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AskAngi: How do Ihandle home emergencies?

Ask Angi (TNS)

Some repairsonyour homecan wait. Othersdemandattention RIGHT NOW.While it’s never fun to thinkabout howthings can go wronginyour home, planning ahead andpreparingisessential. That way,when emergencies develop,you can stay calm and make the right moves. Last week, we discussedhow to handle thethreat of fireinthe home.Now,hereare tips on handlingfour of themost difficult home interior emergencies youmight encounter.

Gas Leak

Leakinggas is one of themost dangerous possible emergencies in your home.Themost immediate sign is the distinct rotten-egg, sulfurous smell. Youmightalso notice ahissingsound, or people in the house could experience dizziness or fatigue. Acarbonmonoxide monitor can also giveanearly alert. If youbelieve your home is leaking gas, remain calm and evacuate the home or people and pets IMMEDIATELY. This is a hazardous situation. Don’topen windows, don’t make aphone call, don’t even turn any light switches— even that tiny sparkcould ignite a gas leak. If your car is in the garage, don’t trytostartit. Once you’re a safe distance from your home, call 911 and your local gas company. Do not re-enter the home until a professional has deemed it safe to do so.

Flooded Basement

Many things can lead to a floodedbasement: large amounts of rain, apoorly sloped lawn, a failed sump pump,orevenclogged gutters. Whatever the case, once your basementstarts filling up with water,act quickly.Your first step is removing as many items as possible,especially bedding, towels, upholsteryand anything that can easily starttorot. Then,calla professional to address theproblem. If youcan determinethe cause of the problem andsolveitquickly, do so.Itwill usually be out of your hands, but sometimesasimple sump

problem. Work quickly to drythe basement. Awet vacordehumidifier can quickly remove water.Look for wetdrywall, carpeting, wood or insulation. These materials can quickly develop mold, and if mold gets out of control, your problems will multiply quickly.

Burst Pipes

Fewthings can spread chaos as quickly or efficiently as abroken pipe spurting water into your home. Your firstpriority is containment. If the pipe has an individual shutoff valve, turn it off and contact a plumber for repairs. However, in the event of amajor pipe breaking, you’ll need to turnoffthe home’s main shut-offvalve.Ifyou don’t already knowwhereit’sat, findout beforeitbecomes an emergency.If youhavetofigureitout on your own, main water valves areusually located at:

•Thecrawlspace entranceor basement wherewater enters the home

•Theutility/mechanical room, probably nearthe waterheater or furnace

•Under the kitchen sink

•Under ametal water company plate in your front yard. (This is morecommon in older homes.)

Once you’veturned off thewater, call alicensed plumber immediately to havethem address theproblem.

In the meantime, do what youcan to mop up whatever spill has already made it into the home.

Power Outage

Many elements might be responsible for apower outage. If your powergoes out, your first step is to identifythe extent of the problem. Is it one partofyour house, your whole house, or the entireblock around you? If the whole block or moreisdown, your best bet is to sit tight and wait. If it’s just one outlet losing power, see if it’s aGFCI outlet with the small buttons between the two plugins. Pressthe “reset”button, and your problem may already be solved. If that doesn’t work, or the problem extends beyond asingle outlet, check your electrical panel. Usea flashlight or the light on your phone (if youhaveone) to see if it’s as simpleasa trippedbreaker Most trippedbreakers revert back to the center, so if any breakers havetripped, flipthem into the “off” position, thenback on. Don’t forget to check the main breaker, which is usuallyamuch larger switchatthe top. If this doesn’t help,contact an electrician. Youhaveaproblem that’s beyond your ability to solve.

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pump reset might solvethe

Loni L. Ferrier, REALTOR® 970-689-1192

JUNE 7-8, 2024 ATHOMECOLORADO.COM | ATHOME 3 16178 Peak to Peak Drive $710,000 WONDERFUL updated MTN Homew/ONE OF AKIND VIEWS on 3.15 acres near Allenspark! Incl. 2buildable county approved lots that can be splitoff!Home incl.2bedrooms, 2baths, 2living rooms w/fireplaces,eatin kitchen,laundry,&L-shaped deck. Metal roof, Hardieplank siding, Trex decking andisWildfire mitigated. Close to restaurants and Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. Turnkey.Most furnishings included. Shown by appt only 1000 Collyer Street, Longmont $625,000 All brick ranch-style home!Over2000 sq. ft., 4bedrooms (2 non-conf), great room w/fireplace, eatinkitchen w/newer appliances, spaciousfamilyroom, 2bathrooms, laundry room w/utility sink. Detached Brick 2car garage w/opener.Alleyaccess. ABR, CRS, GRI CNE, SRES 303-775-3338 | (303) 651-3939 ARealtor®you can trustwithOver3,000 HomesSold! Experience Isn’tExpensive,It’sPriceless! Over 35 YearsServing Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer&WeldCounties. An ExperiencedReal Estate Agent YouCan Trust When it’sTime to Buy or Sell Your Home. WendyConder Let’sdiscuss your real estate goalstoday! WENDY CONDER 303-775-0108• JUST LISTED! A MUST SEE! 2010 46th Ave#32
stylepatio home
finished basement.New interior paint,
appliances Main
room.Two largeguest bedrooms
bath in lowerlevel.Storage andbuilt-ins
enclosed patio.
$450,000 UpdatedRanch
floormastersuite,den andlaundry
We believe actions speak louder than words. But in case you want to see the words that hold us to those actions, we’ve got awhole Code of Ethics, too. It’s8 pages based on honesty, integrity, and trust that’s exclusive to REALTORS® REALTORS® aremembers of the National AssociationofREALTORS® MORE THAN AN AGENT BOLOREALTORS® Working forYou!


It’sHardtoOutsave theMarket!

Being a first-time homebuyer has always been challenging, especially in Boulder County.The situation was just as difficult 40 years ago, although the figures were different back then. When Ibegan selling real estate in Boulder in 1978, houses in the Baseline Subdivision (east of 30thStreet and northofBaseline Road) were priced at $27,000. Irecall showing one to abuyer who thought it was absurd that these houses were $27,000 and believed they would never exceed $30,000. It seemed like a significant amount of money at the time, almost insurmountable for a first-time homebuyer.Additionally, mortgage interest rates continued to rise through the mid-1980s, reaching as high as 16%. Now in 2024, thosesame Baseline Subdivision homes areselling for over $750,000, which is the entry level for single family homes for the city of Boulder.That rise in value over 45 years translates to an average of 7.76% annual increase over time, through the ups and downs of the real estate market. That kind of appreciation rate makes it very difficult to savefor an appropriate down payment. While it’s never easy to be afirsttime home buyer,now is the time to pay attention and get rolling to purchase afirst home. Interest rates arestill historically low, relatively speaking, and there arefinancing programs available with lowerthan 20% down payment required. Appreciation is still continuing so waiting for interest rates to come down is not agreat idea.

First-time homebuyers often face the challenge of saving the down payment for their initial purchase. In the city of Boulder,loan limits can increase the difficulty by raising the required down payment. However, in the rest of Boulder County,aswell as in Weld and Larimer counties, property values, loan limits, and loan programs

might create the idealconditions for making that firsthome purchase.

1. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. FHA loans havelong been the “go to”loan program for lowerdown payments and credit scores. In fact, if the price of ahome and the loan limits line up,a homebuyer can be approved with a3.5% down payment. The current loan limit for Boulder County is $856,750, so it barely scratches the surface to be helpful within thecity limits of Boulder,with the least expensivesingle-family home in the $750,000 range. The median priced home in thecity of Boulder in 2024 was $1,400,000. However, in Longmont, wherethe median priced home is at $567,000 thereis plenty of room for FHA financing.

Mortgage Insurance is required for FHA loanswhich allows the lender to accept morerisk. The disadvantage to the homebuyer is the additional expense of the mortgage insurance.

2. Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)

CHFAand its lender partners havehelped over 100,000 homebuyers in Colorado achieve homeownership.Infact,CHFA provides homebuyereducation classes, helping first-time homebuyers learn the process of buying that first home. CHFA programs generally mirror the shape of FHA programs. The current loan limit of $726,200 makes it tough to help within the city limits of Boulder.However,itiswithin range in some areasofBoulder County.

3. U.S Department of Veterans Affairs(VA)

Lacking alocal militarybase, Boulder County has never been a huge VA market. However, we do haveveterans who choose Boulder County as their home, and they should definitely compareVA financing opportunities with other options. Typically,VAloans are generousinterms of no down payment and tend to be more lenientinterms of qualifying.There is no VA loan limit butcontact your lending professional for details on qualifying.

4. U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA)

Years ago, we used to call these Farm Home Loans. In fact, these loan programs target rural areas. When Istarted selling real estate in



HOME Highland Meadows Golf Course Escape to alifeofseamless indoor-outdoor living in amodern, custom ranch backing to Northern Colorado’spremiergolfcourse.Expansivewindows blur the lines between luxurious living spaceand manicured fairways,creating aresort-style haven that makes every dayfeel likea vacation.

It’sHard to Outsave the Market! Cont.

1978, even Lafayette and Louisville still qualifiedfor these loans. No longer! Today,you can still get them in rural areas of Boulder, Weld and Larimer Counties. Even though the name implies that the property is afarm, this is not necessarily the case. Some of their programs allow100% financing. Thereare geographic limits, income limits and loan limits, which apply making it abit difficult to fit into their mold, but it might be worth contacting your lending professional to see if youdo.

5. Conventional-Fannie Mae and FreddieMac

Conventional loans, widely known as Fannie Maeand Freddie Macloans, provide amortgage base to the housing industry. These institutions created by Congress, provide liquidity to banks and mortgage companies that make loans to finance the purchase of homes. Forfirst-time homebuyers, loans with 3% down areavailable as long as the homebuyerqualifies for the monthly payment.InBoulder County,the loan limit is $856,750.

6. Home Renovation Loans

Maybe all the fix and flip TV shows make renovating ahome acommon desirefor first-time homebuyers in order to savemoney by buying afix-upproperty.There area fewloan programs out thereif this is the direction youwant to go FHA 203(k) loans aredesigned for homebuyers who would like to rehabilitate ahome. This FHAloan bases the valueonthe improved value of the property and thereby finances the improvements within the firstmortgage. Thisprogram still comes with a3.5% down payment.

teachers, police officers and firefighters buy their first home. The benefits could include low down payment and amore attractiveinterest rate.


Down Payment Assistance

CHFA, mentioned above,offers down payment assistant grants that do not need to be repaid, if you qualify,CHFAevenoffers second mortgage loan programs that can contribute to your down payment when youare using aCHFAfirst mortgageloan program

The State of Colorado has created the First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account program. Amaximum of $50,000 can be contributed to it and can grow to $150,000 without accruingstate income tax. This homebuyer savings account allows people other than ahomebuyer to contribute to the fund, suchas family members or even wedding guests!

*Check with local municipalities for other possible down payment assistance programs.

In summary, nowisthe timeto get on track to buy your first home! Check with your REALTOR® and mortgagelender to come up with a plan that works for you.

Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac also offer home renovation loans that will include the cost of improvements within the first mortgage and a3%downpayment.

7. Teachers, Police Officers and Firefighters

Thereare loan programs for specifically designed to help

Duane graduated with abusiness degree and amajor in real estate from the University of Colorado in 1978. He has been aRealtor® in Boulder since that time. He joined RE/MAX of Boulder in 1982 and has facilitated over 2,500 transactions over his career. Living the life of aRealtor and being immersed in real estate led to the inception of his book, Realtor for Life. For questions, e-mail, call 303.441.5611 or visit

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY,JUNE 9th •12-3PM SHARON COOK Employing Broker/Owner CertifiedLuxuryHome MarketingExpert 970.679.9900
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Norwood Avenue Boulder Open Sun. 12-2pm $3,000,000 Great locationbacking to privatepark! Michelle Trudgeon:
2901 Quartz PlaceFrederick Open Sat.2-4pm $585,000 Wonderful Home in Wyndham Hill! Janet Borchert: 303-263-3215 3401 ArapahoeAvenue#F-102Boulder NewListing!$576,000 Stunning Studio Condo with patio to the lawn. RobJustis: 303-817-0906 1465 Blue Sky Cir #17-306 Erie Under Contract! $325,000 Topfloor unit with newcarpet! Misty Deiparine: 720-280-1680 597 PaiuteRoad Evergreen NewListing!$779,000 3Bed,4Bath with AwesomeViews!! Dennis Culver: 303-618-3366 2263 Lombardy StreetLongmont 4Bed, 3Bath $949,000 Spacious Somerset Meadows Home. RozWhite: 714-362-6622 6860 Nelson Road Longmont 2Bed,
$2,850,000 Longmont Southwestern ranch on 20 Acres. Jim Green:
440Grizzly DriveWard 2Bed, 2Bath $1,150,000 Solid well built mountain home on 4.5acres BruceDrogsvold: 303-579-1627 0Gold Hill Road Boulder NewListing!$275,000 Picturesque buildable lot outside Gold Hill! Marion Fisher: 570-854-5393

Cache la Poudre River NationalHeritage Area HighlightsLocalArtists at FirstAnnual Cache&Cocktails

SEVERANCE,CO–The countdown is on for Cache la PoudreRiver National Heritage Area’s inaugural community event recognizing the artistic beauty and cultural importance of the Cache la PoudreRiver: Cache &Cocktails.

Artand the great outdoors come together June 20, 2024,for an evening of honor and recognition, including the culmination of the “Capturethe Cache”photocontest and the organization’s Emeritus Awardceremony,recognizing individuals whohavegreatly impacted efforts to preserve the Cache NHA.

“The summer solstice offers the perfect setting to celebrate those who capturethe essence of life on the PoudreRiver in amoment of time and those who’veworked to protect and preserve it for future generations,”said ExecutiveDirector

Sabrina Stoker.“We look forward to sharing an evening of artand culture with our community.”

Guests will enjoyfood and signaturecocktails and asilent auction featuring canvas prints of this year’s winning photographs, plus a plein-air painting demonstration in collaboration with Thompson Valley ArtLeague.Proceeds supportCache NHA’s artsand culture-focused community eventsand missionto preservethe heritage of the Cache la PoudreRiver for generations to come.

When: Thursday, June 20, 2024 |6 p.m. -9p.m.

Location: Windsong Estate Event Center |2901 SaddlerBoulevard, Severance, CO 80524



•In2023, CacheNHA distributed $21,080 in grant funds to local initiatives and allocated an additional $68,197 for future historic preservation projects, including $35,000 in Weld County

•Aneconomic impact study completed by Tripp Umbach in 2017 found that the Cache la PoudreRiver National Heritage Area generates an annual economic impact of $81.6 million while supporting over 1,000 jobs and generating $6.9 million in tax revenue.

•Inthe past decade, Cache NHA invested over halfamillion in community grants andleveraged nearly $14 million of publicprivate funding.

About Cache la PoudreRiver National Heritage Area

The Cache la PoudreRiver National Heritage Area (managed by the PoudreHeritage Alliance, aregional non-profit) promotes avariety of historic and cultural opportunities, engages people in the rivercorridor,and inspires learning, preservation, and stewardship through collaborativepartnerships and by providing funding to community-beneficial projects within the heritage area. The 45 miles of the Cache la PoudreRiver, designated by Congress in 2009 as aNational Heritage Area, is one of three heritage areas in Colorado and one of 62 in the nation. The heritage area was nationally designated due to conflicts over water use, leading to Western water law,innovative irrigation techniques, and water measurement devices.

