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Núm. 314 Año 15

4 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314

El maestro de la innovación

Shigeru Ban

The master of innovation “Shigeru Ban es un arquitecto incansable cuya obra exhuda optimismo. Donde otros pueden percibir retos casi imposibles de superar, Shigeru Ban ve una invitación a la acción. Donde otros pueden preferir tomar un camino ya probado, él ve la oportunidad de innovar. Es además un profesor comprometido que no sólo representa un modelo a seguir para la generación más joven, sino también una fuente de inspiración”.

“Shigeru Ban is a tireless architect whose work exudes optimism. Where others may see insurmountable challenges, Ban sees a call to action. Where others might take a tested path, he sees the opportunity to innovate. He is a committed teacher who is not only a role model for younger generations, but also an inspiration”.



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6 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314


a Fundacion Hyatt, creadora y patrocinadora del Premio Pritzker anuncio que el ganador del galardón 2014, considerado como el Nobel de arquitectura, recae este año en el japonés Shigeru Ban. “Es un arquitecto excepcional que, durante veinte años, ha estado respondiendo con creatividad y diseño de alta calidad a situaciones extremas causadas por desastres naturales devastadores. Su sentido de la responsabilidad y la acción positiva para crear una arquitectura de calidad para atender las necesidades de la sociedad, junto con su enfoque original de estos desafíos humanitarios, hacen del ganador de este año un profesional ejemplar”, ha señalado el jurado. Shigeru Ban, de 56 años y que abrió su primer estudio en Tokio en 1985, cree que este galardón es, precisamente, un estímulo para seguir la línea de trabajo por la que ha sido reconocido: “Recibir este premio es un gran honor, y con él, tengo que tener cuidado. Tengo que seguir escuchando a la gente para la que trabajo, en mis comisiones residenciales privadas y en mi trabajo de auxilio en desastres. Veo este premio como un estímulo para seguir haciendo lo que estoy haciendo. No para cambiarlo sino para crecer” Lleva más de dos décadas trabajando en áreas de desastres naturales con ciudadanos locales, voluntarios y estudiantes para dise-

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he Hyatt Foundation, which sponsors the Pritzker Architecture Prize, has announced Shigeru Ban as the recipient of the award for 2014. Since opening his firm, Shigeru Ban Architects, in Tokyo in 1985, Ban (who now has additional offices in Paris and New York) has followed a bipartite career characterized both by inventive, socially conscious responses to emergency relief situations and a varied modernist approach to private, institutional, and commercial projects. The Pritzker jury, seemingly mindful that, in earlier times, the award, which began in 1979, tended to go to glamorous design types (Philip Johnson, Richard Meier, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, etc.), cites Ban for his “contributions to humanity” as well as excellence in design. Ban’s efforts have “expanded the role of the profession,” the jury notes, due to the laureate’s interaction with governments, public agencies, philanthropists, and local communities. Ban explains “I started working in disaster areas because I was a little disappointed about my profession. Architects mostly work for the privileged...I thought architects should have more of a social role. If people lose houses in a disaster area, there is no architect to help”. Born in 1957 in Tokyo, Ban attended Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) before getting his B. Arch. from The

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Rancho Sayulita, $899K

163 Lázaro Cárdenas, Bucerias, Nayarit, México Office : 329 298 3314 Toll free from US or Canada: 866 210 1324

Sayulita 322 117 3099 Condo Rosa $130K

Bucerias Beach 322 135 5979 Condo Peacoc $479,900 USD

Tower 1, Playa Royale, P. Village 322 135 5979 Condo Beachfront” $349K

Bucerias Beach 322 117 3099 Casa Ivonne $270K

Bucerias 322 278 6961 Casa Doris $495K

Bucerias 322 135 5979

Casa Palapa $825K

Punta del Burro 322 117 3099 Casa Miller $249K

Bucerias 322 278 6961 Casa de la Bendicion $249K

Bucerias 322 117 3099 Condo Swisher $649K

Bucerias Beach 322 117 3099 Lambert Penthouse $199,900k

El Tigre 322 135 5979

Casa Cantera $589K

Bucerias 322 117 3099 Casita Ocean View $245K

La Cruz 322 117 3099 Casa 47 $315K

Villa Vista de la Bahia $497,888

La Cruz 322 117 3099 Casa Jamur, $199,500

La Cruz 322 117 3099 Casa Ancla $339K

Bucerias 322 278 6961 Villa la Dolce Vita $299K

Coto Flamingos 322 278 6961

Nuevo Vallarta 322 117 3099

Lot Vista Panoramica $287,356

Condo Mantarraya $229,000

Near Bucerias 322 117 3099

Bucerias 322 135 5979

Green Bay II $295K

El Tigre 322 117 3099


Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury deeded full and fractional property ownership in Puerto Vallarta, where making a reservation is a thing of the past and real estate matches your lifestyle. With Signature Residences at Garza Blanca you can own as little as a month for as long as a lifetime, investing in genuine luxury equity that is yours to sell, rent or enjoy as you wish. Luxury Resort Real Estate

Signature Residences at Garza Blanca leads the way in luxury resort real estate in Puerto Vallarta, offering a range of palatial 2 and 3 bedroom residences and spectacular penthouses for sale. Each property guarantees stunning ocean views, elegantly proportioned interiors and access to superb five star resort facilities including one of Banderas Bay’s most beautiful white sandy beaches: Playa Garza Blanca. With a limited number of deeded full and fractional properties on the market, Garza Blanca Signature Residences is poised for exclusive clientele seeking luxury, class and a touch of magic - are you ready to join us? Signature Residences at Garza Blanca an elite edition for the most discerning real estate buyer in Puerto Vallarta

Why Own in Paradise?

