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The landscape professional’s secret weapon

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It’s the time of year when mowers are called upon to work their hardest. The low maintenance on battery-powered OEP makes a real difference.

From the editor


ummer’s here, and in the eternal cycle of life it means we need to be ready for a few things. First and foremost, it means mowers launching into three or four months of pretty much constant work. For a lot of DIYers – like me – it means a major sortie into the shed, throwing aside unused exercise gear, shuffling half-used bags of potting mix around and being careful not to knock over the containers of sump oil, two-stroke fuel and assorted liquids I can’t identify (but I’m sure will be just what I need one day). All this in order to gain access to the mower which has been covered with, or moved behind, the aforementioned valuable treasures while it was dormant over the autumn and winter months. This will be my first full summer with an electric mower and line trimmer, so I’m not expecting the usual Saturday morning spent draining carbies, replacing rat-chewed


airfilters and hoping the fuel which has been in the tanks since April will be ‘okay’. As I used my cordless blower to hurry along the scarlet-backed arachnids which seem to find a home in and around my carefully stored mower every winter, I pondered on the situation. Maintenance on hardworking machinery of any kind is a necessity which burns resources, especially time. The hours I’ve lost hauling on pull-cord starters, squinting at plug gaps and replacing oils and cables has been considerable. The financial outlay involved in good maintenance is considerable too. Being electric will hopefully mean I’m free of those things. As we head into a predicted El Niño weather pattern I’m bracing myself for hot, dry conditions, and, despite reduced rainfall, it’s a safe bet mowing will form a big part of the working week for all of us. Lucky this issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine features a lot of great info and

test drives and some excellent mowing equipment, eh? We managed to squeeze in a few case studies and a look at some great OPE as well of course, and as always, there’s some excellent informed industry thoughts and insights from Australia’s foremost landscaping and business professionals. It’s the culmination of another great year at Landscape Contractor Magazine, with some big changes and some great new people. The love of the industry and the people in it hasn’t changed, and neither has the team’s joy at you folks keeping us a part of it all. From everyone at Landscape Contractor Magazine and Prime Creative Media, we hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to sharing an even bigger 2024 with all of you. Tom Foster Editor

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12. New year’s check list

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Editor Tom Foster

The landscape professional’s secret weapon

ISSN 1832-4584

9 771832



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Flipscreen: reinventing landscaping through efficiency and innovation.

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42. Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue

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46. Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, A1 Rubber uses stripped rubber from old tyres to form new Australian-made rubber flooring and soft-fall products. 4


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Feature Clivias are a favourite shade-loving plant for many commercial gardeners because they are bulletproof.

Designing a shade garden Marc Worner encourages landscapers to embrace the dark side.


haded areas can be a horror story when quoting landscape jobs, but they don’t need to be. If we use a little bit of horticultural and landscape-design knowledge we can highlight those areas with sweet scents and almost fluorescent colours. It will add value to a property while providing enjoyment for all who share the space.

Choose wisely

When designing a shade garden remember to create interest by selecting plants with varying form, texture, height and colour. Most properties have a place for at least a small shade garden. We’ve all heard clients complain their yard is mostly shade and, “… nothing will grow”. That couldn’t be farther from the truth – there’s a huge selection of suitable plants, shrubs, ground covers, and even understorey trees that will do well in even fairly dense shade. The landscape design experts at AILDM – the National Association of Landscape Professionals – at can assist all landscapers with the choice of plants most suitable for shaded areas. 6


Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian bellflower) is a low mound-forming plant no more than 30cm tall which can be used to trail over shaded banks and walls.

Look and learn

What’s different about a shaded garden? • People are better protected from UV light • Temperature variations are not as extreme as in the sunshine • Moisture doesn’t evaporate as quickly as in full sun

• Slime and moss can form on steps and paths • There may be more chance of slipping on moist ground • There’s less light for plants, and • Ventilation may be reduced. Every landscape differs in where and what

Shaded areas can be a horror story when quoting landscape jobs, but they don’t need to be.

type of shade it holds. Observation is the best way to determine your project needs and the type of shade. These categories will dictate where a plant belongs: • ‘Light shade’ is an area where, as the sun moves in an arc across the sky, the areas of shade move along with it. These areas get a lot of light in intervals during the day. Some full-sun plants will do just fine in these conditions and, depending on location, and climate, may actually appreciate the intermittent relief from the hot sun • ‘Open shade’ is the shade found on the northern side of a house or under an openended covered verandah. Many plants will do just fine under those conditions, but full-sun lovers may not • ‘Medium shade’ is found under decks and in northern-facing areas with a structure or tree blocking the available sunlight. This situation is where the dividing line really starts between full-sun

and full-shade plants • ‘Deep shade’ is easy to spot. It’s an area that gets essentially no light at all. The plant selection becomes much more limited when faced with deep shade, but there are still enough available choices to make it an attractive, cool, and inviting space for living. TIP: In deep shade, visibility is reduced, particularly on entry when eyes have not adjusted. Avoid building steps at the entrance to a deep-shade area. Instead, consider a ramp if you have room.


The following plants are ideal for growing in a shady garden: Aucuba japonica (Japanese laurel) is a shrub which grows to a height of three metres and a width of 2.5m, and blooms from late winter to early spring. It’s grown for its glossy foliage and red berries. Some of the best features of the plant are its drought

resistance, tolerance of pollution and its ability to thrive in deep shade. Camellia’s different varieties insist on shade and flower from early winter to early spring. Their glossy, large leaves add a sense of elegance to any garden. They can be used as a feature shrub (to three metres) or hedged for a striking formal privacy screen which is not only effective, but decorative. Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian bellflower) is a spreading ground cover with star-shaped, mauve or blue flowers. It is a low mound-forming plant no more than 30cm tall and will spread easily by runners to cover an ever-increasing area as it grows. The big advantage for landscapers is it can be used to trail over shaded banks and walls. It will not grow in the humid and tropical or dry inland parts of Australia. Clivias are a favourite shade-loving plant for many commercial gardeners because they’re bulletproof. Clivias thrive on neglect, can tolerate drought and will even endure some second-line coastal areas. There are orange, red and cream-coloured varieties for sale in most retail and wholesale nurseries. They are an evergreen clumping plant with dark-green strap-like leaves bearing large heads of flowers. With a height of around 500mm and a width of 400mm, they’re perfect as border plants along driveways and paths, under trees, tucked under eaves or planted in containers. Clivia gardenii blooms from autumn to spring, while Clivia miniata blooms from spring to summer. Ferns and tree ferns help give structure to a garden. Most varieties prefer some sort of shade; some prefer heavy shade. Fuchsias look sensational in hanging baskets. They love strong, filtered light and plenty of fresh air. The most important point to remember is a Fuchsia should never be allowed to become dry.

Not all shade is moist. Some shady areas, such as the ground surface under tree canopies, can have very dry microclimates.



Not all the same

Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian bellflower) is a low mound-forming plant no more than 30cm tall which can be used to trail over shaded banks and walls. Hostas are decorative plants grown for their attractive leaves more than their flowers. They have large colourful leaves and grow to about a metre tall in some cases. They can add a sense of the tropics to any shaded garden. The flowers can also be attractive, usually white or lilac, they can be fragrant and are seen in the warmer months. Impatiens are an ideal small flowering plant commonly used as an understorey plant and they come in a large variety of colours. They flower from spring through to early autumn. Impatiens are a standard product line at nearly all garden

centres and wholesale nurseries. Helleborus orientalis (lenten rose) grows best in southern Australia in cool, elevated regions from Sydney to Perth and south. They will flower in almost full sun, but prefer semi-shaded positions. Flowers come in a wide range of exotic colours, from slate grey, near-black, deep purple and plum, through rich red and pinks to yellow, white and green. They flower in late winter and early spring when there is little other colour in the garden, and are surprisingly frost-resistant. Use as an understorey plant.

/ Any shape. / Any angle. / Any environment.

Build like concrete, finish like landscaping. Flex MSE is a Patented engineered solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control. Arborgreen is the exclusive distributor for Flex MSE throughout Australia.



Not all shade is moist. In fact, some shady areas, such as the ground surface under tree canopies, beneath eaves or between narrow walkways, can have very dry microclimates, so provide extra water; preferably using a drip irrigation system. If you wanted to create shade for your clients in no time flat, you could simply plant an advanced tree. In temperate climates you can’t beat deciduous trees. They provide shade from the summer sun then lose their leaves and let the light in over winter. TIP: The best time to view advanced deciduous trees is in autumn when they’re ablaze with coloured leaves just before leaf fall. In tropical climates there aren’t so many deciduous trees, but because the light is so much stronger in winter it doesn’t matter having leaf cover all year round. Next time your clients say their yard is mostly shade and nothing will grow – think colour all year. Think shade garden.

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Business & finance

New year’s check list S

et yourself up for a profitable 2024 by working through this checklist. This list will give a clear picture of how your business is currently tracking and set you up to hit your profit margin next year.

January and July. Compare your gross and net profit margins against the profit margins you were aiming for. You can work out your gross profit margin on any project by using this formula:

Plan cashflow over the silly season

Gross Profit Margin= 1 –

The first thing to do is to prep your business for the craziness of December and the lull in January. Invoice as much as you can leading up to Christmas, and chase your clients to ensure they won’t forget to pay in January when everyone is on holidays (remember, they’ll be hard to contact then). Ask them to send a remittance showing the payment has been scheduled. Forecast your expected income over December, January and February to ensure you have enough coming in to cover what’s going out.

Communicate with clients

Before you shut down for between two and four weeks, let your clients know your plans. That way they won’t get frustrated when the guys don’t turn up to work on January 2, or you don’t answer your phone on the first ring. And make sure to put an auto reply on your emails. You need a break too, and your clients will understand that, you just need to communicate to them what you’re doing. Send an email to all your clients wishing them a fab silly season, accompanied by a little pic of your own family to remind them you’ve got one too!

Review your profit margin

It’s a good idea to review your profit margin at least twice a year – I suggest 12


project cost project sell


Your net profit is your gross profit less your overheads, and an accountant should be able to determine what percentage of your turnover goes on overheads. This percentage is very important. You can’t set your gross profit margin without knowing it. Look back on past projects to see your gross profit margin. Did you meet your margin, exceed it, or fall short? Next, review your overheads as a percentage of turnover. Knowing these figures allows adjusting markups for the coming six months. You need to adjust markups to cover overheads and make the net profit you’re aiming at.

Review your costs and profit!

You need to review overheads to ensure you have a clear understanding of these costs. Not allowing for them in the cost of a project could mean you’re working for free. In January and July, it’s also important to update material, labour, plant and subcontractor costs. Post-Covid I was updating these prices every four to eight weeks, but things have settled down a little now, so we can probably pull that back to three to six months. The way I check material prices is to check the price of a product when I’m next using it in a quote. If the supplier tells me the price

has increased I then ask them for the current prices on all the materials I use regularly. If the supplier says the price hasn’t changed I’ll always check one or two other products, but if nothing has changed I can assume all the prices from that supplier have stayed the same (I do also ask them directly). I do this for all suppliers and subbies over a two- to fourweek period until I am happy my database is up to date. Making the price checking relevant to a quote motivates me to update my database more regularly and makes the task far less daunting.

Review your processes

This is another huge task best done in smaller chunks on a regular basis. The best thing to do is set up a schedule and stick to it. Aim to review the big procedures every six months and the smaller ones every year. If you can, assign the ownership of procedures to senior colleagues (ideally colleagues who are directly affected by that procedure) who are then responsible for keeping it up to date. Don’t assign the procedures to admin staff who have noting to do with it on a day-to-day basis. Reviewing procedures will help identify what’s working and what needs to be changed. They’re not set in stone; they’re designed to evolve over time with your business. The reviewing process should help you identify where your business can be more efficient, improving the working environment and profitability at the same time. If possible, make the time in January to set yourself up for a cracking 2024. Putting the work in now to understand your costs and profit margin, along with updating your processes, will give you the best chance for meeting your 2024 targets.

Make the results better

Residential Landscaper of the year COS Design, Mount Martha (VIC) for the residential construction over $250,000

Brought to you by

Husqvarna - proud supporters of the Champion of Champion awards, showcasing the best of the best in Australian landscaping.

Feature A healthy tree canopy can reduce pavement temperatures by between 11 degrees and 25 degrees.

Advanced plants stock selection L

Jonathan Garner underlines important considerations when choosing garden plants and trees.

ast issue we discussed what to look for when selecting garden plants in smaller containers. Before we talk about selecting advanced stock, think about how you get your plants from the nursery to the site. If it’s on a ute or truck and they’re not covered, you really need to think about lifting your game. Your uncovered plants have gone from a protected environment to experiencing galeforce winds where the foliage is thrashed, and the root balls are often horizontal with potting mix spilling out. Cover them with shadecloth. The material will greatly soften the thrashing and will see them arriving to site in a much better condition. Enough said.

If you’re transporting plants on a ute or truck and they’re not covered, you need to lift your game.

Advanced stock

Now it’s time to talk about selecting advanced stock, feature or specimen plants. These treasures will be intended to be in the landscape for a very long time. Most of the smaller growing species being planted have lifespans that can range from three to five years for plants such as lavender or rosemary, five to 15 years for plants such as gardenia, 15 to 25 years for plants such as murraya, then 25 to over 100 years for 14


treasure shrubs such as camellias, magnolia or feature trees intended for shade, privacy, focal points or avenues. Most of these highvalue and long-lived specimens are supplied in container sizes that range from 25 litres to over 1000 litres.

When it comes to planting for the long game, and definitely when planting trees, we need to ensure: 1. There is sufficient soil volume 2. Soil preparation is appropriate, and 3. Planting practices are correct.

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Feature Beyond these, we also need to be sure the specimen has been grown properly, has the potential to grow into the intended feature or specimen plant, and that either we or the grower has performed the appropriate formative pruning (a topic for sometime next year).

see’, and includes: true to type; height and calliper; health; crown symmetry; injury; stem taper, self-supporting, stem and branch structure, formative pruning, trunk position; compatibility of graft unions; and freedom from pests and disease. * Criteria for below-ground assessment

of tree stock describes important aspects of the tree below-ground, some of which you can see and others you need to dig for. They include: root-ball diameter, root-ball depth, height of root crown, non-suckering rootstock, pests, diseases and weeds, root direction, and root division.


