The Wise Optimism Mindset Program for Law Firms

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The Wise Optimism Mindset Program

Helping Lawyers Move from Coping to Thriving Through Adversity

Why we need a Wise Optimism Mindset The ongoing pandemic has led to increased work demands, falling optimism and mental health declines, with 89%* reporting a decline in workplace well-being since the start of the crisis. A Wise Optimism Mindset is grounded in reality and improves one’s chances of dealing with setbacks and failures. It allows for today to feel challenging, but also enables us to focus on what's possible, igniting a sense of agency and ownership to work towards emerging from the crisis stronger. *Source: Harvard Business Review, What Covid-19 Has Done to Our Well-Being, in 12 Charts, 2021

You are invited to join our Wise Optimism Mindset Program for Law Firms This 4-session online program is open to lawyers from across Australia to develop the habits to maintain balance, focus and engagement through challenging periods. You will learn mind training, mental strategies and work techniques that help you move towards greater calm and optimism by cultivating the quality of acceptance, finding meaning in adversity, prioritising what matters and remaining open to possibilities. Dates: Tuesdays 12 October, 26 October, 9 November, 23 November. 12pm - 1pm.

About Potential Project

We help individuals, leaders and teams to uncover the power of the mind, which unlocks powerful and positive change. For more than a decade, we have helped >350,000 individuals and 500+ global clients (including multinational and local law firms) to adopt new ways of working and leading.

SESSION 1 - 12 October

SESSION 2 - 26 October

Radical Acceptance Learn techniques for: • Working within your circle of influence • Minimising distress when things don't go to plan • Staying calm through uncertainty

Meaning Making Find out how to: • Cultivate a deeper sense of purpose • Make meaning and learn from adversity • Persevere through challenges with a sense of hope

SESSION 3 - 9 November

Wise Action Cultivate the ability to: • Enhance mental agility • Prioritise what matters • Sustain focus and awareness through distraction

SESSION 4 - 23 November

Radical Openness Build your skills in: • Keeping biases and habitual thinking in check • Bringing fresh perspectives to problems • Overcoming setbacks

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