Investing in a luxury residence located on the premises of a five star resort is the perfect compromise between the responsibility of owning a second home and the convenience of staying in a hotel. You can live the lifestyle of an elite guest in one of Puerto Vallarta’s most luxurious resorts se-

cure in the knowledge that you have made a tangible investment both financially and experientially. Imagine all the services of a hotel at a push of a button with unlimited access to the resort’s spectacular pools, spa, gym, tennis courts and world class gourmet restaurants. With the added advantage of being able to rent your villa when you are not there or take advantage of Garza Blanca’s optional property management services, full and fractional ownership in paradise is an opportunity with many benefits.

Deeded Fractional Ownership

While it is easy to recognize the advantages and responsibilities of full second home ownership, many of us confuse the benefits of fractional deeded ownership with timeshare and residence club membership. As an owner of a fractional asset at Garza Blanca Signature Residences, you possess the deed for your fraction, whether that be 1/12 (4 week rotating fractional) or 1/24 (2 week guaranteed holiday season), meaning that your fractional purchase is yours for life as part of your estate. Like full ownership, your fraction is an asset that you can sell, rent or leave in a will as you please, and like any property purchase your investment can appreciate.

Worry-Free Ownership

The additional benefits of deeded fractional ownership are many, with the main being that you do not have to worry about anything, you turn up during your scheduled fraction and enjoy a fabulous vacation in your own vacation home - no reservations, no double booking, no fuss. Your fractional maintenance fees cover everything, including administrative costs, cleaning, maintenance, a furniture fund, water, electric and gas. You live like a VIP guest in your own home. Indeed, fractional ownership is even simpler than renting, and unlike renting, your money does not go down the black hole of the landlord’s pocket - you are your own landlord!

Am I a Perfect Candidate for Fractional Ownership in Puerto Vallarta?

If you adore Puerto Vallarta and love the fact that you experience something new each time you arrive, then fractional could be just the investment you are looking for. Returning home each year to your very own residence by the sea is a luxury many only dream of. Among the candidates who would benefit most from fractional ownership are those who want to purchase overseas but can only visit once or twice a year, those who want to try before they commit to full ownership or those who can afford to buy a cheaper apartment in full but really want to own something more luxurious. Oftentimes, you may be able to afford to buy full ownership but want to avoid any concerns about renting your property while you are not able to use it.

10 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314



ada vez son más los yates que arriban a las costas de bahía de banderas, debido la comodidad que implica contar con una escalera náutica desde San Diego, Cabos, Mazatlán y Puerto Vallarta. Estas embarcaciones requieren de servicios y comodidades que pueden ser proporcionados por marinas turísticas que en México están reguladas por la Ley General de Puertos. Las aguas sobre las que se construyen las marinas son propiedad de la nación; por lo tanto, los desarrolladores previamente deben obtener una concesión de la Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT). Una marina comprende no solamente las posiciones de atraque (slips,

muelles) sino también instalaciones terrestres que den protección, abrigo y servicios a embarcaciones de recreo, turísticas y deportivas; como pueden ser Harbor Master, rampas de botado, abastecimiento de combustible, servicios sanitarios etc. Un muelle no se puede vender, porque se encuentra instalado sobre un bien federal, pero los propietarios de yates, pueden celebrar contratos de “servicio público de atraque” por un tiempo definido con la empresa concesionaria. Es importante que el propietario del yate o de la villa que se encuentre frente a la Marina, investigue la situación legal en la que se encuentra la concesión antes de formalizar un con-

trato, algunas preguntas que se deben contestar son: ¿Cuánto tiempo de vigencia tiene la concesión? ¿Se están pagando los derechos a la federación? ¿Cumple el desarrollador con sus obligaciones y brinda los servicios a que se ha comprometido? En el caso excepcional de que la marina se encuentre dentro de un Recinto Portuario, la Administración Portuaria Integral (API) podría celebrar contratos de cesión de derechos con los usuarios. Al tratarse de una ley federal que tiene jurisdicción sobre las aguas marítimas, vale la pena que los propietarios de yates y compradores de villas frente a marina, sean asesorados por expertos en la materia.


very time there are more yachts arriving to Bahia de Banderas’s coast, due to the comfortableness it represents to have a nautical ladder connecting San Diego, Los Cabos, Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta. These vessels require services and amenities that can be provided by the touristic marinas which are ruled by the Mexican Law of Ports. The water where these marinas are built over is national property; therefore, the developers must previously achieve a concession from the Communications and Transportation Agency (SCT). A marina does not only consist of moorage positions (slips & docks), but also of ground installations that provide protection, shelter and services for recreational, touristic and sport ships; such as Harbor Master, slipways, fuel supply, sanitary services, etc. A dock can’t be sold, because it is installed over a federal asset, but the yacht owners can enter a contract for “public moorage service” for a determined length of time with the company entitled to concession. It’s important for the owner of the yacht or marina front villa, to investigate the legal status of the concession before formalizing the contract, some questions that must be answered are: How long is the term of the concession? Are the taxes/duties being paid to the federation? Is the developer fulfilling his obligations and provides the services he agreed upon? In the exceptional case that the marina is inside a Port Precinct, the Port Administration (API) may enter a contract to transfer the rights to the user. Since there is a federal law with jurisdiction over the maritime waters, it is recommendable for the yacht owners and property owners of the marina front villas, to seek legal advice from an expert in this field.