Back in the 1990s, a highly respected industry player, Ross Clarke, developed specifications for landscape trees called ‘Natspec’. This specification grew from the original British Standard 3936 and has now evolved into Australian Standard AS 2303:2018 (Tree stock for landscape use). Just like the soils standards discussed last year, AS 2303 provides clear and strict specifications when it comes to growing trees. It specifies the criteria for the assessment of above-ground and below-ground characteristics of tree stock supplied for landscape use. It covers container-grown, bare-rooted and ex-ground tree stock. The standards are applied to all stages of growth and are broken into three sections. * Criteria for above-ground assessment of tree stock describes ‘the tree you can

Criteria for above-ground assessment of tree stock include: true to type; height and calliper; health; crown symmetry; injury; stem taper, selfsupporting, stem and branch structure, formative pruning, trunk position; compatibility of graft unions; and freedom from pests and disease. 16


Feature Tree stock balance assessment

Balance is the relationship between the visible parts of the tree (above ground) and the invisible parts (below ground). Apart from bamboo, a plant that’s 1800mm tall shouldn’t be growing in a 25 litre container. The benefits of buying from a grower that adheres to industry standards is being able to rely on the grower that when he or she says the plants are good, they will be good. If you can’t be guaranteed the plants are grown to standard here’s a checklist roughly based on the standards which should help with what to look for inspecting stock in the nursery: 1. Is the plant true to type and labelled correctly? 2. Is it healthy and free from any active pests or diseases? Is the crown symmetrical and the tree hasn’t suffered any significant injury? 3. Is the stem tapered and can the plant support itself without stakes or other artificial supports? 4. If it’s a tree, then Is the clean stem height less than 40 per cent of total tree height and the branches smaller than the stems (Ideally less than 50 per cent of stem diameter immediately above the branch junction)? 5. If a defined central leader is appropriate for the size and species – such as conifers – is the terminal bud intact and is the main stem upright? 6. If it’s a multi-branched species such as Manchurian Pear, are the terminal buds on each branch intact? Are the stem and branch unions sound, and does the clear stem height equal or exceed any specific requirement? 7. Is the trunk roughly in the middle of the root ball? If there are any graft unions present do they look sound? Are the girths consistent above (the scion) and below the union (the understock) and are they free of splits?

In multi-branched species like Manchurian Pear check the terminal buds on each branch are intact, stem and branch unions sound, and the clear stem height equals or exceeds any specific requirement. If you’re happy with the tree you can see and the balance looks okay then it’s time to check for the important aspects of the tree below ground before accepting the stock. 1. I s the root flare at the uppermost surface of the root ball? If not, how deep is it? (to be discussed later during our planting chat) 2. Is the root ball wider than the height and doesn’t exceed 660mm high? 3. Is there suckering growth at the base? 4. Is the plant free from pests, diseases and weeds within the root ball? 5. Have the roots fully occupied the pot or container? 6. Are the roots heading in an outwards or downwards direction, and is the root ball free from: J roots (circling roots within the root ball); kinked roots; girdling roots; or woody circling roots at the extremity of the root ball? Determining and addressing these in pots greater than 450mm can be very tricky. Regardless of how tricky, it’s very important to address problem roots.


When trees are grown in containers, any interaction between roots and the container always leads to deformities in the roots.

The most common of these deformities are girdling roots. These are created when the emerging roots make contact with the walls and base of the container and then track around the container edge. If these are left untreated during production or at planting they can cause a number of serious long-term problems. Strangulation, lack of support and reduced resource uptake are the three major issues which we’ll cover next issue.

Think now for the future

Beyond the aesthetic of seeing attractive, long-living plants, everyone now understands the importance of growing trees within the built environment. The urban heat-island effect is serious. Heat waves are occurring every summer and top the strike-rate for deaths from natural disasters. A healthy tree canopy can reduce pavement temperatures by between 11 degrees and 25 degrees. If flora isn’t grown and planted properly it will never achieve the designed intent. Landscape professionals now play a vital role in the development and health of the built environment. Our time is now. It’s time landscapers step up and take this planting gig seriously.




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On the cover

Through precise material screening and segregation, Flipscreen curtails waste and optimises the utilisation of precious resources.

Transforming landscaping with Flipscreen: the ultimate must-have Reinventing landscaping through efficiency and innovation.


n the meticulous world of landscaping, where precision meets creativity, efficiency can mean the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Allow us to introduce Flipscreen, the groundbreaking innovation that’s reshaping the landscaping industry. It’s not merely a piece of equipment; it’’ a revolutionary tool that’s rewriting the rules of landscaping projects.

Flipscreen in action

The landscape professional’s secret weapon. Landscaping is an art that extends beyond gardening; it’s about crafting outdoor sanctuaries that inspire awe. Whether your vision involves a serene backyard oasis, 20


a thriving garden, or an expansive commercial landscape, Flipscreen is your concealed ace for success.

Why opt for Flipscreen?

1. Unparalleled versatility: imagine having a single tool capable of effortlessly sieving, segregating, and screening a vast array of materials. Flipscreen’s versatility knows no bounds. From topsoil to aggregates, compost to mulch, it handles it all seamlessly. Say goodbye to the need for multiple attachments and laborious processes. Flipscreen simplifies everything efficiently. 2. Exceptional efficiency: in the landscaping

world, time is equivalent to money, and Flipscreen ensures saving both. Thanks to its rapid material-processing capabilities, more can be accomplished in less time. Its ingenious design minimises downtime, allowing you to invest more hours in productive work and fewer in equipment upkeep. 3. A commitment to sustainability: in today’s world, sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a pledge. Flipscreen wholeheartedly embraces this commitment. Through precise material screening and segregation, it curtails waste and optimises the utilisation of precious resources. This not only trims disposal expenses but also

underscores dedication to eco-conscious landscaping practices. 4. Tailored to your needs: landscaping projects come in all shapes and sizes, and Flipscreen understands this diversity. That’s why it offers customisable solutions. Whether you’re sculpting a residential garden or tackling an expansive commercial endeavour, Flipscreen adapts to meet specific requirements. 5. Beyond compare versatility: however, Flipscreen goes beyond the ordinary. It’s more than just a screening tool; it’s a multitalented performer. It repurposes native materials, blends concrete and seed mixes (both wet and dry), and can even wash gabion rocks and various materials clean if there’s a water source nearby. Moreover, it’s a master at rapid material separation, ensuring materials are handled just once, leaving you with a pristine canvas to work

your landscaping magic. Plus, it handles virtually any material – even metals if they happen to surface. 6. Zero-maintenance models: Flipscreen understands time is precious in the landscaping business. That’s why it offers zero-daily-maintenance models, so you can focus on projects instead of equipment upkeep. 7. Q uick and easy screen changes: when it comes to efficiency, Flipscreen truly shines. It’s designed for minimal downtime. The screen can be changed on-site in a mere five minutes with just one operator, ensuring landscaping projects stay on track without unnecessary delays.

The future of landscaping

Flipscreen isn’t just a tool; it represents the future of landscaping. It’s about achieving

more with less, minimising environmental impact, and maximising profits. It’s about delivering excellence to clients while streamlining operations. Are you ready to revolutionise your landscaping business? Join the growing community of landscaping professionals who’ve made Flipscreen their essential equipment. Experience the efficiency, versatility, and innovation Flipscreen brings to the realm of landscaping. Contact Flipscreen today to embark on your journey towards a more efficient and sustainable landscaping future. Your transformation begins where Flipscreen paves the way to a greener, more prosperous tomorrow. Log on to or call +61 9055 7756.

Flipscreen facilitates landscapers in achieving a clean slate by swiftly and efficiently separating dirt from rocks, leaving the area free of debris and more manageable for work.



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Strong and powerful

The powerful, commercial-grade Kawasaki® V-Twin engines, with integrated cleaning ports and a remote air cleaner, ensure the engine remains in top condition, even after prolonged use. Add the strong Hydro-Gear® transmissions, and this range can easily tackle large areas, making the FastTrak ideal for a wide range of landscaping projects. 22


The FasTrak offers comfort and performance for commercial operators (SDX shown).


Commercial ride-on mowers In addition to its impressive performance features, the FasTrak Series is designed for easy servicing. The flip-up seat, removable floor pan and toolless, removable pulley covers make maintenance a breeze. Dual roto-moulded fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 32 litres allow for longer mowing and fewer fuel trips, maximising productivity. Other smart features that help to deliver expert cutting across the FasTrak range include: • SmoothTrak Steering™: This steering system delivers incredibly smooth and fluid movement, making it easy to manoeuvre the mower in tight spots and around obstacles • Automatic park-brake system: Simply push the levers out to engage the parking brake, and • Flex forks (optional): These add extra suspension for cruising around uneven terrain.

The range

The FasTrak Series also provides an exceptional level of comfort and convenience. Its extra high-back suspension seat protects the operator from bumps and drops, while the EVC cushion helps alleviate pressure on the tailbone and lower back. The mower also features cupholders for hydration on the job and a dual USB port for added convenience. The Hustler FasTrak Series is available in the following models: • FasTrak 48: 22HP Kawasaki® FT691V V-Twin engine and a 122cm (48”) fabricated steel deck • FasTrak 54: 24HP Kawasaki® FT730V V-Twin engine and a 137cm (54”) fabricated steel deck • FasTrak 60: 24HP Kawasaki® FT730V V-Twin engine and a 152cm (60”) fabricated steel deck • FasTrak SDX 48: 22HP Kawasaki® FX691V V-Twin engine and a 122cm (48”) fabricated steel deck • FasTrak SDX 54: 23.5HP Kawasaki® FX730V V-Twin engine and a 137cm (54”) fabricated steel deck • FasTrak SDX 60: 23.5HP Kawasaki® FX730V V-Twin engine and a 152cm (60”) fabricated steel deck. The standard FasTrak range features commercial-grade Dual Hydro-Gear® transmissions (ZT-3200™ on the standard range and ZT-3400™ on the SDX range) and a four-year/750-hour commercial warranty for added peace of mind. Book a test drive and find your local dealer at

The FasTrak is compatible with an optional catcher, sold separately (overseas model shown).



Commercial ride-on mowers

EcoTeq’s FURY A 32” electric Li-Ion stand-on zero-turn mower with up to seven hours run time on a single charge.


everaging the same patented electric technology found in larger EcoTeq models, EcoTeq’s newest introduction – FURY – is a compact and highly manoeuvrable electric mower built for all-day professional use. With super low noise output, it’s as quiet as suburban traffic – allowing operators to cover more ground without the risk of public disturbance. The advanced Impulse Drive System (IDS)™ outputs the equivalent of a 24hp internal-combustion engine, making it competitive with any conventionally fuelled mower in its class. Coupled with a lightweight aircraft-alloy construction and a low centre of gravity, FURY is built for stability when tracking slopes up to 15°. FURY also delivers up to seven hours of continuous mowing on a single battery charge, and its compact, 32” cut makes it ideal for domestic or urban spaces.

Demonstration and test drive

Australia’s very first FURY was due to dock just as LCM was putting this issue together, and, subject to clearing customs, should be available for demonstration by the time you read this. “Though the FURY is new to our range,” said EcoTeq CEO Michael Mathews, “it features the same build quality and electric technology already Australia has come to expect from EcoTeq’s Mean Green range. It’s been tried, tested and proven internationally for more than 10 years. “The winning advantage here is that the 32” deck width allows it to fit through a standard domestic gate.” The advanced Impulse Drive System™ (IDS) outputs the equivalent of a 24hp internal-combustion engine. 24


For more information, or to find your nearest dealer and organise a demo, log on to


Commercial ride-on mowers EcoTeq FURY key features:

• Zero emissions, hydraulics or oil • 100-per-cent electric Impulse Drive System™ • 11kWh drive output – equivalent to 24hp diesel • Quiet operation • 15° slope capability • Seven hours of continuous mowing per charge • Interactive Glove-Touch screen display • SmartDeck™ Rapid Height Deck Lift System • Rear grass discharge • Compact width to fit a standard gate • Five-year warranty and battery warranty

FURY is built for stability when tracking slopes up to 15°.


With powerful torque, outstanding run times and zero emissions, EcoTeq is the pinnacle of electric outdoor maintenance equipment in Australia. Using next-generation technologies perfected in Europe and North America for more than 10 years, you no longer have to choose between the environment, safety and productivity. You get the best of all worlds in a highperformance, high-efficiency solution that’s great for the community, the bottom line, and the planet.

Zero Emission Solutions

Leveraging the same patented electric technology found in larger EcoTeq models, the FURY is a compact and highly manoeuvrable electric mower built for all-day professional use.



Commercial ride-on mowers The Husqvarna Z500 series zero-turn mowers offer extreme comfort, high ground speeds and superior traction, adding up to exceptional mowing efficiency.

Husqvarna Z500 series Zero-turn mowers with the latest design focused on stability, durability and cut quality.


he Husqvarna Z500 series zeroturn mowers offer not only great manoeuvrability and ergonomics, but extreme comfort, high ground speeds and superior traction, adding up to exceptional mowing efficiency. Industrial strength throughout the entire design assures a long and durable service life in commercial mowing applications, and careful design consideration provides unprecedented ease in serviceability.

Industrial strength throughout the entire design assures a long and durable service life in any commercial mowing application.

Productivity and cut quality

Set to maximise productivity on the largest jobs, the Z500 series – the Z560X (152cm cutting width) and Z572X (183cm cutting width) – make short work of big jobs. They’re packed with smart design and service features that will save time and effort, and allow a considerable increase in productivity. For example, the Z554L will cut up to 4.4 acres per hour, the Z560X up to 5.8 acres per hour, and the Z572X up to seven acres per hour. Industrial strength throughout the entire design assures a long and durable service life in any commercial mowing application. 26


Built for years of commercial use

The Z500 series is a safe return on investment. Every part and detail of the machine has been constructed using the toughest materials available and thoroughly tested to withstand long working hours and ensure a long and productive product life. A welded tubular steel frame, cast-iron spindles and heavy-duty, fabricated cutting

deck are made to withstand years of tough commercial use. Plus, it’s all backed by a generous commercial warranty.

