predisposition that does not imply a master-slave relationship, it is the complete opposite of bondage. Each will treat the other as their object of worship. Massages. You can massage your partner alternately, first therapeutic massage, erotic massage later; several times during the meeting. Without haste, without demands, simply exchanging turns between those who give and receive pleasure. For example, you can ask your partner to give you a foot massage for two minutes, and then you do it, on the feet or wherever your partner chooses. It is allowed to kindly orient with indications what each one likes. You can ask for more or less pressure, to go to that area, and, when it is your turn to give the massage, also follow the instructions of your partner. Humility is essential in this practice; it is a way of learning to be the best possible lover for our partner. And vice versa, of course. Body listening. Focus on feeling what’s happening to you as the two of you move your bodies together. And try not to judge or compare it to other experiences you have had, just listen to what you are feeling in the moment. Do not think about orgasm, if the sensations appear, let them flow, without rushing them, or wait for the other to have an orgasm, or help him/her if you see that it’s about to come. Enjoying together (agreeing to it in advance) the enjoyment of moving bodies as if they were dancing is an exercise to get to know each other and learn to listen to one's own body and that of the other. This is a way to put the brain in neutral mode and put thought aside. So when orgasm finally comes, you are going to experience it much more intensely. Yab yum posture. It is the basic sexual position of Tantra, the most recommended for beginners, which facilitates great stimulation and energy that runs through all your chakras. It seeks the fusion and awakening of tenderness and love between lovers.

How is yab yum made?

Keys to tantric sex

Seated. The man sits cross-legged on the floor and the woman sits on his thighs, wrapping her legs around him and her arms around his neck, remaining lovingly entwined.

• Through sex, if practiced with awareness and connection, enlightenment can be achieved. • Sex is very slow and long. The couple practice synchronized breathing techniques, gentle caresses, eye contact, and emotional intimacy. • Reaching orgasm is not the goal. • It seeks to prolong the contact as long as possible to feel a deep connection. • Sex is an opportunity to experience the sacred, the spiritual. • Practicing yoga as a discipline is not a requirement, but it helps the body and mind to acquire plasticity.

• Looks. Look into each other's eyes intently and try to read what the other feels inside. • Kiss. Give each other a long, passionate kiss, as if you were savoring a delicious candy from each other's mouths. • Swinging. While kissing, begin to gently sway, affirming only with hugs and at the same time run your hands over your partner's body, without leaving any corner aside. • Petting. Remain seated facing each other, without penetration, and massage each other tenderly. • Penetration. At the moment of penetration, try to make it smooth and slow, maintaining the same position as the beginning. Then the woman raises her legs on the elbows of her partner and facilitates that the penetration is deeper. • Visualization. You can visualize how a beam of light illuminates your cave. • Posture adjustment. To be more comfortable they can also sit on cushions at the time of penetration. From this position they can look for more relaxed positions, for example you can stretch your legs and lean on your arms and you can get up a little and move while still fused. These movements, along with the bodies leaning back, will allow the blood stream to flow towards the head and the generation of more heat in the genitals. • Liberation of the chakras. Although this posture does not allow many more movements and requires a special fusion, it facilitates constant stimulation of the clitoris and deep penetration, which helps the energy to be released, travel the chakras and expand the pleasure to the maximum.

Benefits of tantra For men: • Greater control of ejaculation. • Experience multiple orgasms. For women: • Increase and enhance the sensations of pleasure. • Shorten the time to reach the first orgasm and expand the pleasure in subsequent ones. For all people: • Greater concentration and duration of desire. • Know their own emotional mechanisms (and handle those emotions that threaten the connection with the other, such as fear, anger or anxiety). • Experiencing ecstasy during sexual intercourse.

Do you have to learn to have sex? The answer is yes. Not because there is only a unique way to enjoy sex, but because a large part of the discomforts and misunderstandings that are generated around sex come from ignorance. In sex therapy many of the techniques that come from mindfulness, massages, sensory focus are used, which have in common teaching to concentrate on what is being done in the present moment. At Dreamlove we are not tantra experts, but we advise the idea of going towards a loving, empathetic sexuality and in contact with the other using sex toys responsibly for complete pleasure.

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Then you have to meet Cock Miller, the new realistic dildo that adapts to the shape you want, allowing total ergonomics and quickly adapting to body temperature.

Do you want to have a realistic silicone dildo, articulated and with a dense silicone inner body? The Cock Miller collection offers a range of dildos with a super-soft silicone skin of the highest quality, with double density and filled with dense Cocksil™ silicone that also includes a resistant central body that allows its articulation, to achieve an effect, texture and extremely realistic touch and an experience of incomparable pleasure. The revolutionary patented formula of the Cocksil™ material, used to fill all the products, allows a better flexibility and density of the dildo, giving it a magnificent elasticity and manageability. Cock Miller offers the best quality silicone on the market: Platinium does not contain

phthalates or latex, it is hypoallergenic and non-porous, which makes it much more durable and easy to clean. Firmness, realism and pleasure are the best words to define the new Cock Miller brand, a top quality product at an affordable price with a perfect combination of quality, price and... pleasure! Its distribution price is from € 9.89 with a recommended retail price of up to € 49.95

Material and care The Cocksil™ material (Silicone dual density and dense silicone), which does not harm the skin, is not porous and therefore is very hygienic. The soft and flexible texture ensures that the silicone is pleasant to the touch and easy to glide on and also quickly absorbs and stores body heat. For use with lubricants, we recommend a Waterfeel waterbased lubricant, which is also very soft and ensures that the texture is maintained for a long time. After its use, it must be cleaned with Waterfeel Toy Cleaner or with neutral pH soap and warm water to achieve a perfect cleaning.

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Who uses penis extensions?

With Viril XL you will get greater thickness, length and resistance with a unique technology for the extension of the penis through exclusive materials. Contrary to what some people tend to think, penis extenders are not just for those who are insecure about their penis size. This type of product can actually be used in many different ways. They actually serve to enhance the sexual experience with the partner. The size of your penis does not matter. The penis extension is a type of product that is placed on the upper part of the penis in order to lengthen its length, its diameter, or both, during sexual intercourse. Penis extenders or penis sleeves are in this category. Each option has a slightly different use. All are intended to add girth, length, and in some cases texture as well. For Viril XL, a unique technology has been developed for penis extension through exclusive materials. Penis extenders add more diameters to the penis when worn on the shaft. Also in Viril XL there are several models available that will add additional texture. Models with bumps can be found along the shaft that adds additional

34 - Playlove by Dreamlove

stimulation to the receptor during intercourse. The G-spot can also be more accessible with this type of toy. Always use a large amount of lubricant with any textured extender to make the experience even more enjoyable. In most cases, penis extenders are a natural desensitizer. Because they are worn over the penis and are much thicker than a condom, they will reduce the sensitivity of the user and allow the user to go much longer without reaching orgasm. This is perfect for those experiencing premature ejaculation or for people who just want to last longer or make sure their partner orgasms first. Viril XL is a great way to temporarily extend penis size. You can add diameter and you can also add a lot of length. With Viril XL you can bring your penis size fantasies to reality or address any concerns you may have about it. It is the perfect temporary solution. The models in the Viril XL collection are made with extra flexible silicone that adapts quickly to body temperature, is water resistant and totally safe for the body.