TRAVELING to Vancouver or Victoria?

Would you like to do something rewarding? Would you consider taking a furry friend with you? No hassle and no cost for you.

Contact Tere at:

Thank you!


Real Estate Newspaper Monthly Publication Complimentary Issue • Number 314 PUBLISHER Ana María Platas DESIGNER Rodolfo Preciado


Specialists in ocean front properties: villas, condominiums, hotels, touristic developments

Office Phone: (00) (52) 322 2230708 Cellular: (00) (52) (1) 3221230532 E-mail:


Melchor Ocampo 167, Fracc. Los Tules • C.P. 48310. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco • TEL. (322) 224-94-19 email: PRINT RUN 11,000 copies Titulo de registro de marca 754392. Toda la información publicada en los anuncios es responsabilidad de los anunciantes.

12 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314

ñar y construir a bajo coste desde refugios hasta edificios comunitarios. Además, lo hace con materiales no convencionales como el bambú, la tela o materiales compuestos de fibra y plástico papel reciclado. Nombrado en 1995 consultor por el Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los refugiados (ACNUR) y responsable de la ONG VAN (Voluntary Architects Network) especializada en viviendas temporales para habitantes en zonas de desastre, es el creador de las ‘Paper Log House’ de Turquía, a base de cilindros de cartón. Su cooperación, iniciada tras el terremoto de Kobe en Japón, ha quedado patente más recientemente en la creación de refugios para miles de damnificados por el terremoto y el devastador tsunami que asoló la costa del océano Pacífico en Japón, el pasado 11 de marzo de 2011- Ban también construyó medio centenar de viviendas provisionales para familias de Puerto Príncipe que quedaron sin hogar a causa del terremoto que sufrió el país caribeño. Sus construcciones sencillas con materiales humildes como el cartón y su labor humanitaria en situaciones de emergencia definen a un arquitecto que no intenta minimizar el resultado sino el procedimiento.

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Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 1984. Ban decided he wanted to study at Cooper Union after coming across an article in A+U about the architecture and educational thinking of John Hejduk, then dean of Cooper Union’s architecture school. But when he found out that the school did not accept foreign students—only transfers from U.S. schools—he enrolled in SCI-Arc, which Ray Kappe had recently founded in Los Angeles. After entering Cooper Union, Ban took a year off to work for Arata Isozaki in Tokyo, and returned to his home city after graduation. On a trip abroad with Yukio Futagawa, a photographer and founder of Global Architecture magazine, for whom Ban briefly worked, he encountered Alvar Aalto’s architecture. “It changed my life,” says the Pritzker Prize winner. “I hadn’t appreciated Aalto before. But I was shocked to see how he used context, climate, and natural materials.” Back in Tokyo Ban subsequently designed an installation for an exhibition on Aalto, where he used paper tubes for the first time. The civil unrest in Rwanda in 1994, which left two million refugees homeless, led Ban to apply his paper tube concept to emergency shelters, and he

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SIERRA DEL MAR EN LOS ARCOS New luxury condominium residences, 10 min. from downtown PV

For more information, please contact:

Carlos Osuna Penn

(322) 228-0001 ext. 2

Carl Timothy

(322) 223-5300

Starting at USD $545,000


14 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314

Él mismo se define como un hombre modesto, que odia el desperdicio y que por ello utiliza lo que está disponible en cada lugar.

La búsqueda del equilibrio

Su implicación social y los materiales que utiliza para la construcción le han convertido en uno de los arquitectos más singulares de los últimos años y es para la revista ‘Times’ uno de los personajes más de actualidad del mundo. No le gustan los detalles sofisticados ni le interesa el uso superficial de un material. Para él, lo importante es la investigación de las características propias de ese material para descubrir otras posibilidades en su utilización. Ban empezó a usar papel reciclado en sus construcciones en 1986, al ver que era de bajo coste y con la idea de demostrar que los materiales débiles tienen una vida más duradera. Además, el galardonado ha defendido durante su intensa trayectoria que las personas que viven en construcciones temporalmente “no quieran salir de ellas”.

