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Issue No. 11 Pony Anarchy is aimed at creative, fun and curious folk who enjoy Art, Photography, Fashion, Music and all things lovely! Editor Kristie Webster Photography contributors: Hana Haley, Alba Soler, Akkia Neko, Francesco Ormando, Andrea Jankovic, Gloria Marigo, Sofie Olejnik, Vivienne Mok, Lyndel Yeo & Daniel Jackson, Bonnie Hansen, Laura Cammarata, Cover Photographer: Vivienne Mok Model: Mirjam L. @Time Model Agency Styling: Jaclyn Bethany & Vivienne Mok Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Advertising: for rates and information on advertising and sponsored giveaways please contact us for a media kit. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

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Banana Milkshake by Francesco Ormando

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Artist feature: Jose Romussi

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Shiny Teardrops by Gloria Marigo

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Diamond Eyes by Sofie Olenjik

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Fashion for a Cause

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Once Upon a Summer by Laura Cammarata

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My Little Hannah by Lyndel Yeo & Daniel Jackson

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Editors Note Well to our Fairytales & Fables issue! Inspired by fictional stories new and old, this edition of Pony Anarchy is jam-packed with editorials that all tell their own stories. We’ve featured some pretty new collections from The Whitepepper, Crowned Bird as well as i make. you wear it. We also chat to emerging fashion photographer Francesco Ormando about his work, inspirations and what he has planned for the future, as well as Berlin based mixed media artist Jose Romussi about his embroided photography works. Enjoy! Kristie x

bonne chance collections

moose design

Kathryn Selbert

miss ella

Bonne Chance Collections is one of our favourite online shopping destinations at the moment. Created in 2010 by two sisters completely head over heels for all things fashion, this modern boutique brings together a collection of one of a kind vintage-inspired clothing at affordable prices. Head to www.bonnechancecollections.com for more info.

MOOSE DEISGN is a small workshop of handmade bags run by Polish designer, Hanna Jędrzejczyk. Characterized by originaility and minimalist style, Hanna’s bags are perfect staple pieces to have in any wardrobe. All bags are made manually with special care and attention to details. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/MOOSEdesignBAGS to see more.

What’s better than cute animals and sweet treats? Cute animals and sweet treats in one! Connecticut freelance illustrator Kathryn Selbert creates some pretty fabulous artworks of kitty cats and baked goods. You can snag yourself one of her prints via her etsy store at www.etsy. com/shop/kathrynselbert

Illustrator and cat enthusiast Ella Goodwin makes the sweetest animal clutch purses that any one ever did see! These fancy creatures are made of thick oak veneer and heavyweight cotton fabric to ensure they can handle anything you put into them. You can see the whole collection at www. etsy.com/shop/ShopMissElla


alexandra clara

Luna moth

Arc Of A Diver

Miscii is a popular and playful collection of ideas & designs by Perth designer, Celeste Rautenbach. Her collection of fun and quirky items are made for everyday wear and are inspired by those who don’t take life too seriously and revel in a simple and colourful world. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/ miscii to see for yourself!

Melbourne crafter and maker, Alexandra Claire has us swooning over her Mexican inspired tassel necklaces. These super colourful and interesting necklaces are the perfect way to spice up any outfit and would make for a pretty nice birthday present for friends. Pop onto www.etsy.com/shop/ alexandraclara to see more of Alexandra’s designs.

Baltimore student, Lindsay Bottos-Sewell is the little lady behind Luna Moth, an etsy store that sells prints and wearable pieces of art. We especially like her quirky banner pins, like the one above. To see more of Lindsay’s work head over to www.etsy.com/shop/LunaMothShop

Created in 2011 Pacific Northwest based designer Sarah, Arc of a Diver is a handbag label that exemplifies a woman’s need for colour, texture, pattern, structure and the luxury of leather in a unique bag. Head over to www.arcofadiver. com to check out Sarah’s designs and visit her online store.


