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Issue No. 8 PONY ANARCHY is an independent online magazine that aims to share and provide exposure to the young creative talent of the world. Editor/Creative Director Kristie Webster Cover Photographer: Alexander Duvall Model: Ashley Michele Stylist: Alexander Duvall Make-up & Hair: Ashley Michele Submissions: we welcome submissions from new writers, photographers, illustrators and makers of pretty bits and pieces. Please refer to our submit page on our website for aubmission guidelines. Advertising: for rates and information on advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways, text links and product reviews please contact us for a media kit. Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

Contents Editors Note Fun Finds Holly Leonardson Living Doll by Caileigh Kylie Her Pony SS13 Rudy Fig The Paper Kites Seaside by Gabrielle Assaf Hanke Arkenbout Time To Wander by Erika Astrid

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Hsiao-Ron Cheng

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Book of Deer SS13 5 Mins With: Mariam Sitchinava In The Summer by Brianne Wills Stocking Filler ideas On The Road by Alex Duvell Cendrine Rovini NYC by Kelsea Kosko Celantro Woodworks Moonborn by Aliera Stone Flapper Girl Kelsey Genna Bridal Collection Melancholy by Claire A. Young & Jason Treloar Roger & Peach SS13 Paris Blue by Sara Mautone Flickr Faves Sunday Morning by Beth Lane

Dear ponies, It’s hard to believe this time last year I was putting together the very first issue of Pony Anarchy - I look back now and can’t believe how much it’s grown! 8 issues, 1 yearbook and there’s still plenty more to come. For this issue I interviewed The Paper Kites bassist, Sam about their new EP and their national tour, as well as a couple of amazing artists including Hsiao-Ron Cheng and Holly Leonardson. There’s also some lovely new lookbooks from Her Pony, Book of Deer and Roger & Peach, not to mention some cute stocking fillers for Christmas time! As usual I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make this issue happen, you’ were all such a pleasure to work with! Have a lovely year and a merry Christmas!

Kristie x

Gracie Chai


Sucre Noir

graphic spaces

Singapore based artist, Gracie Chai has recently switched things up by moving from illustration to creating wearable art. Gracie happily spends multiple hours hand painting the fabric and then sewing the pieces together. We have so much love for her blue fox dress! Check out Gracie’s work at www. graciechai.com

Lark is a fabulous family business based in Daylesford, Victoria. The store stocks the sweetest things from all over the world, from books, to homewares to accessories. It’s the perfect mix of craft, design and kitschy goodness! Shop online at www.larkmade.com.au

Peter Pan collars are all rage, but we think wearing one as a necklace is also pretty cool. This delicate wooden collar by Melbourne’s Sucre Noir is the perfect accessory when you want to add a feminine touch to your outfit! You can get yourself one at www.sucrenoir.indiemade.com

Graphic Spaces make beautiful handcrafted family heirloom wooden animal bookends, bamboo clocks and nursery decor for your home or nursery. We especially love the woodland bamboo clocks - so cute! To see the full collection head to www.etsy.com/shop/graphicspaceswood

Find & Keep by Beci Orpin

Independent Reign

mel stringer

bloom theory

Find and Keep is Beci’s first DIY book and includes 26 minimum effort, maximum impact creative projects to make at home. This crafty book is perfect for all ages, so you can try the projects out for yourself and the kiddies! Head over to www.beciorpin.com for more info and stockists.

Janine, owner of Independent Reign, has created a unique collection of tote bags, pouches, clutches, wristlets and pillows, with unusual trims and contrasting combinations of fabrics and materials. This blue tote is just one example of her lovely goods in store! Head to www.etsy.com/shop/ IndependentReign to see more.

We have a bit of a crush on Brisbane based illustrator and artist, Mel Stringer (aka Girlie Pains). Her work is adorabley cheeky and we dig that. Heaps. We suggest you go get yourselves some Girlie Pains art from Mels etsy store www. etsy.com/shop/girliepains

Plain camera straps are boring. Vania and Christine, founders of Simply Bloom Photography, agree and that’s why they‘ve created a line of cute, unconventional yet practical, camera straps. We’d like every single one in store, thank you! www. bloomtheorystraps.com