Easy to service and maintain

Many zero-turn mowers can be a hassle to service. Not the Z500s. Careful consideration provides


Commercial ride-on mowers unprecedented ease in serviceability. An open design gives access to the transmission, cutting deck and all other serviceable items. Smart features, such as tool-less fasteners, sealed fuse boxes and transportation-type batteries, make service and maintenance convenient. When put together, it means less time maintaining the mower and more time maintaining the lawn.

The combination of deck depth, high-performance blades and optimised deck baffles allows for an exceptionally even cut and excellent clipping dispersal.

A cut above the rest

The combination of deck depth, highperformance blades and optimised deck baffles allows for an exceptionally even cut and excellent clipping dispersal. You’ll be able to mow both faster and for longer, and with amazing results. The Z500s handle rough terrain, slopes, high grass and just about any lawn condition.

Designed for long hours on the job

Operator comfort is key to long, productive work days. That’s why the Z500 series has been designed with a number of features that will counteract fatigue and discomfort. You’ll sit comfortably behind the levers, thanks to bolstered cushions and the premium suspension seat which minimises vibration, while effective and ergonomic handling will further enhance the experience.

The Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), bolstered cushions and premium suspension seat ensure driver safety and comfort.

Husqvarna Z500 series features

• Spring-assist foot-operated deckheight adjustment • HydroGear ZT5400 transmissions • Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) • Large fuel capacity • Premium suspension seat • AGM battery • LED fuel gauge • Heavy-duty rubber discharge chute • Heavy-duty fabricated cutting deck • Automatic parking brake • Ergonomic controls



Commercial ride-on mowers The Masport TTM mowers are engineered for a harmonious balance of power and reduced vibration and noise.

Upgrade your lawn care with the Masport TTM Ride-On Mower The Masport TTM Ride-On Mower range, with their sleek design, offer efficiency, durability, and operator convenience.


hether you’re a lawn enthusiast or a homeowner, these mowers will simplify your lawncare.

Power and performance

The Masport TTM108 features a powerful 586cc V-twin 19HP engine, and the TTM98 is equipped with a 452cc 15HP engine, both meticulously engineered for a harmonious balance of power, reduced vibration and noise, guaranteeing a quieter and more comfortable operation.

Cutting precision

With either a 42” or 38” steel sidedischarging cutting deck, Masport TTM mowers ensure swift and efficient mowing. The alloy spindle housing enhances durability and extends the machine’s working life. Antiscalp wheels ensure a pristine finish every time, preventing unsightly lawn damage. 28


With either a 42” or 38” steel sidedischarging cutting deck, Masport TTM mowers ensure swift and efficient mowing.

For either a small residential garden or maintainenance of a larger property, the Masport TTM offers the satisfaction of a beautifully maintained lawn without hassle.

Smooth control

The Tuff Torq® transmission offers a seamless and user-friendly, foot-operated, variable-speed drive system, transforming backyard navigation into a hassle-free experience. What’s more, the Reverse Mode Operation (RMO) feature enables mowing while in reverse, effectively saving valuable time and effort.

Convenience and comfort

Operator convenience is at the forefront of the Masport TTM range. The electromagnetic clutch engages and disengages the cutting blades with a simple push-pull of the switch. Modern LED lights enhance visibility in lower light conditions. The adjustable high-back seat and ergonomically positioned operator controls ensure a comfortable and stress-free mowing experience.

Durability and safety

Masport TTM mowers come with a steel front bumper for extra protection at the mower’s front end. Furthermore, the mowers are equipped with a convenient tow hitch for added versatility.

Environmentally friendly

The mulch option is an eco-friendly feature that not only reduces cleanup but also returns the finely cut grass as nutrients to the lawn, encouraging healthy growth while minimising waste. The Masport TTM Ride-On Mowers are premium lawncare machines, effortlessly combining power, precision, and convenience. Whether you’re tending to a small residential garden or maintaining a larger property, this mower is well-equipped for the job. Elevate your lawncare experience with the Masport TTM today and enjoy the satisfaction of a beautifully maintained lawn without the hassle. For further information visit or contact Masport on 1300 366 225.


Case study

Using Hitachi machinery and under the guidance of owner/ director CJ Devereux, Civilspec Resources prides itself on a strong work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction.

Hitachi and Civilspec Resources Western Australia offers up some serious challenges for operators and machinery. Both CJ Devereux and her Hitachi ZX55U-5 excavator are equal to the task. No downtime in two years of hard work.


ivilspec Resources, based in North Coogee, WA, specialises in final-trim excavation and covers the full spectrum of earthworks for civil construction, including detailed works, trenching, retaining walls, unground services, plus wet and dry machine hire. Under the guidance of owner/director CJ Devereux, Civilspec prides itself on a strong work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction, delivering superior detailed work on every job it undertakes, regardless of scale or challenge. Civilspec’s choice of machinery? Hitachi.

Couldn’t be happier

“Currently I have a ZX55U-5 Hitachi excavator,” said an energetic and enthusiastic West Aussie. “I’ve had the machine just under two years.” 30


CJ spends her time on challenging WA worksites, and both as an operator and company director, she’s a glowing advertisement for the Civilspec and the Hitachi brand. “I’ve taken the excavator to remote Newman in the rocky gravel,” she recounted, “and I tell you what, you see all those other machines breaking down. But I haven’t had one problem. It doesn’t matter what conditions they’re tackling, the ZX55U-5 is incredibly reliable. “Constantly around the clock,” she pointed out. “I keep up with regular servicing, and I’ve never had any downtime. Not in two years of hard work. “It’s fantastic.”


CJ sites WA’s hard ground conditions as especially tough for excavators, but has had occasions where heat played its part. One site with an ambient temperature of 42 degrees holds strong memories for her. As tough as some of the working conditions may be, CJ sites the cabin of the Hitachi excavator as every bit as fit for purpose as the machine itself. “It’s incredibly comfortable,” the Perth

WA’s hard ground conditions is especially tough for excavators, but the Hitachi ZX55U-5 has shown itself more than equal to the challenge. operator said. “I’ve had people pulling me out of the cabin at the end of shifts because I’ve lost track of time, and I sometimes work through breaks and don’t even notice. “The cab has everything I need.” It doesn’t seem like CJ has any plans of

backing off the pace any time soon. “I love this work too much to get off the Hitachi ZX55U-5,” she concluded, heading towards the waiting excavator. We weren’t surprised when her final parting shot, delivered over her shoulder, was, “We have plans for expansion!”

CJ rates the Hitachi’s cabin as ‘incredibly comfortable’.


Case study The 135 has been in service with the Woollahra club for around two years, and the reliability has been first class.

JCB and Woollahra Golf Club When it comes to maintaining a top-level golf course, the JCB 135 HD is no handicap.


t Rose Bay, about 10 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, Woollahra Golf Club is a public-access course with well-manicured greens and fairways to rival some of Sydney’s best private courses. Superintendent on the immaculately maintained grounds is Josh Kelly, and after two years with JCB’s 135 HD skid steer, he’s a big fan.

The small-platform, 612kgrated JCB 135 HD is the lightest model in JCB’s range.


The JCB 135 HD predominantly does duty loading the course’s top dresser, but there are times when it’s needed for tasks above and beyond the normal call of duty. “One of our arborists got his truck stuck on the course,” chuckled Josh. “We used the JCB to help get him out of a difficult situation.” The 135 has been in service with the Woollahra club for around two years, and the reliability has been as first class as the surface on the clubhouse green. “We keep up with daily maintenance and servicing, obviously,” said Josh, “and it’s fine. It’s reliable, comfortable and a trustworthy machine.” Aside from carrying heavy loads, the JCB is sometimes called on to level turf or waste areas, and Josh sites its capability in those situations as a particular strength of the machine. “With the tyres on the 135 it doesn’t cause too much wear and tear on the surface. 32


You don’t really notice where the machine’s been,” he said.

135 HD skid-steer loader

The small-platform, 612kg-rated JCB 135 HD is the lightest model in JCB’s range. It incorporates the unique PowerBoom and side entry, and is designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability. The 135 HD has, on average, 60 per cent better visibility and a 46 per cent larger cab

than its competitors. Other benefits include: • Ergonomic controls • An extremely tough, powerful boom, and • A low cost of ownership. Combined with a low purchase price, the 135HD offers exceptional ROI.

Operator comfort

The cabin of the JCB is a well thought out work area, with the operator’s needs at the forefront of design. The cabin holds a seat

The 135 HD is designed to be serviced easily. with mechanical suspension, a 12V charger, simplified, easily readable control panels and a mechanical, cable-operated hand throttle. Hydraulic servo controls make handling smooth and intuitive and, all in all, the JCB 135 HD skid steer loader is a comfortable favourite with operators. “It’s got the easy-access side door, which is handy,” threw in Josh. “And it’s very smooth to operate. The noise level isn’t too much, either, especially considering how much power’s on offer.”

All in a day’s work

The JCB 135 HD has safety as a major consideration. The PowerBoom single-

loader-arm design means operators can enter the machine from the side, avoiding slip hazards, crush hazards and contact with the loader arm and its attachments. It also offers much improved visibility over its competitors, partly due to a low-profile single rear-loader tower and the absence of a conventional large rear torque tube. The canopy front opening doubles as an emergency exit, the fuel tank is integrated into the chassis for added protection, and the hoses run through the boom to reduce the possibility of damage. The 135 HD is also designed to be serviced easily. The engine’s longitudinally mounted for access to the drive belt and associated

components, and there are 30 per cent fewer grease points than the average vertical-lift twin-arm skid loader. There are front and rear chassis clean-out plates, with a fluid drain point in the rear, as well as durable O-ring face seals on all hydraulic fittings. Service access is excellent through the full-width hinged rear service door and the lift-off cooler pack screen. The cab can be easily tilted by one person for hose access, and daily check points are grouped and easily accessible. “We couldn’t do the job without the JCB loader,” summed up Josh. See the whole JCB range at

The JCB 135 HD predominantly does duty loading the course’s top dresser, but there are times when it’s needed for tasks above and beyond the normal call of duty.

Exceptional ROI.


Test drive The Masport TTM108 cut cleanly and threw the heavy, wet clippings clear with no problem at all.

Masport TTM108 Incredible value in a great-looking outfit.


he Masport TTM108 ride-on mower, and its counterpart the TTM98, share a strong family resemblance. Apart from some differences in deck size and engine capacity, these machines are essentially the same. This relationship is noteworthy because a lot of thoughts and comments here will apply to both models. In our testing, we focused on the TTM108 model.


The ‘108’ in the model name refers to the deck size: 108cm or 42”. The TTM98, predictably enough, sports a 98cm or 38” deck, and while our test unit ran a Masport MVT500 Series 586cc V-twin 19HP engine, the little brother TTM98 runs the 15HP Masport M400 452cc single. The TTM108 is a good-looking outfit and has some really nice features, including electromagnetic blade engagement, a reliable foot-operated Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission, and the 42” deck was fitted with anti-scalp wheels that ensured an excellent finish. 34


The TTM108 is a good-looking outfit with really nice features.


Aside from the racy looks and eye-catching colour scheme, the TTM108 offers some serious commercial credentials, things like: • A 42” (108cm) steel, side-discharging cutting deck • An alloy spindle housing to keep bearings cooler and extend working life • A smooth and easy-to-use foot-operated,

variable-speed drive system, thanks to the Tuff Torq® K46 transmission • A mulch option • LED lighting • Electromagnetic clutch • Pivoting steel front axle • A Reverse Mode Operation (RMO) feature which allows mowing while travelling in reverse

Looking good!

An adjustable high-back seat makes for great comfort. • A steel front bumper • A large 7.5L-capacity translucent fuel tank • Front 15 x 6.00-6 and rear 18 x 8.50-8 wheels • Seven-position cutting range and 30mm90mm cut height • Adjustable high-back seat

• Ergonomically positioned operator controls • Anti-scalp wheels • Park brake • Tow hitch, and • A two-year domestic machine warranty, with an additional one-year extension upon registration.

While the TTM108 has plenty going for it performance-wise, it’s hard to ignore the way everyone sucked in their breath and went, “Far out!” when it rolled off the trailer. The thing just looks sleek and racy. We don’t have any better way of saying it. The shiny finish and smooth curves give a beautiful, showroom appearance. Driving the Masport is a very pleasant experience. It’s comfortable for the driver and, in bucketing rain at our test site, it performed like an absolute thoroughbred. Because of the unhelpful weather and the way the grass was clumping so badly we didn’t get to use the mulch plug, but even so, the Masport cut cleanly and threw the heavy, wet clippings clear with no problem at all. We thought 19hp might struggle a little in the wet conditions, but the Masport scooted along really well, holding good speed, not bogging down and definitely not compromising the quality of the cut.

The TTM98, predictably enough, sports a 98cm or 38” deck, and while our test unit ran a Masport MVT500 Series 586cc V-twin 19HP engine, the little brother TTM98 runs the 15HP Masport M400 452cc single.


Test drive

The heavy going presented no challenge at all to the Masport. It cut fast and clean.

A complete package

We admit we were surprised at how well this mower performed. Masport’s engineers must’ve worked hard to ensure the TTM108’s mechanicals lived up to its appearance, and as far as we’re concerned, they did a superb job. It’s well built, it mows nicely – and lord knows, we had it out in some dreadful conditions – and its compact size will be a big benefit to a huge number of potential customers, especially those looking to work around buildings or in tight spaces. But the big clincher is the price. At around $4500, this mower will be incredible value for both domestic and pro use.