Slow Sex, sex (with) more sense and more pleasure

We need to touch more. The frenzy of modern life has flipped our priorities on their head and, now, something as important as sex has become so remote that it is often out of reach for many weeks at a time. We put the blue light of our screens before human warmth, likes before love and instant messages before words. We have more but we live less; we are better off but we live worse. We also need to touch better. When it happens, when the moment arises and we get lucky, when our desire for someone finally culminates in physical contact, it often occurs from a place of fear, ego and consumption, resulting in nothing more than a confused and erratic clash of bodies. Sex is a conversation in which we express ourselves to maintain a dialogue; it is a dance, an oasis, a refuge. It has the potential to be a moment suspended in time, where all you need to do is listen and be listened to. There are many ways to have sex. As many as there are people who do it. Nonetheless, the collective imaginary would suggest otherwise: penetration, in short. Allowing a whole chorus of acts to deteriorate into a single voice turns sex into something weak and empty, when it should be fluid and experimental, guided by instinct and concluded in consent. So if you have never thought about it before, ask yourself why you have sex the way you do. This is the first step. Besides penetration, there is a huge range of acts that often go unnoticed. Think of the body as a ‘pleasure’ map. There are endless routes to explore and the only thing that matters is having visceral fun and a voracious appetite. The

36 - Playlove by Dreamlove

here, now and pleasure. Penetration, sure, but other practices too, without feeling guilt or shame, taking heed of our true desires. Your mouth watering when you lick the skin of the person who clouds your judgment, who you dream of touching. Melting as you caress every inch of their skin, as your lips land here, there and everywhere, delighting in their shivers, devouring their mouth, interlacing your tongues and hands, gazing into their eyes, breathing face-to-face and showing your true selves laid bare, generously giving all that you have. Degenitalize everything. The elbow is as important as the mons pubis. There is a place for everything and there are no rules on preference. So once you’ve asked yourself why you have sex the way you do, start to figure out what you actually like, even if you’ve learned that sex always follows the same old tune. In reality, it can be a different performance every time — a translation of your desires, fantasies and needs. Listen to yourself and trace your own pleasure map. From the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes, you have countless nerve endings to stimulate. Run your hands over every inch of your skin to decipher the sensations it arouses. Need some help?

SLOW SEX manifesto No fiction, no acting, no judgements, no comparisons, no fear, no guilt and no shame. Our pleasure should be ruled by no one but ourselves and starts with self-love, selfrespect, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Pleasure knows no gender and sexual freedom shouldn’t either. Slow Sex claims the freedom to feel and enjoy ourselves beyond any fictitious sexual behaviours. Join the sex revolution! All SlowSex products from Bijoux Indiscrets are available at, the exclusive distributor for Spain.


BDSM is a lifestyle that invites you to explore intense sensations that border on pleasure, excitement and pain.

Imagine that you are in the examination room of a laboratory in front of a screen that plays a pornographic film. Your body is wired: electrodes on your chest and fingertips monitor your heart rate and skin conductivity; your genitals are connected to a sensor that measures sexual arousal. Also, a thin wire coming out of your arm leads directly to an electrical stimulator. Three small lights light up on the television screen, showing signals randomly: the first announces a high probability of receiving an electric shock; the second, too, but with the difference that only if your sexual arousal does not exceed a certain value, and the last light signal has no consequences.

Despite the success of erotic novels like “Fifty Shades of Gray”, couples who openly live out their sadomasochistic fantasies continue to be frowned upon, do they differ from other people with more common erotic tastes? Sadomasochism is defined today by the term BDSM, an acronym for “Bondage [“ play with ropes “] and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.” This form of sexual relationship includes various consensual practices between the couple, which are related to power, games of submission and pain for pleasure. Most fans of BDSM sexual practice stand out for their tendency to search for sensations. These are people who tend to be more responsible, outgoing, open to new experiences, but less neurotic, according to studies. For a long time, psychologists have considered sadomasochism a psychological disorder. Even today, the international ICD-10 diagnostic system includes it under the category of “paraphilia”. The DSM-5 manual qualifies BDSM as a paraphilia, but only considers it a disorder if it causes harm to oneself or to others.

38 - Playlove by Dreamlove

What seems like a bizarre erotic tale is the description of a psychological experiment carried out in 1983 by sexology researcher David Barlow of the State University of New York at Albany. Together with his collaborators, he explored how 12 male subjects reacted to fear conditioning. The anticipation of painful stimuli did not seem to interfere with sexual arousal, on the contrary, at the signal of the first and second light the volume of the penis of these subjects briefly increased, to the great surprise of the participants themselves, who had predicted opposite effect. This result was in direct opposition to the prevailing view of the time: fear was expected to cause the loss of sexual desire. It should be noted that Barlow has a dubious position within sexuality research (among his scientific interests was the “treatment” of homosexuals). Yet his study shows that not only positive feelings (such as joy or security) can be associated with sexual arousal, but also fear and tension are capable of acting as stimulants in the right context. In recent years, BDSM has gained popularity. However, BDSM is one of the oldest sexual practices in the history of mankind. Currently there are groups, master classes and guides for beginners. Find out what you need to know about it if you are curious about BDSM.

Currently there are data that evidenced the presence of BDSM, at least bondage and domination from the beginning of Mesopotamia (4,000 - 3,100 BC). Data were found confirming celebrations with domination practices, cross-dressing, altered states of consciousness and many activities that combined ecstasy and pain. Eventually, in Greece and Rome there were multiple examples of flagellation rituals during the 9th century BC. in religious areas like Sparta. The Tomb of the Lashes was even found in what was Etruscan from the 5th century BC, where there were images of two men whipping a woman in a sexual practice. Thus, there is much more information about bondage, domination and other practices that mix pleasure and pain in this ancient time. Even in the Middle Ages, there were practices that today we would call sadomasochism. However, it took a few centuries for the distinguished Marquis de Sade at the time of the French Enlightenment. The writings and books of the Marquis de Sade are distinguished by describing in detail the sadistic sexual practices of the wealthy characters of his generation. Hence the term “sadism” was born in honor of the most noble writer. While the term “masochism” came up with the book Venus in Furs (1870) by the Austrian Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and his second wife Fanny Pistor. These three characters became famous for their “libertine sexuality”, baptizing the practices of sadism and masochism as part of eroticism, pleasure and sexuality.

40 - Playlove by Dreamlove

Currently, BDSM has three main trends (Bienvenu, 1928, 1934 and 1950): European fetishism; American fetishism and gay leather or homosexual skin. These trends differ in the types of adult clothing, materials, and toys that their participants typically wear. However, with the birth of the Internet, BDSM trends became unified, and bondage, submission, soft-bondage, and other practices were added to the rich variety of sexuality. There are different “levels” to leading a BDSM lifestyle. You can start by investigating what sensations you want to experience and share in your next BDSM sessions. Discover more in our catalog of erotic toys specialized in BDSM. From this editorial that we explain you about BDSM, at Dreamlove we have launched the Fetish Submissive Origin & Dark Room product line, a collection of accessories for fetish made of vegan leather, nickel-free metals and resistant to hard play. The new line of accessories is engraved with the name Fetish Submissive on each accessory. Handcuffs, masks, gags, whips, shovels and much more, will be the perfect complement in the exciting adventure of playing BDSM.


Anne´s Desire is an elegant and sensual brand that will revolutionize the world of sexuality and sensuality in the coming years thanks to the quality of its products, innovative designs and a revolutionary technology capable of captivating anyone.

