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Issue No. 6 Pony Anarchy is aimed at creative, fun and curious folk who enjoy Art, Photography, Fashion, Music and all things lovely! Editor/Creative Director Kristie Webster kristiemwebster@gmail.com Contributing Photographers: Zach McCaffree, Ingela Furustig, Sisilia Piring, Kyla Hemmelgarn, Gloria Marigo, Valeria Farinella. Contributing Illustrator: Kelli Murray Cover Photographer: Gloria Marigo Model: Elze’ Kazlauskaite @ MP Management Stylist: Sabrina De Mercurio MUA/Hair Stylist: Ely Make Up Submissions: we welcome submissions from new writers, photographers, illustrators and makers of pretty bits and pieces. Please refer to our submit page on our website for aubmission guidelines. Advertising: for rates and information on advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways, text links and product reviews please contact us for a media kit. Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

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Dear ponies, When I started planning this issue I asked myself one question: “Why do Pony Anarchy readers keep coming back for more?” My first answer was “Uh, they have good taste!” Then my second answer went a little something like, “It’s clearly the vast selection of unique, beautiful and cheeky content that continues to inspire them, make them giddy goats and leaves them with this sudden urge to go create something, themselves... Duh, Kristie!” After all of that, I knew I had to make this issue bigger and better than previous ones. I had to pick the minds of the coolest creatives I’d come across recently and put together an issue that was bursting at the seams with inspiring and interesting people and work. This issue includes an amazing bundle of artists, designers, photographers and crafty cats that I fell in love with at first sight and I hope you feel the same once you’ve finished reading it. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this installment of PA, you were all such a delight to work with! Enjoy!

Kristie x

Mina + oli handbags

ohhh lulu

strathcona stockings

fancy fine vintage

Mina + Oli handbags are made from preloved leather by designer Laura Thomey. Sourcing her materials form local op-shops, Laura enjoys the treasure hunt of finding beautifully worn in leather jackets. She uses vintage material, lace and embroidered doilies to create unique one of kind handbags. Check it our at www.minaandoli.com

Ohhh Lulu prides itself in juxtaposition, comibining unexpected fabrics, colours, textures and trims to create clothing that is both beautiful and unique. Sarah infuses each item she makes with a handmade aesthetic, pulling inspiration from her small town, vintage clothing, and her imagination www.etsy.com/shop/ohhhlulu

Strathcona Stockings specializes in fine hand printed stockings and supplies. Every print is original, specially designed and created by Strathcona Stockings just for your lovely feeties! Our favourite of course are the florals. Take a peek at www.strathconastockings.com

Run by Ashley Ording, Fancy Fine Vintage sells a whole bunch of pretty vintage pieces for lovely prices. Whether you’re into 1950’s skirts or 1960’s mod dresses Fancy Fine has something you’re bound to love. Go shop FFV now at www.etsy.com/shop/FancyFineVintage

frances baker

anna allen


necessity is the mother

Frances Baker is a small, independent clothing label run solely by Josephine Frances, in Melbourne. All Frances Baker clothing is individually handmade from start to finish using high quality eco friendly fibres and vintage, recycled and remnant fabrics. Head over too www.etsy.com/shop/ FrancesBakerShop to see more.

Anna Allen take great care in providing garments which are both timeless and comfortable to wear. Their goal is not to produce “trends” but sensible clothing and basic wardrobe staples that you will feel beautiful in and wear for years to come. Shop AA at www.annaallenclothing.com

French creative, Julie Camaille is the colour loving little lady behind Pamplemouss! She creates the funkiest geometric pouches that work perfectly for carrying all your bits and bobs. Check out Julie’s pretty puches at www.etsy.com/ shop/Pamplemouss

Necessity Is The Mother is the creation of young Pittsburg designer, Arielle. Every piece in her store is a product of thought and time, and all material is picked for how it looks, feels, swings, and wears. Shop NITM here www.etsy. com/shop/necessityisthemother

apples & Worms Photographer – Ingela Furustig Model – Megan Workman @ Viviens Stylist – Ayla Fletched @ A Stylish Endeavour Makeup Artist – Lauren Chalmers