Masport TTM108 Engine:

19HP Masport MVT500 twin Fuel capacity: 7.5L Engine-oil capacity: 1.7L Battery: 12V, 18Ah Blades: Two Cutting width: 1080mm (42”) Cutting-height range: 30mm - 90mm, seven position Blade engagement: Electromagnetic Transmission: Rear – Hydrostatic Tuff Torq K46DR Drive system: V-belt Forward speed: 0-8.8kph Reverse speed: 0-4.5kph Chassis material: Steel Deck type: Side discharge Steering system: Rack and pinion Turning radius: 45cm Seat type: Adjustable with high back Deck lift: Manual Deck fabrication: Steel Wheelbase: 1170mm Front tyres: 15” x 6.0 - 6 Rear tyres: 18” x 8.5 - 8 Accessories: Mulch plug included Weight: 174.5kg Dimensions 1316mm x 1109mm x (WxHxL): 1694mm 36

Incredible value.



Untitled-1 1

19/4/2022 12:10 pm

Test drive The comfort and look of the FasTrak 48 are backed up with some serious performance.

Hustler FasTrak 48 zero-turn mower A commercial-grade machine at a great price, the FasTrak 48 is a great option for professionals with a heavy workload.


ustler lays claim to the first commercially produced zero-turn mower, and says the current range, including the FasTrak 48, clearly shows the benefit of those many decades of research and development. Looking at the FasTrak glistening in the faint sunlight struggling through the light rain on our test site, we couldn’t argue. Both the mower itself and the spec sheet look impressive.

An air-cooled FT691V 726cc Kawasaki engine delivers 22hp, driving commercial-grade Dual Hydro Gear transmissions, and the deck is 10-gauge fabricated steel.

Tight fit

The first thing to catch our attention on this particular Hustler was just how compact it looked. A 48” cut meant it seemed a little on the small side compared to some of the bigcut heavyweights we’d been drooling over – there’s a 60” deck available for this model, by the way – but the compact size of the machine has some very useful advantages, not least of which is it fitting on a 7’ x 5’ trailer. That makes transport easy and inexpensive, and that few centimetres of extra clearance is a gift for those who need to squeeze through confined spaces between sheds, structures and boundary fences. It also makes a surprising difference to how much less room it seems to take up in the shed. The next thing to catch our attention was 38


the comfort level. We leapt into the seat, grabbed the handles, and started making revving noises as we imagined ourselves scooting along at top speed along a well-kept golf course fairway. The ROPS would look after us if things got a little wayward, we were sure, and it only took a few seconds for the adjustable, high-back suspension seat – with

a very plush cushion for the driver’s back – to have us feeling we might not need to go top speed all the time. Dropping our elbows on the extra-comfy armrests sealed the deal. Long days on the Hustler FasTrak 48 shouldn’t cause any ergo or comfort problems for a hardworking driver as far as we could tell.

Then our test driver, Craig Williams, owner of Gardeners That Care, kicked us off so he could ‘get some work done’.

Pro standard

The comfort and look of the FasTrak 48 are backed up with some serious performance. An air-cooled FT691V 726cc Kawasaki engine delivers 22hp, driving commercialgrade Dual Hydro Gear transmissions, and the deck is 10-gauge fabricated steel. The rollover protection bar we’d already noticed would make for a high degree of safety on inclines or uneven terrain, and the whole thing is backed by a four-year, 750-hour, commercial-use warranty. According to the info supplied with the Hustler it will cut 3.1 acres per hour. What’s not to like about those figures? And the best figure of all is the purchase price: a razor-sharp $16,299.

Hard at work

With Craig in charge things became very serious very quickly. For starters the weather was entirely unsuitable. The test site was wet when we Testing conditions contributed to grass buildup, but also demonstrated the all-weather performance and durability of the FasTrak. arrived, and intermittent rain during the review made things consistently challenging. In spite of that, the FasTrak worked with amazing speed. It was not only fast over the ground, but the heavy, wet grass was left looking neat and manicured. Our impression as onlookers was confirmed when Craig hurled his 6’4” frame off the seat and started throwing open inspection hatches and lifting the seat. “This is a quick and efficient machine,” he told us. “It’s really comfortable too, even for a bloke of my height. The adjustment of the suspension seat is really good, and that’s a beautiful cut.” There was also a surprising amount of room in and around the engine bay and under the seat. Access to the battery and around the motor is really good. Maintenance and clearing debris should cause minimal fuss.

An excellent option

An adjustable, high-back suspension seat with arm rests makes for a high level of comfort.

From our time with the Hustler FasTrak 48 zero-turn we’re confident it’s a unit that should suit professional contractors and property-maintenance businesses. It works fast, cuts clean, wasn’t excessively loud and was very comfortable for the operator. If it all sounds like a well-thought-out zeroturn, it’s because we believe it is.


Test drive Hustler FasTrak 48 Deck: Blades and PTO: Spindles: Cutting height and adjustment: Optional extras: Ground Speed: Acres per hour: Fuel-tank capacity: Slope capability: Engine: Engine Warranty: Transmission: Country of manufacture: Chassis: Roll Over Protection: Rear tyres: Front tyres: Seat: Park Brake: Maintenance access: Tow Hitch: Minimum trailer size: Length: Width (chute up): Height (ROPS up/down): Weight: Warranty (commercial and domestic):

48”, 10-gauge fabricated Three blades with electric PTO blade engagement Aluminium with 11-gauge spindle mounts, 1” shaft and double lip-sealed ball bearings 1.5” - 4.5” cutting range with foot-assisted deck-height adjustment Mulch kit. Catcher kit 16kph 3.1 (based on 80 per cent efficiency) 32 litres 15 degrees 22HP, air-cooled, 726cc Kawasaki FT691V Three years Dual hydro gear ZT3200 USA 1.5” x 3” welded tubular steel Standard bar 23” x 9.5” 13” x 6.5” High-back suspension with armrests Automatic Open-rear Optional 5’x7’ 1948 mm 1270mm 1745mm/1156mm 413 kg Four-year/ 750-hour

The compact size has some advantages, not least of which is the machine fitting comfortably on a 7’x5’ trailer.

The FastTrak worked with amazing speed and left the heavy, wet grass looking neat and manicured.




Test drive Not only is the Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue a solid, ready-for-work unit, it’s fast, built like a tank, and a pleasure to drive.

Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue It looks tough, and looks aren’t deceiving.


hen the Outlaw Rogue rolled onto the LCM test site everyone stood around gazing in envy. The machine looked big, tough and ready for anything. As the assembled crew tried to assimilate what it was seeing, a grinning Mat Wandmaker from Blue Ridge Property Maintenance – out test driver – leapt out of the seat and proclaimed, “This thing goes like the clappers! It’s a weapon!” The tone for the review was set right there: not only is the Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue a solid, ready-for-work unit, it’s fast, built like a military tank, and is a pleasure to drive.


An overview of the mechanical side of our test machine included commercial-grade dual hydraulic pumps and drive motors, patented EZ-Ride 3-link trailing suspension, 42


The sound of the V-twin motor broke hearts when it was fired up, but the sound level was actually quite low during operation. a 72” deck and a stonking 999cc V-twin Kawasaki motor. The motor broke hearts when it was fired up. There’s nothing like the sound of a V-twin, and several onlookers tried to hide grins

when the thing roared into life. It’s not loud, but the sound of that motor alone is worth the price of admission. And not only did it sound good, it worked really well.

The Reaper tyres on the rear seemed to be very gentle on the damp, bumpy terrain, and we felt it remarkable how well the Rogue treated the surface. To quickly cover off the tech aspects of the Outlaw Rogue, standard features include: • Kawasaki FX1000 999cc EFI 38.5hp engine • Dual 16cc Hydro-Gear pumps • Dual 18ci Parker wheel motors • Patented 3-Link rear trailing arm suspension • Patented independent front suspension with heavy-duty cast I-beam rails • Premium adjustable suspension seat • Flip up front inspection plate • 3-gauge (6mm) deck with Reinforced 3/8” (9.5mm) side plates • Flat deck design with sloping front edge • PEER, cast-iron, maintenance-free spindles with four bearings per spindle • Heavy-duty all-steel, all-welded chassis frame • Heavy-duty cast-iron caster front forks • Exclusive Reaper® rear tyres • No-Flat front tyres • Adjustable drive-arm system, and • Rear deck striping kit.

Reaper tyres on the rear seemed to be very gentle on the damp, bumpy terrain, and it was remarkable how well the Rogue treated the surface.

Delivering on the promise

The spec sheet looks impressive, but the on the ground – in this case, the very wet ground and long, sodden grass – the Outlaw Rogue delivered on the promise. Mat described the comfort level as ‘superb’, especially the adjustment available on the seat, vision around the mower was excellent, and despite the adverse weather and terrain, the Outlaw Rogue cut fast and clean, dispersed the heavy, wet clippings beautifully, and had oodles of power.

Oodles of power from the Kawasaki FX1000 999cc EFI 38.5hp motor, and access for maintenance is excellent.

The Rogue did well dispersing the heavey, wet clippings.


Test drive Interestingly, all that power and the wet ground didn’t add up to a lot of churned-up ruts and gouges. The Reaper tyres on the rear seemed to be very gentle on the damp, bumpy terrain, and we felt it remarkable how well the Rogue treated the surface. And despite how much everyone melted and frothed and the sound of that V-twin, the actaul noise level during operation was surprisingly low. There just wasn’t anything much we didn’t like about the Outlaw Rogue.

There’s a big range of options and accessories available for this machine, parts to enhance everything from safety and performance to comfort and entertainment, so operators should be able to use the Outlaw as an excellent platform to set up the hard-working, long-lasting mower they need. It was again test-driver Mat who summed the overall opinion at the end of long, wet test session. He gazed out across the freshly mown and beautifully regular test field and ventured, “This thing would outlast the apocalypse, I reckon!” See the entire Bad Boy Mowers’ range at

Despite adverse conditions, the Rogue cut fast and clean. 44


An excellent platform for professionals to set up the hard-working, longlasting mower they need.




RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL zero turn mowers 1800 959 690

B A D B O Y- M O W E R S . C O M . A U



mow with AN attitude

Test drive

The Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® is quiet and free of engine emissions, and that’s a combination that makes for highquality, professional lawncare equipment.

Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® Friendly to the environment, work ready and great to drive. Powered by Toro’s HyperCell® Power System® giving longer run times and quick charging.


oro’s Z Master Revolution was our sole electric-powered mower for this issue, and that alone made it a big point of interest. We’re becoming fairly used to electric OPE competing fair and square with machinery powered by internal combustion engines, but the Toro mower is doing considerably better than that in some areas.

Clever design

The Toro running free of engine emissions and very quietly are obvious high points, and being able to work in noise-sensitive areas like schools and hospitals is a big plus. But there are some really excellent design and engineering features incorporated into the build of this machine as well. The Z Master is powered by Toro’s HyperCell® Power System® which gives longer run times and makes for quick charging, and HyperCell® is built to run 46


cooler than other power systems. Heat generation is often a trait of heavy-duty battery-powered equipment, so we thought Toro’s management of that factor an excellent positive for the Revolution. The MyRIDE® Suspension System includes a fully suspended operator platform which allows up to 7.6cm of travel and reduces the effects of impacts, bumps and vibrations on the operator. Rear-shock ride settings can also be quickly and easily adjusted without tools, and although that’s a great feature, we found the Toro’s performance to be excellent as it was delivered, and we honestly forgot to play with those settings. The Z Master® chassis and TURBO FORCE® deck have been in service on Toro mowers for some years and are proven performers, but now have a quieter, ecofriendlier design to deliver lower overall operational cost over the machine’s lifetime. The fabricated shell is constructed of 7-gauge. fully welded, high-strength steel with a bull-nose bumper to protect against frontal impacts. The deck rake can also be easily adjusted to suit conditions. Increasing the deck rake helps extend the run-time of the machine by allowing more clippings to exit the rear when mulching. Decreasing rake maximises performance and delivers the highest quality of cut in most conditions.

The fabricated shell is constructed of 7-gauge, fully welded, high-strength steel with a bull-nose bumper to protect against frontal impacts.


The Z Master Revolution is available with a few different sized cutting decks, and the model we drove was set up with a 52” – or 132cm – rig. Strangely enough, our first

A fully suspended operator platform allows up to 7.6cm of travel.

Deck rake can be easily adjusted to suit conditions.

impression was, “Look! A Toro zero-turn!” That’s a compliment to the machine. It showed its well-respected heritage and, thereby, set the expectation of a very high standard of performance. Test driver Mat Wandmaker has a couple of Toros in his fleet, and he felt immediately comfortable when he plonked his six-foot frame behind the controls. Then he surprised us with the comment, “It’s everything you’d expect from a Toro, but jumping on the machine is a whole new world.” It turned out Mat was referring to how quiet the Toro was. “Getting from place to place is like driving a golf cart,” he stared around in wonder. “There’s just no noise. It blew me away.” Engaging the blades caused the hairdryer whooshing sound common to all electric mowers, but overall the volume during operation is negligible. And while runtime of around seven hours is impressive, none of it’s any good if the


Test drive Key features: Deck size: Deck material: Battery: Battery Capacity: Run time: Ground Speed: Seat:

132cm (52 inch) 7-gauge TURBO FORCE® cutting deck HyperCell® lithium ion 23.4kWh Up to 7+ hrs* 19.3 kph MyRIDE® suspension system 48”, 52” and 60”

Available deck sizes: *Based on controlled laboratory testing of product. Run time varies with load.

Intuitive to use and environmentally friendly.

The canopy can be dropped down for easy transport.

power’s not there. We asked Mat if the Toro had enough punch. “One hundred per cent!” he beamed. “It really goes,” he continued. “When I first drove it away I gave it a lungful and it really took off!”


Power delivery held good under work conditions as well. It wasn’t raining during our time with the Toro, but the ground was still well-and-truly gumboot territory – it was really wet. The Toro performed beautifully in the adverse conditions. The cut was smooth, strong and neat, and it didn’t clog up. Bladetip speeds can be manually adjusted, but when we mercilessly pointed the machine at especially gnarly and wet areas the electronics made adjustments on the fly to ensure correct power was supplied to give maximum efficiency. It was impossible not to be impressed. Our test unit also had a canopy which could be dropped down for transport, and it was a much-appreciated addition in the inclement weather. 48


Mat summed up the Toro really well, we thought: “It’s quiet, has plenty of power, visibility is excellent and it’s very intuitive to use.” The Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® is all of that, but it’s also quiet and engineemissions-free, and that’s a combination that makes for high-quality, professional lawncare equipment.