Anne’s Desire takes pleasure to a new level, combining the luxury of sex toys with the use of the most advanced and cutting-edge technology. The best proof is that in the pre-launch 500,000 units have been sold in 15 different countries. All Anne's Desire Toys include Watchme, a sexual smart watch that through patented Watchme technology synchronizes with the toys and allows remote control and change the vibration modes, intensity and functions of each AD sextoy without breaking the state of excitement. You can select from 7 exciting vibration programs with different intensity levels in each modality.

soft sensation that enhances the sensation of pleasure. It's available in Gold and Black.

AD Rabbit It is a vibrator for G-spot and clitoris that incorporates two powerful independent motors, is 100% articulable and its material includes touch soft technology, an extremely soft sensation that enhances the sensation of pleasure. It's available in Gold and Black.

AD Egg Is a discreet, powerful and incredibly soft vibrating egg. Its extra layer of velvety silicone will become the new favorite texture of your clitoris.

AD Dual A vibrator for couples that, thanks to its special shape and its two powerful motors, allows to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, and also the penis simultaneously. The form-fitting U-shape offers extra comforting firmness and wonderful pressure on your most beautiful parts of lust.

AD Panty Secret

The entire Anne's Desire range is made of highly flexible, waterproof and 100% vegan medical grade silicone. Its curved design allows it to adapt to the shapes of your body and place it comfortably and smoothly on the skin. They can be used both internally and externally to precisely stimulate all pleasure points. In addition, it offers you a 2year warranty. Are you ready for action?

AD Curve Its shape and length allow it to perfectly focus and stimulate the G-spot and also the clitoris. It is 100% articulable and the material includes touch soft technology, an extremely

42 - Playlove by Dreamlove

A comfortable vibrator that is designed to be placed on your panties, pantyhose or underwear and controlled by the Watchme remote control watch, it comes with a magnet, to ensure that it always stays in the perfect place. With a raised body and a large surface of super soft silicone, it provides a pleasant stimulation of the vulva.


Discover the new range of XRay clear dildos designed and manufactured in Europe.

The XRay collection includes a wide range of realistic dildos with a very soft and high quality TPR skin with double density. Its unique touch together with the transparent material, make it a unique range of dildos on the market.

All dildos in the XRay collection are made of TPE, a safe, phthalate-free and odorless material. The soft and flexible texture makes the material very slippery and quickly absorbs body heat.

Ideal for beginners and experts alike, XRay dildos are soft and comfortable with flexibility that easily adapts to any of your favorite positions. Ideal to use alone or with a partner, Xray will adapt to all your needs and will stimulate all points of the erogenous zones.

With the robust suction foot, the natural XRay dildo can be attached to any smooth surface, for example in the shower, where it is always good for underwater play. It also offers the wide base to combine the dildo with a strap-on harness to ensure fun for two.

This range of original, extravagant and transparent dildos will pamper you. The slim shaft is delicately veined and ends in a realistic shape for precise and intense stimulation. As the shaft is flexible, it manages to reach every point, it adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, both vaginally and anally.

Its price is another innovation, you can buy your XRay dildo for your B2B point of sale from EUR 4.40

44 - Playlove by Dreamlove

1- Red Cross awards Dreamlove The Spanish Red Cross Foundation has given Dreamlove an award for being one of the most committed companies of 2020 in promoting employment. Dreamlove collaborates every year in the Employment Plan to support vulnerable people in their search for 1 employment. Dreamlove has received the award in gratitude for the collaborations made with the Red Cross, favoring job opportunities in such difficult times. These alliances are an example of Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of companies and are even more significant during this year marked by the struggles of the pandemic. 2- Darkness, the fetish that brings beginners and advanced together In November 2020 the brand has expanded its catalog with more than 25 new references that are already available exclusively at Dreamlove. All Darkness products (except whips and shovels) are packaged with a hygiene seal and a sealed box to avoid manipulation in stores, to guarantee safety for the end consumer. 3- Jamyjob Spinjob & stroker launch revolutionary masturbators The launch of Spinjob and Stroke opens the door to new sensations in male masturbation. Both masturbators have very peculiar characteristics and are specially designed to increase sensitivity and enhance orgasm. 4- Dreamlove collaborates with grupo Atresmedia In recent years Dreamlove has collaborated by sponsoring films such as “El intercambio”. Now in 2020 Dreamlove has participated again for the miniseries “La Veneno” produced by Grupo Atresmedia. Dreamlove provides all the products for one of the chapters in which the scene of a bar and sex shop is recreated. The image of the Dreamlove logo appears throughout the scene. The series is available at 5- Dreamlove participates in Mediaset's “El punto de mira” El Punto de Mira has produced a report on sex in a pandemic, providing interesting data on new platforms and companies that add value to sex in times of pandemic. During the report an interview is shown on Dreamlove. The program was broadcast on December 16th, 2020 and is available on

46 - Playlove by Dreamlove

6- Electraslim The sensual use of electrical impulses during sexual activity is called sexual electrostimulation or electrosex. The devices that are used for this are called e-stim or electro stimulators. The term electrosex refers to a wide and exciting field of possibilities. These can range from gentle foreplay to more intense sensations that can bring you to prolonged climaxes. The Electraslim brand, a specialist in electrostimulation, has closed an exclusive distribution agreement for Spain in 2021/2022. All products will be available on Dreamlove from January 2021. 7- Digital newspaper Expansion The digital newspaper Expansion lists Dreamlove as one of the most important companies established in the dropshipping service, being the most important company in the erotic market in Spain. 8- Waterfeel sponsors the Alcalá de Guadaira Cycling Team Since last 2018 Waterfeel has sponsored the Alcalá de Guadaira cycling team in Seville, professionally called Waterfeel Unielectrica, which among its members has Lucia Macho who was selected for the world championship. All the information at 9- Swede Cosmetics The Swedish lubricant brand that has set the trend for years and that is recognized throughout Europe. Now to move to the next level, Swede is modifying all the packaging and improving its quality processes. Swede has closed a distribution agreement for Spain in December 2020 and all products will be available in January 2021.









10- Dreamlove opens a new logistics center in the netherlands The new logistics center is located in the town of Haarlem. The function of the new logistics center is based on the union of goods imported to Spain and to increase production capacity. It is already operational and running since August 2020. 11- Aqua Lubes “the lubricant everyone needs” The Aqua brand launches a basic that everyone needs. This waterbased lubricant is 100% safe for toys and pleasant for the body! Reduce friction and increase your pleasure with this exclusive formula. It is exclusively for Dreamlove clients and available from November 2020.

and this year faces one of its biggest challenges: the jump to supermarkets. For now, and as a test, its chewing gums are already in 100 Mercadona stores in the provinces of Valencia and Castellón under a brand agreement with Hacendado. They are also on Carrefour's shelves and have signed agreements with Rewe, in Germany and Austria, or Sanborns and Sears, in Mexico. In the rest of the countries —Portugal, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Jordan, Austria, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway— they sell in pharmacies and at Repsol and Shell gas stations. Dreamlove has closed an exclusive distribution agreement for the erotic sector in Spain.

13- Black & Silver News New products land at Dreamlove as news at Black & Silver: Cameron, Burton & Jenell. Two rechargeable vibrating rings in Silver & Black in addition to the exclusive Jenell which is a remote control egg. All 5 products are now available at Dreamlove.