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convinced the United Nations to hire him as a consultant. The next year, after an earthquake in Kobe, Japan, Ban (with student volunteers) created paper log houses and a temporary Takatori Catholic Church, formed of paper tubes. Since those early days, when he founded the Voluntary Architects Network, Ban has turned into the go-to architect for disaster relief for emergency situations in Turkey (1999), India (2001) , Sri Lanka (2004), Sichuan, China (2008), and Haiti (2010). His Container Temporary Housing in Onagawa, Japan, for the survivors of its tsunami and earthquake of March 2011, creatively turned shipping containers into living quarters. Last year, his Cardboard Cathedral, another temporary structure of paper tubes, opened in Christchurch, New Zealand, as part of its rebuilding effort after a February 2011 earthquake.

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Tel: (322) 22 20477 or (322) 22 21606 Cel: 044 3221505844 / Us Cell. 011 (52)+1 3221505844 Cel: 044 3222276091 / Us Cell. 011 (52)+1 3222276091 E-mail: /

“Villas Altas” Mismaloya Located at the famous private land development of Lomas de Mismaloya. The project offers a First Phase where 7 units are available, in two Towers A and B. TOWER B / VILLAS-B 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Carports included. VILLA B-1 Total Area: 160m2 or 1,725 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

$385,000.00 USD TOWER A / VILLAS A-1 3 Bedrooms 3 ½ Bathrooms. 2 Carports included. Total Area: 298m2 or 3,216 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

$785,000.00 USD

VILLA B-2 Total Area: 146m2 or 1,582 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

VILLA A-3 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Private Garage 214 SQ.FT Total Area: 159m2 or 1,713 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

$650,000.00 USD

VILLA A-2 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. 2 Carports Includes Total Area: 197m2 or 2,123 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

VILLA A-4 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms. 2 Carports included. Swiming Pool Total Area: 173m2 or 1,871 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

$600,000.00 USD

$550,000.00 USD

$395,000.00 USD




$3,000.00 USD A MONTH. $2,500.00 USD A MONTH. $2,500.00 USD A MONTH. $2,500.00 USD A MONTH. $2,000.00 USD A MONTH. $2,000.00 USD A MONTH. $2,000.00 USD A MONTH.

$2,500.00 USD A MONTH. $2,300.00 USD A MONTH. $2,300.00 USD A MONTH. $2,300.00 USD A MONTH. $1,800.00 USD A MONTH. $1,800.00 USD A MONTH. $1,800.00 USD A MONTH.


SERVICE INCLUDES Electricity, water, gas, cable, TV, wifi • $160 dollars per month for all the service • Interior cleaning • 1 time per week • Additional 200 pesos for optional service

A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3


VILLA B-3 Total Area: 148m2 or 1,600 SQ.FT LIST PRICE:

$405,000.00 USD

IN HOUSE FINANCING AVAILABLE We have 3 floor plans to choose from: 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms with complete • hard wood doors • kitchens, living room, dining room, laundry room • Outside Terrace with a view. Total Area: 105 sq. meters or 1,130 sq. feet.

Priced at $239,500.00 USD. Total Area: 148.80 sq. meters or 1,592.16 sq. feet.

Priced at $272,200.00 USD. LARGE TWO STORY VILLAS

“Villas Plaza” Mismaloya

ocated between jungle, beach L and river, 5 minute walk to the beach, located directly in front of the main highway, easy access by car or bus, security gate, private parking, many more ammenities. Consists of 16 exclusive, private residences, where security and privacy is a very important factor. The entire complex is walled off, with private security and entrance is exclusively allowed to the residents and there guest. The exterior amenities include two swimming pools, Jacuzzi, parking, 2 cars per residence, garden and landscaping combine with a great exterior lighting to make this a great ambiance for all.

Financing available! Discounts for cash payments. Reservation with $10,000.00 USD.

3 bedrooms • 3 1/2 bathrooms with complete hard wood doors • Kitchens • Large living room• Dining room • Laundry room • Outside terrace in master bedroom • Private outside patio with views. Total Area: 210 sq. meters or 2,258 sq.

Priced at $420,000.00 USD.


A1 • A2 • A3 • A4 $1,800.00 USD A MONTH

2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms with complete hard wood doors • Kitchen • Living room • Dining Room • Laundry room • Outside terrace with a view • 105 sq. meters or 1,130 sq. feet. FURNISED

A5 • A6 $1,800.00 USD A MONTH

2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms with complete hard wood doors • Kitchen • Living room • Dining Room • Laundry room • Outside terrace with a view • 120 sq. meters or 1,290 sq. feet.

PB B1 • B2 $1,900.00 USD A MONTH

3 Bedrooms • 3 1/2 Bathroom with complete hard wood doors • Kitchen • Large Living room • Dining room • Laundry room • Outside terrace in master bedroom • Private outside patio with view • 210 sq. meters or 2,258 sq. feet.

Weekley rate available Service $130 per month

16 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314

Blue Oceanside Realty Actual View

$565,000 USD

Open Model

440 M2 - 4708 S.Q.F. 4 Bed / 3.5 Baths Owners Financing 1.9% Interest AMAPAS BUSSSINES OPPORTUNITY

$495,000 USD Frida Separate Units CasaBuilding, Nick, 5 5Bed / 6 Baths 3 with 2 Bed/ 1 Bath & 2 with1 Bed/1 Bath Const. 285Location M2 - 3049.5 S.Q.F. Excelent for B&B at Lot 512 M2 5478.4 S.Q.F. ZONA ROMANTICA AMAPAS

House $230,000 USD Casa Blanca, 3 Bed / 3 Baths

Pool & Ocean View, 145 M2 - 1,560 S.Q.F.