To find out more about the Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® and see the Toro range, log on to There’s some great info there, including a microsite which includes an online total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to help contractors calculate their operational return on investment.



Construction equipment

UHI ACL articulating boom and scissor lifts Compact machinery specialist United Heavy Industries has Zoomlion lifts ready for work.


ounded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other high-tech equipment and new construction materials. Over three decades of innovative development, Zoomlion has gradually grown into a global enterprise, with the key products covering 18 categories, 106 product series, and 660 varieties. UHI in Australia has several Zoomlion electric lifts available, all of which comply with CE/ANSI/CSA standards.

ZA14J boom lift

• 14m platform height • 16m work height • 300kg platform capacity • Kubota 49hp engine • Rec retail: $78,000 plus GST

ZA14NJE-LI boom lift

• 14m platform height • 16m work height • 230kg platform capacity • 48V/315Ah Li-ion battery • Rec retail: $72,000 plus GST

For more information call UHI on 1800 000 844, or log on to

Here’s a quick overview…

ZA10RJE boom lift ZS0607ACW-LI scissor lift

ZA10RJE boom lift

• 10m platform height • 11.55m work height • 230kg platform capacity • 24 × 2V/330Ah battery • Rec retail: $62,000 plus GST

ZS0607ACW-LI scissor lift

• 6m platform height • 7.8m work height • 230kg platform capacity • 160Ah Li-ion battery, 24 V/3.3 kw • Rec retail: $16,800 plus GST

ZS0808AC-LI scissor lift

• 8m platform height • 10m work height • 230kg platform capacity • 160Ah Li-ion battery, 24V/3.3kw • Rec retail: $20,800 plus GST

ZS1012AC scissor lift

Z14J boom lift 50


• 10m platform height • 11.8m work height • 350kg platform capacity • 230Ah Li-ion battery, 24V/3.3 kw • Rec retail: $24,000 plus GST

ZS1012AC scissor lift


AC MOTOR Brings maintenance-free experience AC MOTOR

Brings maintenance-free experience



ZS0607ACWWLI �16,800 +GST

6m Platform Height ZS0607ACWWLI Platform Capacity 230 kg 160Ah Li-ion Battery 6m Platform Height Platform Capacity 230 kg

160Ah Li-ion Battery

AC MOTOR Brings maintenance-free experience AC MOTOR

Brings maintenance-free experience

�20,800 ZS0808ACCLI �20,800



8m Platform Height ZS0808ACCLI Platform Capacity 230 kg 160Ah Li-ion Battery 8m Platform Height Platform Capacity 230 kg

160Ah Li-ion Battery



Brings maintenance-free experience

Brings maintenance-free experience

�24,000 ZS1012ACCLI �24,000



10 m Platform Height ZS1012ACCLI Platform Capacity 350 kg 230Ah Li-ion Battery 10 m Platform Height Platform Capacity 350 kg

230Ah Li-ion Battery



�62,000 ZA10RJE �62,000


10 m Platform Height ZA10RJE 230 kg Platform Capacity 330Ah Deep 10 m Platform HeightCycle Battery 230 kg Platform Capacity

330Ah Deep Cycle Battery


�78,000 �78,000 ZA14J +GST


14 m Platform Height ZA14NJE Platform Capacity 230 kg 315Ah Li-ion Platform HeightBattery14 m Platform Capacity 230 kg

49hp Kubota Engine





14 m Platform Height ZA14J 230 kg Platform Capacity 49hp Kubota Engine 14 m Platform Height Platform Capacity 230 kg

315Ah Li-ion Battery




�72,000 ZA14NJE �72,000
















Construction equipment The ER616F weighs in at just 1.8 tonnes and packs an impressive punch with its 10kW/13hp Kubota engine.

Small in size. Ready for big things! SDLG’s remarkable range of mini excavators ensures exceptional reliability and straightforward operation while minimising maintenance and offering outstanding value.


he SDLG brand has garnered worldwide recognition for its demonstrated reliability, and now SDLG’s national distributor, CJD Equipment, is introducing SDLG mini excavators to the Australian market, allowing customers to experience the exceptional reliability firsthand.

Respected worldwide

Shandong Lingong Equipment (SDLG) is a rapidly expanding construction-equipment manufacturer in China, boasting over five decades of industry experience and a presence in over 130 countries. Since becoming part of the Volvo Group in 2007, SDLG has seamlessly incorporated Volvo’s 52


Tailored for landscaping and smaller municipal construction projects, the ER616F is purposebuilt to embody robustness and reliability.


Construction equipment

User-friendly design includes a wellplaced mechanical accelerator, pilot handle, and control switch. design principles and high-quality standards into its machinery, resulting in cost-effective and dependable equipment that emphasises maintenance and ease of use. Andrew Egan, National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment, has nothing but praise for the latest offerings in CJD Equipment’s SDLG range, characterised by their simplicity, reliability, comfort, and productivity. CJD Equipment has introduced three new SDLG mini excavator models: the ER616F, ER636F, and E660FL.

Small but mighty: ER616F

The SDLG ER616F mini excavator is a testament to the power of innovation and efficiency. Despite its compact design, this machine delivers exceptional performance, versatility, and user-friendliness. It’s an invaluable partner for professionals in the landscaping and construction industries where time and adaptability are paramount. As the smallest member of CJD Equipment’s excavator lineup, the ER616F weighs in at just 1.8 tonnes and packs an impressive punch with its 10kW/13hp Kubota engine. With a remarkable excavation force of 15kN, it effortlessly accommodates a variety of attachments, enhancing its adaptability for a wide array of applications. Efficiency is at the forefront of the ER616F’s design, thanks to its energy-efficient and fuelsaving Kubota engine, allowing it to operate

for extended periods without refuelling. Its zero-tail-swing configuration enables nimble manoeuvring in confined spaces, reducing the risk of accidental damage to nearby structures or obstacles. Standard on the ER616F are high-quality hydraulic components which provide precise control and greatly enhance overall stability during operation – ensuring work is efficient and carried out with a high degree of accuracy.

to user convenience and to minimising maintenance— this, in turn, benefits operators and owners by maximising uptime and reducing operational costs. The SDLG mini excavator range is an excellent choice for the Australian market, catering to customers seeking a premium product at a competitive price. Moreover, every new SDLG machine comes with a standard three-year/6000-hour warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Reliability, safety and easy maintenance

A long-standing partnership

Tailored for landscaping and smaller municipal construction projects, the ER616F is purpose-built to embody robustness and reliability. Its user-friendly design caters to experienced operators and newcomers to excavation, with a well-placed mechanical accelerator, pilot handle, and control switch that assist operators in executing tasks swiftly and precisely without the risk of operator fatigue. This blend of power, efficiency and userfriendliness positions the ER616F as an indispensable asset on any worksite. What sets the ER616F apart is its exceptional performance and focus on providing operators with an extensive field of vision, ensuring tasks can be carried out with the utmost safety and efficiency. Integrated safety features such as rollover protection, tip-over protection and adherence to OP1 standard pressure generation and control components provide operators with peace of mind when tackling challenging conditions. The deliberate grouping of key components, filters and lubrication systems beneath the main engine hood underscores the ER616F’s commitment

SDLG and CJD Equipment’s long-standing partnership also gives customers access to reliable and experienced, local, after-sales support. CJD branches and SDLG dealers, from Australian capital cities to regional country towns, are located nationally and have 24/7 parts and service support. Andrew emphasised the importance of post-purchase support: “Purchasing a machine at a competitive price is one thing, but all machines can encounter unscheduled downtime. What truly matters is how quickly you can get it back to work and how much you can rely on the company that sold you the machine,” he said. “CJD has a well-established reputation in Australia for standing by its machinery and caring for customers. Nearly 50 years in the industry is a testament to our commitment. So, whether considering a new equipment purchase, replacement, or simply seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-maintain machine, SDLG is an excellent choice.” For more details on the SDLG machinery range and to locate your nearest CJD Equipment branch or SDLG Dealer, please visit or call 1300 139 804.

High-quality hydraulic components are standard on the ER616F, providing precise control and greatly enhanced overall stability during operation.



Construction equipment

Skid-steer maintenance Mini skid steers increase ROI on a variety of jobsites, and regardless of size or job type, the effectiveness of the machine depends on them being in the best working order.


itch Witch mini skid steers are designed for reliable, low-maintenance operation, but regular maintenance will help extend both the productivity and the useful life of the machine. One critical aspect of mini skid-steer maintenance is the upkeep of attachments and hydraulics.

An ounce of prevention

It’s important to note all mini skid-steer attachments and tracks are in part powered by the hydraulic system. Hydraulicsystem issues can therefore cause major complications with attachments and general machine operation. It’s good practice to match the flow rate of the hydraulic system with that needed by any attachment. An incorrect match can reduce the efficiency of the attachment by decreasing the machine’s operational speed or how well the attachment works. Issues with the compatibility of an attachment and a mini skid steer can also cause immediate downtime. For example, if a low-flow attachment is put on a high-flow hydraulic system, the machine’s system can overpower the attachment, causing motor seal failure. Once the attachment or mini skid steer is damaged, productivity and project failure are not far off.

Routine maintenance goes a long way

A general best practice for keeping attachments operating effectively is daily greasing. An operator should pump grease into attachment lube points until excess grease is visible. To simplify maintenance routines, some Ditch Witch attachments are grease-free. Each attachment available for the Ditch Witch line of mini skid steers has its own maintenance routines. The operator’s manual details the regular maintenance that optimises performance. The most common attachments and their recommended maintenance include: • Inspect pallet forks before each use for damage or wear that require immediate attention • Inspect plows for loose hoses or fittings, and check the blade for wear or cracks • Grease 4-in-1 bucket cylinders, check for 54


Ditch Witch mini skid steers are designed for reliable, lowmaintenance operation, but regular maintenance will help extend both the productivity and the useful life of the machine. any hose or cylinder leaks and any other damage, and • Check trenchers for worn teeth and proper chain tension. For a mini skid steer in regular use, checking the loader arms every few months for cracks and wear will help keep the machine in proper working order. Attachment lock pins for the loader arms – responsible for engaging the attachment –

The operator’s manual details the regular maintenance that optimises performance.

should be checked whenever an attachment is installed. Operators can ensure a proper installation by checking whether the bottoms of lock pins are visible under the attachment receiver plate. In addition, operators should look for dirt or debris where the hoses couple to the machine. Contaminated quick couplers can lead to hydraulic-system failure, even for machines designed to filter the fluid from the attachment.


Construction equipment Hydraulics

Hydraulic-fluid levels should be checked daily. Low hydraulic-fluid levels can mean not enough fluid to power equipment, causing the fluid to overheat. Hydraulic hoses should be inspected for leaks and frays before and after powering up the machine. Damaged or leaking hoses should be replaced immediately. The hydraulic system also needs to be protected from contamination. When a mini skid steer is used for the first time, the hydraulic filter should be changed after the breaking-in period – 50 hours of use. A new filter removes any contamination and allows the machine to function normally. After the first change, hydraulic filters should be changed every 250 hours, and the hydraulic fluid in 500-hour increments. As fluid deteriorates, operators will notice decreased efficiency from the attachment and tracks.

impacts the productivity of a mini skid steer. When operating properly, the mini skid steer delivers exceptional performance and productivity for a wide variety of jobsites – from compact landscaping to larger underground construction jobs. For more information, visit

Outstanding performance

Keeping attachments in working order and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for hydraulic systems directly


All mini skid-steer attachments and tracks are in part powered by the hydraulic system, so hydraulic-system issues can cause major complications.

Each attachment available for the Ditch Witch line has its own maintenance routines, outlined in the operator’s manual.



Not only can you get your CONCRETE SLEEPERS AND GARDEN EDGING in a timely fashion, but you can also get it at a competitive price.

Retaining Wall Products

 Retaining wall steel,  Sleepers, concrete, timber  Bagged concrete mix, rapid set

Metal Garden Products

 Metal screens, (made to order)  Garden edging, mild steel &/or Corten  Garden edging connectors  Star pickets

“Small business look-ing after the ‘Little Guys”

P/L ries 57 t s u 73 Ind 899 Cee 03 8 r court Kay 75 loma 26 G h, Vic, 31 t u .a o m u S ong .au n e d Dan ceeindu y @ka dust sales ayceein .k www



Construction equipment Steve Cirillo, Cirillo Civil Group, and Liam King, Pacific Machinery Group, update the performance of one of the company’s LiuGong 909ECR excavators working on warehouse facility projects around Sydney.

Industrial specialist in strong growth mode with key partners Industrial civil-construction specialist, Cirillo Civil Group, has enjoyed rapid growth since its establishment only four years ago, however Director Steve Cirillo is acutely aware the company’s success relies strongly on the responsiveness and service from its equipment partners.


teve has worked in civil construction and quarrying in the Sydney region since he left school and was only involved in two projects before developing his own business – just that one of them was over 13 years.

Fast growth

Cirillo Civil Group commenced with four people in its first year and now has a team of 50 full-time staff. Similarly, its equipment fleet has expanded to more than 50 plant items, including excavators from 1.7 tonnes to 25 tonnes, and graders, both of which feature top-of-the-line GPS systems 56


managed by Earthmoving Technology Solutions, plus compactors and rollers. The company supports the Greater Sydney and Illawarra regions from its base at Wetherill Park, and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland from its premises at Maroochydore, offering civil construction and remediation works and plant hire, as well as landscaping and maintenance. “We are particularly involved in warehouse facilities from the first dig to the final touch as a result of handling the landscaping and ongoing maintenance,” Steve said. The landscaping division, including irrigation and mowing operations, has been

a unique driver for the business and now employs about 10 staff.

An example of Cirillo Civil Group’s completed landscaping works.

READY TO HIT THE LANDSCAPE Cirillo Civil Group Director Steve Cirillo says the company’s LiuGong rollers provide big performance for low investment when compared with other major brands.