evie cahir introducing melbourne’s evie cahir, a young illustrator and pretzel roller. Tell us a little about yourself. I am a 20 year old drawer/sketcher/illustrator originally from Ballarat, currently living in Collingwood, Melbourne. What do you do and why do you do it? I am studying a Bachelor of Illustration at NMIT. I wake up and reach for caffeine, my 2B pencil and paper because it’s what I love. Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? What inspires you? I draw what ever I have been inspired and influenced by; mainly tasty meals, tram trips and funny stories and scenarios from chums! What do you do when you’re not working on your drawings? When I’m not working on my designs I am buying sheets of thick watercolour paper, rolling pretzels for money, sharpening pencils, taking late night bike rides around the block and brainstorming future-drawing-projects with fellow classmate-drawing-buddy Nina Elliott. Are you working on any particular projects at the moment? I am currently slogging away on a body of work for an exhibition at RoofTop Art Space, my first solo exhibition in Melbourne! Best advice you’ve been given? “Keep your eyes on the prize” and “surround yourself with hardworking people” are two great pearls of wisdom I have received lately. I attempt to relate and apply this to my own work. Check out more of Evie’s work at www.eviecahir.tumblr.com

crowned bird we chat to PRISCILLA Barroso, the founder & designer behind our NEW fAVE label, crowned bird. Tell us a little about yourself and Crowned Bird. I am a bespoke tailor that makes clothing for various artists and musicians in San Francisco. I started this umbrella company with negative 300 dollars in my bank account so I was one of the fortunate few that got lucky, but it’s been years in the making. A true ‘coming of age’ type story, minus the epic dialogue. Things just work out if they should and I know, because I’m a fatalist at heart. Crowned Bird is a testament to that. It’s a clothing line I designed specifically for the geeksters of our world. Not quite hipsters, but totally, relentlessly knowledgable about their craft, have an eye for timelessness, and a hearted approach to trends. We are endearing, harmless, and geek out on the things we love. If you can relate to any of those qualities, Crowned Bird was made for you. Your line has a very distinct style, where do you draw inspiration from? Inspiration always comes suddenly for me. I can spend a day frolicking through a city and by night I have the new season down on paper. The French retro theme isn’t just inherent, the rest is based on experience and staying present. I try my best to seize a small moment and draw it organically, then build a story through design. There are always ‘characters’ in my mind. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? I have just launched to wholesalers so I am heading to Paris for the Pret-aPorte show on my June 30th and will be making some fun fashion videos in the streets using a couple of my favorite Parisian fashion bloggers. Excited for all of the video projects to come with a very magical friend, Miss Heather Gildroy. What do you do when you’re not working on your designs? I seek out favorite haunts and new experiences. I’m boldly adventurous at times. But more than anything, I like to spend time with amazing people that fill my life somehow. It is symbiotic love. And then there is my pug, my everyday love affair. Best advice you’ve been given? Haters gonna hate. Where do you see the label going in the future? We will be taking this brand to Japan in the near future. I am meeting with the buyers from Beams+ who are already interested in the Spring 2013 collection, coming out in August. I’ll be relocating my business to Los Angeles this summer (yeah!) and have a beautiful showroom production space downtown I’m sharing with photographer Heather Gildroy. The next collection still carries a strong and adored nod to the past, but is a bit darker, in a neon sort of way. Where can our readers buy your lovely pieces? I will have to keep you posted on online and local retailers. Launching next week (California here we come!), you’ll have to check out our stockists page for up-to-date news. To find out more visit www.crownedbird.com

IN BLOOM Photographer: Sisilia Piring Model: Melody Sparks Styling: Charity Baker-Crowley Hair: Myah Underwood Makeup: Mary Delgado

good night, day

we chat to tara-lynn, the talented lass behind good night, day.

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Tara-lynn, I’m 36, living in Canada, with my ol’ man, an artist by trade, my two kids, and a cat. This friday will be fun, I’m getting another tattoo, an old school peacock, but this one will be especially poignant from all the rest, because I am finally covering up a tattoo I’ve had since I was fourteen and walked into a biker tattoo shop. What is Good Night, Day and how did it come about? Good night day is a one woman run hand knits shop, that took its name from the 1939 modernist book good morning, midnight, by Jean Rhys. It came about at first as a side project, but I was pouring so mcuh of myself into it, so that when I was laid off from my job, I decided that was it and I was gonna make it work. It was all I ever wanted, and I just kinda refused to quit. Do you remember the first thing you ever knitted? what was it? Well I recall knitting a lot of camera cases, fingerless gloves & halter bras for friends, without a pattern. I taught myself from mostly library books and the internet, and straight away I was obsessed. I suppose the obession never lost its appeal. Your line has a very distinct style, where do you draw inspiration from? I hope that my knits do have a certain distint style, so thank you for that. I try to create timeless and sustainable pieces that will be a staple classic and avoid trends. I strive to knit items I would love to wear and the inspiration is all wrapped up in that, as well as hopefully feeling modern. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? At the moment, I am frantactically trying to get together new designs in the shop for September, and also choosing the colours of the wool for pieces, which is all sourced from Uruguay and Argentina. I have so many ideas - I just hope I have enough time to knit everything, do the photo shoot and move! Mostly I have sweaters on my mind, cardigans, even knitted dresses, new toques, more cowls & turbans, but we’ll see where it ends up soon. Do you have any advice for others who may want to start a business like yours? My only advice would be that you have to really love it, because it will be all consuming, emotionaly draining, as well you may have to deal with new expectations around finances. Things get really, really tight, and it’s not ever about that - success comes from reaching personal goals instead. But mostly just keep at it and keep your chin up. Where can our readers buy your lovely pieces? My online shop ships world wide and you can shop my pieces in store at Robber in Toronto, White Elephant in Hamilton, and at Always in Australia. Visit goodnightday.ca to see more of Tara-lynn’s knits!

