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Lifestyle Read our interviews with polo personalities, top polo players, news for upcoming polo tournaments and events. Polo is a game with a rich cultural history. Originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest team sports in recorded history.

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Travel Top travel destinations and luxury 5 star hotels around the world.

Interior Design Comfortable and Chic Home Decorations, interviews with interior designers and architects.


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Letter From The Editor in Chief In this Issue we are presenting you the finer things in life. A new networking platform for polo enthusiasts by invitation only. Read the interview with the founder on the next pages. For all fashion and jewellery lovers, we selected for you the rarest pieces and spoke to one of the most famous jewellery expert and blogger in London. Be inspired where to travel this year or maybe next year, we take you to a unique travel destination written by our travel contributor.

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POLO & Lifestyle

Enter the exciting world of polo, the charme and tradition Read our interviews with polo personalities, top polo players, news for upcoming polo tournaments and events.



Exclusive Interview with Malcom Borwick international polo player

1. You grew up in beautiful Scotland. How did your love for polo begin?

What is your personal insider's tip for striking the perfect hit?

Actually, I grew up in Northamptonshire, in the midlands of England, but have a very deep Scottish heritage, my mother is Scottish and my parents still live up there, and every holiday, when not playing polo, we were up in the hills of West Scotland. My love of polo began when I was 10, through the Pony Club, that fantastic British Institution that has produced all our equestrian Olympians and the majority of our Polo Players over the last 50 years. To be honest it was love at first attempt, I had done showjumping, triathlons, dressage and they just were not as fun as polo, for a ten year old boy who rides, and loves ball sports, polo is the answer.

I am a real stickler for technique, but there is no substitute for repetitious practice. If you want to hit a clean ball, hit thousands of them until you develop subconscious muscle memory.

What do you enjoy about polo? Now, I enjoy the family bond it is creating. I get to play with my three children, albeit they are only 9,8 and 6, but we all go out and play chukkas together, and that is priceless. Over the span of my career there have been different parts of the "world that is polo" that have given me enjoyment at different stages. As a young player it was the traveling, as an International player, playing for England, it was the ultimate competition, and as an Ambassador for the sport and brands involved with the sport it has been the people and the network of friends I have created across the globe. Different stages have given me such a broad experience, and almost all of them enjoyable!

Prince Harry, Malcolm Borwick, Nacho Figueras at the Sentebale Cup

What is one motto you live by?

Something my grandfather said to me: "Open every door, you don't need to walk through all of them." That and "Give it your best".

What advice do you have for the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps as a polo player? The career in polo has four pillars that hold your house up; Playing, Training your clients, Developing Commercial relationships, and Selling horses. The young players often get stuck on just one element of the game and get sucked in by the lifestyle. Keep a focused goal in mind, but remember that to be successful in the business of the sport of polo you need a broad base.

You have also great partnerships with Royal Salute for many years, how important are those partnerships? I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with Royal Salute for 12 years now, and it is a brand I am passionate about, and who have managed their investment in polo fantastically. It is a case study on how to do it, marketing in polo is brilliant, if well planned and executed. This relationship for me is special as I have my own range of Limited Edition Bottles with my signature and identifiers. I have spent 20 years of my career trying to get corporate partners into polo, which is a hard sell with no TV audience to speak of, but polo holds an extraordinary place in people perception, the very mention of the sport triggers associations of luxury, lifestyle, glamour and fun. I treasure the partnerships I have with La Martina, Piaget and Maserati as they have added a huge amount of value to my career.

How has the sport changed over the years you have played? Like all sports it has developed and adapted as playing conditions have improved, and horses have been better bred, better trained and better cared for. When I started on the professional circuit polo still had the playboy image, and it was acceptable to go out late, and turn up just before a match, as long as you had a good story to tell.... That is not the case now, today we are like all professional sports, looking for the last degree of advantage with training regimes and nutrition. As a pro-am sport sometimes I wonder if that is for the best, but it has improved the skill level of the players without a doubt. Can you tell us something about your new partnership with Polo House Prive? A very good friend of mine in Argentina contacted me and said I had to talk to Alexis, as she was on a mission to create a digital platform for polo, and honestly after 30 minutes talking it through with her I was onboard. I believe we need to cast a bigger net to get more people into the sport. It is the greatest sport on Earth played in the most beautiful places, by some of the most interesting people. It is only fear or misconception that stops people trying the sport, so we are going to break that barrier. The idea with Polo House Prive is to develop and look after our members, provide content for their lives and curate experiences, people don't want things anymore, they want memories. We are going to take them on a journey that they will relish everyday. I think Alexis brought me in to help direct that vision and deliver the polo content and authenticity. I am, as you can tell, really excited by the project.



olo House Club, will open its doors in

2020 as the first global networking platform By Invitation Only, where the world of Polo meets in one single place. Aimed to professional and amateurs Polo players, patrons and aficionados, from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Polo House Club will provide the best of the world of Polo through its innovated network, offering its members exclusive access to lifestyle content, services, experiences and events worldwide.