LiuGong on board

Steve’s strong focus on service commenced a relationship with LiuGong equipment more than 12 months ago and it hasn’t taken long for the brand to multiply in the fleet. Cirillo Group’s LiuGong family includes two excavators and three rollers, while another excavator is due soon. “I became aware of the LiuGong nine-tonne diggers coming into Australia and went and did a test run with Liam King (of Sydney dealership, Pacific Machinery Group). “I loved the way he knew about the product and the service and parts support they provide. That’s what we care greatly about. At the end of the day, without service our business doesn’t run. “When we ring and we need to have someone pick up and get an answer – that’s exactly what Liam does. “If we have some equipment from another major brand down for six weeks, it’s no good.” Steve said the 9T LiuGong excavator also was in stock and available, which meant it would be a fraction of the cost of waiting on delivery of other machines. “If the waiting time on a major brand is 12 months and we have to hire another machine, that’s two-and-a-half times more than a LiuGong.” Cirillo Civil Group now has two of the 909ECR excavators, which are powered by Tier 5 Yanmar engines, dig to a depth of more than four metres and feature the latest 3D GPS technology. “They are great for big and small jobs. Our clients love them for their size,” Steve said. “The LiuGongs are great value and you wouldn’t know they are any different to other major brands. The cost for the performance is particularly noticeable with the rollers compared to other brands. The LiuGongs do a lot for a much lower cost.”

Happy customers

There are now three LiuGong rollers in the company’s fleet, including two 15T 6615E vibrating rollers and a smaller 6032E roller. Steve said the LiuGong machines had been working on warehouse facility projects around Sydney, where the new Western Sydney International Airport was generating a lot of activity, however they would also head up to the Sunshine Coast soon. He said via Cirillo Civil Group’s growing plant hire division, one machine has been working on a Tier 1 project for a client for more than 12 months, and “…they love it”. “We also have people ringing up and asking about them after seeing them perform on projects,” Steve said. To learn more about LiuGong log on to


Discover the range of LiuGong Mini Excavators Contact your local dealer



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Husqvarna 525iRXT Brushcutter

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Testimonial A huge thank you to Husqvarna and Landscape Contractor Magazine for this fantastic backpack blower. One of our old Husqvarna blowers was making a funny noise the morning I received the news we had won – so the timing was perfect! – Martin Rodgers, Australian Heritage Landscaping

Eye on the industry

Tree Coach editorial Tree Coach delivers improved environmental, OH&S, and arboricultural outcomes.

Tree Coach is a wholly Australian-owned, designed, and manufactured tree planting, staking, watering and light protection solution for mature trees.


here has been no change in how trees are planted or staked for as long as anyone can remember. Traditional methods continue to deliver traditional results: the average tree establishment failure rate across all Australian councils in the first five years of establishment, excluding vandalism, is greater than 20 per cent. That’s a lot of tree failures. Burnley Horticulture, part of the University of Melbourne, conducted a comprehensive study of tree establishment in 2018, and found five pillars relating to establishment. Three of those five pillars – correct planting depth, lateral movement of the trunk, and reduction in trunk damage – relate directly to tree installation methods.

Excellent support

Tree Coach informs the correct excavation width and depth, at least two times the root-ball size, and acts as a level aid to align the surrounding soil with the top of the root ball. It is very lightweight and easy to handle, significantly reducing material handling requirements and supply-chain loads. Once the hole is excavated, the Tree Coach unit, assembled by hand, is placed in the hole.

The tree is placed inside the Tree Coach unit, and backfilling can start. Once backfilled and compacted by hand and foot around the installation, the base frame and the stakes firm up well to correctly support the tree once tied. Then, the crowning achievement of Tree Coach is realised. With the installation complete, Tree Coach provides supported lateral movement to the trunk to establish a trunk and root system suitable for its growing environment.

Complete planting package

The most hazardous component of staking with hardwood is the need for stake ramming. The Tree Coach design eliminates this component, and WorkSafe Victoria recognised this in its 2021 awards, where Tree Coach was a noted finalist. The unit has a built-in watering bowl to deliver consistent water volumes to the root plate, making maintenance more precise and easier to achieve. Further, the V-shaped stakes allow water to flow to the lower root zone.

staking, watering and light protection solution for mature trees. Made in Melbourne from recovered kerbside waste, every component is fully recyclable, leaving zero residual plastic in the ground. Think about your standard 240L recycling bin at home. That, full of loose recyclable plastics, will produce anywhere between three to five complete Tree Coach units. Sustainability Victoria chose Tree Coach as its marquee partner in its current ‘Small Acts, Big Impact’ campaign, where advice to residents to recycle correctly will result in products with wide-ranging benefits – benefits such as Tree Coach.


Currently, Tree Coach is being specified, bought, or trialled by over 90 councils across Australia and all the major councils in New Zealand. In Australia, you can purchase Tree Coach from Arborgreen. Contact the Arborgreen team at 1300 760 642 or email

Locally owned

Tree Coach is a wholly Australian-owned, designed, and manufactured tree planting,


Eye on the industry The MSA 300 C-O sets a new benchmark in peformance as the most powerful battery chainsaw in STIHL‘s growing battery range.

Introducing the new MSA 300 C-O

STIHL’s AP battery system welcomes two new highly anticipated additions to the range this year; the MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw, and the AP 500 S battery, which is the power behind it.


esigned with landscaping and forestry professionals in mind, the MSA 300 C-O sets a new benchmark in peformance as the most powerful battery chainsaw in STIHL‘s growing battery range, and makes light work of felling, cross-cutting and limbing larger trees. With plenty of torque and a battery capable of delivering 3kW of power, the MSA 300 C-O cuts quickly through large pieces of timber and is comparable in performance to the popular MS 261 C-M. The STIHL MSA 300 C-O comes standard with the 16” Light 04 guide bar, but it’s also available with a 14” or 18” bar – just like the MS 261 C-M. The RS Pro chain cuts 20 per cent faster than the standard Rapid Super (RS) chainsaw chain due to the narrower kerf of the teeth, maximising the amount of work achievable on each charge.

to the AP 300 S. The AP 500 S has STIHL Connected integrated into the battery housing too, meaning you’ll always know how much work the battery’s done when used with the STIHL Connected App.

Ready for work

The maximum chain speed of the MSA 300 C-O can be adjusted to three levels, ranging between 24m/s and 30m/s, and is controlled using an easy-to-reach button. This allows

The AP 500 S battery

The new STIHL AP 500 S battery is one of five batteries in the AP system, and is the powerhouse behind the MSA 300’s worldclass performance. It’s the first battery in the AP System to use laminated battery cells capable of delivering a significantly higher power output of 3kW, while also lasting up to 2400 full cycles. The AP 500 S battery is compatible with every other AP System tool, with around 20 per cent longer working times compared 60


A bright LED light makes it clear which power level is in use.

With plenty of torque and a battery capable of delivering 3kW of power, the MSA 300 C-O cuts quickly through large pieces of timber. the user to match the power required to the job at hand and maximise the battery performance. STIHL recommends level 1 for cutting small logs and level 3 for snedding or important felling cuts. The bright LED light makes it clear which power level is in use.

Great features

The MSA 300 C-O is STIHL’s first batterypowered chainsaw with a full anti-vibration system. Thanks to this, the MSA 300 C-O is extremely comfortable to use and has the lowest vibration figures across all STIHL‘s battery- and petrol-powered rear-handle chainsaws. Additionally, the STIHL MSA 300 C-O includes all the features expected from a professional STIHL chainsaw: captive sprocket nuts, an adjustable chain-oil pump, a tool-free oil cap and durable, long-lasting magnesium components.

The notification cockpit on the rear handle displays useful information regarding the chain-brake status, the on/off status of the machine, and even if the machine needs time to cool. The motor unit is air-cooled and protected from dirt by a fleece air filter. This can be accessed easily for regular cleaning, which in turn helps to prevent the chainsaw from overheating. STIHL recommends cleaning the filter with STIHL VarioClean, STIHL’s cleaning spray specifically designed for removing dirt and oil residues. Spray on both sides and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse gently with water and leave to dry. The MSA 300 C-O also comes with a built-in oil sensor, reminding the user when it’s time to refill to keep the bar and chain lubricated, in turn prolonging its life. Another new feature is the automatic derating of the motor when the battery needs charging or the unit temperature exceeds a

set point. Instead of potentially cutting out mid-way through a cut, the MSA 300 C-O lowers the amperage, temporarily reducing performance, which then gives enough time to finish the cut.

Smart Connector 2 A

Finally, the STIHL MSA 300 C-O is ready for use with Smart Connector 2 A, an intelligent meter that transmits useful data from the machine to the user’s phone via the STIHL Connected App, including the total runtime, runtime history, and even a record of which power levels have been used. The MSA 300 C-O comes in four versions and will be available from November 2023, only at your local STIHL Dealer. Log on to for dealer locations around Australia.


Eye on the industry

Your batterypowered OPE solution GREENWORKS Commercial offers one of the widest ranges of battery-powered outdoor power equipment on the market. From a full fleet of handheld OPE tools to the flagship Optimus Z range of zero-turn and stand-on mowers, GREENWORKS Commercial is your battery-powered OPE solution.


he GREENWORKS Optimus Z ZTR and Stand On Range has two battery powerplant options – 18kWh and 24kWh – coupled with deck options of 48”, 52” and 60”, as well as the Compact Stand-on Series powered by an 8kWh battery and available in 32”, 36’” cut options for those tight spaces. GREENWORKS Commercial has every angle covered. One of the standout features of the Optimus Z is its impressive runtime and performance. With its high-capacity LFP battery system, the Optimus Z can mow for up to eight hours on a single charge, ensuring large areas, as well as all-day mowing, can be maintained without constant stops for refuelling. With an impressive cutting speed of 19,000FPM and petrol-power equivalent of 37hp, GREENWORKS OptimusZ mowers increase operator efficiency and productivity across the day in the toughest of environments.



Cost effective

GREENWORKS Commercial batterypowered mowers produce zero emissions, minimal vibration levels, and reduce noise pollution significantly while in use. This not only benefits the operator’s work environment, but also allows work in noisesensitive environments. And less emissions mean cleaner air. Maintenance is another area where GREENWORKS Commercial shines. Unlike traditional petrol mowers that require regular servicing and upkeep, the Optimus Z requires minimal maintenance. No belts, pulleys, or oil changes are required, and there’s need for petrol storage. It all adds up to minimal downtime and repairs costs, saving time and money.

A better world

GREENWORKS Commercial is committed to assisting business, council and government

departments work towards sustainability targets and regulations aimed at reducing carbon footprints through Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) policy targets. The GREENWORKS Commercial range of Optimus Z zero-turn mowers is a gamechanger in the landscaping industry. Long runtime, better-than-petrol performance, environmental benefits, low maintenance and alignment with ZEV and sustainability goals make it a wise choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

GREENWORKS Commercial mowers produce zero emissions.

J r d

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Bobcat mowers and tractors Spring and summer have hit hard and property maintenance, especially mowing, will be a huge priority for landscapers and property managers for the next few months. The Bobcat® range of tractors and mowers is ready to work hard.


Bobcat® machines and attachments are durable and versatile. See the entire range at


obcat Company launched the compactequipment industry more than 60 years ago, and has been making tough jobs look easy ever since. Bobcat machines and attachments are durable and versatile, and offers the performance, comfort and power to take on the most challenging projects. Here’s a quick overview of some the excellent tractors and mowers in the versatile Bobcat range… Zero-turn mowers ZT2000 Deck widths 42", 48" or 52" Cutting height 38mm – 117mm Horsepower 21.5hp – 23hp Forward speed 11.2kph Reverse speed 4.8kph Fuel capacity 14.3L Machine weight 310kg Length




ZT3000 48", 52" or 61" 38mm – 121mm 20.5hp – 23.5hp 12.8kph 5.6kph 14.3L 343kg 370kg 1930mm

S L Compact Tractors CT1025 Operating weight 675kg Transmission Two-range hydrostatic Horsepower 26hp PTO horsepower 20.5hp Cylinders Three Height 2226mm Length 2523mm Width 1168mm ZT3500 48", 52" or 61" 38mm – 121mm 20.5hp – 23.5hp 16kph 5.6kph 29.5L 350kg – 377kg 1930mm – 2006mm

CT2035 1240kg Three-range hydrostatic 35hp 31hp Three 2650mm 3070mm 1595mm

ZT6000 52"

ZT6100 61"

ZT7000 61” or 72"

25mm – 139mm 25.5hp

25mm – 139mm 27hp

25mm – 139mm 35hp

19.3kph 6.4kph 56.7L 621kg

19.3kph 6.4kph 56.7L 664kg



30.5kph 12kph 56.7L 680kg – 698kg 2209mm

CT2040 1240kg Three-range hydrostatic 38hp 32.1hp Three 2650mm 3070mm 1595mm

CT4045 1596kg Three-range hydrostatic 45hp 38.2hp Four 2270mm 3189mm 1730mm

CT4055 1596kg Three-range hydrostatic 55hp 44hp Four 2270mm 3189mm 1730mm

Mowing will be a huge priority for landscapers and property managers for the next few months.









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Eye on the industry

The Brickyard With an industry connection only a family owned and operated business can offer, Fulton Bricks and Paving Supplies – better known as ‘The Brickyard’ – has been offering innovative advice and solutions to both domestic and commercial landscape customers throughout Melbourne’s metro area for almost 15 years. “That, along with our competitive prices,” he underlined.

Huge inventory

The Brickyard is a top supplier for bricks, paving, retaining wall materials, pier caps, pool coping and natural stone. The yard is open to the public six days a week, vehicle access to the large yard is easy, and staff are happy to provide a list of skilled tradespeople and landscapers to help get the Job done.

Bluestone steppers in small, medium and large are Available in 20mm and 30mm.


he Brickyard, located in Wantirna just a few kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD on Burwood Highway, stocks a large range of products made by renowned Australian manufacturers like Adbri, Austral, PGH, Shapescaper and Urban Stone. The company also manufactures its own pier caps, pillars and letterboxes, and along with the expert personalised advice available from staff, these products are the company’s real source of pride. “We make a lot of different styles of pier caps,” explained the owner, Kerry. “We also make wall capping, letterboxes, and can even make the actual pillars for the pier caps to sit on. “The pier-cap side of the business is booming,” he beamed. “We’re currently making over 100 extra-large caps for a retirement village, and our sand-cement products have been shipped all over the country this year.” That success is no accident, of course. The Brickyard has a well-deserved reputation for excellent service and great products. Kerry has some thoughts on that as well. “We believe this might be because we’re one of few that still make our products the traditional way – by pressing sand and cement.