reusable fabric

wall decals

book of deer Illustrator & DESIGNER, EILIDH HO TELLS US ALL ABOUT HER LABEL, BOOK OF DEER. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Eilidh Ho, I am 26 years old. My mum is Scottish and my dad is Chinese, I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Hong Kong where I currently live after spending 6 years in London. I studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins. I am left handed. Obsessed with miniature things and kid’s cartoons. I love James Dean. My favourite foods are cereal and sushi. How and when did Book of Deer come about? Book of Deer was born from hours and hours of daydreaming. I had planted the seed of thought for a brand based on illustrative prints whilst sitting bored at a receptionist desk during an internship. Years later, when I moved back to Hong Kong, I set about constructing the brand image and business model. I had this vision of a dreamy, girly, nostalgic brand which told a story with each collection. I named it Book of Deer after the oldest surviving manuscript written in Scotland. To me, the name evoked the atmosphere of a fairytale. Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? What inspires you? Illustration is a big part of my designs as I hand-draw all my prints. I am very much influenced by children’s books, cartoons and the work of Hayao Miyazaki. Even the illustrated clothing in picture books can play a part in informing the silhouettes and details of my designs. Music also plays a big part in my creative process. My current collection was inspired by the Mori Girl subculture in Japan; I listened to the kind of shoegaze, folky ambient music Mori girls like as I developed my designs. It definitely helped me translate that dreamy atmosphere into the collection. What do you do when you’re not working on your designs? I try and get away from the office and out and about to absorb some culture in an organic way. In a city like Hong Kong there is always a lot going on and I really enjoy wandering around wetmarkets and cheap local fast-fashion malls, I have a knack for collecting random things to clutter up my room. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? I have a few freelance gigs, I do T-shirt art for Anna Sui. I am trying out some jewellery designing. I’m also helping my sister out with a contemporary dance show she is putting on this year. Best advice you’ve been given? Stephen Jones (the milliner) gave a talk at our college and said that when working in the fashion industry “you just have to leave your ego at the door”. This little piece of advice has come back to me multiple times when I have come across difficult personalities both professionally and socially. Where do you see the label going in the future? I see Book of Deer as an international brand and aspire to see it infiltrate the wardrobes of more countries. I would like to add more chapters to the brand story; I definitely would like to develop a kid’s line one day. Where can our readers buy your lovely pieces? I have an online shop and the line is also currently being sold in Daydream Nation in Hong Kong and Little Thing Shop in Shen Zhen. You can see more of Eilidh’s designs and illustrations at www.bookofdeer.com

IN SEASON VINTAGE Winter 2012 Photographer – Melissa Findley Model – Olly Ioukhnovitch Styling – Meg Desmond MUA – Briana Jade Rourke www.facebook.com/InSeasonVintage

Spring Flavor Spring Flavor is an original handmade brand based in Japan that creates the prettiest clasp purses and bags from Japanese and American Vintage fabrics. Run by Haruka Sasaki, Spring Flavor items are one of a kind and made with love. Head over to www.etsy.com/shop/SpringFlavor to buy your own Spring Flavor piece.

CHARLIE MAYFAIR We chat to brisbane’s charlie mayfair about their latest song and what’s coming up next for the indie-folk quintet. Give us the low down on Charlie Mayfair – how and when did the band form? The band formed in early 2010. We were all introduced through mutual friends, our singing teachers, uni and work and decided to get together and make some noise on quite folked up songs that Dave and I had been writing. We have changed a lot since then and we’re now all playing each other’s instruments and writing stories and songs together. Still making a lot of noise too. For those who haven’t heard your lovely music before, how would you describe your sound? That’s a tough one for most bands I think but I guess I’d describe our sound as epic, uplifting but melancholic. It’s reminiscent of the melodic beauty of artists like Bon Iver and Feist mixed with the intensity and rhythmic nature of bands like The National and Radiohead. Tell us about your latest single, ‘Waste Me’. Is there a story behind it? It’s basically a song about heartache, and more specifically when you realise that just because someone wants you, doesn’t mean they necessarily care about you. But sometimes getting something from someone you love is better than nothing at all and so you let yourself be used. And the video? It’s pretty brutal! Brutal but