Holly Leonardson we chat to the lovely lady behind the illustration based line, pannikin. Tell us a little about yourself. I just recently moved from Brisbane to Launceston, Tasmania with my mister and our guinea pigs and I think it’s one of the best big decisions we’ve ever made. Smaller town + cooler weather = lots of time spent indoors working on our multiple projects. Describe your illustrative style in 3 words. Childlike, silly, naïve. Why and when did you decide to start up your fun little label, Pannikin? I love the rabbit logo, especially because the whiskers remind me of those strange Star-nosed moles, ha! Thanks! Star-nosed moles are so strange, but still rather cute. I do have a soft spot for some of the ‘unpopular’ animals! The logo is actually a picture I drew when I was 2 and a half years old (but accurately traced with my drawing tablet for practical reasons). Pannikin started officially in 2010 however I was creating under the name as a hobby a few years beforehand, mostly making simple jewellery from found objects and small toys and selling them at markets. Since then it has grown into more of an illustration based label consisting of wooden hand-painted brooches, earrings, screenprinted tote bags and craft supplies such as a limited run of acrylic buttons and sweet wooden thread holders. Are you working on anything new at the moment? I have recently acquired screen printing equipment so new tote bag designs are in the works (a friend of mine previously printed my illustrations for me). Oh and quite a lot of felt is stashed in my cupboard for future limited-edition applique fun! What inspires you to keep creating? Creating is something I need to do to stay happy and calm. If I go too long without making something my hands go all fidgety and I feel restless. Do you have any creative routines or rituals? If so, what are they? A tidy workspace is a must to start off with, however I am completely happy to work amongst creative mess if I am on a roll. Reading about successful creatives makes me want to work harder and do the best I can, so if I find myself in a rut, a bit of blog reading will perk me back up! What does a day in the life of Holly usually entail? I get up at 6am everyday, so a big cup of tea is my preferred way to ease myself into the work day while I respond to emails, pack orders and attend to other business-y things. Commission work takes top priority (I also create mixed media collage-based art work under my own name and recently designed Etsy’s 2013 calendar). Mostly you can find me at my desk painting my pieces and dreaming about new designs. In my downtime I like playing with my guinea pigs, baking pies with my boyfriend and exploring the bushy hills near our house, taking photos of the plants and animals we find. Favourite song at the moment? Anything by Lullatone or Broadcast. Best advice you’ve been given or wish you’d been given? Just do what you enjoy, and don’t worry. For more info and goodies, check out www.pannikin.com.au

living doll Photography – Caileigh Kyle Hair and Makeup – Samantha Pickles Styling –Thea Acierno Model – Brittany (Elmer Olsen) Assistant – Justine Turl

HER PONY Spring/Summer 2013

rudy fig

introducing 24 year-old artist and designer, Rudy Fig. Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming an artist, and to creating the style of work you are currently making? I am a female, 24 year old, Minnesota based artist. My parents were toy designers and artists themselves so I grew up in a very creative environment. I never really “became” an artist, I never thought about becoming one. In grade school everyone would always tell me that I’d be an artist and I thought it was silly, then I blinked a few times and now I paint for a living. I later went on to flunk out of art college, and soon found myself showing my work professionally. My artistic development sort of happened very organically on its own. My work is pretty contemporary and fits into the “new brow” and “pop surrealism” genres. My personal style has been with me for a long time, but when I was young, my mom worked for Mattel and she would paint the eyes on doll prototypes from the 80s. Those doll eyes always stuck with me and now my characters have them. How would you describe your work? Whimsical Regurgitation: I process my world through my art. It is sort of how I document my life, all the things I like, don’t like and more. The result is sort of a psychological purging of whimsical and macabre elements. Can you give us a little insight into your process? What materials do you use? Is each work pre-planned or created very intuitively? I usually work in Oil paints on canvas or cradled wood panels. I like a really smooth surface. Most of my pieces start with a simple idea, I sketch out the basics but I like to leave room for spontaneity. I get bored with paintings quickly if I don’t leave some room changes and random developments. I’d say my process is both pre-planned as well as intuitive. Which other artists, designers or creative people are you most inspired by at the moment? I am a huge art history nerd, so I am very influenced by artists of the past. I love the artists of the nouveau movement and I am particularly enamoured with the baroque and rococo periods. I also like lots of newer artists like Henry Darger, Chris Berens, Bei Badgirl and so many more. I am probably more inspired by ideas and life experiences than other artists. What do you love most about being an artist? I love the freedom. I don’t function very well with out it. Although I sometimes find it hard to be my own boss, I enjoy the challenges and opportunity for growth. What’s coming up next for you? I will be doing some Three dimensional installations. I am also about to release a print through 1xrun.com, which is very fun. I plan to create lots of new paintings in 2013 and I’ll also be exploring some sculptural mediums. For updates and other shenanigans head to www.rudyfig.com