15- Kourtney Kardashian and Rosalia LELO fans Khloé Kardashian gifted Kris Jenner and her sister Kourtney with a clitoral sucker (SONA 2 Cruise, by LELO). Now it is Kourtney who has surprised the celebrities of the moment with an erotic toy, including the Spanish singer Rosalía, to whom she sent an oral sex simulator. This is how the Spanish singer showed it in her stories, who wondered if what the Kardashian had sent her was “a vibrator.” But, it wasn't. The model in question is the ORA 3, by LELO, an oral sex simulator for women. The device has a technology called PreMotion, which adds an extra speed and allows your “tongue” to move with precision and firmness, according to LELO, which promises “the most real and intense cunnilingus”.

14- Wugum functional Chewing Gums that promise energy or relax “We do not use drugs”, explains Rojano Founder of Wug “And we do not work miracles, but they work”, confirms the manager of Wugum, which closed 2019 with a turnover of 1.6 million EUR

Rosalía uploaded a photo of LELO ORA 3 to her Instagram, writing “I'm dead”, along with many smiling faces and citing Kourtney's on line platform on health and beauty. With this news from Kourtney Kardashian, LELO ORA 3 has been a bestseller in the world and the reality is that LELO delivers what it promises.

12- Kiiro, interactive sextoys for men and women The most interactive technological sex continues to advance and comes to Dreamlove with Kiiro. The Dutch brand has closed an exclusive distribution agreement for Spain with Dreamlove. The contract will last for several years and all products will be on Dreamlove in early January 2021.

Playlove by Dreamlove - 47









All LELO products are exclusively on for B2B, being the only official authorized distributor in Spain. Dreamlove recommends the use of original products that also guarantee the distribution channel and communication in case of warranty problems. 16- Casual Love new packaging available Casual Love has launched the famous line of vibrating rings now in heat sealed bag boxes. All products that are currently shipped have this protection guaranteeing safety to the end customer. 17- Fleshlight News The number 1 brand in the world for male masturbation announces new displays available for stores. All displays include testers and are adaptable to all businesses. Depending on the space, they will be located and designed adapting to the client. To get information write to if you are from Spain or / if your business is outside of Spain. Amazon and Marketplace. Fleshlight officially announces the ban on selling on Amazon or any other marketplace from February 2021. Dreamlove will send an official statement in January 2021.Dreamlove is the exclusive official distributor for Spain, Italy and Portugal. Buy original products that guarantee the safety of the end customer avoiding counterfeits. 18- Cybesilicock, dildos touch skin without vibration If you liked vibrators and Cibersilicock technology, the brand launches the same touch without vibration. “Many clients demanded dildos with the same touch,� explains Miguel Olid,

48 - Playlove by Dreamlove

the brand's designer. Now the most incredible touch on the market launches the vibration-free products available at Dreamlove starting in January 2021. 19- Discover what's new in Addicted Toys A specialist in men and male sexual exploration, Addicted Toys launches 30 new products in the line of sexual discovery of all the erogenous zones in men. All products are now available at 20- Obsessive Lingerie A new display system for stores will be available from January 2021. (You can find all the information in our Dreamlove newsletter and through social networks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). You will also be interested to know that Obsessive launches more than 4 collections monthly. And Dreamlove has all the collections in stock. 21- Jejoue Jejoue has renewed the exclusive distribution contract for Spain with Dreamlove. The English brand will announce new products for 2021 that will continue to surprise with their unique quality. 22- Pasante condoms The 2020 Global Condoms Market Research provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain structure. The Global Condoms Market Report is provided for the international markets as well as development trends, competitive landscape analysis and development status of key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, and manufacturing processes and cost









structures are also discussed. This report also establishes import and export consumption, supply and demand figures, cost, price, revenue, and gross margins. Intern is in this research study listed as one of the most important manufacturing companies in the world. Pasante has closed a distribution agreement in Spain with Dreamlove to increase its demand within the erotic and parapharmacy sector. 23- New distribution agreement with Secret Play Secret Play products contain natural elements beneficial for your skin that make themselves look on the outside and feel on the inside. Secret Play formulas contain ingredients used in traditional cosmetics so that, in addition to making you feel absolutely incredible, you pamper your skin. Evocative aromas and irresistible flavors blend in exquisite harmony, and massages and caresses become the perfect prelude to a more intense experience. Sensuality and eroticism are not at odds with the natural. Secret Play brings to your skin care the benefits of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, and no parabens or sugars. Oils and lotions with a sublime and light texture for kisses and caresses without sticky effect. Secret Play is committed to respecting the environment and social responsibility. We carry out concrete actions in the field of quality and effective equality at work, the ethics and quality of our products and respect for the environment. Discover all Secret Play products exclusively at 24- Distribution agreement with Durex Durex is back with a new ad for its female lubricant. She does it with one of the “most hated words�, according to the brand itself: wet. Throughout the entire 20-second spot, the protagonists have only one word in their mouth: wet. The truth is that this 'humidity',

which is sometimes difficult or embarrassing to pronounce, is necessary for women to have full and pleasant sexual relations. That is why Durex has decided to include this single word in its ad for female lubricant. Durex has signed a new 2021 distribution agreement with Dreamlove being a Premium Distributor for the erotic sector in Spain.

25- Rithual Shushu low prices Discover the new distribution price of Rithual Shushu. Since last December 15, the Rithual sucker has the new distribution price of EUR 14.95, and RRP of EUR 39.95.

26- New distribution agreement with Cobeco Pharma Cobeco Pharma is a Dutch company that manufactures and wholesales pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and stimulants as well as medical instruments. Founded in 1995, Cobeco Pharma has become one of the world's largest producers and wholesalers in this market. With an extensive list of fully satisfied customers throughout Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, Asia and Australia, Cobeco Pharma is a continually expanding multinational company. Dreamlove has been an elite premium distributor in Spain for 10 years and is within Cobeco Pharma's expansion plan for 2021-2022.

Playlove by Dreamlove - 49

ELECTROSTIMULATION Everything you need to know.

• Will e-stim train my muscles? Sorry, boys: He won't get bigger, longer or thicker with estim, and six pack abs are not going to happen, either. The principle behind e-stim is that it stimulates the nerve ends, not muscles or tissue. • I have a loop. Can I still use the dildos and eggs? If your loop is made of uncoated metal, we recommend you don't, because the metal may warm up when there is current flowing through it. To be on the safe side, please ask you gynecologist about the material. • I have a genital piercing. Do I have to take it out? Not necessarily. Metal does conduct current better than tissue and if the current comes near the piercing, it may jump to it and make it warm up. If this is uncomfortable, we recommend to take out the piercing. • I have a pacemaker. Do I have to stay away from e-stim? Not necessarily. It is very important to talk about it to a doctor you trust. If you don't want to reveal the erotic component just ask if you can safely use a stimulation current device to help with back pains - this works with the same principles and everywhere your doctor gives you a go for that, you can go ahead with the toys. It is, however, much better to talk about it openly and make quite sure you know what is safe so that your pleasure won't interfere with your health. • How do I find the right size of cock ring? Finding the right size is crucial in order to guarantee the best results of your cock ring: If the ring is too big, it doesn’t do the trick, or might even fall off. On the other

50 - Playlove by Dreamlove

hand side if you chose a ring which is too small, it might lead to medical problems. You can measure the right size by wrapping a piece of non-elastic band around your testicles and penis. Mark the band on both sides, where the ends meet and measure the length in mm. Now divide this length by pi (3.14) in order to find out your diameter. Diameter of the cock ring = length in mm / π Where it gets dangerous? Alternating current, the one that comes out of the plug, is significantly more dangerous than coninuous current because it generates two impulses in the body, the negative and the positive. On the other hand, in continuous current the polarity remains the same and with the same volts, it generates half the impulses. Toys with electro stimulation use continuous current, A continuous current voltage is considered dangerous from 120 volts for an adult and from 60 volts for a child and the batteries of electro stimulation devices generate a voltage of 40 volts and a maximum current of 0.08 amps. • How to get burns and tissue damage? Burns depend on how much skin touches the poles and how strong the intensity or the current is. This relation is called the current's density, and it varies inversely with the amount of contact area. So if you double the contact area, the current's density is cut in half. A density of 10 mA / mm² can lead to redness, and from 20 mA / mm² upwards, marks or blisters are possible.