Polo House Club, a global networking platform, believes that the true meaning of ‘’The Polo Lifestyle’’ is to guide our partners into a world of emerging trends, luxury brands, and premier opportunities. Through the combination of the By Invitation Only digital platform, magazine, one-of-a-kind, tailored experiential events, Polo House Club consistently seeks unparalleled marketing excellence, ensuring that our visual identity consistently reflects prestige alongside the use of innovative and exciting approaches.

The Legacy of Polo has lived through generations in the oldest families, at Polo House Club we have globally gather renown top players as Founding Members, to conserve the core of this tradition. In PHC we carefully curate each of our members to preserve the essence of Polo, by invitation only. As the world of Polo is exponentially growing, we invite aficionados to join this exclusive world to embrace its spirit as an elite sport.

Become a member info@polohouseprive.com


We are the first global platform that is aimed at professional and amateurs Polo players, patrons and aficionados By Invitation Only.

Our twenty-four seven online personalized premium services will meet all the needs of our wealth management, travel and lifestyle services.

Our members access the most relevant sports news, social and global events through our website, digital magazine, exclusive events, TV channel, experiences, newsletter, social network among others, are the perfect platform to publicize your products and services.

Exclusive Interview with Alexis Head, founder of Polo House Prive

We had the pleasure to talk to the founder of Polo House Privé Alexis Head and speak about her new venture and passion

The concept starts 4 years ago when having the need of a place that brings together in one place the polo lovers, professionals and all those who want to know more about this sport and take them step by step in this amazing sport and lifestyle. We want to spread the passion of Polo and that the community continues to grow in every way, sports, social and business as well as fans. We are a global platform with the certainty of interacting in a safe place and with privacy, that is focus in family, heritage and that cares about the world inspiring others and supporting different charities worldwide that are involved with Polo in different ways. Besides that, our platform merges with the luxurious lifestyle, travel, shopping, and tailor-made experiences as endless services to our members in a globally way.

What inspired you to start Polo House Privé? My life itself inspire to connect with nature thru the Polo, as family mother, I believe that is a great sport for families to commute together, also includes direct contact with animals and take care of them. Learning self-control, teamwork and coordination, everything in constantly movement. Also, the sport of Polo is growing exponentially, and I would like that experts support those families or individuals who want to know more or expand the horizons.

Can anyone register on your platform? Acting as worldwide platform, we must ensure that security and privacy of the members. The process starts through an invitation of the Polo House Privé Founders Members or by filling out a questionnaire that needs to be summited to our admission committee to ensure that the candidate can contribute to Polo House Privé with family values, passion of Polo, networking and maintain our community in a safe environment.

Julio Rinaldi - Ibiza Polo Club - Spain Photo by Tina Holman

Tell us something about the idea and concept of Polo House Privé?

Tell us about your expansion plans and upcoming events. We have many plans for Polo House Privé but we can´t expand at once. In this year, we are launching the platform in America in a very exclusive event in Riviera Maya. To move on, for 2021 and 2022 we will be presenting it in Argentina, Monaco, United Kingdom, India and Saudi Arabia.

What do you enjoy about the sport of polo?

Antonio Madrazo and Nacho Figueras during the District Triple Crown Washington DC USA Photo by Tina Holman Fantasma Polo Production

What is one motto you live by?

I believe in good acts of faith and hard work, so “If you don´t have it, Make it Happen”.

Visit Polo House Privé www.polohouseprive.com

Everything. Polo has the perfect combination of a classy sport, reinvent the heritage, connect the network and is a way of living to inspire others.


spen Valley Polo Club Kicks Off Summer Season With Independence Cup

By: Rebecca Baldridge Photos by: Nick Tininenko and ChukkerTV

Despite the lack of spectators due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no shortage of excitement at McClure River Ranch on Sunday with three matches, the Red, White and Blue, played as part of the Independence Cup. The first match of the day, the Blue, saw Seminole Casino (Melissa Ganzi, 0, Alejandra Foster, 0, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, 8, and Juan Bollini, 5) best Los Amigos (Paul Foster, 0, Vinny Sangaline, 0, Horacio Heguy, 6, and Juan Martin Nero, 10) with a score of 13 to 10. The ladies made a spectacular showing, with Alejandra Foster scoring the first goal of the match and ending the play with a total of seven goals. Melissa Ganzi and daughter Riley, splitting chukkers, scored two and four goals respectively. Vinny Sangaline scored nine of Los Amigos' ten goals.

On Field One, the White match pitted Richard Mille (Marc Ganzi, 2, Grant Ganzi, 3, Pablo MacDonough, 10, Juancito Bollini, 4) against Michael Bickford's La Indiana (Michael Bickford, 2, Stewart Armstrong, 3, Polito Pieres, 10, and Nacho Badiola 5), with Richard Mille winning 11 to 8. Richard Mille's Juancito Bollini was hot out of the gate, scoring his first of five goals early in the first chukker. He repeated that play later, scoring just moments into the fourth period. The team also benefited from great teamwork by Marc and Grant Ganzi, and four goals from superstar Pablo MacDonough.