“We’ve expanded The Brickyards’ products by using more suppliers,” said Kerry, “meaning we have more options for masonry and wet-pour pavers, concrete sleepers, retaining-wall products, steal garden edging, natural stone as well as new and secondhand bricks and pavers. “We also try to update our clearance area to help with all kinds of budgets,” he smiled. To learn more about Fulton Bricks & Paving Supplies’ superior and cost-effective products and landscaping solutions, give them a call on 03 9887 0134, or visit the website at

Fulton Bricks and Paving Supplies produces a range of pier caps.

The right pier caps can put on a beautiful finishing touch.

Letterboxes are another item that Fulton Brickyard manufactures.


E G N A R W NE Introducing the newly designed ER616F, a compact yet robust designed excavator ready to tackle a variety of tasks with ease.




The new ER616F includes: The ER616F is the smallest excavator in the new SDLG range.

• • •

Big on performance, versatility and user-friendliness Well suited for landscaping and small construction projects.

Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care

Easy to operate pilot handle and control switch Zero Tail Swing for easy manoeuvrability Fully certified ROPS/TOPS/OPG1 protection

1.8 tonne operating weight 10 kW/13 hp Kubota engine 15kN excavation force


24/7 product support Backed by CJD Equipment’s national branch and SDLG dealer network


Eye on the industry The HHB25 Blower features a highly responsive accelerator pump that provides a wind velocity of 70m/sec.

Honda’s Contractor Range Optimise the worksite with reliable performance to get the job done with Honda Power Equipment.


onda knows the importance of a contractor having the right equipment, which is why Honda’s Contractor Range has been designed to provide durable and reliable power equipment that will start first time, every time. Assembled in Australia and ideal for the Aussie contractor, the Honda Buffalo family includes three of Australia’s best-in-class mowers: the HRU196 Buffalo Pro Engine Brake, HRU196 Buffalo Pro Blade Brake, and HRU216 Buffalo Pro Self-Propelled mower. Built tough to handle all environments and conditions, with the best cutting and mulching performance seen on a Honda, the Honda Buffalo family has rightfully earnt its premium status and reputation among contractors.


The HRU196 Buffalo Pro Blade and Engine Brake models offer ultimate engine durability with powerful GXV160 four-stroke engines. Bridging the gap between efficiency and safety, the Blade Brake technology will stop the mower blades within three seconds of the operator releasing the handle, while the engine will continue to run, whereas the Engine Brake technology will completely stop the mower’s engine. The 54-litre polymer catcher means less stopping and more mowing, with the mulching function ensuring beautiful, fertilised lawn. 68



The HRU196 Buffalo is the contractor’s choice, but the HRU216 Buffalo SelfPropelled mower takes it to the next level for the serious contractor needing that little bit extra. A three-speed gear box with adjustable speeds of 2.5kph – 5kph makes a huge difference when mowing on a large scale and allows a contractor to do so without breaking a sweat!

Complete set

All that’s needed is the UMK425 Brushcutter and HHB25 Blower to complete the job and to add the finishing touch. Tailored to suit business needs, both models are of contractor quality, being lightweight and suited for all commercial applications. The HHB25 Blower features

a highly responsive accelerator pump that provides a wind velocity of 70m/sec – that’s 252kph! Paired with the UMK425’s GX25 powered four-stroke engine delivering commercial-grade power that no two-stroke competitor can match, it’s the ultimate fit out for any business.

Honda quality

Investing in a Honda means equipment with the highest quality components that exceed Australian industry standards. With no job too big or small, Honda looked at life from every angle to ensure Honda’s Contractor Range of power equipment will get the job done. Available instore now at your local Honda dealer, or find out more at

The HRU196 Buffalo Pro Blade and Engine Brake models offer ultimate engine durability.

The UMK425’s GX25 powered four-stroke engine delivers commercial-grade power.

CONTRACTOR RANGE Optimise your worksite with reliable performance

HRU196 Engine Brake Lawnmower

HRU216 Lawnmower UMK425 Brushcutter

HRU196 Blade Brake Lawnmower

HHB25 Blower

Eye on the industry

Formboss is growing fast Founded by Gerardus Boerlage, the original creator of the steel garden-edging system in Australia, Formboss is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated, using all Australian BlueScope steel.

Peter Boerlage, manager at Formboss Steel Garden Edging.


ormboss has been the first choice in domestic and commercial applications across Australia for over 15 years, and remains the most recognised name in the steel garden-edging market. With the pre-punched guide holes in all lengths, and using the wide brimmed grips to connect sections, installing Formboss steel garden edging has never been easier or faster. And the network of Formboss suppliers is growing fast.

A size for every job and shape

Peter Boerlage, manager at Formboss Garden Edging, is the man overseeing the company’s rapid expansion. 70


“We’re currently very busy setting up new resellers all across Australia,” the Victorian-based manufacturer told us. “We’re currently doing a huge reseller drive in Sydney, so we’ll have more and more popping up on our store locater there every month.” Edging profile heights range from 75mm through 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm and on to 580mm, and finishes include the popular rusty Redcor, Galvanised, and the eye-catching durable, shiny, ZAM finish. All finishes are available in 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm stock gauges, and stakes start with 2.5mm for the lower heights and 3mm for heights over 230mm.

talk to our friendly crew,” he suggested. “See how we can help create a very unique look that will add value without compromise.”

Join the team

Formboss also welcomes enquiries from civil-landscape groups and landscape centres throughout Australia. Peter and the Formboss team are ready and keen to help businesses become stockists of the popular steel garden-edging materials. Call 131137 for more information, or log on to


Apart from the ever-popular steel gardenedging lengths at 244cm long, Formboss also offers large quantities of steel garden rings in all the same heights as the length heights, starting from 777cm wide to any width required. (777cm, 1165cm and 1554cm are standard off-the-shelf sizes). “With Formboss you can create any shape or design in the garden you desire,” smiled Peter. “That’s the unique part of Formboss. There are no limitations. “Whether you’re a home gardener or landscape gardener, contact us and have a

The durable, shiny, ZAM finish.

Eye on the industry

A heavy-gauge, all-steel, all-welded and fabricated 1.5” x 3” frame rail provides the Outlaw backbone for years of durable service.

Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue A 38.5hp zero-turn with the power to mow all day.


rom the commercial-grade dual hydraulic pumps and drive motors to the patented EZ-Ride 3-link trailing suspension, the Outlaw Rogue doesn’t give up an inch to other mowers. Available in sizes from 61” to 72” with multiple engine options, the zero-turn Outlaw Rogue mower gives professional-grade performance and cut, setting a new standard for other commercial or large-acreage mowers in the same price range. As Bad Boy Mowers says, “There’s just never been a better time to go Rogue.”

Built to handle the toughest conditions

A heavy-gauge, all-steel, all-welded and fabricated 1.5” x 3” frame rail provides the Outlaw backbone for years of durable service, while patented Dual Deck Support Isolators with a deck-wear pad help minimise damage from side impacts. The sloped 1/4” deck with reinforced 3/8” sides features a Deck Idler Arm and Spring, with bearings, for consistent tension and cutting speed. The PEER maintenance-free, internally lubricated spindles are made from strong, ductile iron. Standard features include: • Kawasaki FX1000 999cc EFI 38.5hp engine • Dual 16cc Hydro-Gear pumps

Setting a new standard for other commercial or large-acreage mowers in the same price range.

• Dual 18ci Parker wheel motors • Patented 3-Link rear trailing arm suspension • Patented independent front suspension with heavy-duty cast I-beam rails • Premium adjustable suspension seat • Flip up front inspection plate • 3-gauge (6mm) deck with Reinforced 3/8” (9.5mm) side plates • Flat deck design with sloping front edge • PEER, cast-iron, maintenance-free spindles with four bearings per spindle • Heavy-duty all-steel, all-welded chassis frame • Heavy-duty cast-iron caster front forks

• Exclusive Reaper® rear tyres • No-Flat front tyres • Adjustable drive-arm system • Rear deck striping kit


There’s a full range of options and accessories for safety, functionality, performance, comfort, entertainment and just plain good looks, available for the Outlaw Rogue, so deck out your Bad Boy Mower right from the start. See the entire Bad Boy mowers’ range at


Eye on the industry

Kress is leading the global transformation with its 8-minute CyberSystem™, a next-gen battery system that boasts the world’s fastest charging times and optimal power output.

Kress provides dealer ROI through revolutionary technology Kress is taking on the mission to end the dependence on fossil fuels.


evolutionising the lawn and garden maintenance equipment industry, Kress has built a long-regarded international reputation for its advanced German engineering under the well-established Positec Group. The brand’s more-than-60-year history saw the latest major milestone in ending dependence on fossil fuels when Kress launched its 8-minute CyberSystem™, a next-gen battery system that boasts the world’s fastest charging times.

A better future

Kress is leading the global transformation to battery-powered lawn and garden maintenance equipment in a platform that will power a full line of Kress commercial outdoor equipment that includes backpack 72


blowers, grass trimmers, edgers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers, as well as high-quality walk-behind mowers. With a commitment to a zero-emission future for the landscape maintenance industry, the brand has designed its unique CyberPack™ battery technology to make the transition from petrol to battery-powered OPE sustainable, with benefits for the environment, productivity and the users’ profitability as well. Until recently, cordless solutions faced limitations due to issues such as extended charging times, reduced power output, relatively short battery life, and high costs. In contrast, petrol-based alternatives were perceived as more cost-effective, powerful and entirely portable. With the stubborn use of petrol-powered

tools still impacting how Australians work, statistics show an hour use of a petrolpowered lawn mower is the equivalent of driving a car for 480km. Not only are petrolpowered products detrimental to the environment, but research shows prolonged exposure to high levels of noise has consequences on both physical and mental health. Kress has successfully addressed all these challenges through its groundbreaking CyberTank™ System.


Each Kress commercial-grade tool is designed and engineered for heavy-duty use with a high-efficiency brushless motor, state-of-the-art features and powerful performance. There are no more excuses

Revolutionising the lawn and garden maintenance equipment industry. to keep operating noisy, high-cost petrol equipment, or wasting time with cordless battery tools that won’t get the job done. This innovation not only positions Kress as an environmentally friendly solution, but also enhances its economic advantages for business owners, positively impacting their bottom line as well as increasing productivity with reduced downtime. To experience the products hands-on and be educated on the features and benefits, Kress held New South Wales-based dealer events in Camden on September 4, 2023, and in Plumpton on September 5, 2023. The two days brought together a number of dealers and landscapers to trial the products and experience the benefits firsthand.

Positive change

Transitioning to sustainable landscaping will benefit a business in several ways. Not only do Kress tools rival traditional petrol-operated equipment in terms of power, but they also drastically reduce carbon footprint and operating costs with 8-minute

Walk-behind mowers are included in Kress’ range of OPE. fast charging, a market-leading number of battery charge cycles, and a guaranteed ROI for switching to the Kress CyberSystem™ from existing-petrol powered equipment. Kress batteries offer up to tenfold the recharging capacity of lithium-ion batteries. This technology comes with marketleading commercial warranties of five years for tools and eight years for CyberPack™ batteries and the CyberTank™. For professional landscapers, reliability and peace of mind are everything, and the Kress Commercial range most certainly delivers on that front. By switching to Kress, landscapers can reduce emissions of toxic pollutants, create a quieter soundscape, save costs on fuel and maintenance, increase productivity with reduced downtime, and ensure better working conditions for their workforce. It’s time to make a positive change. Join the landscape revolution. Visit for more information on how to become a dealer.

About Kress

As a part of the well-established Positec family of leading brands, Kress has built a reputation for advanced German engineering and has been recognised for designing and manufacturing electric motors for 93 years. Today, Kress is committed to ensure the landscape maintenance industry a zero-emission future. Its unique battery technology makes the transition from petrol-to batterypowered OPE sustainable, with benefits for the environment and the users’ profitability as well.

New South Wales-based dealer events brought together a number of dealers and landscapers to trial the products and experience the benefits firsthand.


Eye on the industry

A1 Rubber’s colourful CSBR granules are pre-coloured, recycled rubber granules available in 18 colours. It’s the only granule specifically produced with Australia’s extreme UV conditions taken into consideration.

A1 Rubber Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, A1 Rubber uses stripped rubber from old tyres to form new Australian-made rubber flooring products.


1 Rubber has been the market leader and central innovator in the rubber wetpour industry for over 30 years, offering a complete rubber wetpour system to streamline installation and simplify the complex issue of providing safe, compliant soft fall.

Aero Shockpads

A1 Rubber manufactures the only certified, pre-made soft-fall pads which are sold under the Aero Shockpad brand. These Shockpads have been designed and manufactured to guaranteed compliance with the fall height requirements of Australian Standard AS4422:2022. Through the use of Aero Shockpads as the base layer of a wet-pour installation, overall installation time and labour hours are reduced significantly, streamlining the process of providing a safe, compliant wetpour surface. Aero Shockpads are made from 100 per cent recycled tyres and are manufactured in one-metre by one-metre tiles to various thicknesses.

Recycled Australian materials

Aero Shockpads can be installed quickly and efficiently to the exact thickness required for playground equipment with an instant audit-ready certificate of compliance to meet the requirements of the AS4422 standard before handover in Australia, while helping the environment through the upcycling of some of the vast stockpiles of this country’s old tyres. The Aero Shockpad underlay is then covered for wear and durability by A1 Rubber’s colourful CSBR granules, which are pre-coloured, recycled rubber granules 74


available in 18 colours. It’s the only granule specifically produced with Australia’s extreme UV conditions taken into consideration. The recycled rubber car granules are multi coated in natural humidity-curing MDI polyurethane combined with natural earth-based oxides to resist Australia’s harsh conditions. Both A1 Rubber Shockpads and CSBR granules are 100 per cent Australian made.