¡Este verano caliéntate con la nueva colección de vibradores Dolce Vita!

Warm up this summer with the new Dolce Vita vibrator collection!

Conoce la nueva colección de vibradores Dolce Vita que llega este verano llena de fantasía y glamour. La colección consta de cinco vibradores con los que podrás llevar a cabo tus fantasías sexuales y revivir las fantásticas sensaciones de desenfreno y sexo de los veranos más calientes. Todos los productos de la marca Dolce Vita son flexibles y muy suaves y están diseñados para proporcionar masajes muy sensuales de placer íntimo. Unas preciosidades que se convierten en el regalo perfecto tanto para las personas más experimentadas como para todas aquellas que empiezan a usar los juguetes sexuales.

Meet the new collection of Dolce Vita vibrators that comes this summer full of fantasy and glamour. The collection consists of five vibrators with which you can carry out your sexual fantasies and relive the fantastic sensations of debauchery and sex of the hottest summers. All Dolce Vita brand products are flexible and very soft and are designed to provide very sensual massages for intimate pleasure. Some precious things that become the perfect gift for both the most experienced people and for all those who start using sex toys.

Los vibradores Dolce Vita están fabricados con tecnología de última generación, utilizando silicona suave y aterciopelada y un motor muy potente para conseguir obtener un producto de máxima calidad que ofrecer al público. Su cuerpo blando y potente convence a todas mujeres que lo utilizan y su diseño les encanta. Su uso es muy sencillo y es fácil de manejar. Un solo botón controla toda la diversión. El mismo botón se utiliza para activar el potente motor interior que genera las vibraciones y también para ir cambiando entre los siete modos de vibración que proporciona Dolce Vita. La frecuencia de oscilación es agradablemente baja y el motor es dócil y silencioso. Las vibraciones alcanzan con destreza y precisión el punto G pero lo que más convence a las usuarias es cuando dejan que el extremo de Dolce Vita les masajee dulcemente el clítoris hasta hacerlas llegar al clímax. Tras enviar una muestra a 50 mujeres que usan vibrador habitualmente, las valoraciones positivas fueron más del 85% de las respuestas dadas. Así pues con un grado de satisfacción tan alto de 8,5 puntos, esta nueva marca es una de las grandes novedades de 2020 que todos los profesionales B2B deben tener en sus catálogos con la garantía de un producto que no defraudará a los clientes. Y además con el gran atractivo de su precio: 15,95 EUR de venta al público y de 4,49 EUR al por mayor. La nueva marca Dolce Vita viene con una caja exterior en color blanco y con detalles metalizados. El vibrador funciona con una pila AAA (incluida).

6 --Playlove by Dreamlove Dreamlove 52 Playlove by

Dolce Vita vibrators are made with the latest technology, using soft and velvety silicone and a very powerful motor to obtain a top quality product to offer to the public. Its soft and powerful body convinces all women who use it and they love its design. Its use is very simple and it is easy to operate with just a button on the bottom that controls all the fun. The same button is used to activate the powerful internal motor that generates vibrations and also to switch between the seven vibration modes provided by Dolce Vita. The oscillation frequency is pleasantly low and the motor is docile and quiet. The vibrations dexterously and precisely reach the G-spot but what most convinces the users is when they let the end of the Dolce Vita gently massage the clitoris until they reach their climax. After sending a sample to 50 women who regularly use a vibrator, the positive ratings were more than 85% of the responses given. So with such a high degree of satisfaction of 8.5 points, this new brand is one of the great novelties of 2020 that all B2B professionals must have in their catalogues with the guarantee of a product that will not disappoint their customers. And also with the great attraction of its price: EUR 15.95 for sale to the public and EUR 4.49 for wholesale. The new Dolce vita brand comes with a white outer case with metallic details. The vibrator requires an AAA battery (included).



Rithual Kama es un potente vibrador con mando a distancia, especial para parejas y un complemento perfecto para las relaciones con penetración.

Rithual Kama is a powerful vibrator with remote control, especially for couples and a perfect complement to relationships involving penetrations.

Desarrollado por el equipo técnico de Dreamlove, Rithual Kama es un vibrador cuyo diseño ergonómico permite utilizarlo durante las relaciones sexuales para estimular a ambos miembros de la pareja.

Developed by the Dreamlove technical team, Rithual Kama is a vibrator whose ergonomic design allows it to be used during sexual intercourse to stimulate both members of the couple.

Incorpora dos potentes motores que, durante el coito, estimulan a la mujer y al hombre respectivamente, poniendo el pene, el clítoris y la vagina en éxtasis al mismo tiempo y enriqueciendo la vida sexual con brillantes vibraciones. La flexible forma de U hecha de silicona médica garantiza una estanquidad adicional y una presión perfectamente concentrada en los puntos más sensibles. Rithual Kama cuenta con 10 funciones de vibración, que se pueden controlar desde el botón de control o bien con el mando a distancia.

It incorporates two powerful motors that, during intercourse, stimulate the woman and the man respectively, putting the penis, the clitoris and the vagina in ecstasy at the same time and enriching the sexual life with brilliant vibrations. The flexible U-shape made of medical silicone guarantees additional tightness and perfectly concentrated pressure at the most sensitive points. Rithual Ka<ma has 10 vibration functions, which can be controlled from the control button or with the remote control.

El práctico control remoto permite controlar la vibración cómodamente y decidir qué miembro de la pareja es el que lleva las riendas del juego. Para aventuras salvajes y juegos preliminares emocionantes, la mujer también pueden colocar el vibrador en su ropa interior y dejar que su pareja le sorprenda. La naturaleza impermeable (IPX7) del control remoto permite hacer que un baño caliente compartido sea aún más caliente.

The practical remote control allows you to control the vibration comfortably and decide which member of the couple holds the reins. For wild adventures and exciting foreplay, the woman can also put the vibrator in her underwear and let her partner surprise her. The waterproof (IPX7) nature of the remote control makes a shared hot bath even hotter.