HORSES Photography ‒ Alba Soler Models ‒ Sara Castañer, Katty Iosif & Natalia Casan Hair & Make-up ‒ Sara Olcina Wardrobe ‒ Silvia Soler


This Summer the WHITEPEPPER Summer 2013 collection plays on the distinct, oversized WP silhouette, with a collection of off-beat dresses, twin-sets and separates. Designed for a Summer of festivals, holidays and city styling, the relaxed shapes are easily adaptable to beach, bar or occasionwear. As ever, wearable pieces in denim, check and monochrome transcend seasonal boundaries, to become year long wardrobe essentials for unique daily styling. www.thewhitepepper.com

Like a

Sundae Photography ‒ Akkia Neko Model ‒ Vera Claeys

Laura cammarata We chat to emerging fashion photographer, laura cammarata about her journey into photography.

and limit myself on that now not to be influenced too much from other photographers. Also travelling is what keeps my mind fresh. What does photography mean to you? It is the only way I know I can express my way of seeing things. It’s a passion, it’s a job, it’s what keeps me inspired and motivated, it’s what makes me frustrated sometimes but it’s the reason that keeps me going at the same time, it’s what gets me out of bed every day. It’s my way of growing both as a professional, an artist and a person all at once. I chose fashion photography because I love turning my visual ideas into reality rather than documenting what surrounds me, I am inspired by creating worlds instead of only looking at what’s there already. Which other photographers, artists or creative people are you loving right now? The list is bottomless, really. It includes Josh Olins, Miles Aldridge, Paolo Roversi, Ellen von Unwerth, Giampaolo Sgura, Tim Walker, Txema Yeste, Emma Summerton, Irving Penn, Mert and Marcus, Camilla Akrans, Richard Avedon, Julia Hetta and Willy Vanderperre. If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be? Paolo Roversi, definitely. His work is so timeless, classy and minimal that I can’t keep my eyes off of it when I have it in front of me. It’s pure, dream-like, nightmare-like, soft and edgy at the same time, just beautiful. What would be your dream project? Right now I would go for anything to shoot far, far away in a cool exotic location and wild animals, possibly in the desert under the burning sun. Or even something completely different like a big bright white wooden garret full of flowers. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Never ever give up when nothing seems to go right. The most successful people started from scratch exactly like you and they were probably really bad at the beginning. Learn from negative criticism, be happy about achievements but never settle where you are. Study, never stop learning. Total commitment is the only way of doing things right. Be nice to people, there is no point in playing bitch. What tips do you have for other aspiring photographers like yourself? Exactly the same advice I have listed above. People tend to give up too easily sometimes, the career of a photographer can be really challenging and frustrating but if you have a goal in my opinion there isn’t anything more inspiring and interesting than committing to it and seeing where life will take you. Also, money is important but it is not everything. What do you have planned next? I am planning a New York trip for either work, networking and holidays in about a month. After that, I may go to Paris to shoot in Autumn.

Tell us a little about your background – what drew you to photography originally, and which early influences contributed to the development of your distinctive style? I have always been drawn to art since I was a kid, I used to draw a lot but wasn’t very talented at it so when I discovered photography it just felt right. I randomly discovered photography at the age of 17, I had met a guy who was taking pictures with this big camera (I didn’t even know what a reflex camera was) and found it interesting how he moved to find the right composition and framing. We started talking and he showed me his portfolio on Flickr. That was the start of everything; I would spend hours on Flickr, DeviantArt and other platforms where I could browse emerging photographers. My early works were over photo shopped, very experimental, kind of surreal and quite copied from here and there, to be honest. After that I got more into the great masters of photography and with time I got more and more interested in fashion. By discovering the best fashion photographers out there from the past and the present I understood that it was exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. At the age of 21 I decided to leave Italy and move to London where I knew I could find a better environment to grow as a fashion photographer. How would you describe your work? Atmospheric, timeless, and sophisticated. How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph? Do you plan every step or is it a bit more spontaneous? I am quite a control freak and there is a lot of planning behind every single shoot I do. I am a perfectionist and rarely let things just happen, this means it usually takes me a month or two to plan the whole thing and all the details, from the choice of the people involved to location hunting and model casting, are accurately foreseen in advance, especially if I go abroad to shoot. Of course this doesn’t mean that all my photos are exactly the same as my initial ideas but I try and get as close as I can. This is the reason why I don’t shoot that often, usually once or twice a month: I’d rather shoot less with high quality than more often but with bad outcomes. Where do you find your creative inspiration? Fine art, especially painting, and movies are important sources of inspiration to me. Photography as well of course but I try To view more of Laura’s work, head to www.lauracammarata.com