the paper kites

we had a little chat to the Paper Kites bassist, Sam Rasmussen about the new EP ‘Young north’ & what’s coming up next for the melbourne indie-folk darlings. Describe The Paper Kites in three words. The Paper Kites. Young North sounds a little more mature than your earlier songs. Would you say that’s true? Well, yes. It’s been Just over a year since our last release, which is a long time for a developing band. We’ve spent that year touring, and rehearsing solidly, and feel we have matured significantly along the way. Where did the title of the EP come from? Originally ‘Young’ and ‘North’ where 2 different songs. One day Sam B saw them written next to each other and loved how it sounded. Since then it’s taken on more meaning, surrounding the

theme of naive innocence together with traveling forward on a journey. Your lyrics are quite nostalgic and beautiful - where do you guys usually gather song writing inspiration? Whilst writing for the E.P Sam B spent allot of time in a little old shack in the country. It was amongst nature that he was able to reflect on life, and experiences. As a band, We develop our songs over time spent in close proximity, experimenting with sounds, structures and ideas. You’re about to wrap up a national tour with support acts, Art of Sleeping and Battleships – Have any crazy shenanigans gone down? There are always some kinds of shenanigans going on. It’s unavoidable when your traveling the country with some of your best friends, isn’t it!? Have there been any hilarious moments whilst on previous tours, that you’ll always remember? There are plenty! One Personal favorite took place backstage in Adelaide. I managed to defeat Josh Pyke in a freestyle rap battle. A very proud moment for me! Do you find playing gigs in Melbourne a little more special than other cities, because it’s your home? Yeah, we really do. Melbourne has been SO supportive of us. That said, we always feel really nervous at the shows, because so many of our friends and family members turn up. You would think this would be comforting, but it’s quite the opposite. Give me a crowd of strangers any day! Do you have any pre-show or post-show rituals that you guys partake in? There is a song. It’s a bit of a tradition that started some time ago (I can’t actually remember how) it’s to the tune of cotton eye joe. That’s all I’ll say about that one! We’re hanging out for an album – any idea when that might happen? At this stage all attention is on the E.P and the tour. Best advice you’ve ever been given? Write the songs you want to write. Aside from your tour, what do you guys have planned for the rest of the year? Well, the tour winds up in November and I think we’re all planning a bit of a break until January when we are back on the road to support Bombay Bicycle Club. To find out when The Paper Kites will be in a city near you, head to www.thepaperkites.com.au

seaside Photographer – Gabrielle Assaf Model –Taylor @Coultish Management Make-up – Hollie Brown Wardrobe – Sitka Surf, Skate and Apparel Assistant – Alex Ristevski

hanke arkenbout Duth designer and photographer, Hanke chats to us about her work and life. Tell us a little about yourself. Hi I’m Hanke Arkenbout, a 26 years old dutch girl (yes I really do love cheese and liquorice!) living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Sushi is my most favorite food and my favorite color is yellow. I’m in love with my boyfriend and my two fluffy cats. I take life as it comes and my motto is dream without fear, love without limits. What do you do and why do you do it? I have been creative all my life and I’m a graphic designer for 6 years now. Photography is also a huge passion of mine and it’s getting bigger every day. I enjoy it so much, it’s something magical to freeze a moment in time. I especially love to photograph people: portraits, couples and families. That’s something I try to focus on right now. Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? What inspires you? I think analog photography really influenced me. I started with analog photography 5 years ago and didn’t even own a decent digitale camera till a year ago. It really shaped my way of photographing: I don’t like to take 100 pictures of the same setting most of the time I take 3 shots and that’s it. It has to be good right away because analog photography is expensive. What do you do when you’re not taking photos? Lots of different things! I really like sleeping! Also having dinner with friends and family, playing, pictionary, going outside and enjoying nature. Travelling is something I live for, this world is a neverending adventure! Film or digital? Both. Film will always have a special place in my heart since I started with film and I really love it! It’s pure and raw. But digital is a very easy way to explore my creativity without loads of extra costs. I’m always very curious for the results and with digital I don’t have to wait a few days :). So to be honest I can’t really choose, I try to enjoy both. Are you working on any special projects at the moment? My own magazine Bliss is a special project to me. Also lots of amazing shoots with lovely people. I speak to a lot of amazing creative people and there are a few projects in line right now, I can’t wait to start working on them! Best advice you’ve been given? Phew difficult question. I think is has to be something like: be proud of what you do. Sometimes I need people to say these simple things to me because I tend to get caught up in everything and forget how well I’m actually doing. To see more of Hanke’s work head over to www.hankearkenbout.com

TIME TO WANDER Photography – Erika Astrid Model – Cassandra Hayes Hair & Makeup – Camilla Orosco Clothing – Asuyeta

