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Issue No. 3 Pony Anarchy is aimed at creative, fun and curious folk who enjoy Art, Photography, Fashion, Music and all things lovely! Editor/Creative Director Kristie Webster kristiemwebster@gmail.com Contributing photographers Sara Sรถderholm, Kitty Gallannaugh, Agnieszka Chabros, Elizabeth Messina, Kelsea Kosko, Ingela Furustig, Pixie Bella Photography, Sisilia Piring, Jordan Drysdale, 35mm photography Contributing artists Lilly Pirri, Justin Lee Williams. Cover Photographer: Sisilia Piring Submissions: we welcome submissions from new writers, photographers, illustrators and makers of pretty bits and pieces. Email your submissions to ponyanarchy@gmail.com with all your relevant details in the form of lo-res jpeg attachments, pdfs and/or links to websites, flickr or similar file-sharing sites. Advertising: for rates and information on advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways, text links and product reviews please contact us for a media kit. Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

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Bonjour, With Valentines Day just around the corner, we thought it might be nice to dedicate Issue No.3 to all the things we love. Good art, cake, pretty dresses, perfect picnic weather, family, friends, music so beautiful you cry, laughing, dreams, dancing like a loon, funny moments that make you wee your pants a little, baby animals, good food, feeling free, chai lattes, playing in the rain, vintage bargains, smiles, seth cohen, elegance, films, sleeping in on the weekend, being the little spoon, rainbows, friendly folk, making eye contact with the cute girl or boy on the train, tea parties, nights out, watching the sunrise, kisses, good hair days, handmade stuff, perfect curls, interesting company, books, second hand stores, tote bags, floral shoes, beards, red lips, feeling pretty, feeling inspired, music festivals, hugs, and of course, all of you foxy readers! As usual there’s interviews with talented creatives, beautiful photography and the latest fashion. We share our favourite illustrators and a few blogs we adore at the moment. So grab a cuppa and enjoy! Love, Kristie x


kelsey genna


miss unkon

Dahlia clothing is a warm blend of cleverly cut structures matched with fabulous fabrics, prints and bespoke detailing. Dahlia has its own unique personality and is ideal for girls with a nostalgic spirit... Sounds like us! www.dahliafashion.co.uk

Founded in 2011, Kelsey Genna is a sweet-ass handmade label based in New Zealand. The label is independently run with all garments being made to measure and in limited quantities. All pieces are sold exclusively online through the KG boutique: www.kelseygenna.com

Vivetta is a small Italian fashion label that offers a perfect combination of designs with a girlish rock ‘n’ roll feel that never compromises quality. Designs are 100% Italian in fabric and production and we love them all! www.vivetta.it

Miss Unkon creates a dreamlike and creative storytelling aesthetic with delicate fabrics, fantastical prints and a whole lot of love for its wearers. Each collection takes you down memory lane of young love, self discovery, passion, adventure and the innocence of youth. www.missunkon.com

Orla Kiely

birds of north america



We LOVE Orla Kiely! The London-based Irish fashion and accessories designer, is widely known for her classic stem and flower designs. Make sure you check out the website for her latest collection. www.orlakiely.com

Founded in 2007 by Canadian designer Hayley Gibson, Birds of North America is a line of reconstructed vintageclassic clothing for women. www.shopbirdsofnorthamerica.com

With an emphasis on Couture inspired detailing and luxurious fabrics, this pretty label creates fashion-forward wardrobe staples. If you want femininity, elegance and dramatic silhouettes, then look no further www.bonsuishop.com

French label Sessun was born after designer Emma Francois, traveled to Latin America and became inspired by the stunning culture and craftmanship. The label offers us ladies a substantial wardrobe with a timeless appeal. www.sessun.com