$245,000 USD

Condo Villa Tizoc, 2 Bed / 2 Baths Pool & Ocean View, 90 M2 - 963 S.Q.F. AMAPAS

$129,000 USD

Condo Vista Bahia, 2 Bed / 2 Baths

Para él, la arquitectura debe contribuir a mejorar la sociedad, pese a que tradicionalmente los arquitectos trabajan para “enseñar el poder y el dinero de la gente privilegiada a través de sus construcciones”, manifestó durante una entrevista hace unos años, en la que aseguró: “Eso no era lo que yo realmente quería hacer, así que tuve que buscar mi propio equilibrio”. En 1995 llevó su filosofía y su modo de hacer a Ruanda. Al enterarse de las míseras condiciones de los desplazados en este país ofreció una ayuda que se materializó en refugios y viviendas, con materiales extraordinarios, especialmente cartón, material que volvió a usar en Japón tras el terremoto de Kobe, donde no solo construyó viviendas en una semana sino que enseñó a los ciudadanos a hacerlas. Con cajas de cerveza llenas de arena, sobre las que se levantaban las paredes de papel, formadas por tubos de 108 milímetros de diámetro y 4 milímetros de grosor, y un tejado en lona con un sistema sencillo de movilidad, las cabañas no sólo eran estéticamente bonitas, sino también fáciles de transportar almacenar y reciclar. Ban, que para ganar tiempo en situaciones de emergencia creó una ONG, sorprendió también en Christchurch (Nueva Zelanda), ciudad duramente golpeada por un devastador terremoto, donde construyó una increíble catedral con estructura de cartón, en forma de triángulo y resistente al agua, el fuego y los terremotos.

Ban’s career also includes private commissions for permanent structures such as those for two RECORD Houses published in 2001 and 2003. In these more elaborate projects, Ban often develops materials and techniques explored in his emergency relief work. For example, regarding his Naked House (RECORD, April 2001, page 148), the Pritzker jury cites Ban’s exploitation of modest materials and techniques—such as clear corrugated plastic—to create a “sophisticated layered composition” with an “efficient environmental performance.” In the Paper Art Museum in Shizuoka, Japan (2002), Ban explored the use of fiberglass-reinforced panels with stacking shutters and awnings, an idea that anticipated his Nicolas G. Hayek Center for the Swatch Group Japan in Tokyo in 2007. With Dean Maltz, Ban’s partner in his New York office, he further developed the idea of retractable shutters for an open façade in the Metal Shutter Houses in Manhattan’s Chelsea district: Here steel screens roll open and bifold doors fold up so that the facade disappears. Ban continues to experiment with paper and wood in novel ways. In 2010 he and his partner in the Paris office, Jean de Gastines, created the Baroque-

Big Terrace, Pool & Ocean View, 115 M2 - 1230 S.Q.F.




Open Model




Starting at $138,000 USD Caracol 1 New Building! With Pool & BBQ Area

Bed / 2 Baths 83 M2 - 888 S.Q.F. ALTAVISTA Broker e-mail:

Office: 322-223-8054 Cell phone: 322-150-7605

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18 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314

“La fortaleza de un edificio no tiene nada que ver con el material. Los edificios de hormigón se caen con los terremotos, pero no los de papel”, defiende Ban, cuya iglesia de cartón en Taiwán, construida tras el seísmo de Kobe, continúa en uso después de más de 20 años. En la otra mitad de su tiempo, la que no se ocupa de ayudar en situaciones de emergencia, Ban construye grandes edificios como la sucursal del Centro Pompidou en Metz, ciudad situada en el norte de Francia. El rompedor diseño de Ban suscitó algunas reservas y algunos lo llamaron ‘la casa de los pitufos’ al entender que guardaba cierta semejanza con una seta monumental.

Confiesa que hace lo que le interesa, defiende a los arquitectos que buscan retos, no se considera un arquitecto estrella y lamenta no ser profeta en su tierra al ser escasos los proyectos que le solicitan desde Japón. Ban -el séptimo japonés en lograr este reconocimiento- recibirá el galardón en una ceremonia que tendrá lugar el próximo 13 de junio en Amsterdam. A continuación puedes repasar algunas obras del Premio Pritzker 2014Cuando Shigeru Ban (Tokio, 1957) comenzó a trabajar, hace más de 20 años, nadie hablaba de sostenibilidad. Ni siquiera él,que continúa sin hacerlo aunque el jurado que le ha concedido el premio Pritzker 2014 considere en el fallo que “en su arquitectura la sostenibilidad no es un concepto sino un hecho, algo intrínseco”.

ly outré Centre Pompidou-Metz in Metz, France (RECORD, July 2010, page 82) using glued laminated timber for a double-curved roof. Other projects making use wood’s sculptural and structural capabilities include the Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club in Seoul, Korea (2010), which Ban designed with KACI International. “I was inspired by the shape of the golf tee for the compression-arched structure,” he says. In his Tamedia Office Building in Zurich (2013), Ban worked with timber only for the seven-story office building—“without metal

connections,” he points out. Nearing completion in the U.S., the Aspen Art Museum, features not only a paper and resin screen but an unusual wood space frame. Ban’s commitment to sustainability and use of renewable and locally produced materials in both lower- and higher-budget projects gave the jury found further incentive to award him the coveted prize of $100,000, which will be presented in June in Amsterdam. “I was not expecting it, “ says Ban about the award. “But it is an encouragement to continue training myself and to keep working on disaster relief.”