strangely beautiful in a way I think. We wanted a dark clip that told the story of a ruined and unbalanced romantic relationship. Our producer and friend Jefferton James (Boy & Bear, Avalanche City) really delivered something intense and amazing with that in mind. It was shot over 2 days in the Southern Highlands in an actual settler’s cottage. I really love it and I love how dark and creepy it is. You guys have supported the likes of The Panics and Husky. That must have been a cool experience? So, so very cool. The Husky boys are lovely people and we really enjoyed playing with them and partying with them on the tour. The Panics’ support was pretty surreal. We’d been in Melbourne the night before for a show and flew home that day so it was a bit of a whirlwind weekend. We really respect both those bands and their careers so it was an honour to play alongside them. Funniest moment or incident whilst playing a gig? Our guitarist yelled “Shut the f*** up” at some people side of stage at our last gig when they were heckling at the beginning of a quiet and important song. I guess that was pretty funny. The Australian music scene is getting stronger every day, how does it feel to be a part of that? Feels pretty frigging great! And hopefully I can be a part of it forever and ever. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band? Um... do it now! Also, make sure you have a girl (or two) in the band because we’re the best. What’s next for Charlie Mayfair? Any recording or tour plans? We’re planning a tour with a couple of other bands for September this year so that’ll be sick. We’re also back into writing mode so we can get into the studio again as soon as possible. We’re getting really excited about our new songs and can’t wait to get them into the world. Oh shit yeah.

Belle Flower Photography: Kyla Hemmelgarn - NOBASURA Artist Agency Styling: Deanna Palkowski- Liz Bell Agency Model: Laurence Beauvais- Elite Hair & Makeup: Negar Hooshmand- Liz Bell Agency

kelsey garrity-riley Tell us a little about yourself. I’m an illustrator living in Savannah Georgia. I’m American but was born in and lived in Europe my whole life before coming here to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design. I graduated in 2010. Now I spend my time working on freelance work from the little home I share with my husband who is also a wonderful illustrator. How did you get into Illustration? I always wanted to do something with drawing and painting, I just wasn’t sure what. The more I learned about illustration it seemed to be exactly what I felt drawn to naturally - art with a quick turn around that is heavy on the storytelling. Its proven to be a realistic way to make a living doing what I love, which is so wonderful. What mediums do you generally work with? I am addicted to Peat Brown ink by windsor and newton, and a small thin red dip pen I bought at a calligraphy store in paris. I don’t know anything about it! but I love the line it gives. I also found that I could justify my collection of old found papers if i used them in my art. I generally work with a mix of collaging them and painting with Windsor and Newton Gouaches. I generally always finish up an image in photoshop, even if its just cleaning it up. What inspires you and your work? Hmm... I love so many things. Particularly: beautiful spaces and good interiors, iconography, natural history (We’ve got a small collection of taxidermy that keeps us company in our studio), botany, old found objects and looking for them in thrift stores, memory and family. Who are some of your favourite artists and why? Carson Ellis is a heavy favorite. I love the continuity of her images, how they are often anachronistic but always fit together. Her mix of worlds and times and spaces is wonderful. I love her limited color pallet. I also love Marcel Dzama and Jockum Nordstrom for these things. I love art that edges on illustration with its mix of characters and

storytelling. Camilla Engman’s work is beautiful and I really respect how well she crosses over between so many mediums, and just lets herself enjoy what she does. Olaf Hajek has an amazing style and I love so much how he mixes his florals in with figures. Do you have a specific creative process or ritual when creating work? I’m working on getting a good ritual down. It normally involves getting a strong small latte and a big glass of water. Sometimes it involves having a crime drama playing mindlessly beside me, or music. What do you do when you’re not working on your art? I work as a display artist at the Paris Market in downtown Savannah. I absolutely love the place, and love being there, although my time there is becoming less and less as I become more and more overwhelmed with illustration projects. There is a great group of people I get to work with there and we’ve been able to pull off some really fun and creative things. I really enjoy cooking (nothing too fancy), eating (any kind of food, but especially Thai and Vietnamese), and finding interesting bits of nature to bring home. Are you working on any particular projects at the moment? Yes, a lot of little things! A handful of wedding invitations, a mural and a few other things. I’d like to get to a place where I have more time for the ideas I have running around in my head that I haven’t been able to put onto paper yet. Best advice you’ve been given? I don’t know if this counts. But my husband and I are always quoting Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks to each other; “A path is formed by laying one brick at a time”( he might have been quoting someone else himself? I’m not sure). In any case, remembering that most good things take time and small steps is important. You never know how the little things will build up and what they may lead to. Im still telling myself that anyway! I do know that every good thing that has worked out for me in art was something I had to really work hard for. For more of Kelsey’s work head to KGRiley.com