Photography by Agnieszka Chabros

layla amber 3 words that describe you? This question is so hard! I guess I would say creative, kind and shy. 3 words that describe your work? Cute, quirky and fun. When did you first become interested in jewellery making? I used to make jewellery when I was a teenager, but just messing around with beads that my Mum had. I only became interested in making jewellery properly about 3 years ago when I had some time on my hands after I finished Uni. Tell us a little about each collection so far. My feathered friends collection uses my illustrations of British birds. I’m really interested in wildlife and I love to draw animals, especially birds. My tea party collection features all of the things you need for great tea party - biscuits, cake, tea and bunting! My mum has always had vintage crockery in the house and I’ve started collecting a few of my own. The teacup designs in this collection are some of the favourites that I’ve collected over the past few years. What inspires you? I can be inspired by almost anything, but my main inspirations are nature, animals, shapes and patterns. My designs are always based on things that make me smile. Favourite movie and book? I love reading about other artists and techniques, I also really enjoy reading craft magazines like Mollie Makes. I’m a big kid at heart and I love children’s films like all of the Disney classics I used to watch when I was young. They take you straight back to a happy, less complicated time! What are you working on at the moment? A new collection perhaps? It’s a really exciting time at the moment as I have been working on a new collection for the past few months that will hopefully be ready in early February. It’s a range of woodland animals made from birch wood. I’m quite nervous about launching them, as the style of illustration is very different to my previous collections. It was great fun to design and I have been exposed to many new techniques that I previously had not experimented with. I have been developing surface patterns, which is something I’ve always been really interested in. Do you have a favourite piece/s that you’d made? I really love my new collection, as it’s something completely new for me. I’ll always have an attachment to the first bird earrings I designed, as they started off my business and the response to them gave me the confidence to go further. Favourite colour? Blue. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Trust your instincts, if something doesn’t feel quite right then don’t do it. Your instincts are usually right! And don’t worry about little unnecessary things, as it’s just not worth it! What’s coming up next on your calendar? Anything exciting? My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of buying a property that we are going to do up. It’s a carpenter’s workshop and is in a real state, so we’re pretty much starting it from scratch. It will be our first home and it’s something we are so excited about. My boyfriend’s Dad is an architect so we are working really closely with him to get our dream home, it’s going to have the studio of my dreams, I can’t wait! Where can we our readers find and buy your designs? I sell my designs on etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/laylaamber) which has been an amazing platform for me to expose my jewellery internationally with many of my sales coming from over seas. In the last year I have taken a wholesale approach to my jewellery, which has been really exciting and I am now stocked in many shops across the UK and abroad. These stockists can be found on my website at www.layla-amber.co.uk

kitty gallannaugh We chat to UK award winning photographer, kitty gallannaugh about her goals and love for photography 3 words that describe you? Unpredictable, constantly-hungry and ambitious. 3 words that describe your work? Daring to dream. When did you first become interested in photography? Somewhere between owning my first hamster and losing my first tooth. My mother always photographed, she wore her camera like a necklace. I grew up with her lens always pointed at me for the family albums and quickly came to understand the passion she had for every shot she took. It grew so much on me that I would borrow her camera to just look at something through a lens “just because” - for no other reason. I was either 5 or 6 when I was given my first red camera with yellow string, and that is how it came to be. What are you working on at the moment? I have 3 long-term projects I’m working on at the moment and lots of little bits and pieces for daily commissions scattered throughout the month. I find them all rather exciting! My personal projects are coming along nicely, I’m awaiting a parcel this week so I can start my short film which I have been planning for months now. That is what I am most excited about at the moment! It gives me excited butterflies to even think about.

Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that? The main thing I try to convey through my photography is that if you put your heart into something then anything is possible. I want people to see my art and be inspired to make something too whether they pick up a camera or write a song; inspiration is contagious and I would die happy knowing I was able to help someone else discover and achieve their own dream. I want eyes to be opened and hearts to bulge. I don’t know how to exactly do that yet, but when I learn, I’ll let you know! What inspires you? Music, poetry, films, quotes, colours, patterns, laying quietly, staring into the flames of the living room fireplace, long walks in the park, watching strangers and guessing their stories, emotions, dreams in the nighttime, nature - pretty much everything and anything. If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be? Tim Walker, hands down. His work has always had some hypnotic effect on me and thousands of others, I think anyone who views it is under his spell. It would be such a dream to work on something with him. Maybe one day, who knows what the future holds?! (Wishful thinking at least!) Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken? If so, why is it your favourite? I think I’m still waiting to take my favourite photo, it’s one thought that keeps me constantly pushing my own boundaries. In my mind, if I had a favourite photo then I’d probably somewhat give up feeling like I’d already “achieved” what I set out to do. I do have photos that I prefer the lighting, atmosphere or focus in, but not a particular “favourite”. When I’m old with a grey bun then I’ll more than likely reflect and have my favourite then. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? “Stay strong.” It’s engraved on a ring I always wear on a chain around my neck. Do you have a specific goal you’d like to achieve in your photographic career? I have many both practical and personal. Ideally I’d like to be shooting for the “big” names before too long. That is how I’ll know I’ve achieved what I set out to do for my career. On a personal level, my goal is to be able to live comfortably and happily through photography. I want others to realise that if you have a vision then you can achieve whatever you want to do, and hopefully one day I can be a good example of that - and that is just another goal. Where can we our readers find your work? www.kittygallannaugh.com


Autumn/winter 11 Pick up and follow a trail deep into the woods, without a compass, sun or moon to guide you. Solve mysteries by reading messages in the movement of the birds and animals, telling a wonderful story of footprints on the ground. Foretell the weather by the look of the clouds and feel of the wind as it blows through the trees. A clever scout like Pixie knows all the sounds of the woods... From top left onwards: 1. Fleur’s Thunderstorm dress 2. Pixie’s A Bird a day dress 3. Pixie’s A Bird a day shirt 4. Pixie’s Trusty Pinfore 5. Fleur’s Lunar shadows dress 6. Lula’s Silk Birdie shirt

lonely kids club

We chat to warwick, one half of lKb.

3 words that describe Lonely Kids Club. Desperately Seeking Attention. How did the label come about? Lonely Kids Club was formed in 2010 as a personal joke between myself and my best friend Jasmin. We had this “Lonely Kids Club” joke that we would form an exclusive club to rival relationships with a pact to marry when 45 (if we were both still single). This occurred around the same time I had an epiphany that I no longer had an interest in the degree I had been studying the past two and a half years. Instead my interest was in T-shirts, art and fashion. I had a decision between remaining in construction or following a passion. I chose the latter. Tell us a little about your shirts. What makes them unique? They are all inspired by a personal experience, printed in limited quantities of 45, hand printed in Sydney and printed in super soft 100% cotton American apparel summer shirts. They are the most comfortable and well fitted shirts in the market in my opinion. They cost significantly more than other options but it was important to me to produce a product people would actively want to wear for years to come. You also sell women’s necklaces, am I right? They’re actually unisex! The last three or four were sold to men (or girls with incredibly masculine names like John) but I felt as though I wanted to expand past T-shirts and it seemed like a great starting point. Also I love jewellery but haven’t felt like anyone on the market is catering to what I want so I figured I would do it myself. What are you working on at the moment? A new collection perhaps? I just finished up working on the winter range of jumpers and pocket tees. Next on the agenda is getting them printed and finishing up the new jewellery range. I’m also working on the summer range with an artist based in Paris which does simple one colour paintings. I’m really excited to see how that range comes out. What kind of things are you looking for when scouting out artists and their work? It’s really hard to say and I can spend days at a time browsing through countless artists. I always know it when I see it, though. I guess something that stands out and really appeals to me. I can see a lot of potential just through past work and technique. What has been the hardest part of starting up your very own boutique T-shirt label? I think the initial process of launching a label properly is really difficult. Everything from working out your image to organising the production process and the web design can all take around a year. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given so far? Do you have any advice for others looking to start up their own label? The best advice I have been given is to not worry about price because the label has never been about making money. It helped lead to my best decision so far to keep the tees at a super low price because all I really ever wanted from the label is for people to wear my tees. I always get excited when I’m walking down the street and I see someone I don’t know wearing one of my designs. The best advice I could give to someone starting a label is push on with it and don’t listen to anyone who puts you down for it. Your ambition is your best weapon, embrace it. What’s next for Lonely Kids Club? We are launching our winter range in late March with a snazzy launch party featuring some upcoming Australian bands and another pop up store. We are also working with a new fashion designer for the summer range to try out some new ideas I’ve been building in my head for awhile. Lastly I’m collaborating with an ex architecture graduate on the next jewellery range. It’s going to be very geometric and based on structure. Where can our readers find Lonely Kids Club? We try keep most of our sales through our website www.lonelykidsclub.com. We can also be found around the internet on another 3 or 4 online shopping websites.