MILKSHAKE Photography ‒ Francesco Ormando Model ‒ Nastya Akhmameteva Styling ‒ Klara Morante Makeup & Hair ‒ Maria Lastochka Assistants ‒ Maria Mauro & Dino Galvagno

JOSE ROMUSSI We chat to Jose Romussi, a mixed media artist from berlin, whose work we just can’t get enough of.

series. Then the process of the inspiration, to get an idea. Then I do the drawing or design. The last part is embroidering the photos. I find vintage photos in markets or produce my photos or I work with photographers and for the embroidery I use threads, needles and my sewing machine. I start each work after I get the idea and it is prepared during the design. The embroidery process is more intuitive. Timing depends on how I feel at the time, sometimes I create a work in 3 or 4 hours and sometimes it takes days. I think my works are getting much more complicated to do and therefore there is much more manual labour. Is there anything in particular that has influenced you and your creative process? I think traveling has been very important for my art and for myself. Where do you find your creative inspiration? Everything is inspiration, inspiration is everywhere! Are there any local designers, artists or creative people that you are loving right now? Johannes Föerster and Edgar Lopez. What do you do in your spare time? I don´t have too much spare time but I try to travel as much as I can. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? With a smile you can open some doors. What are you currently working on? I´m working on a new project with Photography magazines and I’m also producing my own photos for the project.

Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming an artist, and to creating the style of work you’re currently making? I’m Jose, I was born in Chile and now I live and work in Berlin. I studied landscape architecture and then, after some trips around the world and after I saw the way my artist friends lived, I decided to start making art. Everything happened so fast and I found my style in a couple of years. How would you describe your artistic style? Mixed media. We love your String Figures series, what inspired this body of work? The photographer Rocío Aguirre Venegas and I wanted to do a project together. She took the pictures and after a trip in London and I was inspired by the subway map and some exhibitions. Can you give us a little insight into your process - What materials do you use? Is each work pre-planned or created very intuitively? How long does each work take to complete? One of the most important parts of the process is the choice of the photo, for example the string figures To view more of Jose’s work, head to www.cargocollective.com/joseromussi


teardrops Photography ‒ Gloria Marigo Model ‒ Madeline Pace @2morrow Styling ‒ Silvia Vinci & Giulia Sanna Makeup & Hair ‒ Ilaria Giani

La Mer Enchantée Photography ‒ Alba Soler Models ‒ Sara Castañer, Katty Iosif & Natalia Casan Hair & Make-up ‒ Sara Olcina Wardrobe ‒ Silvia Soler


Crown Bird’s Fall 2013 collection is a wonderland of colour and print mixing, with a dash of sophisticated French retro throwbacks. This season was inspired by designer, Priscilla’s adventures of living out of a suitcase for a year. “Travel is eminent and if I were to choose a suitcase filled with my favorite novelties, this would be it.” says Priscilla. Dream Pop is made up of mustard vintage wool, tie dye silk swiss dot, silk pop plaids, bright graphic prints, and charming pinstripes that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. www. crownedbird.com



Photography – Bonnie Hansen Styling – Tessa Rae Gusman Models – Charlotte, Sedale & Bridgett @ Pride Models Make up – Caroline Massola

ALICE Photography ‒ Vivienne Mok Model ‒ Mirjam L. @Time Model Agency Styling ‒ Jaclyn Bethany & Vivienne Mok

Francesco Ormando We chat to Spanish photographer Francesco Ormando about his super slick and beautiful fashion imagery.