Abril 2014

Imagina Vivir Aquí Imaging Living Here

Tel. 322 187 0999 – 322 187 0555 Cel. 3222295086 - 3221432863 Plaza Chedraui Local 14 Carretera Federal Tepic – Puerto Vallarta Fraccionamiento Valle Dorado Bahía de Banderas Nayarit

Condominios 3.14 Nuevo Vallarta 2 Beds - 1.5 Baths - 980 Sq. Ft. - $165,000 USD 1 Bed - 1 Bath - 775 Sq. Ft. - $145,000 USD PH -2 Beds – 2 Baths – 1141 Sq. Ft. - $173,000 USD

“La Reserva” $1,490,000 Pesos Bahía de Banderas

Land. 130 / Const. 129

3 Bed / 2.5 Bath Finished in Marble and Granite Club House with swimming pool

Casa Flamingos $1,800,000. Pesos

4 Beds 3 Baths Land 108 m2 Const 140 m2

Grand Marina Villas $308,000 USD

4 Beds 3 Baths Land 108 m2 Const 140 m2

Rincón del Cielo $1,120,000 pesos

2+ Beds 2.5 Baths Land 105 Const 116 m2

Lote Mariposas $235 USD X M2

Navigation Channel Land 13,785 Sq.Ft.



Nuevo Vallarta – Playa Royale 2301 d! ce u d Re

3 Bedroom 3 Bath – Beachfront Reduced! Just $645,000.00 USD

Marina Vallarta – Palmeiras 5

Upscale 3 Bedroom 3.5 Bath Golf Course Home Excellent Price - $390,000 USD

Nuevo Vallarta – Las Ceibas

Nuevo Vallarta – Playa Royale 4108

1 Bedroom 2 Bath Beachfront Value Gorgeous! – Just $299,000 USD

Nuevo Vallarta – Casa Tres Soles

Luxury 5 Bedroom 6 Bath Canal Home with Dock Double Lot! $3,000,000 USD

San Vicente – Casa Palma Real


d ce du


3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath – Gated Community Motivated Seller! Now $1,850,000 Pesos

2 Bedroom 1 Bath Home in Gated Community Quiet and Secure! $570,000 Pesos

Cel: 322-135-0860 Toll Free – US & CAN: 1-877-846-0688

MLS Vallarta Nayarit

MLS Vallarta Nayarit

No. 314

PJ | Abril 2014 | 7




Cel. (322) 111 4143 US Cel. (415) 513 0152

Cel. (322) 294 1816 US Cel. (786) 393 6061

Cel. (322) 888 0791 US Cel. (323) 825 2508

Icon 1-2305 Hotel Zone

La Joya 312C Hotel Zone

Puesta del Sol Centro 431 & 423



$749k USD • 3.5/4 • 269 m2 Incredible corner unit. Wraparound terrace

$129k USD • 1/1 • 101m2

431• $235k USD • 2/2 423 • $149k USD 1/1 • Ocean Views

Mi Haciendita - Aralias

Hortencias 2 Amapas

Balancan 302 Nuevo Vallarta




$219k USD • 3/2.5 • 193 m2 Private home, pool, residential

$285k • 2/2.5 • 169 m2 Incredible views, 2 large master suites

$209k USD • 2/2 • 112 m2 Golf course views, Mayan Palace amenities

Horizon 303 Amapas

Villas Pez Vela 3 Gaviotas

Punta Mita / Litibu Development Lots




$425k USD • 2+/2 • 210m

$169k USD • 3/2 • 143m2 Charming house in a gated enclave!

$112k - $1.18M USD • 11,200 m2 to 118,000 m2

Sea River Tower 1543 Hotel Zone

Loma del Mar A20 Zona Romantica

Jacarandas 517 - 201 Alta Vista

$134k USD • 1/1 • 67 m2 Rental history. Turnkey. Endless sunsets!

$169k USD • 2/1 • 75 m2 Remodeled. Low HOA. Rental history

$160k USD • 2/1 • 102 m2 Contemporary, modern, w/ plunge pool

Marina Golf Penthouse 512

Marina Golf Penthouse 501

Marbella Hotel Zone




PH 512 $279k USD • 4/3.5 • 230m2



PH 501 $379k USD • 3+/4 • 240m2

8 Units starting at $99k USD • 2/1 • 92m2




Cel. (322) 888 0791 US Cel. (323) 825 2508

Cel. (322) 294 1816 US Cel. (786) 393 6061

Cel. (322) 111 4143 US Cel. (415) 513 0152

Casa Armonia - Altazor 102

Mi Casita del Centro

Torre Malibu 304 Amapas

Downtown $149k USD • 2/2 • 116m2 Large kitchen, beautiful rooftop pool!