twigs & honey Since the 1800’s the ‘formal white wedding’ has been the traditional way to go about marriage, however we’re not really into traditional ways of doing anything so when we came across Myra Callan and her lovely designs we got a little giddy. Myra sells her amazing designs under the brand name Twigs & Honey which is based out of Salem-Portland, Oregon. The label officially began in early 2008 with the goal of introducing a completely fresh and modern interpretation of hair adornments to others. Though Myra had been creating artistic pieces and accessories since she was a child, she became inspired to create a full line to the public after planning her own wedding. With a degree in Geography and an emphasis on Environmental Science you wouldn’t really expect Myra to be amongst the bridal and high fashion scene. However, it is with her scientific background that she is is able to create the unique and organic designs that Twigs & Honey is well known for. Completely self-taught, Myra continually strives to create innovative and exciting new designs that cater to all types of stylish ladies, brides, and even men. Just as a true scientist, Myra experiments with materials, colour ways, and methods to develop fresh and ever-changing designs. Twigs & Honey pieces have an organic composition with varied textures, complex colours, and whimsical accents. The nature inspired line features hair adornments, headbands, birdcage veils, traditional veils, bridal jewellery, belts, boutonnieres, ring pillows, hats, shrugs, bouquets, corsages, and more! The line uses fine silks, feathers, laces, and vintage bits that result in completely unique adornments. Myra has designed exclusive pieces for BHLDN and was commissioned by Ann Taylor to design and create handmade paper flowers for their window displays and accessory moments nationwide. Additionally, she has been a Featured Seller on Etsy. You can shop the Twigs & Honey look online at www.twigsandhoney.com and keep up to date with Myra’s work on her blog twigsandhoney.blogspot.com.au

There Are Places I Remember Photographer: Sisilia Piring

kee boutique keely from kee boutique tells us a little about her lovely label. 3 words that describe Kee Boutique. Feminine, pretty, playful How did KB come about? I’ve always sewn and been creative and sold customized vintage online. After graduating from university I knew this was what I wanted to do. Since then, it has grown more into my own designs and handmade items. Tell us a little about your garments. What makes them unique? Everything is handmade by me using vintage or end of line fabrics that I select from all over so that pieces can be individual. I hope people find the clothes beautiful but can wear them comfortably and regularly. Where do you draw inspiration from? I look for inspiration from everywhere and collect my favourites onto mood boards; this can come from art, film, photography, music and, of course, fashion. I love styles from all eras – from the elegance of the 20’s, the fun of the 60’s to current trends. What are you working on at the moment? A new collection perhaps? I am very busy finishing off my spring/summer collection. Lots of pastel colours plus more lace and floral for my designs that people like best. I love making summer clothing! Do you have a favourite piece/s that you’ve made? My favourites and best sellers are my babydoll dresses. They are so easy to wear, soft and floaty, and versatile - people wear them on a lazy summers day or a glam night out. What has been the hardest part of starting up your own label? It was hardest at the beginning, having the confidence to start, budgeting, and becoming established. Doing everything yourself takes up a lot of time. You have to want to do what you’re doing and not feel like it’s a job otherwise you’d be working long hours! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? It was more support than advice. I wasn’t sure it would be possible to afford to start this full-time but people experienced in the fashion industry encouraged me and my family and friends always believed in me. If you put love into what you do, it will be successful. What’s coming up next on your calendar? Anything exciting? I am doing the Top Model fashion show in London in March where I will be the only designer for lots of fab new models. I have some exciting new stockists in amazing places, collaborations with some great photographers and will be doing markets and fairs in Leeds and London. Where can we our readers find Kee Boutique garments? My website is www.keeboutique.com and I sell online at etsy and asos. I have stockists in major UK cities - London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds – and recently in Paris, LA, Mississippi, which is pretty exciting!