Elliott Apartments arelocated in ahistoric residential neighborhood in Longmont, Colorado.Just twoblocks from beautiful main street Longmont, Elliott Apartments has easy access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Offering 1, 2, and 3bedroom apartments. 418 EmerySt. Longmont •(303) 772-6452 FEATURED AGENT RE/MAX of Boulder 303-441-5642 PATRICKDOLAN Read Patrick’sAtHomeprofileat: AreYou Enrolled forthe 2024/2025SchoolYear? Enroll NowatAward-Winning FlagstaffAcademy Charter School. 2040 MillerDr.,Longmont(303) 651-7900 Tuition-free K-8 public charter school Colorado and National "School to Watch” Longmont's premier science and technology schoo Offering full- and part-time preschool programs AWARD WINNER LONGMONT AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Navigating Life’s Real Estate Transitions Guiding YouThrough Every Step of Your Housing Journey

Life is full of changes, and each can bring unique challenges, especially regarding housing. Navigating through these transitions doesn’t havetobe overwhelming. We face reality~ some of these steps will be joyful &gracious. Others may be moresober & challenging. Either way –AsaLife Transition Real Estate Specialist, will be theretohelp youevery step of the way.


When youretire, youmight start rethinking –remember that dream? Whereand howyou want to live. Downsizing can reduce maintenance and living costs while moving to awarmer climate, aretirement community,orcloser to the family can offer the perfect environment for this newchapter.Focus on finding a community that fitsyour newlifestyle and ensuring youhaveasolid financial plan. Retirement should be atime to enjoythe fruits of your labor,and choosing the right home can make a significant difference in your overall well-being and happiness.


Divorceischallenging, and housing decisions areabig partof that. As in most transitions nothing is ever necessarily set. It’s transition time.Patienceand understanding arerequired on all parts. Seek a professionalthat can provide the expertise and support needed in the realm of real estate to make these difficult decisions abit easier. It’s often very important to have legal, mortgage &financial support during such atime as well.

Health Issues

Either when or beforehealth issues arise, the suitability of your home becomes critical.Time to take

mind of those stairs and whether youneed to modify your current home for accessibility or find anew, moreaccommodating one, planning carefullyisessential. There arethose that can refer healthcareproviders and specialized agents to ensurethey help find the best solution for your needs. Your home should be aplace of comfortand safety.Consider exploring options that enhance your quality of life whilemaintaining your independence.

Empty Nest or Multi-Generational

When the kids move out– or in!!! It’s aperfect time to reassess your living situation. Downsizing can free up equityand reduce living expenses, allowing youtofocus on newinterests and activities. Yet, if you’re afamily that has children or grandchildren thatwill be moving into the multi-generational home, that maybethe answer.You’ll need to evaluate howmuchspace you

need and find ahomethat fits your newlifestyle. This transition can be an exciting opportunity to embrace newhobbies, travel, orevenmoveto alocation you’ve always dreamed of. Your home should reflect this new phase of life, offering both comfortand practicality

Job Relocations

Jobrelocations often require quick and efficient housing searches in unfamiliar areas. Havinglocal expertise is crucial, andconsidering temporaryhousing optionscan ease the transition.Doyou best and make your goal to make your move as seamless as possible. Relocating for workcan be stressful, but with the right guidance, it can also be an opportunity for growth and new experiences. Arealestate professional can assist in finding youahomethat meets your needs andmakes youfeel welcome in your newenvironment.

Navigating Transitions with Support and Confidence

Each life transition brings its challenges and opportunities, but with careful planning and support, youcan navigate them smoothly.A Life Transition Real Estate Specialist can here to youthrough everystep of your housing journey,ensuring yougettowhereyou want to be confidently and easily Life’s changes areinevitable. With navigation and personalized support, you’ll find your way moreeasily and smoothly.Your journey is unique to youalone. Find aprofessional that will honor &giveyou their best as youwalk through this (these) stage(s) in life.


GARDENING Design Recipes:Native landscaping

Nativelandscaping is partofa popular trend relating to outdoor environments in which the installed landscapeis indigenous or nativetoa particular geographic environment or region. What this typically allowsfor is landscapethat not only blends more organically with the surroundings but often requires fewerpesticidesto maintain.

Design Recipes Takeaway Tip

When considering native landscaping hereare 10 helpful hints:

•Research to learn which plants are nativetoyour area or region.

•Select alandscape specialist with knowledge of native landscaping

•Visit alocal nurserytogather information and ask questions.

•Evaluate your soil to understand the ideal location for planting.

•Haveawater system in place. Youwill want to avoid areas that


accumulateexcess water.

•Create alandscape plan first, then plant.

•Select plantingsthatallowfor succession of bloom or year-round foliage.

•Choose asunny location for your landscape.

•Incorporate plantings that will grow both at differentwidths and heights.

•Look to blend both color,shape and sizeinto your native landscape

Cathy Hobbs, basedinNew York City, is an Emmy Award-winning television host and anationally known interiordesign home staging expert and short-term rental/vacationhome designer with offices inNew York City and The Hudson Valley. Contact herat or visit her website at

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Boulder Remains aTop Destination forQuality Living in the U.S.

Boulder continues to rank high as one of the most desirable places to reside, according to U.S. News andWorld Report 2024 Best Places to Live rankings. This year,holding steady within the top 10 since at least 2021, the city onceagainclinched theNo. 2spot for quality of life.

Boulder was also the No.10overall best placetolive, following the No.3 ranked Colorado Springs and leading Fort Collins and Denver,ranked as Nos. 39 and 40, respectively.

Boulder earned astrong 7.4 out of 10 in the quality-of-life analysis, a metric gauging residents’contentment with their daily lives and the impact of various factors such as crime rates, educational standards and overall wellbeing. The well-being scoreconsiders satisfaction with sense of purpose, social, financial, community andphysical.

Boulder’s beautyand Rocky Mountain location top the list of features that residents appreciate, as do thearea’s outdoor activities and wellness options. From hiking trails to yoga studios, spas and alternativehealthcare, the area caters to diverse lifestyle preferences. The metropolitan population stands at 122,362, with amedian age of 36 and amedian household income of $87,017. US News reportsamedian home price of $854,424 and amedian monthlyrentof$2,061. In comparison, Colorado Springs

boasts apopulation of 527,657, with amedian age of 37 and amedian household income of $89,313. The median home price is $394,553, and the median monthly rent is $1,702. Colorado Springs is noted for its beautiful mountain backdrop, proximity to Pikes Peak and diverse metropolitan area.

Boulder’s overall score is 6.7, with aquality of life of 7.4 and avalue of 5.5. No.3ranked Colorado Springs’s overall scoreis7.0, with aquality of life of 6.5 and avalue of 7.0.

To earn recognition on the Best Places to Livelist, 150 of the most populous metroareas in the U.S.are analyzed by U.S.NewsandWorldReport.To rank well, acity must meet residents’ expectations for value, desirability,a strong job market and ahigh quality of life. U.S.News analyzes data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Labor and the publication’s internal resources. The rankings areintended to help people make decisions about wheretolive.

Foradetailed breakdown of the top cities and their rankings and scores, refer to thecomplete list at realestate

TomKalinski is the broker/owner of RE/MAX of Boulder,the local residential real estate company he established in 1977. He was inducted into Boulder County’s Business Hall of Fame in 2016 and has a40-year background in commercial and residential real estate. For questions, e-mail Tomat,




725 Bruce Drive

$448,750 Sat. &Sun.,11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Nancy Dayton Dayton Land &Real Estate LLC (303) 579-8834

1246 Swan Peter Drive


Sun., 2-4:30 p.m.

Georgi Grover

RE/MAX Alliance (970) 670-0246


308 Pinon Circle


Sat., 11 a.m.-1 p.m.,

Catherine Camp

RE/MAX Alliance (303) 250-7353

737 Wedgwood Road

$719,950 Sun., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Jackie Jones

RE/MAX Alliance (303) 250-7353


3315 BroadwayStreet


Sat. &Sun., 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Rich Gribbon

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 931-6979

104 Sugar Court

$799,000 Sat., 1-3 p.m.

Wendy Kahn-Robson, RE/MAX of Boulder, (303) 579-4676

4524 14th Street Unit G

$924,900 Sun., 1-3 p.m.