$295k USD • 3/2 • 210 m2 Just 3 blocks to malecon, beach. Rental potential!

$149k USD • 1/2 • 54m2

Plaza Dorada 506 Zona Romantica

Portofino1503 S Marina Vallarta

Copa de Oro PH 401 Zona Romantica

$439K USD • 3/3 • 145 m2 Playa Los Muertos beachfront!

$649k USD • 3/3 • 241 m

$485k USD • 2/2.5 • 236 m2 Spectacular remodeled unit!

Bucerias Grand 5A - Bucerias

Villas de la Colina B8 Amapas

Casa Hilda II Gaviotas

$499k USD • 3/4 • 294 m2 Corner beachfront condo with incredible views!

$346k USD • 3/3 • 202 m2 Impeccable condo w/ panoramic views!

$389k USD • 6/5 • 505m2 C • 891 m2 Lot Mother-in-law ste, pool, rental potential

Casa del Sol 401, 502 & 702 Nvo. Vallarta

Marina Residence 5402 - Nuevo Vallarta

Costa de Oro 101 & 601 Conchas Chinas

401 $389k USD 2/3 • 502 $379k USD 2/2 & 702 $599k USD • 4/4 Ocean Front

$209k USD • 2/2 • 136 m2

Starting From $288k USD • 2/2 • Approx 157m2

Casa Titicaca 215 Fluvial

Casa Superior 183 Fluvial

Villa Magna Nuevo Vallarta




ICE R P $225k USD • 3/2 • C 133 m2 • L 264 m2 Large lot - room for a pool, bodega, etc.!

$450k USD • 3/3 • 268 m2 Incredible home. Indoor atrium. Pool.


$499k USD • 3+/4.5 • 217m2 RENTAL HISTORY

28 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314




uy activos andan en Applegate Realtors presentando a clientes, amigos y colegas inmobiliarios sus nuevos proyectos. Pedro Robin junto a Moray Applegate fueron los encargados de dar la bienvenida a D'Terrace a la gran cantidad de invitados que respondieron a la convocatoria. Localizado en la Zona Romántica, en una pequeña cerrada y a unos pasos de la Playa de los Muertos, D' Terrace es lo que se considera una Top Location. El área está llena de restaurantes, bares, tiendas y por supuesto las mejores playas para los afortunados que habitan esa zona. El proyecto se encuentra en su primera fase pero trabajando según lo calculado van a estar entregando condos el próximo año. Los precios son sumamente atractivos, el edificio va a contar con todas las amenidades y sobre todo un Sky Roof Terrace que promete ser único, con una vista de 360 grados, bar, piscina infinity, BBQ, 2 jacuzzis, gimnasio y mucho más. Locación única para un proyecto que, definitivamente, va a embellecer la zona.

Outstanding service enhancing your buying experience! Las Palmas 1, Loc. No. 2 Marina Vallarta Tel. / Fax: 011 52 (322) 221 2377 Tel. / Fax: 011 52 (322) 221 0079

Hacienda Marylooe

$4 RED 75 UC ,00 ED 0.0 0

Villa Esmeralda 2

Excellent property for permanent home, 854M2 Lot, 4 bedrooms Furnished $347,900 USD.

For Showings Please Call: Para concertar cita llamar:

4 Bed, 4 full bathroom. Partially furnished Marina golf course PORTO FINO 607 N

Miguel Lepe at: 322-150-6274


$3 2nd R 60 edu ,00 ctio 0.0 n 0

Bed: 2 Bath: 2 Furnished Marina Vallarta

Bed : 1 Bath: 1.5 Furnished $229,000.00 Usd. Marina Vallarta



BAY VIEW GRAND TOWER C-602 $2 RED 19 UC ,00 ED 0.0 0

Bed: 2 Bath: 2 Furnished $199,000.00 Usd. Marina Vallarta

Bed: 3 Bath: 3 $574,900.00 Usd. Marina Vallarta.

Bed: 1 Bath: 1 $229,900.00 Usd. Furnished Marina Vallarta

Tel. 322 2212377


SIERRA DEL MAR EN LOS ARCOS Premiere homesite in gated oceanfront community, 10 min. from downtown PV

To view this incrĂŠdible site, please contact:

Carlos Osuna Penn

(322) 228-0001 ext. 2

USD $895,000


34 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314



a primera vez que tuve conocimiento de los árboles conocidos como huanacaxtle, fue al llegar a Puerto Vallarta, seguramente a Ud. le pasó lo mismo si no es oriundo de la costa del Pacífico. Y es que cuando uno está frente al árbol no puede más que sorprenderse de las grandes dimensiones del mismo, lo cual justifica cualquier aumentativo posible. Este es uno de los árboles más grandes de México, alcanzando una altura de 30 metros (aunque su copa suele ser más ancha que alta) y un diámetro del tronco de hasta 3 metros. A este árbol también se le conoce como guanacastle, nacastle, orejón, y nombres semejantes. Éstos hacen referencia a una de las características más sobresalientes del árbol, pues sus frutos semejan orejas humanas, de ahí que se llame guanacastle, del náhuatl cuaunacaztli, formado de las palabras cuahuitl (árbol) y nacaztli (oreja). Su nombre científico es Enterolobium cyclocarpum y pertenece a la familia botánica de las Fabáceas (o Leguminosas). Las parotas se distribuyen ampliamente en el país, en particular en zonas cálido-húmedas o cálido-subhúmedas, cerca de los cursos de agua. A nivel mundial se le encuentra en Centroamérica (es el árbol nacional de Costa Rica)