In the final Red match, Spindrift (Gussie Busch, 2, John Bickford, 1, Nic Roldan, 8, and Tincho Merlos, 8) bested Brian Boyd's La Karina (Brian Boyd, 0.5, Alex Gooding, 2, Pablo Spinacci, 6, Nacho Novillo Astrada, 8) by 8 to 5. Team sponsor Brian Boyd suffered a minor accident in the second chukker and as a precaution, he was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital. Boyd is okay and will return to play soon. Harrison Azzaro, 1.5, took over the number one position. Azzaro showed his mettle in the fourth chukker, scoring a goal with an impressive 120-yard shot. Sofia, owned and ridden by Pablo MacDonough in the fifth chukker of the White match, was awarded Best Playing Pony. While admission is traditionally open and free to the public, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the club to close to spectators for the foreseeable future. Aspen Valley Polo Club has taken this step out of an abundance of caution.

Players and staff have been tested in 3 rounds at sister club Grand Champions Polo in Florida since March and will continue to be tested throughout the 2020 summer season. Aspen Valley Polo Club has also implemented testing for the Carbondale Fire Department, which stations an ambulance field side during all tournaments. Aspen Valley Polo Club are closely following the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC strongly recommends that individuals protect themselves and their communities by minimizing the time spent with others in large groups, and by avoiding close contact with other individuals, especially those who are sick. Although Aspen Valley will be closed to spectators, ChukkerTV will livestream the entire 2020 polo series so fans can still enjoy the best polo of the US summer season. ChukkerTV was the first to introduce state-of-the-art live streaming technology and instant replay in January 2014 at Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida.

2020 Aspen Valley Summer Polo Series July Independence Cup 7/5 Craig Sakin Memorial 7/10 - 7/12 ChukkerTV Challenge Cup 7/17 - 7/19 USPA National Arena Handicap 7/22 - 7/29 Basalt Handicap 7/24 - 7/26 Emma Challenge Cup 7/30 - 8/2 August High Alpine Cup 8/7 - 8/9 Mount Sopris Cup 8/14 - 8/16 Rocky Mountain Open 8/21 - 8/23 Carbondale Classic 8/28 - 8/30 September The Triple Crown of Polo 9/1 - 9/6

A moment with Rinaa Shah, India's First Professional Female Polo Player ‘’Polo the sport I love and play. Made me stronger, dedicated and happier. Polo has given me the wings to fly and made me believe that nothing is impossible’’

Not only is Rinaa a professional female polo player, she is also a shoe designer and founded her brand around 20 years ago. Having no prior experience of riding, Rinaa decided to start from scratch and spent almost two years learning the nuances of riding. She first went to an amateur riders club in Mumbai and then to riding schools in Argentina and California, US, to learn the basics of polo. When Rinaa Shah started out, she was surprised at the dismal number of women polo players in India. Most of them, she says, opt for dressage and jumping since polo is considered a “rough and dangerous sport”.

Her family was a little hesitant in the beginning as well owing to injuries she sustained while training. “It is not a developed sport… But a lot of people are now trying to bring about a change,” she says. Shah herself has taken her passion for the sport to another level by founding her own team, Rinaldi Polo, in March 2014 in Mumbai. The team, which has four members, has competed in tournaments across India and even internationally.


“I play decent polo now, having participated in my first match in 2013. I haven’t reached the top level yet, but I try and play whenever and wherever I can,” says Rinaa.

While Shah is doing her bit to take the sport to more people in India, she believes it is extremely important that initiatives to promote polo are taken up across the country. “Riding clubs need to promote polo more. They should hire more professionals to teach the sport as well,” she feels.

Love for my horses is my deepest passion. Horses makes your life worth it!

Moral Moda Magazine world's first & only luxury magazine dedicated to art and conscious luxury. Featuring exclusive interviews and luxury news from world's top destinations to readers on 5 continents. With teams based in Geneva, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Monaco, Milano, Istanbul and Dubai, magazine bring first and the best news from luxury and fashion world, including exclusive interviews with actors, artists and philanthropists.

Contact editor: moralmodamag@gmail.com www.issuu.com/moralmoda

From fashion brands to luxury boutiques and exclusive interviews. Discover what is new in the fashion world on the next pages


saka is now home to the world’s first

Louis Vuitton restaurant and café

Louis Vuitton/Stephane Muratet

The restaurant is located in the French fashion house’s new Osaka flagship store

Louis Vuitton/Stephane Muratet

If you're a fan of the finer things in life, there's a whole new way to combine your love for designer items and delicious food. The first-ever Louis Vuitton café and restaurant opened in Japan and it looks very stylish and luxurious.

The massive store was designed in collaboration with architects Jun Aoki and Peter Marino and is known as the Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji. You’ll find it in the city’s glitzy Shinsaibashi neighbourhood.