Justin Williams 3 words that describe you? Insecure, thoughtful, peaceful. 3 words that describe your work? Insecure, thoughtful, peaceful. (I’m never too sure of where my work is going, so I guess it reflects my life) When did you first become interested in art? I understand you studied Graphic Design before moving onto illustration/painting? Yes, I studied graphic design for three years, then moved into fine art, I’m so glad that I went down that path first, as I think it helped me to have a good work ethic, I understood the time spend in design, showing up and working on something that is creative, and some of those same things cross over into my own work. I don’t do any design work anymore, I was never all that good at it, I was way too messy and obsessed with making some that just looked okay on its own, before you tweak at it with computers, but I have always been interested in drawing and painting, I just can’t go a day without doing something along those lines, if I don’t get to get in the studio, I find myself getting so angry and pissed at everyone around me, I think it’s nice to have some were to hide and be allows in your own world and work. What are you working on at the moment? I have a few things that I’m putting together and collaborating on, I just finished up collaborating on a range of garments, for Sydney designer thereserawsthorne.com we had all my water colours printed on silk, they look beautiful and I was so happy with the final product, dark and dreamy, and translucent, it was really fun to work on the range. Apart from that I am working on bringing out a small book, full of water colour paintings, and ink drawings, that should be out in a few weeks, And I’m in a group show at the Museum in Orange, NSW called “Eye Candy, Contemporary Art”, that is in March but the dates are not set in stone. My main thing for the year at this stage is a solo exhibition at MR KITLY. It’s such an amazing space, and I’m so looking forward to showing, it’s not until November, but I have completed mapped out how the show will look and what it will have, so I’m stoked, as I have never been that organised. What inspires you? My partner D, my dog and my surroundings, other artists, lots of normal kinds of things, I just try to look at them in a different way. How important is your studio and location for your creative process? Living away from the city in a forest, must be pretty damn refreshing. It’s the

best, I love the Forrest, we live in such a romantic setting, it’s so dark and dreamy, and it can be kind and also brutal. But I don’t think I can leave here, it has a kind of hold on me, I think I’ll move around as much as I can, but always return. I’m not all that interested in what is going on in the city, so it’s great. I do a lot of my smaller works and ideas all at the house, then I am lucky enough to have a large factory, down off the mountain in the industrial area that I put together all my larger paintings and drawings, it is such a contrast to my home, but I love it too. There is no other artists around, it’s just filled with other trades, like steel guys, welding cutting, full on hard core guys, but I love that environment, and I try to just approach my paintings in the same way the panel beater would work, not so much in terms of beating the shit out of a painting, but in the same way you show up and work, have a lunch break, and don’t fuck around too much. You’ve been involved in a variety of projects over the years. Do you have any favourites? Too many to mention, I guess I’m not concerned with what the project is, as long as I believe in the end product. Any memorable or amusing responses to your work? Lots of people do all types of different things, but I never tell too much about what a panting is about, as I think it is fun for the viewer to put their own thoughts and ideas into it. What are you doing when you’re not making your art? I like to surf, my family all live down the west coast, so I take time off down there. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? “If you can’t draw, don’t draw!” One of my design teachers told me that I should not draw my work as I was basically shit. I guess it wasn’t like a teenage thing of “Fuck you I’m going to prove that I can draw and paint and be an artist” it was more that I really respected this particular teachers advice, so to hear that kind of threw me. But later on I realized that it was important to have people you admire, but never to fully listen to them. Have your own thoughts and stay true to them. What’s coming up next on your calendar? Perhaps a small solo show, probably just a pop up thing at a ARI space, but I’m trying to slow things down. For instance work on hundreds of paintings but only show five, that way I no they’re okay and have been through a process.