HSIAO-RON CHENG we chat to hsiao-ron about her love for storytelling and art. Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming an artist, and to creating the style of work you are currently making? I was born in December, 26, 1986, Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve started to paint with traditional mediums since I was an art school student. However, I didn’t find my own style during the period of schooling and felt pretty frustrated about it. Fortunately, after starting to use digital medium, I felt I gradually began to find my own style cause I could try any style and subjectmatter boldly without wasting a single paper in the computer. Before I became a freelance artist, I had a job from an animation studio as concept artist, but I always desire to paint more freely. During that time, I had worked very hard on creating my personal painting after work and every holidays. A year later, I started getting a little attention through the internet, so I thought it’s time for me to fulfill my wishes and become a freelance artist. How would you describe your work? What I’ve made are stories with images. I’m simply an image maker, an illustrator. Just...my stories are more personal, creepy and cute... and they all reflected in my works! Can you give us a little insight into your process? What materials do you use? Is each work pre-planned or created very intuitively? Most of my works are digital and most of them are usually pre-planned. I always start with detailed sketch in digital to help me organize my idea at the beginning; and paint a base layer to decide the whole general tone (usually I use pastel colors as a base layer) in my computer, then use different opacity per layer and stack them together little by little. I like everything step-by-step. However, I do work intuitively to create pieces sometimes... when I feel so frustrated with my original plan! Which other artists, designers or creative people are you most inspired by at the moment? Henry Darger, Yuko Shimizu, Kondoh Akino, Olaf Hajek... they all are wonderful storytellers! What do you love most about being an artist? The greatest thing about being an artist is I can do what I’m always passionate about! Being able to see rather than just look at things. I could allow myself to see the world with a sensitive, honest eye and then transfer what I saw into my works. What’s coming up next for you? I’ll participate some shows internationally in the upcoming months. In addition, I just joined a couple of illustration agencies this year and hope to get some exiting commission jobs or collaboration in the future! To see more of Hsiao-Ron’s work head to www.hsiaoroncheng.com

camp book Book of Deer Spring/Summer 2013

5 mins with Mariam Sitchinava

Describe yourself in 2 words. Emotional, sensitive. Tell us a little about your background – what path led you to becoming a photographer? I was shooting as an amateur until I got noticed and recieved a very important project offer, which made me decide to follow photography as a career path. Do you have any formal training or are you just one of those enviably talented born naturals? I’m self taught, without any formal trainings. Who or what are you inspired by at the moment? At the moment I’m inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Spontaneous shoots or pre-planned ones? I always pre-plan shoots, but I always improvise during photo shoots and sometimes ideas from improvisation are more better than pre-planned. What do you love most about photography? I like that I can share my emotions. Best advice you’ve been given? When I started thinking about pursuing photography seriously, I was considering attending some formal studies but someone advised me not to. You can find more of Mariam’s work at www.mariam.ge

in the summer Photographer – Brianne Wills Model – Kelly @ Q6 Stylist – Sara Moskovitz

Gift ideas Need some lovely little gifts to fill those santa stockings? We’ve hunted down some etsy gems that might spark some ideas!