La batería integrada también es muy práctica ya que permite cargar el Rithual Kama con el cable USB magnético incluido y dar marcha a su vida sexual disfrutando de esta estimulación adicional cuando y donde desee. Está fabricado con silicona médica que resulta un material ideal para proporcionar diversión sexual gracias a su agradable tacto; es muy higiénico, con una textura suave y sedosa y, con la ayuda de un lubricante a base de agua, como los lubricantes Waterfeel clásicos, sedosos o cálidos, se convierte en un placer único y exclusivo. El vibrador se puede limpiar fácilmente con agua y jabón suave. Para una higiene exhaustiva se recomienda usar el desinfectante Waterfeel. Unas pocas pulverizaciones son suficientes para limpiar de manera óptima el juguete. Su precio de venta al público para el consumidor final es de 49,95 EUR. Disponible para todos los clientes B2B en

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The built-in battery is also very practical as it allows you to charge the Rithual Kama with the included magnetic USB cable and jumpstart your sex life enjoying this added stimulation when and where you want. It is made of medical silicone that is an ideal material to provide sexual fun thanks to its pleasant touch; It is very hygienic, with a soft and silky texture and, with the help of a water-based lubricant, such as classic, silky or warm Waterfeel lubricants, it becomes a unique and exclusive pleasure. The vibrator can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. For exhaustive hygiene it is recommended to use the Waterfeel disinfectant; a few sprays are enough to optimally clean the toy. Its retail price for the final consumer is EUR 49.95. Available to all B2B customers at



Rose inspira una armonía universal de cuerpo, alma y espíritu. Representa el triángulo de felicidad, satisfacción y placer que consigue complacer sus deseos más íntimos. Con tres potentes motores enclavados en un hermoso diseño de silicona, Rose utiliza la revolucionaria tecnología Cyclo para transmitir vibraciones rotativas a través de su motor interno y, paralelamente, succionar el clítoris de forma sublime enviando un movimiento sensual de energía que gira alrededor del clítoris en un torbellino de emociones.

Rose inspires a universal harmony of body, soul, and spirit. It represents the triangle of happiness, satisfaction and pleasure that manages to please your most intimate desires. With three powerful motors nestled in a beautiful silicone design, Rose uses revolutionary Cyclo technology to transmit rotary vibrations through her internal motor and, in parallel, suck the clitoris in a sublime way, sending a sensual movement of energy that rotates around the clitoris in a whirlwind of emotions.

Este potente masajeador con succionador ofrece diez modos de frecuencia con ondas sónicas rápidas pero suaves que estimulan todo el clítoris, por dentro y por fuera, unas ondas de satisfacción alucinantes que resuenan por todas partes y lo hacen regresar. Un producto celestial que tiene una resonancia simbólica positiva en mitos, culturas y religiones distantes. Mia de Rose encarna la trinidad universal de la energía íntima, emocional, física y divina, cumpliendo su destino de sexualidad femenina incondicional.

This powerful suction massager offers ten frequency modes with fast but gentle sonic waves that stimulate the entire clitoris, inside and out, mindblowing satisfaction waves that resonate everywhere and keep you coming back. A heavenly product that has a positive symbolic resonance in distant myths, cultures, and religions. Mia de Rose embodies the universal trinity of divine, emotional, physical and intimate energy, fulfilling her destiny of unconditional feminine sexuality.

Con vibraciones y succiones ciclónicas nunca antes vistas, el poder se mueve en un movimiento circular de vibración y succión que gira alrededor del clítoris. El diseño de la boca es más suave, profundo y, en general, más grande para que proporcione mucha más satisfacción tanto por dentro como por fuera. Todo el cuerpo está fabricado de silicona Premium extrasuave y totalmente segura para el cuerpo y muy agradable al tacto. Es totalmente impermeable (IPX6) y muy fácil de limpiar.

With never-before-seen cyclonic vibrations and suctions, power moves in a circular motion of vibration and suction that rotates around the clitoris. The design of the mouth is softer, deeper and, in general, bigger so that it provides much more satisfaction both inside and out. The whole body is made of premium silicone, extra soft and totally safe for the body and very pleasant to the touch. It is totally waterproof (IPX6) and very easy to clean.

Incorpora una batería de Li-ion recargable mediante USB magnético (cable incluido) que proporciona 90 minutos de carga y uso para poder llevarte a Rose allí donde quieras. El precio es otro de sus atractivos, porque por tan solo 39,95 EUR el cliente final obtiene dos productos en uno: vibración + succión. ¿Preparado para la acción?

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It incorporates a magnetic USB rechargeable Li-ion battery (cable included) that provides 90 minutes of charge and use so you can take Rose wherever you want. The price is another of its attractions, because for only EUR 39.95 the end customer gets two products in one: vibration + suction. Ready for action?



Los kits Secretroom están disponibles en tres versiones con todo lo esencial para disfrutar de divertidas relaciones sexuales. Diseñados especialmente para parejas que desean hacer una escapada romántica, un apasionado viaje fin de semana o para una noche fuera de la ciudad.

Secretroom kits are available in three versions with all the essentials that can not be missing in a sexual relationship. Specially designed for couples who want to make a romantic getaway, a passionate weekend trip or for a night out of the city, they are ideal to carry in your travel bag or suitcase.

¿Qué puedes encontrar en los kits Secretroom? Para comenzar a jugar presentamos el kit Bronze, con todo lo básico para las parejas que comienzan a introducir objetos de placer o juegos sexuales en sus relaciones y que les permitirá sentir, estimularse y jugar. Incluye un antifaz confeccionado a mano, Spartan couple gel, un gel estimulador para parejas basado en una crema potenciadora del orgasmo, el lubricante Nina Kikí con sabor a nubes de algodón, comestible y perfecto para usar en las relaciones y el estimulante Nina Kikí Womanfly especial para mujer.

What can you find in the Secretroom kits? To start playing we present the Bronze kit, with everything necessary for couples who begin to introduce objects of pleasure or sexual games in their relationships and that will allow them to feel, stimulate and play. This kit includes a hand made blind mask, Spartan couple gel, a stimulating gel for couples based on an orgasm enhancer cream, the Nina Kikí lubricant with marshmallow flavor, edible and perfect for use in relationships and the Nina Kikí Womanfly special stimulant for woman.

Todos los kit están disponibles en dos versiones que varían ligeramente: el nivel 1 con unas esposas de tela y metal exclusivas y unas pezoneras bordadas en negro y el nivel 2 con esposas para atar a tu amante al colchón o a la cabecera de la cama para dominarlo a gusto.

All kits are available in two versions that vary slightly: level 1 with exclusive cloth and metal handcuffs and black nip covers and level 2 with handcuffs to tie your lover to the mattress or the headboard to master it at ease and pleasure and take absolute control of the situation.

Después tenemos el kit Silver, para parejas con un conocimiento más avanzado y que desean escalar en los sentidos sexuales, un kit ideal esencial con el que puedes sorprender a tu pareja antes de empezar una sesión de juegos eróticos para provocar una explosión de sensaciones. El kit incluye, además de todo lo incluido en el kit Bronze, un antifaz confeccionado a mano, un anillo brillador y una potente bala vibradora Gold.

Then we have the Silver kit, for couples with more advanced knowledge and who want to climb in the sexual senses, an essential ideal kit with which you can surprise your partner before starting an erotic games session to cause an explosion of sensations. The kit includes, in addition to everything included in the Bronze kit, a cock ring and a powerful Gold vibrating bullet.

El kit Gold es el más completo y está creado, parejas aquellas que ya tienen un buen conocimiento de los juegos sexuales, para los que quieran subir a un nivel superior o bien parejas con ganas de pasarlo bien pero que ya han utilizado algún tipo de juguete sexual o estimulante en alguna ocasión. Añade a los productos incluidos en el kit Bronze, todo lo necesario para estimular todos los sentidos: un antifaz confeccionado a mano, dados con posturas Kamasutra, un temporizador, una pluma para excitar, un anillo vibrador, un vibrador estimulador y el vibrador líquido para parejas Olympia.