illustration love

betsy walton

bryce wymers

james jean

rachel goodyear





Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel

Ricardo Fumanal

yee von chan

Angela Trentin





The Ivory Room The problem with buying the latest season collections is that by the time they are available in stores and you get there, they’re all gone! Luckily for all of you fashion forward individuals, the clever kids over at The Ivory Room have come up with a solution. Giving fashion lovers direct and unprecedented pre season order access to their favourite brands, The Ivory Room is Australia’s first dedicated premium, online pre season order website. “How does that work”, you ask? It’s as simple as joining the mailing list. Be the first to view and lay-buy up coming seasons fashion and then receive your pieces at the beginning of the season. Sounds pretty sweet to us! Several high profile and up-and-coming Australian designers have confirmed that their ranges will feature in The Ivory Room when it launches this month. We’re pretty excited to see it, in the meantime you can head over to their Facebook page to keep up-to-date and find out more. www.facebook.com/theivoryroom

heart, heart, darling. Photographer - Ingela Furustig Model - Yani Botha @ Viviens Stylist - Ashleigh Kelly Assistants - William Alexander, Lucy Tranter-Wissemann

little galaxie We chat to one of our favourite Illustrators, Lilly Pirri about her crazy cute work. 3 words that describe you? Quiet, curious, dreamer. 3 words that describe your work? Flora, fauna, pastels. When did you first become interested in art? I don’t remember a point where I decided I was interested in art. My grandparents had a house full of beautiful paintings, and a few of my family members are artistic. Growing up, art was something that was a normal part of life to me. What inspires you? Art museums, vintage toys, flora, fauna, beetles, stories, and natural history museums. I also love books, and have many art books, vintage children’s books and classic novels. How important is your studio and location for your creative process? Studio or location is not very important to me. It’s much more important to me that I don’t socialize a lot when working. What are you working on at the moment? Anything crazy exciting? Yes, but it’s still under wraps! Hopefully I can talk about it soon. I can say that I’ll be entering more juried shows this year, and working on things for those. Fingers crossed I get into some of them! You’ve been involved in a variety of projects over the years. Do you have any favourites? Recently, I really loved working with A Happy Death on the wild-west-cats-themed greeting cards. Other favourites were designing a Poketo wallet, and seeing my work printed on hoodies for Iron Fist clothing. Any memorable or amusing responses to your work? I once saw a young girl look through my drawings and scream when she saw “Death on the Triangle”! And at Finders Keepers, I had a young lady ask me to sign her sketchbook, which was very amusing! (Hi, if you’re reading!) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Draw from life. What’s coming up next on your calendar? I’m not sure, yet, or not at liberty to say! I will put updates on my blog/Facebook/twitter though, for those wanting to know more. You can find more work and info about Lilly at www.littlegalaxie.com

ISSUE NO.4 OUT MARCH 12TH Want to subscribe? Want to know what’s happening between issues and be kept up to date with our lovely giveaway competitions? Easy peezy! Just head over to www.ponyanarchy.com and enter your email into the newsletter form and you’ll be added to our email list.

pastel carnivale Photographer: Jordan Drysdale Models: Madeleine Hamilton, Dallas Jays MUA: Tori Elisabeth