I admire, magazines, movies, music videos. I absorb everything I can from a visual perspective. When something draws my attention I analyze it a thousand times, I fall in love with it, I try to understand how it was realized and I interiorize it, make it mine, and realize it using my own personal filter. What does photography mean to you? It’s the background to my everyday life. A concept which to I always go back in order to get away and create my own world. Which other photographers, artists or creative people are you loving right now? Right now I’m in love with a talented French photographer named Fanny Latour Lambert. Also, I enjoy looking at any of Luca Finotti’s works, be it stills or videos. If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be? Fanny. What do you do in your spare time? I try not to get a humpback by sitting in front of the laptop doing post-production. What would be your dream project? There are many things buzzing in my head at the moment. For instance I’d like to shoot something inspired in terms of style by the movie ‘The Tree of Life’. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Do not copy. Be creative. What tips do you have for other aspiring photographers like yourself? It might sound a bit trivial but my advice is to really believe in what you’re doing. Also not to plagiarize others and be faithful to one’s own style. What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next? It’s a secret…

Tell us a little about your background – what drew you to photography originally, and which early influences contributed to the development of your distinctive style? It’s very tough for me speaking about my passion for photography. Faced with similar questions I always come up with pretty automated answers which never really reflect what I actually feel and think. If I was asked “Why do you do it?” I’d give the same answer as a kid who’s overeating sweets would give: “Because I like it!” Period. It’s a love story started by chance back when I was 18 years old and recently graduated from high school and I didn’t really know which direction my life should take at the time. Describe your work in three words. Aesthetical, romantic and clean. How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph? Are you planning every step or is it a bit more spontaneous? Before getting on a job I spend days, even weeks, planning any detail, casting the right model, thinking about the styling, mood, everything. I like coming up with something very accurate and that is the result of some real effort but it eventually results in something spontaneous and fresh, as If the shot was a spur-of-the-moment, almost surreal. My aim is to make believable and precise moments to the point that is almost cinematographic, as if it was real life. Where do you find your creative inspiration? In the work of other photographers To see more of Francesco’s work head to www.francescormando.com

Diamond Eyes Photography ─ Sofie Olejnik Models ─ Justyna @ Seeds Mgmt & Elisabeth Ehrlich Make up ─ Kim Keusen Hair Styling ─ Valentina Schwez Styling ─ Julia Quante & Jaclyn Bethany

fashion for a cause Some say rock n’ roll can save the world but we think fashion also has a pretty good shot too. i make. you wear it. designer Rachel Burke uses her crafty powers to make a difference by raising money for a variety of charities. In 2010 Rachel made a dress every Saturday night for 20 consecutive weeks and managed to raise over $5,000 for NAPCAN. In April 2012, she successfully completed another dress-making challenge, ‘i make my day’, which saw her make a dress from scratch everyday for an entire year. Keeping a daily blog about her crafty journey, Rachel’s efforts were all in pursuit of raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This year Rachel has set her sights on creating bi-monthly, hand made, clothing collections, which will be auctioned online to raise money for a variety of different charities throughout the year. Last week her first collection ‘Some Girls Walk Through Starshine Fields’ was launched and has already raised close to $1,400 for Motor Neurone QLD. Horray! In true Rachel fashion, this collection is full of colour, frills, flowers and everything fun. If you’d like to get involved and help Rachel on her mission to make a difference, stay up to date via her website www.imakeyouwearit.com as well as the i make. you wear it. facebook page at www.facebook.com/imakeyouwearit


A SUMMER Photography ‒ Laura Cammarata Model ‒ Thea @ Models1 Styling ‒ Lauren T. Franks Makeup ‒ Michelle Dacillo Hair Styling‒ Elena Eleftheriou Set design ‒ Lorna Kelly Assistants ‒ Anis Bilimoria & Giuseppe Alaimo

for more pretty things www.ponyanarchy.com twitter.com/ponyanarchy pinterest.com/ponyanarchy facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine instagram.com/ponyanarchy



Photography ‒ Lyndel Yeo & Daniel Jackson Models ‒ Hannah J @ Giant Hair & Make up ‒ Sarah Lea Cross Styling ‒ Tessa-Rae Gusman