The Gold kit is the most complete one and it’s created for couples those who already have a good knowledge of sexual games, for those who want to climb to a higher level or couples wanting to have fun but who have already used some type of toy sexual or stimulating on occasion. This kit adds to the Bronze kit products, everything necessary to stimulate all the senses: a dice with Kamasutra postures, a timer, a feather to excite, a vibrating cock ring, a stimulating vibrator and the Olympia liquid vibrator for couples, a perfect stimulant that will make both of you vibrate.

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Ducky es una propuesta ultratraviesa para colocar en tus dedos y deslizar por todo el cuerpo de tu pareja para masajearlo. Sus vibrantes caricias harán que pase del hormigueo al placer, del placer al estremecimiento y del estremecimiento al éxtasis. ¡Ducky vuelve loco a todo el mundo!

Ducky is an ultranaughty proposal to place on your fingers and slide all over your partner's body to massage it. Its vibrant caresses will make her or him go from tingling to pleasure, from pleasure to shudder and from shudder to ecstasy. Ducky drives everyone crazy!

Este patito vibrador para dedos, es pequeño (40x45x16 mm), ligero (16 g) y muy fácil de manejar con un solo botón de control. Es tan suave y flexible como tus dedos y tiene 11 modos de vibración y un diseño de formas curvas que lo hacen perfecto para masajear las zonas erógenas. Un patito con una completa versatilidad que te hará disfrutar de placeres respetuosos, discretos e inmediatos.

This vibrating finger duckling is small (40x45x16 mm), lightweight (16 g) and very easy to operate with a single control button. It is as soft and flexible as your fingers and has 11 vibration modes and a curved shape design that makes it perfect for massaging erogenous zones. A duckling with complete versatility that will make you enjoy respectful, discreet and immediate pleasures.

Ducky está fabricado con silicona muy suave al tacto, sin ftalatos y a prueba de salpicaduras y muy fácil de limpiar. Su carcasa de ABS es perfecta para difundir las vibraciones con un volumen que no supera 50 dB, para que nadie más que vosotros lo oiga.

Ducky is made of silicone that is very soft to the touch, free of phthalates and splashproof and very easy to clean. Its ABS casing is perfect for spreading vibrations with a volume that does not exceed 50 dB, so that no one else but you can hear it.

Puedes encontrar a Ducky dentro de la colección de diversas marcas: Black&Silver en versión black, Happy Loky en versión Pink y Coverme en versión Purple.

You can find Ducky in several collections of our brands: Black & Silver in black version, Happy Loky in Pink version and Coverme in Purple version.

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Impresionante colección de arneses con gran variedad de formas y tamaños, correas y materiales. Para ellas y para ellos, la gama más completa del mercado.

An impressive collection of harnesses with a variety of shapes and sizes, straps and materials. For both men and women, the most complete range on the market.

El equipo de Dreamlove ha desarrollado esta original colección de arneses con dildos que incluye más de 30 modelos diferentes fabricados con materiales de máxima calidad entre los que podemos encontrar dildos huecos para hombres, dildos de doble penetración, dildos para el punto G, dildos realísticos y muchísimos más...

The Dreamlove team has developed this original collection of dildo harnesses that includes more than 30 different models made of the highest quality materials, among which we can find hollow dildos for men, double penetration dildos, G-spot dildos, realistic dildos and many more...

Normalmente los dildos huecos se utilizan para las personas con disfunción eréctil o con problemas para mantener las erecciones. Los dildos huecos de Harness Attraction permiten la inserción del pene erecto, semierecto o flácido y se puede utilizar como una extensión del propio cuerpo. Además, son un complemento perfecto para aquellos hombres que desean presentar un pene más grande y de mayor longitud. La colección Harness Attraction cuenta con arneses que se ajustan a todos los cuerpos con total comodidad y que se adaptan a cinturas de hasta 130 cm y dispone de dildos suaves y resistentes que son perfectamente aptos tanto para las relaciones sexuales de los que empiezan a usar el arnés como para los más experimentados. Una fabulosa colección de arneses que permite refrescar las relaciones íntimas y ayuda a resolver preocupaciones bastante comunes como los problemas de erección, el deseo de un pene más largo o la aportación de “algo más” en las relaciones sexuales de las mujeres que desean experimentar la penetración vaginal o anal con otra mujer u hombre. El lanzamiento de la nueva colección Harness Attraction está prevista para principios de agosto de 2020, y estará disponible para todos los clientes B2B de

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Hollow dildos are normally used for people with erectile dysfunction or with problems to maintain erections. The Harness Attraction hollow dildos allow insertion of the erect, semi-erect or flaccid penis and can be used as an extension of the body itself. In addition, they are a perfect complement for those men who want to present a bigger and longer penis. The Harness Attraction collection has harnesses that fit all bodies with total comfort and that adapt to waists up to 130 cm and has soft and resistant dildos that are perfectly suitable for both sexual relations of those who start using the harness as for the most experienced ones. A fabulous collection of harnesses that allows you to refresh intimate relationships and helps to solve fairly common concerns such as erection problems, the desire for a longer penis or the contribution of “something more” in the sexual relations of women who want to experience sexual intercourse. vaginal or anal penetration with another woman or man. The new Harness Attraction collection is scheduled for early August 2020, and will be available to all B2B customers.



Todos los productos de la nueva marca Rock Army han sido cuidadosamente diseñados y fabricados para ofrecer un producto de última generación. Con ellos Dreamlove da un paso hacia adelante en el mundo de los juguetes eróticos realistas. Las cualidades que distinguen a toda la gama son extraordinarias gracias a su superficie 100% de silicona con un tacto sedoso y agradable que se adapta rápidamente a la temperatura corporal y resulta muy estimulante en todas las situaciones, ya sea en la cama, en la bañera o utilizándolo con un arnés.

All the products of the new Rock Army brand have been carefully designed and manufactured to offer a state-of-the-art product. With them Dreamlove is taking a step forward in the world of realistic erotic toys. The qualities that distinguish the entire range are extraordinary thanks to its 100% silicone surface with a silky and pleasant touch that adapts quickly to body temperature and is very stimulating in all situations, whether in bed, in the bathtub or using it with a harness.

Todas las creaciones de la colección son dildos placenteros y realistas diseñados especialmente para alcanzar todos los puntos íntimos y presentan un tono de color y una silueta extraordinariamente natural que, en algunos modelos, incluye una base con ventosa para que también se pueda utilizar fijándolo en cualquier superficie lisa y disfrutar de experiencias todavía más realistas y emocionantes. Su empaquetado ha sido cuidadosamente diseñado y en la misma caja se ofrece al consumidor toda la información sobre el producto sin necesidad de tener que abrirlo. Cada dildo incluye su sello de higiene que garantiza que el producto ha sido revisado y que cumple todas las garantías de la cadena de higiene.

All creations in the collection are pleasant and realistic dildos specially designed to reach all intimate points and have a colour tone and an extraordinarily natural silhouette that, in some models, includes a base with a suction cup so that it can also be used fixed on any smooth surface and enjoy even more realistic and exciting experiences. Its packaging has been carefully designed and in the same box the consumer is provided with all the information about the product without having to open it. Each dildo includes its hygiene seal that guarantees that the product has been reviewed and that it meets all the guarantees of the hygiene chain. Its price is another attraction for the final consumer. With a range of prices ranging from EUR 24.95 to 54.95, customers can enjoy real experiences and repeat with the purchase of other models of different sizes.