EMMA LOUISE Brisbane’s emma louise HAS A Beautifully haunting and enigmatic voice that we just can’t get enough of. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m 20 and live in Brisbane. I spend most of my time doing musical stuff; playing guitar, writing songs, going to gigs, recording, jamming. I need to get some kind of hobby to entertain another side of my mind I think, haha. Your debut single Jungle had a really great response here in Australia and overseas, how did that feel to have thousands of people singing along to your song? Yeah it feels awesome! Before last year I had never played a gig where people know the words to my songs, so it was a great feeling to hear people singing along. I totally didn’t expect such an awesome response. What inspires you to keep writing songs? I write songs to express my feelings. It’s a good way to deal with certain things happening in my life. It’s also just something I love to do, making art with music is fun. Are there any particular and possibly hilarious gigs or moments that you’ll never forget? I think I’m still waiting for that massively funny thing to happen to me on stage that I will

always remember when people ask me this, haha. Are you excited for your upcoming Sparks tour this monrh? Yeah definitely. We’ve been doing heaps of rehearsals and it’s very exciting. We’re playing some new songs from the upcoming album and have also got a few more toys that we are using in our set. What about playing Splendour? The delicious line-up melted our faces off! Yeahhhh super excited for splendour. It marks the end of our tour and the beginning of a month holiday for me so it’s going to be awesomeee. Favourite song of all time? Hmmmm. I really love a song called rubber and soul by Ane Brun. Your debut album will be coming out early next year, what should we expect? I think it’s a good and interesting mixture of rawness, emotion and a new more soft electronic side of my music. I’m having lots of fun making it and am so happy with what we’ve made so far. What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t making music? Probably something to do with animals. Maybe like a Vet Nurse or something. I’ve done a bit of work in a few shelters and vet clinics and stuff. I LOVE animals. Best advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t compare yourself to other people. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be original. You can follow Emma on Facebook at www.facebook.com/musicemmalouise

get yo’ blog on! We chat to the lovely ladies behind our favourite blogs and find out what they think makes a successful blog.

FOXTAIL & FERN Meet Hannah, the foxy lady behind foxtail&fern. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Hannah, I’ve very recently graduated from Edinburgh university (I’m excited that I can now say that!) and I’m currently trying to work out what to do with my life. I’m also a blogger, or at least I try to be. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging sometime towards the end of 2008 after coming across a few other fashion blogs and being enthralled by them. It was nice to have an outlet for something that not many of my ‘real life’ friends were really interested in. How would you describe your style? Vintage-inspired mostly, simple, laid-back and sometimes a little weird. Did you ever think your blog would take off like it has? I think my blog is still pretty grounded, but I do appreciate that I have a set of regular readers and I’m very grateful to them for constantly returning to read my ramblings and look at my pictures. The best thing about being a blogger? Getting to interact with like-minded people. I also enjoy the design side of things and probably spend too much time messing with the layout of my site. The worst? Receiving junk mail from random PR companies. If an e-mail doesn’t address me by my name, it goes straight in the trash! A lot of people think bloggers are just attention seekers looking for their 15 minutes of fame. How do you feel about that? I think that people shouldn’t be so quick to tar all bloggers with the same brush. Sure, there are probably people like that, although if you’re only after 15 minutes of fame, I’m sure there are much more efficient ways of achieving that than blogging. I think the vast majority of us are just happy to be part of such a vibrant and diverse community where we can share things with like-minded people. What do you think makes a successful blog? Regular updates of quality content and a well thought out, uncluttered layout definitely help, but I think for it to be really good, you need to really love what you’re posting about, be that fashion, cooking or whatever. The one item in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without? Jeans! I don’t wear them that often on my blog because I think they’re kind of boring and not worth posting about, but I practically live in jeans. Do you have a favourite blog? I have lots of favourites! It’s really hard to name just one or (or two or three or four), but all my favourite blogs are linked to on my ‘links’ page. Follow Foxtail & Fern at www.foxtailandfern.com