Kathleen Winegardner Kearney Realty (303) 817-0611

7329 Windsor Drive


Sun., 1-3 p.m.

Patrick Dolan

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5642

7375 Windsor Drive

$995,000 Sun., 1-3 p.m.

Patrick Dolan

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5642

7309 Windsor Drive

$997,000 Sun., 1-3 p.m.

Patrick Dolan

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5642

162 Alaska Road

$1,045,000 Sat 2:30-3:30 p.m.

PeymanRazifard ModernPrestigeRealEstate (303) 667-8738

4790 8th Street

$1,150,000 Sun., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Mike Harris

WK Real Estate (303) 501-3621

855 Kelly Road West

$1,195,000 Sat., 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Susan Martin RE/MAX Alliance (720) 470-7939

7175 Four Rivers

$1,250,000 Sun., 1-3 p.m.

Patrick Dolan

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5642

63 Plains View Road

$1,250,000 Sat., 1-4 p.m.

Kimberly Fels

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 888-5655

998 Alaska Road

$1,379,000 Sat 4-5 p.m.

Jake Vanderslice VanWest Partners (720) 299-9897

5310 Spotted Horse Trail

$1,395,000 Sun., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Dan Kingdom

WK Real Estate (303) 541-1924

1224 Lee Hill Drive

$1,685,000 Sat., 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Peyman Razifard

ModernPrestige Real Estate (303) 667-8738

1990 VassarDrive

$2,199,900 Sat., 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m

Heather Groff, LIV Sotheby International Realty (303) 736-9919

2439 Norwood Avenue

$3,000,000 Sun 12 noon-2 p.m.

Michelle Trudegon WK Real Estate (720) 272-9547


1731 N. Grove Street


Sun 1:30 p.m.-3 p.m.


RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 434-6633


2006 Cedarwood Place

$685,000 Sun., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Chris Carter

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5606

2193 Pinon Drive

$940,000 Sat., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Kimberly Leighton

RE/MAX Alliance (303) 875-5105

2791 Eagle Circle

$1,400,000 Sat., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Bryce Dolan

RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5642


2901 Quartz Place

$585,000 Sat., 2-4 p.m.

Mike Moger WK Real Estate (303) 859-4467


1379 Charles Drive E5

$535,000 Sat. &Sun.,1-4 p.m.

David Scott Slifer Smith &Frampton (303) 588-8358

3706 Yale Way

$689,000 Sat., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Anna Gayer

RE/MAX Alliance (720) 291-9886

2421 SteppeDrive

$725,000 Sat., 11 a.m.-1 p.m.


RE/MAX Alliance (303) 775-5177

2421 SteppeDrive

$725,000 Sun., 1-3 pm.


RE/MAX Alliance (303) 775-5177

4051 Frederick Circle

$820,000 Sat., 1-3 p.m.

Rebecca Weihe WK Real Estate (303) 903-3231

4051 Frederick Circle

$820,000 Sun 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Rebecca Weihe,WK Real Estate (303) 903-3231

5719 Wheaton Avenue West

$1,019,500 Sun., 1-4 p.m.

Jamie Zimmerman

RE/MAX Alliance (303) 807-1302


529 W. SycamoreCircle

$845,000 Sun., 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The Bernardi Group (303) 402-6000

421 County Road

$879,000 Sat. &Sun., 12 noon-3 p.m.

Jamie Collins Compass (720) 737-4949


92 Tiberline Drive

$1,358,000 Sat., 12 noon-2 p.m.

Jackie Jones RE/MAX Alliance (303) 250-7353


8964 WalkerRoad

$1,165,000 Sat., 11 a.m.-2 p.m. David Ingersoll Park West Real Estate (720) 460-1930


6589 Crooked Stick Drive

$1,625,000 Sun., 12 noon-3 p.m.

Sharon Cook NoCo Realty, Inc. (970) 679-9900

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TraffictoYour Open House To place your listing, visit: (scroll to the bottom for the order link).
14 ATHOME | ATHOMECOLORADO.COM JUNE 7-8, 2024 SWEETDEALS INSIDE! MAY2024 NOWWITHAUGMENTEDREALITY! page 2f inf SATU RDAY, M AY 13 9a.m.t 2p L Museum 400 Quail R d, ongmont t. gistration equired Mark Your Calendar or GreatEvent fo Seniors, BabyBoomers and Adult Caregivers in p rson la ld mmunit SAVING MADE EASY! ROB PROCTOR Broker/Owner,GRI, SRES®,e-PRO,Realtor At Home Real EstateCompany (970) 481-2133• Steve Altermatt Steve Altermatt, CRS 303-441-5669 • Boulder’s #1 Broker for over 30 years! Steve sells more homes in Boulder than anyother real estate brokerorreal estate team! 1280 Wildwood Road Spectacular indoor &outdoor livingspaces grace this breathtaking 4,619 sqft, four bedroom, threeand one half bath contemporaryresidence located on over1/3 acre bordering Bear Canyon Creekinthe coveted Devils Thumbneighborhood. $2,975,000 2540 Briarwood Drive Meticulously maintained, 3,062 sqft four bedroom, three bath ranchwithfantastic curb appeal highlighted by astucco and stone exterior in Devils Thumb. Sprawling, 2,100+ sqft main floor boastslarge open roomswithhardwood floors andvaulted ceilings. $2,000,000 1065EdinboroDrive This 2,400 sqft, twostory home with four bedrooms and four baths has been lovingly maintained by the sameowner for over 50 years. Set on an oversized lot with abig backyard and themost coveted original floor plan in the Table Mesa neighborhood. $1,375,000 3420Fordham Court Outstanding, updated Martin Acres 2,672 sqft, 3bed, 2&1/2 bath ranchwithamazing viewsand afull basement with separate entrance &ADU potential, located on a 9,000+ sqft professionallylandscapedlot close to parks &schools. $1,045,000 380 S40th Street Largestoriginal floor plan in Martin Acres!5BD, 3BA, 2,800 sqft ranch style home features professionally landscaped lot with water feature, remodel kitchen&baths, freshly painted inside&out,refinished hardwood floors &more! $1,075,000 4545WhitneyPlace Ranch style home with 5BD, 2BA, and 2,052 sqft in Majestic Heights! Backs to the Viele Channel/Wildlife corridor.Refreshed kitchen w/new appliances, new paint & carpet, newly remodeled bathrooms, full finishedbasement. $917,500 UNDERCONTRACT UNDERCONTRACT UNDERCONTRACT UNDERCONTRACT






5Bedrooms • 5Bathrooms • 4,788 SQFT • $1,400,000

Locatedinthe vibrantVistaRidge community this exquisitehomebacks to agreenbelt& is walking distance to neighborhood pool &golf course. High-end Chef’skitchen for entertaining& impressive walkoutlower level.


3Bedrooms • 3Bathrooms • 2,880 SQFT • $995,000

Lowmaintenance, main floor livinginthis RANCH-STYLE patio home near theBoulder CountryClub. Open floor plan w/ nicely updatedkitchenopentogreat room w/ custom white cabinetry,slab granite &stainless appl

7309 WINDSORDR.,GUNBARREL 3Bedrooms • 3Bathrooms • 3,602 SQFT • $997,000 Light& Bright2-Story Patio Home just blocks from theBoulderCountryClub with ahuge upper floor primarysuite. Thefreshlyupdated interioroffers an open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, newcarpet, paintand lightfixtures. 7175 FOUR RIVERSRD.,GUNBARREL 3Bedrooms • 4Bathrooms • 3,623 SQFT• $1,250,000 Discoverthe possibilities in this RANCH-style hometuckedbackonaprivate.42 ACRE wooded lotonadesirable street in Gunbarrel. Greatopenfloor plan w/ vaultedceilings, generous sized bedrooms &living spaces. Are youthinkingabout selling? Ourtop team is ready to help younavigatethe process! Contact us today: (303) 441-5642 • • 945 11th ST.,
• 4Bathrooms • 2,974
• $2,495,000
Extensively reimagined turnofthe century bungalownear Chautauqua Park updated with impeccable modern finishes yetincorporating thehistoric charm plus a600
detached studio with bed/bath &kitchenette 7329
• 3Bathrooms • 3,329SQFT • $995,000 Large RANCH-STYLE patio home nearthe Boulder Country Club with nearly 1800SQFT
the main floor.Spacious
main floor bedrooms
open floor plan w/ vaulted ceilings&large living/dining
16 ATHOME | ATHOMECOLORADO.COM JUNE 7-8, 2024 NEW HOMEBUILDERS /COMMUNITIES COLORADO WWW.ATHOMECOLORADO.COM 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 15 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 46 57

To view amore cities and amorecomplete list of new home communitiesand buildersacross the Colorado FrontRange, view ourinteractive map online at:

Our regionishome to more than 700,000residentsand includes someofthe most diverse, natural landscapes andsustainable development along the NorthernFront RangeofColorado.It’snowonder why those wholiveherestayand why ourthe area is coveted as aplace to relocateto. Here we highlighta selection of thearea’s new home communities andwhich builders are building where.