Louis Vuitton/Stephane Muratet

Officially opened back in February, the new restaurant, Sugalabo V, and its sibling Le Café V are situated above the retail space and are accompanied by a breezy outdoor terrace and a cocktail bar. Now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased throughout Japan, there’s no doubt these two spaces will be a hotspot for fashion foodies looking to dine out again.

Joël Robuchon protégé Yosuke Suga, known for his highly-acclaimed Tokyo restaurant Sugalabo, is the chef in charge of both the restaurant and café, delivering dishes that blend French and Japanese flavours. The menu also uses ingredients and products sourced from across Japan. Louisvuitton.com

‘’Some of my favorite accessories for this summer 2020’’

Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Dior SADDLE BAG with flower embroidery


Gray and Ecru Dway Toile de Jouy Embroidered Cotton Mule from Dior

Large “Lady Dior” bag in fard smooth matte Cannage calfskin, adjustable strap. Strap in multicolor embroidery and medals.

“LADY DIOR” BAG Bag in cherry red smooth matte Cannage calfskin, adjustable strap.

Beach Accessories In Tropical Coral the Kirsty

Copyright Melissa Odabash

Short Wrap Dress invites you to escape to paradise. Deeply feminine Kirsty, features a classic v-neckline, 3/4 length ruffled sleeves, with an ontrend asymmetric ruffled frill from hip to hemline, the pieces belted waist sculpts your silhouette with ease and flattery. Pack this new season style hero as you venture into Summer escapes.

Lou Maxi Dress in Snake Print, Amara Lace Open Back Short Kaftan. In beautiful white floral lace. Model is wearing Alice Lace Off The Shoulder Dress, crafted from ethereal, textured white lace. Protect your head from the sun in style with the Savannah Wide Brimmed Fedora. Add a touch of sparkle to your destination wardrobe, with the Leather Flip Flops in gold sparkle. In classic beige, the Porto Cervo Mini Beach Tote is a summer staple. This luxurious neutral shade can be worn with any beach outfit. Bora Bora V-neck Skinny Strap Over The Shoulder Onepiece in metallic gold is a stunning addition to your swimwear wardrobe. Shimmering gold fabric will ensure you stand out on your next escape. The Miami Gold Classic Ring Triangle Bikini is the ultimate statement piece. www.melissaodabash.com

AQUAZZURA NEW BOUTIQUE IN CAPRI Aquazzura finally lands in Capri, where the light, sun, colors and sea of this unique island embody the mood and unmistakable vibe of the brand’s lifestyle. “It’s always been my dream to have a shop in my favorite island in the world. There is something magical about this place that makes me happy and I always come back year after year for its amazing energy, great food, and because it’s just a wonderful place to be. I feel I’m living la Dolce Vita when I’m back in my happy place: Capri,” said Edgardo Osorio.

Papillon Sandal 105 This style features a chic metallic heel and glistening crystal straps that hug the foot. € 695

The interior design by Marie-Anne Oudejans is an explosion of seaside atmospheres and summery pastel colors that evoke Capri’s charming landscapes. The display units, with touches of coral red, stand out against the walls painted in a delicate shade of aqua. The vaulted ceiling is a triumph of colors and elements inspired by Capri: ship ropes, lemons, oranges, flowers and clovers carefully painted by hand, add a unique, playful and charming touch to the ambiance.

Moondust Flat This style features a chic metallic heel and glistening crystal straps that hug the foot. € 695

To complete the characteristic brio and flair of the boutique, the floor is decorated with iconic Aquazzura stripes reinterpreted for the occasion in red and white. To celebrate the opening, the boutique will offer a special capsule collection of sandals designed exclusively for the Capri store. aquazzura.com

THE ISLAND OF CAPRI “It’s always been my dream to have a shop in my favourite island in the world. There is something magical about this place that makes me happy and I always come back year after year for its amazing energy, great food, and because it’s just a wonderful place to be." Edgardo Osorio

Decorate with scent



Keeping time on the world of fine jewellery and luxury watches, from interviews to the most wanted and exclusive timepieces and jewellery

Article by Claire Roberts


igh Jewellery Through the Eyes of Katerina Perez

If you love jewellery, you may already know Katerina Perez – she’s the globetrotting jewellery aficionado whose passion has blossomed into a thriving career as an authoritative voice in the industry. With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, you could call her an influencer, too, but as a jewellery insider with more than 12 years of experience in the business, her expertise goes much deeper than that. Katerina cares deeply about her favourite subject and while her @katerina_perez Instagram account is very influential indeed, there is much more to her than a beautifully curated feed. In an average month Katerina writes articles for her jewellery-focused website katerinaperez.com, photographs the precious masterpieces she encounters on her travels, works as a brand consultant and collection curator, and educates in the industry. All that alongside posting inspiring images of the very best jewellery in the world to Instagram on a daily basis. Her mission? To educate her audience and increase the desirability of high jewellery – the show-stopping, one-of-a-kind pieces that are the pinnacle of the jeweller’s art – revealing, along the way, the extraordinary creativity, craftsmanship and gemstones that brings each jewel to life.