esme & the laneway Meet marianne the vintage vixen behind esme & the laneway. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Marianne and I write the blog esme and the laneway. I grew up in London and moved to Melbourne at the tender age of 22, for love. I’m very glad I did as I like it here and the love is still strong. When and why did you start blogging? I started back in 2008. So many reasons why I started; I wanted to take photographs and I wanted to explore different styles and it just made sense. It was a very quiet kind of thing and I didn’t expect anyone to actually ever read it... and I really enjoyed it, and still do. How would you describe your style? This is always so hard. I like vintage things from the 1930s-1960s, and from way earlier, and I love the 1970s, and modern things, too. I like contrasts. I keep coming back to a spooky doll thing. Whenever I’ve said that before it’s been taken out, so, spooky dolls, please! I love beautiful, often colourful, things. You’re originally from London. What made you move to Melbourne? For that love! I met my almost-husband (getting married soon!) over in London when he moved into the house I was living in, and he brought me back here less than a year later. The best thing about being a blogger? Community, support, meeting people with similar tastes and ideas. Learning new things. Constant inspiration. The desire to do better with each post. Facing fears rather publicly! The wonderful day dreaming, escapism and positivity. The worst? The desire to do better with each post!!! I never think I will be as good as I want to be. That’s a love-hate thing for me! Always trying to do better. Some people think bloggers are just attention seekers looking for their 15 minutes of fame. How do you feel about that? I hadn’t really heard that before. I feel that there are so many positive aspects to blogging, from lighthearted things to far deeper, more important ones, and I know that many people can enjoy them. What do you think makes a successful blog? For me, I will consider my blog successful when I can look over my posts and feel they are doing everything I want them to do, showing what I hope to show. I like blogs that are written from the heart, and so I personally can enjoy a blog with amazing photography as much as someone who has wonderful, original ideas and brings them to life on a camera phone. And when people blog about their passion, that’s so good! What they truly care about. That, for me, makes an interesting read. The one item in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without? Ummm... so many! I think my pink and red 1950’s dress. I’ve been trying to find similar pieces to kind of pad out that area of my wardrobe, and I’ve realised it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s such a good dress. I’ve got a few more 1950s dresses in that style now, but they don’t quite compare. Do you have a favourite blog? I have a few absolute favourites and I find they kind of come and go for me in cycles. At the moment I am really getting back into The Cherry Blossom Girl’s blog, which I hadn’t read for a little while. And I love Spitalfield’s life – it’s not a style blog, it’s all about East London (where I used to live) and the history, the people and the stories from there. It adds so much to my day. Such an amazing blog. Follow Esme & the Laneway at www.esmeandthelaneway.blogspot.com.au

daydream lily Meet the lovely liss from daydream lily. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging in 2007. At the time I was working in a team of 14 guys and me. So as you can imagine I needed that space where I could express more of my girly side and talk about illustration, craft, photography and pretty dresses to my hearts content.... not that guys don’t like those things, I have guy readers! I also saw it as a way to start being creative again, after putting down the camera for a few years I was really missing doing something creative in my spare time. How would you describe your style? Eclectic crazy dog lady. No really, I’m not sure how to describe what I enjoy...maybe it’s ‘indie’ ...It sounds silly, but I just know what I like and I’m not afraid to say ‘no I don’t like that, but if you do then that’s ok’ whether it be music, fashion, art or design. I think a strong sense of self is important in life and not being afraid to love what you love. I’ve always believed that if you don’t live the life you want then you end up living someone else’s version of your life. Did you ever think your blog would take off like it has? No not at all, I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider in life, the one off doing my own thing. So I didn’t think my blog would or could become popular. The best thing about being a blogger? That no one can tell you what to do or what to blog. You are in control of your blog, its success, its content, what you want it to be or become. In a way it’s like being your own boss. I love having complete creative freedom. Also I know this will sound super cliché and everyone says it...the friends I’ve made is the best thing about blogging. Some of my absolute closest friends are from blogging. There is a sense of community amoungst bloggers that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. Without my blog I think the move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast would have been much harder. The worst? Blogger burnout. I’m not sure if it’s even a thing but there has been times where I haven’t felt as inspired to blog and its important in those times to allow yourself to take a break. Also email, I’m still trying to figure out how to keep on top of it all. What do you think makes a successful blog? My scientist brain automatically says, well how do you define success? Assuming you mean a highly followed blog then it is really hard to define, I would say content is king! Spend time focusing on your blog and your content and making it the best you can. Make your blog a place you enjoy and that you would enjoy reading. Also when you do become successful, never forget the little guy or where you came from, stay humble and true to yourself and your beliefs. The one item in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without? I could live without clothes but I’m legally obligated to wear them. Do you have a favourite blog? I have many favourite blogs, ones I’ve been reading for years and others I’ve only just started reading. I keep them all listed on my blogroll. Follow Daydream Lily at www.daydreamlily.com