1 Farmstead


2 Rose Farm Acres



4 Velo Condos



5 Baseline Colorado

Builders:BoulderCreek Neighborhoods,MeritageHomes, ThriveHomeBuilders

6 Vive on Via Varra



7 Coal Creek Commons


8 Colliers Hill

Builders:BoulderCreek Neighborhoods,KBHome, RichmondAmerican

9 Compass


11 Erie Highlands


12 Erie Village


13 Flatiron Meadows

Builder:KBHome,TaylorMorrison, TollBrothers

14 Morgan Hill


15 RexRanch


16 Westerly

Builder:McStainNeighborhoods, SLCHomes,WonderlandHomes

17 Wild Rose



18 Barefoot Lakes

Builder:BrookfieldResidential, CreekstoneHomes,Lennar, RichmondAmericanHomes


57 Northfield



19 SeasonsatSilverstone

Builder:RichmondAmerican Homes


20 NorthridgeTrails Townhomes


21 Promontory



22 Park House



23 The Ridge at Johnstown


24 Pintail Commonsat Johnstown Village


25 Mountain View Builder:BaesslerHomes


26 Blue Sage Builder:MarkelHomes

27 Avalon Meadows


28 Silo Builder:CornerstoneHomes

29 Silver Creek Builder:MarkelHomes


30 HighlandsatFox Hill Builders:DreamFindersHomes, LandmarkHomes

32 Terry Street Townhones



33 North End Builder:MarkelHomes


34 The Enclave at Dakota Glen Builder:GlenHomes

35 The Enclave at Mariana Butte Builder:AmericanLegendHomes

36 Eagle Brook Meadows Builder:BridgewaterHomes, ChallengerHomes

37 The LakesatCenterra Builder:BridgewaterHomes, LandmarkHomes,KBHome

38 Kinston at Centerra Builder:RichmondAmerican Homes,DreamFindersHomes


39 Brookstone Builder:WindmillHomes

40 Sunfield



41 Downtown Superior Builder:ThriveHomeBuilders, RemingtonHomes

42 Heights at Downtown Superior Builder:TollBrothers

43 Lanterns at Rock Creek Builder:BoulderCreek Neighborhoods

44 Montmere at Autrey Shores Builder:Koelbel

45 Rogers Farm Builder:BoulderCreek Neighborhoods


47 Serratoga Falls

Builder:AmericanLegendHomes, RichmondAmericanHomes

48 Timnath Lakes


49 Trailside


46 Wilder at Timnath Ranch Builder:LandmarkHomes

50 WildwingPatio Homes Builder:HartfordHomes


51 Country Farms Village Builder:LandmarkHomes

52 Greenspire


53 RainDance

Builder:AmericanLegendHomes, HartfordHomes,WonderlandHomes

54 Seasons at Hunters Crossing


55 Vernazza


56 Village East




The following Northern Colorado home sales were supplied by Colorado Weekly Homebuyrs List , 303-744-2020 Listed are the buyer, the property add


• STEFANY MORGAN -- 325 Remuda Road, Meritage Homes Colo Inc, $488,000

• PAYTON & KRISTIE JONASON -- 2812 Tallgrass Lane, Henry & Danielle Attaway, $517,500

• DALE & WENDY JOY -- 1506 Alpine Ave , Joseph W Tregenza, $554,000

• NADINE TERRIO -- 1525 Chokeberry St , George & Chris Miller $600 000

• LISA SPITZ -- 1149 Clara View Drive, Melody Homes Inc, $799,900

• BRAD & KIRSTIAN WARKINS -- 4109 Meining Road, Mark Rodrigo, $1,105,000


• JACOB GAY -- 3250 Oneal Circle Apt J35, Boulder City, $240,000

• THOMAS WUEBBENS -- 2727 Folsom St Apt 340, Caroline Kava, $267,000

• SAMANTHA KALIS -- 1934 18th St Apt 13, New Direction Ira Inc, $330,000

• EMILY MARTIN -- 3025 Broadway St Apt 24, Caroline & Thomas Bagli, $362,000

• KARLY & DANIEL TODD -- 5950 Gunbarrel Ave Apt C, Mariama C Dryak, $375,000

• PAUL & JUDITH BROCATO -- 600 Manhattan Drive Apt B9, Deborah R Grass, $405,000

• LAUREN BEENKEN -- 5900 Gunbarrel Ave Apt D, Amelia O Hight, $425,000

• JILL NEPPER -- 830 20th St Apt 211, Bill & Betty Castillo, $448,000

• SUSAN ELLWOOD -- 4875 White Rock

Circle Apt C, Elizabeth C Mccollum, $457,000

• REBECCA BUCHHOLZ -- 6036 Gunbarrel Ave Apt D, Kimberly K Payes, $465,000

• MELISSA WHITAKER -- 7461 Singing Hills Drive, Loretta & Peter Tillema, $485,000

• ROBERT KARBOWSKI -- 805 29th St Apt 560, Daniel Schenkel, $502,100

• MARY SANDERS -- 2201 Pearl St Apt 109, 2201 Pearl Street 109 LLC, $525,000

• MIWA MACK -- 560 Mohawk Drive Apt 42, Shlyapnikov,alekse, $550,000

• WAYNE & JESSICA STAATS -- 530 Mohawk Drive Apt 74, Hilarie M Porter, $575,000

• BENJAMIN GIBER -- 535 Manhattan Drive Apt 202, James F Young, $575,000

• JAMES GREENBERG -- 4310 Monroe Drive Apt A, Sally Lazar Trust, $580,000

• LUCAS HO -- 2938 Kalmia Ave Apt 21, Patricia Ludke Living Trust, $585,500

• THOMAS POEHLING -- 2701 Mapleton Ave Ste C, Margaret Master, $615,000

• LUCAS REIVICH -- 3025 Ash Ave , John William Bremner, $665,000

• CHRISTINE ROHACZ -- 4625 15th St Apt B, Holly Mirchel, $670,000

• STEFANA KORNICER -- 1850 Folsom St Apt 1106, Jean Collins Norris, $687,500

• CHERYL CROWN -- 745 Arapahoe Ave Apt 302, Flip Freida 2 LLC, $710,000

• RONALD & CARYL SHARP -- 4143 Autumn Court, Carol E Brooks, $750,000

• JAMES & ELIZABETH APPLETON -- 4082 Dawn Court Arlene C Beaty $770 000

• JEFFREY WERMER -- 66 Genesee Court, Lawrence Alire, $790,000

• ANABELLE CHAINE -- 1283 Cavan St , Lisa & John Mchugh, $830,000

• KEVIN SULLIVAN -- 3757 Telluride Circle, Adriana Bailey, $835,000

• MICHAEL & MICHELLE VERVERS -- 125 S 31st St , Douglas Brooks, $835,000

• BRANDON SCHELLER -- 165 S 42nd St , Oanh Phan, $855,000

• STACY PRIEPKE -- 2935 Madera Court, Madrone & Kuyler Coopwood, $905,000

• PETER CARPENTER -- 860 Inca Parkway, Sean R Abraham, $920,000

• ERICA NELSON -- 1215 Cedar Ave Unit

202, Cassandra Kimble, $925,000

• DAVID OLSCAMP -- 1590 Hawthorn Ave , Joan Kimball Minney, $940,000

• MITCHELL & BEATRICE STEINER -- 825 Inca Parkway, Timothy & Morgan Bundy, $949,000