The daughter of artistic parents – her mother restores paintings, her father renovates antique furniture – Katerina sees jewellery as art, first and foremost, and recognises that more and more people are beginning to appreciate jewellery as an artform also.

“I see the role jewellery plays in a woman’s life – it’s changing,” she explains. “If we look back through history, jewellery would be worn as a status symbol or bought as a solid investment. This is still the case, of course, but jewellery is also worn a means of self-expression. Today, for an increasing number of women, going out without your jewellery is like forgetting to put your lipstick on – it’s a way to make a fashion statement and stand out.”


As the first influencer to introduce high jewellery and precious gemstones to the Instagram audience seven years ago, Katerina has been instrumental in changing people’s perceptions of all things precious: “Before, this type of jewellery was considered inaccessible – it was more of a museum or private collector’s piece. I make jewellery art more approachable,” she says. “This is an exciting time for jewellery design. Cartier, Bvlgari and Van Cleef & Arpels have begun hosting sumptuous exhibitions highlighting their rich creative heritage and there is a real appetite for innovation and creativity. Hence the many new types of jewellery: ear cuffs; solo earrings; rings that extend up the finger; rings that are worn across two or three fingers.”

Her @katerina_perez Instagram account has “got the industry talking”, according to The New York Times, and when you scroll through the beautiful, professional shots of highly valuable jewels on Katerina’s account, often modelled by her to show the ease with which they can be worn, you get a genuine sense of her passion, professionalism and attention to detail. High jewellery is an exclusive club, but through the eyes of Katerina, you will feel very much at home.



One-of-a-kind jewels represent the DNA of Graff’s House and the foundation of the reputation: exceptional beauty and rarity. Graff.com

Reverso in feminine style: Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces new Reverso One.

For 2020, La Grande Maison introduces new aesthetic interpretations of its most admired models for women, the Reverso One. JaegerLeCoultre.com

“The goal was to reinvent the ‘T’ motif in a new bold symbol that felt very modern.” —Reed Krakoff, Chief Artistic Officer


Model: Katerina Leroy @katerina_leroy

„Just because a diamond looks nice and sparkly in a jewelry store doesn’t mean it will look the same once you walk out of the store with a purchase. However, in Thomas Jirgens store I am always looking forward to admire a wide range of highest-level products and let myself be enchanted by the variety of accessories. The vast assortment offers an individual accessory for every taste. Every time I come over for searching of my ideal piece of diamond jewelry, I enjoy individual guidance in a relaxed atmosphere in the modern designed store. That’s why Thomas exclusively works by appointment in his store located in the heart oft he Munich city. “

Stylist: Anna Borisovna @annaaborisovna Make-up and Hair: Anna Velychko @anna_artist_ Photo: Kosta Potežica @kostapotezica

Katerina Leroy


aterina Leroy and Thomas Jirgens Jewelry

Modern Approach of Traditional Luxury Russian born, currently lives and works in Munich, Katerina Leroy maintains an Instagram following bigger than the population of Iceland or Maldives. Throughout the years, she expanded her career in multiple directions. Among her cooperation partners are Kempinski, Jumeirah, Waldorf Astoria, Palazzo Rhinoceros by Fendi, as well as numerous clothing brands and beauty articles of the premium segment. For Katerina Leroy, jewels are a true addiction: She is obsessed to accessorize every outfit with exclusive earrings, diamond rings and necklaces. It’s quite impossible to keep count of all the new entries in her wonderful jewelry box, but with Thomas Jirgens Jewelry she has redefined sophistication and luxury for herself, always inspired by the personal motto of the German Jewler “Only the best will do!”



For her next special event, Katerina’s choose fell on the diamond ring “European Cut” with diamond in platin, in combination with earrings “Golden Smoke” made from smoky quartz and diamonds. Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power. To the ancient Druids, it was sacred and signified the potent dark power of Earth gods and goddesses. In other cultures, it guided souls to the afterlife, served in shamanistic rituals and tribal ceremonies, and was utilized in magic and scrying to connect with spirits of the lower worlds. In the metaphysical world, Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient crystals for grounding and cleansing. Alone, or naturally blended with other Quartz, it provides some of the finest healing tools available.

Thomas Jirgens, a gemologist and consultant for diamonds, has been working as a master goldsmith in his Munich store for now 30 years. He is always happy to talk about his passion for diamonds from past eras:

„The stones that were cut during this period, the so-called „European Cuts” impress by their generous facets and their low weight by large diameters. This balanced cut has the ability to make yellowish tinted diamond crystals look whiter than the standardized diamonds of the present day“. The European Cuts do not reflect as strong as diamonds, because of the smaller number of facets. This cut fans the incident light into its color spectrum, therefore all the colors of the rainbow disperse like an aura around the stone.” Thomas Jirgens Jewelry: Thomas Jirgens @thomasjirgensjuwelenschmiede

credit: Dior


Vespa.com (*)The accessories, including the helmet and top case, will be available exclusively in Dior boutiques.