y hasta el norte de Brasil. Aunque hoy en día es difícil hallar bosques compuestos exclusivamente de este árbol, Faustino Miranda afirmaba que en la Depresión Central de Chiapas los había; un bosque dominado por este tipo de árboles debió ser magnífico, ahora es más fácil hallarlos en los pastizales y orillas de caminos, así como en las cercas de los potreros. Continua página 38


he first time I had knowledge of the trees known as huanacaxtle was when I first arrived to Puerto Vallarta and surely that happened to you too if you are not native from the Pacific Coast. And when you are facing the tree you cant be more surprised because of the large dimen-

sions of the tree, which justifies any augmentative possible. This is one of the largest trees in Mexico, reaching a height of 30 meters (although his bowl is often wider than tall) and a trunk diameter of up to 3 meters. This tree is also known as guanacastle, nacastle, big ears, and similar names. These names refer to one of the most outstanding characteristics of the tree, and that is because its fruits resemble human ears, thats why it is called guanacastle, from the Nahuatl: cuaunacaztli, formed by the words: cuahuitl (tree) and nacaztli (ear) . Its scientific name is Enterolobium and belongs to the botanical family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae). The parotas are widely distributed in the country , particularly in warm -humid or hot - dry sub-humid areas near watercourses . Globally it is found in Central America Continues page 38

38 | Abril 2014 | PJ No. 314 La parota es un árbol con amplios usos, su madera se usa como leña, carbón, y material de construcción, las hojas son alimento de ganado, y su corteza se usa para curtir pieles; también proporciona servicios ambientales como atrayente de abejas productoras de miel, sombra, fijación de nitrógeno y conservación del suelo. Este es un árbol majestuoso e imponente, uno de los tantos que compone la diversidad de plantas que tenemos en México. Los valores medicinales de la parota también son importantes en México. La savia de la corteza se utiliza en varias regiones del país para combatir la gripe y la bronquitis, mientras que su fruta verde tiene propiedades astringentes y se utiliza para tratar la diarrea. La fruta y corteza producen taninos, muy apreciados en la curación de cuero y la fabricación de jabón. Además, la goma de la corteza se puede utilizar como un pegamento natural y un excelente sustituto para el pegamento. Las vainas inmaduras se consumen hervidas o asadas, y se han encontrado para contener hasta un 40% de proteína, por lo que es una buena fuente de alimento. Esta madera es muy conocida por su belleza dadas sus propiedades de color, textura y resistencia a la humedad, es comparada por muchos con la madera de nogal . Actualmente es usada en carpintería y ebanistería en general, revestimiento de interiores y exteriores, productos moldurados, puertas

y portones, moldes de fundición y artesanía. Los muebles de parota son de una gran belleza ya que sus vetas son espectaculares, además debido a sus caracteristicas tienen una muy larga vida ya que es resistente al ataque de polillas, termitas y hongos. Alguna casas de decoración tienen muebles de huanacaxtle o parota pero Studio 365 tienen una colección muy interesante que si Ud. está decorando su casa no debe dejar de visitar.

(it is the national tree of Costa Rica ) and in northern Brazil . Although today is hard to find forests composed exclusively of this tree , Faustino Miranda stated that in the Central Depression of Chiapas were plenty of these trees . A forest covered by such trees should have been be terrific. It is now easier to find them in pastures and edges of roads and fences in paddocks . The parota is a tree with wide applications , its wood is used as firewood , coal, and build-

ing materials , the leaves are fed to livestock , and its bark is used for tanning leather , also provides environmental services as attractant honeybees, shadow, nitrogen fixation and soil conservation. This is a majestic and imposing tree, one of many that make up the diversity of plants that we have in Mexico . The medicinal values from ​​ the parota are also important in Mexico. The sap of the bark is used in several regions of the country to fight the flu and bronchitis, while its green fruit has astringent properties and is used to treat diarrhea. The fruit and bark produce tannins, very appreciated in curing leather and soap making. In addition, the chewing bark can be used as a natural glue and an excellent substitute for glue. The immature pods are eaten boiled or roasted, and found to contain up to 40% protein, so it is a good food source. This wood is known for its beauty due to its properties of color, texture and moisture resistance, is compared by many with the walnut. Currently it is used in general carpentry and joinery, interior and exterior coating, molded products, doors and gates, casting molds and crafts. Parota furniture is of great beauty because their veins are spectacular, and due to their characteristics also has a very long life as it is resistant to attack by moths, termites and fungi. Some houses have furniture decoration of parota but Studio 365 has a very interesting collection,so, if you are decorating your home you should not miss a visit to Studio 365!

No. 314

PJ | Abril 2014 | 39

Property Journal 314 Abril 2014  
Property Journal 314 Abril 2014  

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