• PAUL BREME -- 1637 Pearl St Ste 304, Scott S Havlick, $949,500

• SIDNEY & ROBERT ANDREW -- 3650 Pinedale St Unit, James Ronald Roper, $950,000

• CURTIS HASH -- 5435 Indian Summer Court, Lindsey Ferris, $989,000

• MATTHEW MELISSA -- 4784 Mckinley Drive, Lee & Marcela Shainis, $1,015,000

• DANA WERTHEIMER -- 1450 Meadow Lark Drive, Edward & Sherry Cahill, $1,100,000

• JAMES BRACHE -- 8323 W Fork Road, Monette Aujay Living Trust, $1,155,000

• KOBY KASNETT -- 1346 Deer Trail Road, Patrick & Lindsey Hughes, $1,172,500

• NICHOLAS KARAS -- 2260 Nicholl St E, Fivepence Properties LLC, $1,190,000

• JEONA & JAMES ISRAEL -- 720 Crescent Drive, Gmash LLC, $1,205,000

• JULIE VIELLIEU -- 1863 Tansy Place, John & Jan Mcdonald, $1,275,000

• ROBERT REHRIG -- 2400 Kalmia Ave , Barbara J Eddy Trust, $1,276,000

• TERESA KENNEDY -- 1628 Spruce St , Sherri & Thomas Dickson, $1,325,000

• SKYLAR & TENCIA COOK -- 3124 6th St , William & Sarajane Cohen, $1,350,000

• ANITA & THOMAS RITENOUR -- 4767 10th St , Marc Andreoli, $1,500,000

• DELENA & CHRISTIAN HURST -- 920 Sycamore Ave , Elizabeth & Jon Parsons, $1,560,000

• MATTHEW CULLEN -- 2394 Linden Drive, Sergei Naumov, $1,590,000

• MARY DUBE -- 875 Grant Place, Mandich 1989 Trust, $1,617,300

• JOCELYN WEST -- 1350 Knox Drive, Yellow Door Invest LLC, $1,627,500

• ERIN ERDMAN -- 310 Hopi Place, Judith & Peter Kleinman, $1,655,000

• JOSHUA BRAND -- 955 Utica Circle, Tatiana & Adam Yoculan, $1,670,000

• DEBORAH RYLANDER -- 3215 Ouray St ,

David & Heath Phillips, $1,690,000

• FRANK & ELIZABETH SILVESTER -- 3135 8th St , Adam Steven Chasnow, $1,695,000

• SUSAN DAUTREMONT -- 2100 Orchard Ave , Amal Easton, $1,862,000

• AUBREY SHICK -- 620 North St , Frank Steindler, $1,924,700

• RICKY & SMEETA KHETARPAUL -- 3970 Longwood Ave , Justin M Kalinski, $1,950,000

• DANIEL SCHWARTZ -- 3174 Redstone Road, Hongfei & Shuang Cheng, $1,980,000

• DAVID & HEIDI LUKINAC -- 1407 Rockmont Circle, Mark & Katherine Young, $2,000,000

• PATRICK DAUGHERTY -- 6942 Roaring Fork Trail, Dale & Heidi Bathum, $2,050,000

• MONTU & CHARUL DOSHI -- 745 Zamia Court, Neil Lubar Living Trust, $2,125,000

• ILIANA FILYANOVA -- 1402 Old Tale Road, Mad Tale LLC, $2,200,000

• ZACHARY & KELSEY NASSAR -- 8495 Arapahoe Road, Ryan & Kallie Mcgowan, $2,300,000

• DANIEL SOTOLONGO -- 3063 7th St , 3063 7th LLC, $3,450,000

• JOSE BROTONSENLOE -- 470 Utica Ave , Katherine Schneider Trust, $4,100,000

• SUSANNE NECKERMANN -- 1250 Wildwood Road, Annette Eitzinger Trust No I, $4,250,000


• TYLER & HAALEY MORELAND -- 504 35th St Court, Muse Properties LLC, $350,000

• JUAN BRIONES -- 2901 Park View Drive, Juliana Meik, $380,300


• RONALD HART -- 4388 Black Canyon Court, Jason Mathews, $120,000

• CHELSEA LAMBERT -- 5775 29th St Unit 610, Anita M Mcallister, $284,500

• WILLIAM BEACH -- 1915 15th St , Wagner Living Trust, $305,000

• ISSAH SMITH -- 2329 6th Ave , Lawrence &

OPENHOUSES OPENHOMES.ATHOMECOLORADO.COM VISIT OPENHOMES.ATHOMECOLORADO.COM OR CALL 303.473.1456, 303.684.5329 LIST YOUR OPEN HOUSE 725 BruceDrive,Berthoud |$448,750 Come check out this sweet 3bedroom, 1bathhome that backs to Roberts Lake Park. Back yard has everything youneed for your “mini-farm” –chicken coop, garden shed, fruit trees loaded with pears!Located 2blocks from thebeautiful Berthoud Rec Center,elementaryschool and 4blocks from downtown restaurantsand shops. OPEN SAT& SUN 11AM -1PM NancyDayton, Broker 303-579-8834

Jamie Hennigh, $315,000.

•CELESTE ESPINOZA 3660 W25th St. Unit 2006, Wanda &Christophe Weinreich, $325,000.

•JOSHUA WARD 2519 14th Ave., Thomas &Diane Seaman, $364,600.

•CHRISTOPHER WEINREICH 315 52nd Ave., Delpha DHiquera, $367,500.

•AMANDA BLAKE 4355 24th St. Road Unit 1902, Todd &Jennifer Markus, $376,000.

•DAHLIA &WILLIAM PEASE 1800 FairacreRoad, Ray &Holley Norris, $392,000.

•TAYLOR COX 2302 9th Ave., Gina Carson, $395,000.

•MICHELLE SANCHEZ 6608 W3rd St. Unit 80, Mariah AWilliamscorral, $425,000.

•JACOB WEIMER 6636 5th St., Journey Homes LLC, $433,400.

•LAWRENCE HENNIGH 414 68th Ave., Journey Homes LLC, $433,400.

•JAMES AGUERO 3329 Merlot Court, Laura &Trevor Salmon, $449,000.

•PEDRO HERNANDEZGAMBOA 6643 5th St., Journey Homes LLC, $449,100.

•BROOKE BLEHM 4307W15th St. Lane, William &Agnes Groffy,$455,000.

•RYANWALKER 1108 101st Ave. Court, Douglas &Dawn Detienne, $459,000.

•MEGAN GEIGER 402 68th Ave., Journey Homes LLC, $469,000.

•AMY CHHOR 6510 ASt., Melody Homes Inc, $480,000.

•CONNOR JIMENEZ 6612 W32nd St., Opendoor Property Trust I, $483,000.

•MIGUEL MORA 8727 15th St., Michelle MSanchez, $554,000.

•HERBERT&DAWNHOLDERMAN 7417 18th St., Dale PLockman, $597,000.

•NOAH &EMMA FEHR 4655 W21st St. Circle, Jack &Patricia Fuhrmann, $799,000.


•FOSTER &JODELL JOHNSON 22972 County Road 30, Timothy Griswold, $700,000.


•JANELLE &TRAVIS GLASS 1132 N5th St., Redstone Hills LLC, $150,000.

•NOLAN DAY--2421 Harlequin Place, Landsea Homes Colo LLC, $397,900.

•CRAIG &DEVON MCCARTY 513 Pebble Beach Ave., Brianna Uribes, $428,000.

•NANCY REYNOLDS 3514 Valleywood Court, Patricia Castillo, $435,000.