Tell us a little about yourself. Well, my name is Jordan! I’m 18 and a pretty normal teenager. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, attended school for the past 13 years and thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m very interested in anything which involves creative expression and always have been, so music, art, filmseverything! When did you first become interested in Photography? I had been taking photos of friends, family, my pets and myself as early as 13! But nothing overly creative was taken until I got my first camera- the Holga CFN 120. When I got that, I became obsessed with creating concepts with hidden messages and working with people to make something special. As time went on, a film camera proved time consuming and expensive, so I moved to digital and my love and passion for Photography grew! What inspires you to continue taking photographs? I’m inspired and motivated by two factors- one is that in this industry, you have to be the best to make it- which means that if I ever stop, it’ll just make my chances of succeeding difficult, so I’m keen to keep creating and working with others in order to gain more experience and get my name out there! I am also inspired by everything around me- nature, people, music, architecture. The world is such a beautiful place, and that makes me want to capture it. I am also inspired by my favorite photographers- Ryan McGinley, Sally Mann and The Cobra Snake! What were your inspirations or ideas behind the Pastel Carnivale shoot? I was actually inspired by a range of things for this editorial shoot! As a child, I always loved theme parks and the energy and colour, so that was why I chose the location. The whole vintage summer vibe was more inspired by the weather, and the ice cream truck worked perfectly in capturing that feeling even more! What I loved and think made the shoot very eye catching was the beautiful flower garment on the girl’s heads which has been a very popular fashion trend! Especially encourage by the beautiful Lana Del Rey, whose music and image I adore! Have you had any funny incidents whilst shooting? Yes! Definitely. Recently a few girls and I went to a model house to shoot (to what we thought was abandoned) and had a very awkward encounter with the police! When we look back on it, it was a pretty funny experience, even if we were shaking and in utter shock when we got told the house was actually owned by a family who discontinued building the house. Favourite thing to photograph? Definitely people! I love people, when I go to the city on the train I just watch everybody. I just fall in love with analyzing other people’s actions and habits, and I find capturing that on image really enjoyable. Film or digital? I shoot in digital, purely because It’s more convenient and you get a crisper finish… But I tend to edit the curves to create pastel colours with a flat filter which appear film-inspired. I guess I like to recreate the soft and simple quality of film through editing. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Do what you love and if people don’t like it, be patient, accept it but don’t let it bring you down. You’ve just finished high school, what’s next for Jordan Drysdale? Well for now I’m working full time! When that gig finishes, I’m off to RMIT University to begin studying photography! I’m very excited to say the least. Where can we find your work? jordandrysdale.tumblr. com, sharpasgrass.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Jordan-Drysdale-Photography



3 words that describe you. Impatient, quirky and a little over analytical. I could have put impatient three times. Ever since I was little I have been told I was a “bull at a gate”. I have to do everything 100 miles an hour because as soon as an idea pop’s into my head I have to do it: right then, right there. Sometimes it’s good habit but generally it means I have a build up of half finished projects. 3 words that describe your garments. Feminine, Frilly & unique. I like to think of my dresses as the grown up version of a little girl’s princess costume because when I wear one I feel so girly and innocent. When did you first become interested in Fashion? I always had a penchant for fashion, having two sisters meant a lot of dress up’s and getting into mum’s make-up for impromptu photo shoots. Although growing up in a country town I was always limited in turns of fashion options, moving to Brisbane when I finished school was the first thing that opened my eye’s up to designer’s and high fashion. Tell us a little about each collection so far. I am just starting my second collection and it follows a similar trend to my first. Very feminine dresses with frills and pearls that offer girls a different option to the generic chain store clothes, which can get quite boring at times. What inspires you? My inspiration is always changing but right now I am really inspired by the 1950’s. I love that they wore such elegant pastel lacy frocks with gloves and pearls. I wish I could live in that era for just a day to dress up with them. What are you working on at the moment? I am currently working on my next collection, which will still be girly however it will be more casual day wear with a twist than party frocks. Do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made? I don’t have a favourite overall however I am loving my green dresses at the moment as you don’t see many mint green dresses so that has to be the flavour of the month for me. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? I am not sure if it’s the best advice I’ve been given but it’s one that I certainly always relate to. Amber Renae from Project Runway, Series, “My fashion motto is, ‘if it feels good, do it’ - if you wanna wear a fur coat to breakfast, wear your fur coat to breakfast, honey.” What’s coming up next on your calendar? Anything exciting? I am hoping to organize a Fund raiser Fashion show later in the year so that going to be a big event and will be quite exciting, as I have never had my own show. I also Graduate from University this year so that’s going to be big a milestone and I look forward to doing a bit of inspirational travelling when exams are done and dusted. Where can we our readers find and buy your designs? My designs are available directly from our Website or Facebook page. Neverland is stoked at Strife in Surfers Paradise and Three-Little-Birds an online boutique based in Perth. We have a stall at the Village markets in Burleigh heads fortnightly also which has a lot of up and coming designers.

winter’s eyes

Photography by Kelsea Kosko

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