Boutique hotels, romantic and exciting retreats for the ultimate getaway, whether you’re looking for sustainable staycations, inspiring city breaks or fly-and-flop long-haul escapes

Bhutan The Land of the Thunder Dragon The mythical place of harmony and peace, where time stands still. This is the reputation of Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, landlocked between two Asian giants, China and India. Forbidden to visitors, Bhutan opened up for the first tourists only 50 years ago but has quickly risen to become one of the most talked-about places in the world. This tiny Himalayan kingdom is widely perceived as too expensive and out of reach, remaining a distant dream for many people. Never colonized and geographically isolated, Bhutan developed a strong national identity and culture. The fact so much information has been lost over the centuries due to fires and earthquakes makes this place a true enigma. The last Shangri-La on Earth is shrouded in myths, let’s look into the most common ones and try to lift a curtain to get a glimpse into real Bhutan.

1. It’s hard to get a visa to Bhutan The mystery associated with acquiring a visa to Bhutan likely originates from the fact that the government used to issue only 5,000 visas per year until 1999. Presently there is no quota, however only two airlines are allowed to operate in the country, Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air, so the numbers of tourists are automatically limited to the capacity of the airplanes. All trips to Bhutan must be booked through a local travel agent. Once the trip is confirmed, the travel agent will apply for visa on your behalf, you won’t even have to sign a single form!

2. Bhutan is very expensive and you must travel in a group The tourism industry in Bhutan is founded on the principle of “High Value, Low Impact”. A wise strategy introduced in the 1980s by the nation's fourth King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, is keeping the country as an exclusive travel destination to this day. To sample the charms of this isolated Himalayan kingdom each tourist must pay a minimum daily fee of $200-290, depending on the size of the visiting group, season, duration of stay, and the itinerary. The tariff already includes basic accommodation, all meals, private transport with a driver, a licensed tour guide, cultural program and government royalty tax, $65 per day, which is used towards the country’s free health-care and education.

Photo credit: Elena Taintey

Nationals of India, Bangladesh and Maldives, who were enjoying free entry to Bhutan for a good few decades, will also have to book their trips via a local tour agent, apply for a visa and pay $17 per day starting July 2020. This tax, called sustainable development fee, does not include accommodation, transportation and other travel expenses, and is meant to help the government deal with the burgeoning numbers in tourist traffic. In order to preserve the unique culture and protect the country from mass tourism, anyone travelling in Bhutan must be accompanied by a tour guide and a driver. They are merely there to insure that you have a safe trip and to provide local insight into Bhutanese history, traditions and culture. Just pay a daily surcharge of $40 as a solo traveller, and you won’t have to share your trip with anyone else! Even more so, each trip to Bhutan is customizable, you get to decide which activities you would like to do or skip. Despite its remoteness, Bhutan has a fantastic collection of upscale lodges managed by some of the world’s finest small hotel groups such as Como, Aman and Six Senses. A daily package is based on 3* accommodation, but the tour operator will help you to upgrade your stay for an extra charge. In Bhutan luxury lives in the finer details, you will find it hard to come across flashy resorts or glitzy bars, that would feel completely out of place. Even the King and Queen reside in a very simple palace! What you get are homely luxury lodges with wood burning stoves and floor to ceiling windows to absorb the views, fine dining, great wines and flawless service.

Photo credit: Elena Taintey

3. Only 8 pilots are qualified to land a plane at the infamous Paro International airport. While a trip to Bhutan is definitely a lifetime experience, the journey itself is an adventure on its own. Whoever coined the term “getting there is half the fun” must have been a passenger on a flight to Paro, Bhutan’s one and only international airport. For anyone headed to the Land of the Thunder Dragon a little fear of air travel is totally justified. The airport itself lies at an elevation of 7,364 ft and features one of the shortest runways in the world. Imagine a flight where the pilots are navigating a plane around a narrow valley surrounded by mountains as high as 18,000ft, entirely on manual mode! The dramatic approach to the runway is completely out of site until the last minute as the pilots manoeuvre between mountains at 250 miles per hour before dropping quickly onto the runway. When you finally land in Bhutan and walk out into the magnificent fresh air and temple style airport, it is well worth the thrill. It’s not everyday that we can fly at eye level with some of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest, the breathtaking mountain panorama will stay with you forever! As for 8 pilots, this information was true in 2011, at the moment both airlines employ 19 captains who are authorised to take off and land at Paro International airport. Private jets are also allowed, provided that foreign pilots undertake training on a simulator prior to landing and are accompanied by a qualified Bhutanese captain to oversee the landing.

4. Bhutan is the happiest country in the world and even has the Ministry of Happiness After Bhutan's 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, declared that Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product in 1972, the country has become famous for its pursuit of happiness. That said, the Ministry of Happiness is a total myth! Another extremely popular belief asserts that Bhutan is the happiest country in the world. While I subjectively agree, the number of existing international happiness indexes says no, for example the United Nations World Happiness Report for 2019 rates Bhutan as 97th of 156 countries listed. The King never actually claimed Bhutan to be the happiest country in the world, just that the pursuit of happiness is the priority over the mere money making. Curious how do they measure happiness? There is no westernstyle satisfaction survey on a scale from 0 to 10. Bhutan asks about 300 questions and it takes at least three hours to complete. The formula uses 72 indicators from jealousy and hours of sleep to reciting prayers and life satisfaction. These personal feelings are measured every 2 years to calculate the overall happiness.