•CALE TUNZE 112 Hays Ave., Lydia Frances Rutt, $450,000.

•MARYWRIGHT 925 Huron St., Century Land Holdings LLC, $525,000.

•RYANMIDDLETON 342 Fossil Drive, Eli LVigil, $585,000.

•JANEEN &BALDEMAR SEPULVEDA 5092 Ridgewood Drive, Bakenhus Trust, $615,000.

•JACK &PATRICIA FUHRMANN 704 Jay Ave., Robert &Stacey Murray,$677,500.

•ROBERTPHILLIPS 3258 Ballentine Blvd., Travis &Katrina Diesing, $840,000.


•DELISA CONTRERAS 225 E8th Ave. Apt C13, Scott WDunn, $225,000.

•SERGIO IBARRAESPINOSA 1149 HummingbirdCircle, Jacob &Marissa Pate, $268,500.

•DANIEL STRAHLE 2125 Calais Drive Unit I, Matthew PHardick, $350,000.

•JAMES &ANALI FERNANDEZ 1865 Terry St. Apt 15, AlejandroAbreu, $365,000.

•RONALD HOGSETT 1214 Atwood St., Julianne GLuther,$368,000.

•KATHRYN KROETCH--911 Emery St., Brian &Marilynn Finn, $385,000.

•ADAM FRANK 358 Sunnyside Lane, Infinity Rentals LLC, $393,000.

•JIMMY INTA--2724 Denver Ave., Michael &Jennifer Zavattaro, $409,900.

•JOSEPH BRUCE 1138 Olympia Ave. Unit D, Kalev Allan Kallas, $415,000.

•STORMIE SCHUMACHER 2410 Elmhurst Place, Darlene CSmith, $420,000.

•BRANDON REAVIS 1251 MeadowSt., Phillip &Nancy Cordova, $425,000.

•HILLARY&BIANCAGRIFFITH 728 Coffman St., Jay &Jill Fernandez, $430,000.

•MACKINZI TOP 426 Thistle Place, Ellen20 LLC, $440,000.

•ALLEN PARKER 1905 CarrDrive, Garrett &Brook Bundick, $454,400.

•COOPER HSIN 432 Fox St., Fabian & Diana Vasquez, $465,000.

•BRIAN FOSTER 1229 Hunter Court, Dorothy LMccoy,$489,000.

•LORRY&CHRISTOPHER TORNOW 2439 Sherman St., Kevin DCorbitt, $495,000.

•ELIZABETH ALLEN 1321 Harvard St., Richard &Kimberly Landrum, $495,000.

•SCOTT &DELLA DELLA 1441 Sumac St., Dwayne &Juanita Nelson, $500,000.

•CONLEY &TAMMY SMITH 2886 SFlat Circle, Dfh Mandarin LLC, $500,000.

•ABHIJEET DHENGE 2884 SFlat Circle, Mount Brook Devl Colo LLC, $515,000.

•CHIN CHONG 2880 SFlat Circle, Mount Brook Devl Colo LLC, $519,800.

•MARIA AGUILERA 224 Pikes Peak Place, Joan FRader,$520,000.

•RICHARD &LAURAALLEN 170 High Pt. Drive, Highlands FoxHill Homes LLC, $520,400.

•VIRGINIA &MARC MARC--1500 17th Ave., Mary Jo Roark Trust, $525,000.

•LAUREN HALAC 1649 DeerwoodDrive, Poirier Family LLC, $530,000.

•THERESA WRIGHT 1209 Hunter Court, Clinton Curti, $531,000.

•TRINA PALERMO 2360 SantaFeDrive Unit D, Nicole &Carol Craine, $540,000.

•LORETTA&PETER TILLEMA 843 Serenity Lane, Lance Flake, $545,000.

•KELLYDRISCOLL 1042 9th Ave., Morgan Kaitlyn Bach, $549,900.

•KATHARINE KAUFMAN 942 Bross St., Lara Mcdermott, $550,000.

•RACHEL JOYCE 2051 Sumac St., Dana &Shawn Murrell, $550,000.

•BRIAN &MARILYNN FINN 1337 Missouri Ave., Andrea &Joseph Valley, $550,000.

•ALETHEA MAKRISGOMEZ 12652 Grandview Drive, Mary LouWilliams, $550,000.

•C &SUSAN MOSSBERG--1402 Elmhurst Drive, Sheri Noterman, $560,000.

•ZACKAREY &SHELBY THOUTT 2890 S Flat Circle, Mount Brook Devl Colo LLC, $562,600.

•DREW WHITE 235 Cattail Court,Michael &April Wheeler,$565,000.

•BAKER MULHERIN 1336 SFrancis St., Allen MParker,$566,500.

•AIMEE NEWFIELD 3531 Mountain View Ave., Andrew &Marissa Squires, $567,000.

•NICHOLASMALAKHOW 1226 Lincoln St., ClareButtry,$570,000.

•WEIJUN TAN--2878 SFlat Circle, Mount Brook Devl Colo LLC, $575,000.

•NATHANIEL &JAMIEMOHATT 3119 Almeria Way, Raymond &Lydia Appling, $578,000.

•IAN &LINDSAYNEW 1809 Clover Creek Drive, Maria &MRiver,$590,000.

•KATHERINE SCARRITT--3616 Kenyon Lane, 3616 Ristten LLC, $600,000.

•PABLO FUENTES 223 CattailCourt, Abby &Benjamin Shapiro, $605,000.

•MELISSA CHIU 735 Kubat Lane Unit A, Markel Homes Constr Co, $614,900.

•BRYAN MUTELL 2941 Buffalo Fork Lane, Dfh Mandarin LLC, $619,000.

•JERUSHA SIEGEL 561 Rider Ridge Drive, Barton JPalmer,$625,000.

•DEBRA SUNDERLAND 1043 Grant St., Andrew Ayre Harris,$625,000.

•DAVID &KATHERINE SLAUSON 2976 Bellmeade Way, Jerome FBrandt, $632,500.

•WILLIAM MALLING--1068 Champion Circle, Rosslyn SScamehorn,$635,000.

•ROBERT&MARYJONES 3725 StaghornDrive, Kim &MaryWallace,


•LANCE HERRICK 806 Megan Court, Robyn ESandekian, $638,000.

•SINGCHUN WANG 3651 Clover Creek Lane, Paul &Jennifer Sikora, $640,000.

•SARAH CARPENTER--32Princeton Circle, Swenson Family Trust, $640,000.

•CAROL CRENSHAW 1030 Aspen St., Marvel Keckhut, $645,000.

•ALLISON AMAND--1614 JamisonPlace, Karen LEhrhardtmartinez, $650,000.

•DELANEY LAWLESS 1333 Trail Ridge Road, Zdenek Andrysik, $650,000.

•GEORGE&KATHLEEN ALPS 2520 Horseshoe Circle, Craig WMeyer, $650,000.

•MARTHA &EDWARD RISK 3709 Yale Drive, James &Kathi Walder,$656,000.

•MICHAEL SPIESBACH 1603 SCoffman St., Patricia &RChambers, $658,000.

•BRUCE &JUDITH BUER 1503 Moonlight Drive, Robert Dunlop, $659,000.

•RAVIV &HANNA BULL 2420 Willow Lane, David &Katherine Cook, $660,000.

•JENNIFER &MATTHEW CROWE 2038 Falcon Drive, Kristal DMetro,$675,000.

•BRENT &MARTHA ROBBINS 2326 Watersong Circle, Alexander Meltser, $675,000.

•CARSON &PETER TEALE 11975 Foothills Highway,Mcneill Family Trust, $675,000.

•MATTHEW &MIRIAM BERG 2941 Buffalo ForkLane, Dfh Mandarin LLC, $687,000.

•ANNE LAESECKE 1510 Foster Court, 314 West Charles Street LLC, $710,000.

•BARBARA &GLENN NOBLIN 2293 Spotswood St., Jeff&Deborah Howell, $715,000.