A KIND OF STROLL Photographer: Gloria Marigo Model: Elze’ Kazlauskaite @ MP Management Stylist: Sabrina De Mercurio MUA/Hair Stylist: Ely Make Up

victoria garcia SYDNEY’S PRINT & TEXTILE DESIGNER VICTORIA GARCIA CHATS TO US ABOUT HER LATEST WORK, SURROCODELIA. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Victoria and I am an artist, illustrator and designer. I currently live and work in Sydney, Australia. What do you do and why do you do it? I focus my time making art, and I also work as a textiles fashion print designer and illustrator. It can be difficult to separate these activities into categories because they all intertwine at times. There is something magic about being able to transform a thought, idea or feeling you have into another form and I think this process and element of mystery is exciting and motivating for a lot of creative people, you never know exactly what you will or can create and you can’t stop – it’s a feeling that your work will never be complete. You’ve designed prints for Karen Walker, Peter Alexander and Lisa Ho. How does it feel to have worked with such big names in fashion, this early in your career? It’s pretty exciting and a bit strange to see an image you have drawn or created on a catwalk or fashion shoot. I’ve walked down the street or have been out and have seen people wearing prints that I’ve drawn or painted! I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced working in a great studio surrounded by talented people, and all my experiences have inspired me to continue pushing forward. What inspires you to keep creating? There are too many inspiring things and people around to not keep going – I admire people who have had a vision and stuck with it fearlessly. I think things in reality that we take for granted can be extremely surreal and inspiring - the fact that things merely exist is endlessly fascinating. I love natural history, art history, patterns and science. Tell us a little about your beautiful art installation, Surrocodelia. What’s it about? Surrocodelia is an amalgamation of the art and aesthetic movements – Surrealism, Rococo and Psychedelia. I strive to combine these elements together. I am inspired by the idea of a Wunderkammer or Cabinet of Curiosity , thought to be the precursors to natural history museums. They were fully immersive environments that aimed to reflect and record the wonder of the world, in a time before modern taxonomy and science. In this sense ‘Surrocodelia’ is my personal Cabinet of Curiosity. For the installation I covered a room with some very labor intensive drawings. I am fascinated by the ‘natural’ world, and our ideas about our relationship to it. To me, the installation is about complexity, life and death, pattern, infinity and everyday banality against a ‘natural’ world. I like that everybody has a different reaction and interpretation of the work when they see it. What are you working on anything exciting at the moment? I am currently doing some new works on paper and planning a new installation. I’ve also gone 3D and have been working on some clay sculptures which has been fun so far. As a more long term project I am developing a children’s book. Are there any mediums you’d like to explore but haven’t? I have touched on the bare basics of animation but haven’t gotten around to fully realizing a proper project. I’d also like to explore painting more one day. What’s your ultimate goal in terms of your art and designs? I am finding my place between art and design and ideally I would like to be somewhere in the middle. I love the way a strong vision or idea can manifest itself through many different mediums and I just hope to stay curious and keep creating. To see more of Victoria’s work head over to www.surrocodelia.com

caitlin worthington young photographer, caitlin worthington chats to us about her passions and work. Tell us a little about yourself? Caitlin Worthington, 22 years of age living in Perth, Western Australia. I love coffee on cold, rainy days, long macchiato’s topped up are my favourite.. Mmm music, I love listening to Radiohead and the Pixies. Cooking is great to, I mainly like making my own pizza, I REALLY love pizza and chilli. Ooo and I love my little black cat, kitty. What do you love the most about photography? Hmm I never know how to answer this question in words that will truly describe why I do love it so much. I love, love, love light…. All the different aspects of it, the patterns, colours and textures it’s able to create. Being able to create another world is pretty neat to, I love that you can create your own little escape and allow people to see into it, the dreams that go on inside your head and how everyone’s little dream is different in its own way, it’s so interesting! Is there any message or ideas you’d like to convey through your work? If so, what? I guess so, I love passion it may sound corny or cliche or whatever, but when someone is driven by passion in what ever it may be that they love, from something as simple as collecting nuts and bolts to creating a beautiful dress. I don’t know I just find it so inspiring and empowering… It’s really beautiful. So I guess you could say I like to convey that passion in my work, that I see in others and myself. Are there any particular things or people that have had an influence on your art practice? Definitely my childhood, I strive on many memories that I have from my childhood and try to devolve it into my work. Having so much imagination over the simplest of things, I always want to hold onto that somehow and through my art is how I have done so. Tell us a little about your thought/creative process when it comes to organising a shoot. Sometimes it can be a team effort, so ideas can come from other creatives and we can put our heads together, exchange inspirational images and go from there. I may sometimes just be lying in bed and an idea will just pop into my head, its frustrating because then I can’t sleep because I brainstorm off the original idea for a while… Then I’ll try find images similar to show others so we can shoot it. Best advice you’ve ever been given? That’s tough, I’ve been given many a good advice from many different people. All of which are of equal importance… I often remember this one- “Always shoot the way you want, don’t ever let someone tell you how or what to shoot, you are your own style and you work for you, if they don’t like it then tough” Haha, thats probably not the exact words but close enough. What are you working on at the moment? I’m mainly working on fashion projects now, which is great, it’s a good way to earn money whilst still being able to have that creative flexibility. I’m wanting to do more candid photography with children, my younger brothers and sisters have grown up now, but I would love to get back into that side of photography, it reminds me of when I first started… I’m a little nostalgic about it I guess, but I love that. You can find more of Caitlins work at www.caitlinworthington.com