6. Tobacco is banned and you can’t bring cigarettes on your trip Bhutan is the only country in the world that completely bans the sale, production and advertising of tobacco, breaking the law can result in imprisonment for 3 to 5 years. Smoking in private is not illegal, but as the cigarettes are banned, smokers are restricted to 200 cigarettes a month that can be legally imported, usually from India. Tourists also can bring 10 packs of cigarettes for personal use. Also Tuesday is a national “dry” day, all bars are closed across the country.

7. It is legal to have multiple spouses in Bhutan Bhutan practices a rare form of polygamy, in which men or women are allowed to take several sisters or brothers as partners. This bizarre tradition can be explained by the old matrilineal inheritance system, which was introduced many centuries ago and allowed women to inherit family property. To keep the assets undivided, women in one family often would marry the same man. The modern inheritance act ensures equal rights to inheritance to both men and women. King of Buhtan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema is the Queen of Bhutan

5. Everyone in Bhutan is vegetarian and agriculture is 100% organic Bhutan’s culture and daily life are deeply rooted in Mahayana Buddhism. The religious beliefs that guide the country ensure that animals are kindly treated: you can get arrested and fined for slaughtering an animal, fishing from the rivers or even accidentally killing a stray dog. Although many Bhutanese choose to be vegetarians they do not have to be, consuming meat is not illegal as long as it’s imported. Bhutan hasn’t got a single slaughterhouse, the butchering is outsourced to neighbouring India and Nepal. Sometimes the poor communities in the less arable areas are provided with the licences to fish in nearby rivers but for their own consumption only. In 2012 Bhutan drew international attention with its announcement to to be the first country to fully convert to organic agriculture. Using pesticides doesn’t go along with the Buddhist teachings, and Bhutanese farmers refrain from applying any form of chemicals to avoid harming land, people and insects. Unfortunately, complex and expensive processes of international certification are currently delaying the progress, but the government aims to achieve the goal by 2035.

A well-known example of a person in a polygamous marriage in Bhutan is the 4th King who is married to four sisters. In 2006 he abdicated the throne in favour of his son, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. This young Oxford-educated and immensely popular monarch decided not to go down his father's footsteps renouncing his right to have multiple wives. Polygamy is still legal but the tradition is dying out as the kingdom modernises, the royal wedding was another sign of its demise. These days modern Bhutanese marry for love.

8. Bhutan has no traffic lights Thimphu, the main city of Bhutan, is the only capital in the world that doesn’t have a single set of traffic lights. Traffic lights were installed in 1995 but lasted only 24 hours. The residents complained that it was too impersonal and too modern and demanded to bring their beloved policemen back. Smartly outfitted in navy suit, military hat and white gloves, the policemen direct traffic with the grace of a ballet dancer. That said, other cities of Bhutan do have traffic lights.

9. Everyone is wearing 17th century national dress Clothes are an integral part of Bhutanese culture. Men typically wear a robe called Gho, women wear a shirt and wrap combination, Kira. The state requires Bhutanese to wear traditional dress at all official functions and when in government offices, schools, monasteries and temples. On other occasions traditional clothes are no longer mandatory for Bhutanese people but you’ll see many people wearing them, even in the capital.

Paro Takstang Monastery: The Tiger's Nest Monastery, over 10,000ft

10. Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world The last statement is actually entirely true! To date, 72 percent of the nation is forest, allowing Bhutan and its small population of just over 800,000 people to absorb three to four times more carbon emissions than it produces. But you don’t need the numbers to know this truth you can feel it when you breathe. Imagine getting 108,000 trees as your birthday present! That’s exactly what the new-born prince of Bhutan received from his people in 2016. Each sapling encapsulated a prayer and a wish from the person who planted it. Fascinated yet? Explore Bhutan's stunning natural landscapes and perfectly preserved culture and traditions on a luxury tailor-made holiday with Yelha Bhutan Tours&Travel. Enter the heart of an ancient culture at Jambay Lhakang festival, challenge yourself to Snowman Trek, the most difficult mountainous trail in the world, spend a day hiking to the iconic Tiger’s Nest or simply wake up early, have a cup of steaming butter tea and join the monks for morning prayers and meditation. Do nothing. Feel everything. Be among the lucky few to experience it for yourself. The last mystical utopia left on Earth – Bhutan.

Article by Contributors: Elena Taintey, Russian luxury traveler with a particular interest in responsible tourism in the Himalayan region, IG @tainteytales Yelha Bhutan Tours&Travel www.yelhabhutantour.com



“We are thrilled to announce development plans for the first Andaz branded resort and residences in the Caribbean,” said Myles McGourty, senior vice president, Latin America & Caribbean, Hyatt. “We look forward to working with Vista Development Ltd. to introduce the inspiring concept of this luxury lifestyle Hyatt brand to a world-class destination like Turks & Caicos’ coveted Grace Bay.”