Su precio es otro atractivo para el consumidor final. Con un abanico de precios que va desde 24,95 a 54,95 €EUR, los clientes podrán disfrutar de experiencias reales y repetir con la compra de otros modelos de diferente tamaño.

Dual Density El diseño presenta detalles cuidadosamente elaborados para mejorar su atractivo natural, mientras que su material de doble densidad ofrece el doble de diversión íntima. Su exterior suave al tacto y su núcleo sólido forman una combinación irresistible que te dejará boquiabierto. Dual Density The design features carefully crafted details to enhance its natural appeal, while its dual-density material offers twice the intimate fun. Its soft-touch exterior and solid core form an irresistible combination that will leave you speechless.

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Liquid Silicone El material Liquid Silicone 100% es silicona líquida hipoalergénica que destaca por su sedosa superficie mate con acabado Premium impermeable (IPX7) y que se adapta extraordinariamente al cuerpo. Liquid Silicone The Liquid Silicone 100% material is hypoallergenic liquid silicone that stands out for its silky matte surface with Premium waterproof finish (IPX7) and that adapts extremely to the body.





La nueva versión 2.0 de Kailan & Kernex está fabricada con un cuerpo que combina el acero inoxidable con silicona Premium totalmente segura para el cuerpo, con un potente motor que ofrece vibraciones más fuertes que las que puede proporcionar un vibrador de bala tradicional. La funda de silicona en Kernex aporta una textura mejorada, pero transmite la misma potencia y profundas sensaciones.

JAMYJOB se trata de ti: de la presión que más te guste, de la temperatura que te haga sentir mejor y de la textura que te haga volver a por más. El diseño ergonómico permite que el usuario pueda controlar la presión apretando a su gusto y facilita poder acariciar el pene con diferentes técnicas y disfrutar de diferentes experiencias, ya sea en solitario o en pareja. La sensación de deslizarse hacia adentro y hacia fuera, ser envuelto por labios carnosos, cálidos y suaves que te llevan a lo más profundo y terminar de la manera que quieres, cuando tú quieres ¡Eso es JAMYJOB!

Tecnología y diseño nuevos y revolucionarios para un clásico juguete sexual.

El nuevo trío de masturbadores para hombre que te asegura el placer en cualquier lugar.

Revolutionary new design and technology for a classic sex toy.

The new trio of masturbators for men that ensures you pleasure anywhere.

El diseño inteligente del botón empotrado ayuda a evitar apagarlo o encenderlo accidentalmente o cambiar la velocidad en el peor momento posible. Dispone de 10 modos de funcionamiento y de potentes vibraciones con solo algunos modos esenciales: bajo, medio, alto y pulsante. Kailan & Kernex versión 2.0 está diseñado para ser compatible con cualquier juguete y accesorio que funcione con un vibrador de bala tradicional, como arneses, consoladores y anillos para el pene. Es resistente al agua para facilitar la limpieza y divertirse en la ducha o la bañera y es recargable mediante USB magnético.

Cargador magnético.

Anillo vibrador Agron, elegante, sexy y fácil de colocar gracias a su elasticidad.

Nuevo vibrador control Touch, Kaultz Duo.

The new Kailan & Kernex version 2.0 is made with a body that combines stainless steel with premium silicone that is totally safe for the body, with a powerful motor that offers stronger vibrations than a traditional bullet vibrator can provide. The Kernex silicone sleeve provides an improved texture, but transmits the same power and deep sensations. The smart flush button design helps avoid accidentally turning it on or off or changing speed at the worst possible time. It has 10 modes of operation and powerful vibrations with only some essential modes: low, medium, high and pulsating. Kailan & Kernex version 2.0 is designed to be compatible with any toy and accessory that works with a traditional bullet vibrator, such as harnesses, dildos and penis rings. It is waterproof for easy cleaning and fun in the shower or bathtub and is rechargeable via magnetic USB

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• Joy: rojo pasión en forma de boca para experiencias carnales. • Try: negro para los oscuros deseos de los amantes del sexo anal. • Fun: blanco para disfrutar de sexo vaginal. Todos los productos de la colección están fabricados con materiales 100% reciclables, no contienen látex, ftalatos, plomo ni metales pesados y, dado que JAMYJOB es un juguete versátil, la limpieza es sumamente sencilla.

Cada versión se complementa con un huevo masturbador con diferentes texturas que permiten estimular todo el glande y parte del cuerpo del pene hasta llegar al orgasmo. Todos los huevos incluyen un lubricante monodosis a base de agua.

JAMYJOB is about you: the pressure that you like the most, the temperature that makes you feel better and the texture that makes you come back for more. The ergonomic design allows the user to control the pressure by pressing to their liking and makes it easier to caress the penis with different techniques and enjoy different experiences, either alone or with a partner. The sensation of sliding in and out, being enveloped by full, warm and soft lips that take you to the depths and end the way you want, when you want. That's JAMYJOB! • Joy: passion red in the mouth for carnal experiences. • Try: black for the dark desires of lovers of anal sex. • Fun: white to enjoy vaginal sex. All products in the collection are made from 100% recyclable materials, contain no latex, phthalates, lead, or heavy metals, and since JAMYJOB is a versatile toy, cleaning is extremely easy.



La colección Basecock está formada por 30 vibradores con base con ventosa para utilizarlos en paredes lisas o suelos no porosos y añadir un toque de fantasía a tus relaciones sexuales.

Basecock collection includes 30 vibrators with a suction cup base for use on smooth walls or non-porous floors and add a spice of fantasy to your sexual relationships.

Realistas y placenteros, la colección de vibradores Basecock está pensada para todos los públicos, sea cual sea su condición sexual. La variedad es diversidad, por eso cada vibrador Basecock tiene una forma diferente, desde dildos realistas con testículos hasta vibradores lisos. Experiencia real para una mayor satisfacción.

Realistic and delightful, Basecock vibrator collection is designed for all audiences, whatever their sexual condition. Variety is diversity, so each Basecock vibrator has a different shape, from realistic dildos with testicles to smooth vibrators. Real experience for greater satisfaction.

Por si fuera poco la mayoría vienen con un mando de control remoto con cable que proporciona intensas vibraciones en todo el cuerpo. Otros modelos son articulables y se adaptan a tu postura favorita. El material TPE destaca por su sedosa superficie mate con una extraordinaria adaptación al cuerpo. Los juguetes eróticos se limpian con facilidad y se conservan higiénicos durante mucho tiempo. El flexible material se desliza de maravilla y adopta rápidamente la temperatura del cuerpo. Basecock es hipoalergénico, fabricado en un material que ayuda a disminuir el riesgo de reacciones alérgicas. El precio recomendado máximo es de 44,95EUR y su precio de coste mínimo es de 9,90 EUR. ¡Un margen de beneficio perfecto para una garantía de calidad perfecta! Consigue tu Basecock en a partir de enero.

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Also, most of them come with a wired remote control that provides intense vibrations throughout the body. Other models are articulated and can adapt to your favorite position. The TPE material stands out for its silky matt surface with an extraordinary adaptation to the body. Erotic toys are easily cleaned and kept hygienic for a long time. The flexible material glides beautifully and quickly adopts body temperature. Basecock is hypoallergenic, made of a material that helps reduce the risk of allergic reactions. The maximum recommended price is EUR 44.95 and its minimum price is EUR 9.90. A perfect profit margin for a perfect quality guarantee! Get your Basecock at starting next January.