•DANIEL &KAITLYN PHELAN 1762 Preston Drive, John KLarson, $715,000.

•PRESTON &HOLLIETHOMSON 1250 Reserve Drive, William &Laurie Tart, $735,000.

•JASON &GRETCHENPATEL 641 Penhurst Circle, Jose RMenaalvarado, $745,000.

•MARK &AMANDASTARBUCK 2319 Spindrift Drive, John ELee, $750,000.

•MICHAEL &TARA BITTERMAN 1610 Moonlight Drive, Melissa Lynne Thornton, $750,000.

•WILLIAM LIEBERMAN 2679 Beech Circle, Audrey Billeaud Gleaton, $751,000.

•DORJEE YOUDON 2156 Lombardy St., Plp Colo LLC, $825,000.

•THEODORE BERTELE 803 Bittersweet Lane, Matthew WRarden, $825,000.

•LOLITA &LEE ROBERT 766 Kubat Lane Unit A, Markel Homes ConstrCo, $849,900.

•THOMAS VEBLEN--7305 Lookout Road, Derek Moody,$850,000.

•BRETT POMAINVILLE 5846 Grandville Ave. Unit A, Markel Homes Constr Co, $856,000.

•HOLLY&SEAN JEFFERSON 7282 Mount Meeker Road, Heather Vaughn, $907,000.

•KAI BLAKELEIBOWITZ 6323 Ephesus Road, Lawrence &Ann Marquis, $907,700.

•ROGER &GLORIA PIELKE 4425 Angelina Circle, Outcalt RevocableTrust, $935,000.

•MARK PRUCHA 15487 DakotaRidge Road, Carl RByersLiving Trust,$950,000.

•JASON MARTIN 7264 Cardinal Lane, Carol LOsullivan, $970,000.

•JANELLE GORGES 9743 Yellowstone Road, Martin &Rebekka Kehoe, $1,060,000.

•GINA BRZYCKI 13053 ECountyLine Road, Minelli Family Trust,$1,175,000.

•MARK &AMY DILULLO 1685 Brown Court,Philip James Richards Trust, $1,185,000.

•ALEXANDER& MACKENZIE ALEU--725 Longs Peak Lane, HbaJoint VentureLLC, $1,288,500.

•JENNIFER GEIGER 5631 Four Leaf Drive, Markel Homes ConstrCo, $1,397,500.

•DANIEL YECHOUT 5699 Boulder Hills Drive, Amanda RHendrix, $1,400,000.

•GREGORY& ANN SPARKS 1315 Onyx Circle, Olivier &Anne Biscaldi, $1,405,000.

•JOSEPH&LINDA CROOK 9078 Fieldcrest Lane, CliffordJ Begnaud, $1,500,000.

•MICHAEL &COLLEEN MCANTEE 4102 Somerset Court, Cecil Macgregor, $1,915,000.


•JEFFREY &LISA BROSE 27748 Hopi Trail, Walter &Joanne Fenton, $350,000.

•PERLA MORALES 988 Winona Circle, RichardA Lyon, $365,000.

•KURT& DEBBIE SKOTT 4116 SPark Drive, Tony Guzman, $410,000.

•JERRY& ANN BELLAH 488 W2nd St., Robert LKoolstra, $420,000.

•MACKENZIE &BENJAMIN AMERMAN 533 W2nd St.,William &William Grenier, $426,000.

•NATHAN &ALLISON DOTSON 3030 Nunn Place, Maddison Mcdaniel, $430,000.

•NICOLE PERANTINIDES 4143 Trapper Lake Drive, Tatlac LLC, $446,700.

•ALFRED &CRISTY RICHARDSON--4116 Trapper Lake Drive, Tatlac LLC, $467,200.

•KURT&DEBBIESKOTT 340 W5th St., Jerry& Cheri Waneka, $477,000.

•CONNOR QUICK 1843 Halfmoon Circle, Kenneth &Barbara Massey, $505,000.

•FRANCES &JAMES MCDONALD 2988 Bridal Veil Falls Court, Anne Duncan, $517,000.

•MADISON &JULIOMONTES 585 Lavastone Ave., Lavastone KS LLC, $525,500.

•RACHEL &DRAKE GATES 1839 Idalia Court,Rein &Minnie Kansman, $527,500.

•JAMES &JERILYNWAGNER 4104 Trapper Lake Drive, Tatlac LLC, $537,800.

•RICHARD FULTON 2011 Chama Ave., Douglas Hagedorn, $560,000.

•ANN SCHLAX 202 Snow Goose Ave., Jeffrey &Mary Hogan, $575,000.

•JEFFREY MILLER 3620 Crestone Drive, Michael AMcmannis, $584,000.

•MARILYN LANNON 4124 Trapper Lake Drive, Tatlac LLC, $584,300.

•ERIC &AUTUMN MESTAS 2330 5th CourtSW, Mark AReinholtz, $592,000.

•JOSEPHREICHTER 500 GrantAve., Stephen &Marilynn Mesple, $650,000.


•BRETAGNE &COREY DOWHYGELUND 8050 Niwot Road Apt 17, Christina Meadows, $290,000.

•AUDRA &GREGORY HERMAN 6504 Daylilly Court, Steiner Sartori Family Trust, $1,875,000.


•JAMES &KATRINAALOYSUIS 608 Meadow Drive, Angel Ryan Gonzales, $437,500.

•ROBERTWILLIAMS 12 Oak St.,Colton &Alexandra Beck,$440,000.

•JAMIE GRASHORN 987 Rustling St., Richmond Am Homes Colo Inc, $515,000.

•MARK &CASSANDRA SZELES 1789 Long Shadow Drive, Vima Partners LLC, $569,000.

• AMBER &SHAWN BEAN 4622 Binfield Drive, Dean CVendl, $615,000.

• CARLOS YANEZ 2139 Longfin Drive, Cameron Martin, $622,500.

•TIMOTHY&ANGELA WAGNER 2129 Bouquet Drive, Holly Jensen, $700,000.

•DRUSILLA &CHARLIE FRATESI--6770 Steven St.,H7r7 LLC, $740,000.

•LAYNE &KAROLINE BERGE 2012 Seapines Court, Christopher LTravis, $835,000.

•ANTHONY TIONLOC 6141 Chesney Court,Michael &Kimberly Offerman, $905,000.

•JOHN BAKOVICH 281 Cornelia Drive, Windmill Homes Co, $979,500



3BR*3BA*3872TSF (1010812) * $1,395,000


4BR*5BA*2758TSF (1010943) * $1,150,000



2BR*1BA*822 TSF (1010833) * $725,000


3BR*2BA*2089TSF (1010988) * $1,695,000

3BR*4BA*2382 TSF (1010719) * $624,900

BOULDER |500 MOHAWK DR 310 1BR*1BA*763 TSF (1010922) * $375,000


2BR*2BA*966 TSF (1010762) * $468,000


2BR*2BA*1357TSF (1010928) * $595,000


(1011154) * $765,700

(1010563) * $1,425,000 ERIE |3000 BLUE SKYCIR 11-105 2BR*1 BA *1007TSF (1010612)* $324,900 ERIE |3035BLUESKY CIR 10-206 2BR*2BA*1156 TSF
$349,000 BOULDER |435 MANHATTAN DRIVE TRIPLEX *8BR*4 BR (1010637)* $1,875,000 LONGMONT |1103VENICE STREET 2BR*1BA*960 TSF (1010642) * $499,500 LAFAYETTE |2495GINNY WAY 6BR *5BA*5464 TSF (1010672) * $1,900,000 LAFAYETTE|681
(1011049) *
* $1,290,000 BERTHOUD |4480 HOOTOWL DR 3BR*3BA*3154 TSF
* $4,100,000 BOULDER| 94511TH STREET 4BR*4BA*2974TSF (1011118)* $2,495,000
1:30 -3PM
|1731N.GROVE STREET 5BR*3BA*2665 TSF (1011141)* $825,000 LAFAYETTE |500 E. GENESEO ST 3BR*1BA*1797TSF

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