The Bold Banana Crazy Cat Lady Tote $12

Jodie Anna Teapot & Teacup Necklace $25.50

Blue Bird Geometric Necklace $24

Beledien Handmade Book Cover $22

Kate Rowland Audrey’s Brogues Brooch $8

Super Duper Things Camille Bow Brooch $9

handmade by me Cup o’ Tea tea towel $16

Caitlin Shearer Blue Tiled A4 print $14.85

Ladybird Likes Heart Collar Clips $11

The Black Apple Pansy Print $16

Whispy Love Bow Brooch $15

Call Me Mimi Peter Pan Collar $28

on the road Model ‒ Ashley Michele Photographer & Stylist ‒ Alexander Duvall

cendrine rovini we pick French artist, cendrine rovini’s brain about her creative process. Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming an artist, and to creating the style of work you are currently making? I knew a long time ago that all I wanted to do was create. I first taught Spanish in a college but I hated it and my mind always returned to the creative realm. So in 2003 I decided to stop teaching and I created jewellery with natural elements found in the forest near my home. I also rediscovered the art of drawing and painting (first mostly with acrylic). I met my husband the same year and he has always helped, he gave me the confidence in myself as an artist. The current style of my work came to light very slowly and I never wanted to enforce things, I let it come freely by just following my visual and inner instincts. How would you describe your work? I think I would say that my work depicts the density of femininity, with delicacy rituals within wild nature, and with the tender violence of true life. Can you give us a little insight into your process? What materials do you use? I mostly work on paper, wood or fabric. I love mixing many mediums, such as graphite, inks, gouache, coffee, watercolour, markers, and coloured pencils. I always begin my work with a graphite pencil, I draw the main lines of the piece, and then I bring colours and details. I try to depict my image as I first saw it with my inner eyes. Which designers, artists or creative people are you inspired by? I have the most complete admiration for Kiki Smith, because her work is so hungry for life, so diverse and deep, so beautiful and meaningful. I find my inspiration in ancient photographs, recently I discovered the work by Edward Sheriff Curtis about Native Americans, and it is a never ending source of joy for me, as are the ancient oriental paintings, or the Japanese prints from the Edo period. And for other actual artists, you absolutely have to go and see my « links » page in my portfolio because they are incredibly stimulating for the visual culture! Your work often plays with the idea of metamorphosis, why does that particular notion interest you so much? I think that everyone harbours a little part of metamorphosis in them, life doesn’t transform our deep self, but age does with our bodies, and it is a beautiful thing, even if it can be painful for many reasons. In my images I would like to make it apparent that human beings are an animal, and a true part of Earth and the vision of female creatures becoming a plant or a sky is a way for me to make visible this idea. I am also very impressed by the shamanic rituals, and have a huge respect for those ancient people who seem to be under a horrible threat. What do you love most about being an artist? I love it because it allows me to really be myself, to release the images I have inside, it makes me feel free, and I also love the fact that it I’m able to meet beautiful and surprising people. Best advice you’ve been given? Pay attention to your dreams and follow your instincts. To see more work by Cenrine head over to cargocollective.com/cendrinerovini

NYC Photographer – Kelsea Kosko Model – Caroline @ Re:Quest Models NY Makeup & Hair – Caroline Baribeau Stylist – Jessica Wu

Celentano Woodworks Owner and designer of Celentano Woodworks, Paul Celentano, has the right idea when it comes to instruments - turn them into crazy-ass objects, animals and fruits. Based in Asheville, North Carolina all designs are custom made to order and 100% handmade. There’s Ukulele’s, Banjo’s, Mandolins as well as acoustic and electric guitars. Prices start from $235 to $3,000 and you can pick one up from www.etsy.com/shop/celentanowoodworks

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MOONBORN Photographer – Ailera Stone Model – Andrea @ Leni’s Model Management Make up and hair – Siobhan Drew Stylist – Jaclyn Bethany

flapper girl How cute are these lady ties!? They remind us of the Girl Guide uniforms we used to wear - but 100% cooler! Inspired by 1930s actress Marlene Dietrich, Portland based Graphic Designer and Crafter, Christine Blystone, makes unique and feminine neck ties for herself and other lovely ladies. With so many different colours and patterns, you can pretty much wear one everyday! Check them out at www.flappergirl.org

kelsey genna

bridal collection

New Zealands’ amazingly talented young designer, Kelsey Genna has managed to out do herself (if that’s even possible) with her very first Kelsey Genna bridal collection. Kelsey’s gorgeous handcrafted gowns are inspired by flowers and are one of a kind. To see the full campaign and the full collection head over to www.kelseygenna.com

Set Design & Florist - Yvette Edwards & Sarah Hodge Photographer - Ben and Elise Johnson Model - Roise @ Nova MUA - Dominique Whittaker Location - Horrobin & Hodge

melancholy A collaboration by Claire Alice Young & Jason Treloar Model – Laney @ Chadwick Model Agency

doll house ROGER & PEACH Spring/Summer 2013

paris blue Photographer - Sara Mautone Model - Kotryna @Women Management Stylist - Indrakshi Ria Pattanaik MUA & Hair - Stefania Lionello

Sleeveless sheer pink dress by Midinette Boutique, Layered White skirt with lace detail by Giacomo Lattari, Earrings by H&M

Full sleeve Blue Dress by Valentino selected by Boutique Nadine, Star veil by Yojiro Kake, Pearl and stone earrings by H&M.

Odette sleeveless yellow lace dress by Boutique Nadine, Blue earrings by Boutique Nadine.

Wardrobe - Giovanni Massi Vintage Apparel white lace dress, Boutique Nadine brooch, H&M earrings, Accessorize ring.







flickr faves A few of our favourite photographs submitted to our Flickr group over the last 2 months, featuring (1) Rebekah Campbell (2) Hrystia Kaminska (3) Keyana Tahmaseb (4) Lara Bleuets (5) Antonia Degen (6) Svetlana Zdrnja. Submit your images for consideration at www.flickr.com/groups/ponyanarchymagazine

sunday morning Photographer – Beth Lane Model – Charly Murphy @Viviens


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