The resort will be comprised of two buildings, the 59-key hotel and the 74-unit branded residences, with co-located amenities. Andaz Turks & Caicos Residences at Grace Bay will include studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, as well as penthouses with four bedrooms. Plans call for residential owners to have the option to participate in a hotel rental program, managed by Andaz Turks & Caicos at Grace Bay. The thoughtfully designed master plan will offer guests and owners exceptional dining choices at four restaurants and bars including an elevated venue featuring unobstructed panoramic views. Health and fitness amenities at the state-of-the-art indoor wellbeing facility will include an outdoor garden yoga studio and a full service indoor and outdoor spa with dedicated luxury concierge services. “It’s an honor to share our vision for the project in tandem with such a reputable flagship brand as Andaz,” said Matt McDonald, director of Vista Development, Ltd. “Through our more than 30 collective years of work in the Turks & Caicos market, we’ve recognized the uniqueness of the location and the potential for an unparalleled offering. We look forward to seeing the project evolve with Hyatt and become part of the community and culture of Turks & Caicos.”


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PH: Mindyweiss

Interior Design

Comfortable and Chic Home Decorations

‘My intention is to create the feeling of harmony and freedom one has when surrounded by nature’ Andreea Braescu


ndreea Braescu is an award-winning Romanian interior

artist who works with porcelain to create bespoke light sculptures. Her handcrafted lighting focuses on breathing life into interior spaces, with the aim of serving as both a functional and emotional experience for the client. Each chandelier and custom-made installation has been created using fine bone china, which is an especially translucent phosphatic porcelain. It is the highest quality ceramic which is both durable and delicate. When lit up, each handcrafted petal and leaf emits a warm, eye-catching light which transforms the installation into a true work of art.

Andreea Braescu’s goal is to capture the essence of living nature and to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realms of materials and technology. Each element of Andreea’s lighting is unique, meticulously crafted with an individuality and form all of its own. Inspired by nature, each installation is purposely crafted to create a natural symbiosis between the space it inhabits and the rhythm of light, shade and emotion it both reflects and creates. Based in her studio in Bucharest, Andreea Braescu creates bespoke designs that work harmoniously with their clients’ space. Each installation is tailored to its environment’s key dimensions to harmonise with its surroundings and light sources.

Andreea Braescu https://www.andreeabraescu.com/

“I know I’ve succeeded when my work evokes the joy and serenity that being in nature brings.”



This bright and cosy house by the sea is located near Monaco and is ideal for a large family. The contemporary inspired interiors are complimentated by soft pastel colors that truly reflect, uniquely beautiful atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur. The owner had requested a design that was representative of this region. As a result, we created a truly amazing summer residence that overlooks the breath taking Monte Carlo coast line. Open spaces and exceptional lighting are the main features of the house which allows and promotes a splendid sense of fluid harmony.

LIVING ROOM Furniture in powder shades from Black Tie and Minnoti, soft lighting from Ralph Lauren and Moooi produces an interesting range of silhouettes.

MASTER BEDROOM The private master zone is located on the second floor and designed as a single and private space for two, where the bedroom merges with the bathroom and dressing room. Here playful pastel shades and expressive contrasts prevail.

BATHROOM In the bathroom we wanted to create a continuation of the living area. To achieve this, the flooring was chosen in the same parquet as the bedroom. An independently standing bath gives this space a feeling of romance and relaxation.

Exterior The Villa is situated in the best location. And is on the real estate market for sale.




Available in different sizes Printing options:

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Option 1, Fine Art printing with Acrylic Glass ( integrated hanging system ) Option 2, Fine Art printing with Passepartout and a wooden frame with museum glass, (selection of frames) Option 3, Fine Art printing with Canvas ( integrated hanging system )

Available sizes:

Custom sizes

How to order: Send us an email: art@poloandlifestylemagazine.com

The warm air of the new season starts to settle in and nature begins to delicately bloom again. The aroma of blossoming flowers and the variety of the colors of the petals convey a sense of purity and freedom that enriches our spirit. The springtime atmosphere sets the scene for the classic elegance of matching sets that, through their simplicity, express the balance between sartorial details, authentically uneven textures and minimalist silhouettes. Versatile and sophisticated, matching sets embody the true allure of the season: clean-cut and contemporary silhouettes, stripped down to the essentials to evoke feminine and refined elegance. Slim-fit or long and oversize blazers pair with trousers in a wide range of styles, from classic tight Cigarette versions to the soft volumes of Palazzo pants. An equal balance of contemporary femininity and soft tailoring infuses the matching sets, where the crispy textures of the materials blend together with a wide array of color nuances, ranging from pastel and degradé hues to more vivid tones. Sparkling Monili and sequin inserts brighten up the naturally uneven surfaces of the fabrics, balancing out the menswear inspired sartorial-cut pieces.


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