Other A1 Rubber products

A1 Rubber also imports a range of synthetic EPDM granules which offer bright, vivid colours for use in locations such as waterparks, splash playgrounds or internal applications. A1’s range of EPDM is branded Opal, and is available in 18 colours. A1 Rubber also manufactures Carnivale Fusion granules, a range of pre-mixed colour combinations. These colour combinations of CSBR and EPDM come in 18 blended colours and price ranges to suit all applications. Polyurethane binder is a key component to ensure quality, durable and long-lasting wetpour installations. A1 Rubber’s Procure is a

Both A1 Rubber Shockpads and CSBR granules are 100 per cent Australian made.

highly durable, low-yellowing, low-viscosity, quick-curing, natural humidity-curing MDI binder. Procure is a premium product that suits the majority of wet-pour applications, and is also offered in a Hardcure version for high traffic areas such as pathways, golf clubs and aged-care patios. A1 Rubber not only manufactures rubber surfacing products, but also designs and manufactures the Rotatub wetpour mixer locally in Australia. The Rotatub has been designed specifically with the installer in mind, packing many features to make rubber wetpour installation as simple and consistent as possible, along with overcoming common installation issues. After decades of experience and feedback from wetpour installers, A1 Rubber is confident the latest iteration of the Rotatub is the best rubber wetpour mixer in the world. To learn more of A1 Rubber and its recycled rubber products, log on to

Eye on the industry Toro’s new Revolution® range delivers petrol-powered levels of performance in rechargeable battery-powered equipment.

Toro Revolution batterypowered commercial lawncare equipment The future of lawn care and your business is here.


alling on 100 years of expertise and engineering excellence, Toro’s new Revolution® range delivers petrol-powered levels of performance in rechargeable battery-powered equipment. “The new Z Master® Revolution and GrandStand® Revolution take two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionises them with lithium-ion battery power technology” said Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager.


Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent-pending software in the controls that enables smooth operation. It also gives the operator a chance to customise the machine with adjustable drive speed and blade tipspeed setting options. Adjustable deck rake allows the cutting performance to be tailored to conditions. The Revolution Series mowers are powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System® and deliver all day power and reliability. The Battery Management System (BMS) allows for longer run times and quick charging to maximise productivity. HyperCell® is built 76


to run cooler than other power systems for long lasting efficiency. Ultimately, you gain efficiencies, cut down on engine emissions and can complete more jobs with less hassle. To help calculate your operational return on investment and see why going electric may just be your best decision yet, Toro has made the total cost of ownership calculator available online at


The Toro Z Master® Revolution is built on the same proven Z Master® chassis and TURBO FORCE® deck that’s been trusted for years, but with a quieter, eco-friendlier design to deliver lower overall cost over the machine’s lifetime. The proven MyRIDE® Suspension System feature on the Z Master® Revolution models provides a superior ride, and the fully suspended operator platform allows up to 7.6cm of travel and reduces impacts, bumps and vibrations. Easily and quickly adjust rear-shock ride settings to personal ride preferences without tools! The Toro GrandStand® Revolution stand-on mower combines the speed and comfort of

a zero-turn rider with the on-and-off ease of a wide-area walk-behind — creating a fast, manoeuvrable and more productive alternative to meet your quiet, batterypowered, efficient mowing needs. To see the entire Toro range, visit The Revolution Series mowers are powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System® and deliver all day power and reliability.

Eye on the industry

What small businesses need to know about premium funding


f you’re facing cash-flow challenges and are worried about how you’re going to pay for your insurance, premium funding may be able to help. Premium funding works by having a funding company pay the full premium of your policy on your behalf to the insurer while you repay the funder in monthly repayments. This can help with your cash flow and can potentially help you to afford to take out multiple policies, if required. There is an interest rate to pay – usually a fixed rate – which is generally tax deductible for the business. Horticulture Portfolio Manager, Rashmi Soni, said there are many organisations that offer insurance premium funding. “It’s just a loan transaction, really,” she said. “Instead of paying the premium upfront, the funder pays the premium to the insurer, and the business pays the premium funder over either 10 or 11 months.”


This type of funding can give businesses more options. For example, a small business can use it to pay for a number of insurances, not just one. The funder may also combine multiple policies into a single loan, which can enable the business to make repayments each month via a single payment. Soni adds that it’s often a better option than approaching a bank as no collateral is required. Banks often want security before funding a loan, such as a charge over the business owner’s home. “Premium funding can be available for various amount from a few thousand dollars to many thousands,” Soni explained. “Meanwhile, in the current environment of rising interest rates, businesses need to check the rates they’ll be charged on any premium funding arrangement before taking out a loan.” If you’re interested in further discussion, get in touch with Fitzpatrick & Co on 03 8544 1600.

Important note

This article provides information rather than financial product or other advice. The content of this article, including any information contained in it, has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. For more information or questions on Premium Funding or your own policy, please contact Fitzpatrick & Co. Insurance Brokers on 03 8544 1600 or email: OR visit our website at Fitzpatrick & Co has specialised in the horticulture and arboriculture industry for over 30 years, providing assistance and financial support to companies, associations and events. Fitzpatrick and Co is there when the industry is in need.

Horticulture & Arboriculture Insurance Specialists

Industry provider and sponsors to industry leaders and Associations for over 20 years

Public liability insurance with additional benefits FINANCIAL LOSS UP TO

$500,000 Parties. e.g You are contracted to trim branches at a busy intersection. An unforeseen mechanical issue with a chainsaw takes longer to complete, increasing costs to the third party. This policy responds where there is no physical loss or damage to Third Parties but a Financial Loss only.


$2,000,000 Covers OHS & Environmental Fines. by authorities this policy covers you.

To assist with cash flow, monthly payment plans are available

For more information contact: Rashmi Soni Horticulture Facility Manager Fitzpatrick & Co. Insurance Brokers

Direct 03 8544 1610 Phone 03 8544 1600 Email

631 Waverley Road Glen Waverley 3150 ABN: 25 050 242 914 | AFSL NO: 2344386 Fitzpatrick & Co. Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd


Association news LVML member Hendrik Van Leeuwen joined discussions resulting in a new LVML membership category.

Acknowledging industry professionals Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers (LVML) has moved to recognise the value of experience and professionalism.


onservatively, there are estimated to be around 6000 businesses offering landscaping and gardening services in Victoria. While there’s often a great deal of crossover between the two fields, especially in property maintenance, a great many conscientious, capable professionals offering ‘gardening’ services don’t have the necessary qualifications to look for the advantages of LVML membership which, until recently, needed a recognised landscaping or horticultural qualification, registration, and insurance in line with the association’s parameters. But a recent review and decision by the board recognises the value and contribution of gardening professionals, and membership is now open to the industry sector.

New membership category

Naturally, prospective members of LVML 78


must demonstrate a level of professional ability and compliance in line with the guarantees the association makes to customers, and at a meeting in July, Membership Committee members, executive staff and keen non-member advisors, discussed the state of the sector, types of businesses operating, services provided, and relevant qualifications. The result of the discussion was a new category of membership.

Garden Maintenance

All LVML membership categories require minimum entry standards, including relevant qualification(s) in line with current LVML standards. The new category of Garden Maintenance will be the exception requiring applicants to submit evidence of: • A minimum of three-years’ experience • Displayed professionalism (uniforms, branding and so forth)

• Client reviews or references • A business plan, OHS plan and other documents of compliance and insurance, and, fianlly, • Industry references and credit checks (as apply to all other membership categories).

Find out more

“It’s exciting news,” beamed effervescent Chief Eecutive Officer, Megan Flower. “Professional maintenance companies will only strengthen and broaden LVML’s offer of competent, proven professionals to a wider market, ensuring Victorian consumers are protected at every stage of their journey to achieve their idyllic greenspace.” For more information on LVML membership, log on to the, call 03 9566 7284 during business hours , or send an email any time to

There's never been a better time to join. Take advantage of Support, Community and Promotion. The benefits of a Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper membership are many and varied. A strong, stable and vibrant professional body is critical to influencing government policy and for the development of a strong public profile. It ensures the continued strength to positively influence the destiny of our industry. There’s never been a better time to join - become a Master Landscaper!

What are you waiting for? Stand strong beside the hundreds of Master Landscaper Members who benefit from a supportive community that promotes those who strive for, and deliver excellence at every level. Apply today.

p | 03 9566 7284

e |

Association news The expo was supported by some of the leading companies in the landscape industry, including major sponsor Arborgreen.

TLA’s Landscape Expo a huge success Attendance at the inaugural TLA Landscape Expo exceeded expectations with over 800 people enjoying the large, trade-focused event, the first of its kind, hosted at TAFE NSW, Ryde Campus, on September 6, 2023.


andscape professionals across the full spectrum of the industry – maintenance, construction, and design – enjoyed the 50 trade exhibits, product demonstrations and diverse speaker program, as well as the buzz of catching up with industry colleagues and friends. CEO of The Landscape Association, Jodie Dean, said the Expo was a huge success for the association, drawing in landscape professionals from right across NSW and the ACT and showcasing an impressive lineup of landscape products, services and industryleading expertise. “We loved welcoming both members and non-members to the event,” she said. “It was a program created by landscapers for landscapers, and the partnership with TAFE NSW really met our core purpose of furthering the growth and professionalism of the landscape industry.”

An event the industry needed

TLA board member Shannon Decker, who chaired the Expo Steering Committee, was one of the experts at the event and said 80


Over 800 people enjoyed the large, tradefocused event, the first of its kind, hosted at TAFE NSW, Ryde Campus, on September 6, 2023.

he felt encouraged by the passion for the industry from everyone he spoke to. “The landscape industry is great to be part of and I think educational events like this organised by TLA foster networking and help to keep all industry members up to date with

the latest ideas and products,” he said. The expo was sponsored by some of the leading companies in the landscape industry, including major sponsor Arborgreen. Marc Jarvis from Arborgreen said, “We’re thrilled to see a landscape industry event of

Breakfast being included in the entry price was a very popular innovation and ensured everyone rolled up early. this calibre back on in New South Wales, bringing industry suppliers and the trade together! Jodie and the TLA team did an outstanding job with creating this platform to educate members and showcase innovative solutions. We’re looking forward to supporting the next one.”

A great event for the up-and-comers

TAFE NSW’s collaboration and support of the day was central to the incredible success of the day, both hosting the event and facilitating attendance by over 250 students studying for landscape and horticulture qualifications – and encouraging them to bring their bosses as a way for everyone to connect with the industry.

A huge success for the The Landscape Association. Celebrity landscaper (and TLA ambassador) Charlie Albone of TV’s Better Homes and Gardens was one of the special guests, saying he was glad to return to Ryde TAFE where he first studied horticulture. Attendees accessed Expo deals and sponsor prizes throughout the day, and TLA launched its new free student membership at the Expo, which is a great initiative for those beginning their landscape career.

Want to know more

For a list of all the sponsors, exhibitors, and the program of activities, visit For information about student and landscape business membership of TLA contact team@landscapeassociation.

About the Landscape Association The Landscape Association (TLA) is the peak industry body for landscaping in NSW and the ACT. TLA members enjoy a wide range of events, resources, information, services, and advice to assist landscapers to run their business and stay ahead of industry trends.

TLA President John Kalocsai was on hand with a big TLA team.


Association news

All go at LIAWA With CEO, Christine Stanton.

LIAWA CEO, Christine Stanton.


eptember has proven to be a bustling month for LIAWA, with the emergence of new spring growth highlighting increased consumer demand, and LIAWA is witnessing a growing number of requests for landscape contractors across various projects. As the industry gears up for the upcoming busy season, it’s important to acknowledge the shifting landscape as we approach summer. The Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast of an El Nino, the first in eight years, underscores the need for the industry to prioritise sustainability in design, construction, and operations.

Benara Nurseries highlighted waterefficient spring foliage and the most recent colour schemes, creating a captivating focal point with an oasis of plants in the room. They generously offered their plants as prizes, which delighted the enthusiastic landscapers and gardeners. Thanks also to Domus Nursery for the macu appreciated trays of Carex Feather Falls. Landscapers were particularly pleased with the opportunity to review the latest equipment, Beacon Equipment and Farm and Turf Equipment – WA demonstrated an amazing range of quality landscaping EV equipment. Displays of a range of essential soil enhancers, fertilisers and unique mulches (Baileys Grow Gardens, Green Life Soil Company, NewGround Water Services and Mineral Magic and Treerings Australia), irrigation systems (Rain Bird), landscaping products (StrataGreen) and of course Hunter Industries Australia exceptional outdoor lighting solutions. Feedback from everyone involved was overwhelmingly positive. Every exhibitor’s exceptional generosity

in providing highly valuable raffle prizes truly stood out. The fortunate winners were incredibly lucky. Also, LIAWA very much appreciated the support provided by South Metropolitan TAFE staff and students, and thanks Lisa Hall, Amy Munro, Callum, Katie, and Talija, who were incredibly helpful with set up and pack up. LIAWA deeply values its partners, sponsors and suppliers for their ongoing support and eagerly anticipates their participation in our future events. Thanks to the suppliers, board and South Metropolitan TAFE staff and students who took part. Plenty of networking took place, with trade offering a wonderful array of valuable prizes in the raffle. Congratulations to the lucky winners.


If you’d like to learn more about LIAWA, please contact Christine Stanton, Executive Officer at or call 0497 120 519. Check out LIAWA socials for the latest events calendar. See below...

Trade and supplier night

A successful LIAWA Trade Night presented by Hunter Industries was held at the Perth City Farm, attracting a large crowd and a few well-behaved hounds. Congratulations to all those who participated on Thursday September 7, and who helped make the night an enormous success! A large crowd of landscapers and industry people gathered in East Perth to enjoy a three-hour fun-filled event sampling Gage Roads craft beers, tasting an array of wines and beverages, and tucking into delicious wood-fired pizzas. The vibrant energy in and around the music-filled Art Room provided excellent networking opportunities and offered a unique chance to explore a range of landscape-industry supplies. LIAWA appreciated the valuable contribution by Hunter Industries Australia who certainly illuminated this event with their sponsorship and stunning new lighting range. 82


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