L’ecole des Femmes Autumn/Winter 2013 Photography - Aaron Feaver Styling - Laura Sfez MUA - Yusuka Shapiro Models - Sarah Maresh @Elite Jena Yeargan @Vision

aiko fukawa introducing Aiko fukawa, a japanese illustrator with a love for animals and flowers. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Aiko Fukawa. I live in Yokohama JAPAN. What do you do and why do you do it? I am an illustrator. I design and sell paper items. Why: Because I really loved drawing and painting from childhood. I love imagining lovely worlds and I like letters and paper items so much. What mediums do you work with? Advertising, books, picture books, magazine, etc. I hope to hold an exhibition in New York! Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? What inspires you? Animals and flowers. They always give special inspirations for me. I’m grateful to them. Of course, I will also get some ideas from the great masters of the past! Holidays in foreign countries. Different cultures from Japan. They give me a good influence. I’m going to New York with my sister in this autumn! I hope to go to Mexico in future too. What do you do when you’re not working on your art? I go to the cinema, museum, shopping, etc and I spend happy time with my family and friends. I am healed when I sleep with my dog and cat. Are you working on any particular projects at the moment? I’m drawing for children’s toys with a toy’s company in Paris. I’m excited because this is the first time I’ve made children’s items. There are many other things to do. Magazine, delivery preparation of my brand, etc! Best advice you’ve been given? There is no coincidence. Everything happens inevitably. To see more of Aiko’s work head over to www.nice-nice-nice.com

FLORAL & LACE Photography - Caitlin Bellah Wardrobe - Briana Gonzales Hair & MUA - Barbara Yniguez Model - Marketa @ Hollywood Model Managament Florals - Laurel Stovall

NAME DESIGN STUDIO Combining a style of artistic lines and form, attention to detail and sensitivity of materials, Name Design Studio design contemporary hand-crafted furniture and home accessories that brighten up any room. Interior architect Jo Supara and Ali Tarakci founded the company in 2010 and the two work from their studio in Istanbul, Turkey. All of their pieces are made by hand and to order, making them that little bit more impressive. The patchwork style and upcycled fabrics including beautiful bright florals have us weak at the kness. To find out more, visit their website here: www.namedesignstudio.com

Dookielicious We chat to catarina, the quirky designer and one half of fashion label, dookielicious. Tell us a little about yourself and Dookielicious. My name is Catarina, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I studied fashion design and started Dookielicious still in college, in 2007, with my boyfriend (today my husband). He was studying graphic design and we decided to join our two areas of work. The result was a colourful and sweet brand we called Dookielicious. How did Misaki come about? I have a cute doll that inspires me a lot - the Japanese Blythe. For this capsule collection I decided she would be the main character, I wanted to dress girls that are a bit like dolls. This was the motto, and then the way naturally lead me to Japan and Harajuku. Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? What inspires you? My biggest inspiration, my muse, is Bjork. I love everything about her, the music, the image, all her universe is pure creativity. She has the ability of showing us something we’ve never seen before and this is so inspiring! And of course I’m influenced by other designers, specially the Japanese ones. Rei Kawakubo is on top of my preferences. What do you do when you’re not working on your designs? I spend a lot of time taking care of my blog, which I love! And baking is another passion. Best advice you’ve been given? To always follow my heart! We can only find happiness if we do it. Where do you see the label going in the future? I really don’t think to much about the future, but I expect to continue doing things with love, that’s the most important for me. You can buy Dookielicious through their website’s online store: shop.dookielicious.com and make sure you check out Catarina’s blog: www.fromsomeoneinlove.com

looking for habits Photographer -Valeria Farinella Stylists- Prisca Maizzi & Irene Ghillani Make-up and Hair - Giudy Bedetti Models: Ieva @Next Corstiaan & Andrea @Independent

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the storybook rabbit The Storybook Rabbit is basically a whole lot of floral, vintage love and cute bunnies, all wrapped up in one big bundle of kitschy goodness! The Storybook Rabbit has something for every bunny with lovely vintage illustrated plates, wooden frame print brooches and a whole lot of other cute stuff featuring cute woodland animals with the sweetest messages. Most pieces are one of a kind and everything is handmade with a lot of love by Kelly and her bunny, Juno. So pop on over to www.etsy.com/shop/thestorybookrabbit and snag yourself some Storybook Rabbit love!


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